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"The View" co-hosts discuss whether it's a new normal to shame public officials.



25-Iyn, 2018

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Laughter Talks
Laughter Talks 3 kun oldin
I would not want to have dinner with the big blonde girl. All she does is defend trump. Being with people like her who stand with racism, a man who disrespects women. Anyone that defends a man who says it's okay to grab women by the pussy A person who lies and has the IQ of a pencil. I could not even be in the same room with a person like that. It actually makes my soul ache to know there are so many Godless people in the world. And if you defend someone like trump or his peers, I do not want to talk to you or look at you. You can have your opinion, and I do not hate people, but I will not stand with all that is wrong in this world. It is time to take a stand. Period. So If it were my restaurant I would not serve her.
Laughter Talks
Laughter Talks 3 kun oldin
Well, all restaurants reserve the right not to serve people they choose not to.
Teaching heart
Teaching heart 3 kun oldin
It's a disgrace to have representatives of our government like maxine waters encouraging people to act beligerent and hostile to other citizens.
Teaching heart
Teaching heart 3 kun oldin
Sunny is ignorant
Teaching heart
Teaching heart 3 kun oldin
Not being able to eat at a restaurant because your affiliation or job is the same thing when people were not allowed based on skin color it's discrimination period. Unless Ms. sanders was being biligerant and rude or something like that for no reason. Which I know she wasn't. Why can't Sunny understand that?
Ms Mccoy
Ms Mccoy 7 kun oldin
Oh yeah Hens .. You have helped to propagate this and now you say it is not nice? And the black women in the red WTF?? is she talking about this is not discrimination? Guess it only is if it effects black people, If Sarah was black the screaming "RACIST" would be amazing. She was asked to leave and not denied service. FO This is why I can't stomach the view only here as Sarah is amazing woman that I look up to. FO Cackling hens you don't like it becuase it is done to you? All about you if you had empathy or respect that comment would not need to be made
Alvaro Velazquez
Alvaro Velazquez 7 kun oldin
Sonny is such an idiot! Political figures never lie now it's just Sarah Sanders. Oh yeah Sonny talking about consequences many Democratic leaders like Clintons did much to evade the consequences of corruptive leadership! So bias and stupid remarks. Sonny you are very wrong!
TheBrass18 8 kun oldin
Sonny thinks because she is black, she can't be a racist. She is got to be one of the most open racists on TV.
Khachik Harutyunyan
Khachik Harutyunyan 11 kun oldin
Oh no...it is disgusting what you are saying (the one who is latino). The person was clearly discriminated and you say that is ok? What if someone from Trump's supporters would refuse to give you medical help and discriminate (in a private hospital)? Think before talking
Andy Rodriguez
Andy Rodriguez 11 kun oldin
Sunny is such a hypocrite so she condones Sanders getting refused service at the retaurant. And Sunny is suppose to be a former prosecutor SMH
Leonard MacAulay
Leonard MacAulay 13 kun oldin
Whoopie has some nerve saying “put it in the window” but not one word against the actions of the unhinged Waters.
Ginny Bagwell
Ginny Bagwell 14 kun oldin
I listen to nothing Whoopi opens her biased mouth on ever again.
Whitney Oliver
Whitney Oliver 14 kun oldin
You are foolish women especially Whoopi
Jerry wtf
Jerry wtf 15 kun oldin
They chased her family across the street
Debbie Parrish
Debbie Parrish 19 kun oldin
The world that you "ladies" are creating will one day will be your down fall.
Mel Gonzalez
Mel Gonzalez 20 kun oldin
I encourage the GOP group to eat out every night. After all, Mexicans better known as rapist to them....are cooking and touching all the food. Idiots.
Mich Ellio
Mich Ellio 23 kun oldin
If you are really fucking stupid you can be a guest. Whoopi eat's possum. You can tell mouth won't close ear's are not open. PUKE #1.
Tonyrayray 25 kun oldin
Sunny Hostin The only person of color of course says the most ignorant contradicting reasoning. Also compares this to being separated from your kids? Dafuq No discrimination? she was discriminated for working for the president . She was not refused service? she was asked to leave. Dafuq ? I bet if sarah was black. Sunny Hostin whole take on this situation would be the opposite.
Michael Tarren Scott
Sunny is a disgrace. Can’t be honest for a second. Just a Trump hating disgrace.
jpcoll2011 27 kun oldin
You fu@##ing hypocrites. For two years you have been spewing excrement and now you don't feel it's right to refuse services to republicans. Looking forward to you all being cancelled.
Momma_D my friends
Momma_D my friends 28 kun oldin
Whoopi thinks her opinion is the only and most important one. She make me ill! Maxine, no wonder people are pissy around you. Leave America! 🇺🇸
polite critique
polite critique 28 kun oldin
Why don't restaurant call police to arrest sanders like black ppl are arrested like at papa joes. Starbucks ect. Next school shooter forget school and go after Megan instead you'll be a hero to americans
polite critique
polite critique 28 kun oldin
Nobody will give a job to traitors like sanders who work for terrorist trump. When he is kicked out there jobs go to. And no one will hire these scumbags who worked for a traitor.
erasmus4pt 28 kun oldin
You wouldn’t say that if you went to a restaurant in, let’s say, Arizona and they simply asked you to leave for your ideologies. Your comment’s appalling.
Blanca Reyna
Blanca Reyna 28 kun oldin
Love 💕 you Sarah Sanders
destroyer806 29 kun oldin
No matter WHAT POLITICAL VIEW, if I had a restaurant, I would serve everyone with RESPECT!
Sky Quee
Sky Quee Oy oldin
Joy behar you do it...YOU COME TO ME AND TELL ME SO.MUCH!!! you are full.of hate and bias....its disgusting!
gdprsn Oy oldin
Your criticising the very policy your party is actually endorsing. Harass any one that don't share your political values.
Cheyenne Mockobee
I don’t think that anyone should be refused service unless they are personally causing a problem.
Tyler Martinz
Tyler Martinz Oy oldin
Says the white girl🤣
Sanzu River
Sanzu River Oy oldin
I don't think it's right for businesses to refuse service because of race, creed, or ideology. However, if the officials in the Trump administration wants to be not bothered on their off time, then they should have chosen a different job. You chose to work for Trump, and you chose to defend him when he say or do the indefensible which makes people's lives miserable 24/7, and you want some off time as if we are suppose to take it as a TV drama? You are not actors, even though your job may involve a lot of acting you are working with the person holding the highest office of the land and your words and actions affect everyone in the country. You want off time? I am sorry, that sounds like socialism to me, now get back to work.
Eric Rock
Eric Rock Oy oldin
Wow! Sunny Hosten is stupid. On top of that. She looks like she's trying to be a white girl.
Todd  P
Todd P Oy oldin
Sunny is full of BS , if she got asked to leave she would pull the Race card
Ryan Tobin
Ryan Tobin Oy oldin
Sunny I obviously LOST !
Whining about a tiny bit of discrimination eh? 😆 mind you, we don't choose our "shitholes". She chose hers lol. They started a fight and don't want to be hit back.
Proud Veteran
Proud Veteran Oy oldin
a group of over the hill racist pigs, half breed muslims, all of you go die America hates you
Sandyat Thebeach
God help you 3 if our POTUS does not get re-elected. Whoopi people like me just hate you. You are racist and so is Joy and you ever that gal sitting on the other side of Joy. You Liberals will wish you had kept your big mouths shut.
Sandyat Thebeach
Maxine Walters has caused this!!!!
cardinia1 Oy oldin
philip marsland
Bwhen are these dumb women going to understand that Obama’s laws are there not trumps if you brake the law you go to jail and not with your children in n.y or on the border
Brendan Day
Brendan Day Oy oldin
Chikfila will tell liberals to leave
Robert Bender
Robert Bender Oy oldin
Who put the former comedy actress in charge of this conversation?
john williams
john williams Oy oldin
That women in red, must seek job with Julius Malema's EFF in South Africa!!!
carole lerman
carole lerman Oy oldin
What are you talking about Bayer you do it every day... hypocrite!
Jack Black
Jack Black Oy oldin
Is this show f****** cancelled yet
Louise Oy oldin
I do not agree with the principle of this behaviour at all. I love Sunny, but I can’t agree with her here. Voltaire and Socrates would be rolling in their graves if they were to not only hear about this behaviour but to also find out there are media pundits and politicians who actively encourage this type of behaviour. In a democratic society, people should be able to maintain the right to safely and freely express their own own political opinions and political alliances. If you disagree with someone then you can always engage them in a discussion. You achieve nothing when you refuse to even acknowledge that person and effectively blacklist them from your establishment simply because you disagree with their political representation. It encourages further division and segregates people politically. Sara is right, no matter where you are from, you should have the freedom to safely express your political position without fear that you are going to be socially castrated (excuse the vulgar expression). As for Sunny’s argument, ‘there are consequences’, well take those consequences to the voting booth. This sort of behaviour is not the symptom of a socially developed and sophisticated society, your love and respect for your fellow man should always trump (excuse the pun) your political position. Open discussion is what moves a society forward, segregation has never achieved anything and is what keeps people divided and from coming back together.
David Priscak
David Priscak Oy oldin
Whoever the lady in the red dress is a fucking hypocrite
David c Petts
David c Petts Oy oldin
oh DEAR mr whoopi jewberg your looking more like an old male pensioner every day ,,,,
S Girona
S Girona Oy oldin
The not welcome sign moves us back to the 50'sand way father. All we need is respect. Don't agree with me but respect me.
Bill Joe
Bill Joe Oy oldin
Y r Whoopi n joy not in prison for pretending not to b men.....afraid of the pat down or single cavity search????.....I really dontwanna
bklion3 Oy oldin
SoOo when it's u ppl being "discriminated" against it's "WRONG", but isn't that EXACTLY the BS U'VE ESTABLISHED & BUILT THIS KORRUPT COUNTRY & SOCIETY ON?!!
Robert Spencer
WoW what stupidity being gay is a choice...period
Ron Braun
Ron Braun Oy oldin
id kick her out of bed, but not a diner!! I may leave if she walks in, but she has every right to be there.. play nice people someone may not like your mom..
Midnight Oy oldin
Hey, what chance do people have if you discriminate against them because of their boss. You need to be nicer to them, poor things LOL
smack daddy
smack daddy Oy oldin
Wow Sunny really annoyed me on this one.
Tommy Hamilton
this show is a disgrace to our society it needs to be taken off
Larry Tipton
Larry Tipton Oy oldin
Not taking sides here, but if a restaurant asks you to leave,leave or they could mess with your food! you could be eating things not on the menu if you catch my drift.
Jason Webster
Jason Webster Oy oldin
Tell all of it.... she was asked to leave and then followed across the street, by a mob, to another restaurant and yelled at from the sidewalk while her and family ate dinner. These fucking liberal shows only tell you what they want you to know.
Stacy Cote
Stacy Cote Oy oldin
if people attacked you its because you deserve it...and alll of you assholes attack people that support President Trump. All of you suck
My New Obsession With
Assuming you hate Trump because he's "bad" in your view while also being supportive of such behavior towards anyone. You might want to check your own morals before you start pointing fingers. You guys are fucked up.
Jacob Glenman
Jacob Glenman 2 oy oldin
ABC PLEASE FIRE that RACIST SOB sunny , shes a disgrace to our country, it’s time for sunny to go Plzzzz abc terminate RACIST sunnys contract 🙏 sunny = evil racist sunny = always playing the race card 🤦🏻‍♂️
Viking72 2 oy oldin
You hens are the biggest bunch of libtards I've ever had the misfortune of seeing. Everything you say is ignorant. I judge you UNWORTHY based on the content of your character.
Lionel Keijzer
Lionel Keijzer 2 oy oldin
There is a huge diffrence with having diffrent political views.... for wich of course lady McCain is right I'd defend anyone too. However if someone would come into my restaurant who is racist, xenophobic, homophobic etc. We must take a stand. Like you know we need to fight for minorities. Like for example I wouldn't kick anyone out of my restaurant who has a diffrent opinion on healthcare. But If this person calls nazi's okay people .. or defends someone who does .. that's a totally diffrent story :)
atheistsrnumber1 2 oy oldin
So open minded of you
Douglas 2 oy oldin
I do not like her but it was wrong and stupid. that the kind of stuff that starts civil unrest
victor flores
victor flores 2 oy oldin
The irony of it all is that trump demeanor females as something no more than sex objects and yet most Caucasians females voted for him...sleepery slopes to him means=vigina
D Mac's Car Review
How u think blacks use to feel when it was no Colored allowed stores. Blacks was kicked out for being black... Or, not even let in.....
Lamont Hyatt
Lamont Hyatt 2 oy oldin
I wish I was a Republican but I’m too lazy
Kellen Harris
Kellen Harris 2 oy oldin
Really don’t agree with Sunny on this. Sara Huckabee Sanders has the exact same right to eat at a restaurant as me or anyone.
lowcarbBrenda Dover
Sonny is a complete fool
Antione Berry
Antione Berry 2 oy oldin
throwing a woman out of a restaurant is uncivilized and outrageous!
Bertha Cordero
Bertha Cordero 2 oy oldin
For once I hear whoopi talk with some sense.
steven cook
steven cook 2 oy oldin
I hope Sunny feels responsible for what is happening now
R_Home8619 2 oy oldin
Sunny you’re usually so rational and balanced. But times like these , you’re just not. Why?
Jimmy Day
Jimmy Day 2 oy oldin
What a stupid show. Whine and complain.
Tiffany Chisholm
Tiffany Chisholm 2 oy oldin
I like Whoopi but she is so rude ... she always acts like her opinion is so much more important than everyone else’s is ... she seems to struggle on a platform where she has to allow others to have an opinion that in my options makes the shows difficult and cringe worthy to watch
m cooper
m cooper 2 oy oldin
Woopi is an idiot. Like if you agree
Mike Maxey
Mike Maxey 2 oy oldin
She wasn’t refused service but she was asked to leave. Only a fucking liberal...
Natalie Panaro Stack
Oh my god they are against racism but sunny is ok with discriminating against people bc of their political views
Alejandra Grumbles
When Trump came to San Antonio, Texas the people were not only denied the access to the event but also any kind of information related to it.
celeste ahouma
celeste ahouma 2 oy oldin
those restaurant owners are STUPID. they should've POOP in her food first, let her eat and THEN throw her out
atheistsrnumber1 2 oy oldin
How demoncrap of you
Amber  Distance
Amber Distance 2 oy oldin
The problem is, she wasn’t kicked out for “political beliefs” she was kicked out for being hateful and wanting to take away someone’s quality of life.
Amber  Distance
atheistsrnumber1 I’m not sure. On one hand I like to know how someone feels about me and my people, I don’t want their intolerance or hate for me hidden. But on another hand he’s giving a lot of people courage to openly act on their hate and it’s been harmful for so many citizens. And at the end of the day, we all have some form of issue with where our country is right now and it won’t be fixed or changed until everyone realizes that one community’s problem is everyone’s problem and we have to fix all of it together, not apart.
so you just want him to be a typical politician
Amber  Distance
atheistsrnumber1 I get it. You maybe find it refreshing that he is telling the truth with no filter. But, his actions truly hurt people. Furthermore he needs to find a way to include the entirety of America. A lot of people feel like he is only for one side and others feel excluded.
Because his "hate" most of the time is calling it as it is
Amber  Distance
atheistsrnumber1 I’m assuming you mean Obama. But no, she does that with Trump. Why do people get offended when anyone points out Trump’s hate?
Mila_Diaz 2 oy oldin
This the reason I would not want to be famous, because people will attack you for ur opinions or private life. U have no freedom when ur famous.
Yadhira Perez
Yadhira Perez 2 oy oldin
Your name should be darkness not Sunny!
Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes 2 oy oldin
"We reserve the right to refuse service..." Sounds all too familiar in this country.
yh813 2 oy oldin
Honestly, as much as I don't like Sarah Sanders, this is a form of discrimination. BUT it's not as bad as racial, gender, or religion discrimination, but it's still some lesser form of it. If Republicans started kicking Democrats out of restaurants, everyone would call them racist.
Jose Miguel Morales Sostre
Keep this behavior up for next few elections, and we'll have a civil war. Respect the peoples vote.
Geri Alexander
Geri Alexander 2 oy oldin
Umm, Sunny hun - what planet are you living on? Being gay is absolutely a choice! The View hosts are airheads
Nal Deryoga
Nal Deryoga 2 oy oldin
we also have the right to protest public officials just saying
{1765} Join, or Ðie
Funny how the Left say that Christian cake businesses should accept gay people and make cakes to them but accept what happen to Sarah. Fucking hypocrisy.
John Alexander
John Alexander 2 oy oldin
Every time Joy what's her name opens her mouth stupid things come out.
John Alexander
John Alexander 2 oy oldin
Sunny come on are you truly that stupid. What if people followed you around and shouted at you how would you feel. Come on lady you are smarter than you act.
Scott Levasseur
Scott Levasseur 2 oy oldin
You hypocrites start all the fucking hate... the view should be taken off the air discus ting 😡😡
Stargazing Sprite
Refusing to serve someone for political affiliation is no different than refusing to serve someone for race, ethnicity etc. It's discrimination. What would the discourse be if a restaurant owner refused to serve someone for being black? Are we going to be a country that cherry picks who we serve? Should all business owners have the right to decide who they serve? If so, then no one can complain if service is refused for being black, hispanic, conservative, liberal etc." We're continuing to cause divisions in our own country.
Beth Vero
Beth Vero 2 oy oldin
Is Sunny an animal?
K'lea  Brown
K'lea Brown 2 oy oldin
Why they think this is so NEW to them? History people History!!
ronald sugden
ronald sugden 2 oy oldin
first of all my youtube is filled with peoples names i know from old family and friends. if your going to be using them take it somewhere else
P.S. Organizer
P.S. Organizer 2 oy oldin
Sunny is so wrong so often...SMH
vibenvy 7
vibenvy 7 2 oy oldin
I think Sarah handled the situation as professional as possible. No, I do not agree with her political beliefs and that’s fine and besides the point. To be asked to leave because of whom you work for, is completely ridiculous. Just like Whoopi said, if the owner doesn’t like it... then post it in a window. Other wise, enjoy the business, shut up and carry on.
Kwicked3 2 oy oldin
I’m not surprised that sunny agreed with what the restaurant did, she’s an idiot.
A Peasants Point of View
I'm with the lady in red. Her points were right. Would you want to serve Hitler?
Deplorable Basket
shes being hitler- picking and choosing who does what. hitler is wrong comparison though. hitler a muderer and this woman is advocating something her relatives were subject to on a daily basis in this country less than 100 years ago. what next? liberals have to sit in the back of the bus?