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Shaq's Babysitting Gig Led to His Google Riches

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ganesh nesh
ganesh nesh 7 soat oldin
0:24 yo that chick whas so mind blown by his height.. or she tought about somsthing else tho
Батья Батьевич
Name of song pls?
Stan M.
Stan M. 4 kun oldin
Shook his hand after a heat game in 2013. Dude is a giant
Let's Explain
Let's Explain 4 kun oldin
Big Shaq one and the only man's not hot Never hot
Hyperzac Magat
Hyperzac Magat 4 kun oldin
“U r a big guy, u have a big ring, u have a big house, and u hve a big d**k”
Anthony Barbuto's vids
5:56 lol
Pietro Guglielmi
Pietro Guglielmi 4 kun oldin
lol that shriek when she announced Shaq
Graham Coakley
Graham Coakley 5 kun oldin
hi ellen
3D Tutorials In HD
3D Tutorials In HD 8 kun oldin
and a bbc.
Seldom Seen
Seldom Seen 9 kun oldin
You really have to see him in person to really appreciate how big this guy is, it will literally freak you out!!
Reem Raffoul
Reem Raffoul 10 kun oldin
Alexander Petry
Alexander Petry 10 kun oldin
They hired shaq at 4 to babysit because he looked like he was 18
TopNotschGaming29 10 kun oldin
just imagine some guy dating his daughter doesn't know he is her dad and he expects some normal dad. Then when he enters the house and shaq rounds the corner to meet him...the dude is looking at a 7 foot big uh oh. lol just imagine the dudes reaction?
et myers
et myers 11 kun oldin
i love this lil man so much I LOVE YOU SHAQ
G Venchy
G Venchy 11 kun oldin
Seems like such a genuine guy. Imagine if he played football.... rip
Ruyen Correa
Ruyen Correa 11 kun oldin
Looks like a daring and loving guy will date his daughter.
Feebysworld 14 kun oldin
Ellen quickly back pedalled in the "Let me put a few finger in there." hahahahaha
birkaran gill
birkaran gill 14 kun oldin
Shaq is big foot's black cousin
Gerald Random
Gerald Random 14 kun oldin
Whats the name of the song when he enters
George 14 kun oldin
T1ger8oi 15 kun oldin
The rich gets super richer.
You gotta be so brave to date his daughter!! But if you're a good guy ,,dont be afraid!!!
Oscar P
Oscar P 17 kun oldin
Shaqs hand is probably the same as my 7 shoes
Loco NoiA
Loco NoiA 17 kun oldin
3:14 ROFL
Nikcole Bently
Nikcole Bently 18 kun oldin
I like this guy he real
Larissa Ives
Larissa Ives 18 kun oldin
that house is a frickin abomination
Galaad Biganda
Galaad Biganda 18 kun oldin
Shaq could slap someone into the next demesion while breaking the sound barrier
GucciMemes 19 kun oldin
foot product SPRAYYYYYY *supple, supple* YYYYYYYYY *supple, supple* YYYYYY
leon donadic
leon donadic 19 kun oldin
Imagine meeting a girl and go meet her parents for the first time and you see this monstrosity and remember this interview I’m running out that door real quick
Jazzy C
Jazzy C 19 kun oldin
Is he the one from that vine?
Pablo Farias
Pablo Farias 21 kun oldin
LongDick BootyEater
LongDick BootyEater 21 kun oldin
Guess who like some BBC action
Kollege White
Kollege White 21 kun oldin
His walkout Music?
Jennifer Mata
Jennifer Mata 21 kun oldin
What's with all the touching nd poking between Ellen and shaq😂😂😂
Gabriel React's!!!
Gabriel React's!!! 22 kun oldin
Shaq has 5 kids he said 6
Shihab Hossain
Shihab Hossain 22 kun oldin
1:05 of chant
Eddy Elizalde
Eddy Elizalde 23 kun oldin
Shaq I’ll flush all your toilets for 10 per toilet
Jim Dandy
Jim Dandy 23 kun oldin
dudes got all the money in the world still wears a simple 100 dollar polo and some jeans.... shaq is the man.
Glock Nyneteen
Glock Nyneteen 24 kun oldin
He just admitted to insider trading. But hes shaq so its ok
mark hackly
mark hackly 24 kun oldin
I loved kazamm
na bil
na bil 26 kun oldin
all of you ignoring that awkward handshake
Eddy Green
Eddy Green 29 kun oldin
This is a call for an uprising Paedophile edition
Shadow skrt
Shadow skrt 29 kun oldin
1:05 he nervous, shaking like a mf, look at his hands
Alexis Ramos
Alexis Ramos Oy oldin
Shrek and fiona 😂😂
cm_ zam
cm_ zam Oy oldin
My rule is if you graduate highschool and college you can do anything you want just study first
Johnny Danger
Johnny Danger Oy oldin
Look at those white thots
beanrblx Oy oldin
shaq asked my mom out in hawaii, so i could have been famous
Otto (Artis) Athiphanumphai
ItsCham Oy oldin
is ellen giving away that cute bear at the 12 days of christmas? i want one
Lebron Almighty
ItsCham Who shaq?
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Oy oldin
I love that Ralph lauren polo shirt
xSLx B34ST
xSLx B34ST Oy oldin
Who here has ever been to city plex
Kioerrr Oy oldin
Shaq lookin like thanos
Mitch Fletcher
Am i the only that saw ellens watch shine really bright😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Erson Velasco
Erson Velasco Oy oldin
And that’s how you divide your riches to your kids...
Andile Mzobe
Andile Mzobe Oy oldin
for a couple of minutes, Ellen turned straight because of Shaq's presence!
Gerald Random
Gerald Random Oy oldin
What's the name of the song?
Jamichas Huff
Jamichas Huff Oy oldin
White women love itttttttt yessssssss😂😂😂
blkbelt203 Oy oldin
What a cool guy.
Caylaa Oy oldin
7:00 FLASH🤩
Ellen was flexin cause she got a huge house 😂
chief pot
chief pot Oy oldin
0:17 ohhh lord he got left hanging
Rodney Johnson
She wished she could say, BIG HOUSE, BIG RING, BIG D...😂😂😂
mc mikes
mc mikes Oy oldin
The one and only "shat"
Kelly S
Kelly S Oy oldin
It has to be bachelors and masters. What about associates and bachelors? 😩
positive pete
positive pete Oy oldin
All these cheating white wives living out their bbc fantasies
Big Benn
Big Benn Oy oldin
He looks luke a black seth Rogen
Amy Polzella
Amy Polzella Oy oldin
My kids aren't allowed to touch my cheese at all. Like, my colby jack. Don't touch it.
Panic Rises
Panic Rises Oy oldin
I’ll charge $20 to flush toilets 🚽 per toilet n for $1 for every square feet I have to walk to flush the next one.
E S Oy oldin
Omg if I could meet shaq
His diamond is as big as Ellens face
Andrew LaRose
Andrew LaRose Oy oldin
He makes that chair look small
Fluffy Vips
Fluffy Vips Oy oldin
ladies are ....like tribe of monkeys... woo... woooo whaooo whoioaaa
KingKaid13 Oy oldin
the Thanos of real life
Nyufly35 Oy oldin
White women always sexualizing black men. I like white women though lol.
henrik Sverresvold
when shaq gets left hanging in the first 30 seconds of the video
No problem
No problem Oy oldin
Shaq prolly the only one that can beat Thanos
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez Oy oldin
"Let me put a couple fingers through there" is something I say alot
Francis Muiruri
I like Shaq now.
baloo loko
baloo loko Oy oldin
1:25 that's what she said 😂😂😂
Neeraj Jain
Neeraj Jain Oy oldin
i tried babysitting every kid i saw...now m facing kidnapping charges..lol Ps: this vdo ruined my life. :P
Oscar Wong
Oscar Wong Oy oldin
One of his daughter was wearing a top against Trump if y’all see that hahaha 👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻
gautam gautamsuresh
Shaq so cute
Your uncle
Your uncle Oy oldin
So many milfs
Keanu Oy oldin
Shaq a legend man
Shaq looks like thanos
Tidwell Oy oldin
All the girls clapping. I know they wanna see that d.....
Navin Prabakaran
Happiest man Shaq
shack is qeer! jugalo 4 life
Monique UU
Monique UU Oy oldin
He's a nice guy. Not flashy at all.
James Harden
James Harden Oy oldin
That’s one big ass dude
Brock Deinobili
Ellen is still shorter then shaq we she was standing on the couch
Amazing Supergirl
I just love this guy 😍
Ndzalama Tshimangadzo
the dude is big
Diddley Twot
Diddley Twot Oy oldin
Ellen having trouble fingering that ring hole
Sai Oy oldin
just turns into Vince McMahon after the show. calls his housekeeper and is like "You're fireddddd!"
logan martel
logan martel Oy oldin
Shaqs kids cars say otherwise 💀😂😂
Muz muz
Muz muz Oy oldin
Is it just me or they're more touchy than any other time?
Andreas Stanley
Did shaq get taller? If he gets any taller he might catch up to Kevin Hart height
William Klaassen
Look at his daughter's shirt 😎
Bambi Tarantino
Big bald dumbledore.
shalon shaday jare
Come lord jesus save me intro in my heart no more sin sorry christ want be in the book of the live