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Channeling his Sex Therapist mother, inexperienced teen Otis decides to set up a Sex Therapy clinic at school for the hopeless students of Moordale High. Get ready for love, laughs, lube, and the best time of their lives. Coming January 11, only on Netflix.
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Sex Education | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix




2-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 5 990
ensayofr 8 soat oldin
This show is too woke
ensayofr 8 soat oldin
The protagonist looks like Malcolm
Anjaleena Ross
Anjaleena Ross 13 soat oldin
Alexis Blanchard
Alexis Blanchard 19 soat oldin
Should I watch this show? Is it any good and worth watching? Pls give me an honest opinion..
4k200elbow 23 soat oldin
Get B L A C K E D!
Jane Kim
Jane Kim Kun oldin
OMG Meave looks so much like Morgot Robbie and Jean looks so much like Meryl Streep in "The Devil wears Prada"
JohnAngelo Kun oldin
the trailer is bad. but promise, the series is so so good
Denno Benson
Denno Benson Kun oldin
Whats wrong with you people commenting?Just watch the series and have fun or make yours.
Emma Mattsson
Emma Mattsson Kun oldin
This trailer does not do the show any justice, the show is bloody amazing and you all need to go watch it now - the girl who might have a moderate crush on Otis Milburn
Pedro Vaz
Pedro Vaz Kun oldin
+Emma Mattsson Yes you do, your "First World Honey&Milk" when it starts to disappear remember what those "crazy anti-semitic racists" were warning about. And enjoy your cock-carousel riding and try not to end up another childless, miserable woman or a single mother with an ugly mixed baby.
Emma Mattsson
Emma Mattsson Kun oldin
Pedro Vaz my subconscious is already fucked so I don’t have much to lose tbh
Pedro Vaz
Pedro Vaz Kun oldin
Just be careful with what this show tries to put in your subconscious. Homosexuality, miscegenation, white guilt, lack of authority, drugs, etc, etc...
Max Power
Max Power Kun oldin
I hope this show spawns six million mixed-race babies!
Junain Khan
Junain Khan Kun oldin
Roses are red, violets are blue, yup this is happening, I'm fucking you
Ronnie Kun oldin
Jews really know how to make a show
Mj Verostek
Mj Verostek Kun oldin
Get this feminist degeneracy and miscegenating cuckoldry propaganda off this planet.
Desiree Hillenbrand
Are you still single like me
Bogdan51 aus Reinickendorf
Absolutly degenerate
Biancs 2 kun oldin
if someone says degenerate one more time i swear to god
Biancs 2 kun oldin
I like how everyone just hates on this show because it's about sex when in reality it is so much deeper than that...
Pedro Vaz
Pedro Vaz Kun oldin
You're right...homosexuality, miscegenation, white guilt, lack of authority, drugs, anti-gun, etc, etc...the usual Zionist-Globalist crap
VIVEK SHAH 2 kun oldin
Hey when the new season will come.I want see more episode it's fantastic show lovely😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
interesting. Kun oldin
Try the same thing in India and u will see the outrage. This is a stupid show.
TheSusano27 2 kun oldin
incredible, teenage guys and girls banging each other, what a series
Arandomcheese 2 kun oldin
I just watched it. There was more to it than that and worth watching.
iron 3 kun oldin
jewish shill propaganda, BTFO
Xiuquan The Holy
Xiuquan The Holy 3 kun oldin
WHITE POWDER 3 kun oldin
This fucking race-mixing and pedophile propaganda.. Not even trying to hide it anymore.
hgauomn 3 kun oldin
It is worth mentioning that they go with this disgusting crap where a silly, inferior conservative white guy falls in love with popular, cool white, liberal girl who humiliates and plays with him and then goes out with a black, superior guy. They clearly want white boys to believe that they have NO chance to find themselves, white girls, as they are inferior to blacks in every way imaginable. Creators of this crap have an alternative for them - homosexuality. Deviancy is portrayed as so cool and progressive and popular that it emerges as an obvious choice for those poor white boys…
Biancs 2 kun oldin
Honestly, what the fuck are you talking about? have you even seen this series yet because it is so much better than the trailer. The girl never played or humiliated him. but your opinion of course...
Jürgen Scheibe
Jürgen Scheibe 3 kun oldin
Looks like he survived the gas chamber
Jürgen Scheibe
Jürgen Scheibe 3 kun oldin
anti white propaganda
Mublik Bublik
Mublik Bublik 3 kun oldin
Degeneracy shoved down viewers' throats. I won't be one of them and neither will my children.
Biancs 2 kun oldin
you sir are a fucking idiot. this series is so much better than the trailer, I'm sure you're one of these dads that still kiss their children when they're 16. give them some privacy for fuck sakes
Nitropex 3 kun oldin
George soros aprooves
Blue Shirt Guy
Blue Shirt Guy 4 kun oldin
Roostersnake 4 kun oldin
what in the actual fuck is this garbage?
Hazel Aira Agbayani
Gesunde Wotan
Gesunde Wotan 4 kun oldin
How progressive! Kids really should be taught by billionaires to touch themselves *as early as possible in life.* Anything else is just backwards... I mean.... It's not like desiring child-sexuality is a crime or anything. *Wait....*
Gesunde Wotan
Gesunde Wotan 2 kun oldin
+Biancs Sexualizing kids at any age because it's [current year]. Good logic. I guess it's lame to not encourage people to think of adolescents in sexual ways.
Biancs 2 kun oldin
it's sex education, it's the cycle of life. age doesn't fucking matter anymore its 2019
What’s going on with these weird ass alt right comments? This ain’t political at all I’m lost
Nicole White
Nicole White 4 kun oldin
Lol who's ready to watch it with me 😉😁😳?
Polac 4 kun oldin
fettucini mussolini
So this is how the West dies...
Global S R Production
jis vi boy ko sex karke paisa kamana hai callboy playboy vo what'sapp pe join club likh ke sms kare mera naam aveenash hai what'sapp no.9808438042
juanes83330 4 kun oldin
مــقــتــرحات طــبــيــة🌿 لــعــلاج الــمــشاكــل الــجــنــســيــة: الــواتــســاب: ** تــكــبــيــر الــقــضــيــب✅ ضــعــف الإنــتــصــاب✅ تــأخــيــر الــقــذف
Karina Putri
Karina Putri 5 kun oldin
6 Moneymagnet
6 Moneymagnet 5 kun oldin
anti white propaganda
Florian Zeim
Florian Zeim 5 kun oldin
Thanks to mass migration to europe and that our guests dont agree with homosexuality, sharia will be implemented and all this liberal stuff will be stoned.
Mila Kozlova
Mila Kozlova 5 kun oldin
The serious needs banning from Netflix. I hope it does. It’s so vile. Scumbags.
Mila Kozlova
Mila Kozlova 2 kun oldin
Biancs I just think it’s so sad how the left are pushing their overly open agenda on others. Look at this comment section. If you don’t agree with the near pornographic scenes then there’s instantly something wrong with you. Leave people alone they’re not ‘prudes’
Biancs 2 kun oldin
tell me one reason, why?
Mila Kozlova
Mila Kozlova 5 kun oldin
I just think it’s so sad how the left are pushing their overly open agenda on others. Look at this comment section. If you don’t agree with the near pornographic scenes then there’s instantly something wrong with you. Leave people alone they’re not ‘prudes’
White Heat
White Heat 5 kun oldin
Netflix obviously support child grooming by the looks of this trailer.
Anjaleena Ross
Anjaleena Ross 13 soat oldin
Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd 5 kun oldin
Ugh I can't wait for season 2!!
JustBecause 5 kun oldin
Lol this was the most Americanised British school
Udk u
Udk u Kun oldin
I guess that's a way to describe it.
Christian Games
Christian Games 5 kun oldin
Who's waiting for season 2? That I was waiting! It's a great show
lesnichodec 5 kun oldin
Just another sick jewish degenerate propaganda.
Dr. Smiley Face
Dr. Smiley Face 5 kun oldin
Season 2?
zwekkq 5 kun oldin
Love this series.. seriously!! It is not all about sex although literally it is from the title itself. 😁 But you will also learn something from this series, it educates us about love, humility, morales of life and of course Sex. 😀❤️ looking forward for Season 2!!! Thumbs up 👍
Lukas Hladik
Lukas Hladik 6 kun oldin
Darq King
Darq King 6 kun oldin
I need a sex therapy
xXMLgMasTeRXx 7 kun oldin
I wonder (((who))) could be behind this
Anjaleena Ross
Anjaleena Ross 13 soat oldin
Xalenty Pharaoh
Xalenty Pharaoh 19 soat oldin
Definitely not produced by (((them))).
Sam Brittenden
Sam Brittenden Kun oldin
australian shitposter, thank you for your service.
Gesunde Wotan
Gesunde Wotan 2 kun oldin
+Garnet Nard omg my white-male fragility Alexa, I just got rekked
The Founder Titan
The Founder Titan 7 kun oldin
Guys think the Adam Otis treaty
Rob Farmer
Rob Farmer 7 kun oldin
The names of the people who make this anti-human filth are right there for everyone to find. Everyone can find their homes, their families. I truly do not understand how a highly skilled marksman like Brendon Tarrant couldn't have gone after these kinds of people instead. They are objectively better targets.
Dave Strickland
Dave Strickland 7 kun oldin
Boring, degenerate & predictable show. Would rather watch the producers on a nice spa trip to Poland instead.
מיכאל דקל
מיכאל דקל 7 kun oldin
The best series ever!!!!!!
Jake The Dev
Jake The Dev 7 kun oldin
gatta love jewish art
Anjaleena Ross
Anjaleena Ross 13 soat oldin
Les O'Paw
Les O'Paw 16 soat oldin
+Jake The Dev Looks like the person moderating this comment section knows a thing or two about the jewish arts.
Jake The Dev
Jake The Dev 2 kun oldin
+Bogdan51 aus Reinickendorf they were doing this long before ww2 but yeah mate. glad someone got it.
Junaid Huq
Junaid Huq 3 kun oldin
Jewish??? What?
sanju singh
sanju singh 7 kun oldin
Q eds
luis montelongo
luis montelongo 7 kun oldin
Remember when he was supposed to be Spider-Man
Dr. Smiley Face
Dr. Smiley Face 5 kun oldin
luis montelongo hell nahhh
Çatlak Kral
Çatlak Kral 7 kun oldin
Ricky I
Ricky I 7 kun oldin
This is the most degenerate shit Ive ever seen. This has (((them))) written all over it.
Force 6 kun oldin
+C M That last statement is hilarious. It's false.
C M 7 kun oldin
Agreed. Zionist Netflix constantly promotes unrealistic miscegenation, when in fact Whites are the LEAST likely in America to date outside their race. When you're White, there is no upgrade!
Abraham Kobke
Abraham Kobke 8 kun oldin
Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things. Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen. For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka 8 kun oldin
Fuck Ola.. I don’t like her. Otis and Maeve for the W
Dorien Summers
Dorien Summers 8 kun oldin
Who else though this was pardoy
I like Bleach
I like Bleach 9 kun oldin
I just finished watching the boy in the striped pajamas help
Ciara Heron
Ciara Heron 9 kun oldin
Dathanyal Plays
Dathanyal Plays 9 kun oldin
I want season two
nina cile
nina cile 9 kun oldin
Cool 2
Please make season 2
Besztaczka BEsztaczka
it is really good!!:)
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 9 kun oldin
Far away from reality
457,123 ,679,245 views
Guysss we teens need Sex Education .. So this season should better be released soon .
Sara Sara
Sara Sara 10 kun oldin
estrelinha laura
estrelinha laura 11 kun oldin
ele e etero outro e virgem e a escola e daora
Emirhan Terzi
Emirhan Terzi 11 kun oldin
Harikaa dizi ❤️👊
X D 11 kun oldin
You should have chosen Maeve not Ola,Otis...
my husband is big marvel
Ahhh honestly the only reason why I watched this was because of asa and damn no regrets :’)
Pee Jay Carreon
Pee Jay Carreon 12 kun oldin
He is also the man from Peregrine and Peculiar Children?
Jordaantje 9 kun oldin
Pee Jay Carreon idk about the girl but the actor who plays otis is definitly from that movie
Pee Jay Carreon
Pee Jay Carreon 10 kun oldin
+Jordaantje oh i see. Even the girl right?
Jordaantje 10 kun oldin
Gadget Addicts ya he is
Jamrock86 12 kun oldin
that black gay dude is a little too over the top
Flabimbo The Great
Flabimbo The Great 12 kun oldin
Throw the Fucker back in the gas chamber. We don't need more of their kind on the streets
Orion 12 kun oldin
Bring Season 2 FFS!!!
ellenwatchme 12 kun oldin
I fucking knew Adam was gay Fucking gorgeous men
Parrot-Man 12 kun oldin
is that you mordred?
meek sloan
meek sloan 13 kun oldin
Idk how to feel I just saw that fucker walk into a goddamn gas chamber less than an hour ago and now I'm here???
bhanu pratap
bhanu pratap 13 kun oldin
My freind said that this series sucks and dont watch it
PaaN Jr 7
PaaN Jr 7 11 kun oldin
It's good actually..for me
An.ro18 13 kun oldin
Лучший из лучших, жду 2 сезон!!! Актёрский состав великолепен! Игра актёров превосходна! Это бомба 😍💗💗💗💗
Mario4736 13 kun oldin
The lebanese lad
The lebanese lad 14 kun oldin
Its weird when you know Asa from merlin and the boy in the striped pyjamas.
Mirel Vtl
Mirel Vtl 14 kun oldin
After watching the entire season, i found out Maeve is not actually played by Margot Robbie. I was so convinced.
Natalie Natalie
Natalie Natalie 14 kun oldin
Why are all the women white tho?
ili n
ili n 14 kun oldin
i thought that was margott robey
Miranda Cocksgrove
Miranda Cocksgrove 14 kun oldin
thisbemy Channel
thisbemy Channel 14 kun oldin
Am I the only one who actually likes Ola?
john bennit
john bennit 15 kun oldin
What the hell is up with netflix all there shows have something to do with puberty and masturbation
h 9 kun oldin
+john bennit mate if you think all shows are ABOUT jerking and puberty youre wrong lmao, they all do have an element of puberty but most of them arent centered around it. i called you a child because the way you put it forth seemed like you had a problem with it.
john bennit
john bennit 9 kun oldin
+h for starters it was a joke, it's just a little strange that all Netflix shows now a days are about kids jerking off and going threw puberty. Second I'm 27 so I dont need a teenager calling me a child.
h 13 kun oldin
child its rated 16+ for a reason.
Zed Isdead
Zed Isdead 15 kun oldin
Go fuck yourself with your nihilistic behaviour and celebrate your first world problems in your own fucked up places. But please stop acting like if everything is alright. It's not.
Ádám Végh
Ádám Végh 15 kun oldin
*Emma Mackey looks like Margot Robbie more than Margot Robbie*
Anjaleena Ross
Anjaleena Ross 13 soat oldin
Linnéa Berg
Linnéa Berg 7 kun oldin
FINALLY someone else besides me who noticed that!!!!😃
Sakib Hossain
Sakib Hossain 12 kun oldin
Beau Man
Beau Man 13 kun oldin
I was thinking Emma Roberts a little bit
superbus starodub
superbus starodub 15 kun oldin
Degenerate scum.
rene schleiermann
rene schleiermann 16 kun oldin
More dislikes pls.!
AhBao阿宝 16 kun oldin
At first it seems mediocre,when I got Netflix idk what to watch and I saw sex education I think hmm I don't have show to watch might as well give it a try then now I only have a thing to say... Fucking give me season 2 already
Sukant Kumar
Sukant Kumar 16 kun oldin
Waiting for the season 2
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