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Dog Never Wagged Her Tail Until She Met Her Foster Dad | This rescue dog wouldn’t stop shaking for months - but now she’s wagging her tail for the first time. Special thanks to Rocky Kanaka for sharing this story with us and for fostering Blossom! For more of Blossom, visit: thedo.do/rockykanaka. For more info on adopting Blossom via Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue, visit: thedo.do/adoptblossom.
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22-Avg, 2018

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Zavier Robinson
Zavier Robinson 30 daqiqa oldin
This just tells you no matter what happens you can always be trusted and be welcomed into anyone or anything
Red Rose
Red Rose 31 daqiqa oldin
Won’t it be a bit traumatizing for blossom to be given to another family after she has became comfortable?. Such an amazing video, keep up the amazing work
Stephen Bray
Stephen Bray 35 daqiqa oldin
Rocky you were pumpkin patch in rebbecas video but you are so nice 😉😊😊😊😊😊😂
Corry Van Heteren
Why would you dislike this
Zorayz Shafi
Zorayz Shafi 2 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
WeeItsNookies 3 soat oldin
Honestly is building up trust with that dog only for her to start trusting you and then get pawned off to another family a good thing? Basically the dog gets to trust you and is finally happy being with you. Wouldn't giving her away mess her up all over again?
Lupa Kajsa Lisa
Lupa Kajsa Lisa 4 soat oldin
She will not be happy about leaving you, why can't you keep her?
pâtes carbonara
pâtes carbonara 4 soat oldin
She's like : c-can you get you-your camera out of my-my face please im scared
Annabelle Hayes
Annabelle Hayes 4 soat oldin
I don’t understand how and why people disliked this video....
l art v s li
l art v s li 5 soat oldin
She didn't drink for 6 weeks?
George Hodgen
George Hodgen 6 soat oldin
I've never seen something so sad but happy
Mahala Schaffer
Mahala Schaffer 6 soat oldin
a beautiful dog too
Galaxy._. Star
Galaxy._. Star 7 soat oldin
Blossom is one of the most nicest dogs I’ve seen
Sven Guinée
Sven Guinée 7 soat oldin
Beautifull. Thank you. This made my day.
Milena Andrews
Milena Andrews 7 soat oldin
Aww that dog is so sweet!
dr doodle
dr doodle 8 soat oldin
almost cried... awwww
Real Women Real Stories
Faith in humanity restored.
Jack Mangiapane
Jack Mangiapane 8 soat oldin
I am crying tears of happiness! wow! what kind of person would give this video a thumbs down???
Destroyster Gaming
Destroyster Gaming 9 soat oldin
The other dogs like.. *What just happened?*
Ankur Goyal
Ankur Goyal 11 soat oldin
Made my day
Jemm Rebato
Jemm Rebato 11 soat oldin
I wanna be a foster
Todd Cruzen
Todd Cruzen 12 soat oldin
You are a hero, you are an amazing person.
Carl Anderson
Carl Anderson 12 soat oldin
The water in your eyes are either tears of joy for Blossom and her new loving owner or tears of sorrow for the 2.7 K people who voted thumbs down.
Laila Jibrin
Laila Jibrin 14 soat oldin
The 2.7k likes are all dog abusers
Joey Phounsavath
Joey Phounsavath 14 soat oldin
So awesome and I hope some special family will take her in and give her all the love she never had before! Thank you to all in involved.
Rodney Prak
Rodney Prak 15 soat oldin
It’s sad how once she opens up and starts trusting you, you give her away to another family.
Devin Mera
Devin Mera 16 soat oldin
This is good
The ppl that I disliked u better chance ur minds
Augie Wilcoxon
Augie Wilcoxon 18 soat oldin
Whoever disliked this video has no soul or life
XD Gacha narwhal XD Meh
Can i adopt blossom
Starlight Lps
Starlight Lps 19 soat oldin
I wish and prey Blossom does well!
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 19 soat oldin
WarriorForChrist85 19 soat oldin
Oh man I’m crying 😢 glad to see she is becoming a healthy happy pet
echoguitarist 20 soat oldin
As of right now, over 2,700 people have disliked this video. How? Miserable dirtbags.
J-Breezy 0819
J-Breezy 0819 21 soat oldin
Beautiful Story *Tearing up a little bit*
Sarah Lps
Sarah Lps 21 soat oldin
*Bagel Army*
*Bagel Army* 21 soat oldin
Blossom is such a sweet puppy!!!
yoongs 21 soat oldin
i come back to this video whenever i’m sad this just warms my heart too much
LavenderLushLuxury 21 soat oldin
MORONI LOPEZ 22 soat oldin
Woman are the most beautiful creation that God has ever created I love you.
Joshua and
Joshua and 22 soat oldin
16:17 "never wagged tail."
Katlego Fedile
Katlego Fedile 22 soat oldin
people treat dogs better than humans
unknown gamer 123
unknown gamer 123 23 soat oldin
that was cute af dawg hood style cute men >:V man lemme tell u in the hood my nibba they call me sparkles dont get it twisted nibba >:V nah but fr im black........... so i can say nigga ;-; >>:V
Giovanni Sanseviero
Good work, Dude.
watching1963 Kun oldin
What a lucky dog....too much abuse out there...good dog!!!!
Janet Miller
Janet Miller Kun oldin
One of the initially saddest videos I've ever seen. Thank you snd your friends for rescuing the 150 animals!
Xxgalaxy wolfxX wolfy
I nearly cried
Ally Simpson
Ally Simpson Kun oldin
That’s soo happy to hear
Hunter Flanegin
Hunter Flanegin Kun oldin
Blossom is so cute
GammingGutta Kun oldin
Actually the first vid thats made me cry....damn