Sen. Kamala Harris: This Won't End With A Wall

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'The Truths We Hold: An American Journey' author and Senator Kamala Harris makes a guarantee about Trump's border wall.
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11-Yan, 2019



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jonah krause
jonah krause Kun oldin
jonah krause
jonah krause Kun oldin
Louis Escuela
Louis Escuela 3 kun oldin
Kamala Harris began her political climb as an ambitious 30-year-old skank who was the mistress of 60-year-old San Francisco mayor Willie Brown and was referred to in the LA Times newspaper as Willies mistress. Kamala Harris is a marriage wrecker who used her skills in bed and on her knees in her political climb. She used 60-year-old San Francisco mayor Willie Brown's weakness for streetwalkers and was referred to in the LA Times newspaper as "Willies mistress." She was HANDED high paying jobs in California(party 72k yr and 92k) in her political climb for her sexual "services" to Willie. She's a repugnant, bottom-feeding skank who climbed the stairs of success on her calloused KNEES and San Fran mayor Willie Brown's weakness for streetwalkers. Old Willie's weakness for young women has led to a grandstanding arrogant skank fouling the hallowed halls of Congress.
Diego Nunez
Diego Nunez 10 kun oldin
Tulsi Gabbard is miles above her in authenticity and substance.
Arnol Deolarte
Arnol Deolarte 12 kun oldin
What a hypocrite. They audacity to say they serve people and not their own self interests. Her voting records indicate quite the opposite.
Terry Wilson
Terry Wilson 15 kun oldin
We will have a wall and we're going to like it
froot looz
froot looz 26 kun oldin
My whole family is voting for her. She’s very intelligent.
Steve Xyz
Steve Xyz 13 kun oldin
Besides weed and willie brown, is there anything else Kamala Harris has smoked?
Undead Militia
Undead Militia 26 kun oldin
You know what's funny? This woman slept with the mayor of San Francisco (who, by the way, was 60 at the time and she was around 30) and expected him to appoint her positions that she didn't deserve. It sickens me that people seriously think that she should be president. I'm not saying that Trump is any better, but, this woman, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders would be easily worse. Before you put me down as some sort of label, please research these people before you jump to conclusions and say HaRRiS 2020.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 27 kun oldin
She is way better than Obama & Hillary Clinton combined.
Herman Justice
Herman Justice 27 kun oldin
Pres. HARRIS 2020.
MrSchweppes 29 kun oldin
Thanks god Bernie Sanders has more supporters than her. #Bernie2020
MrSchweppes 29 kun oldin
Bernie Sanders should be the next President of the United States! #Bernie2020
Jennifer Clem
Jennifer Clem 29 kun oldin
Criminals don’t follow the laws! Democrats are not taking our guns!! I love how Steven Colbert and Kamala Harris have armed security yet they wanna take common law abiding citizens guns away!!! It’s not gonna happen libtards!! Criminals don’t follow or respect laws!!!! That’s why people still buy heroine and cocaine... it’s illegal but bad guys still sell it illegally!!!
Leo Mirza
Leo Mirza Oy oldin
To be honest, Geminis are not good leaders so as Trump
Damon Roark
Damon Roark Oy oldin
Any idiot could get on with Colbert, posit themselves as an antidote to Trump, then millions of starry-eyed hypnotees chime in about how great a president they'd make. If I didn't let the hollow earth mole people borrow my tinfoil hat, I'd say our government, more or less, has devolved long ago into an ornamental monarchy designed to disguise the inner machinations of our geographical corner of the global automaton of plutocracy.
Shay Berber
Shay Berber Oy oldin
I think she needs to see a shrink!!
Shay Berber
Shay Berber Oy oldin
Very EVIL woman!! NO NO NO to her being anywhere near the WH!!!
walterr knittle
It won't end wI th a Wall it will end ith you are voted out
Gregg Jackson
Gregg Jackson Oy oldin
Keg Legs Kamala...hahahaha
Richard Delaney
She has the charisma of a prune.
Potter V
Potter V Oy oldin
You can't open the borders for more immigrants when you have already so many problems in poorer neighborhood, the violence and gangreleted violence Will escalate and affect the families already affected everyday. And true there is so much horrible violence from countries like Mexico and Venezuela and others coming in, and it Will escalate the security of the families living out in these neighborhood.
Asher Savin
Asher Savin Oy oldin
Yang 2020
Lalit Kodecha
Lalit Kodecha Oy oldin
Kamala harrish . I think she will be a great president
Satan's Son
Satan's Son Oy oldin
Kamala Harris doesn't have the experience to be a POTUS. She too weak. Very low energy. She, and the rest of the Democrats have made California the laughing stock of the nation. Besides, POTUS is a man's job, not a fkn social experiment.
Brian Peterson
Harris would be an expert on walls considering how many people she has put people in cages
Steve White
Steve White Oy oldin
This show is very annoying. These people think they are smart, sophisticated, informed, but never actually use facts to defend their opinions. Illegal immigration, which they never actually discuss, is bad for most Americans. This is easily demonstrated by looking at llegals contribution to tax revenues (very low) and their cost(in kids in school, in public health) AND how they lower wages while increasing demands on housing, ( driving costs up for all people who rent) and other commodities. Because illegal immigration can not be defended rationally, they do not even try, they talk about " immigration" as though you could not have legal immigration without illegal immigration. They talk abput Trump making things up and it is true, but he is nowhere close to the massive liars they are.
aditidurgapal Oy oldin
she got the same name as my grandma!
ShawN TyleR
ShawN TyleR Oy oldin
Old people's in they so called THE GREAT America lol 😂🤣😅
Jar Dolph
Jar Dolph Oy oldin
Trump really SUX!! DEMOCRATS GONNA pick someone who EQUALLY SUX so he gets 4 more years?? DAMN!
A fat escaped Ram
brian collins
brian collins Oy oldin
Vanity project the Democrats voted for in the past which makes them a bunch of hypocrites. Also didn’t this woman sleep her way into politics.
Dandy Lion
Dandy Lion Oy oldin
2 words: KOMMY + HARASS
Fred Jensen
Fred Jensen Oy oldin
Harris, you are to much into yourself. Why don't you tell the truth about your past and come clean, or go back to CA.
f0repl4y Oy oldin
Do not vote for this woman. I prefer action speaks louder than words. She incarcerated so many innocent people over petty drug offenses and kept an innocent man in prison simply because he did not file is papers on time.
Harri True
Harri True Oy oldin
She will not do much but will make lots of money in book deals, similar to the obamas. It will be politically boring. She will waste your tax money
Ronald Listner
She offers nothing. Furthermore...there is no evidence of collusion or any other crime perpetrated by this President ...her assumption that Trump is guilty before the investigation is complete shows her extreme bias towards him.
Matthew Jamison
Establishment puppet handpicked to do corporate Americas bidding. When the donors are backing you it's because you'll fight for them instead of the people. Sanders/Gabbard 2020
She is great, though she always sounds like she is trying to push out some intestinal gas .... BUT for me, though I would be happy to vote for her if she got the Democratic nomination, she is down on the list of those who I think would make the best President ... including Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. I just do not like this thing of running for President halfway through her first Senate term .... my God, do you hate your job so much you cannot finish one 6 year Senate term?
Joseph Arce
Joseph Arce Oy oldin
She seems like she is high.....🤔
Joseph Arce
Joseph Arce Oy oldin
Hahahah I promiss this will end with a Wall.....just wait a short time. #facts
Elizabeth Schichtel
This woman (Kamala Harris), does not know that the border security "wall" is NOT a "vanity project"! By the way Ms. Harris, you're doing a disservice to the Americans, that you are supposed to be serving, as "senator", by not cooperating with our duly elected "commander in chief". You seem to have your priorities mixed up. By the way, President Trump realizes that "the wall" in certain areas, along the border, is helpful, in combination with other types of security devices. You and your white husband, probably, have a wall around your house!
Abe Gonzalez
Abe Gonzalez Oy oldin
The only good democratic candidate we have had in a while... not perfect but you know my point
Jay Chase
Jay Chase Oy oldin
Is she black?
Jay Chase
Jay Chase Oy oldin
+djw80158 Thanks for the information
djw80158 Oy oldin
50% Indian/50% Jamaican
Mercy Magpantay
Another weak democrat candidate. She doesnt know when it comes to war. So stupid
last first
last first Oy oldin
Remember Rome ,people will out
Red894336643 Oy oldin
Minutes of bashing Trump still don’t know what she would do as President. Fun but not useful information.
Jason Sypher
Jason Sypher Oy oldin
I present to you an intelligent, well-spoken, experienced, ethical politician. What you do with this is your business. I'd like to see someone this grounded and informed to hold high public office.
Love her, I’ll take her over slick talking Booker any day
in themix
in themix Oy oldin
Russia didn't just interfere. trump invited and was involved in their interference. he also knew what was going on and had business dealings with Putin. he is dangerous to America. we already know these things.
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel Oy oldin
This lady is my favorite aunt.
lori s
lori s Oy oldin
Lets call it was it really is... another protest vote. You all keep being spiteful and vote for someone just bc shes the direct opposite of trump and we'll be stuck with him another 4 yrs and things will be 1000x worse. Be realistic, see the world for what it is and vote for someone who actually has a shot. Alot of older libs, the ones that actually vote in every election no matter how small, arent going to participate in a spite vote. Try actually watching ALL the rallies, dnc, rnc, and debates. Research the person and see how theyve screwed us in the past like corey booker who time and again voted with drug lobbyists who keep our drug prices high, warren and bernie who sold us out and approved morons to run this country. The votes for everything are public record. Do the work and look them all up. As far as Gillibrand speaking to wallstreet, shes a Ny senator, wallstreet is in Ny. Duh.
George Washington
It's always "Unless you're scared" when a woman wants to test the confidence of a man's nutsack. Well then baby, if you've done your research as you claim, then you know that your party wants to install a socialist dictatorship. And if you know that then you also know that the only way that'll happen is when each and everyone one of us that stand against you and your democratic overlords, including me, are dead. I know what side you're on. Looks like I'll be looking you square in the eye on the field of battle for the soul of this constitutional republic. Give me liberty or give me death. And don't think I'm not prepared for the latter.
lori s
lori s Oy oldin
+George Washington i only do my own research but you keep drinking the koolaid the billionaire run media feeds ya. Its all public info, there for the reading. Unless youre scared to see actual reports and learn the truth. I dare ya. 😂😂😂
George Washington
Things are much better than you believe they are. Look outside your echo chamber for a while and see the light. I hate to break it to you but Trump is so popular & you don't know that because everything you're telling people to do, you aren't doing yourself. First thing would be to take your own medicine but between you and me? You don't have the tits.
Heather Royes
Heather Royes Oy oldin
The Trump Trolls are after her. Is Trump afraid of her?
George Washington
I thought we were Russian bots? I don't know who we are anymore because you keep changing what we are each week. Kidding aside, we're the true patriots of this nation and you're not getting your social dictatorship installed until you've killed all of us. Got it cupcake?
pelos 26
pelos 26 Oy oldin
she is hot :) i want her
pelos 26
pelos 26 Oy oldin
0:58 awkward !! lol
Jim Biden
Jim Biden Oy oldin
"She's fully qualified in every position and I should know."- Willie Brown
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman Oy oldin
The late show has been turned into Socialist dung.
Ownage Prank
Ownage Prank Oy oldin
Poor Trump has to deal with people like these
Javohn Macklin
So what I seen is that she use to hide evidence on innocent blacks while in court and give them higher sentences. She also trying to keep a man in the death penalty when there’s good evidence that’s he’s innocent and he’s been in prison for a while now. That’s just one example there’s MANY more like that one.
El Rico
El Rico Oy oldin
Kamala Harris just said that congressmen should be locked in a room and view the photos of dead babies !! for real... I wonder if Cuomo & Co. will be so honored and amongst that group ? She must expect a viewing of murdered babies to be politically beneficial ? Kamala cant have it both ways now. Or... are her awareness faculties really in the turned on mode?
Shasta Graff
Shasta Graff Oy oldin
Congress never passed the bill to the president. That was the hold up. The president was too stupid to even know this is illegal. They all need to be taken to task for this.
Durgesh Kinnerkar
Big Mac
Big Mac Oy oldin
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight Oy oldin
Trump would creampied here easily
Alice Wolfe
Alice Wolfe Oy oldin
shes one of the very very few politicians that i dont just like, but respect. when i saw her ask questions of brett kavanaugh, i knew i wanted to see her debate trump.
Dolan Gallier
Dolan Gallier Oy oldin
Babar Tahir
Babar Tahir Oy oldin
Is she Milf material?
Scott Pauley
Scott Pauley Oy oldin
Notice the politician who is fighting for the poor, becomes rich and their voters stay poor.
Jaime Sanchez
Jaime Sanchez Oy oldin
She has my vote!!
i lup
i lup Oy oldin
she gives off a Michelle Obama vibe, like of you agree , comment if you don't
i lup
i lup Oy oldin
she gives off a Michelle Obama vibe, like of you agree , comment if you don't
Roland Clark
Roland Clark Oy oldin
J C Oy oldin
America just forced a new president on Venezuela and people are worried Russians may have interfered with our elections. Lol
Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston Oy oldin
get a little more full of yourself...
Brother Nature
Monique Huizar
Did anyone watch how Kamala Harris was humiliated at the border wall hearing back in 2018. She was basically thrown out of the room. She speaks of vanity because she can relate. This is entirely an ego move. By the way, she doesn’t have to talk to McConnell because Alexandria will.
never answers the questions. the russia issue is certainly no priority in 2020 .... yawn
Rida Evans
Rida Evans Oy oldin
Well we are listening to her promises so she doe's plan on keeping---remember this when you vote for her she don't mean her promises.
Aegon Targaryen
Tulsi gabbard 2020
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Oy oldin
If strangers were living in your basement, eating your food, using the stuff you worked hard for and using your house like it was their own, would kick them out? HELL YES. YOU WOULD!! And if they kept coming back time and time again, would you take actions to ensure they wouldn't even be able to get on your property? HELL, YES!! YOU WOULD!!
Randy Potter
Randy Potter Oy oldin
The Kamel's plan for the government to take over the energy sector is right out a bad science fiction novel. Totally insane.
Dimi Domo
Dimi Domo Oy oldin
I'd like to spend some personal hubba-hubba time with this CA senator. Btw, she's rich also.
Will Charles
Will Charles Oy oldin
If we gotta vote for side chicks to be president Im voting for Monica Lewinsky😂
J Bob
J Bob Oy oldin
This woman is a fraud
Tim Thomas
Tim Thomas Oy oldin
yes,,,, that's what America needs a first term Sen. from California, holy shit!
Jerry Lafayette
Do your homework!!! I've watched Kamala too many times in action. She's a (SELF SERVING) opportunist who asks brilliant questions only to entrap/perjure/discredit (often good competent) people so she can grandstand her way to the white house rather pursuing truth AND OUR BEST INTERESTS Truth is always on her side Even when she's on the wrong side of an issue. Perhaps she should concentrate on the 40% black homeless rate in her (6.7% African American) state. Her State is #1 with 130,000 homeless californians . Why should I as a black man or a US citizen vote for any politician who REFLECTS that? Why would I vote for a politician from a state that is #1 in people and corporations leaving it to possibly do the same for our country? Why should I vote for someone who won't tell the truth of how ILLEGAL (ILLEGAL) Immigration (unfair employment, housing, Education, Social services, competition) has decimated the black community? Common Sense! Duh! Don't believe me. Do your homework!!! Watch the California's Black & White homeless UZvid videos before they take them down. Why send politicians from states going socially and financially bankrupt to the white house? If they can't demonstrate they can fix their state, how can we trust them with our country?
MrSchweppes Oy oldin
Kamala Harris is fake. Bernie Sanders is the real deal. #Bernie2020
Austin Atcitty
Austin Atcitty 21 kun oldin
We don't need socialism it is communism with a full face of makeup
ogpnw Oy oldin
MrSchweppes WORD.
citizen x
citizen x Oy oldin
she is nothing but a hypocritical corporate donor accomplice, only a little bit smarter than Hillary
Perci M
Perci M Oy oldin
Give me a break. It’s all Democrats fault.
nozrati Oy oldin
Don’t forget she was a prosecutor and pushed for tough sentencing during the 90’s that caused the prison population to swell with young African Americans. She’s a smooth talker. But one look at her voting record and you’ll see she bends over for Republicans and gives them whatever they want.
bobbymac1947 Oy oldin
I will not for any reason vote for anyone that accepts corporate. or billionaire money.....
Alex Campos
Alex Campos Oy oldin
The next & first woman to be president of the USA is hot!!!😍
auspicious audacious
She can have several seats! DEMONcrat!! Trump 2020
Jerry Parker
Jerry Parker Oy oldin
Kamala Harris was on the receiving end of the 'Slick Willy' to advance her political aspirations! She did get a Mercedes-Benz as a 'gift' for her services rendered!
Nawal_ N_Heaven
She is making me so proud as a woman ❤️
Keen James
Keen James Oy oldin
Tasteless marijuana joke considering the amount of nonviolent offenders she kept in prison so they could work for slave wages.
Rani Rich
Rani Rich Oy oldin
A woman who has no morals, integrity or values is going to tell us who we are? I think NOT! Screwing a married man for money and position isn't who I want leading my country! Obama created the DACA situation and Democrats own that, they refused to protect the border just as they are now! All of which is a treasonous act!
MrRocktex1978 Oy oldin
this woman is disgusting
str8cndian Oy oldin
Didn't he mean bankrupt state?
cjb cjb
cjb cjb Oy oldin
Kamala likes to smoke a little weed? I think here's some truth behind that joke.
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