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Sanders reacts to the Democratic response to Trump's address

Fox News
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After Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer accuse President Trump of 'manufacturing' the crisis at the border, press secretary Sarah Sanders hits back, telling 'Fox & Friends' that the Democratic Party would rather play politics than protect the American people. #FoxandFriends #FoxNews
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9-Yan, 2019

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Gio Pirro
Gio Pirro Kun oldin
What a bounce of scammers.
Shoot U In The knee
Impeach the 7 year old
Navah Wolff
Navah Wolff 2 kun oldin
Trump 2020 we love you you are our great President!!!
DJ Compl3x
DJ Compl3x 2 kun oldin
6 vs 4000 lol wtf How she miss that?
December 2018
December 2018 2 kun oldin
It’s like watching Russian state propaganda!
John Blair
John Blair 2 kun oldin
You know you can get a police report...not a ticket...for hindering law enforcement officers...ahem...folks...President Trump is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the land...as far I'm concern nancy and chuckie are hindering the Chief Law Enforcement Officer.
Patrick Parker
Patrick Parker 3 kun oldin
I love Sanders. You go girl!
Better TV Reception WITH Foil Fedoras!
Trump is going to use this address to showcase the fact that democrats are against protecting children from traffickers, who pretend as if these atrocities and worldwide carnage isn't happening. WHAT IS PELOSI ATTEMPTING TO KEEP FROM THE PUBLIC???
Karuska22ps 3 kun oldin
Trump loves his idiotic sheep still following his very moves. He assfucking all of you and you all still take it
dee jay
dee jay 3 kun oldin
Pelosi heavily sedated for stage 6 dementia
Mark Yarton
Mark Yarton 4 kun oldin
pelosi and schumer funneral home water proof vaults and caskets
Roach DawgLoko
Roach DawgLoko 4 kun oldin
Bottom line pelosi and schemer is exactly what America needed a breath of fresh air and reasonable idea that actually serve some form of function for this great Paradise we call America they defiantly have the people support I should of never voted for trump or hildog
JAROD MILLER 4 kun oldin
Oh the Memes.
greateststarbyfar 4 kun oldin
all these people that are here illegally need to self deport period!!!
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez 4 kun oldin
that is one ugly ass chick;) pinche vieja fea
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez 4 kun oldin
this fake ass president and all you clowns that follow him
Paolo Rosario
Paolo Rosario 4 kun oldin
They are hatefull people ! they are very unhappy personalities ! we are getting enough of theses fakes democrats. NEVER think we going to accept the absence of respect to to the elect president ! treating all the time ! this time its not going to be the way you guys pretend. when the gop wins is always names, treatiing of impeachment ! respect the people will and the laws . shame
Mike Perkins
Mike Perkins 5 kun oldin
Deplorable woman S.uckabee Sanders. Trump is an ABOMINATION of a president. Trump would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven. He's the Anti Jesus, soon to be the Antichrist on the world stage. Just wait until AFTER you die demon.
Troy D
Troy D 5 kun oldin
Trump guaranteed Mexico would pay for the wall. Did he lie?!! SHOCKING!!
Happy World
Happy World 5 kun oldin
GodBless America
GodBless America 5 kun oldin
Don't give up Mr. President.
Derek Miller
Derek Miller 5 kun oldin
Only wall Trump deserves a four wall jail cell.
Jozinek 5 kun oldin
If the Dems hate walls so much then what about the walls around their mansions.
CH OP 5 kun oldin
If the representatives of the people are not able to do their jobs , Let Us Vote ! All in Favor... All Opposed... It’s that simple , And let’s move forward !
CH OP 5 kun oldin
The annual budget for the United States in 2019 is $4.4 Billion Dollars The U.S Government will spend roughly $12 billion dollars per year President Trump’s request for $5.7 billion equates to approximately 10hrs of spending. As a comparison, The U:S is expected to spend $1,179 billion on welfare for illegal immigrants at the taxpayers expense
Grand Celebration
Grand Celebration 5 kun oldin
"People who enter the USA without our permission are illegal aliens and should not be treated the same as legal immigrants" - Schmuck Chumer, Washington June 2009.
Leo Battenhausen
Leo Battenhausen 5 kun oldin
Those 2 were a very scary, clueless and moronic demonstration!
Huong H Xuan
Huong H Xuan 5 kun oldin
MAGA 🙏❤️MAGA 🙏❤️MAGA 🙏❤️
darion delrey
darion delrey 6 kun oldin
i think democrats are going to face serious life issues
Beau Peep
Beau Peep 6 kun oldin
Chucky and his Bride need their batteries taken out. *Pronto!*
Ralph Geigner
Ralph Geigner 6 kun oldin
Schumer & Pelosi ! Presentation, they look and act the evil people that they are and there RATS regimes ! GO ARMY
Pablito Mendoza
Pablito Mendoza 6 kun oldin
Douglas Steele
Douglas Steele 6 kun oldin
you like fascism eh. good. move your motherfucking ass to north korea. now lets get trumps fat stinking lying piteous putrid ass impeached and MAPA-Make America Proud Again!!!
Andrew p
Andrew p 6 kun oldin
The amount of stupid people in the comment section is astounding. If you haven’t noticed, most of the people supporting the wall are uneducated whereas most people against it are college educated. Shocking
7Roeth 6 kun oldin
Trump Train!!!
NEE M 6 kun oldin
How can a president liveon lying and yes border control is fine we need it but we have pressing issues and to take of the people inside America.. Sanders does not know what she speaks and its a waste of time listening to her,
Lisa Greenfield
Lisa Greenfield 6 kun oldin
I laugh harder every time I watch their little speech. Nancy looking high and paranoid lol
Lisa Greenfield
Lisa Greenfield 6 kun oldin
Nancy is third in line to the presidency folks!
Mike Haley
Mike Haley 6 kun oldin
Look at Pelosi's eyebrows. SHE LOOKS LIKE NUT. Her Schumer, Water's are three of the craziest people in the world.
desai737 6 kun oldin
Are u talking about parkland school shooting ?
Shawn Crown
Shawn Crown 7 kun oldin
Both sides are getting hurt and the people of this country is becoming collateral damage i blame both sides. This wall boarder project is dividing making the hard working people become collateral damage come on trump supporters u have to admit that this wall project discussion has now become harmful to us. Like i said i blame both sides.
Destination Paradise
Sanderbeast should be held in contempt. All the lies these low life scum come up with. They are all crooks and LIARS PRIMED FOR PRISON.
EXTOL ZEBULON 7 kun oldin
Prayer is power.
Fist Fury
Fist Fury 7 kun oldin
Who cares....
Southern Man
Southern Man 7 kun oldin
It’s all political! It’s Democratic strategy! If Trump fails to get a wall they have a chance to throw it in Trumps face in election time!
mark sullivan
mark sullivan 7 kun oldin
If (when) the Draftdodger-In-Chief is proven to have secretly and willfully aided Russia by helping them against the interests of democracy in general and America in particular, will Sarah Huckster Goebbels apologize for being a big, fat liar? Can she be imprisoned for treason too?
Cindy D.
Cindy D. 7 kun oldin
Fox Fake news people get your facts right watch and read other sources please you are being brainwashed with Fox.
Manuel Crespo
Manuel Crespo 7 kun oldin
Tell him to have Mexico to pay for it
Austin Paula
Austin Paula 7 kun oldin
5 billion dollars could be spend on technological innovations or science and education then a wall that could get destroyed by an earthquake and cost another billion dollars to repair
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 7 kun oldin
Nancy looks some one you would interview in a old folks home Bob P.
Dan Frey
Dan Frey 7 kun oldin
Get stupid people like these out of politics !
J Kim
J Kim 7 kun oldin
dems not too bright in their argument, weak defense, actually glad that they are so. makes victory too haha.
Debre Szabolcs Attila
No, not this Sanders!
Lola Lee
Lola Lee 7 kun oldin
Feminists need to wake up and see a true woman that has empowered herself and stands for truth! She's amazing and so incredibly strong! God bless you Sarah! Thanks for being a role model to my daughters! We love and support you!
Zaldo Miclat
Zaldo Miclat 7 kun oldin
Democrats lose again 2020 good for them.Other channel supporting Democrats.
Alisha R
Alisha R 7 kun oldin
Do you guys think this government shutdown will affect trumps 2020 re-election?
Disa Diaz
Disa Diaz 7 kun oldin
Sarah looks hideous
Cinnamon Girl
Cinnamon Girl 8 kun oldin
🇺🇸 I never Believed in Zombies until ▶️ 💁Seeing This THERE ARE Zombies ‼️
John P Curtin
John P Curtin 8 kun oldin
Silly Huckleberry Sandpaper and Dumbskull Jerk Tramp should be marched to Antarctica where they can be useful sitting on Emperor Penguin Eggs.
winston ledford
winston ledford 8 kun oldin
trump is the boss see-see=
winston ledford
winston ledford 8 kun oldin
trump is the boss
Steve Stars
Steve Stars 8 kun oldin
I think that one of the reasons why Chuck E Cheese and Plastic Nancy both look like Morticians and hypno-zombies in that response, is that they KNOW their attempt to thwart the wall issue is VERY UNPOPULAR and a BIG LOSER for them. Over 60% of the public wants that WALL BUILT, and they are turning very much against the Obstruction Politics of Democrats.
No Bone Spurs Here Got it?
What a crock of crack. All these mass shooting, all white Men, NOT ONE mexican. Now that's what wer'e talking about right? Color...you all suck. And trump is a liar. You will find out what he has done, and you all don't care. Russia is very involved and you all rather give our Country away than listen to all these lies he says. He could careless if anyone gets paid ..Too bad these guys lie so much. Democrats Never specified what the wall to be made of, 45 did.. He changes his stories so much it's pittiful..You people are really brainwashed..Everyone's can't work with these people. Everyone quits. I have 'never' seen anything like this ever..smh
No Bone Spurs Here Got it?
Get trump out!! Impeach. Make America Great Again!!!
bobby white
bobby white 8 kun oldin
Wife went liberal, divorcing her Jaba ass!
Vwg Vaaj
Vwg Vaaj 8 kun oldin
Crazy trump wall it's don't work we don't need the.wall
Angel Arreguin
Angel Arreguin 8 kun oldin
This lady is very clear about trump ideas of the wall Sara sanders a very human and honest lady
Robert Shrewsbury
Robert Shrewsbury 8 kun oldin
President Trump has a lot of courage, tenacity and intelligence and he does not suffer from the "political correctness" disease from within. It is the outside invasive "political correctness" disease that can frustrate him, because it is exploited and over used as a tool against good progress for the American people. All of this political drama going on now is directly and indirectly educating the people that need it. So many lies, demagoguery and inaccuracies being used as a political weapon and strategy that it has and is taking much of the people a time to see the real truth and sort it out and the far-left little by little are falling back in increments of credibility loss. God bless and vitalize the truth!
Jamai Bartlett
Jamai Bartlett 8 kun oldin
She’s a liar, fits right in with the crooked first family.
Southern Man
Southern Man 8 kun oldin
Chuck and Nancy served their time ! It’s time to retire to your home with a wall around it!
fwfrazorx 8 kun oldin
We can fix the border with one simple move. Make the entire length of the southern border a military test zone with artillery testing, war games, tank battles, aircraft test strips for every new bomb, all new weapons and massive training for every deadly weapon within the US arsenal. Anyone that makes it through is welcome to stay. Give it your best shot.
Windsong1a 8 kun oldin
Obama declared Health Care a national emergency and force it upon the whole country.Trump's turn to do the same but for a REAL CRISIS!
Jame Brooke
Jame Brooke 8 kun oldin
The party of lies and walls around their own homes for THEIR personal safety. No wall for the regular Americans .
bob green
bob green 8 kun oldin
Let's just Not allow any foreigners from anywhere to enter our sanctuary!
bob green
bob green 8 kun oldin
No, it's a child who is spoiled and will take his toys home because he can't get his little friends to play the game he wants to play !
Rosa Jackson
Rosa Jackson 8 kun oldin
Sarah stop lying
OG Liberal
OG Liberal 8 kun oldin
Rosa Jackson Democrats + Sanctuary Cities = Human Trafficking
English Please
English Please 8 kun oldin
“ can we get serious now “ - Sully, Tom Hanks, 2016
Jose Lico Matozo
Jose Lico Matozo 8 kun oldin
Joselico gracias Dois 🙏🇺🇸🦅⭐️🔥🛠⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🌎Josematozo 415@gmailcom 🇺🇸🛠🌎🦅👑👍🏻
Sandra Leiviska
Sandra Leiviska 8 kun oldin
12....that's TWELVE illegal immigrants have come across the southern boarder....NOT 4,000 rapists, murders , and drug dealers, like lying Trump would like us to believe! Chief Liar, Sarah Sanders got caught telling her daily untruths! What a disgrace she is to being a mother! A interview with an official from Canada has more illegal immigrants coming into the United States than from the southern border. The real problem is that Trump supporters are too afraid to fact check. Trump is a menace to our country, to our democracy! Trump bragged that he spoke to the past 5 presidents and that most of them agreed that there should be a WALL! Well, they were all asked about it, and they all said, NO, they hadn't talked to Trump about it, and that it was a lousy idea! WHEN ARE HIS SUPPORTERS GOING TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COVEFE? LOL.
OG Liberal
OG Liberal 8 kun oldin
Sandra Leiviska Democrats + Sanctuary Cities = Human Trafficking
nancy endicott
nancy endicott 8 kun oldin
sanders would be perfect for speaker of the house, shes great !!!!
nancy endicott
nancy endicott 8 kun oldin
can we impeach nancy pelosi? is that possible?
Cyber Troll
Cyber Troll 8 kun oldin
Vote for me for 2020 president. I'm ain't gonna make America great or better but the best again. Vote for deez nuts. 2020
cratedog64 8 kun oldin
Democrats only job is to go against Trump on anything and everything. They have no care who it hurts as long as they get their way. Remember when the ACA was being approved? Democrats were filed in to a back room, one by one, and bribed to vote yes for ACA, and the funny thing is CNN was airing it LIVE!! Pelosi and Schumer are holding government employee checks, not Trump.
E BO 8 kun oldin
Hollywood for ugly people on full display.
Gloria Cook
Gloria Cook 8 kun oldin
Tens of thousands of Americans are brutally killed on the streets of America by fellow Americans. What is the moron doing about that . S F A and he is doing a great job at doing nothing . Will he be shipping them out of the country ? Did the goose notice the crowds of federal workers protesting outside the WH who weren’t any of his friends. No ! Because he was swanning down on the border with those idiots who telling their lies while he stood there shaking his MT head . JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺
Queens Z
Queens Z 8 kun oldin
No wall, no Democratic survive !
Carolyn Pinkerton
Carolyn Pinkerton 8 kun oldin
Both parties are For border security in spades, show me a clip where the dems say we don't want border security. The only difference is the wall.
jbgrooves 8 kun oldin
Being a preachers daughter Aka Huckster Sanders is fantastically accustomed to and experienced at telling creative tails of distorted, duplicitous alternative truths, and when feeling lazy out and out lies. From the looks of her backside she feels lazy a lot.
bob jema
bob jema 8 kun oldin
Chuck Nacy listen I know it’s hard I know you can do it I’ll hold the BroomStick and you both jump the sound will be oh Ahh and you both love it
GVSolo 8 kun oldin
Crying Schumer and senile Pelosi are living proof that members of Congress should periodically have random drug testing. Especially before giving a press conference on national TV. At least a policeman should have been there to perform the DWI test on those two zombies.
Alex Ate Someone
Alex Ate Someone 8 kun oldin
Lies! People, FELLOW AMERICANS, do you research on what’s going on! Don’t watch bias networks such as NBC, CNN or FOX! Learn the facts, and then figure out your own outlook on this situation!
Susan Fuego
Susan Fuego 8 kun oldin
Take Nancy’s security and gated community security from her and chuck, they don’t care about us, we the masses that pay her bills we pay them , with our tax dollars, they have security so no one can’t get into there houses there houses are better secured then the most power country in the world, she acts like that’s her money , the people want the wall , how is it there getting away with it , we need to manage our own money what are we a bunch of kids that can’t manage there own money so we need mom and pop to manage it, they need to be gotten rid of nowwwwwwww, they only won the votes because they did voter fraud , what are we the people gonna do about these evil satanic democrats? I say civil war time change all the laws that don’t work for we the people.
Artemio Gonzalez
Artemio Gonzalez 8 kun oldin
Why is Fox News kiss trump ass 😂🤬
Gary Landry
Gary Landry 8 kun oldin
Parisa M
Parisa M 8 kun oldin
Democrats are the reason for the government shut down, plain and simple.
Parisa M
Parisa M 8 kun oldin
American people stand with the president 100 % all the way. ..BUILD THE WALL, it's just common sense.
Afternoon Dreamer
Afternoon Dreamer 8 kun oldin
Sanders is pathetic. Lying for the president all the time.
Gino 8 kun oldin
These 2 make a good couple chuck loves Nancy both braindead worthless granny pelosi should be in a nursing home honestly chuck should be hanged
David Esh
David Esh 8 kun oldin
One thing I know for sure the democrats have lost their minds.
j.w Smith
j.w Smith 8 kun oldin
SM Kuz
SM Kuz 8 kun oldin
The only thing manufactured here is the attack on AMERICA by these people and those enabling them!
SM Kuz
SM Kuz 8 kun oldin
It's not just about stopping terrorism! THIS IS AMERICA, NOT MEXICO!!!! 1000 people LEGALLY coming into AMERICA in a month is immigration!! 100,000 ILLEGALLY IS AN INVASION!!!