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Jennifer Santillano
Jennifer Santillano 5 soat oldin
9:18 I thought the restaurant
Chloe Scoggins
Chloe Scoggins 6 soat oldin
Brooklynn Cooperwood
Anybody see the clown under Shane’s desk
Olivia Hargrave
Olivia Hargrave 11 soat oldin
chicken power
chicken power 13 soat oldin
at 5:17 look in the bottom right corner
Maya Khosla
Maya Khosla 16 soat oldin
Shane Dawson scary videos are the best scary videos
Bee B.
Bee B. 22 soat oldin
Why did my dumbass watch these ALL day long and not expect to wake up from nightmares every 30 seconds smh
GC_Whisper Kun oldin
0:45 a fuqin clown is in the bottom left?
GC_Whisper Kun oldin
bottom right*
Angela Coleman
Angela Coleman Kun oldin
does anyone else see that clown face under the table??well i do!
Lil Savage
Lil Savage Kun oldin
During his video I barely saw this but it's a clown at the bottom of the table
CAcoolgamer2k9 prnd3l
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱Shane there's a clown under ur desk
johanne myhr svendsen
I luv these vids but im hella scareddddd
Guess Who?
Guess Who? Kun oldin
I'm goin in full screen ;-;
Danforth Paleontologist
Every like = a name of an animal (prehistoric, mythical, or modern) and some information, including the most horrible information about them and the least horrible information.
Valeria Rodriguez
Valeria Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
Shane I don’t take pictures I take screenshots of band members I’m ugly
Aurora Vindorum
Aurora Vindorum 2 kun oldin
11:03 "IS""?!?!?!?!
anavi ramola
anavi ramola 3 kun oldin
Didn’t a girl died in the genese hotel who was playing the elevator game also I think that hotel is known for suicide...
Isabella Burrows
Isabella Burrows 3 kun oldin
oh my god, did anyone else notice the clown mask under the table behind Shane?!?
Melanie Padilla
Melanie Padilla 4 kun oldin
OMFG there is a clown under a table in the background and it looks like IT im scared
Sweet little LOLIPOP Cookie *nom*nom*
I shouldn’t have been eating while watching this
Robin And Snowbell
Robin And Snowbell 3 kun oldin
Sweet little LOLIPOP Cookie *nom* *nom* I had pizza before watching this
*Rita Torres5H 21*
*Rita Torres5H 21* 4 kun oldin
Sweet little LOLIPOP Cookie *nom*nom* same 😤😤
Jake Turpin
Jake Turpin 5 kun oldin
I saw tina the first time I thought is was someone else and they murderd her but no
Gab -
Gab - 5 kun oldin
This is Emily 🐈 the cat One like = Emily protects you
Gab -
Gab - Kun oldin
Robin And Snowbell That’s good, I have 4 cats
Robin And Snowbell
Robin And Snowbell 3 kun oldin
Gab - Luckily I have three But it never hurts to have another cat protecting me
Brody Luke
Brody Luke 5 kun oldin
whats that in the bottom right corrner
Emre Ofkeli
Emre Ofkeli 5 kun oldin
"Hfff... that one gave me the chills...." Not trying to be rude, just picked it up as your catchphrase
Ashley Petersen
Ashley Petersen 5 kun oldin
‘Some that might give you nightmares’ Good thing I’m watching this late at night! 👍🏼
Red Rose
Red Rose 6 kun oldin
Awww the last one isn’t scary it’s more sad
Licked Waffles101
Licked Waffles101 6 kun oldin
At 7:00 in the down right there’s fucking pennywise
Robin And Snowbell
Robin And Snowbell 3 kun oldin
Licked Waffles101 It's there throughout the entire video so Technically your right
Kylee Stevens
Kylee Stevens 6 kun oldin
Ive watched this vid like 3 times and I just realized I live where the guy killed his parents 😶😳
No this is Patrick
No this is Patrick 6 kun oldin
*do y’all see the penny wise clown @ **7:30** in the corner*
Yasmine Mfarej
Yasmine Mfarej 6 kun oldin
Bitch why da fuck you whispring
Kim Colon
Kim Colon 7 kun oldin
How did I know that you were talking about New York when you said the word“subway”My grandmother was also in the subway when this happened
Abby W.
Abby W. 7 kun oldin
I like how the intro (the podcast) is so happy and I when it gets in the video it gets scary
Leeza :p
Leeza :p 7 kun oldin
The suicide one just broke my heart. Because I and 200k people have lost because she was a famous Musically star and she got bullied at school and on the internet... She was one of my friends and she mad tons of people happy:(( she was pronounced dead on January 7th 2017 💔
Robin And Snowbell
Robin And Snowbell 3 kun oldin
Leeza :p I'm not a tick tok/musically fan, but I'm so sorry for all of you. I won't sugarcoat it, because that will make it sound fake. But really, I feel so so sorry for you, and her, and everyone else.
DDPrincess 7 kun oldin
Why did he kill them tho? JUST ASK TO HAVE A PARTY! Not frikin kill them
Insert Bands! At The Disco
I started on full screen but yeah no
Bailey Terry
Bailey Terry 7 kun oldin
What was that thing under the desk the whole video! It looked like a clown mask!!!!
The life of Ivy
The life of Ivy 7 kun oldin
Well I'm never China Nope I'm never going anywhere with anyone again
zefanya rumpesak
zefanya rumpesak 7 kun oldin
i'll watch this at noon🤤 it's middle night here
Lydia Surfleet
Lydia Surfleet 7 kun oldin
Anyone else scrolling through the comments cuz they’re shit scared
Agnes Smile
Agnes Smile 7 kun oldin
look in the corner xD
{\ Wolf Pack /} /: GACHA :\
im checking ALL of my photo lmao 😂😨
VIKO 7 kun oldin
Lol don't have children guys. Adopt dogs.
Robin And Snowbell
Robin And Snowbell 3 kun oldin
VIKO Or cats
jordyn roberts
jordyn roberts 7 kun oldin
Asav 0151
Asav 0151 8 kun oldin
There is a game that has a train that u have to push a enemy while ur in a subway in a child’s game... I don’t know what the game is called but all I know is that DanTDM has played it with 2 of his friends and there are kids watching him
Tianna Barker
Tianna Barker 8 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the Clown face in the back
Wreckage Gaming
Wreckage Gaming 8 kun oldin
How could she sufficiet when there was blood
Movie Box
Movie Box 8 kun oldin
This is Malcolm 🐮 He loves hugs 1 like = 1 hug
Carson Ryland
Carson Ryland 8 kun oldin
You watched the scream your pillow says it
Robert Yeager
Robert Yeager 8 kun oldin
The creepy face at the bottom right corner of the screen scares the **** out of me
supermouse73 9 kun oldin
The scariest picture I ever took was a selfie
Kimberly Klahr
Kimberly Klahr 9 kun oldin
Who else noticed the clown
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 9 kun oldin
Bro west palm beach is where my grandfather lives
Danimations 9 kun oldin
Who else noticed the clown head under the table?
Bogdan Shumenko
Bogdan Shumenko 9 kun oldin
This videos is sponsored by Logan Paul
Rafael Filho
Rafael Filho 9 kun oldin
Yo I now that favela
•Erica’s Planet•
2019 Anyone?
Mrs.pigyxflex 9 kun oldin
chloe m
chloe m 10 kun oldin
theres a clown at the right bottom of the screen (like if u saw it)
Kristina Hall
Kristina Hall 10 kun oldin
2019 anybody?????
Not Straight
Not Straight 10 kun oldin
1:34 Lizy Borden took an axe, Gave her mother fourty wacks, When she saw what she had done, She gave her father fourty one.
Motown Madmann
Motown Madmann 10 kun oldin
Zoe Fry
Zoe Fry 10 kun oldin
My mom has a picture she took in a car museum when we were moving up to Washington, and there’s a glowing mist near one of the cars that kind of looks like a jellyfish. My mom ruled out double exposure and smoke because the camera was digital, and there was no smoking allowed in the museum
Molly Floyd
Molly Floyd 10 kun oldin
Who else is watching Shane’s old videos?! 😂🙋🏼‍♀️👌🏼
VEELO 10 kun oldin
How do people drown to death, like just breathe under water
Robin And Snowbell
Robin And Snowbell 3 kun oldin
VEELO Just drink the water
Gucci God
Gucci God 11 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Emily hey
Emily hey 11 kun oldin
*2* *0* *1* *8* *?*
Tela Ella
Tela Ella 11 kun oldin
Dose anyone else notice the bottem right corner? Under his table looks like face
Hadley Clark
Hadley Clark 11 kun oldin
look under the table where the deer sits and tell me you can see a face
Hadley Clark
Hadley Clark 11 kun oldin
ughhhh I was listening to this video in a another tab and I heard Tyler Hadley my name is Hadley and the way he said sent a shiver down my spine lol
Luna Xoxo
Luna Xoxo 11 kun oldin
Shane Shut up Your making me scared About the ghost thing, I HATE GHOSTS!!!!!!!!😭😭😨😨😐😐
ykslyskyd On YouTube
Patrik -_-GBG
Patrik -_-GBG 11 kun oldin
9:24 look at the right, down corner
Weronika Stachurska
Weronika Stachurska 11 kun oldin
2019 someone
Janet Sanchez
Janet Sanchez 11 kun oldin
Norma L Villegas
Norma L Villegas 12 kun oldin
Watch this at night
Kia _games 132
Kia _games 132 12 kun oldin
One and 2 is me........I need help
Mary Damacio
Mary Damacio 12 kun oldin
1:23 look at the bottom right coner wtf
Al Wyatt
Al Wyatt 12 kun oldin
CrazyCookie MC
CrazyCookie MC 12 kun oldin
2019 anyone ?
Omar Nunez
Omar Nunez 12 kun oldin
what do mean billions a day its only 1440 times
kpop n animetrash
kpop n animetrash 12 kun oldin
vAmPiRe MoDeL
vAmPiRe MoDeL 12 kun oldin
how am i not int his video
llallall 12 kun oldin
2019 enyone?
Rawr Dino
Rawr Dino 13 kun oldin
Not even ghost wanna be my friend
Robin And Snowbell
Robin And Snowbell 3 kun oldin
Rawr Dino That's a mood
archerycraft 18 // demonkiller2091
I saw tina in the pic the first time shane showed us.
Mitra Vazirian
Mitra Vazirian 13 kun oldin
its 2:13 am rn and I'm too scared to even get up and turn the light on T_T
Malia Pratt
Malia Pratt 13 kun oldin
In Shane’s background there is a clown face in the very bottom right😟😰
_AutumnSwish _
_AutumnSwish _ 13 kun oldin
i’m surprised that i’m not on there
Jack Taylor-Brown
Jack Taylor-Brown 13 kun oldin
When you see this comment dislike it and I wanna see how many dislikes I can get thank you if you did
Robin And Snowbell
Robin And Snowbell 3 kun oldin
Jack Taylor-Brown You can't see dislikes lol
Jack Taylor-Brown
Jack Taylor-Brown 13 kun oldin
Welcome to the comments shelter where you go when your scared of the video you can take shelter here we have food 🍔🍟🌮🌯🌯🥙🥙🥪🥞🥖🥖🥔🍠🍠🥕🥦🥑🍆🍆🌶🍞🥨🥔🥦🥦🥕🍳🍞🍆🍆🍆🥔🥑🥥🥝🍓🍓🍇🍉🍑🍐🍐🍊🍋🍎🍏🥦🥦🥥🍍🌽🥕🥑🧀🥓🥩🇧🇷
Neko Girl
Neko Girl 13 kun oldin
yummy thanks TuT
Cringeyboi03 13 kun oldin
Shane I have a dark empty space under my bed so I get scared every time I go to sleep I think I'll die but tbh everytime there's a picture of me I have a heart attack any ways thank you Shane for entertaining me for three years and your the best youtuber
Marconator 13 kun oldin
The crease on the sofa above the Scream pillow looks like a hand... creepy
Lizzie Dolas
Lizzie Dolas 13 kun oldin
Wait I’m not in it!
ASMR Queen
ASMR Queen 13 kun oldin
2019 anyone
abby anton
abby anton 13 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Tayler Valentine
Tayler Valentine 13 kun oldin
Okay but does anyone else see the clown in the bottom corner or just me? I’m terrified.
Abigail Fukumoto
Abigail Fukumoto 13 kun oldin
Why is their a clown mask under the table
AlpacaWithACamra 176
Of frick my b day is July 16
Emily Gabriel
Emily Gabriel 13 kun oldin
2019 anyone???
Jack Taylor-Brown
Jack Taylor-Brown 13 kun oldin
Emily Gabriel yeeeesss honneyy
Destiny Barrow
Destiny Barrow 14 kun oldin
Anyone see the clown in the bottom right corner....😨
Yil oldin