[SFM] Mario's NightMare

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This took way longer than it should...
So here it is guys, the video we've all been waiting for. This was the video I mentioned in my update video with ALOT of changes. One of the biggest changes: Rosalina is gone thanks to a new peach model from the Smash Game for Wii U.
This is the first episode to a series I'm making called: The NightMare series. And theres more to it then them just having a dream ;D
I SUCK at SOUNDS AND BACKGROUNDS. I was mainly inspired by a lot of things, can you guys Spot the references? :O
I decided to change the name to Mario's nightmare because it corresponds to the video.
Special thanks to: Apoc Hedgie, Ratchet Mario, RandomTbush and others.
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25-Dek, 2015

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Hey! I uploaded a new video that's WAY better than this one. Go check it out!: uzvid.com/video/video-HCS2AkHc1bw.html
Saydel Suri Andrade
Saydel Suri Andrade 6 daqiqa oldin
Rocko QJ
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TUAN NGUYEN 2 kun oldin
NDY wxcaaa
Michaelman Gtrrt
Michaelman Gtrrt 5 kun oldin
You can try making short animations to keep the channel alive and make long ones later
Festival Kirby
Festival Kirby 6 kun oldin
0:27 so romantic... Well, kind of.
Joseph [Plush Productions]
1:25 Made me laugh SO hard! 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Ydnew Ramirez
Ydnew Ramirez 12 soat oldin
Jeffy Jr. Paul
Jeffy Jr. Paul 21 soat oldin
1:26 When You Bust A Nut But She Keeps On Sucking
Neil Aldave
Neil Aldave Kun oldin
Me gustan los grficos
Onion Cutter Ninja
4:05 it's a bit weird how he did that, anyways, the whole reason he hates the main characters is because they don't let him kidnap peach, right?
LunaWolf 2 kun oldin
I cried when luigi died:(
Joel Pais
Joel Pais 2 kun oldin
2018 anyone
Dinos Ziobos
Dinos Ziobos 3 kun oldin
Poor luigi
Maxi SpeeltSpellen
Maxi SpeeltSpellen 3 kun oldin
1:25 Thank me later
方佳佳 佳佳
方佳佳 佳佳 3 kun oldin
Ronnie Moorehouse
Ronnie Moorehouse 3 kun oldin
mario is the bad guy because the goombas are people and they were there before mario that is why they fhaite
M B 3 kun oldin
sweet dreams Mario😊❤️
Virginie Legendre
Virginie Legendre 3 kun oldin
Bowser na pas le tent
Christian Guest
Christian Guest 4 kun oldin
Bakugo < Mario
Meliodas The Dragon's sin of wrath
1:26 When you nut but she keeps sucking
El Ender WTF
El Ender WTF 4 kun oldin
Deberías hacer diversas poses con movimientos en green screen
Transformers More Than Memes The Eye
1:26 there's no way that a Koopa Troopa sounds like that.
Fio Pio
Fio Pio 4 kun oldin
Do you guys think that 1:26 was that funny because it was somenome screaming about something that I don’t know
Romello and Violet With Mario and Luigi
I made a Mario and Luigi nightmare but nice and Mario is brave and car a lot above his brother
Sandra Reyes
Sandra Reyes 5 kun oldin
es el mejor vídeo del mundo
Noel Nunez
Noel Nunez 5 kun oldin
The koopa troppa screaming always kills me😂
ImMatter 5 kun oldin
What game is this?
Iamacucumber945 5 kun oldin
3:41 my butt after i get home from taco bell
You should totally do a Mario vs Sonic one
Vikoart Arellano
Vikoart Arellano 5 kun oldin
Santigamer 2
Santigamer 2 5 kun oldin
link of the song 3:10
Jarimo YT
Jarimo YT 5 kun oldin
1:24 lol that koopa
Briqt Wemmde
Briqt Wemmde 5 kun oldin
hmm I wonder if this was inspired by smbz lol
Ian McKellar
Ian McKellar 5 kun oldin
1:34 That better be his newest Final Smash!
Spon Dulish
Spon Dulish 5 kun oldin
Suzanne Forano
Suzanne Forano 5 kun oldin
the clowner just piked Bowser up by his shell and Bowser did a flip to get up. LOL
Suzanne Forano
Suzanne Forano 5 kun oldin
this is the best vid evER LOL
Tyzedd Bowles Jr. 0825
3:51 he needs some milk
Venita Stephens
Venita Stephens 6 kun oldin
Lol Tyzeddd Bowles Jr. 0825
Pika Zilla
Pika Zilla 6 kun oldin
proof that Mario is edgy AF
3:06 lol
tomo matsu
tomo matsu 6 kun oldin
konijngaming 6 kun oldin
Who did make it?
Greninjaex 0419
Greninjaex 0419 6 kun oldin
Infinity war
Max Animations
Max Animations 6 kun oldin
I made a Mario’s nightmare too
Myracle Woodford
Myracle Woodford 6 kun oldin
I prefer the real game to be more like this🤣👌 When you at school and everyone keeps testing your patience(3:41)
Manuel Dias
Manuel Dias 6 kun oldin
1:26 how it feels to chew 5 gum
Evo 705
Evo 705 7 kun oldin
1:26 When you run into a Jeffy fan.
Kendrick Do
Kendrick Do 7 kun oldin
What the heck? 2:37
Kendrick Do
Kendrick Do 7 kun oldin
1:24 screaming helpless koopa.
Kendrick Do
Kendrick Do 7 kun oldin
This is amazing. I am glad to find your channel.
Hasan Hashim
Hasan Hashim 7 kun oldin
Me When Steeped On A Lego Brick So Hard 1:25
Davedave000 7 kun oldin
Feels like Super Mario Bros Z
Jose Segura
Jose Segura 6 kun oldin
Davedave000 but in 3D
SuperSalty Plushies 25
I liked the koopa screaming
Girl Wonder66
Girl Wonder66 7 kun oldin
2:00 Smash Ultimates looking good 👍
Kameiibo R
Kameiibo R 7 kun oldin
3:29 Top 10 saddest anime deaths
Mr.chair 7 kun oldin
Mario cares about luigi that much makes me sad
Bamblue 11
Bamblue 11 7 kun oldin
Mario’s biggest fear is losing his Brother... and a thottie. But still. It’s sweet.
Skyy Royal
Skyy Royal 7 kun oldin
this is amazing !!!
Demont Carter
Demont Carter 8 kun oldin
Im so happy i found you mannnn loving the vids
Jairo Leon Jr.
Jairo Leon Jr. 8 kun oldin
Man you should hire some animators.. well.. more animators so you can make more of these.. because these are funny and amazing!
SA MM 8 kun oldin
Haces excelentes y fabulosos vídeos, debería trabajar con Nintendo Valla que al final todo era un sueño, porque sino...Yoshi...Luigi...😫😿😿💔💔💔😫😿😿😢 Me encantó Amo este vídeo
Aannoying Caat
Aannoying Caat 8 kun oldin
Well.... That was **cough** something....
galaxia pro99
galaxia pro99 8 kun oldin
0.0 inpacted 100/10
Yvthan Rosémary
Yvthan Rosémary 8 kun oldin
Ew mario sleeps with his outside clothes and shoes on
MarioLightFire Hero
There was no model of Mario’s pajamas.
Aurora Garcia
Aurora Garcia 8 kun oldin
Ni que fuera drawon ball
LBDarker 8 kun oldin
Mario'sballs Z
CollieDawg Playz
CollieDawg Playz 8 kun oldin
Top ten anime fights
subi 8 kun oldin
28k dislikes? Haters
Jhonatan Maravilla
Jhonatan Maravilla 8 kun oldin
If mario was an anime
Killer Penguin
Killer Penguin 8 kun oldin
1:26 Me when the [insert animal name other than penguin here] is alive. I hate [insert animal name other than penguin here]'s
Shay Robinson
Shay Robinson 9 kun oldin
I wonder what Luigi dreams about...
Nah Nah64
Nah Nah64 9 kun oldin
1:26 when UZvid shutdown
ZeDrMedic 9 kun oldin
In nightmares, even a power-up won't save you from being 1-hit killed.
LunaWolf 9 kun oldin
Kids dont eat tiny blocks, they wont give ypu super powers.
Moises Raromagedon
Moises Raromagedon 9 kun oldin
Killjoyz lmao
Killjoyz lmao 9 kun oldin
4:19 aw
JUde Fabien
JUde Fabien 9 kun oldin
1:26 when I stub my toe on a corner of a chair or table
Anthoneloyd 9 kun oldin
It is SMG4 but in HD (both are good)
(in jon tron voice) LUIGI NOOOOO!!!!!
Anna Larmore
Anna Larmore 9 kun oldin
what a nightmare of Mario.
The true Blue bird
The true Blue bird 9 kun oldin
1:25 me when I wake up from a nightmare
Bendy and the ink machine fan Austin
Mario is sonic confirmed
Christopher Risano
Christopher Risano 10 kun oldin
that's it Timmy..no more anime for you!
pinky da meme cat
pinky da meme cat 10 kun oldin
2:58 (make sure paused) furry to the right
ImSoporific 10 kun oldin
The Exotic
The Exotic 10 kun oldin
luigi: *dies* mario: *decides to fly with fire power under his butt*
LunaWolf 10 kun oldin
99% better with sublitels
- Stormygaming -
- Stormygaming - 10 kun oldin
0:52 "That's because your a dog Luigi"
Tami Miller
Tami Miller 10 kun oldin
This is very good made
Eggs 10 kun oldin
bowsers final smash
Brooklyn Trower
Brooklyn Trower 10 kun oldin
LunaWolf 10 kun oldin
Me when i touch my eye for accident 1:25
LunaWolf 10 kun oldin
Sxgi Gamer
Sxgi Gamer 11 kun oldin
SSB Peach is creepy in my opinion.
Soldier1287 11 kun oldin
some mario bros Z type stuff. or power star if you’re really internet OG.
Jose Segura
Jose Segura 6 kun oldin
Soldier1287 yep R.I.P super Mario bro Z they shall be missed
Soldier1287 11 kun oldin
Newgrounds which predates youtube. Though youtube was probably in it’s infancy when z came out. power star however is way older
Maria Velasquez
Maria Velasquez 11 kun oldin
I cryed wen lulgl fell😭
ChaosRayZero 11 kun oldin
4:00 _Ow,_ those legs look _painful!_ o_0 Did Bowser break the plumber's thighs or what?
TheUltimateBoy !
TheUltimateBoy ! 11 kun oldin
2:23 Looks at Yoshi with Peach. Automatically Remembers Yoshi Island DS
Sandy Majerovicz
Sandy Majerovicz 11 kun oldin
0:18 With Lyrics: You should have said oh S*** it's bowser.
Sandy Majerovicz
Sandy Majerovicz 11 kun oldin
2:37 My worst nightmare about Yoshi.
Sandy Majerovicz
Sandy Majerovicz 11 kun oldin
1:26 DUDE CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cloud Strife aka ThaDarkOrange
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