Senior blind Pit Bull waited his whole life for this rescue!

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
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I wish someone called Hope For Paws sooner to save Duncan. Please donate $5 and help us save these dogs off the streets... it is so cold outside, and it's just one endless nightmare for them: www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you Frosted Faces for fostering and handling his adoption:
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21-Fev, 2018

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Ana Alberto
Ana Alberto Kun oldin
😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 sorry so sorry
shelton bitsui
shelton bitsui Kun oldin
poor baby
John Nguyen
John Nguyen Kun oldin
Duncan is so cute
Alistar Sebastian
0:50 that blue Camaro tho
Deb N
Deb N Kun oldin
That is MAST cells tumor. Not mass.
Jessica Conner
Jessica Conner 2 kun oldin
My heart is happy for the rest of the week, THANK YOU.
Ger Stan
Ger Stan 2 kun oldin
This break my hart. Thank you for saving him. X
Ann M
Ann M 2 kun oldin
This little guy is finally getting the medical care he needs and look at the change in him when he is with kind caring people. God bless everyone that's helped Duncan 💕💕😊🐕
Ashly Murcia
Ashly Murcia 3 kun oldin
Omg i even críed you are so help full
*Lady Voldemort*
*Lady Voldemort* 3 kun oldin
😭😭😭😭😭😭 Poor Duncan...such a sweet boy...I can't believe how dirty he was, I thought he was grey! Abandoned senior dog, cats, and human always make me immensely sad...
Lt Aldrich
Lt Aldrich 3 kun oldin
Brought me to tears. Just enrolled in monthly donations. Thank you.
Kyle Carson
Kyle Carson 3 kun oldin
Tho the doggie is blind i think it govea him character
Mary Malungahu
Mary Malungahu 3 kun oldin
You poor dog I hope you get better
Bianca Delahunt
Bianca Delahunt 4 kun oldin
Where is the guy,? He is SO MUCH BETTER than the blonde girls. All they want is to smile at the camera and they make too many mistakes anyway. If he is not on a video I don't care to watch. He is the only one who really cares. He is truly an expert on dog rescue. Moving on...
erdal eryılmaz
erdal eryılmaz 4 kun oldin
Bu insanlar cennete gidecek
Adele Brigitte Hartl
Grazie x il vostro Aiuto,mille GRAZIE
Adele Brigitte Hartl
Quanta Crudeltà,Io ormai ho perso la Fiducia nel Uomo
David A Townsend
David A Townsend 4 kun oldin
If there is compassion then this is it! Wow - like I mean serious Wow!
MsG 4 kun oldin
Why the dog blind?very poor dog,thank to people save the dog you are a good human on the world god bles u all people to take care animal.
The Watsons
The Watsons 4 kun oldin
Whys there a christmas tree ? Its feburary
Nellakia Bella
Nellakia Bella 4 kun oldin
Thanks for saving Duncan. I’m in tears.
Patricia Bilinkas
Patricia Bilinkas 4 kun oldin
Omg, this poor fur baby is blind and unloved until Hope for Paws arrives. I’m glad to donate monthly to help them save and renew their lives.❤️🦴
Babar Gill
Babar Gill 5 kun oldin
U buy heaven I have no words
MACI BOZEMAN 5 kun oldin
When she was all like "look, look" I was just thinking he can't... Stop
Senol Demir
Senol Demir 6 kun oldin
why are the humans get sooooo evil why they have no more human left inside them but there are also few but enough people to help
Maria Duszak
Maria Duszak 6 kun oldin
Jesus...watching this while holding my old dog that barely got trough what people did to him and just...weeping. poor blind baby, I cant imagine how terrified he must have been....
Caterina Raimondo
Caterina Raimondo 7 kun oldin
Mi sono commossa quando ho visto ....povera stella..speriamo che adesso riceva tutto l’amore che non ha mai avuto prima.grazie!🥰❤️
Rainbow Fox
Rainbow Fox 7 kun oldin
We have a throw away society. Each person and animal needs to be respected for their entire life.
Niral Patel
Niral Patel 7 kun oldin
You are the best I love dog
Anthony Fisher
Anthony Fisher 7 kun oldin
I wish I could adopt them all, what wonderful dog he is, food, water and love, how is that too much to ask. Thank you for the video.
Carole Hesketh
Carole Hesketh 8 kun oldin
How is Duncan now? 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Emine çolak
Emine çolak 8 kun oldin
Emine çolak
Emine çolak 8 kun oldin
Bu videoyu beğenmeyen pislikler kalbiniz ne kadar kötüleşmiş taktir edemeyecek kadar duygusuz mahluklarsiniz
Jenna Arvidsson
Jenna Arvidsson 8 kun oldin
aww. old dogs deserves the best. bless your hearts for rescued Duncan. love from sweden.
Dani Hope
Dani Hope 9 kun oldin
No mamen no era gris
Rupali Ghadge
Rupali Ghadge 9 kun oldin
There were 6 member's in my family me ,my mother ,father,brother and our 2 cute pomerians . one of them expired when she was of 6. The other one lived for 20 years but bcoz her both the kidneys were failed and she was also suffering from skin disorders we took a decision of making her soul free from all those suffering but even though she was old and sick we did not left her alone because we love her . In the memory's of our both the sweethearts ,,DOLLY. And. SWEETY
Dan Bondurant
Dan Bondurant 9 kun oldin
Poor Duncan! I know he has found a new loving home!
Venus Cola
Venus Cola 11 kun oldin
Povero dolcissimo amore ! Questo tesoro merita tutto l'amore del mondo ❤💓 grazie a chi ha salvato la vita a questo angelo ...
witty kitty
witty kitty 11 kun oldin
My great aunt has a blind dog this is so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
paul dewar
paul dewar 12 kun oldin
Why are people so cruel to a beautiful animal ?. Wish I could get my hands on them
Joe Doe
Joe Doe 12 kun oldin
God bless you
Ana Herv
Ana Herv 13 kun oldin
Has he been adopted?
wyprman 10 kun oldin
I don't know if he had been adopted, but Lisa Arturo had posted on her IG that he had passed away last October.
Viddah Ann Pacio
Viddah Ann Pacio 13 kun oldin
that senior dog deserved that rescue 💝
phil2856 13 kun oldin
Any updates on this beautiful dog? thanks.
moh Riyadh
moh Riyadh 13 kun oldin
Hi there, I am from south Africa, how do we donate money to you guys in the United States, many thanks
Maico Escamilla
Maico Escamilla 13 kun oldin
Babi Lx
Babi Lx 14 kun oldin
Why people are só mean with senior dogs ??
にゃん梅田 14 kun oldin
もしかして、目が見えないのでしょうか? だとしたらかなり苛酷で不安な日々を過ごしてきたんでしょうね。でも保護されて安住の幸せのキップを手に入れられて本当に良かった🎶
Jael Raphael
Jael Raphael 14 kun oldin
Thank you Angels for rescuing him, whatever time he has left he will be respected. And he will be in paradise 🌈 far far away from this cruel world
Vanessa Gribbins
Vanessa Gribbins 14 kun oldin
What a precious senior dog. Thank you Hope For Paws for the wonderful work you do in saving so many animals.
Fernando Santos
Fernando Santos 15 kun oldin
I mean his eyes are cute
Fernando Santos
Fernando Santos 15 kun oldin
Her eyes are cute but sad
Khaan Zaki
Khaan Zaki 15 kun oldin
Thank You I like the people who take care the Animal👍👍
Gucci Milk
Gucci Milk 15 kun oldin
He may be blind but his eyes are the most adorable things ever.
Ogie Bingz
Ogie Bingz 15 kun oldin
carrie Hollingsworth
How could people do this I love dogs and I can always get dogs to like me even when the owner says there mean I could help dogs ever day when I get old enough
c ħ є ʟ ʟ 悲しい.
Lateisha Davis
Lateisha Davis 16 kun oldin
He have some big cute eyes
Thebearcat66 16 kun oldin
So happy this poor boy found some love 👍🏻
Naïs CAPDEPON 16 kun oldin
I love Duncan
Dana Hannouf
Dana Hannouf 16 kun oldin
Awww is very good and cute to help animals who need you i love this channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭 this dog make me cryy😢😢😢😍😍😍😍💋please help the animals 😭😭😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭
Susanna U.
Susanna U. 16 kun oldin
He isn't really blind...he can see by feeling through his spirit...such a precious soul💖
The golden one
The golden one 17 kun oldin
These guys know how to make a difference in the world 🌎🌏🌍 Like if you agree👍👍
Seema Singh
Seema Singh 17 kun oldin
Hal H. Jordan
Hal H. Jordan 17 kun oldin
You guys are the true Heros... Love that dog....
Michelle LB
Michelle LB 18 kun oldin
I rescued a stray cat omg was he thin! he was CRYING his ears were chewed up too :( now he is fat and happy he is glad we rescued him
Cherry5 Benjamin
Cherry5 Benjamin 18 kun oldin
These days dog has more value than human beings
Cherry5 Benjamin
Cherry5 Benjamin 18 kun oldin
Showing some love to homeless child is worth more i believe.
deezzzie 18 kun oldin
Damn I forgot how salty tears are.....Thank you for rescuing this sweet soul
Phyllis Mick
Phyllis Mick 18 kun oldin
Oh my goodness Duncan is such a beautiful and sweet doggie!!! Even before his bath you could clearly see how beautiful he is!!! How could he have roamed around for so long and no one helped him??? I just do not understand that, it just does not seem possible that no one noticed him!!! This video was published in February, why couldn't I have seen it then??? I don't even know if Duncan could have made a long trip from California to Louisiana but I would have driven there to get him and bring him HOME!!!!!!! This breaks my heart in two!!! Does anyone know if Duncan is still alive??? That is my dog, Duncan is mine, he was meant to be with me, I want him!!! If Duncan has died then I would at the least like to give a donation to Hope For Paws in memory of Duncan!!!
Alfa Rivera
Alfa Rivera 18 kun oldin
Oh my heart hurts seeing this poor baby neglected through out most of his lifetime.😓😥💔
たまみ室谷 18 kun oldin
Barrington Esson
Barrington Esson 19 kun oldin
heart coh
heart coh 19 kun oldin
My heart is 💔😭😭 I hope he's still okay by this time.
Unicorngirl 09
Unicorngirl 09 20 kun oldin
Thank u so so much guys💞 😇😇💞 U guys r literally amazing 💖😘💖 Every single one of u who r working for this channel are the best ❤❤❤ Thanks for making a difference ☺☺ I hope this would last forever 😊😊 U guys will keep working for these animals 🐕🐶🐹🐢🐩🐇🐓 Hats off to u guys 👒🎩 Lots of love and appreciation 👑😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙👑
Crystal Tavares
Crystal Tavares 20 kun oldin
I can’t believe what happed and why would the people that had him would do that
Kawaki Uchiha
Kawaki Uchiha 20 kun oldin
seriously!?what are the dislikes for motherfuckers!?
precision Brown
precision Brown 21 kun oldin
My heart was breaking for him too. Another donation coming 💕🌹 Thanks again my favorite rescue 💗
erkheth 21 kun oldin
Poor baby. He deserves cuddles for life ❤❤❤❤
Bernard Manek
Bernard Manek 21 kun oldin
Judeline Abel
Judeline Abel 21 kun oldin
Is he still blind?
Marcus Milton
Marcus Milton 21 kun oldin
Ariska nova
Ariska nova 21 kun oldin
thankyou so much 😭😭😭
southsidepatrol 67
southsidepatrol 67 21 kun oldin
Whoever did that to this dog should be strung up and beat to death with a toothpick.
Carlijn Riezebos
Carlijn Riezebos 22 kun oldin
my rabbit is blind too but i love him he only quiet if my hand is on his back and if he hears me his cup goes hight and i miss him so much if hes dead!!!It doesnt matter if an animal is old its just love
Carlijn Riezebos
Carlijn Riezebos 22 kun oldin
i mean i am going to miss him if he is dead luckily he is not dead
John Dax
John Dax 22 kun oldin
Thanks for rescuing him 😩😩😩😟😟😟
Thien Tran Quang
Thien Tran Quang 22 kun oldin
Thanks Hope for paws
blackfeather dog
blackfeather dog 22 kun oldin
Thank You
The flying DANCERS
The flying DANCERS 22 kun oldin
All of these videos make me want to be vet EVEN MORE I already knew I wanted to be a vet since I was like 10 AH I just wanna save dogs lives and animals lives
Zulay Viloria
Zulay Viloria 23 kun oldin
Bablu Dash
Bablu Dash 23 kun oldin
Look guys he may pray many days and He find his GOD but we human are heart less
Glbert Petilla
Glbert Petilla 23 kun oldin
Y cant i sto crying!?😣😣😣
Liliana Cortese
Liliana Cortese 23 kun oldin
tks to the rescuers and to the good family who took him
Ray J
Ray J 23 kun oldin
They never clipped his nails?
Rambone 24 kun oldin
You people have hearts of gold.
Bach Tran
Bach Tran 24 kun oldin
My heart is crying.. If you do not love animals Do not harm them as well God bless the people who care..Thank you so much..😭💔😇🙏🙏🙏
Chewy Bacca
Chewy Bacca 24 kun oldin
Mean people suck
Bcdf 1930
Bcdf 1930 24 kun oldin
I wish I could give him a big hug!
XxKawaiiSavageGirlxX 1235
MOM! Enough with the onions!!!!
Kenza Kenza
Kenza Kenza 25 kun oldin
My heart is broken.. its so hard i hate humains