shady things everyone ignores about jaclyn hill

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shady things everyone ignores about jaclyn hill divorce
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5-Iyn, 2018

shady things everyone ignores about jaclyn hilljaclyn hill divorcejaclyn hill shadyjaclyn hill morphie makeupjaclyn hill lyingagain



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A Cup Of Jin
A Cup Of Jin 6 soat oldin
Okay but fr I'm new to make up and I'm thinking about getting a morphe palette, are there any good ones?
Alyssa Harding
Alyssa Harding Kun oldin
I actually like JH but seeing that old footage and realising how much work she’s had done is shocking. She’s ruining her face 😱
Lilac Liz
Lilac Liz Kun oldin
This is upsetting
ELGRANDDAN 2 kun oldin
Delaney Sara
Delaney Sara 3 kun oldin
Lmao I could really just run into her huh
d t
d t 3 kun oldin
What's that from when the little kid says hey .. you a bitch
d t
d t 3 kun oldin
I think she can't leave morphie or she will get sued.
A M A R A 4 kun oldin
Not to be hostile or anything, but I feel like the beauty community holds these influencers to this “holier than thou” standard and they are literally not allowed to make mistakes or be human or change their opinions/beliefs. I’m not saying she’s a perfect person ofc but I feel like her audience feels so entitled to perfection. People want her to stop mentioning morphe even though morphe is a huge source of her income. People want her to stop selling us products but are still pressed over the “Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics” that never happened. If Morphe is granting the opportunity and it makes more sense with that brand then why wouldn’t she get in her bag with Morphe? She wants her money just like you and me. Oh but because she’s an influencer she has to have the purest of intentions and say fuck the cost of the life she wants to live and do everything with no intentions of making money... right. And so many big youtubers buy and flaunt their YSL, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and no one gives them shit for that and if the average joe could afford it they’d do it too? Why can’t she? I just don’t understand 😫 edit: About the mugshot. *Oh no heaven forbid she did anything unlawful to land herself in jail. Just like many other REGULAR PEOPLE* Lastly the marijuana. People do know that is a real thing such as being on drugs and becoming clean, right? She looked young in that picture with the blonde hair and has most likely realized that her goals and marijuana can’t coincide and she’s become anti-drugs. That’s a good thing imo.
Димитри Большаков
What is the song at 2:31 called?
Brit B.
Brit B. 5 kun oldin
Does anyone know what happened to She shills and lies?
Coll 44
Coll 44 5 kun oldin
How annoyed was I that my 15 year old niece only wanted morphe brushes for Christmas
IamPreTjenE 8 kun oldin
She is a fake for sure and the UZvid community made her filthy rich for putting on makeup!
Ice Cream
Ice Cream 8 kun oldin
Lorelei Hess
Lorelei Hess 9 kun oldin
This I why I usually stick with Tati
Steph Obrien
Steph Obrien 9 kun oldin
Anyone else hateeee the way she says cashmoney
Gabriella Laureano
Gabriella Laureano 9 kun oldin
y'all... 1 if you're gonna shade her for MORPHE at least spell it right. 2. the mug shot I can understand but it could've been a misunderstanding as well 3. lmao everyone contradicts themselves 4. the whole drugs thing... she already explained it. she even allergic to something in drugs (forgot what its called). that piece of weed was her friends and they brought it to her house and she. thought it was cool at the time so she took a pic with it (all teenagers do dumb things don't @ me) 5.Mineral oil is almost in dvveryyytthiinngg little amounts do almost nothing to the skin, only big amaounts 6. I stoped watching Thank you video bc the whole thing is bullshit
Htx.Olivia 9 kun oldin
why was she arrested? just curious.
Charlotte Milinovich
you know your stupid when you spell morphe wrong
ash ketchum
ash ketchum 10 kun oldin
She lives in my neighborhood in Tampa. I’ve seen her in real life being rude at the gas stations, bank and just road rage. She’s so ugly inside :(
ash ketchum
ash ketchum 10 kun oldin
Edit : LIVED.
Princess Moonlight
Princess Moonlight 11 kun oldin
Liked the video until you "called her out" for smoking pot, it's legal in most places kinda like gay marriage idk why it's still so controversial for people to use, considering it's literally being legally used as medicine(and it's not like medicines ppl are taking too much of to get fucked up like dude it's not a drug that's not how pot works bro)
Rachel Hickey
Rachel Hickey 11 kun oldin
so pigmented
so pigmented 11 kun oldin
honestly don’t judge someone from their past(regarding the mug shot)
Fabuloso 11 kun oldin
Is that you in the profile pic?
Michelle Smola
Michelle Smola 11 kun oldin
Says it’s a new lipstick coming out with HER OWN makeup line YET THE LIP PRODUCT IS FROM BARE MINERALS!!!!
Kaylaaa MarblesDawson
“Shady things everyone ignores about Jaclyn hill”sponsored by shop Jaclyn Hill
Skylar Schilffarth
Skylar Schilffarth 12 kun oldin
I am just going to ignore the fact that you spelt Morphe wrong
Jaycee Stull
Jaycee Stull 12 kun oldin
The thing is when she said she wouldn’t do a closet tour or anything like that, at that time she probably felt sure of that but over years she changed. People change
Notti 12 kun oldin
I wanna say, that da even though most of these points are good, you cant really blame her for the shopping one for example. The one where she says she doesnt shop looks 2-4 years apart from the one where she says she has a shopping problem. People change opinions and interests quickly
PrincessLoveBug 13 kun oldin
Pleeeeease tell me she had a drug addiction, she gives me “coke addict” vibes
Shook 15 kun oldin
Tje person who made this video spelled morphe wrong they said it morphie 💀💀💀💀
heythereimcel x
heythereimcel x 16 kun oldin
wait that mugshot said Hillsborough County as in tampa🧐 my hometown
Emma’s Mess
Emma’s Mess 16 kun oldin
I mean fame changes you
MsGreer01 16 kun oldin
8:49 her under eye area looks ridiculous.
K F 17 kun oldin
She’s a good mua like u can’t lie she’s amazing but I don’t like her attitude/personality
Makenna Leigh
Makenna Leigh 17 kun oldin
Morphe* not "ie" just "e"
mârie ŵest
mârie ŵest 19 kun oldin
snatched sis
snatched sis 19 kun oldin
ewwww ewww eeww
I’m addicted to Twice
Look at her neck 1:50
christy garza
christy garza 20 kun oldin
i really liked her before the fame.
Joselyn 21 kun oldin
Willowy13 21 kun oldin
Didn't see the video to the end yet, but I had had to stop here to comment. It wasn't around the same time of the trouble with Matthew that JH was supposed to be collabing with Make Geek and she kept postponing it due to her need to design a new logo?
Charlaine C.
Charlaine C. 21 kun oldin
One thing, weed is not a drug. Just saying...
Thisnamestillsucks 22 kun oldin
That flashing deadass gave me a seizure.
mackenzie wheeler
mackenzie wheeler 22 kun oldin
Did that court document have her current home address or a business address, because if it’s a real current home address you should have blurred it. Even if it is a public document, people didn’t know it existed and it’s almost like you’re doxing her, if that is a current address
Иглика Такева
The tea is cold:) that s such a boring video... Just.. I dont know. Stop shading her. The past 2y. Were made like 50vids about her. Enough is enough.
Britt Cone
Britt Cone 22 kun oldin
Who gives a shit about Jaclyn Hill. What has she ever done or contributed to society?
DankRatchetGaming 22 kun oldin
I don’t believe food stamps are fair to people who can’t use them. There are people who work their butts off to get money. and the people who can just walk up to the cashier with no money at all and get a cart full of groceries. That’s not even fair to the people who work
Ramona 23 kun oldin
Am i crazy or is she shitty at applying makeup??
Joana Banks
Joana Banks 23 kun oldin
I just noticed she looks so much prettier without lip fillers.
Dani V
Dani V 23 kun oldin
the lies thing is so funny to me because i used to say i was straight and look at me now gay as hell 🤷🏻‍♀️
Lorna -A-
Lorna -A- 24 kun oldin
Someone should make a video on you for this video, poorly edited and no warning for people with epilepsy
Izzy & Iliana
Izzy & Iliana 24 kun oldin
Marijuana isnt a drug.
sammiii :D
sammiii :D 24 kun oldin
Mineral oil in cars, girl.
wow shook
wow shook 24 kun oldin
morphe, not morphie
Janet Alfonso
Janet Alfonso 24 kun oldin
You are a piece of 💩. Do something better with your time and editing skills. This video was SO DUMB!!!
Cordata 25 kun oldin
This is HERE mugshot
Cordata 25 kun oldin
When you can spell morphe.
Mochi Bean
Mochi Bean 25 kun oldin
She puts too much highlight and concealer on under her eyes Makes her look like a ghost
Alicia Rogers
Alicia Rogers 25 kun oldin
Im sorry im laughing my ass off about that little boy saying you a bitch lmfao
Tessa Wise
Tessa Wise 25 kun oldin
Rebekah Bocanegra
Rebekah Bocanegra 26 kun oldin
I ain’t even her biggest fan or anything... but I thought this vid was gonna have MAJOR things pointed out but- it just seems like someone got butthurt with her for whatever reason and wanted to be petty. 🤷🏻‍♀️
teetaetee 26 kun oldin
What is morphie? It is morphie.
cakeface kenzie
cakeface kenzie 26 kun oldin
you made her contradict herself but when she said one thing she contradicted herself from way later on even years from the time that the made the first claim?? people change their opinions and how they do this and make videos based on content demand. nothings wrong with her changing.
Mosheera Tawfiq
Mosheera Tawfiq 27 kun oldin
EVERYONE CAN CHANGE THIER OPINIONS ON ANYTHING PEOPLE CHANGE ITS A PART OF LIFE AND PEOPLE CAN MISUNDERSTAND STUFF LIKE ITS NOT LIKE SHE WAS LYING ABOUT HER MARRIAGE calm down Edit : I wanted to add something., she grew financially and u would probably do the same thing or even more like sis STAWWP
maia quin
maia quin 29 kun oldin
I CANT STAND THIS. I hate these videos bashing people who have been on youtube for years and have changed/grown. Yes, she has flaws and hasn't always been perfect but theres so many flaws in this video. 1. the mineral oil products in her line were eyes and lips NOT face. please explain to me how an eyeshadow can break out your face. 2. Over the years she has probably become more comfortable showing off the things she was earned, AND people request to see it all. 3. Morphe brushes ARE good quality FOR THE PRICE and a brush that is used and washed over and over sheds, I hate to break it to ya. Also she sells morphe brushes, I don't see a problem in advertising you own product, it's her fuckin livelihood. You dont give musicians shit for sponsoring their content?? 4. Ok she has a mugshot, so do all your favorite rappers.. David Bowie had a muthafuckin mugshot and it was badass. 5. She is famous. It makes sense for her to spend her limited time hanging out with fans on the ones who literally spent money on her products. 6. Shit happens, she was probably planning a makeup line and it didnt work out/had to be pushed back. Why are you assuming she would "lie" about a line, she could just say no I'm not working on a line but I am thinking about it! 7. Having a fear of flying does not mean she cant travel. AS A person with a fear of flying you still gotta fly and its probably more of an incentive to fly despite the fear for an amazing family vacation to Africa than to meet strangers lol. 8. Just because she's wealthy now does not mean she always has been. She is a makeup artist so she's obviously gonna spend more money on makeup than anything else. She needed to buy all those products to use/review, and clearly it was a worthwhile investment. and LASTLY weed is not a "drug" like other drugs are, its not even as bad for ya as drinking. The only thing that made me raise an eyebrow was her not paying the designer but even with that we dont know the full story. STOP HATING and do better.
The Strangler
The Strangler 29 kun oldin
I wobder how many people she had to bang to get where she is🤔
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Oy oldin
i just don’t stan any beauty gurus-too much drama
MEOW NEWS!!! Oy oldin
So stupid why did I even watch this you guys are haters I love love jaclyn
Mel R
Mel R Oy oldin
Harpreet Bains
Jordan Bishop
Jordan Bishop Oy oldin
The bristles in my Elf brushes don't fall out like that. My $1-$2 Elf brushes are better quality than the Morphe brushes.
Mithila Doke
Mithila Doke Oy oldin
Stop it guys.. Please don't create any rumours like that.. whatever is shown here is different.. you can go watch her videos instead of doing all this.. 🤐😕😒
Tf is this 😂 comparing videos from hella long ago. STALKING Jaclyn. You’re clearly jealous. Clearly looking for attention. Freaking stalker smh. Have nothing better to do with your no life. Like your perfect? Bitch the fact that your judging makes you farrrrr af from perfect so bye 👋🏼
Paula Mirela
Paula Mirela Oy oldin
Wow! anooyiiiinnnnnnng
رهام انون
sweet dreams
sweet dreams Oy oldin
Who cares about her mugshot. I have 2 lol
Angela Ng
Angela Ng Oy oldin
The shittiest video ever👎👎👎jaclyn is better then ya'll bitches
jinho’s jars
lmao her mugshot was for an expired license and anyways, at least know we have good proof of what she looked like before fame lmao
Lin Oy oldin
Don’t shade Jeffrey star like that, he isn’t sponsored for morphie and doesn’t sell out like that, he genuinely likes their brushes lol
Hi Sisters
Hi Sisters Oy oldin
MUA JK Oy oldin
People change over time lmao get a life
Joyce Lopez
Joyce Lopez Oy oldin
J hill u are a lair .fake and mis led ur followers big time.ur, just a gold digger.and u look like shit w all that free makeup.
Leoni P
Leoni P Oy oldin
U should have put a trigger warning
KR Network
KR Network Oy oldin
Wait I didn’t know she wore wigs in her vids. Is her hair really short? She looks good in it, I’m just asking.
Rachel Alexandra
I think her makeup looks like shit. Carli Bybel, on the other hand, looks amazing.
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️seizures warning in the beginning ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
Cassandra Revels
Things we ignore about haters. Time spent on research when... UZvid is fascinating. But I'm Googled her justbto see who she was after making a purchase. I will now exit
Nic Needs A Dab
I highkey love morphe shadows
Just gotta say....thanks for no seizure warning 😐 slightly annoyed.
Sam McGuire
Sam McGuire Oy oldin
Sam McGuire
Sam McGuire Oy oldin
Leave Jaclyn alone!
Sam McGuire
Sam McGuire Oy oldin
I'm so confused as to why this matters 😂
A H Oy oldin
U really have nothing else to do with your time,I don’t like her but wouldn’t take it this far damn
Averi Bartlett
Ok... sorry........... but did any one else notice MoRHiE
Bambi Bandz
Bambi Bandz Oy oldin
This person who created this video is a bitter hating bitch 😂 take it personal ☺️
Bambi Bandz
Bambi Bandz Oy oldin
So y’all just gonna post someone’s address
isis acosta
isis acosta Oy oldin
How do i s3nd this to rich lux lol
Amanda Oy oldin
She is trash.
bxgal347 Oy oldin
Grassu Su
Grassu Su Oy oldin
Whats the song on 2:40?