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"FTL" by Adam Stern
A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.
Ethan Kane, a NASA Astronaut and decorated pilot, has recently retired from active duty to spend more time with his wife and young son. As he tries to adjust to a quieter life on the ground, he’s approached to fly one last mission...testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft. While the world watches, Kane takes The Longshot on its maiden voyage.
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5-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 8 019
Mind Bender
Mind Bender 2 soat oldin
Bar none - one of the best first leaps into the Great Void of Spacetime! You won't be disappointed!!
keerat tanwar
keerat tanwar 2 soat oldin
Hey aliens, wanna be my friends?
medicalKiss 3 soat oldin
Wow great story, bad acting!
Bikram Sah
Bikram Sah 3 soat oldin
Who are you? Damn good
Nathan 6 soat oldin
Nice movie, but I’m confused as to what kind of faster than light travel is this supposed to be. If it was an alcubierre warp drive (which it appears to be what they were attempting), why did he suddenly “feel” acceleration when it malfunctioned? If it was trying to actually accelerate (which is impossible to do past C, but I understand liberties need to be taken for good story telling), how was he not turned into pink mist when he experience an average of around 500,000G to get there in about a minute? I know that sci-fi is often more fiction than science, but that seems more like a continuity error rather than science error. Still better science than the new Star Wars movies, though...
David John Barker
David John Barker 6 soat oldin
Max Echendu
Max Echendu 7 soat oldin
At the speed he was travelling, everyone he once knew would have been long dead anyway if he found his way back to Earth. Because the faster you go, the slower time appears to move from your perspective. He'd be centuries in the future. Unless that beam of energy at the end travelled his information to the past. Possibly through a wormhole as it seems. But that itself has it's own questions. Which is why I love Sci-Fi... insight on things that could one day be very possible 😁😁😁
Sean McDonald
Sean McDonald 8 soat oldin
I really wish that sci fi shorts would stop with this "Mwahahahahahaha. . . . What happens next . . . .You'll just have to decide for yourself A HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA " obssesion . . . . .stop half arsing it and tell a full, self contained story. Sci fi novels rarely leave out the ending or, at worst, leave an ambiguous ending and frankly, its equally annoying. The ending of this is just so open to interpretation that it loses appeal: has he been transported to a simulation to be studied, is he a copy, is he dead, is he hallucinating, is the dress blue or black . . . . . . . Far too ambiguous and easily teased by adding a small detail: as you zoom out on the final scene you could have a 'its a truman stage' or hes hooked up to alien devices or a number of other reveals.
Steven Badu
Steven Badu 9 soat oldin
Does anyone know the name of the funky song and the name if the singer signing it at the start of this comics clip please? If someone does know the title of the tune, PLEASE message me the info by replying...
PintOfSam Media POSM PGC
Good stuff!
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 13 soat oldin
I wanna know why they brought him back to earth and more about the intelligent species.
Dad 13 soat oldin
Wait a minute! He tells his wife in one scene..." I'm coming back, I always do"...In the next scene, his code name is 'Longshot'...can't give his wife much confidence!
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 14 soat oldin
this guy traveled twice the speed of sound and light combined, the Galaxy police catches him and asked him why he speeding, he replies, Donald Trump is running for president again!
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 14 soat oldin
Only a few people at a NASA station, it must be the budget cuts.
Connor MacMillian
Connor MacMillian 17 soat oldin
Terezia Lakatos
Terezia Lakatos 20 soat oldin
Badboy DCX
Badboy DCX 20 soat oldin
*Gotta admit the visuals were stunning but the Acting, not so much.... his missing space helmet should be a meme😂*
suavevalen 21 soat oldin
Wait till you get the invoice for that spaceside assistance
ZoltanF1LH 21 soat oldin
Casting a big fat guy as an astronaut... 🙄 deary me
Guna Baphie
Guna Baphie 23 soat oldin
Looks slick but the characters are generic - why do all space pilots now get depicted as wisecracking, southern-style Han Solos? Why are all wives cool, beautiful and stoic?It's been commented that you should make this a full length feature but is there enough material? Astronaut goes off course, gets returned by aliens. Not sure you'd get a 2 hour movie out of that. The scene with the pod getting sucked into the alien craft just seems interminable. And why send a man all the way to Mars just to press a button and go back again 10 seconds later? Just send the satellite and release it remotely! You could condense this down to a 3 minute film.
Jim Tomlinsom
Jim Tomlinsom Kun oldin
Pretty good that
KoyelVlogs TravellingFoodFashion
What happened to him? Is he still human?
Zoltán Makra
Zoltán Makra Kun oldin
So inaccurate on so many levels... The expanse FTW!
PrismA8 Kun oldin
Mmmmmm look at those halo rings
Kampretoss s
Kampretoss s Kun oldin
Awesome he didn't hit anything..
Jim Vandemoter
Jim Vandemoter Kun oldin
Nice piece of work. it's so refreshing to see a positive piece instead of all the apocalyptic pieces out there. When I see all the people tearing a piece like this apart I have to think, 'if you can do better do it. Otherwise just be quiet and let the rest of us enjoy.'
funky little cowboy
10:08 mr stark i don't feel so good
gokuluca3 Kun oldin
I dont feel so good (10:10)
zassi12 Kun oldin
Truth Quest
Truth Quest Kun oldin
Very interesting
Glywnnis Wells
Glywnnis Wells Kun oldin
What instant acceleration to light speed he would be like a bug in a windsheild
Karim Sumar
Karim Sumar Kun oldin
Cool 😎 space excitement with happy ending. 15 mins of action rather than 1.5 hours. Life's short enjoy condensed quantity with quality. Nice work 👍
andrew roden
andrew roden Kun oldin
would have been more interesting had they involved time dialation and he came back 85yrs old
Chroesus714 Kun oldin
That was a great Short film, well made, consice, emotionally intense and a lot of fun to watch. I would like to see more of these.
Tshepo Nkadimeng
07:20 That sound made me curl up into a ball
Kenneth Bryant
Kenneth Bryant Kun oldin
an excellent way to present a movie
JESSE B Kun oldin
Imagine traveling further than your own imagination, not what you could think about but what you possibly can't think about!!!
Ignis Kun oldin
Reminds me of Unicron from the '80s Transformers
US Of Zion
US Of Zion Kun oldin
Aliens be like, you humans are rejects. Destroy your own and stay away from us. 😝😝😂
Wow! Best movie of the year so far for me. That was awesome. Subscribed
gary mckechnie
gary mckechnie Kun oldin
Has Any1 else seen the new advert directed by Ridley Scott , looks better than any sci fi film I have seen in years . I thought it was a trailer for a new movie 😂
Frank Andrews
Frank Andrews Kun oldin
Deus ex machina, sci-fi style.
Mr.Metagross Kun oldin
this is amazing you more than earned a subscription
Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy 2 kun oldin
But that ending is infact the ultimate bitchslap from the world of physics. I love it.
Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy 2 kun oldin
ODE but for that one moment when all the pieces of the puzzle fit and I launch.... and tear through the streets in a 60s car that makes a funny kinda sound really. Hard to discribe the way its nothing and then it just seems to slap you in the face.
Glen Stevenson
Glen Stevenson 2 kun oldin
What about the game forces on his body he'd be squaced
Outside In
Outside In 2 kun oldin
Very enjoyable light entertainment.
Peter Torbay
Peter Torbay 2 kun oldin
"Your eyes! What have they done to your eyes?!" she screams. Slow pullback to face-on POV of Commander. Commander blinks ... with golden lizard eyes and huge dark red pupils. "What do you mean. What's wrong with my eyes?" A dark shadow falls over his face from the side. A huge black granite monolith slowly topples, crushing all three into the neatly manicured lawn. [SFX] Sudden storm whips up the dust, with faint whisper in the wind of 'I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that'.
Woo's Heroes
Woo's Heroes 2 kun oldin
Michael Einstein
Michael Einstein 2 kun oldin
The point is : If he surpassed light speed how about no delay with radio communications. It supposed to hearing him back after long time at least after 3-4 hours time or even days Regards Micheal
Michael Einstein
yes that is truth
Sunil Koranga
Sunil Koranga 2 kun oldin
starting song name ?
Gravel789 2 kun oldin
what kind of no man's sky bs.....
Lovekesh Sharma
Lovekesh Sharma 2 kun oldin
Kyle 2 kun oldin
Turns out Aliens are nicer than actual humans.
Ivanna Nukya
Ivanna Nukya 2 kun oldin
This is rediculous. Was this filmed in a college? They could find five people for mission control? He doesn't even put on his pressure helmet? So lame
jimmy rock
jimmy rock 2 kun oldin
interstellar short film, his wife should be 90 years old when he return back, he travelled future
Utsav Bhatnagar
Utsav Bhatnagar 2 kun oldin
How much did the Uber charge from space?
tr3ntmck 2 kun oldin
I don't think that's his entanglement works
A Shore
A Shore 2 kun oldin
I think there might be a slightly longer delay in talking over the radio haha
Leif Harmsen
Leif Harmsen 2 kun oldin
Namith Krishna
Namith Krishna 2 kun oldin
Lannan, who's the sweat now! 😂 😂 😂
David Tal
David Tal 2 kun oldin
that... was Way WAY cool! finally a short that didnt end up in a feked up manner! ty!!
Intimidation 2 kun oldin
As soon as I saw the title I thought to myself “Does the game FTL have its own movie now?!?” I was let down almost immediately. Does anyone know what that is anymore? I loved that game
SemiMono 2 kun oldin
Same on all accords.
Joseph Jankovics
Joseph Jankovics 2 kun oldin
A crying astronaut??? WTF!!!!!
turtlemouth 2 kun oldin
Must have been during another of Trump's government shutdowns since Mission Control only had five people working that day.
Joseph Jankovics
Joseph Jankovics 2 kun oldin
Why all the credit to government??? The whole of it is made of stupid , incapable morons!!
Ghanshyam Sharma
Ghanshyam Sharma 2 kun oldin
क्या यह संभव है इंसान ने जो भी सोचा है वह जरुर पुरा होता है प्रयस जारी रखे 👍
Nigel Weir
Nigel Weir 2 kun oldin
Next great director ,not bad , why he never had a helmet I only ask
Wuan Brown
Wuan Brown 2 kun oldin
That was surprisingly very good. Big applause to the Creator's I honestly enjoyed that wish it we're a full length film maybe one day.
Andris Paralax
Andris Paralax 2 kun oldin
How much faster are they than the light in this one? The light distance between Earth and Mars is 4.3 minutes. Are they going double that speed!?
fpv typ
fpv typ 2 kun oldin
Freakin amazing. The effects the acting, editing, music. Amazing. Top Hollywood level.
Tim Byles
Tim Byles 2 kun oldin
Wow. Wish that was a full length feature film.
Tim Byles
Tim Byles 2 kun oldin
Anybody know what the music is please?
T A 3 kun oldin
Can he see Trump's Wall from space?
ShaolinPitBoo 16 soat oldin
Hope so!!!😜😜😜
T A 3 kun oldin
Come on. We know astronauts mostly were fighter pilots. So they are used to killing strangers because a politician told them to. So please don't go too far on the sentiment. Disappointed that the astronaut was not looking, recording, noting what he could see, what the instruments were reading, his location etc. The hugging at the end was too much. She's an astronaut's wife so she probably is pretty knowledgeable and curious about this stuff. Why didn't she record it on her phone, or ask him about it? Can he see Trump's Wall from space?
Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld 3 kun oldin
The idiots watching this at? sigma3245 might disagree
Jack Atkins
Jack Atkins 3 kun oldin
"The Best Sci-Fi in The Galaxy" That was terrible. I thought the plot was beyond cliched and the scientific accuracy was even worse. What a waste of 15 minutes. OH AND THE ACTING.
Martin Smith
Martin Smith 3 kun oldin
A bit of a teletubbie astronaut
Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips 3 kun oldin
Now they need a full length film version of that. 👍
Saad Bin Zahoor
Saad Bin Zahoor 3 kun oldin
its like converting human into binary code .. Haha
Scott Ross
Scott Ross 3 kun oldin
That was a religious experience!
Annyai Presoski
Annyai Presoski 3 kun oldin
I think if you want to be successful at short films you need to move away from Hollywood cliche....the picture of family, the family flashback, the waiting family, the ‘initiate.....this, that or the other’, and ‘diagnostics’ etc etc .......and on No account, have a female flight commander say to her male counterpart, ‘you are clear for initial thrust.’ Speech needs to be clear too. Though I predicted the end after 4 minutes, it was a good story with good effects. Drop Hollywood though.
Annyai Presoski
Annyai Presoski 2 soat oldin
Jim Patterson . I would dream of insulting you Jim. I’ll explain though. The fact of the matter is that so many films have been hammered out in the last forty years, with the same basic plot, same basic outcomes, same interactions between actors, same figures of speech....I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you....’make it so’, ‘it’s life, Jim, but not as we know it’ etc etc, that it is indeed easy to predict the outcome of many films...even more so with TV. As to your manner of approach, I’m sorry that you feel it necessary to be so abusive. I really am. It forms one of the major reasons why there is so much hate and misunderstanding in the world. I would dread to think if you had a gun in your hand what the outcome would be. Do please try to be more forgiving, and to recognise humour in different cultures than your own. Learn to get along. Life is short enough as it is.
Jim Patterson
Jim Patterson 4 soat oldin
you do realize that everyone except other liars realize you are full of yourself and other fecal matter in saying that you predicted the end in 4 minutes. If it was the first time you saw it and no one had told you how it ended, and you did not write it, the reality is that you had no idea how it would end. Now you will try to insult me but you are exposed.
Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips 3 kun oldin
Traveling faster than the speed of light? So he would travel back in time than? Travelling near the speed of light means that his son might be his age or older by the time he returns, like Interstellar.
Tammy MacDonald
Tammy MacDonald 3 kun oldin
That was great!!!! Would love to see it as a weekly feature or major motion picture!!!
rats in london
rats in london 3 kun oldin
If this hapens nowadays he wil be fired because dont report at the company immediatly
Gvrlv 3 kun oldin
best sci-fi, what about rick and morty?
needmoreramsay 3 kun oldin
Aww, one of the best fictional stories I've seen in awhile. Space travel, aliens and a loving marriage. It has everything !
Andrew Paige
Andrew Paige 3 kun oldin
Loved it
Richard OBrien
Richard OBrien 3 kun oldin
Some of the worst acting I’ve ever encountered!
tonz lang
tonz lang 3 kun oldin
then they will have sex and she gets pregnant with an alien sperm.
Patrick Palmer
Patrick Palmer 3 kun oldin
That was great
Liberty Cap
Liberty Cap 3 kun oldin
Be better if they had Russian accents 😘
Aaron Proctor
Aaron Proctor 3 kun oldin
So... given current events this is a much more probable first flight for Zaphram Cochran
Sean Riddolls
Sean Riddolls 3 kun oldin
Does NASA only employ 3 people?
Phabian D kesson
Phabian D kesson 3 kun oldin
This seires compleatly please my need for love death and robots
WWeronko 3 kun oldin
For a first contact scenario with the best and brightest at the controls, Commander Kane is remarkably wimpy. I would have hoped better from our astronaut corps.
testbooster 3 kun oldin
Whom ever did this.....Cheers and good job.
Laura Radigan
Laura Radigan 3 kun oldin
Breath taking visuals. Will this ever become a series?
Peter Houle
Peter Houle 3 kun oldin
for us watching him travel to Mars at light speed, 3 minutes would pass. for him, travelling at light speed, the journey would be instantaneous.
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