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Channeling his Sex Therapist mother, inexperienced teen Otis decides to set up a Sex Therapy clinic at school for the hopeless students of Moordale High. Get ready for love, laughs, lube, and the best time of their lives. Coming January 11, only on Netflix.
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Sex Education | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




2-Yan, 2019

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DyarAgha VEVO
DyarAgha VEVO 14 daqiqa oldin
Please ' when session two ?????🥺😭
Ta Do
Ta Do 47 daqiqa oldin
Is that the butterfield kid that was auditioning for Spider-Man?
Mr Nerd
Mr Nerd Soat oldin
Don't worry about breaking your virginity everyone. I'm 25 and I will NOT have sex until I get married☺Save your virginity for after Marriage☺
Neil Waldron
Neil Waldron 2 soat oldin
Considering its supposed to be in Britain, it all looks very american. The school and everything looks far more like a us high school then a secondary school, why?
ella refiki
ella refiki 2 soat oldin
I started watching this show and the boy otis looked so familiar. when i was younger my family was watching the boy in the striped pajamas and 10 years later it still gives me nightmares. His face scared me and now i realise why...
Moddi is back
Moddi is back 2 soat oldin
Plz second season
Lale N.
Lale N. 3 soat oldin
omg asaaa !
Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz
If Butterfield and Anderson are on it...I might have to binge watch this series. 7u7 Looks promising!
Bryce Walker
Bryce Walker 4 soat oldin
The first time I've watched this trailer. The comments are all "Asa Butterfield". And when I came back here (just realizing Maeve is not Margot Robbie instead Emma Mackey) look at the comments now. Tell me what is it all about? Haha
Siddhesh 4 soat oldin
Since it has be bought by george soros, Netflix really has become a degeneracy factory... and millions of cucks are going to show this to their kids...
chuan ming
chuan ming 4 soat oldin
Amazing lllly
Vĩnh Hưng Lê
Vĩnh Hưng Lê 4 soat oldin
the movie is shit, the acting is cringy as fuck.
X TheRealLayZeee X
X TheRealLayZeee X 4 soat oldin
Hope you come out with a season 2 I finished this in about 8 hours straight absolutely a great show hope the new season is even better :)
kd poornesh
kd poornesh 5 soat oldin
i loved it.
Kiko Borges
Kiko Borges 5 soat oldin
Estou ansioso pelas próximas temporadas...
Mimo 6 soat oldin
Trailer looked average but the series is so fucking good. Please let this show be successful so we can get multiple seasons!
Nate Fantauzzi
Nate Fantauzzi 6 soat oldin
Netflix NEEDS to make a second season. They are aren’t they cuz they said two years right? And season 1 was only one year or not even I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.
tiffany fang
tiffany fang 7 soat oldin
this show is so weird but so good
Alex 8A
Alex 8A 7 soat oldin
Am I the only one who also wants Otis' backpack? Can someone tell me where can I have one?
My Show
My Show 7 soat oldin
Great series 😍loved it
My Show
My Show 7 soat oldin
Finished, waiting for season 2
The Shepherd
The Shepherd 8 soat oldin
This is a good series and I loved the ending I was so proud for Otis as if he was my own son.
Renan Marcon
Renan Marcon 8 soat oldin
2 temporada quando.?????
Alexander Saliba
Alexander Saliba 8 soat oldin
I've noticed that it's getting hotttt www.fyrefestivals.com/
Tiago Jones
Tiago Jones 9 soat oldin
Por favor, saquen la 2 temporadaaaa
Annan paul
Annan paul 9 soat oldin
why does every netflix series has a gay black guy
Eloisa Serrano
Eloisa Serrano 9 soat oldin
What is the name of the song in this trailer?
Nate Fantauzzi
Nate Fantauzzi 6 soat oldin
Eloisa Serrano it’s called “love you so bad” by Ezra Furman.
Morimoto 9 soat oldin
The title is Sex Education. So a lot of nudity and sex scene are bound to show up. But then it evolves around 16 year old teenagers. If its 18 then I get it, but it's too much free casual sex for a 16 years old and parents be ok with it without any doubt. Where are all the people talking about pedophile and stuff? Why have they disappear on this show? Hypocrite.
ali jasim
ali jasim 10 soat oldin
Great show... Waiting for 2nd season
Virginia Davila
Virginia Davila 10 soat oldin
Gabby Cattell
Gabby Cattell 10 soat oldin
please gillian can i get some sex therapy i would love to
Xiaotong Li
Xiaotong Li 11 soat oldin
I'm addicted to wanking! help?
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba 12 soat oldin
Best best best show ever...the characters are amazing specially eric...love him
Math Math
Math Math 12 soat oldin
Marko Cosic
Marko Cosic 12 soat oldin
Mr meme33
Mr meme33 13 soat oldin
I gotta ask, what is the damn song I LOVE IT
Nate Fantauzzi
Nate Fantauzzi 6 soat oldin
Mr meme33 it’s called “love you so bad” by Ezra furman
Yi Mods
Yi Mods 13 soat oldin
kertenkele 13 soat oldin
adam is gay
kertenkele 13 soat oldin
böyle bir diziyi muhtemelen birdaha göremicem abi bi dizi bu kadarmı mükemmel olur aq 2 sezon var sanıyordum 1 sezonu deli gibi izledim aq kafamı skm
ItsBorixon 14 soat oldin
Well, I don't even know what to say ;-;
Csgo Talarico
Csgo Talarico 14 soat oldin
When does the 2 season launch????!!!!!
Vitor Hugo
Vitor Hugo 14 soat oldin
When are you going to release more episodes? because there are only 8 and there are very few, I can not wait to tie more rsrsrs !!
Michel Leandro
Michel Leandro 15 soat oldin
When will have the second season?
bang yolo
bang yolo 15 soat oldin
Wow, he really did move up the social food chain. From Nazi general's son to kid who wanks.
Justice 16 soat oldin
Probably the most inauthentic show ever made, every character is gay, trans, nympho or has a black fetish, basically a liberal wet dream.
Justice 11 soat oldin
+KA Rami I think you guessed wrong!
KA Rami
KA Rami 13 soat oldin
I like it ! I guess Liberals have good dreams
Noor ••
Noor •• 16 soat oldin
I really loved this show.. it's so realistic .. funny and emotional. Can't wait for season 2
Nastia Vorontsova
Nastia Vorontsova 16 soat oldin
Am I the only one interested in the location of that city? I mean it's literally a dream city df I want there 🌿
Wolf O'Brien
Wolf O'Brien 16 soat oldin
Just finished it and it was awesome! REALLY NEED A SECOND SEASON.
Das Türschloss
Das Türschloss 17 soat oldin
I loved the character of Erics Father, so well written and acted.
Dana Scully
Dana Scully 17 soat oldin
this series is so great! it's not just sex it's so much more
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez 17 soat oldin
Habra temporada 2
Senior Razor
Senior Razor 17 soat oldin
I already look at the first season, for when the second season Please
Ronaldo Serrano
Ronaldo Serrano 18 soat oldin
TwitchIndo clip
TwitchIndo clip 18 soat oldin
i kinda confused of the ending is that a sad ending or happy ending?
KA Rami
KA Rami 13 soat oldin
It was sad for me
Umut Yılmaz
Umut Yılmaz 19 soat oldin
Αργυρης Καρελης
Bad touch bad touch stranger danger
Wallisson Gonçalves
Wallisson Gonçalves 20 soat oldin
Veeeeemmmm segunda temporada!! #ancioso
Soar DS
Soar DS 20 soat oldin
Phi Child
Phi Child 20 soat oldin
Fucking terrible. Easily the worst thing I've seen. Show loses all relevance when it can't even get its context right. Aside from getting to see Gillian Anderson , this is an absolute dumpster fire
JCstone1000 20 soat oldin
So apparently the writers intentionally mixed American and English looks on purpose. Straight away takes me entirely out of the series and makes the whole thing farcical. The whole “American high school experience” feels extremely alien to most UK viewers and is totally different the the English one. Even the structures are different (secondary school is 11-16/18 year olds) so this series would not work at all. It’s a bit annoying that they’ve basically robbed all the English actors of their own experiences and just dropped them into this stupid farcical setting
JCstone1000 21 soat oldin
Where on earth is this set? All of the accents are English but the style of the school, location and weather look nothing like any English school. Plus no uniforms
Seth smthin
Seth smthin 21 soat oldin
Imagine picking such a terrible and leftist name for a show
Shabbos Shekels
Shabbos Shekels 22 soat oldin
My wife's black son loves this show!
Fer Das Führer
Fer Das Führer 22 soat oldin
Wonder (((Who))) produced this? Always with (((their))) typical tricks.
Wulf O'Crow
Wulf O'Crow 23 soat oldin
Holy hell look at all the copy paste comments. Astroturf hard for this anti white shit.
Jaysel Pascual
Jaysel Pascual 23 soat oldin
Finished season 1 in a day. When's the season 2?
fightnight14 23 soat oldin
*SPOILERS* They have been teasing Otis + Maeve all throughout the season and they ended it that way. I'm so fucking bummed! On the bright side we might be seeing a season 2 and hopefully get to see them together? Also, who else said "I fucking knew it" somewhere on that finale episode? What a twist! The show is a solid 5/5 for me
ishtdeep malhi
ishtdeep malhi 23 soat oldin
The rwason why I dont watch netflix :). #PropagandaMachine
subhadip ojha
subhadip ojha Kun oldin
👌👌👌👌👌 8th episode is boring 🌚
Tarquin Kun oldin
It's fascinating how much of the show's appearance and format is derived from the "cool American" aesthetic of coming-of-age films and tv like The Breakfast Club/any other John Hughes movie/Riverdale. For example: the varsity letterman jackets, lockers in the hallway, absence of uniforms, etc.
Stephen Phillips
I swear Mave is Margot Robies younger twin sister omg
• Alexandra •
I never expected what happened in detention, and the day after in class was so cute though! I can’t wait until next season to see where they end up, especially Adam! Sooo excited for more episodes! P.S. I’ve replayed the series like 3 times, oops! I’m so obsessed with the characters, and the storyline is so fitting! Its one of the rare times I actually find a series I can joyfully watch the whole way through :D P.P.S Did anyone notice in episode 8 during the science class with Eric, Adam went to write on the front cover of his notebook? Seems odd but i guess the scene was too good of a take they couldn’t retake it! or maybe people take notes on the front covers of notebooks idk lol
Erinda Lika
Erinda Lika Kun oldin
Honestly I love this more than 13 reasons why.
Aqua Black Chan
Aqua Black Chan Kun oldin
the detention scene was the most satisfying scene ever
Mistersontix Kun oldin
I wish they included Theon Greyjoy from episode 1 asking about his obsession with perversions with respect to HMTQ.
Ma Lea
Ma Lea Kun oldin
entertaining but its like it cant decide what country its suppose to be in, English accents in what looks like an American school. small village(look) with what must be the largest teenage population on the planet.
Bartek Ducki
Bartek Ducki Kun oldin
Best series I have ever seen!!!
悲しみ Kun oldin
the show is fckin amazing im shOok
Andrian Priago
Andrian Priago Kun oldin
When season 2 released?
iam Laa
iam Laa Kun oldin
at first i thought this show was going to be eehhh....but i watched it and i can honestly say this show is fantastic lol. Just expect alot of love triangle thingy it drove me nuts but still good.
XD Celested
XD Celested Kun oldin
I love this show
IDReaper91 Kun oldin
Very good tv-show. I highly recommend it. So funny and good relationships.
- Kun oldin
I cannot unsee Ava butterfield as Hugo when he was like 10 or something
John Goeller
John Goeller Kun oldin
The scene with Dana Scully stroking a giant dildo was in itself worth the cost of my Netflix subscription this month.
Theunder OW
Theunder OW Kun oldin
Justin 7375236
Justin 7375236 Kun oldin
"I don't take bribes" ughhhhhhhhhh can't wait for season 2 and see the damn headmaster get someee
Bianca Santos
Bianca Santos Kun oldin
Asa Butterfield ♥♥♥♥
Jop Vdsteen
Jop Vdsteen Kun oldin
What a good serie but what a sad end thats why i want season 2 whahahhaha but its only 4 days out
Xavier De la cruz
Really good show, I just want to know why do they dress like that so old school, Is it the style in that country, cus they have smartphones & mentioned modern celebrities
HOAL 395450
HOAL 395450 Kun oldin
Need season 2 Netflix
Retro Gaming & Music
I watched some Shameless and Skins. Same shit, different title and class background.
Imanuel Victor
Imanuel Victor Kun oldin
The best serial ever!!!
Aileen  Sosa
Aileen Sosa Kun oldin
Is this a good show???
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar Kun oldin
whats you name?
flashing05 Kun oldin
I like it
HarisProduction Kun oldin
The series raises important issues and filmed very fresh and funny. So good job, hi from Belarus :)
My pretty hot Momma
Girl with flute chill
Tutte Andre
Tutte Andre Kun oldin
Anyone that did like the ending? Like Otis and Maeve...
Angel Ordonez Flores
SO GOOD! I'm surprised some people don't like it? But honestly, it's worth the watch! Great characters and plot! Can't wait for season 2!
k3s.origi Kun oldin
Van a sacar la segunda temporada esta bacán