Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 vs iPad Pro 11 Inch - Full Comparison

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In this video, we will compare the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 vs the iPad Pro 11 inch tablets. These are two of the most popular products from Apple and everyone is wondering which one to buy. iPad Pro was released in 2018, while the Galaxy Tab S4 was released in 2018.
Let's dive in and compare.
Buy the iPad Pro: amzn.to/2nKbb1W (lowest prices)
Buy the Tab S4: amzn.to/2OIirad (lowest prices)
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8-Noy, 2018



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Fikrlar 3 736
raju kushwaha
raju kushwaha 9 soat oldin
iOS and Qualcomm both are America company but and America battery optimizati iOS
Ghost Devil
Ghost Devil Kun oldin
If possible the people here would like to see bend test 😂😂😂
The Anime Libarian
The Anime Libarian 14 soat oldin
Yo lol stop it
GUY BITTON Kun oldin
Loved your review I purchased tab s4 LTE 64gb version I chose this one because Price Specs And other factors I boycotted apple because of their manipulation t towards there customers They are not about love and appreciation towards their consumers
Travis Mills
Travis Mills 2 kun oldin
Can you do comparison on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 vs IPad Air 2019
Daniel Ng
Daniel Ng 2 kun oldin
Samsung tap looks cheap.
영창 2 kun oldin
i just bought tab s4...what i want to tell you guys is...dex and free s pen is everything for tab s4. its best tablet for multitasking. but if u guys want better performance, go ipad.
Njoku Njoku
Njoku Njoku 3 kun oldin
Really apple 800$ tablet don't u know I'm poor
wong jia jing
wong jia jing 3 kun oldin
im using a pc ._.
Temmie gaming and memes
I don't know about that chief android has much better software like Adobe photoshop mix and power detector some apps that can compare to even some windows software
HBC 4 kun oldin
İf I have 650$,I would take the ipad pro 2017.
The Anime Libarian
The Anime Libarian 14 soat oldin
I just bought that 12.9 wifi/Lte 256 gb
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 4 kun oldin
i hate the idea that you can't watch full screen video without top and down black bars. STupiD design! who cares about new aspec ratio if you can't use it for watching videos.
Sage Preciado
Sage Preciado 5 kun oldin
I don't like all apples phones or computers, but there I pads are better then the rest :)
subas thapa
subas thapa 6 kun oldin
It's like comparing the size of a Sun to the size of the earth.
iPromise Olive
iPromise Olive 6 kun oldin
Why is it that the back of an ipad is beautiful than the front side I think apple really need to work on this seriously
Mini Nuggets
Mini Nuggets 6 kun oldin
I will buy the samsung because i think a little ipad is good enough and its cheap enough, my thought about the ipad pro is that it can bend easily and break easily.
Kuen Lee
Kuen Lee 6 kun oldin
Just the difference in power alone makes the Tab S4 overpriced.
louis ferreira
louis ferreira 8 kun oldin
The galaxy is probably the better all rounder, it has compatibility with mouse and keyboard whereas Apple is only compatible with keyboards. Also, the external sd card is massive advantage
Kayla hehe
Kayla hehe 8 kun oldin
I like all androids and Apple store Gadgets take way too long to update
Bububu -
Bububu - 9 kun oldin
there are cheaper Ipads than this one so you should compare the lower priced ipads to the tab s4
Unknowん 9 kun oldin
Personally I’m gonna go for the s4 I don’t wanna spend about 1000 bucks for a tablet and I love the pc like feature
asha mohamed
asha mohamed 9 kun oldin
vacationboyvideos 9 kun oldin
Apps= iPad Screen= Samsung
Advik Nand
Advik Nand 10 kun oldin
Android is better at smart phones, Apple better at tablets, but I’m not sure who is better at laptops.
Fier Rinn
Fier Rinn 10 kun oldin
Samsung is better.
Hps Kid
Hps Kid 10 kun oldin
You didn’t know that the iPad Pro has a headphone jack in the top side
Mishi Ham
Mishi Ham 9 kun oldin
Hps Kid there is no headphone jack if you don’t believe go and check out at Apple store
Максим Максимов
Сделай русские субтитры!
Anthony Whyte
Anthony Whyte 11 kun oldin
One can plug in a controller and play emulators and one cannot. One can torrent movies and one cannot. Ipad's are locked down toys unless you're an artist.
Maurizio Bianchi
Maurizio Bianchi 11 kun oldin
I have an iPad Pro 2nd Gen with Apple Pencil. I preferred this to others because of the Apple Pencil: as an illustrator/graphic designer/graphics student I've to admit that it is a necessary plus for me, for its precision, for its smoothness, for the high quality, for the angle sensibility, for the fact that it so sensible at the lowest pressure. Although the S-Pen is free, I confirm that I tried it and affirm that it's not the same experience, absolutely (and I had also the Galaxy Note 4 for sketching for 2 years, before he abandoned me 🤧) Without the Apple Pencil, I think that the iPad Pro (I'm talking about the 2nd Gen because I got it, and also about the 3rd Gen because I think it's not worth the upgrade), it is like as an iPhone, well studied, powerful, entertaining and not so more. It is specifically for illustrator/creative and digital artists like me and other. I like the ecosystem and the smoothness, optimization etc. but I think it is not so worth the price for "mid-range consumers"...
Samsung Winner!
al meknassi
al meknassi 11 kun oldin
Brush Apple wins because Samsung is not even taking care of their tablets while Apple is
Carlos m
Carlos m 13 kun oldin
Havocarius 13 kun oldin
iOS has Procreate. Android does not. However you don't need to pay an extra $100 for the stylus when buying a Tab S4. Tough decision indeed.
Normaali Ihminen
Normaali Ihminen 13 kun oldin
If you want ipad pro experience I suggest you to buy older model sure charching apple pen is ugly but it still works
J. M. Pérez
J. M. Pérez 15 kun oldin
"One Trumps the other" which means wins by yelling out lies!
Mousumi Chakraborty
Mousumi Chakraborty 15 kun oldin
I think geekbench is paid by Apple😂😂
Eddy 15 kun oldin
Honestly you can’t compare them the iPad Pro is just better like no doubt
social network
social network 15 kun oldin
File management in ipad suck
Topher Caesar
Topher Caesar 16 kun oldin
A more realistic comparison would be against the 2018 entry iPad for $350 you are comparing a pro tablet vs a non-Pro tablet and saying the “cheaper” one is a better option because it’s cheaper and most people don’t need the power. If that’s the case get the non-Pro iPad with Apple Pencil. $350 + $99 for first generation Apple Pencil and its still cheaper then the tab with better geekbench scores and ability to do the same tasks with the better apps and games.
Nasir Abukar
Nasir Abukar 17 kun oldin
I have an iPad pro 10.5 and Galaxy Note 9. Hence I am not a fanboy of either. Here is the problem and benefits with each. There are more things I could list but this is a start. Tab S4 Pros + Screen, screen, and screen OLED is king with outstanding *contrast* and colour ( this alone is worth the price) + Better pen and it's free + Much cheaper at any comparable specs + Storage is expandable by sd card + Good battery + DeX although the ram and CPU are not suitable Cons + Horrible ram as s10 contains 8gb min + Last, last gen CPU (unbelievable) + Maybe some software issues if it's updated to android pie then it would be good iPad pros + Efficient ram + Powerful CPU + Very reliable as software and hardware are from the same company + Smooth and a long battery life Cons - Limited customisation - Nothing like DeX - Great screen but the Tab 4s screen is just much better. It's like comparing Oled and LCD displays. I would get Tab 4 just for that amazing OLED. - Screen needs more pixels, it has stagnated for a while now - Expensive no option for upgrade Please let me know if you agree or not. List what you like and dislike about each.
Amsterdam Liver
Amsterdam Liver 11 kun oldin
i think the ipad screen is much smoother though, the 120hz is really really good and noticeable on the other hand oled vs lcd is not as much of a difference. also lcd no burn in
Pulin Dan
Pulin Dan 19 kun oldin
Yo you can make your iPad pro into a Mack book
Itz _ricky
Itz _ricky 19 kun oldin
What’s the best Samsung tablet for gaming?
Bodē Ghost Productions
Greetings, Saki @#SakiTech Let me begin by saying that I've been viewing your channel since its inception. Well, let's just say it's been quite some time now... 😉 I simply wanted to extend to you my appreciation for all of your extremely insightful, professional and well thought out videos. From your presentation, the video & audio quality, you truly do a very nice job, Sir. What I truly enjoy most, if I may, is that you make these feeds very relaxed. A sort of an no nonsense feel. Relaxed in a manner that it feels like an extremely relaxed conversation @ your favorite pub or coffee shop. Never change, Saki. I for one truly enjoy & appreciate the time you invest providing 'we' the end users the proper education that when it becomes time for a purcahase, rather than an approach of, let's say an, "judge a book by its cover" type scenario... Well, we are far better prepared than having to utilize that type of mentality! Well played sir. Well played indeed sir & thank you. 🍀 #sakitech #sakitecheducates #technology #thankful #androiduser
FalconPunch1978 20 kun oldin
I've never had an iPhone and currently love my Note 8. I play world of tanks blitz and watch UZvid daily. As far as world of tanks is concerned there is no comparison, ipad is way better. Not only does it run at 120 fps but the controls work better too. Both are great for UZvid but I wish I would have bought the iPad to begin with. Please Samsung make a better gaming tablet.
Nathan Lungtau
Nathan Lungtau 21 kun oldin
Plis sent me a free gift s4 to Nathan c/o R. LALKUNGA M2/11. CHHINGA VENG , AIZAWL, 796001, MIZORAM. INDIA
Lucas Harris
Lucas Harris 22 kun oldin
Finally a fing good unbiased video.. Good job. Ill take the s4 for my needs.
Kamal Azry
Kamal Azry 22 kun oldin
Hahaha pro samsung video
CRAZY Birdie21
CRAZY Birdie21 23 kun oldin
I would say Samsung and apple both make great products but for phones I would say Samsung and for tablets apple
Hunter Bungay
Hunter Bungay 23 kun oldin
Worked as a Technologist for over 25 years and Dude! Seriously, your talking about two completely different products with competing but seriously different ecosystems. Apples and Oranges comparison. Want to really cock things up? Throw in the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and your good to go.
PJRoRo 23 kun oldin
I’m gonna say the n word
Leah vapes86
Leah vapes86 24 kun oldin
Also customisation no jailbreak needed what more can I say
Leah vapes86
Leah vapes86 24 kun oldin
iPad is great if Appel sorted its software out so feed up with apps crashing especially UZvid and fb went into the o2 shop as got my upgrade coming up this yr and the s4 is stunning like a bigger version off my s9+ so my iPad is going bye bye this yr until they sort there shit out
CornRow Kenny
CornRow Kenny 25 kun oldin
i just preordered the s10 and im looking for a tablet to replace my slow 3rd gen ipad.. i prefer the ipad but i just wish it had an amoled display
Selam ÖZER
Selam ÖZER 25 kun oldin
Devarshi Shah
Devarshi Shah 26 kun oldin
what about long lasting OS updates?
Mena The Official
Mena The Official 28 kun oldin
Guys don’t get scammed, that’s not the iPad 3rd generation in the link!!
I wanna get a tablet or laptop or both for doing vid editing at school and making UZvid vids at home and I thought I'd get a Macbook but I'm starting to think an Ipad Pro might do it. Mmm, tough choice. I've always had Samsung phones n tablets but I know I've gotta switch to Apple for making vids...so I've heard.
Sock •-•
Sock •-• Oy oldin
When u can't afford apple :/
Sam Kulifay
Sam Kulifay Oy oldin
Stop being biased, when some thing is better then say it, that’s what people call a “fact”.
CJ JR Oy oldin
Apple gang but iPad Pro to expensive and I like the tab s4 sorry apple I have to go with tan s4
Rob r
Rob r Oy oldin
S4 has linux capable as well heaps better I think.
neorick27 Oy oldin
man, you sound like Kumar
neorick27 Oy oldin
+Dave Jenkins no, I mean Kumar like the same voice.
Dave Jenkins
Dave Jenkins Oy oldin
neorick27 you mean Indian?
Fuck your stepsister in the ass.
Steve Marks
Steve Marks Oy oldin
By the time you add the pen there is $350 difference in price. You should be comparing an iPad not iPad Pro!
Planet Saturn
Planet Saturn Oy oldin
Samsung dont know the ipad pro he copy
connor barnett
Can i plz have a phone
neosrt10 Oy oldin
This is a bad comparison the iPad pro 11 isnt the same size as the TabS4..the iPad Pro 10.5 has the a10 chip the Snapdragon 835 best the a10 in multicore benchmarks..so when you compare the same size Tab S4 10.5 vs iPad Pro 10.5 the Tab S4 beats it with a free pen better ,better sound ,screen higher resolution,higher contrast, HDR support and faster multicore processor for the same exact price.
Alternate World
People don’t like glass if there is no use for it
kjs Jha
kjs Jha Oy oldin
IPad is the bestest of the beat
Dan Jakubik
Dan Jakubik Oy oldin
Apple's history favors creative professionals, a small fraction of the general public.
Dan Jakubik
Dan Jakubik Oy oldin
Both are excellent high end tablets from different software universes. Samsung here has a better overall value going. Apple remains loyal to old LCD display technology when it's obvious OLED displays deliver superior contrast ratios, the difference in the brightness of colors. After achieving high resolution, contrast is key to true to life visual quality.
Stefan Etienne
I have the 11th IPad and it’s unbelievable how good it really is. Hopefully we can get more capabilities in the software to take advantage of the power.
Fallen Garden
Fallen Garden Oy oldin
If S4 was got Snapdragon 845 and 6gb ram, then i would take it, but ipad wins at overall.
Tobi Gram
Tobi Gram Oy oldin
This feels like ps4 vs xboxone lol
Toan La
Toan La Oy oldin
Can I use mouse otg for iPad
Saravanan Palani
A thing you left in consideration was how these tablets will go on long term because not all of us change tablets every year. Samsung just sucks at giving software updates, while apple is a king at it. And without updates your tablet slows down on performance and pretty much outdated with updated apps out there
100k subs with trash gameplays
Apple arent durable Samsung are durable Nokia is unstoppable
david decastro
This should've been tablet surface and iPad. Because no matter whom you are the surface is the ultimate professional machine period. But yeah 650 is a steal for Mommy.(I just bought the s4 on eBay for 499 tax free free shiping.) Enjoy it mom.
OfficalPascal Channel
I’ll choose the iPad Pro
Kakashi Hatake
Ok purchase an ipad if you want high quality apps and for professional artists, music editors, graphics designers or IT engineers, it's a performance beast. However samsung tab s4 is more customizable and versatile. Dex mode is a great desktop like experience, in which replacing ur pc but is best for light usage for writers, news reporters, teachers, uni students, etc. It just depends on you
Alex .T
Alex .T Oy oldin
The S4 competes only with the 10.5 Ipad Pro, 'cause the 11 pro blows the S4 out of the water.
Yoad Brand
Yoad Brand Oy oldin
as an android user and "samsung sheep" its easy to admit the ipad is way more polished and performs better, tho id take functionality over ios that at the most gives you changing wallpapers lol
foxy gamertv
foxy gamertv Oy oldin
Well I have phone s7 and I have iPad 6
Vinny Bruce
Vinny Bruce Oy oldin
I prefer both I got the tab S4 first I want to get the iPad Pro next
What I just learned is that the ipad pro is aimed at a completely different market to the Tab S4. For equivalent specs and with the pen included, the pro costs over twice as much as the S4, so I'd expect a hell of a lot more performance for my money, which I get. The question is, can the pro compete with laptops in its own price range?
brian blaze
brian blaze Oy oldin
That almost look the same
Trey Drier
Trey Drier Oy oldin
Hmmmmm..... the S4 screen looks brighter and cleaner than the iPad Pro. This is a GREAT non-bias review. One of the best, if not the best, I have seen. I just purchased the S4 last week after comparing and considering the iPad Pro 11". I bought the S4 from the Verizon store for $550 and it includes a Verizon SIM card for complete mobility for accessing the internet. I purchased a very nice case for $25 for a total cost of $575 + tax. The comparable iPad Pro was $750 + $129 for the Apple Pen. That's a total of $879 + tax + case. You're looking at over $900 for a comparable iPad Pro 11". No way is it worth $325 more than the S4. I've owned iPad's in the past. I did not like the fact they are not customizable and you can't easily connect an external hard drive like you can with the S4. I'm not saying that the iPad Pro is a rip off but rather the S4 is a comparable option if you don't require apps specific for artists.
Nathalie Funez
Do you think Samsung is copying apple I do
Jacques Cardine
Sh*t the ipad is more powerful thats a hell lot.
WayRock James
WayRock James Oy oldin
this is like comparing a car to a plane when it comes to power.
WayRock James
WayRock James Oy oldin
my note 9 has a higher benchmark than the tab s4, which is stupid but note cost more than the tab 4 so my thoughts are why by this tab 4..no reason, garbage tab cant even stand up to my cellphone,
Nick Nesi
Nick Nesi Oy oldin
Which one of the two is best for gaming especially for clash royale
Manish Aghane
Manish Aghane Oy oldin
iPad pro any day
Kyle Alexis Generosa
I choose iPad pro 11
Bekirhan Dovan
S4 wins
michael Oy oldin
Which screen do u like better? I realize they are both very good, but I would think the Samsung oled screen is just a bit better.
Turbo Bro! YT
Turbo Bro! YT Oy oldin
I think when it comes to tablets Apple is always in the lead.
SnapFilm 123
SnapFilm 123 Oy oldin
Like = iPad Pro Reply = S4
M K Creations
M K Creations Oy oldin
ipad pro A1
Laika Oy oldin
I was watching this in hopes of being able to make an informed decision but instead it feels like an Apple ad
The derpy NooB
1st place apple 2nd place is Samsung 3rd place is Huawei 4th place is Lenovo 5th place is ZTE 6th place are rip-off phones
idk tbh
idk tbh 20 kun oldin
Apple with tablets Samsung with phones
The derpy NooB
I have a a white tablet Samsung s4 in the white version
Sai Oy oldin
Look man I think even the Surface Pro is better than the Samsung Tab S4
Kombizz Kashani
It seems Ipad is a money grabber than S4
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