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22-May, 2017




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Logan Granger
Logan Granger 16 soat oldin
Just btw, does anyone else notice the clown head under the table next to the couch?
Daring Derpy
Daring Derpy 17 soat oldin
Shane I don’t get nightmares because last week I won 6 stuff hamsters at Belmont park and they are in my bed.
Daring Derpy
Daring Derpy 17 soat oldin
Ok nvm I won 5 but I still don’t think I will get nightmares
Daring Derpy
Daring Derpy 17 soat oldin
I doubt I will get nightmares
Kelsi Mohs
Kelsi Mohs 18 soat oldin
That last picture is literally me whenever I get a chance to talk to my crush
Kayla Slocum
Kayla Slocum 21 soat oldin
Did anyone see the clown face under the table behind shane
SP0NGEB0B GANG 22 soat oldin
DO ANOTHER THIS WAS AMAZING like it’s sad but interesting
Doodle Floof
Doodle Floof 23 soat oldin
does anyone notice the clown mask in the bottom right corner or is it just me?
Gaming with Faith
Why do you always wear the same shirt?? I love you!!
Noob Newbie
Noob Newbie Kun oldin
I am watching this at day.
I had a nightmare of Shane eating all the food in my fridge...
Waluwegi Ack
Waluwegi Ack Kun oldin
Nov 10th anyone?????
Waluwegi Ack
Waluwegi Ack Kun oldin
I'm watching at night save me
Waluwegi Ack
Waluwegi Ack Kun oldin
😊 me tooo!
Waluwegi Ack
Waluwegi Ack Kun oldin
I liked your comment!
Waluwegi Ack
Waluwegi Ack Kun oldin
I'm here too?
Waluwegi Ack
Waluwegi Ack Kun oldin
what about me?
Adriana Soto
Adriana Soto Kun oldin
*sees thumbnail* where tf did he get that picture of me?
please stop
please stop 2 kun oldin
This is Alex the cactus 🌵 Alex is a god One like = one blessing by Alex 🌵
lover 2 kun oldin
that clown face in the corner made my heart drop.
makeupglamby lea
makeupglamby lea 3 kun oldin
1:40 Worst murder you can have is murder your parents.. Like dude.. NOOOO
Caitlyn Randall
Caitlyn Randall 3 kun oldin
6:53 wEr’E aLL iN tHiS tOgEtHeR
Masterof Anything
Masterof Anything 3 kun oldin
I like the clown face at the bottom right
Vanquish12V 4 kun oldin
Sooooo fun fact: I used to live literally on the street next to Tyler Hadley. Not only that, but my Mom actually went over to the house during the party and asked them to turn down the music, TWICE, because I couldn't sleep while trying to recover from a very painful surgery due to the noise being so loud. She literally spoke to Tyler. Afterwards, when nothing settled down, she called the cops and sent them to the house. No. Joke. It was such a bizarre experience.
_cloudy.romxnce _
_cloudy.romxnce _ 4 kun oldin
You should make a theory about shiloh dynasty!!!
Mini Ridiculous inflatable swan-thing
7:21 I noticed it as soon as I looked at it
JD_vïběs _03
JD_vïběs _03 6 kun oldin
umm... fuck no bitch am I the only one who noticed the face in the bottom right corner blink . when Shane was talking abt the guy who murdered his family before a party
JD_vïběs _03
JD_vïběs _03 6 kun oldin
ummm...Shane baby... I think their is a clown in the bottom right corner of ur video. he's trying to get some views shout him out
Tyla Whittaker
Tyla Whittaker 6 kun oldin
These videos leave me SHOOK !!!👌
Grecia Paris Alanis
5:55 My mom when she saw me after popping out :v
Kaylee Evans
Kaylee Evans 6 kun oldin
Fuck a 6:54
Galaxy Prime
Galaxy Prime 7 kun oldin
Around nine minutes in or so, the mention that it was in Australia, or that they were Australians, just makes me feel disappointed in myself for being a proud Australian... should I be concerned?
Blackpaw AJ
Blackpaw AJ 7 kun oldin
did anyone see the face in the bottom right corner? i just saw it idk if it's been there forever but i just saw xD
JD_vïběs _03
JD_vïběs _03 6 kun oldin
holy shit it was blinking
Gabewolf Lopez
Gabewolf Lopez 7 kun oldin
Some one made you on wwe 2k19
Vesnah Benzing
Vesnah Benzing 7 kun oldin
July 16th is my birthday........
STRXNGER DALE 7 kun oldin
Look at the bottom right of the video. Wtf is that 😂
I'm not uploading anymore
shaneeeee your scaring me there is a clown face in the bottom right
Lezlee Cray
Lezlee Cray 8 kun oldin
7:21 look at the person on the ground that gave me chills
dead potato
dead potato 8 kun oldin
the scariest picture I’ve seen is a picture of myself.
Sleepy Queeu
Sleepy Queeu 8 kun oldin
i can still see freddy jackson's ghost when it's zoomed out.
Kimberly Sohrenssen
Did anyone else notice the clown mask in the right corner?
Aden Patterson
Aden Patterson 8 kun oldin
Me: *gets candy*
Aislyn Robins
Aislyn Robins 9 kun oldin
Anyone else see that creepy clown in the bottom right corner??
emoji tube
emoji tube 9 kun oldin
Wen i saw the scuba pic the 1st time round i swear here was a corpse in the back *Edit: it was*
Purple_Bear 9 kun oldin
the clown face in the bottom corner scared me lol
Iliana Is Trash
Iliana Is Trash 9 kun oldin
Sleep? Who’s she?
TaekookIsHeree 9 kun oldin
Omg dude that's so fucking weird. Tyler threw a party on my 6th birthday. My birthday is July 16th
Random Random
Random Random 10 kun oldin
I love my parents so much, how could somone do somthing like that?!
Mali Jackson
Mali Jackson 10 kun oldin
Omfg, Me XD
Kaitlynn Thompson
Kaitlynn Thompson 10 kun oldin
9:22 when he said subway I thought he meant restaurant 😂
Pip Boeheem
Pip Boeheem 10 kun oldin
What kind of sadistic photographer waits to get a good shot WHILE SOMEONE IS KILLING THEMSELVES?!?!
KAE SAKURA 11 kun oldin
Shane do you wear the same shirt in every spoopy video
I T 11 kun oldin
I always find myself watching the creepiest shit at night
Jessica Titchiner
Jessica Titchiner 11 kun oldin
This is lizzy 🐖 every like means one lizzy added and one comment means one person blessed we need lots of pigs like lizzy 🐖🐖🐖
Jessica Titchiner
Jessica Titchiner 11 kun oldin
No one will like or comment lol
Cammdc 1
Cammdc 1 11 kun oldin
I've been online since 1994-95.. let me say that there was A LOT more uncensored content up until around 2006-08... And unfortunately a ton of really bad shit was mislabeled, probably on purpose.. Like actually scary stuff. Ever seen the "Britney Spears naked" video?.. Yeah well, it ain't Britney bitch.. It's video of a dude getting murdered with a rambo knife through his throat during the war in Chechnya... And then there were all the damn beheading videos in the early 2000's.. Fuck, you want a reason to join the military, pick up a rifle and smoke jihadi's, just watch some of their work... Thank God the CIA, NSA and FBI aren't politically correct.. Otherwise we'd be having this shit happen everyday on US soil.. good luck with all that "we are the world" shit..
Yadira's World
Yadira's World 11 kun oldin
I love how in shanes videos he laughs with his friends then get all scary and creepy
Meg Quinby
Meg Quinby 12 kun oldin
I’m watching this on Halloween because my parents won’t let me watch horror movies but I’m to chicken to watch the scariest videos on UZvid
Bloom Flower
Bloom Flower 12 kun oldin
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F**ing thug life
F**ing thug life 12 kun oldin
🎃 This is dhead 👘 🔞. He likes p**n 1 like = 1 string of clothing
Cringe Lizzie
Cringe Lizzie 12 kun oldin
I had a nightmare where there was like a train track and I was going to get hot but I woke up
Selena Matney
Selena Matney 13 kun oldin
Shane I just wanna say thank you! I was scare watch themselves and watching you videos of these ease less scary.
Eli Rose
Eli Rose 13 kun oldin
Why wasn't my prom picture in this video?
can I get 1000 subscribers without any videos?
Yeah I should definitely watch this before I go to sleep such a good idea 👌
MotherOfTheDragon SamGold
Ronaldo is from Philippines 😢
Jack Williamson
Jack Williamson 14 kun oldin
Don’t worry it’s okay I have a chocolate bar that will make you brave!!!!!!!!!! 🍫
Yuliet Cubero
Yuliet Cubero 15 kun oldin
I just saw a like head of a clown under of the table
Demon MH
Demon MH 15 kun oldin
in the last one i saw another face but im just gonna keep that to myself
Totoroxx 10 kun oldin
Demon MH I but you didn’t keep it to yourself..?
You Like Jazz Deku
You Like Jazz Deku 15 kun oldin
Second time watching this and I finally notice the clown face under the table lmao
Jewel Victoria
Jewel Victoria 15 kun oldin
I think Gabe killed his wife too I’ve been saying that since the story first came out !
Lps Starlight
Lps Starlight 15 kun oldin
I’m in the comment section for confort
Sky Lin ナオミ
Sky Lin ナオミ 15 kun oldin
oof i just got the chills...
XxSteffyXx BTSmylife
Where's me?
Viola Bojdani
Viola Bojdani 16 kun oldin
Did anyone saw the clown under the table
The life as Grace
The life as Grace 16 kun oldin
At 10:55 there’s a clown right hand bottom corner it gives me chills
Raven Vaughan
Raven Vaughan 16 kun oldin
Scary af
TeA TiMe
TeA TiMe 16 kun oldin
*Scariest pictures ever taken* Me: Shane are you talking about my selfies?
Lillian Bowman - Lady
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇫🇷🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😸😺😺😺😺😺😺😺 find the different things
Lillian Bowman - Lady
Raquel Romero
Raquel Romero 16 kun oldin
There looks like a clowns face in the bottom right hand corner Anybody else see it?
Batem Pertin
Batem Pertin 16 kun oldin
I watched the whole ad y not it was travis scott sicko mode
4our 20wenty
4our 20wenty 17 kun oldin
himakshi devi
himakshi devi 17 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice the 3rd person in the underwater photo??
Paola Rodriguez
Paola Rodriguez 17 kun oldin
Omg I could see a clown on the bottom right
Rebecca Bartolo
Rebecca Bartolo 18 kun oldin
I'm so flipping scared and I'm only a few seconds in 😥😥😥
Brandy Mae
Brandy Mae 18 kun oldin
Should do more scary pics!!! I'm officially freaked out!!!
Mila Sakinis
Mila Sakinis 18 kun oldin
7:39 i looked at the bottom right corner and literally crapped my pants😂
Wazzy Wizard
Wazzy Wizard 18 kun oldin
Ayup and welcome to callums corner
Eat Nuggets Seventee 4
In shanes bottom right corner theres a clown
Eliffson Balla
Eliffson Balla 19 kun oldin
The train pic are so sad.
Jacie Rodriguez
Jacie Rodriguez 19 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the clown under Shane’s lamp table with the dear on it
Ramune Sodaroo
Ramune Sodaroo 20 kun oldin
8:30 - This is why I don't fuck with the ocean
Gabby Productions _
Gabby Productions _ 20 kun oldin
Maybe by, “I waited for her to pass the 2nd or 3rd story, the shot (Like a Gun!) maybe he planned killing and he killed her
alexis kobilka
alexis kobilka 20 kun oldin
umm shane under the table there is a clown
Sergi Vidal
Sergi Vidal 21 kun oldin
She's Beautiful 😍
Kiara Pinto
Kiara Pinto 21 kun oldin
I'm supposed to be doing homework.... huh
lia baly
lia baly 21 kun oldin
Who else saw the clown in the bottom right corner😱
dragon studio
dragon studio 21 kun oldin
My profile pic is the scariest photo every
Gacha_Girl 25
Gacha_Girl 25 21 kun oldin
wasn't scared
Cheyenne Moore
Cheyenne Moore 21 kun oldin
Do you realise that clown underneath your table holding the lamb
Lety Corona
Lety Corona 21 kun oldin
we need more of these videos
xXBanana_Pug10Xx 21 kun oldin
WELCOME! TO BANANA PUGS food stand! Say something nice that u like about shane and I'll give u free food! and when he compliment is over, make another line space to say what food u want! And I'll give u free holy water if u like this comment!
Elaina Ramirez
Elaina Ramirez 22 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice at the bottom under the table behind Shane on the right there is a clown mask
penny wise
penny wise 22 kun oldin
dang it shane found my selfies
Cynthia Figueroa
Cynthia Figueroa 22 kun oldin
Wouldnt you float up if you die in the water?
Sasha Hackett
Sasha Hackett 22 kun oldin
why does shane have a clown mask underneath his table.
Nicolas Turner
Nicolas Turner 22 kun oldin
I love how at the start he laughing and having fun then later he talks about how Tyler kills his parents with a hammer
Luna Patricio
Luna Patricio 22 kun oldin
On the bottom right under the table there's a cloen face that scared me so much i jump'd 🤡🤡😰😰
Yil oldin
Yil oldin