Sci-Fi Short Film "Wire Cutters" | Presented by DUST

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"Wire Cutters" - Writer / Producer / Director: Jack Anderson
A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet.
#SciFi #DUST #ShortFilm
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30-Sen, 2016



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DUST Oy oldin
DUST's first feature film PROSPECT is now available on demand in the US & Canada Google Play: bit.ly/Prospect-Google-Play iTunes: apple.co/2qNYKUA
Griselda Cruz
Griselda Cruz 14 kun oldin
Saludos op
Wimmiy Martinez
Wimmiy Martinez 21 kun oldin
Bvgsuuquruejb en 7yywyd64fhwbzbbbdbavbdbbhbvvvwdzsszn ? X ? Vzaa
bojja raja
bojja raja Oy oldin
DUST End hqlyxy#
Eduardo Vieira
Hamza Alwajih Akiva
Hamza Alwajih Akiva 22 daqiqa oldin
Awww poor little guy
Transparent Shadows_Official
Moral of the story: Being selfish never pays.
Quelvis games
Quelvis games 4 soat oldin
O egoísmo nunca é bom
arush498 4 soat oldin
Make part 2 for it or Sequel animated movie in 2019 .. How many of you are waiting for part 2 of it hit likes..
green tree -  الشجرة الخضراء
الطمع سيئ
Austine Declan
Austine Declan 7 soat oldin
Lex Luther's robots mining kryptonite
pedro Paulo
pedro Paulo 9 soat oldin
viu só a ganância pode custar sua vida então sempre pense no seu próximo que precisa mais do que você não seja ganancioso você não vai levar nada depois que morrer e adorei essa animação
Fred Fadungy
Fred Fadungy 16 soat oldin
a lesson the world has yet to learn ! :-/
Tictac is ma name I
Tictac is ma name I 19 soat oldin
Wall e
Ben W
Ben W Kun oldin
Why do all these type of sci-fi things always have sad and morbid endings. Right from the start I wonder how this is going to go terribly and they both die.
Wily Cat
Wily Cat Kun oldin
The solution would have been to put it aside until the next rock was smashed and harvested, putting the ore in with that intake.
Enes Uslu
Enes Uslu Kun oldin
summary of humankind's behaviors...
REGGZ Designs
REGGZ Designs Kun oldin
Moral of the day. the Humble will be exalted
Neelix Chikote
Neelix Chikote Kun oldin
Rip wall.e
Lance Rexington
Lance Rexington 2 kun oldin
Note to all manufacturers make compatible cables and programs.
Ocholocos 2 kun oldin
La avaricia nunca es buena mata el alma y la envenena
hnzie 3 kun oldin
Legit stole the animation from omleto
hnzie 3 kun oldin
That’s omleto
Ratty Woof
Ratty Woof 3 kun oldin
0:55 - me on Mondays
Lord Phantom
Lord Phantom 3 kun oldin
So they both died
İlhan ÖNER
İlhan ÖNER 3 kun oldin
Aga bee
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin 3 kun oldin
Must have lost their dongles.
Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed 3 kun oldin
Good message
Symon Sheppard
Symon Sheppard 4 kun oldin
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith 4 kun oldin
Ray ,
Ray , 4 kun oldin
Its TORQUE that happens. With out this nothing happens...
Markus Hage
Markus Hage 4 kun oldin
And I was hoping it had a happy ending
Edan Lian
Edan Lian 4 kun oldin
Why couldn't they build you both with saws in your hands so you could split that last gem in-half?
Catherine asshole
Catherine asshole 4 kun oldin
Candyapplezzz 4 kun oldin
why did this video get so many dislikes it's great animation is great and all around a great animation i don't understand why people dislike this masterpiece!
drillthrallable 5 kun oldin
I enjoyed it. Wind on the surface would help sell the wind sail dealy.
Jatinder Singh
Jatinder Singh 5 kun oldin
Ardiansyah Vistik
Ardiansyah Vistik 5 kun oldin
Bagus God .mantap
freggo 5 kun oldin
So much for "Greed is good" :-)
Все дороги ведут в Рим
Жадность фраера сгубила!
IWasMODIS GT 6 kun oldin
bro what pc you use for this animation im shocked
Стас Правдивець
Priyanshu Jigar
Priyanshu Jigar 6 kun oldin
Nice sound design
Jo Teck
Jo Teck 6 kun oldin
Damm even the robot has a dirt mine☠
thiyagu prt
thiyagu prt 6 kun oldin
மிக மிக அருமை. வருங்காலம் கண் முன் வந்தது.
Uncle E
Uncle E 7 kun oldin
Liberal propaganda degeneracy at it's peak.
Tragic Transformer Electra
When robots act like humans. Lol
mini aypierre
mini aypierre 7 kun oldin
trop triste
mahbub ahmed
mahbub ahmed 7 kun oldin
モフ犬。 7 kun oldin
Ruslan S
Ruslan S 7 kun oldin
Жадный маленький робот
serhio000 serh
serhio000 serh 7 kun oldin
Very good
Engico Hussain
Engico Hussain 7 kun oldin
Conviction is an inexhaustible treasure☝️♥️
Vivian Cheng
Vivian Cheng 7 kun oldin
Co-founder disputes
One 2
One 2 7 kun oldin
Rip curiosity Rover
xsara123 8 kun oldin
This story reminds me of how selfishly people behave these days. I was hoping the little robot would realize the error of his or her ways, and somehow stumble upon the other robot and save it, and they would learn to work together.
Supreme Swimmer
Supreme Swimmer 8 kun oldin
Man that was sad, fighting over a little green rock and they both died, why did they even need to collect the gems anyway?!?!!
Last Days Get Ready
LAST DAYS WARNING! Jesus is coming! The wicked shall be destroyed! REPENT from sin while there is still time! TURN TO JESUS WHILE HE MAY BE FOUND!
Mr Clean
Mr Clean 8 kun oldin
Arbeitet zusammen oder geht gemeinsam unter.
James Lane
James Lane 8 kun oldin
Amazing video and moral of story but don't get the title
STONA IMPEX 9 kun oldin
As a doctor I recommend port C type universal cables Happy endings
Alex M Cardoso
Alex M Cardoso 10 kun oldin
Interessante a história dos dois robô 🤣🤣🤣🤣 a discórdia matou os dois 😫😥.
Danny Lauwers
Danny Lauwers 10 kun oldin
Perfect metaphor or human's greed, marvellously depicted by… robots!
Sergio Gustavo Trejo
I love it... i don't know why NETFLIX don't buy the Copyright... it's wonderful...
julio R.D
julio R.D 10 kun oldin
Es un mensaje que conmovió mi forma de cer
Neeraj Kushwaha
Neeraj Kushwaha 10 kun oldin
I expect more from robots.
G Hall
G Hall 10 kun oldin
Always the end result, of being greedy!
Kavishu Goyal
Kavishu Goyal 10 kun oldin
Greed can kill☠️
Ryan Urquhart
Ryan Urquhart 10 kun oldin
Wow. Very good. I like it. Thew obviously made a great team
Andrija Bagaric
Andrija Bagaric 10 kun oldin
Roblot !?!! Here me
Lnc King
Lnc King 10 kun oldin
American Citizen
American Citizen 10 kun oldin
-AI- AG = Artificial Greed
Christopher Baugh
Christopher Baugh 10 kun oldin
Thing of the story is never be greedy of the things that u have because it can be taken away at any moment
Aditya Jain
Aditya Jain 11 kun oldin
Reminds me of samll pin Nokia charger.
Юрий Соболев
жадность фраера сгубила
Technical Rayan
Technical Rayan 11 kun oldin
Amzing short movie ,
Mr.Anko337 11 kun oldin
это типа короткометражка или трейлер ??
Androth 11 kun oldin
typical day on a rust server.
FLUG3 11 kun oldin
Thomas Whitten
Thomas Whitten 11 kun oldin
Gotta wonder what software they use to generate the images.
eXBall211 11 kun oldin
Greed only exist in shitty humans.
steve gale
steve gale 11 kun oldin
Persival __109
Persival __109 12 kun oldin
Koro Plays
Koro Plays 12 kun oldin
Hol Sum so far
Evi Verbruggen
Evi Verbruggen 12 kun oldin
aaaaah, he cute, oooh he smart, wait he m u r d e r s?
Osman Tongül
Osman Tongül 12 kun oldin
"Dust" unuzla Yiyin,için Alışveriş yapmayın !!!
Sir Pasta
Sir Pasta 12 kun oldin
For some reason I expected it to be something representing one of the World wars, and "wire cutter" meant the robot was a sapper cutting barbed wire.
Tyrone Peter
Tyrone Peter 12 kun oldin
There are many more crystals out there."/
Trailer Series
Trailer Series 12 kun oldin
Apple should learn lesson from this. Use the same charging pot and cable
Lucas Gutierrez
Lucas Gutierrez 12 kun oldin
Destruyes tu unica oportunidad de vida por dinero
Altaner Ayten
Altaner Ayten 13 kun oldin
Çok anlamlı bi flim bence flim anlamayanlar icin eşitliği ve adaletligi ogretiyo eğer adaletli davranmazsan o şey sende de olmaz diyo
Harithulasidalam Appo
It also show us about people's rat race for multi national companies.. The gems they were collecting was not for them.. They died for nothing like the poor slave souls who labour and die for multi national sharks
Faze _Roman
Faze _Roman 13 kun oldin
Lawrence 13 kun oldin
and superman lives another day with the failure to deliver the batch of kryptonite!
Mrmusikman 82
Mrmusikman 82 13 kun oldin
i remember seeing this when it first came out, now a few years later i have a different view point
Rob Mushen
Rob Mushen 13 kun oldin
Wow that touched my heart
Oskar Swienty
Oskar Swienty 13 kun oldin
DeadMarmelade 14 kun oldin
Joseph Nicholls
Joseph Nicholls 14 kun oldin
Apple vs Android
sujay patil
sujay patil 14 kun oldin
When will you make a move on DUST
sujay patil
sujay patil 14 kun oldin
When you will release 2nd part
LE PETIT ASTICOT 14 kun oldin
thanks wallie
Ryan Lierman
Ryan Lierman 14 kun oldin
Bananappleboy World
Bananappleboy World 14 kun oldin
Small rover: ;-; Big rover: sup I'm back Small rover: nuuu D: Big rover: ;-; I'm deAd.... Small rover: EEEEEEEEEEEE *breaks the cable and now I'm charging my battery using nuclear stuff* Small rover: I feel... sick... *epicly upgrade so much I died* Investigating Rover: the hell is going on here Small rover: I AM DEad...
Kee Music
Kee Music 15 kun oldin
even a robot has the same manner as human and that's because it was designed by human, what a shame.
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