Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes honor Spike Lee at the 2015 Governors Awards

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Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes speak as part of the award presentation to Honorary Award recipient Spike Lee at the 2015 Governors Awards in the Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood, CA, Saturday, November 14.




15-Noy, 2015

Governors Awards Ceremony (Recurring Event)Academy Honorary Award (Award Category)Honorary OscarHonorary AwardWesley Snipes (Celebrity)Spike Lee (Film Director)Samuel L. Jackson (Film Actor)Denzel Washington (Celebrity)



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Social Work Sheryl
This was Classic!! Denzel, Sam, and Wesley!! Wesley's Accent was Brilliant and told a Serious Story if you Pay Attention!! Excellent Tribute!!
rodney miller
rodney miller 3 kun oldin
Black Excellence....
Nuno_Creole_ 4 kun oldin
This is incredible! Three of the biggest legendary actors on the same stage!!!! Sooo dope!!!! When's the team up movie coming out?!
Hobbit Gymp
Hobbit Gymp 4 kun oldin
This is a great example of true blackness .... What people haven't realised is.... Through all we been through we still have the ability to speak like an AFRICAN effortlessly... It's so natural and it the true essence of the Black Man.... Think about it....
Wes:ride with me on this plane...Sam: Better not have any snakes on this mf plane :Denzel I am the plane got damn it
Venom GAMING 5 kun oldin
They are badass
Venom GAMING 5 kun oldin
Love them all
G_4 sonic1234
G_4 sonic1234 5 kun oldin
I notice that place was fill mostly white ppl....what's up with that.
tumelo mothoa
tumelo mothoa 5 kun oldin
spookytube28 7 kun oldin
Snipes is freaking hilarious. Should have came back to comedy
lillian barnes
lillian barnes 7 kun oldin
I think Denzel had a little heat when he said..."Tyler Perry don't call me." LOL
A P 7 kun oldin
Courtnae Smith
Courtnae Smith 8 kun oldin
These guys!!! ❤❤❤❤
mkoma duzvi
mkoma duzvi 8 kun oldin
Wesley went to prison and came back with a west African accent
MEANDUDE MALE 9 kun oldin
Mr. Taylor
Mr. Taylor 9 kun oldin
OH MAN! This clip had me dyin and feeling so much love for these brothers! This assemblage of the baddest Black men in Hollywood is pure genius, pure awesome! WE NEED THEM TOGETHER AGAIN IN MOVIES!!!
Wasted Street
Wasted Street 9 kun oldin
damn Denzel is still handsome
twizzle Spellman
twizzle Spellman 10 kun oldin
Wesley sounds like black panther
Romance Jones
Romance Jones 10 kun oldin
I would love to see these 3 in a movie together. Please!
Carl Manda
Carl Manda 10 kun oldin
Well done Snipes, you imitate me your ancestor in flawless manner.
Jammu Jones
Jammu Jones 10 kun oldin
Malcolm X
Jammu Jones
Jammu Jones 11 kun oldin
The fellas are looking and sounding good
Mmeli Zulu
Mmeli Zulu 11 kun oldin
Awesome Nigeria accent - Come back home!
J Wesley Knight
J Wesley Knight 11 kun oldin
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Radio Balita
Radio Balita 11 kun oldin
African speaking tone is very nice and clear.
Sammy Afe
Sammy Afe 11 kun oldin
Wesley knows de way
Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis 11 kun oldin
I wanted Snipes to play T'Challa's father T'chaka
Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis 11 kun oldin
Snipes showing how he wanted T'Challa to sound
Akym Rinkovsky
Akym Rinkovsky 12 kun oldin
This is awesome Wesley's part was beautiful. Yeah Spike is so badass. That I'm scared of him and im on his side, lol. He has balls
Corcon 12 kun oldin
Looks like Thanos got rid of all the white people. Wow.
Rico Fauzan
Rico Fauzan 12 kun oldin
Everyone in the top comment is talking the three actors nobody talks about spike lee lol
Kimberly Erwin
Kimberly Erwin 13 kun oldin
Awesome! But event better is Spike's speech...long but FULL of great tales and motivation and history. Love his grandmama...and Spike!
Jack Penny
Jack Penny 13 kun oldin
Three blackies on a stage Cracking jokes with ease Then come the pohlis And blackies scoot like fleas Pohlis look around No one to be found They get back in their squad car Station's not that far Blackies return to stage Looks like they're in a rage
Darlana Green
Darlana Green 14 kun oldin
I love you 😍😘 Wesley, I just watched liberty Stand✊
winston gombs
winston gombs 14 kun oldin
Coolest roast ever.
Ant life
Ant life 14 kun oldin
on God it's Simon phoenix
Da GuvNa
Da GuvNa 15 kun oldin
Please, Please a movie with these 3 where Sam is the good guy and denzel and wesley are good guys
Billie Wilson
Billie Wilson 16 kun oldin
Wow 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🙋🏽
Peaceful Angel
Peaceful Angel 16 kun oldin
Wow his accent is amazing. If I didn't know I would have thought he was from Western Africa. Good actor Wesley
JC Stump
JC Stump 17 kun oldin
They should just have their own black Oscar's.Just like the WhiteOscar's.Something to consider.
XxHunterXVizardxX 18 kun oldin
This is what Bruthas with full potential look like you hear ME!!! you see us as so less alot of you criminals and thugs, we just as good and i can say Better you know why? Cause we STILL..Got that muthafucking SWAGGER!!..i Cant contain myself man this video really means something yo real shit. Make a brutha wanna be succesful as fuck!!- Human
Charlotte Clark
Charlotte Clark 19 kun oldin
Wesley did a Great South African Accent, I'm guessing lol, but what a great honor, Spike does stories that is close to his Heart. I'm happy they are honoring him!
Account 1
Account 1 20 kun oldin
Jules Winnfield, Alonzo Harris & Nino Brown on stage together, shit is legendary
Jeannette Duette
Jeannette Duette 21 kun oldin
Love me some Wesley Snipes! Good actor he needs more work in front of the big screen.
Rudeboyja92 21 kun oldin
3 shades of dark lmao
ev3goddess y.o. Chandler
Yosh Efectivo
Yosh Efectivo 22 kun oldin
That's a lot of talent in one room!!!
Egnatious Phiri
Egnatious Phiri 23 kun oldin
Snipes killing it
Omalicha 23 kun oldin
OMG!!! South African/Kenyean accent. He is so African in his speech.
Emilia's world
Emilia's world 24 kun oldin
Spikkkkkkkkkkkkkkke Lee and Densely..... I want to be an actress I'm black mom I need help.