SERENITY Official Trailer (2018) Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway Movie HD

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SERENITY Official Trailer (2018) Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway Movie HD
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7-Iyn, 2018

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yohan outsider
yohan outsider 3 soat oldin
Anne Hathaway😍😍😍😘
xControl 4 soat oldin
0:09-0:20 seems like interstelar
Jojo Smiles
Jojo Smiles 20 soat oldin
Everybody is always complaining. It didn't give the whole movie away in one trailer, it has a great cast, and we already know it's gonna be intense. I'm watching it. 😂
Justina Kavanagh
Can't wiat.
Jason Palencia
Jason Palencia Kun oldin
Heyyyy.. this isn't Firefly..
EmpireCityRay Kun oldin
I mean come on Anne Hathaway strars in it, that lone would make me go see it.
Andre Viana
Andre Viana Kun oldin
interstellar without space
Nobby Barnes
Nobby Barnes 2 kun oldin
Anne Hathaway in her underwear....okay I'll be there.
God Ri Khasi
God Ri Khasi 2 kun oldin
y"all comments are sucks very not just suck also....Thankyou👏👏👏👏👏
God Ri Khasi
God Ri Khasi 2 kun oldin
y"all comments are sucks very not just suck also....Thankyou👏👏👏👏👏
pygo1212 3 kun oldin
This is the Anne Hathaway I like to see, dark, moody, sinister and sexy!
Manuel Nardin
Manuel Nardin 3 kun oldin
It has a great sense of humor about it, an attractive cast and it's just a lot of fun. hope to watch using boxxy software for free
Sally Blue
Sally Blue 4 kun oldin
Anne Hathaway ❤️
Nicelook9 4 kun oldin
nah not interesting
D A M N M E 5 kun oldin
made in mauritius😍
Vesna Stihovic
Vesna Stihovic 5 kun oldin
Well the island looks great...
winterheat2 5 kun oldin
double Scorpio
Brandon F. McDade
Brandon F. McDade 5 kun oldin
"I can smell the psychosphere"
Milfuelle100 5 kun oldin
What the fuck? Not since Mother have I seen such an awful trailer. This looks fanmade. Like I know nothing about the movie.
Lis Nikoliqi
Lis Nikoliqi 6 kun oldin
Now THIS is a trailer.
Food Lab
Food Lab 6 kun oldin
shimano sponsored this HAHA
Joseph J. McAllister
That looks awesome! I like how there is always a clicking sound that sets the pace of a trailer.
Liam Thomas
Liam Thomas 6 kun oldin
Serenity now!
PianoApocalypse 6 kun oldin
Matthew: Today's the day. Cooper: .............Next year.
8trigrammer 6 kun oldin
Anne Hathaway is lame.
Junior Jr.
Junior Jr. 6 kun oldin
So this is the life on Edmunds's Planet... a big mess.
dfoxxy1 6 kun oldin
Why the f&ck would you name a movie after an amazing Whedon production?! Grrrr.
HabibuHalama 6 kun oldin
Mshari Q
Mshari Q 7 kun oldin
Anne Hathaway is BOOKED hunni
cdreyes81 7 kun oldin
Gigi Parker
Gigi Parker 8 kun oldin
ImR0nBrgndy 8 kun oldin
What is this movie about?! I don’t understand!
Bint Dubai
Bint Dubai 8 kun oldin
It's a fascinating movie ... i tink??
Alex Senna
Alex Senna 8 kun oldin
I’m getting tired of hearing the ticking clocks in every movie every movie, I cannot believe Why a studio would pay for a music writer to score a new movie by Ripping off what we hear in any other movie. Zero originality in sound 👎
Foo Kelevra
Foo Kelevra 8 kun oldin
There is only one movie called SERENITY that matters.
Nini 9 kun oldin
Well that escalated quickly
slayme buffy
slayme buffy 9 kun oldin
only clicked for a blonde Anne Hathaway lol ehh
Toltec Warrior
Toltec Warrior 10 kun oldin
I'm calling it. Mathew McConaughey is Adam. Anne Hathaway is Eve. Her husband (the dude from Zero Dark Thirty) is the apple. The black guy is god (no shit). The other woman in the island is the Snake. The dude with the glasses is Lucifer. The clerk is probably an angel. If I'm right about this shit, you motherfuckers come back here and like this shit.
thedevil738 10 kun oldin
WILSONN!!! :The Prequel
theovertaker40 11 kun oldin
Suprised its not kate Hudson.
Smot Butterman
Smot Butterman 11 kun oldin
Fool's Platinum
Wade Thibodeaux
Wade Thibodeaux 11 kun oldin
Yall are so annoying and bored. It's a movie. Just watch it or don't GODDAMN!
MisterAhmad 12 kun oldin
I farted so loud in the theater when I saw this
WanderLust 12 kun oldin
Jaws meets interstellar?
Colby Reller
Colby Reller 12 kun oldin
Bunch of salty Firefly fans in the comments, sorry but that show has been over for a while, and this isn't a Firefly film, get over it.
Ben Quinney
Ben Quinney 12 kun oldin
Anne has more fun
Fayanna Rena
Fayanna Rena 13 kun oldin
She looks soooooo much better with blonde hair. Her brown hair made her look mousey ànd "plain janey"
Mohammad Isa Mario
Mohammad Isa Mario 13 kun oldin
these plot is too common
Hritam Nandy
Hritam Nandy 13 kun oldin
So finally Cooper & Brand met.. :)
Jagriti Sarkar
Jagriti Sarkar 14 kun oldin
Blonde hathaway 😍
Yan Yan
Yan Yan 14 kun oldin
I'm so confused that I have a headache. WHAT WAS THAT :O
jokeromar2 14 kun oldin
is a BattleRoyale movie
Emma Swan
Emma Swan 15 kun oldin
Anne in blonde 😍😍
dan skroko
dan skroko 15 kun oldin
Cunt was advertising her new Movie. Just a European Billionaires Whore. Going to be tossed around the "Castle Whore Club" like the Olson Twins!
G Howard
G Howard 15 kun oldin
Netflix next year
restu fazar
restu fazar 16 kun oldin
i come here because the thumbnail
Kristen Donaphin
Kristen Donaphin 16 kun oldin
So confused 😑
ElTurbinado 17 kun oldin
Well this isn’t firefly. Damn you, suggested videos.
Games Prodigy
Games Prodigy 17 kun oldin
Blonde Anne Hathaway is smokin hot
esportes HD
esportes HD 17 kun oldin
Judging by the thumb and the begining of this trailer you start to think: "this is an Interstellar sequel"
riethym 18 kun oldin
Felipe Pedreros
Felipe Pedreros 18 kun oldin
Jasmine Adjei
Jasmine Adjei 18 kun oldin
I'm clearly not smart because I have no idea whagt any of that meant.
Iman Altaf
Iman Altaf 18 kun oldin
and jason clarke
Miguel Angel Lorca
Miguel Angel Lorca 19 kun oldin
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson 19 kun oldin
So this is why this ditzy Airhead no-talent twat waffle opened her cock holster of a mouth and put down all white people and tried to suck every black cock in the world at once? Now it makes sense she knows white people are done watching her unwatchable movies so she was hoping by telling every black person that they live in fear every day they're going to run out and watch her piece of s*** movie. Somewhere Matthew McConaughey's thinking Anne , you stupid cunt.
andrea Guzmán
andrea Guzmán 19 kun oldin
Anne es increible
Fook Dat
Fook Dat 19 kun oldin
This is not Firefly!
vlatko .gigo
vlatko .gigo 19 kun oldin
Serenity now! Serenity now!
tribexa 20 kun oldin
Sometimes you do bad things for good reason....for example, this trailer just made my movie list.
Enigmalake 20 kun oldin
Amidst the firefly confusion and Oscar talk and interstellar jokes all you had to tell me was directed and written by Steven Knight!
Michael Rousine
Michael Rousine 20 kun oldin
There isn't even one Browncoat in this Serenity. What happened?
Spear Shaker
Spear Shaker 20 kun oldin
I seen Ann Hathaway meeting John McCain and Davis guy on mobsters boat while transferring to a Russian rich monsters guys boat.
allison cote
allison cote 20 kun oldin
this trailer is trying WAY too hard
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos 20 kun oldin
She is stunning as blond
Frank Krumnow
Frank Krumnow 21 kun oldin
There is a quite good film named serenety already (and this is not a remake) - can't they come up with an unused title?
Sankofa NYC
Sankofa NYC 21 kun oldin
What is up with trailers having the lil preview trailer BEFORE the trailer nowadays?
Laura Jorge
Laura Jorge 21 kun oldin
Seferovic na thumbnail
Leandra Caroline
Leandra Caroline 21 kun oldin
Mais um mind fucking
reed 22 kun oldin
I was just hoping this would be related to firefly somehow...
Bea U.
Bea U. 22 kun oldin
I am so confused
Now that's a trailer
ww wifi
ww wifi 22 kun oldin
...and Jason Clarke
Mighty Baloo
Mighty Baloo 22 kun oldin
Wait a minute...I thought Serenity was about a plucky spaceship crew sticking it to the man by exposing their terrible space cannibal faux pas...
RaINboW BeiNg oF UnItY
Im a bit confused, but... Mathew is in this so.. amma watch lel!
smack daddy
smack daddy 22 kun oldin
His narration sounds written by the writers at Lincoln...
Jaime Ramir Apostol
Jaime Ramir Apostol 22 kun oldin
with award winning actors but this trailer is so confusing
Kashish Kamdar
Kashish Kamdar 23 kun oldin
Trailer is meant to attract audience to watch movie, right?
Sharice Bedford
Sharice Bedford 23 kun oldin
I'm so confused
Mango Choi
Mango Choi 23 kun oldin
baldy hardnut
baldy hardnut 23 kun oldin
matthew mcconaughey in every movie nowadays
Nathan Thompson
Nathan Thompson 23 kun oldin
Who else thought this was Interstellar 2 when you saw it in theaters?
Jazmin Jackson
Jazmin Jackson 23 kun oldin
Matthew, Anne, water, and a clock ticking sound. Yup, sounds like Interstellar to me.
David Arjon Music
David Arjon Music 23 kun oldin
How amazing would it be if Anne wins another Oscar❤️ But I'm rooting for Saoirse Ronan on Mary Queen Of Scots
Moo Boo
Moo Boo 23 kun oldin
toner is needed
can't relate
can't relate 23 kun oldin
it's so weird seeing anne hathaway blonde
David 24 kun oldin
Deudremont 24 kun oldin
Academy award winner, academy award winner, academy award nominee, academy award nominee... and Jason Clarke. Aww. Sorry Jason :(
Billy Mullins
Billy Mullins 24 kun oldin
Diane Lane still fine AF.
forevr caustic
forevr caustic 24 kun oldin
Jesus ...just get a divorce, why throw your husband to the sharks ?