Scuba Diving the Devil's Den for Lost Valuables! (Found 2 Prehistoric Bones) | DALLMYD

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In this video I scuba dive and explore the Devil's Den located in Florida for lost valuables!
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Scuba Diving the Devil's Den for Lost Valuables! (Found 2 Prehistoric Bones) | DALLMYD




12-Mar, 2018

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DALLMYD 8 oy oldin
Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see a metal detecting competition against Brandon! haha Thank you guys for the amazing support lately. It really means a lot
Maxi Matthews
Maxi Matthews 14 soat oldin
DALLMYD dude perfect did a metal detector competition lol
Alysia Shepherd
Alysia Shepherd 2 kun oldin
I love ur vids
Konstantin Banovic
Konstantin Banovic 7 kun oldin
cha kib
cha kib 9 kun oldin
فكيو بتش
kathlyncleng 22 kun oldin
omg i love you all cool
Yolandi Kosmatos
Yolandi Kosmatos 4 soat oldin
Next time go to witsand South Africa there is alot of sunken ships there
Katielove91 8 soat oldin
James Speirs
James Speirs 8 soat oldin
I thought a stòne was a ring box😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jose Iber Jose
Jose Iber Jose 14 soat oldin
6:30 he didn't even know
Maverick&Mia 15 soat oldin
6:47 Wen he gits his flashlight and shins it it is cool 😎
Kimberly stotts
Kimberly stotts 16 soat oldin
I love you
rowena machado
rowena machado 16 soat oldin
more gta 5
shalima razack
shalima razack 16 soat oldin
Sup says the fish
Leila Omerhodzic
Leila Omerhodzic 17 soat oldin
The fish are so cute 🥰
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 18 soat oldin
Why ya scared of a freakin turtle? xD
Philip K
Philip K 17 soat oldin
Snaping turtles
PinkGoatProductions 18 soat oldin
Cam Cam
Cam Cam 19 soat oldin
Can u search Lake anna
Tucker Jones
Tucker Jones 20 soat oldin
Did you get a girl friend and not just a friend Jake? She's too hot to just be your friend.
Sammy Finger
Sammy Finger 22 soat oldin
Go to the Deepsest point
Tucker Jones
Tucker Jones 20 soat oldin
You are hot in Minecraft.
Overwatch Team
Overwatch Team 20 soat oldin
kys mate
kys mate 23 soat oldin
I've been there Iive close to it
Vincemuroqt Kun oldin
Heres a joke : :3
Pavle Svorcan
Pavle Svorcan Kun oldin
I remember when he was at 200k, he was the best at that point
Filiberto Dominges
What kind of equipment do they use ?
Joe Cameron
Joe Cameron Kun oldin
why do you carry toothpaste in your container
Elizzzahh Cuevas
Elizzzahh Cuevas 20 soat oldin
He found it while diving🤦‍♀️
HaruBug 23 soat oldin
so he can brush his teeth obviously
Jeremy Mead
Jeremy Mead Kun oldin
I’ve dove down there it’s beautiful
Lightning Wolf
Lightning Wolf Kun oldin
Sapphire Luna
Sapphire Luna Kun oldin
4:30 that fish looked at him like “bro wtf are you doing?” 😂
Aaron Friedman
Aaron Friedman 2 kun oldin
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue I got Clickbated And so Did you
GrungeMan nirvana
how though....
Shadow Assassin
Shadow Assassin 2 kun oldin
That water is so gorgeous and clear! Where is this? And are we able to still visit it?
Lily James
Lily James Kun oldin
I live in Florida
Shadow Assassin
Shadow Assassin 2 kun oldin
+Jordan Megahan :( guess im taking a field trip to Florida
Jordan Megahan
Jordan Megahan 2 kun oldin
It’s Devils Den in Florida if you search it you’ll find it it’s a famous cavern and allows snorkeling and scuba diving for 30 per person beautiful place
Swollo it Limited Bait, Burley, Ice co
I love this vid🙃
Keira Kyler
Keira Kyler 2 kun oldin
RiotRedDemons 2 kun oldin
This reminds me of the game Subnautica.
Ethan Harris
Ethan Harris 3 kun oldin
That was the same turtle I saw!
Ethan Harris
Ethan Harris 3 kun oldin
Three months before I went
Ethan Harris
Ethan Harris 3 kun oldin
No way
Ethan Harris
Ethan Harris 3 kun oldin
No way I’ve actually been here!
pattmyn 3 kun oldin
Anyone know what kind of metal detector that is? It's got me kinda curious now...
pattmyn 2 kun oldin
+Chase Edwards Sweet! Appreciate the info man!
Chase Edwards
Chase Edwards 2 kun oldin
pattmyn vibra tector 750
kaitlin coffey
kaitlin coffey 4 kun oldin
I live right down the road from there 😂
lone survivor
lone survivor 3 kun oldin
Ethan Harris
Ethan Harris 3 kun oldin
I’ve been there
Mary Culross
Mary Culross 4 kun oldin
Do the contest!
Ann-Marie Hobbs
Ann-Marie Hobbs 4 kun oldin
This is a thing brondon and jack do wan they see a fish they poke it
Lightning Wolf
Lightning Wolf Kun oldin
Ann-Marie Hobbs lol
Catman 5 kun oldin
you should send this bone to a lab or something to see what creature it belonged to!
Jacqueline Monaghan
Daniela Mary Perales
aww the fish were looking at your 🤗🤔😆😘😍
Daniela Mary Perales
I ment you
Cara Hunt
Cara Hunt 6 kun oldin
You are such a good diver my favorite video is the one were you and brandon find a baby catfish in the shoe that you found HHHAAA.
Kosta Dub
Kosta Dub 6 kun oldin
if you ever proposed to Kyndall, you could, just an idea, pretend to find a ring while diving with her, and propose underwater
Jaka Krameršek
Jaka Krameršek 7 kun oldin
Ther is 2 guns at 4,26 and 4,50 min! Lok at !
ThatOneDeadMeme 8 kun oldin
wait your in fl
Thundy 8 kun oldin
After the screw he found i would have said "Screw You!" After insulting Dally
Cara Hunt
Cara Hunt 9 kun oldin
keep up the good work
Lana Duby
Lana Duby 9 kun oldin
You guys are awesome! My son wants to be a scuba diver. He loves your videos!
Foxy 096
Foxy 096 10 kun oldin
Woow good video☺
Cara Hunt
Cara Hunt 9 kun oldin
Dragon slaying king
Dragon slaying king 11 kun oldin
What song does that beat come from that's at the end of your videos
Lps Cupquake
Lps Cupquake 11 kun oldin
You are crazy! But can u watch on of my videos on camera
PirateDog 9 kun oldin
get yo lps crap outta here boi
Liberty Jean
Liberty Jean 11 kun oldin
Who else find these videos so calming and relaxing
HaruBug 23 soat oldin
same, but in a terrifying way
Tsm Chadd
Tsm Chadd 9 kun oldin
Sobxrbe4545 Ramirez
Sobxrbe4545 Ramirez 11 kun oldin
N b xxxtent
The Flying Goldfish
The Flying Goldfish 11 kun oldin
Those are Green Sunfish, not bluegill
Vlogging w/ Kelly
Vlogging w/ Kelly 12 kun oldin
I love when you hi and play with fish is amazing
Willie Weed
Willie Weed 13 kun oldin
Devil's Den is awesome! I dove there in 1999! Huge bream big as a plate! Took cheese wiz and was attacked! Soo cool!
Haylea Addison
Haylea Addison 13 kun oldin
The devil's den is so beautiful I wanna go there now maybe to snorkel as I have a hydroscope mask along with a snorkel I just need to get flippers maybe I can get me a buoyancy vest along with a underwater camera. I just never snorkeled even though I have the mask and snorkel it is good you found prehistoric bones I wonder what type of bones it was though? If you found out Jake maybe you could update us what type of animal bones it was.
Stylish Music
Stylish Music 13 kun oldin
I like how the fish are just casually looking at you 😂
Yaboi LewisFiji
Yaboi LewisFiji 13 kun oldin
Hey @dallymd i lost my wedding ring in the devils den.... u think u could find it? Ill give you $500. If u find it
PirateDog 9 kun oldin
That ring’s long gone
K T 12 kun oldin
Yaboi LewisFiji: This was in March
Tibor Sido
Tibor Sido 14 kun oldin
your left hand is like in VR lol
Caden Anatriello
Caden Anatriello 14 kun oldin
4:27 jake stop bullying the fish
Datuna Zenaishvili
Datuna Zenaishvili 15 kun oldin
Very good
Datuna Zenaishvili
Datuna Zenaishvili 15 kun oldin
Stacey McCallum
Stacey McCallum 15 kun oldin
try and cach a fish
Gine Mae Lagnason
Gine Mae Lagnason 15 kun oldin
I like it when he's playing with fish.
The Dayyy
The Dayyy 15 kun oldin
15:20 that’s a wedding band so u did find A wedding ring basically
Ronny Patterson
Ronny Patterson 16 kun oldin
I love your videos....keep them coming buddy
LazyLinks 16 kun oldin
Layla Hayes
Layla Hayes 17 kun oldin
*pokes fish* Fish: RUN!!! I love how he touched at least 1fish in every video😂😂
Daan Lautenbach
Daan Lautenbach 17 kun oldin
How is this girl swimming with flippers😂 11:52
Keenher Blanco
Keenher Blanco 18 kun oldin
This is a 🐢 every like is its age and his name is well u name him
Dragon 16 kun oldin
Brian Hicks
Brian Hicks 19 kun oldin
Band Alfonso
Band Alfonso 20 kun oldin
Its just like the video of MAN + RIVER like this if you agree
Вадим Хвастунов
Кристально чистый
dolphin gaming
dolphin gaming 22 kun oldin
So those rocks were probably the ceiling or the thing that was mimicing a ceiling and/or acting like an/ a ceiling?
Luca Vitulli
Luca Vitulli 22 kun oldin
Are u a sea animal lover
Руслан Матяжов
Я один русский просто смотрю его конал чтобы посмотреть на нештички что он находит?
Руслан Матяжов
Я один русский просто смотрю его конал чтобы посмотреть на нештички что он находит?
KR Production
KR Production 11 kun oldin
И я в том числе
Sonya Tig
Sonya Tig 21 kun oldin
Нет, не один. Кстати это место похоже из сериала "Н2О просто добавь воды" Прям ааа..
Lexie queen09
Lexie queen09 23 kun oldin
What state is that in I want to go
potatorock 15 kun oldin
Lexie queen09 it’s in florida
Lexie queen09
Lexie queen09 18 kun oldin
Nerdy ThiccFox do you think I’m dumb cause I know that🙄
Nerdy ThiccFox
Nerdy ThiccFox 20 kun oldin
Lexie queen09
Lexie queen09 21 kun oldin
To the people who liked my comment thank you as in dolphin gamer just shut up
Lexie queen09
Lexie queen09 22 kun oldin
dolphin gaming someone needs a nap.Also I know what USA means🙄🙄
Addie Mosley
Addie Mosley 24 kun oldin
this good be called “angels den” like it’s so beautiful
Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman 24 kun oldin
Why you want a Diamond ring if you have a Candle soaking wet behind you?
Brian Pautsch
Brian Pautsch 24 kun oldin
Very cool. You should check out the Blue Grotto. It’s nearby.
Thegamerpersonhi 24 kun oldin
I want to do what you guys do but I’m afraid of the ocean and deep water places
Silver Fox
Silver Fox 22 kun oldin
Oh same. I love the water but I'd be constantly looking over my shoulder 😜
ZombiAnnihilator 24 kun oldin
stop poking the fish bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kahle Key
Kahle Key 21 kun oldin
ZombiAnnihilator exactly
swampgator2012 25 kun oldin
My dad was a rescue recovery diver for Florida. He also mapped most of the underground aquifer with his friend and fellow diver. Never dive caves alone take three lights and always two guide reels keep em tight. It’s very scary watching the black body bags come out, I never really got used to that but it also never stopped me.... I learned to scuba in caves. Check out Devils eye and the ear if you can. You can also dive the jug to the main opening at manatee. Troy is kinda cool.
nasi gapelu
nasi gapelu 25 kun oldin
why did they name it the devils den thats a creepy name -.-
Cecilia Galeana
Cecilia Galeana 25 kun oldin
I subscribed
jakubovky 23 kun oldin
Me too
S L 26 kun oldin
That is my dads ring no way he said he went to devils den and dropped his ring and it was rubber
Caden Anatriello
Caden Anatriello 14 kun oldin
That’s a strange coincidence
Caden Anatriello
Caden Anatriello 14 kun oldin
Ya ok!!!
Hannibal Moreno
Hannibal Moreno 14 kun oldin
I call lies
jobin kris
jobin kris 26 kun oldin
feeding the fish with some stone and sand Great haha
Riley McKenzie
Riley McKenzie 26 kun oldin
Im new like this coment if i should sub
Riley McKenzie
Riley McKenzie 26 kun oldin
I love water
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose 27 kun oldin
When he saw the turtle 😂😂
lia armengolt
lia armengolt 27 kun oldin
that is so cool and i subscribed
Yao Ze Jiang
Yao Ze Jiang 27 kun oldin
Rileylovesstarwars YT
Go scuba diving where Kim k lost her diamond earring haha
Char _Playz
Char _Playz 27 kun oldin
Was that a snapping turtle in the intro?
David Tintaru
David Tintaru 28 kun oldin
You talking too much
halo forger
halo forger 25 kun oldin
Then why are you watching it......
Sweet Toast
Sweet Toast 28 kun oldin
bOnEs, mY FAvoRitE~ Fossils, rocks, tHiNGs thAt ArE CoOl anD SimPLy DiVINe!~ I'm normal. C:
Alexis Riley
Alexis Riley 28 kun oldin
I love your vids
the derpy dear man
the derpy dear man 28 kun oldin
Color Ful Julia
Color Ful Julia 28 kun oldin
4:42 **sees a fish** Why hello their mr. fish! **waves**
Nicholus Barkham
Nicholus Barkham 28 kun oldin
Great job guys
AlcoholAndLAG 28 kun oldin
LOL beep beep beep on the oxygen tank he just couldn't help himself
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook 29 kun oldin
*pokes fish* Fish: gEt yO nAsTy aSs hAnDs oFf mE cReEp
Bo!S GAm!NG 29 kun oldin
do a metal detector battle and make more metal detector eps pls
Antal Schmidt
Antal Schmidt Oy oldin
Hy! What is the metal lookup type?
You have too much fun poking fish, you know that?
JAMES DAHLQUIST 28 kun oldin
+zeranzeran yeah... If they don't swim away first
zeranzeran Oy oldin
GRAB EM BY THE DORSAL they love it