Scuba Diving the Devil's Den for Lost Valuables! (Found 2 Prehistoric Bones) | DALLMYD

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In this video I scuba dive and explore the Devil's Den located in Florida for lost valuables!
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Scuba Diving the Devil's Den for Lost Valuables! (Found 2 Prehistoric Bones) | DALLMYD




12-Mar, 2018

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DALLMYD 6 oy oldin
Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see a metal detecting competition against Brandon! haha Thank you guys for the amazing support lately. It really means a lot
Ninja 101
Ninja 101 2 kun oldin
Ashley Colon
Ashley Colon 7 kun oldin
daniellex0x0 babycakes
Hyygyht ygchjojhh
Brayan Castro
Brayan Castro 9 kun oldin
DALLMYD that is what i want to do whene i grow up
Argenis Antoine Alvarez Salinas
Tthsgjysdgjoplmvdsd. fujhxdruolG CJ khdd
Juliette Contreras
im pretty sure dude perfect did that so yea
Bryn Dahlheimer
Bryn Dahlheimer 3 soat oldin
i loveeee brandon
Anshul Singh
Anshul Singh 14 soat oldin
diamond is carbon based, meaning it's a NON-METAL.....
Lexy Thomas
Lexy Thomas 7 soat oldin
Anshul Singh earring the metal around the diamond would set the detector off
Cool Story.
Cool Story. 23 soat oldin
I always watch a shit ton of your videos whenever im stoned but my god when you exhale in your scuba suit i jump every time.
Angel Wolf79
Angel Wolf79 Kun oldin
I would like to see you guys scuba dive in my river in NH
αλεξανδρα ζειμπεκη
it s kind of frustrating to see that wherever human steps in , there are garbage :/
Estrada Senpai
Estrada Senpai Kun oldin
Guys, being a scuba diver seems so freaking cool, but I’m like deathly afraid of drowning.
savage gamer 2.0
Estrada Senpai can't drown unless u run out of oxygen from the tank I scuba dived and I'm 14 and it was fun
kaylees fun vids
This was made right before my b-day (my b-day March 12th)
Claire Duke
Claire Duke 2 kun oldin
If you sell them bones to a musem you can be rich as frig
Claire Duke
Claire Duke Kun oldin
Here to Annoy you well 200$ is not so bad it is still kind of a lot
Here to Annoy you
Claire Duke These bones would barely be worth 100$ together, i don’t get how that could make someone rich, lol
Mister Person
Mister Person 2 kun oldin
Boy am I glad to live so close to the Devil’s Den.
Clover Gaming
Clover Gaming 2 kun oldin
Oh that’s cool!
angela alaimo
angela alaimo 2 kun oldin
That is pretty
asher comet
asher comet 2 kun oldin
Let's get 20k 173k later
Victoria Okanume
Victoria Okanume 2 kun oldin
he find something that I like 👅👅👅👅👅
bob akacha
bob akacha Kun oldin
Fcb: bob akacha
Baku_M _Salti
Baku_M _Salti 2 kun oldin
"Devil's Den located in Florida" Of course someplace called that would be in Florida
神奇海螺94我 2 kun oldin
fish: WT……
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Cody Danny
Cody Danny Kun oldin
Mister Person Seems Arabic
Mister Person
Mister Person 2 kun oldin
I’m sure this is a language but this is creepy with the photo and all
Murad Outlaw
Murad Outlaw 2 kun oldin
ถึงผมจะไม่หล่อ แต่ผมก็ไม่รวยนะ What the ฟัค
Infinite Life
Infinite Life 2 kun oldin
4:56 is it me or is there a skeleton
Slandereus yeet
Slandereus yeet 5 soat oldin
That looks nothing like a ribcage, if that's what you mean.
Yah it’s probably you
Jessie Yerby
Jessie Yerby 2 kun oldin
Haha it looks like one😁
Alana GeeGeeGeeGeeGeee
Turtle reaction was adorable
Wormy Worm
Wormy Worm 3 kun oldin
I guess he “nailed” it…
Raquel Guzmam
Raquel Guzmam 3 kun oldin
Modern day Aqua Man lol
cyborgmaniac gamer
cyborgmaniac gamer 3 kun oldin
0:18 PTSD
AP_Gaming 3 kun oldin
Roych0325 3 kun oldin
metal detector: heh heh heh heh heh heh heh
Alex Turk
Alex Turk 3 kun oldin
Ice Assassin
Ice Assassin 4 kun oldin
Slandereus yeet
Slandereus yeet 5 soat oldin
You probably weren't.
Carmela T
Carmela T 3 kun oldin
What really
chloe Weber
chloe Weber 4 kun oldin
You messed with the fish more than you looked for valuables! Lol
Ujuani68 4 kun oldin
I´d like to see a GIRL doing this..
Slandereus yeet
Slandereus yeet 5 soat oldin
Dragon Ball Teorias y Más
Ujuani68 why?
RhianNicole Gurtina
I love ther but i dont go ther
Cash0307 4 kun oldin
RhianNicole Gurtina English?
roxie tube
roxie tube 4 kun oldin
13:09 he look like he is chewing the sun XD
Kawaii? Beach
Kawaii? Beach 3 kun oldin
lol XD
Magma_ Morphy
Magma_ Morphy 4 kun oldin
Braden Morgan
Braden Morgan 5 kun oldin
Mr Memelord
Mr Memelord 5 kun oldin
8:19 dude literally almost touched a snapping turtle 🐢 you would have gotten your finger bitten off dude
Margaret Slattery
Margaret Slattery 5 kun oldin
It time to do a metal Battle
Demelza Morgan
Demelza Morgan 5 kun oldin
Guys keep on hunting carry on cleaning rubbish out the rivers sorry I'm british
RAFFI RAFFI 5 kun oldin
I don’t Respond
I don’t Respond 5 kun oldin
Diamond ring with metal detector?
Pepijn Jansen
Pepijn Jansen 5 kun oldin
Watch out for The thurtels hes bite is verry srony
NoLife 5 kun oldin
This location is beautiful
dirachi hitachi
dirachi hitachi 6 kun oldin
So I'm from Bulgaria and we have a cave that has a place similar to that you scuba dived in. And the caves name is devil's throat
Zoe Beth Parent
Zoe Beth Parent 6 kun oldin
it looked like a video game
Koncert Kid
Koncert Kid 5 kun oldin
Zoe Beth Parent 6:23
Lana Young
Lana Young 6 kun oldin
Him and I don't know what Is wrong with our tablet
Calista Ramboz
Calista Ramboz 6 kun oldin
Mia Grimard
Mia Grimard 6 kun oldin
Calista Ramboz Québec!
Jasmine Love
Jasmine Love 7 kun oldin
We watched a video in class about when this sink whole first opened up a bear fell in. And they call it the devils whole because the steam that comes up from it when it gets cold out
Jasmine Love
Jasmine Love 7 kun oldin
*devils den
ussr communist russia
Expensive stuff isn't always shiny and beautiful
Jazzy 7 kun oldin
@DALLMYD Were you the cool kid in fourth grade?
Gregory Neff
Gregory Neff 7 kun oldin
half of the time the fosh were looking in your hand when you got something . They like "WOW THATS COOL!!!"
Shivam Thakur
Shivam Thakur 7 kun oldin
Shivam Thakur
Shivam Thakur 7 kun oldin
This is my favourite video
Tamara Keller
Tamara Keller 7 kun oldin
Good video
sammari sammari
sammari sammari 7 kun oldin
Zytravious Johnson
Zytravious Johnson 7 kun oldin
Love it vids
spoody man 999
spoody man 999 7 kun oldin
sampath kumar
sampath kumar 7 kun oldin
Waiting for a day You find some cool treasure 😁
infinite gaming
infinite gaming 7 kun oldin
Really cool video bro I like ur diving suit it's camo
Goldendives 7 kun oldin
Awesome work guys...you are really good!! Always waiting for the treasure chest! HH!
YNG_Productions 7 kun oldin
That water is beautiful
Queen of Lions
Queen of Lions 8 kun oldin
Why is it called that???
AzazaKerish _
AzazaKerish _ 8 kun oldin
Есть тут русские?
Timi4 4 kun oldin
Kim Dong
Kim Dong 8 kun oldin
Nobody has discover this cave in 15000 years. Someone wants this place to be his own home. But they died. That person was the friend of mine. He use go live in a cave like this. People was not suppose to dive here or swim here. Because there lots of dangerous fish. The people allowed here are the devils. I want you to know that i’m on your side and not leaving you. Some fish are dangerous and some are nice. Dont touch the poision ones they can sting you. I have alot in common. I’m just a kid but i know information about this cave.
dirachi hitachi
dirachi hitachi 6 kun oldin
Kim Dong wow you know that much
Derrick Lyne
Derrick Lyne 7 kun oldin
Listen up kid there were like only bluegill in there calm down
joselin Lopez
joselin Lopez 8 kun oldin
joselin Lopez
joselin Lopez 8 kun oldin
Dally did I wish I could go diving with u please I wished on my birthday to swim with u my adress is 161
Slandereus yeet
Slandereus yeet 5 soat oldin
I'm not your mother but you should delete it too.
Daniel Ibata
Daniel Ibata 8 kun oldin
I’m not your dad but you should delete that
Акберен Картбай
How many people wants him to scuba dive in ocean comment him we will be waiting
Can u do a video on scuba dive in an ocean with a metal ditecter
'Melia G.
'Melia G. 9 kun oldin
Any more news on the bones? Did you get them carbon dated?
Shaela Academy
Shaela Academy 9 kun oldin
I live in Florida
Slandereus yeet
Slandereus yeet 5 soat oldin
How are you still alive?!
alpereNN 9 kun oldin
hello from türkey
Marius Grenzebach
Marius Grenzebach 9 kun oldin
alter ich kann kein emglisch aber trodstem so geil
Trashy Skye
Trashy Skye 8 kun oldin
I believe he is saying that he can not speak English but likes it anyway
Trashy Skye
Trashy Skye 8 kun oldin
I believe he is saying that he can not speak English but likes it anyway
Wind Blade
Wind Blade 9 kun oldin
First time i saw you without glasses xD
The Raven
The Raven 9 kun oldin
Did u see that the whole video he missed it i searched it up it’s called water
Slandereus yeet
Slandereus yeet 5 soat oldin
Water and..?
Hunter Gant
Hunter Gant 9 kun oldin
Rtg Mi
Rtg Mi 9 kun oldin
This videos name should be boop da fish
Joseph Koenig
Joseph Koenig 9 kun oldin
i like ur pants. very tight mmm nyess love u dad
Mike Darling
Mike Darling 10 kun oldin
4:22 when are sticks metal?
Ben the Savage
Ben the Savage 10 kun oldin
2:20 nice roast lol
Hera Smith
Hera Smith 10 kun oldin
So cool!!!
HeyIts Jay
HeyIts Jay 10 kun oldin
"I haven't found my first diamond ring with my metal detector yet" *Hey man* Maybe because diamonds aren't metals Vismsiansjcbd
jack jennings
jack jennings 6 kun oldin
Lol the ring part is metal the diamond is a ornament
se miran vonitosCheeto Love
It's non of your business
Devin Flynn
Devin Flynn 9 kun oldin
but the rings are made of solid diamond right.
FoxGamingUniverse 10 kun oldin
I like your videos, they are entertaining but why do you think it’s a good idea to grab the fish? It’s bad for the environment and the fish. I’m not telling you what to do, just a suggestion. It doesn’t kill the fish or anything
Erin Ivey
Erin Ivey 10 kun oldin
i would hold the sea turtle i dont know why you guys would just scream :(
Jacob Games&Vlogz
Jacob Games&Vlogz 10 kun oldin
What if it was a snapping turtle or somethin else idk
Chin Chin Guarin
Chin Chin Guarin 10 kun oldin
why is it cauld the devils den
GVStvicious 8 kun oldin
Chin Chin Guarin. Because the devil lives in it
Melvs Espanol
Melvs Espanol 10 kun oldin
Love your vids!!!
Small Seal
Small Seal 10 kun oldin
i want to buy this man new gloves
Dormir 10 kun oldin
the dude they talk to about the bones looks like white neil degrasse tyson
Dormir 9 kun oldin
+'Melia G. LOL
'Melia G.
'Melia G. 9 kun oldin
he looks like ben 10s grandpa from the cartoons
Moshnikov Efim
Moshnikov Efim 10 kun oldin
That place look's like blsce from PUBG
Slandereus yeet
Slandereus yeet 5 soat oldin
+Melvs Espanol Nah, pretty sure he said PUBG.
Melvs Espanol
Melvs Espanol 10 kun oldin
marrmar1 10 kun oldin
You guys are very cool! Keep up with the great videos!
Gayle Contonis
Gayle Contonis 10 kun oldin
Coooooooool man.
GaryTheGecko 11 kun oldin
Oooo a stick
Abdullah Dullah
Abdullah Dullah 11 kun oldin
Abdullah Dullah
Abdullah Dullah 8 kun oldin
Harry Rainey, Jr.
Harry Rainey, Jr. 11 kun oldin
If you were using a Minelab Excalibur, you would not be getting all those iron targets. The Excal ignores iron.
Liya 268
Liya 268 11 kun oldin
I did not know twigs are so valuable.
Mike FromYT
Mike FromYT 11 kun oldin
sun born
10000 subs challenge No vids can we do it?
How are bones metal?
kristian lehtonen
kristian lehtonen 11 kun oldin
Appoint capable awareness free active ritual tournament tennis base.
baby nine
baby nine 11 kun oldin
baby nine
baby nine 11 kun oldin
He's a waterman
Zipperneck 11 kun oldin
All bones, natural formations and stuff should be LEFT in cave.
G- Nade
G- Nade 12 kun oldin
is it not that deep there?
what a clean water
Nicole Canter
Nicole Canter 12 kun oldin
Lol Brandon was terrified by da turtle I woulda wreceld it 😂😂
Slandereus yeet
Slandereus yeet 5 soat oldin
Also, spell "Wrestled" correctly.
Slandereus yeet
Slandereus yeet 5 soat oldin
You probably wouldn't. Sorry for breaking your dreams.
maddy m
maddy m 12 kun oldin
Nicole Canter lol
Erik Doldersum
Erik Doldersum 12 kun oldin
Nederland is goed
Evi Verbruggen
Evi Verbruggen 9 kun oldin
vindt ik nou ook
Dion Van drunen
Dion Van drunen 11 kun oldin
Vindt ik ook
Erik Doldersum
Erik Doldersum 12 kun oldin
Taytum Magill
Taytum Magill 12 kun oldin
Here is another place in washington state near mount rainier there is a place called packwood there is this swimhole that has rings and all kinds of stuff I have been there before it is really cool it is kinda populated but only people that know it’s there go there🤗