Senior blind Pit Bull waited his whole life for this rescue!

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
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I wish someone called Hope For Paws sooner to save Duncan. Please donate $5 and help us save these dogs off the streets... it is so cold outside, and it's just one endless nightmare for them: www.HopeForPaws.org

Thank you Frosted Faces for fostering and handling his adoption:
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21-Fev, 2018



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harsha reddy
harsha reddy 6 soat oldin
Poor blind dog.. I hope God bring her eyes back. Oh Jesus😭😭!!
SPORTS ADDICT! 18 soat oldin
I wish I had heart as big as yours 💔
Gayu Lakhe
Gayu Lakhe Kun oldin
Us is the largest meat eating country... Except human they eat every meat.. Like China
pearl starkey
pearl starkey Kun oldin
this literally made me cry just now...
srena kim
srena kim Kun oldin
People should understand their mistake through this video
Paul Gurrola
Paul Gurrola Kun oldin
Who can neglect there dog like this? There God creations so they can live and have a life just like us we need to treat them better there so helpless we were given passion and love for these animals for a reason use it dont take advantage of it
Xenia Massyn
Xenia Massyn Kun oldin
Omg I would adopt ALL of the animals that go through stuff like that if I could 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mr. Groovy 2 Shoes
You guys do a great job with these dogs.
Tomas Milan
Tomas Milan 2 kun oldin
syd xiong
syd xiong 2 kun oldin
This is so heartwarming I was going to 😭
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan 2 kun oldin
So sad seeing a animal like this 💜
CDL College, LLC
CDL College, LLC 3 kun oldin
What a cutie-pie! Thank you for saving this life.
David Erik Kegel
David Erik Kegel 3 kun oldin
If Duncan is still alive, please contact his owners and recommend CBD oil for his tumors. It will add years to his life and help with the pain.
Aldin Estika
Aldin Estika 3 kun oldin
I cried
J Evans
J Evans 3 kun oldin
Wonder what color the owner was 💩
Rigby Kai
Rigby Kai 3 kun oldin
Was he put down? It’s sad but with him being so old and having the problems he does, especially the tumors, it’s best.
God Bless Hope for Paws. Please remember if you have any spare change, donate to this wonderful organization so they can save more dogs off the street. Thank You
nermana šehović
nermana šehović 4 kun oldin
So sad. This isn't act of human being. This is an act of monster. Poor dog.
The Hawk
The Hawk 5 kun oldin
Sad. They should have put that dog out of his misery. That’s no way to live.
Dulles 1975
Dulles 1975 6 kun oldin
Thank you for saving Duncan..
Zaria’s World
Zaria’s World 6 kun oldin
My dog is getting put down before winter I’m happy yet really upset because she won’t be dying in pain and misery but two because she was with me since I was born these animals are really lucky!
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith 7 kun oldin
You´re a very especial people
Iryna Sebova
Iryna Sebova 7 kun oldin
T Nug O'Donnell
T Nug O'Donnell 7 kun oldin
Bruh im gonna donate 150$ to you guys. your legends!!!!!!!!!!!
suka bapak
suka bapak 7 kun oldin
The eyes😢
Gref OwO
Gref OwO 7 kun oldin
Animal Abuse should have a hole different system of punishment 1. Beating/Slight Abuse: Large Fine + 90 Days Jail 2. Neglecting a dog by not taking care of it for long periods of time (Starving it, ignoring it, no vet visits): 2 Years Prison 3. Killing A Dog (Should be punished by how long it's lifespan is, if it's lifespan is 10 years, 10 years jail time, if it lives to 20, 20 years prison time) 4. Tourting A Dog on purpose: Life sentence without chance of parole All of these you should have your dog tooken away from u too 5. Animal Freaks: OmG YOu aRE sO DumB iT shOuLd be 10000 yeArs PrIsOn foR SpAnKiNg a DOg
BS Catcher
BS Catcher 8 kun oldin
How can I adopt the blond rescuer? Lol
Ceska Dark Eden
Ceska Dark Eden 8 kun oldin
Ok this was really though to watch. Heart breaking.
Rasmeyratana Soun
Rasmeyratana Soun 8 kun oldin
Look at him, he just give up, he won't even in his guarded position. When human try to rescue him he just stay still, won't fight back won't go along... THANK YOU FOR THIS RESCUING.
Yuli Santos
Yuli Santos 8 kun oldin
Their are so many mean people in this world , I wish I can help all these dogs in need
Tammy Luvin Life
Tammy Luvin Life 8 kun oldin
Aww poor dog I feel so bad for him because he is blind I am so happy you saved him your the best rescuers because if no one didn't notice him he could've suffered and died Like=100,000 loves for Duncan
BOU K 8 kun oldin
Oh my goodness I don’t know why I watch these videos 😩😭
aram khan
aram khan 9 kun oldin
Hat's off
animation man
animation man 9 kun oldin
u guys are god for them who changed their life
xEmilciax Shuffle
xEmilciax Shuffle 10 kun oldin
wersuss 10 kun oldin
Good job!
Claudia Dee
Claudia Dee 11 kun oldin
Aww poor dog, he is so cute. I can’t believe messed up people actually do this to living creatures.😢
Lauren Wilhelm
Lauren Wilhelm 11 kun oldin
One like=one punch for whoever abandoned him in the first place
Anarina TV
Anarina TV 12 kun oldin
I'm crying again, this is very heartbreaking
Ambrose Ice
Ambrose Ice 12 kun oldin
It makes me sad that I thought the color of his fur is actually dark gray.
santosh modathi
santosh modathi 12 kun oldin
If I find the person who did this. He dead
Kurt'O 12 kun oldin
I'm a 34 year old man and this nearly brought me to tears!
mariana-geta Dan
mariana-geta Dan 12 kun oldin
They kill criminals we should kill ppl who abandon dogs
The vlog Zone!
The vlog Zone! 12 kun oldin
No matter how much neglect his eyes are so beautiful
Novella 12 kun oldin
Senior dogs are great. I only adopt seniors. I hope the person(s) who did that to him get beaten and they end up blind. I don’t care how harsh that is. Karma.
Sierra-Is Smiling
Sierra-Is Smiling 12 kun oldin
People, who are reading this....Please considering to adopt Duncan. I really wish I can but there’s nothing a 10 year old could do :( He deserves a happy & 4ever home . Please treat him with love and care. And I wish I can donate too.. Please keep up of what you guys are doing. God bless you. Amen
Hamza Khodr
Hamza Khodr 13 kun oldin
Dogs cats their cute
Steve Morse
Steve Morse 13 kun oldin
Bless you for saving this lovely dog.
music library
music library 13 kun oldin
This is boxer
Cerys Duncan
Cerys Duncan 13 kun oldin
I loved it how when he heard his foster owner say “ Duncan “ he immediately stood up and tried to see her
ayden wagner
ayden wagner 14 kun oldin
The reason the dog had white eyes is because it is blind
AAp kiladi
AAp kiladi 15 kun oldin
Love you guys
Hayabusa Shadow
Hayabusa Shadow 15 kun oldin
This need an ads and double the money for fund's in saving animals life
1503 Ngocthe
1503 Ngocthe 15 kun oldin
E mù rồi.😥😥
LilKitty MewNyaa
LilKitty MewNyaa 15 kun oldin
I started crying when he cudnt eat the food at the beginning 😢 i want him ❤❤❤
Deniz Shelby
Deniz Shelby 16 kun oldin
Thank You ❤️❤️❤️
Ansari Umar
Ansari Umar 17 kun oldin
Man these gave me chills.. Im not a dog guy but dude if u cant treat them right plz plz i beg u dont have one..They have souls too.. Just made me sad..
England12345 17 kun oldin
Thank you so much for saving this dog. People that do this to animals make me sick..
Aziz 1989
Aziz 1989 18 kun oldin
Amazing story💯😘respect to the resucue family😊And for all people who gave this video a dislike: fuck you and your unloved life🖕
Paradise Entertainment
Wow I thought he was grey
TheNumbersMason 18 kun oldin
Can you imagine being this evil piece of shit that abandoned such a poor and innocent soul in such a place ... makes me cry of pure rage ! Good job on you guys for your actions
MASTER 18 kun oldin
I think using animal to insult the animal who did this is not sending the point
Mo Ni que
Mo Ni que 19 kun oldin
belligirl21 20 kun oldin
Oh my God. That poor poor dog.
Yousuf Ilyas
Yousuf Ilyas 20 kun oldin
Seriously this video has just fill my eyes with tears. Support from and love from Pakistan
The# 1
The# 1 20 kun oldin
He looks soooooo cute in the doggy diaper
Charles Davis
Charles Davis 20 kun oldin
I worry about you guys wearing short sleeves and no gloves.
merlinsdog 20 kun oldin
Angels amongst us doing angelic work. ☮️
I am not politically correct! pirate
I would take him in a heartbeat! I'm crying my ass off
Christina Zaragoza
Christina Zaragoza 21 kun oldin
Can't believe ppl are so mean to animals.
Sean Curran
Sean Curran 21 kun oldin
Awesome job ladies. What happened to him?
Mel 21 kun oldin
Wow! Eyes started to water up only by reading what the video is about.
tom haan
tom haan 21 kun oldin
You girls are very sweet.
Bruza16 21 kun oldin
The owner who neglected Duncan should be tied with rope, abandoned and left to rot.
Axle 1818
Axle 1818 21 kun oldin
Why do ppl do this? Dogs have feelings too u know! Ppl are so cruel these days! I have a challenge for everyone! Try to save at least one animal in this cruel world! But PLZ do more if u can. Animals are my WHOLE INTIRE life
Ji Pa
Ji Pa 22 kun oldin
Lady:My heart is breaking for him Me:Yep me too
Antoianella Dadzie
Antoianella Dadzie 22 kun oldin
The 880 people who disliked this video are psychos period.
Renee Puska
Renee Puska 17 kun oldin
Whoever disliked this video are the evil ones
glenn212now 22 kun oldin
God bless these people.
Nicholas Davies
Nicholas Davies 23 kun oldin
Whoever owned this dog - be really ashamed and I hope the Grim Reaper is watching you !
H.Lalneihhlima Pudaite
may God bless you
Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert 23 kun oldin
Anyone who did this to him. deserve to die and burn in hell
chinda sriboonkoon
chinda sriboonkoon 23 kun oldin
So thank you for your group of the Angels.
uGLYmILK iSgR8 23 kun oldin
It would be so much fun to have Duncan. I wish I could get all the senior dogs, it’s just sad that you wouldn’t have them for a very long time. Duncan is so beautiful though!
Cy Star
Cy Star 24 kun oldin
Gina Addison
Gina Addison 24 kun oldin
So many tears!!!! So happy Duncan now knows what real love is! God bless his foster family and especially those at Hope For Paws!
Arlene Whittaker
Arlene Whittaker 24 kun oldin
look how good thanks I have to donate
Arlene Whittaker
Arlene Whittaker 24 kun oldin
who did that they and they children children would be curse forever
GSMOKE G 24 kun oldin
may God bless yall
Arlene Whittaker
Arlene Whittaker 24 kun oldin
I dont think a relationship gone bad could hurt my heart like how people treats animals all over the world
Pramod Rawat
Pramod Rawat 25 kun oldin
Jaggi Brar
Jaggi Brar 25 kun oldin
God bless you nd with your team
Niki Fitusis
Niki Fitusis 25 kun oldin
Duncan is so beautiful....
Mon Valley truth
Mon Valley truth 25 kun oldin
I would love to do the same thing but a lot worse to the person or people who left this dog like this thank you to all rescuers An the people that called you cause this poor thing bore anything so innocent deserve to live a life like that special place in heaven for people like us thank you again 💯 ❤️ ♥️ 💜 🐶
Kranup 24
Kranup 24 25 kun oldin
Who the hell on earth can dialike this kind of videos? BTW you guys are doing a great job.
dick llarge
dick llarge 25 kun oldin
Please keep Duncan so no one else can abuse her..thanks for good hearted people like you
See Saw
See Saw 25 kun oldin
Poor boy. You guys are amazing with your love & compassion you have for the poor defenceless dogs like Duncan.that you rescue. Bless you & much love from the UK.
Casper Wallace
Casper Wallace 26 kun oldin
Could they not remove the cataracts like they do with humans - give him some sight........
Shannon Moffitt
Shannon Moffitt 26 kun oldin
Omg I thought her was grey not tan & white!
Yadi Renteria
Yadi Renteria 26 kun oldin
God bless you 💞
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