Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 vs iPad Pro 11 Inch - Full Comparison

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In this video, we will compare the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 vs the iPad Pro 11 inch tablets. These are two of the most popular products from Apple and everyone is wondering which one to buy. iPad Pro was released in 2018, while the Galaxy Tab S4 was released in 2018.
Let's dive in and compare.
Buy the iPad Pro: amzn.to/2nKbb1W (lowest prices)
Buy the Tab S4: amzn.to/2OIirad (lowest prices)
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8-Noy, 2018

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Fikrlar 3 251
Your homie Faris!
Your homie Faris! 54 daqiqa oldin
I just want to play PUBG MOBILE and GTA SA
Austin Lambright
Austin Lambright Soat oldin
Android for me I like things that don't fold.
Mando R
Mando R 2 soat oldin
So which one it's better for Pubg Mobile?
sakitech 2 soat oldin
For serious mobile gaming, iPad is the better choice. Even the iPad Pro 9.7.
gagamin2 8 soat oldin
I return back ipad because this is too much for me. I dont edit photo or video just watch netflix and youtube and type something. When I use tablet as a laptop its so annoying ipad doesnt support mouse. This was big deal. I know ipad is much more great but I dont need that much good.
Amazed Gamer
Amazed Gamer 12 soat oldin
Yeah becouse you buy an ipad pro for 4k video editing, raw image processing and industrial grade apps. Not a fcking pc or a mac, an ipad pro
Kapil Phadale
Kapil Phadale 12 soat oldin
You forgot that the iPad Pro is foldable and the Tab S4 is not. Things like these are expected from a tech reviewer. Didn't expect you to forget this piece of info.
Drx1234hik Drx
Drx1234hik Drx 17 soat oldin
I am watching this on ipad air 2
HAZOX 20 soat oldin
Look, when it comes to phones, Samsung......no....what am I saying, it’s not even comparable to anything else, but when it comes down to tablets and computers it’s like Samsung forgot they also manufacture tables and computers
Muhammad Ihsanaziz
Muhammad Ihsanaziz 21 soat oldin
Screen couldn’t be compared by looking at the pixels amount. Apple has retina display, even iPhone XR’s 720p screen is still better than any phone out there
aman kumar
aman kumar Kun oldin
S4 winner
itz_game_froze 49
one more thing, samsung S4 can do call n sms like hp but iPad cannot..
mahalia crites
mahalia crites Kun oldin
I’ve both iPhone and android phones and I prefer android but when it comes to tablet it’s always apple
We can't say anything I first owned tab s3 but it won't gave me hardcore performance for my video editing and gaming + streaming sometimes than I handed over to my little brother than I switched to iPad pro 12 inch and the things get changed "iPad is a beast👌"
Phrix Del Valle
Phrix Del Valle Kun oldin
I used to like samsung but their LCD burn is so annoying. I would buy an iPad any day because of this issue
Daniel Carcis
Daniel Carcis Kun oldin
1:04...camera bump on an ipad too ? Well done apple !
AZMMAT KHAN 2 kun oldin
By the way S4 wins hands down like if you agree.
AZMMAT KHAN 2 kun oldin
I have seen lots of videos on comparison but i hardly wrote a review for anybody.your comparison is a way beyond .you are the best five stars for u
Mr_CraftyGamer MCG
Mr_CraftyGamer MCG 2 kun oldin
Never use Android tablets. Use them for phones but never tablets. Get an Ipad instead.
Sneaky Weasel
Sneaky Weasel 2 kun oldin
J AR15
J AR15 2 kun oldin
I would pick the iPad if they make one that didn’t bend so easy. The build quality on the iPad is garbage !
M P 2 kun oldin
One big thing that is different is iPad will always be updated To latest software for usability and security. Good luck with Samsung updating their tab with os update and even less luck getting security updates.
Mayank Gulia
Mayank Gulia 2 kun oldin
The tab s4 gets a lot of hate for being underpowered. So it's nice to see a balanced view here.
Andrea Endrizzi
Andrea Endrizzi 2 kun oldin
I have Happy switched from iPad to S4. It's much better,watching stream movie is wonderful. Software is not so refined, but it's open. I feel free to do what I want. Out of the hell of the Apple ecoprison.
Sam Pomare
Sam Pomare 2 kun oldin
iPad takes this one
Pedro Delgado
Pedro Delgado 2 kun oldin
Since when is the sd835 quadcore? It’s octacore
mohamed fathey al naggar
I think the iPad is better. in my opinion the s4 looks too bright, and iPad looks more natural
TWO SEAGULLS 3 kun oldin
If there were a recent jailbreak I'd buy iPad, but I don't like to be told what to do with my own product once I bought it. I don't buy it if I can't customise it. I regret that I have an iPad because I can't use it better than my android phone (S7). Though if you want to play better games buy a ps4 or xbox.
jameel baqir
jameel baqir 3 kun oldin
The winner is tab s4
Kirito Samurai
Kirito Samurai 3 kun oldin
I prefer of course s4 tablet 🥰🥰
HEROES ACHRAF 3 kun oldin
IPad 👍
Seeing the price Samsung tab But more function iPad pro
NoobXyt67 3 kun oldin
tab s4 better
Chiaki Nanami
Chiaki Nanami 3 kun oldin
Im an artist so I bought an iPad Pro 2018 11 inch as my first Apple device over the Galaxy tab S4 mainly for the drawing experience. Procreate just beats all the drawing apps Android offers. I absolutely love it for art but for everyday casual use i would definitely say Android is way better than iOS. iOS is extremely limited and u have to jump through alot of hoops to get stuff done on the iPad pro compared to Android where its very easy..i wanted to download emulators and use BT controllers to turn the iPad into a portable emulating machine/console of sorts only to find out that the iPad cant do it despite having all of this processing power on the iPad. Getting music/files on iOS is still a huge pain...u cant just plug a hard drive or USB stick in and pull all the files from it. Everything has to go through iTunes instead and i think its highly annoying to plug the iPad into my PC just to transfer a few new songs every single time. I also found way more bugs on the iPad compared to any Android device i have used. Almost all of the 3rd party apps arent optimized yet for the new aspect ratio of the iPad pro 2018 so u get empty black borders surrounding the app making it look really ugly and not as clean looking as it would on Android (even mainstream apps like the UZvid app have this issue on the iPad). The lack of customisation is also something i really miss on the iPad since im into customizing my phone with Nova launcher and KLWP. Im probably gonna end up buying a cheap Android tablet as well and keep the iPad pro as my portable drawing device so I'll have the best of both worlds. Theres alot to love with the iPad but also a whole lot of flaws like the lack of mouse support. I dont regret buying it but hopefully iOS 13 opens the OS up a bit and gives the user more freedom because right now i dont feel like im using the iPad to its full potential except for when im drawing
Raquel Vaquera
Raquel Vaquera 4 kun oldin
T T Š Š 4 kun oldin
Android phones are si good but android tablets...
Alexbang Gaming
Alexbang Gaming 4 kun oldin
that was to lame' [bitch]
Chesda the crazy man
Give a phone
mx moon
mx moon 4 kun oldin
I pads are just I pads...
Isaac Chock
Isaac Chock 5 kun oldin
My tab s4 fully charged max batery capacity is a day and 17 hours, his was at 43% therefore the tablet showed that it had 12 to 16 hours left, the iPad was also at 47% which levels the playing field. Just thought you should know.
CB chocobar
CB chocobar 5 kun oldin
Tab S4 is better than ipad pro
RC7 RUDY 5 kun oldin
The ipad pros link is of the older ipad
jun casilang
jun casilang 5 kun oldin
As a Samsung i really hate iphone that is their worst products but when it comes to Iwatch and tablet apple always wins it and this make me jealous as a samsung user 😩. Wtf... 3:20 that so powerful unfaiiiiirrrr...
Jaxon Paris
Jaxon Paris 3 kun oldin
And apple is the best I have an iPhone and it's better than a android phone
Jaxon Paris
Jaxon Paris 3 kun oldin
jun casilang iOS is better
btw btw
btw btw 5 kun oldin
iPad 2019 win... 🎆🎉✨🎇 😂
Hamza Saqib
Hamza Saqib 5 kun oldin
Buying iPad
Ajain 16
Ajain 16 5 kun oldin
I’m watching with the new iPad Pro lol
rekha gupta
rekha gupta 5 kun oldin
Ipad pro wins for sure
Elijah Santiana
Elijah Santiana 5 kun oldin
Tab s4
MAZINGER Z 6 kun oldin
I like they go back to the 16:10 aspect ratio. The original tab s 10.5 was the best tablet ever made by Samsung.
Anouk Games
Anouk Games 6 kun oldin
Does someone here actually use the camera on a full sise TABLET???
anurag kumar
anurag kumar 6 kun oldin
Ipad bends he forgot to add that in its feature list... Also its breaks like a dried leaf and it advertise a saphaire crystal camera lense which in actual is nothing of that sort,talk abt premium
ihonestytruthful 6 kun oldin
Ipad pro 11 is an eggshell and it is rediculously fragile. I do not recommend.
S_an_D 6 kun oldin
it's dumb how he only mentions the IRIS scanner and not the intelligent scan, yes if you use the iris scanner you have to line your eyes with the camera, but the intelligent scan is the iPads face id scan, just slower.
Noxify 619
Noxify 619 7 kun oldin
Djimmer 06
Djimmer 06 7 kun oldin
I think it is a choice between others, to be honest they are both good
IOneTwoFarQ 1
IOneTwoFarQ 1 7 kun oldin
The iPad is legit 100X faster than the Tab S4. There is no comparison
charlie long
charlie long 7 kun oldin
Apple apps are better than android ok 😂😂😂😂😂 yeah right
Blade MK
Blade MK 3 kun oldin
charlie long hold on let me just go to the play store and buy a $30 app that bricks it.
Gamer XD
Gamer XD 8 kun oldin
iPad needs moremwork
joker Al-iraq
joker Al-iraq 8 kun oldin
Tab s 4 is winner 😍😍
Garrett Crespo
Garrett Crespo 4 kun oldin
I think you’re confusing the word “winner” with “loser”
Gamer Xya
Gamer Xya 7 kun oldin
killl ur self dude
Zayde Walker
Zayde Walker 8 kun oldin
WARNING: Comment section full of Apple Fanboys
Zayde Walker
Zayde Walker 8 kun oldin
Tab S4 wins easily. iPad Pro is another capitalist scam by Apple (the Apple Pencil is not included and it's really expensive for a simple pen, which is totally anti-costumer, and it also needs battery to use it, while the S-Pen doesn't), a total overkill (unless you really need it for heavy usage, which is VERY unlikely) and the screen controls are much harder to learn.
Gamer Xya
Gamer Xya 7 kun oldin
lol dude just don't talk plz what do u want thr price to be like 100$ with A12x chip kill ur self
ASMR Slimes
ASMR Slimes 9 kun oldin
the tab s4 it is so much cheaper
Noctis Kami
Noctis Kami 9 kun oldin
For me android tablets. I download torrents from android tablet and stream them to my tv.
unibyuu //
unibyuu // 9 kun oldin
I would really like to get the tab s4 as I prefer android, but I like the apple pencil really much and how its magnetic and which allows it easily to store.
James Wylie
James Wylie 9 kun oldin
Yeah... but will the tab s4 come bent, straight outta the box tho????
STALKER ALEX 9 kun oldin
iPad Pro 11 👍👍👍👍
Pumera 9 kun oldin
So many samsung fanboys and apple fanboys who were fighting together RIP my English
CHINO The Dream Giver
Great video review
bijoy pal
bijoy pal 10 kun oldin
Thank you for such in-depth research.
Far brook Memes
Far brook Memes 10 kun oldin
Who here ever takes pictures on a tablet 😂
jugni jugni
jugni jugni 10 kun oldin
Ipad bcause i can download tutu.app
Pupep PupupoBu4
Pupep PupupoBu4 10 kun oldin
iPad Pro has 4Gb or 6Gb of RAM..
apple pie
apple pie 10 kun oldin
Which one better for Artist Apple pen or Spen??
apple pie
apple pie 7 kun oldin
+Moses Yi thx ^^
Moses Yi
Moses Yi 7 kun oldin
Spen, however iPad pro has better apps for artist.
Brotha1984 10 kun oldin
Welp apple stock is taking major L's🤗🤗🤗🤗😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Pep & Lemonade
Pep & Lemonade 10 kun oldin
I always like a non-biased review. Of course the iPad is more powerful, but if the tab s4 fits right in exactly to what you need you should get it.
AwesomeAQ8013 11 kun oldin
Phones: Android Tablets: Ipad From some of the comments i heard that Google will stop supporting Tablets and Android 9 will be the last update for them. ipads are decent and good anyway even though the tab s4 looks real nice.
Brandon 11 kun oldin
I've tried out the iPad 2018 (not pro) for a week and returned it. I just don't like iOS and already invested in the Android Ecosystem. So, I went with a Mediapad M5 Pro and I'm quite enjoying it. Shame Huawei has the reputation it does. And it's a lot cheaper than these two. Here's to hoping CES brings something new for Android tablets.
Gamer Xya
Gamer Xya 7 kun oldin
ummmm you kill ur self dude the ipad 2018 is so good for gaming
光線 11 kun oldin
iPad all the way!, I don’t support korean products
Douglas SPRINGALL 12 kun oldin
It all comes down to what you will use it for . The clincher for me is the headphone jack very useful for using on planes where bluetooth headsets are not peemitted as they could interfere with the planes navigation systems .
Arthur Romain
Arthur Romain 13 kun oldin
There is 6gb of ram in iPad Pro
I Fire Lion I
I Fire Lion I 13 kun oldin
But seriously what artist even draws on a tablet????
Dave Wind
Dave Wind 14 kun oldin
But Why would you game on a 1000 dollar costing ipad if you can buy a gaming pc from that price
Dave Wind
Dave Wind 14 kun oldin
This is like a V2 rocket VS a nuclear rocket
Gamer Xya
Gamer Xya 7 kun oldin
Dave Wind
Dave Wind 14 kun oldin
U forget the bendebility
Robert Ratskywatsky
Robert Ratskywatsky 14 kun oldin
Personally I've had better luck with Samsung's durability. Besides the S4 I have 3 Tab S2's that are still going strong, and I see they are still selling them new. My lone foray into Aaple was the IPad Pro 12.9. The volume control broke after a month so I returned it to Costco where I bought it.
The path Ps.27:1
The path Ps.27:1 14 kun oldin
The s4 has a brighter screen. The apple tab and products are deceptive and full of B.S, ty.
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin 14 kun oldin
Samsung tablets are rubbish. iPad at any time.
black fat ninja
black fat ninja 14 kun oldin
Ipad pro is king of tablets But s4 isent that bad I mean its far better than 1000$ pixel slate
Marius Wong
Marius Wong 14 kun oldin
But apple pencil does have wireless charging, that's a great material feature
Marius Wong
Marius Wong 14 kun oldin
At the same time, iPad Pro's camera is designed for AR while Samsung's can only take photos. That's a huge different
manifest 73
manifest 73 14 kun oldin
The iPad can fold in half the S4 cant. Apple is just years ahead.
SoulRefractor 7 soat oldin
No funny.
thatguyisawesome ¿
+John Emman whoooosh
Mr_CraftyGamer MCG
Mr_CraftyGamer MCG 2 kun oldin
+John Emman wooooosh
John Emman
John Emman 3 kun oldin
But your ipad will not work
Lit4Ever Gamer
Lit4Ever Gamer 6 kun oldin
minecrafter 462
minecrafter 462 14 kun oldin
Someone who has it could I get the fortnite skin ;)
Krizefugl 15 kun oldin
Most people use their tablet on the side for multimedia imo. So for that, you cannot go wrong with the s4. UZvid is my main use for my tablet. And the tab s4 wins in price and screen quality. For games i have a switch and my pc. Tbh then then tab a is probably even better for just media
MACK3RW 15 kun oldin
Mentions "Trump-ed" everyone gets *triggered*
Hej San
Hej San 15 kun oldin
This is clearly very biased. iPad Pro is more future proof. Read the comments and you’ll see everyone would’ve picked iPad Pro
rag e63
rag e63 15 kun oldin
Why does Samsung uses a 2017 soc in Aug. 2018 ?
Pam Carter
Pam Carter 15 kun oldin
It's crazy how the top of the line TABLET from apple, with both accessories (pen and keyboard) is more than a desktop a few years ago at $2,130, FOR A TABLET!!!!!, when you get the same thing with a better screen, just by sacrificing 2 inches, that you will never use watching UZvid, and alot of processing power that you dont really need unless you are a UZvidr, FOR LITTERALLY $1,380 LESS!!!!!! (Tab s4)
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar 16 kun oldin
Tab s4 easy choice for me. Got bored of my ipad apart from playing games. S4 will go well with my note 9 and gear watch
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar 6 kun oldin
+Gamer Xya got the ipad pro. It's a beast but I like to try new things and this tab s4 will go well with my phone
Gamer Xya
Gamer Xya 7 kun oldin
what ipad you have
Super John64
Super John64 16 kun oldin
Here’s something so fortnite advertised the Samsung tab s4 because of the galaxy skin but then... The new iPad Pro runs fortnite at 60fps
Giapploz 16 kun oldin
Which one do you recommend me for gaming
Gamer Xya
Gamer Xya 7 kun oldin
ipad pro bro 18000 multicore on it
STEVE TYRELL 16 kun oldin
Can you please make a video asking samsung to make the tab S5 with 855 snapdragon chip please