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Sarah Kustok on Magic getting too much credit for signing LeBron | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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Sarah Kustok joins Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First to discuss Magic Johnson signing LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers. Sarah reveals why Magic deserves the credit for landing King James. Do you agree with Sarah?
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About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Sarah Kustok on Magic getting too much credit for signing LeBron | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright




13-Iyl, 2018

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First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
Is Magic Johnson getting too much credit for signing LeBron?
Kendrick Hudson
Kendrick Hudson 5 oy oldin
If Jim Buss was still president of basketball operations I guarantee you LeBron would not have signed with the Lakers. Magic gets all the credit!! If LeBron wanted to continue with dysfunctional management then he would've stayed in Cleveland. 🤔
Edward Yamada
Edward Yamada 6 oy oldin
Way too much.
varlow black
varlow black 6 oy oldin
jaroncreed No
arabion knights
arabion knights 6 oy oldin
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright Labron James decided to continue and perhaps end his playing days with the Lakers. then decided California is the best place for his brand. Magic made very little impact. just being in the right place at the right time. No difference from Steve Kerr..
Prometheus All
Prometheus All 6 oy oldin
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright . . No!!
Phike 4 oy oldin
I honestly think LeBron would of gone to Lakers even if Magic wasn't there.... Magic is just the icing on the cake
Trey Deep
Trey Deep 5 oy oldin
Oh Yes I also wanna add Sarah... Makes this World a better place.!! Gorgeous!!
Trey Deep
Trey Deep 5 oy oldin
I think all comments from the panel about this topic were definitely on point and well made.Good job by CC Sarah K and Nick
Darren B.
Darren B. 5 oy oldin
MCES LEX 5 oy oldin
Dang she's hot.
iBrickTooMuch- 6 oy oldin
ben chan
ben chan 6 oy oldin
Look at Sarah's eyes
Repeal the 19th MGTOW
"Magic Johnson is Magic Johnson" - that statement doesn't mean anything. Magic got the deal done bringing in the best player, so that was enough. LeBron could have gone to the Clippers if he felt the Lakers weren't in good hands. Clippers have Jerry West and Doc - so Magic clearly had to close the deal and not fk it up.
Branzilla 17
Branzilla 17 6 oy oldin
Wtf she doing @1:08
Dorian Avila
Dorian Avila 6 oy oldin
Clippers & Lakers aren't rivals please?!
Ralph Thompson
Ralph Thompson 6 oy oldin
Ahh, Jordan is a billionaire majority owner of an NBA team, Magic is an executive. I think LeBron wants to be like Mike.
You Suck
You Suck 6 oy oldin
Nick Wright should be making Whoppers instead of talking sports
j perry
j perry 6 oy oldin
Daniel Terry
Daniel Terry 6 oy oldin
That lady hair is flawless LOL
ChiefTv 6 oy oldin
You'd never say that about any of the other executives....shaq wasnt a hard free agent signing either jerry
Mitch Wassam
Mitch Wassam 6 oy oldin
Bron said on multiple occasions he wanted to be iverson not magic
Thomas Carroll
Thomas Carroll 6 oy oldin
Sorry those only go left or right, old NBA players couldn't play past the seventies.
Chalupa Batman
Chalupa Batman 6 oy oldin
seattle wants a team again, personally i think clippers should make the move to seattle
Chalupa Batman
Chalupa Batman 6 oy oldin
clippers and lakers have a rivalry? lol yeah okay
Imperious Rex
Imperious Rex 6 oy oldin
The fact that Magic was there in the role. A great basketball mind choose a great basketball mind.
Daniel 6 oy oldin
Nick Wright has such a face you want to slap him
Patrick Lee
Patrick Lee 6 oy oldin
My opinion on Kawhi; The Lakers need to give SA whatever they want for Kawhi. Two superstars on one team is a no-brainer, they can fill in the holes, before the regular season
C Sanders
C Sanders 6 oy oldin
Sarah is so pretty. I can also say that FINALLY Nick Wright is speaking facts. He's been Nick Wrong for awhile now.
SHOT BY NOLAN 6 oy oldin
Let’s be real every talking head would be questioning Magic position if he didn’t.
Brandon Moreland
Brandon Moreland 6 oy oldin
Why is this even a story
Dicerolledan8 6 oy oldin
Magic deserves the credit. Would lebron go to LA if no known people were running the show? Nope. The fact magic is magic deserves all the credit.
Krypt 6 oy oldin
That's a lie why does he wear number 23 then why hasn't he been wearing 32 Nick wrong once again
Apollo Ape
Apollo Ape 6 oy oldin
She got a man voice 🍆
Chris Sparks
Chris Sparks 6 oy oldin
"he's getting too much credit." Said that like it's his fault lol. But y'all MF's are the ones giving him the credit, and then you're like: "I think hes getting too much credit." Like seriously, wtf?!?! This is what's wrongs with the media nowadays :(
Joseph Kool
Joseph Kool 6 oy oldin
Sarah a queen
• Devin •
• Devin • 6 oy oldin
Why does this matter?
Keiton Vardy
Keiton Vardy 6 oy oldin
Anyone else notice cc shook his head and said don't?
A Thomas
A Thomas 6 oy oldin
You gotta remember what situation the Lakers were in when Rob and Magic took over. No cap space, one of the worst teams in the NBA. Bad contracts. They fixed all that and got great young guys and a bunch of cap space. That shows competence that instills confidence in any big name free agent. Shows those guys can literally work magic (pun intended) and turn around a franchise in little over a year and a half. Amazing work imo.
Shawn VanOmmen
Shawn VanOmmen 6 oy oldin
I give him all the credit he deserves In Magic we trust Lets make NBA greatt again
Final Luminary
Final Luminary 6 oy oldin
Jerry West is a hater. He gets too much credit for getting Shaq to the Lakers. Everyone already knew Shaq wanted to make music albums and movies, so that was not a tough signing either. Jerry gets too much credit. He was so pathetic in the finals, they gave him a FMVP since he lost so much they felt he should win something. What a pathetic imbecile.
Plain Simple
Plain Simple 6 oy oldin
Anything Magic Johnson does well for the Lakers will be discredited by everybody in the NBA offices around the league... especially if Magic is successful. Well let's look at Rondo, Lance Stephenson, and JaVelle McGee and the other 'non-LeBron' signings... so let's look at the supporting cast and the moves he makes prior to the season starting and then after the trade deadline. So when it comes to Magic Johnson as the GM, let's look at the other players on the roster. I guarantee you this, if Magic Johnson wasn't there, no way LeBron would have signed with the Lakers at all.
bEASToUTtHEbOX 6 oy oldin
Jerry West sounds salty AF. No way Lebron signs with Los Angeles if Magic is not there. IDGAF what nobody says. Yes Jerry West is exceptional as a GM, but this is just hate...
Baez Family
Baez Family 6 oy oldin
That dlo trade to the nets is what gave us bron to be honest so it was magic move
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 6 oy oldin
Magic Johnson is the one WORKING DAY & NIGHT to trade for Kawhi Leonard.😀😀😀 He never gave up, just not talking about it every day.
Stewart Robinson
Stewart Robinson 6 oy oldin
James c the young talent.
jeffchapel79 6 oy oldin
Only things Lebron
Aqh2007 6 oy oldin
If magic wasn’t there Lebron was not going there.
Christopher Usewicz
Lebron got tired of going to the finals every year so he goes to the Lakers for a shorter postseason
George's Opinion
George's Opinion 6 oy oldin
Ain’t no rivalry bih!
Alex Roeder
Alex Roeder 6 oy oldin
Nick hated Lebron in Miami lol
Prometheus All
Prometheus All 6 oy oldin
Sarah K. . gOrgeous🏀🏀🏀
littlesame 6 oy oldin
What Magic and Polinka did in the last 16+ months deserve credit, which took effect in this free agent plan.
Pier 12 Films / CA Recording Co.
who's sick she duck to get on TV?
Omowàle Zaquir
Omowàle Zaquir 6 oy oldin
Clippers should move the Seattle and become the Supersonics...