Senior blind Pit Bull waited his whole life for this rescue!

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
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I wish someone called Hope For Paws sooner to save Duncan. Please donate $5 and help us save these dogs off the streets... it is so cold outside, and it's just one endless nightmare for them: www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you Frosted Faces for fostering and handling his adoption:
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21-Fev, 2018

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Татьяна Сысак
Обожаю этих людей, какие молодцы. Пробирает до самой глубины души, до слез, спасибо🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Marcin P.
Marcin P. 16 soat oldin
You are guardians angels!
Muzzammil Abdulah
Muzzammil Abdulah 18 soat oldin
Aww that's great
blade valy
blade valy 21 soat oldin
why would someone dislike this
hluhlui hmar
hluhlui hmar Kun oldin
Im not crying ..you are
Johannes Beute
Johannes Beute Kun oldin
You are beautiful people.
Beverly summut
Beverly summut Kun oldin
So sad but a great ending
Pow Cutiemy
Pow Cutiemy 2 kun oldin
Can you put a new eyes for ducan's 😔😢
GGALLIN1776 2 kun oldin
Poor guy. I hope whoever did that to him gets intestinal cancer. Rather than put him up for adoption & further trauma of another transplant, I would hope that the fosters keep him with the other dog so he has a buddy for the short time that he has left.
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff 2 kun oldin
Wow! What a big difference a simple bath makes!!! 😳😳😳
GraffitiTurtle 2 kun oldin
Look, if you’re fostering a dog like this then you should really keep him for the remainder of his life. He’s old and blind and putting him in a brand new and stressful situation would just be cruel. It looks like you’re doing fine with him so far, so why not let him live out the rest of his life happy?
Llama llama _
Llama llama _ 2 kun oldin
Even though he is blind he can at least smell and hear so he knows we’re to go
Ryan Harrington
Ryan Harrington 2 kun oldin
God damnit how can someone do something to such a sweeeeet HEART
Bach Tran
Bach Tran 2 kun oldin
Crying.. 💔💔💔😇🙏🙏🙏
Lori1324 3 kun oldin
Duncan will be in my prayers for a forever home. God bless this wonderful creature and the loving people who care for him.
Sun Lee
Sun Lee 3 kun oldin
Poor dog
Hells Fury
Hells Fury 3 kun oldin
2:25 correct me if I’m wrong but we’re they having a conversation about the fact that the dog masturebates what
DuBistTod 52
DuBistTod 52 3 kun oldin
Wie kann man einen Hund nur so schrecklich behandeln... Das er so runter kommt ich hoffe der Typ liegt in irgendeinem Loch angekettet und kommt dort nicht raus!!!
David Riddle
David Riddle 3 kun oldin
if he could talk...
Carmem Ferreira
Carmem Ferreira 3 kun oldin
Isso ai ja e maldade deixa o animal sem agua e sem comida
TheMasta Pasta
TheMasta Pasta 3 kun oldin
wtf are they doing?!? they're seriously just forcing him out of there immediately after meeting it. they clearly have no idea of what they are doing and should not be going anywhere near it. they were lucky that dog wasn't attacking of fear. i know that they're probably pros at this kind of stuff but for fuck sake i hope they had some information about that dog before just dragging it out like that. poor dog...
Anastasija Lukanovska
I cried so much here 😢😢😢🤧🤧🤧
Harley Master
Harley Master 3 kun oldin
You guys are so nice to help dogs like this
Harley Master
Harley Master 3 kun oldin
Whoever did this is disgusting
‫‫TracerHD 曳光彈
The dogs eyes look like the Milky Way
rahul mallic
rahul mallic 4 kun oldin
God bless them who bought the dog in hospital
Lucky Shrivastava
Lucky Shrivastava 4 kun oldin
I really appreciate u guys heads off
Archely Masanegra
Archely Masanegra 4 kun oldin
I love dog so much
Archely Masanegra
Archely Masanegra 4 kun oldin
Thx u
67Psych AGAIN
67Psych AGAIN 4 kun oldin
😭 Tears
Jodie Hayward
Jodie Hayward 4 kun oldin
Thank u guys very much. Evan as that clip brought me to tears. I smiled at the end so thank you very much for your love and help.
Matola Brown
Matola Brown 4 kun oldin
Go try to help people
Esmeralda & Djulijana
He is so cute its so sad that he is blind we need more people like this ❤️❤️❤️❤️
chicken lord guy
chicken lord guy 5 kun oldin
I'm crying 😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢
Shantelle Jordan
Shantelle Jordan 5 kun oldin
Oneday the innocent will suffer no more
Mikefreshbeatz 5 kun oldin
This shit makes me so mad ppl can just do this to dogs! If ppl do this to dogs, they will do this to another human.
Isabella Turner
Isabella Turner 5 kun oldin
I'm so sad because pit bulls are mis treated :(
kin law
kin law 6 kun oldin
Love,You're、Do To Dog,Thank
detrexninja 6 kun oldin
Why buy a dog if you cart look after it you would not dump you your son or daughter on the street so why do it to a dog or cat or eny thing for that matter
Monique Falu
Monique Falu 6 kun oldin
Thank you all giving Duncan so much love and care. Blessings to your organization. You guys are Golden 💖
Kimberly Arellano
Kimberly Arellano 6 kun oldin
I'm totally crying for this dog! Thank God for you wonderful rescuers !🙏❤
James Hart
James Hart 6 kun oldin
I know I went on a bit with my original comment but I just wanted to say that I think everyone at Hope for Paws are amazing people. I love you all.
James Hart
James Hart 6 kun oldin
I hope that Duncan’s original owners died in a fire and it wasn’t the smoke inhalation that killed them but the unbearable heat licking off their fucking skin and in their last few seconds they were heard screaming and begging for hell.
Dr M
Dr M 7 kun oldin
salute u guys !! hell lot of lovvee from india !!
fadstar gang
fadstar gang 7 kun oldin
This is real life this is humanity we fight for health we fight for animals we fight for love and destiny adopt a cat and an dog for free u can change it's life and do an good deed
50ShadesOfRick 1
50ShadesOfRick 1 7 kun oldin
I cry
Brooke and Haven
Brooke and Haven 7 kun oldin
This makes me so upset and knowing that my dog is going blind and deaf with cancer is killing me.but he is my best friend we do everthing but I don't know how much longer he has.
Pramod Kumar
Pramod Kumar 8 kun oldin
You all god
EpiclyEpical 8 kun oldin
I hate watching these vids 1. It makes me cry 2. Once I start watching these vids I see another one I want to watch and I just binge watch and I cant stop
Itsel Araceli
Itsel Araceli 8 kun oldin
I'm not crying, you are.
GRBV GRBV 8 kun oldin
Люди от Бога !
Kirk Gourley
Kirk Gourley 8 kun oldin
Kirk Gourley
Kirk Gourley 8 kun oldin
Dimi Kompilis
Dimi Kompilis 8 kun oldin
زرياب ادم
زرياب ادم 8 kun oldin
if this was a boy ur a human no one will give a fu*k
Linda Frstr
Linda Frstr 8 kun oldin
Alexandrakta 8 kun oldin
Omggggggghgjng😭 my heart
I love xxtenation
I love xxtenation 9 kun oldin
THEY CUT OFF HIS PP???? I'm done I'm just done I hate people
Cheatgamer 101
Cheatgamer 101 9 kun oldin
Look at him now not scared really nice
Asol Sunshine
Asol Sunshine 9 kun oldin
Mikayla Williams
Mikayla Williams 9 kun oldin
God bless you guys you are amazing i want to be just like you guys
Mikayla Gyurkan
Mikayla Gyurkan 9 kun oldin
Thats so sad I love dogs I played with dogs for as much I can remember
AlAkAsIzKaNaL 10 kun oldin
Yazık yaa gozlerinin Feri gitmiş kopekcigin
Jaiden Madden
Jaiden Madden 10 kun oldin
Roblox Survival
Roblox Survival 10 kun oldin
I really hate people that harms dog, just have love 4 them 😔
yai lai
yai lai 10 kun oldin
740 dislike why.R u gys Fxk
zachery kalimnios
zachery kalimnios 10 kun oldin
i hope whoever left this good boye there dies the most painful death
Moon Kitty
Moon Kitty 10 kun oldin
I'm crying and i can't stand to watch the kitten and puppy one I just skip to the end
Sharon Groom
Sharon Groom 10 kun oldin
Oh that poor baby. I'm so happy you rescued him, he is so beautiful. Thank God he is finding out what love and kindness is.
Jared Carlson
Jared Carlson 10 kun oldin
God bless all hurt and cute everything
Jared Carlson
Jared Carlson 10 kun oldin
I wanna adopt him he cute at least 10 likes of he is cute I love all animals so much like if u agree I cried so much omgoodness he is adorable I'm even crying while commenting omg so cute I need that cute face to remind me of everything i love watch more cute dog vids OMG SOOOO CUTErhe cutest ever my dogs are also cute I LOVE EVERYTHING. MIST READ
Tijolparouje Tom
Tijolparouje Tom 10 kun oldin
Thank you so much. Love from India ♥
Camille Jungco
Camille Jungco 11 kun oldin
did somebody adopted duncan already???
Camille Jungco
Camille Jungco 6 kun oldin
+wyprman : aw T.T but that's good to hear he was able to find love before resting in peace. I'm sure duncan is happy to at least feel love even for a short time.
wyprman 10 kun oldin
Sadly, Lisa Arturo posted about his passing on Instagram a few days ago. Thanks to the efforts of Hope for Paws and Frosted Faces, he passed knowing what love is...😢
Washington.A. Santiago
right on Jerusha!!!, brave Ladies, awesome Ladies, ❤thanks for doing that!!!, Who are those jerks that do that, expose them, make them accountable for their ignorance and cruelty to these beautiful animals, 😲
Kenna Love
Kenna Love 11 kun oldin
Did he get a home yet
Geoshe GAMING 11 kun oldin
I miss dogggggg
Mark Steele
Mark Steele 11 kun oldin
Els w
Els w 12 kun oldin
This video makes me cry a lot😢😢
Aditya Uniyal
Aditya Uniyal 12 kun oldin
This made me cry😢❤
Sara Cabrera
Sara Cabrera 12 kun oldin
Dios los bendiga ❤❤❤❤
patricia felita
patricia felita 12 kun oldin
I cant stop crying :'(((((((( poor doggo
Potato Gacha
Potato Gacha 12 kun oldin
G3nerikz 668
G3nerikz 668 12 kun oldin
God bless you all
doerte ohne Namen
doerte ohne Namen 12 kun oldin
I think hohe for paws Do the right things for animalische.
Maleek love abby noCap
I read a comment it said put an add on your videos I agree get more money to help the dogs
Maleek love abby noCap
This fills me up with anger I could choke the hell out who left her there
emre aktaş
emre aktaş 12 kun oldin
Paula Coyle
Paula Coyle 13 kun oldin
"mast cell tumors" not mass cell
Gaming With The Ned
Gaming With The Ned 13 kun oldin
Poor thing
Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar 13 kun oldin
🙇🙇👏👏 thanks
Tarsila Haydvogl
Tarsila Haydvogl 13 kun oldin
What?? That dog is almost white!! I thought he was black!! Poor thing was so dirty! Good job guys
Nicole Corry
Nicole Corry 13 kun oldin
I thank organization like that for their work, it upsets me to see that people would do such horrific things to these beautiful animals. Again you guys should be thanked alot more for your service, thank you.
Pinche Beto 714
Pinche Beto 714 13 kun oldin
God bless you guys, seriously.
princess zadakoo
princess zadakoo 13 kun oldin
this is my dream.... ill help animals but not like this... im preparing for it... hope people will help me to help animals.😭😭..
Honesty Rules
Honesty Rules 13 kun oldin
snorewak 13 kun oldin
how the fuck are humans meant to be considerate of other humans when we cant even take care of our animals? god bless the kind hearted people who come to these neglected animals aid🙏
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson 13 kun oldin
Wtf is people's problem?
diego morales
diego morales 13 kun oldin
Jody Palmer
Jody Palmer 13 kun oldin
I love watching happy endings..A shout out to all the staff who were nurturing and who help animals in need..
Naveed Akhtar
Naveed Akhtar 13 kun oldin
Great job bro