Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes honor Spike Lee at the 2015 Governors Awards

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Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes speak as part of the award presentation to Honorary Award recipient Spike Lee at the 2015 Governors Awards in the Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood, CA, Saturday, November 14.




15-Noy, 2015



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Davon Massenburg
Davon Massenburg 21 soat oldin
The last time we seen wesley smh, underrated like a mothafucka!
Ryan G
Ryan G Kun oldin
Dan Muscarella
Dan Muscarella 8 kun oldin
Wesley snipes is a lot shorter then I thought
mike conley
mike conley 9 kun oldin
Why did I laugh so damn hard at this lmao... I'll love to. See them all in a. Movie together
Gail Jackson-Chapman
I love Wesley Snipes. I love all his movies 🎥. Denzel, omg 😲 is fine as ever. Samuel is a straightforward man in his movies. Can you imagine all three in a movie 🎥 together??? That would be awesome 👏🏼
Brandon Manuel
Brandon Manuel 9 kun oldin
Denzel wont work with Tyler whatt
Brandon Manuel
Brandon Manuel 9 kun oldin
One moe 🎥 Spike with these three amazing brothers come on they will do it god willing god blesd
Jonathan Montalvo
Jonathan Montalvo 10 kun oldin
Craig D Jones
Craig D Jones 11 kun oldin
It's so funny because it's true. Samuel Jackson really did go to rehab about an addiction he had. Now, he is arguably the most known actor in Hollywood. If you have the heart, will, and patients you can from back from almost anything.
C1rcu1tBr34k3r 11 kun oldin
They seriously need to cast Wesley for some type of role in Black Panther 2
Glenn Mikanor
Glenn Mikanor 12 kun oldin
Samuel without the word "motherfucker" is not possible lol!
Ade Isaac
Ade Isaac 12 kun oldin
Damn Wesley, he is good, he sounds like my next door neighbour
Idontlikethatshit 12 kun oldin
This is cool
Norman Kelly
Norman Kelly 13 kun oldin
K D 15 kun oldin
Denzel and Sam should've made movie together.
677y Issa
677y Issa 16 kun oldin
They ain't doing shit to uplift black America
nancy breaux
nancy breaux 16 kun oldin
Men in their 40's and 50' s are so appealing to me. Depending on how you take care of not only your body but mind. Some people think being young is where it's at but not to me. Your more confident mature ,and sure of yourself as you get older you think more rational and wiser in your descion making, but that still isn't the story of everyone getting older, and those men in their 40's having that perfect blend of salt and pepper hair with a nice cut to go along with it. a nice watch simple but well dressed and smelling good oh my.
Norman Kelley
Norman Kelley 17 kun oldin
I always love this, especially Snipes' faux West African accent.
GetUpFalcon 21 kun oldin
Bloody hell snipes african accent is flawless
yamato kurosawa
yamato kurosawa 22 kun oldin
These guys are intimidating
clara rego
clara rego 22 kun oldin
How this guy vanished from the movie industry and never played Tupac is beyond me.
Mariam Fuadianitu
Mariam Fuadianitu 22 kun oldin
Three Legends
Charisma Dixon
Charisma Dixon 23 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️What happened to Wesley? He is not like this anymore and I miss him these the best friends to have👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Aguinaldo Goncalves
Aguinaldo Goncalves 23 kun oldin
Who gonna watch this in 2019?
Raptors Nation
Raptors Nation 24 kun oldin
My favorite 3 black actors of all time... And they ain't have to dress like bitches neither 💯🤷🏾‍♂️
Joyce Love
Joyce Love 24 kun oldin
Wesleyit a long time I need to get some action now I never stop watching you 😍😍😍😍😍👍👍🙌🙌🙌🙌💓❤💓💓💓
pumpin4reazo 28 kun oldin
On the DL, Wesley just auditioned for a role in black panther 2... He's damn on point talking like me, bravoooo!!!
Ariel Medina
Ariel Medina 28 kun oldin
Spike's real name Malcom Mandela 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣👏👏👏👏
Cak Redi
Cak Redi 29 kun oldin
Sometimes I forget that Wesley was a brilliant comic actor. Him in To Wong Foo was hilarious. And he should team up with Woody Harrelson again.
DDauntless Oy oldin
Denzel Washington for Blue Marvel
Trueblue2053 Oy oldin
What a great message I love all 3 actors
Orliande Gray
Orliande Gray Oy oldin
I just LOVE this😂😂💛💛
The New Paulo Coelho
Hey! How are you doing?
Me1586 Me
Me1586 Me Oy oldin
How the hell is this man speaking like a whole Educated Nigerian man??
Carlos Da Silva
Super good actor
mgeek1 Oy oldin
A "Mo Better Blues" reunion!
jestoril75 Oy oldin
this is great. it’s like watching all of your coolest uncles roasting each other.
Rod Steel
Rod Steel Oy oldin
Sam is an atheist. He's on borrowed time.
Lisa Hair2Love
Wow 😂
Anthony Banks
Anthony Banks Oy oldin
Never saw this before but definitely enjoyed 3 A list actors celebrating a pioneer in the entertainment field, especially in Black America. Wesley's accent was funny & brilliant!! Spike an entire generation of young black directors to progress and tell their stories!! All 4 men are inspirations, GONGRATS & thank you to all of them!! GOD BLESS!
Johnny Williams
Spike Lee movie s are always putting black people in degrading roles these people are boule gatekeepers they deceive you thinking we are not hip to them they serve Satan : for what is it to gain the world yet loose your soul
Fauz Noir
Fauz Noir Oy oldin
Nice to see a bona fide hollywood actor pull off a genuine Africa (Nigeria) accent. Most of the the accents done in movies are a genric strange ay-frikan accent that has no placement and can be a bit annoying to listen to.
vladimir putin
Fuck Spike Lee , bug eyed hood rat
Hawa Shire
Hawa Shire Oy oldin
I love Spike Lee! Bad muthafucka fosho!
Ange H
Ange H Oy oldin
Yes Wesley make the accents natural, than Wills Smith some time the producers will give the part to an actor bcuz they think the movie will make it big at the theatre and sometime they suck in the part
sam bou
sam bou Oy oldin
Wesley was awesome in demolition man kicking everyone butt off.🤣🤣🤣
Kelton Aarris
Kelton Aarris Oy oldin
Wesley snipes..phenom..
Bolaji Aiyegboyin
Congratulations spike, you deserve it.been your fan since when did we were kids in Nigeria . Bravo. Meanwhile good to see my brothers together, brothers big up.
caligirl LA
caligirl LA Oy oldin
Denzel Denzel Denzel, that's what 60 looks like, my God!!! Luv my brotha's, so talented!!
The New Paulo Coelho
Akiem sselb
Akiem sselb Oy oldin
Wesley look like 35yr
Thulani Nkambule
Elon Tesla
Brian Wattanga
Impressive group of talented film legends
didderjade Oy oldin
I would murder small kittens and puppies to sit in the same room as those four as they drink, reminisce, and talk about future projects.
Shamsu Deen
Shamsu Deen Oy oldin
Wesley did well
Tony Allen
Tony Allen Oy oldin
Dude, Wesley was hilarious!!!
Doctor Dludla
Doctor Dludla Oy oldin
Wesley killed that African accent!!!
Lenora Mills
Lenora Mills Oy oldin
Yes there are some good black young actors to fill there shoes
Ian Armstrong
Ian Armstrong Oy oldin
This was so hilarious! I Loved these Brothas and Their Movies back in the day!
Jimmie Edwards
Abibatu Bangura
WOW he got it down, tapping on his soul
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll Oy oldin
🇪🇬 🇯🇲🎐 🇪🇬 🇲🇽🕋😳💝🐵😵 fer acting net black naw he black te2 africa yeah 🌍 eall ief.yehm
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll Oy oldin
🇺🇸 eid.seid.deman.he aient really blk new.mer 🇯🇲 🇪🇬
Decutta Oy oldin
The three of them in a movie together would be classic💪
Shena WilAsh
Shena WilAsh Oy oldin
Denzel, wesley sam... look good!
The New Paulo Coelho
Hey. How are you?
teammm Oy oldin
Now Spike has an official Academy Award for BlackkKlansmen. Well done. Should've been best picture though.
Karen Maggi
Karen Maggi Oy oldin
Dónde puedo ver este discurso subtitulado? Quiero entender todo lo que dicen
Demetrice Tumlin
Patience is virtue spike Lee u are well deserving of this Oscar award
The New Paulo Coelho
Brian T
Brian T Oy oldin
Wesley!!! miss your performances.......
zdrumdude Oy oldin
What a bunch of racists. And why didn’t someone tell me that purple suits with cute little matching hats were in style? I must of missed those in the racist section of the little boys department.
2 pac
2 pac Oy oldin
Wesley u really can be a african african minus american while u bullshitin. Black ass. Wesley so black i got a tinted window violation with him on my motorcycle. Ridiculous
BeLL LoBee
BeLL LoBee Oy oldin
Like Oprah, Spike Lee is another gatekeeper of the Democratic plantation. Democrats are compulsive liars. Democrats are absolutely evil from the get go. Did you know KKK was created by Democrats in 1865 to suppress black voters because the black voters had always voted for Republicans? Lynchings and KKK were used by Democrats to enforce white supremacy, intimidate blacks and enact segregation. In modern times, Democrats are using a modern plantation like welfare to enslave the blacks in a newly invisible way. Federal welfare program gives the new African American generation a limited amount of money only enough to buy food and pay a low income rent. Also, remember Planned Parenthood clinics are located in most of the poor and uneducated African American communities, not other communities. Democrats intentionally control the black population in America and limit the blacks' access to wealth and education. Only poorly educated and completely brainwashed people don't realize how evil Democrats are.
Wonderouz Jackson
Spike sittin back sippin that champagne like "I made you mfs"
Vidal Oduro
Vidal Oduro Oy oldin
Ghana hahaa
toya adams
toya adams Oy oldin
Wesley must be drinking that same youth formula as Eddie Murphy...I swear, that man hasn't Aged a Day...even after All his legal issues he Still looks like Nino Brown...
sammy sam
sammy sam Oy oldin
"Don't call me Tyler Perry" hahaha. Where's Morgan Freeman?
Jacob Malic
Jacob Malic Oy oldin
Anna Peters
Anna Peters Oy oldin
Love you Denzel.
Michael Lelafu
Snipes low key mocking BP when Marvel should've focused on Blade instead lol
Jim Bellamy
Jim Bellamy Oy oldin
Marshall Ali
jimmy wrangles
Spike who?
Shelly Ann Mitchell
clinton naicker
These guys aging really well....Denzel still looking fresh man.
Fair Roe
Fair Roe Oy oldin
Samuel L. Jackson as "Gator" classic.
Brandon Tucker
This was actually hilarious.
Kwasi Pasonm
Kwasi Pasonm Oy oldin
West West Africa Brooklyn. I hear you Wesley. 😂😂🖐️🇲🇦 Al Maghrib Al Aqsa. Ijs. He said it.
Avenger Oy oldin
That is what happens to your head when you messed up with the irs
donny oakz
donny oakz Oy oldin
How cool will it be to be in the same room as these guys listening to their stories 🙌🏼👏👏
Amber Cherise
Amber Cherise Oy oldin
Well, Wesley Snipes was right...so now Spike Lee has two Oscars! #Patience! :D
The New Paulo Coelho
Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas Oy oldin
The accent is Ghanian
Johanne E.
Johanne E. Oy oldin
they did the right thing by him last night
Tharuka Jayasinghe
3 legends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bongo fury
bongo fury Oy oldin
So, Snipes is current on his income taxes???
bongo fury
bongo fury Oy oldin
Doesn’t Sammy owe a bigger thank you to Quentin Tarantino than Spike Lee? Maybe if he dons black face...
Wesley Snipes nailedd that African Accent!!! The best I’ve seen by an American actor.
Kemmy 2 kun oldin
He is actually from Nigeria.
Lana Hudson
Lana Hudson Oy oldin
The 3 of them need to be in a movie together.. Either comedy or expandable style.. that would be amazing...
Cynthia Rowley
I find Spike to be very racist. He exemplifies this in the last part of his speech here.
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