shady things everyone ignores about jaclyn hill

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shady things everyone ignores about jaclyn hill divorce
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5-Iyn, 2018



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Rach Board
Rach Board Kun oldin
What is your goal releasing this shit video??? Are you a nasty son of a bitch naturally or do you Have to work at it..twat
carmenshealong 2 kun oldin
95% of the people that hate on her are just mad because they follow all Jaclyn’s steps and still look like Cruella de Vil
Tina Davies
Tina Davies 3 kun oldin
You really couldn’t blur her address? Not cool. Even if she no longer lives there Someone does and it’s not cool to be posting videos that millions of people will see with their address
Paige 3 kun oldin
This video should really have an epilepsy warning what the fuck
la lunapig :3
la lunapig :3 4 kun oldin
She is having an identity crisis.
Jenna Melman
Jenna Melman 5 kun oldin
Jesus Sucks
Jesus Sucks 5 kun oldin
Morphie isn't that had. Their brushes used to be really shitty.
Susan Blunt
Susan Blunt 6 kun oldin
Totally fake type of person...blah blah blah cannot get into this liar of a presenter ..good luck ..the general public thinks your a joke Jackie haha
Kawaii Unicorn
Kawaii Unicorn 7 kun oldin
Idgaf, Morphee is still the best drugstore-ish brand out there. They are NOT promoting them. I think you need to search what Promote means.
Vghtp1234 8 kun oldin
Finally someone 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Lakyn Vaughan
Lakyn Vaughan 9 kun oldin
God forbid anyone grow or develop as an individual 🤦🏼‍♀️
my name jeff
my name jeff 9 kun oldin
0:27 i got an seizure from this
Audrey Jean
Audrey Jean 10 kun oldin
*⚠️Epilepsy Warning! **0:27**⚠️*
Zoe Drake
Zoe Drake 10 kun oldin
Why does it more I he got arrested? Do you not understand how many people get arrested?? It was for a traffic ticket which we've ALL HAD, and if you've never had one before or are just dealing with a lot you can forget just like I did. This video is SHIT and the music is so u.even it's loud at some places and too quiet at others. If your gonna bash someone for DOING THEIR JOB learn how to do your first dumbass.
Madison O'Guin
Madison O'Guin 12 kun oldin
Wow, she really lied about the fucking scan? Damn, that's the lowest (and dumbest) shit I've ever seen. Faking a disorder? Can't relate.
skeet mcthankies
skeet mcthankies 12 kun oldin
You really went through all that research just to shade on Jaclyn. Seems like someone doesn't have anything better to do.
CCneenees 175
CCneenees 175 12 kun oldin
OoO0oOO00OOhHHh who else has a mug shot? 🙋.... No, okay😂
Livvi •
Livvi • 12 kun oldin
She is a brand ambassador for morphe
Six Snake
Six Snake 13 kun oldin
Tbf I am so flight anxious like I get physically ill and I’ve been over seas I mean if I ever wanna leave England I have to because it’s an island but
moose moose moose moose moose mOoSe mOOSE MOOSE
Lola 14 kun oldin
7:03 why is her makeup so shiny under her eyes holy shit did she blend her concealer at all???
Lola 14 kun oldin
And 8:22 holy shit
Orla Louise
Orla Louise 14 kun oldin
She reminds me of an American, even more annoying Zoella
Kaylee Johnson
Kaylee Johnson 14 kun oldin
This is literally just a combination of OLD jaclyn and new jaclyn... people change tf is ur problem?
Livvi •
Livvi • 12 kun oldin
Kaylee Johnson 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
demonboob 14 kun oldin
More feet!
Tracey Hangyasi
Tracey Hangyasi 15 kun oldin
So much hate....oh dear :(
Sabrina Martin
Sabrina Martin 15 kun oldin
When she scammed Matthew, I was done with her then. As an artist myself, that shit was foul.
beatriz sanchez
beatriz sanchez 17 kun oldin
Still love her 😘😘😘 my queen
Mag Joy
Mag Joy 21 kun oldin
1:08 my life is a lie
Madden Sport Horses
Madden Sport Horses 21 kun oldin
Please put a seizure warning on this
Hi Labban
Hi Labban 24 kun oldin
There was a morphe ad before this video
Brandi Mckay
Brandi Mckay 26 kun oldin
Lol leave Jaclyn alone
Angelina Sosa
Angelina Sosa 26 kun oldin
2:31 what song is this called?
Curly Yasmin
Curly Yasmin 27 kun oldin
She is a hoe
Anisa Zaman
Anisa Zaman 27 kun oldin
*Unpopular opinion*
Katie Bates
Katie Bates Oy oldin
Sorry fast web marijuana isn’t a drug. Nice try!
Shannon Renn
Shannon Renn Oy oldin
LOL JUST SAYING I stopped this video the second that it insinuated that she isn’t against drugs just because she was holding a big of weed. Could you be any less woke
Sahaley Halladay
Okay so everyone getting upset about this video of her being called out are die hard fans & I get it. But you can’t deny all the facts, & she’s a very contradictory person. I’ve followed her for years bc I love her makeup but have noticed the inconsistencies & don’t like the fake humble act. Always love her makeup though, I’ll probly always follow her but I won’t get involved in her drama, so much of it all the time lol
Mia Wallace
Mia Wallace Oy oldin
She making her money 🤑 tho not even mad at cha 💁🏽‍♀️
Lesley DeMattie
This is funny as fuck. And she is one of the many phoniest youtubers
Andi Adrienne
Andi Adrienne Oy oldin
This video is dumb
Elena PSU
Elena PSU Oy oldin
Can’t stand her, but her mug shot is def a lot prettier than mine 😂
S. Ann
S. Ann Oy oldin
She looks like a corpse with the piled on makeup look she promotes. It’s sad that young girls think you need embalming foundation bc this plastic “influencer” is peddling it. Girls, this look is not good!
Angel Karr
Angel Karr Oy oldin
It’s weird to see her face without all those fillers and injections lol
Taboola Raad
Taboola Raad Oy oldin
What is your problem ??? Like leave her alone she can do what ever she wants Im just shook that you spent your time editing a video about someone you don't like Expecting that you are doing a good job by insulting and lying about other people?? No honey ,go find something else to do 🙏🏻 And guess what? Im not a huge fan of her but that doesn't mean I hate her or give me the right to talk shit about her Be nice people we all going to die some day
Esmeralda Pineda
I wouldn’t consider weed a drug
Marcella Hillary Vera Bieber
People really don’t know how to fuckin hate, let the girl fuckin LIVEEEEE
Paulina Makes something I guess
I swear she is just dumb as shit
bahbie P
bahbie P Oy oldin
Marijuana ISN’T a drug🙄
LifeWithJojo Oy oldin
*Marijuana is not a drug...it’s a plant. 🤦🏽‍♀️*
Marjiannee k
Marjiannee k 15 kun oldin
basically it's a "light" drug related to cannabis.
cheyenne_kim Oy oldin
On top of being poor, if you dirt poor, how are you gonna go to Africa 9 times? 😂
Bradley Baker
Bradley Baker Oy oldin
Give me an actual break. Just because someone changes their views on specific subjects does not make them a liar. And as far as the discount code that’s how she makes her money!! I bet most of you work in retail. Ever have your boss tell you, you have to sell X amount of this or up sell this... yeah that’s what she’s doing to keep her job just like you do when you up sell but because she is making a significant amount of money doing so it’s wrong girl bye
Lililetus C
Lililetus C Oy oldin
She is highly talented.
Amanda Oy oldin
I hateeeeee her
R.I.P Legend
R.I.P Legend Oy oldin
Sara Anna-Lisa
Lmao some of those clips are cherry picked. Ugh haters gonna hate.
Rana Elk
Rana Elk Oy oldin
0:27 *flash warning*
Evelyn  Hogarty
I’m sorry but this video is pure shit like what she lied about being scared of water or something like common stop hatin. Btw that thing were she stole some dudes work I mean it was wrong not defending but like common it was the worst thing she done and are we gonna bully her for it forever like it was probably a while ago. Move the fuck on. It’s just called immaturity.
Sonja Williams
OK I got to 3.35, and now I don't care. This is personal shit and shouldn't be aired. CYA
Gracie Ashlyn
Gracie Ashlyn Oy oldin
if ur gonna spell morphe spell it right
odd dog
odd dog Oy oldin
wtf I live in hillsborough county... edit: at 0:41
Michelle Lewis
Where can I get the song at the very end??
Shannah Tighe
Shannah Tighe Oy oldin
Don't care for her, but something I noticed about this video..you're comparing her life at two very different times... (i.e when she's talking about how when her and John first married and they had no money vs. when she was already well known). Obviously shit changes.
Britney Balbin
who cares
Neeve Parsons
Neeve Parsons Oy oldin
You spelt morphe wrong you put an i in it
Sofia Ingersoll
Imagine judging someone because they got arrested on such a minuscule charge and that they smoke weed lmfao. She just want the money. There’s nothing wrong with that.
Morgan Paige
Morgan Paige Oy oldin
I don’t care about her as a person I honestly hate how she doesn’t her makeup but her palettes are really good lol
Jaclyn Wordell
The only reason that I’ve heard of Jaclyn was because mah name is Jaclyn and people started telling me about her but I don’t like that she lies and stuff
Vixen vixen
Vixen vixen Oy oldin
0:27 - 0:38 epilepsy warning. Trigger warning. Flashing warning.
breana ramos
breana ramos Oy oldin
what is the document for
Elisha Vargas
Elisha Vargas Oy oldin
Ashlee Burnes
Ashlee Burnes Oy oldin
*more feet*
Bri Bri
Bri Bri Oy oldin
This is stupid just the amount of how much time this UZvidr had to put all these facts together just to pick on one Jaclyn Hill whom she truly hates how dumb is this where is the uplift and woman cheering on and giving hands down to one another where's the support and why woman can't just be happy for every woman where's there a woman of power that we all stick together why you got to breakdown other woman's spirit just maybe cuz your life sucks I believe in women should stick together and uplift one another than hating on one another but if you ain't with that story then your just one big ugly monster not from the outside from the inside because women that have uplifted other women have the true Heart and that are very beautiful Within and out which makes them very special and very powerful to overcome every road that has a dip and every obstacle that they can break through power to the woman's
Bri Bri
Bri Bri Oy oldin
+7.756.935 lol 😀✌I'm still laughing
7.756.935 Oy oldin
+Bri Bri Lol back buttercup.
Bri Bri
Bri Bri Oy oldin
+7.756.935 are you because you obviously didnt read my comment clearly whatever it still stupid lol
7.756.935 Oy oldin
+Bri Bri Are you delusional? I never said ANYTHING about her personality or about YOU, I answered you post, and if you see that as "trash talking" you, I have only one advice: Groe up. I said that liars should be exposed. And Jaclyn is a liar. I don't care if she is a woman or not. And, learn one _very important_ thing. You don't speak for ALL woman, because I am one myself. YOU don't speak for me or any other separate individuals you don't know. Period.
Bri Bri
Bri Bri Oy oldin
+7.756.935 you can say whatever you want trash talk me whatever it don't bother me and don't think that im going to reply back because my first comment is me speaking out for all woman in general that are trying to find her purpose in life how they can full fill there success in life and making videos just a comfort to some woman. now what jaclyn dose with her life is her life. but i going to say this again it is putting woman down but think you just really hate her in generally just but i can't chance how you think and feel about her this type of videos are really stupid and if you still think and feel another wise about her, that's on you and really just don't watch any of you clips easy as that .
Alexis Garfield
she has addressed a lot of these things in this video recently
mel k
mel k Oy oldin
ari '
ari ' Oy oldin
this is sponsered by her I CANT
Megan Shifflett
Whats rong with a mugshot? Ya get arested at least once in your life unless your jesus!😂
Hannah Dilley
Hannah Dilley Oy oldin
she is my leaaaast favorite MUA. she seems fake asf
Trista Stephens
Trista Stephens 2 oy oldin
I live is Hillsborough crap
Trista Stephens
Trista Stephens 2 oy oldin
julija koprivec
julija koprivec 2 oy oldin
I never liked her just because she seems like a liar and she's just soooo annoying. This video just proves she's not a genuine person. Ugh
Frankie Tahere
Frankie Tahere 2 oy oldin
Seriously, why waste your time hating. If you don’t like her whatever, don’t have to do all of this. Are you unhappy with your life to spend yours making a video about someone picking at everything you think is wrong with them? Maybe she has all these nice things because she worked for them, maybe she has family that love her that much to help put on a big wedding for her and Jon. Seems to me like you have taken things the wrong way. Yip she has said some things and does the other, But hey people grow, people change. She shares what she wants, There maybe things we don’t know about her that she keeps private because really it’s none of our business. Focus on your own life and happiness. She’s doing nothing negative that affects your life so why do this? Can we not just be kind to one another?
Frankie Tahere
May you find better things to do with your life than talking about others you don’t know. Like I said.. she may have not lied just changed her opinions, everyone does it. People grow and change. No ones perfect. Neither are you!
7.756.935 Oy oldin
Liars should be exposed. Period.
Paulii P
Paulii P 2 oy oldin
Whats your Problem?? Let her live her life!! Why you come around youtube shadding People look at your own life and your self. Jealousy aint healthy!!!! She was poor and now she has lots and?? So what, you gain money by shadding People .. disguisting!!!!! By the way i hate flying over What i am F'ING SCARED but guess What I FLY ANYWAY. By the way she showed her closet because of her followers we asked so much.. One more thing go wash your Soul cause you are dirty.
Danella Cullen
Danella Cullen 2 oy oldin
I enjoyed this video because I'm a little irritated with her lack of intervening her fans acting ridiculously psycho towards Ashlyn Vanhorn (her ex hubby's new GF) HOWEVER... I do believe you should've redacted both parties' addresses from the documents. Although the documents are public record, most people aren't aware they could find her home address on them. It's just unfair knowing what kinds of nutjobs and psycho-stans there is out there. I also feel bad for Ashlyn because similar situations have occurred with her custody papers being posted... all because her new BFs ex wife has evil fans!?! WTF!?! all she wants is to create content on UZvid but because of her Ex's prior life... Shes paying the ultimate price by being bullied so badly that people are trying to get her fired from her job that has jack shit to do with ANYTHING!
Hailey Radle
Hailey Radle 2 oy oldin
Just cause she’s been to Africa 9 times doesn’t mean she can’t be scared of flying over seas
A Cup Of Jin
A Cup Of Jin 2 oy oldin
Okay but fr I'm new to make up and I'm thinking about getting a morphe palette, are there any good ones?
Alyssa Harding
Alyssa Harding 2 oy oldin
I actually like JH but seeing that old footage and realising how much work she’s had done is shocking. She’s ruining her face 😱
Lilac Liz
Lilac Liz 2 oy oldin
This is upsetting
ELGRANDDAN 2 oy oldin
Delaney Sara
Delaney Sara 2 oy oldin
Lmao I could really just run into her huh
d t
d t 2 oy oldin
What's that from when the little kid says hey .. you a bitch
d t
d t 2 oy oldin
I think she can't leave morphie or she will get sued.
A M A R A 2 oy oldin
Not to be hostile or anything, but I feel like the beauty community holds these influencers to this “holier than thou” standard and they are literally not allowed to make mistakes or be human or change their opinions/beliefs. I’m not saying she’s a perfect person ofc but I feel like her audience feels so entitled to perfection. People want her to stop mentioning morphe even though morphe is a huge source of her income. People want her to stop selling us products but are still pressed over the “Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics” that never happened. If Morphe is granting the opportunity and it makes more sense with that brand then why wouldn’t she get in her bag with Morphe? She wants her money just like you and me. Oh but because she’s an influencer she has to have the purest of intentions and say fuck the cost of the life she wants to live and do everything with no intentions of making money... right. And so many big youtubers buy and flaunt their YSL, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and no one gives them shit for that and if the average joe could afford it they’d do it too? Why can’t she? I just don’t understand 😫 edit: About the mugshot. *Oh no heaven forbid she did anything unlawful to land herself in jail. Just like many other REGULAR PEOPLE* Lastly the marijuana. People do know that is a real thing such as being on drugs and becoming clean, right? She looked young in that picture with the blonde hair and has most likely realized that her goals and marijuana can’t coincide and she’s become anti-drugs. That’s a good thing imo.
Eddie Low
Eddie Low 2 oy oldin
What is the song at 2:31 called?
Brit B.
Brit B. 2 oy oldin
Does anyone know what happened to She shills and lies?
Col 44
Col 44 2 oy oldin
How annoyed was I that my 15 year old niece only wanted morphe brushes for Christmas
IamPreTjenE 2 oy oldin
She is a fake for sure and the UZvid community made her filthy rich for putting on makeup!
Ice Cream
Ice Cream 2 oy oldin
Lorelei Hess
Lorelei Hess 2 oy oldin
This I why I usually stick with Tati
Steph Obrien
Steph Obrien 2 oy oldin
Anyone else hateeee the way she says cashmoney
Gabriella Laureano
y'all... 1 if you're gonna shade her for MORPHE at least spell it right. 2. the mug shot I can understand but it could've been a misunderstanding as well 3. lmao everyone contradicts themselves 4. the whole drugs thing... she already explained it. she even allergic to something in drugs (forgot what its called). that piece of weed was her friends and they brought it to her house and she. thought it was cool at the time so she took a pic with it (all teenagers do dumb things don't @ me) 5.Mineral oil is almost in dvveryyytthiinngg little amounts do almost nothing to the skin, only big amaounts 6. I stoped watching Thank you video bc the whole thing is bullshit
Htx.Olivia 2 oy oldin
why was she arrested? just curious.
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