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Seth Meyers is one of the longest tenured cast members in Saturday Night Live history and host of Late Night with Seth Meyers, weeknights on NBC. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as two interview titans go head-to-head in a meta Hot Ones for the ages. During the spice onslaught, Meyers breaks down the highlights of his SNL career, discusses the surge in political comedy, and busts out some hilarious Boston accents.
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7-Fev, 2019



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First We Feast
First We Feast 2 oy oldin
*British actor doing a bad Boston accent* "Da Bomb is too hot. It's wicked hot."
fireboots169 9 kun oldin
First We Feast I’d like to see Eminem
Logan Morrison
If Tyler the Creator was a guest that would be Da Bomb
DrFnny Oy oldin
First We Feast Bro, get Melissa McCarthy in there
David Rivera
David Rivera Oy oldin
Can I be on the show please!
T Electronix
T Electronix Oy oldin
+Pandamonium 57867 There is never a need for PDP. Not ever.
Tracey Hamilton
Tracey Hamilton 6 soat oldin
Get P!nk on!
martini 10 soat oldin
he needs a good skin serum
Lettice Travels
Lettice Travels 20 soat oldin
Seth did so well! Massive respect!
Garnet Universe
Garnet Universe Kun oldin
Add cardi b she’d be screaming i bet or say random stuff
Anthony Wall
Anthony Wall Kun oldin
Lincoln Noronha
Lincoln Noronha 2 kun oldin
Seth was the most stoic one I have seen
Erick Justin Ramos
Erick Justin Ramos 2 kun oldin
Music felt straight out of a Nolan Batman movie haha
Maddie Amber
Maddie Amber 2 kun oldin
Better looking version of Ben Stiller? Anybody else see this?
Anwesha Mukherjee
Anwesha Mukherjee 2 kun oldin
You guys should get Danerys The Unburnt to try this :D
Jessikerz 3 kun oldin
He did really well! Hardly anyone cleans ALL the wings, let alone goes back to make sure they got everything :D
A Dwek
A Dwek 3 kun oldin
Is it just me or does everyone think about how they make a shidoobie after that. In the words of Melissa McCarthy "It's coming out of me like lava"
Sam Toshner
Sam Toshner 3 kun oldin
Dude Seth is a trooper. You can see he's in serious pain but he continues the interview as if nothing is wrong, just through sheer force of will.
Shem Kigen
Shem Kigen 4 kun oldin
laing jay
laing jay 4 kun oldin
Had me in tears Seth good man!!
Marcell Jackson
Marcell Jackson 4 kun oldin
Please get Riley Reid on the show!
computarzan 4 kun oldin
Ryan Cole
Ryan Cole 5 kun oldin
So Lorne Michaels sense of humor is so dry, it comes off as awkwardness.
Fallon Whynd
Fallon Whynd 5 kun oldin
Mad respect to Seth Meyers.
Grizzly Mang
Grizzly Mang 5 kun oldin
Joe Rogan is needed for this show
Jadin Cruickshank
Jadin Cruickshank 5 kun oldin
Seth crushed this so hard. He was dying at like wing 7 and killed multiple questions quickly on every one even after wing ten he was baller on this cleaning the wings was a bold move but he did it well
hono morie
hono morie 5 kun oldin
please have the rock, anna kendrick, ryan reynolds or blake lively next please.. please.. please!!!!!
Rachel Dobbins
Rachel Dobbins 6 kun oldin
Even the host broke. Never seen that.
Kharig 6 kun oldin
He is better guest than host :D
ragusajr100 6 kun oldin
Da God Charlamagne!
Johana Rav
Johana Rav 6 kun oldin
He won!!
Chain5'9s 7 kun oldin
Storbuki 7 kun oldin
Total credit to Seth for actually eating a sizable portion if not all of each wing.
Theresa Robinson
Theresa Robinson 7 kun oldin
I worried if I kiss my children they'll brust into flames!
Michigal 810
Michigal 810 7 kun oldin
What makes da bomb so special, when there are more hot sauces, with more heat AFTER? Just subbed today, so I'm 'new!'
Michigal 810
Michigal 810 7 kun oldin
Gotta get Tracy Morgan on...
William Burke
William Burke 7 kun oldin
Nice to see someone get to the end and not be taking smaller and smaller bites. Props Seth.
GTO Owen
GTO Owen 7 kun oldin
I was born in Evanston also!
BWX 7 kun oldin
One of the only guests that did it right.
Three Jewels
Three Jewels 8 kun oldin
I feel like you can say Denver and not have to say Colorado. I dunno. I live here so I might be thinking too much of us.
Scottrick 8 kun oldin
Damn he cleaned those wings!! impressive!
Tonya tea
Tonya tea 8 kun oldin
Wow!! Respect!
Fred G.
Fred G. 9 kun oldin
Respect he killed the wing!
Bren N
Bren N 9 kun oldin
Id love to see amelia clarke do this 😂
Reina Gomez
Reina Gomez 10 kun oldin
My mouth gets so watery !
Baws Nitti
Baws Nitti 11 kun oldin
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Abbie Phillips
Abbie Phillips 12 kun oldin
If Ben Stiller and Hugh Grant had a son...
CrazyKris 12 kun oldin
Seth Mayers you deserve an applause!!!
sarah zar
sarah zar 13 kun oldin
Do you think at this point Sean even has an assh*le anymore?
Frank Faz
Frank Faz 13 kun oldin
You should supply your guests with goggles. Lol Maybe even some gloves cuz if you gotta take a leak afterwards a you get that hot sauce on your junk it’s guna burn like hell fire. Lol
Amy the Chocoholic
Amy the Chocoholic 14 kun oldin
Every time someone bites Da Bomb and think they've got it handled, I'm like, "Nope, Da Bomb is a sneaky bastard, friend." Seth is straight up gangster on those wings, though.
Amanda M
Amanda M 14 kun oldin
Best one to date!
Rose Carr
Rose Carr 14 kun oldin
Brooks Van Pelt
Brooks Van Pelt 14 kun oldin
Seth actually ate the wings. He didnt take any tiny bitch bites like most guest on this show. Good on ya Seth.
shapeshfters 15 kun oldin
How does Sean not apologize before The Bomb?
butterflysrage 15 kun oldin
I’ve never seen someone look like they are wondering if they can put milk on their eyeballs before
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia 16 kun oldin
He is a beast for the way he downed the wings
Kelsie C
Kelsie C 16 kun oldin
I just really need more Bill in my life.
Joe Govi
Joe Govi 16 kun oldin
Mike Tyson as a guest would be incredible. That dudes life was something else
The Juggla
The Juggla 16 kun oldin
Get Jimmy Fallon on here lol
Corey Kirk
Corey Kirk 16 kun oldin
Best one yet! Real man... cleaned them Wings!! Seth ain’t no wuss!!
JL GOD 17 kun oldin
Can you please get Seth Abner
David Strong
David Strong 17 kun oldin
I have a new respect for Seth Meyers. Dude is a pro.
Jacob Joslin
Jacob Joslin 17 kun oldin
please do tony shalhoub!
Daniel Shaffer
Daniel Shaffer 17 kun oldin
LOL a lot of people are not interested in seeing a late night hosts opinions on politics. Unless you want to just bash and make fun of all politicians, don't be a news channel.
Jumia Callaway
Jumia Callaway 17 kun oldin
Props for cleaning the friggin wings
Jon Samuels
Jon Samuels 17 kun oldin
cJinL 17 kun oldin
How bout we talk about the person in the video instead of just requesting other people? It's dismissive to whoever is in the video.
Brooklyn C
Brooklyn C 17 kun oldin
Woah I just realized that I’ve seen this video before but I think I was half asleep or something because I didn’t remember anything until Seth started talking about Kanye.
Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer Mitchell 17 kun oldin
I wanna see Jimmy Fallon on Hot Ones with Blake Shelton. Congratulations Sean for all your success.
Bunny lhm
Bunny lhm 17 kun oldin
Get John Mulaney on the show!!!
David Rudger
David Rudger 17 kun oldin
This is one of the best Hot Ones interviews in its history. Seth is indeed a legend.
Samantha Ashbrook
Samantha Ashbrook 18 kun oldin
I want buy some of the sauces for my brother Payne so badly! He loves testing his limits with spices and peppers. He once ate a raw ghost pepper. He got it down but he threw up shortly after because his stomach couldn’t handle it. I would love to do the line up with him and see how long he lasts
Scottie C
Scottie C 19 kun oldin
He is one of the worst ones on TV right now.
Ramzes Empire
Ramzes Empire 19 kun oldin
Sean = greatest CIA interrogator of all time
Aj Michelle
Aj Michelle 19 kun oldin
Chelsea Handler next plz!
HybridThizzle 19 kun oldin
Get Kit Harrington or Maisie Williams please, GoT cast is doing press stuff now im pretty sure.
Cheyenne B
Cheyenne B 20 kun oldin
Funniest comic right now is Spiderman and Deadpool
gumbilicious1 20 kun oldin
Dude ate more than the host, much respect
Tricey C
Tricey C 20 kun oldin
50 cent 🙌🙌🙌😭😭😭😭Please get him on the show
inked mike
inked mike 21 kun oldin
Camera man Bill must be Bills Mafia.
Nathan 21 kun oldin
This guy is eating a good part of the wing
Matthew Collins
Matthew Collins 21 kun oldin
Dwayne johnson needs come on here
Bohack 22 kun oldin
What a showmanship during an interview. He even covered his mouth when talking! Took all 10 wings like a champ!
Vi S
Vi S 22 kun oldin
Best wing eater yet
Zhong Ping
Zhong Ping 22 kun oldin
Wow, props for cleaning the wings. I see so many just nibble, but Seth killed those wings.
Global00Vintage 22 kun oldin
Invite Seth back with his mom, dad,or brother with him.
Global00Vintage 22 kun oldin
Fuck yeah, Seth!!! You destroyed that last wing!
Speaking Truth
Speaking Truth 23 kun oldin
You did great Sir Seth! I can tell you were raised to not waste food
Sean Beads
Sean Beads 23 kun oldin
I liked Meyers before he got his show and became a pandering leftwing cuck
Irish Guy
Irish Guy 23 kun oldin
18:07 The moment you realize you never get used to it😆
Teagan White
Teagan White 23 kun oldin
They need to get Brendon Urie to be on the show!!
Dane Lyon
Dane Lyon 24 kun oldin
Will Seth Meyers have a job when Trump retires? Where will he get his material? Mad Libs?
Kay Medrano
Kay Medrano 24 kun oldin
Do you think sean actually has his battered in the sauce anymore or is he just that fucking good ?!?!?
Bella Konrad
Bella Konrad 24 kun oldin
i hate when the interesting questions come when they’re already coughing and crying aaah
J S 24 kun oldin
Grant Morrison is GARBAGE!
Kyle Lenertz
Kyle Lenertz 24 kun oldin
Get the guys from workaholics
tim snyder
tim snyder 25 kun oldin
Gotta get Joe Rogan on this..
JCarlos Quebrado
JCarlos Quebrado 25 kun oldin
Much respect for Seth Meyers!
EternalGullet 25 kun oldin
"Sometimes you're at dinner parties, and... nothing would make me happier than being able to say, "We have to go to commercial." :D
Floatious 25 kun oldin
Boston bro is just Bill Burr then?
Gulnara Umar
Gulnara Umar 25 kun oldin
Seth Meyers is probably the least awkward interviewee I have ever seen. He is just so natural, it was a great pleasure to watch!
yourideordie 25 kun oldin
Seth definitely deserves a plaque on the hot ones hall of fame. He did that!! And was hilarious
Sunny Castillo
Sunny Castillo 25 kun oldin
Let’s get Kristen Wiig on here!!
Mekail Johnson
Mekail Johnson 26 kun oldin
Yep Seth a beast wit it..Good job Seth
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