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Shaq's Babysitting Gig Led to His Google Riches

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Porter's Poet Poetry Point
Super Cool
David Jeyaselvan
Look at all those screaming women.. U know what they really want from big Shaq ;)
krishna sameer
krishna sameer 2 kun oldin
0:19 the awkward moment when you're looking for a handshake
King Ameril
King Ameril 7 soat oldin
Hes trying to help Ellen to get down from the chair
Brenda Laprince
Brenda Laprince 2 kun oldin
Everyone loves SHAQ❤
Daniel Adichirayil
Daniel Adichirayil 5 kun oldin
0:01 The Shaq Squeal
Brandon Sing
Brandon Sing 5 kun oldin
0:18 no way she just left him hangin like that...
hoanhrocco 6 kun oldin
Ho did not kazzam me
lke Mce
lke Mce 6 kun oldin
I'm thinking all the women in the room are thinking mmm I want to have his baby....
Elite Class Trucking LLC
I love Ellen!!!!!!!
Katrin Litobarski
Katrin Litobarski 7 kun oldin
Is nobody care about the shaq and freemanson lucifer things ? He is not the guy he played on stage
5100DeAndre 7 kun oldin
Are we gonna ignore his daughter on the left shirt at 4:46 😭😭
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 7 kun oldin
Shaq is awesome
Ian Stackhouse
Ian Stackhouse 7 kun oldin
Shaq is a mammoth human being lol.
Tony Gray
Tony Gray 8 kun oldin
Shaq or Ellen I would like to be able to (SMILE) again without being embrassing so could the both of you please (HELP) me get mine (DENTAL) work done. (SERIOUS ABOUT THIS REAL TALK)!!!!!!!!!
Lavar Stark
Lavar Stark 9 kun oldin
Dude got on a girdle
Kapisi Kukama
Kapisi Kukama 10 kun oldin
He learns something new, so after the show he's gonna call the housekeeper lol.
Ghg KR
Ghg KR 10 kun oldin
0:01 How she say sHaq haha.
Paul miki
Paul miki 10 kun oldin
White women r thirsty fr our black brother
flip arachi
flip arachi 11 kun oldin
All them white woman screaming for shaq!!! Barkley hating ...
Michael Kidd
Michael Kidd 12 kun oldin
very smart man
hady Al-Sukkary
hady Al-Sukkary 12 kun oldin
white women want shaq deeeep inside
OliiL 12 kun oldin
Did he say smarter or smaller at 4:30
damien Smith
damien Smith 13 kun oldin
Shaq has a phd. No joke!
Jhayda Johnson
Jhayda Johnson 13 kun oldin
Them white girls lol
The chicken
The chicken 13 kun oldin
His rings bigger than her watch
Petra J
Petra J 14 kun oldin
Cheese and degrees I just fell in love...
Lamesha Thomas
Lamesha Thomas 14 kun oldin
I think l would have fainted....super
Jamilah Hassan
Jamilah Hassan 15 kun oldin
All them white girls wet for a big black giant 😂😂💀
Tupou Finucane
Tupou Finucane 15 kun oldin
He is a great father. Loved the cheese = college degrees. And will torture boys who will date his daughters. Lol!!!
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez 15 kun oldin
Google wasn’t started until 1998.
madboyreadynow28 16 kun oldin
Shaq is Thanos
lsbright123 17 kun oldin
Not all the way true
Bryan Abrego
Bryan Abrego 17 kun oldin
@0:15 petite white girl loves to get pounded by BBC
Asmare Desta
Asmare Desta 18 kun oldin
Coffe is from Africa and this guy is saying black ppl don’t like coffee lol maybe American black
kalillita dub
kalillita dub 18 kun oldin
Shaq should be in Marvel or Dc
Mia Yusufhadi
Mia Yusufhadi 19 kun oldin
OMG. Even after Ellen got on her couch, Shaq still a few inches taller...
Steveo R
Steveo R 19 kun oldin
Kazam lol
Quang Tran
Quang Tran 19 kun oldin
Everybody turns into midgets around Shaq, only Yao Ming sitting with Shaq makes Shag looks normal.
Subscribe Me
Subscribe Me 19 kun oldin
Sand Brown
Sand Brown 19 kun oldin
Paid audience
GAME ON THE LINE 21 kun oldin
Love it,
rarethen9 21 kun oldin
he's a big person
Anko Ivanoff
Anko Ivanoff 22 kun oldin
28°28'46.2"N / 81°32'32.7"W
iRahz 22 kun oldin
White women love Shaq.
anoop prashar
anoop prashar 23 kun oldin
wonderful human being really impressed with his intellect
Suzanne Elise
Suzanne Elise 23 kun oldin
Shaq Fu!
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 23 kun oldin
His ring same size as her watch
Daniel Popa
Daniel Popa 23 kun oldin
What a excited public
lolacola 23 kun oldin
As someone from the Uk what i know about Shaq is limited, but I had no idea what a gentlman he was. Very charming man.
charlotte barnes
charlotte barnes 23 kun oldin
Everybody loves Shaq
Lauren Rodriguez
Lauren Rodriguez 24 kun oldin
Awe Shaq.. you sweetie
philboytano 24 kun oldin
Giants do exists!
YaYa Toure
YaYa Toure 25 kun oldin
He is a BIIIGGGG boy
igo0di 25 kun oldin
Those women in the audience are hot asf
Jackson_ Jr.
Jackson_ Jr. 26 kun oldin
Shaq looks like he could eat Ellen for breakfast
Luigi Ban
Luigi Ban 26 kun oldin
Black people's don't like coffee that true
ShahAcro 26 kun oldin
Thanos got Burnt from the snap
Ticotech Houston
Ticotech Houston 27 kun oldin
0:14 :)
amanda Colon
amanda Colon 27 kun oldin
I think I found Bigfoot
Lutfi Ansori
Lutfi Ansori 28 kun oldin
Border Reiver
Border Reiver 28 kun oldin
he is one big guy....
James Avery
James Avery 29 kun oldin
Talk about black privilege
andyfourtweny 29 kun oldin
Shaq a pretty good dad
Sebastian Uche
Sebastian Uche 29 kun oldin
And the crowd goes wild when they see Shaq
Naked Potato
Naked Potato 29 kun oldin
Would you adopt me already Shaq??
Renalyn Salvador
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan Oy oldin
3:19 i’m dying 😂
JadenFreqedit Oy oldin
Ik the comment section wouldn't let me down wow
bar snack
bar snack Oy oldin
satanist freemason
chandru c m
chandru c m Oy oldin
Please get Micheal Jordan
HN YS Oy oldin
Those girls want BBC Big black cheese
NSTK Oy oldin
See like even if i had all that money i would stick to a reasonable house and get a couple nice cars to enjoy
Super Man
Super Man Oy oldin
Carismático y un ser humano fuera de serie
Sisil Kabir
Sisil Kabir Oy oldin
Shaq is the epitome of The Gentle Giant...... what a man!
Rari Oy oldin
You don't realize how big shaq is till you see him across from Ellen 😂
Asian_Buddie Oy oldin
For a normal person that ring would be heavy. I wonder if the ring feels light or normal to him.
SuperSetoile Oy oldin
just discovered him and love him. He has the right attitude towards his children! great dad 😍
Jupiter Jewelz
He is giant
Hinzel 77
Hinzel 77 Oy oldin
like shaq since early 90s.
Tina Lajes
Tina Lajes Oy oldin
That is alot of man!!! Lol
Markel Dallas
Markel Dallas Oy oldin
Them white guhs want the D 😂😂😂😂😭 Sorry that was inappropriate love you Shaq
Doctron Four
Doctron Four Oy oldin
Loll Kazaam
Doctron Four
Doctron Four Oy oldin
He’s hot!
Airlie Maria Heung
Good parenting
kokolo kokolo
kokolo kokolo Oy oldin
i never see full episod im verry sorry ellen i cant find full episods on web
rifaat isk
rifaat isk Oy oldin
He's literally 2 times bigger than her or more...maybe
Shaka Lion Zulu
I like shag samething i Will do if i ever have a daughter loool
Noah Zaldivar
Noah Zaldivar Oy oldin
Veronica2yu Oy oldin
*Someone may have overate on his vegetables as a kid!!!!!!!!! :-D loooool that guy is soooooo HUUUUUUGEEEE!!!!! :-)*
Yow Yow
Yow Yow Oy oldin
yawa dakoa oi
Lydia Renee
Lydia Renee Oy oldin
Them white women love Shaq 😂....Shaq got bank bruh do invested on the ground floor for a lot big companies #goals
Moaath MAS
Moaath MAS Oy oldin
to White women " no wants to insert his junk into ur pink hole, save for ur pink red neck buddy"
Abby Scott
Abby Scott Oy oldin
Such a charismatic sweet guy
wartem Oy oldin
First minute is wasted
Deaner Wiener
Deaner Wiener Oy oldin
Shaq gotta head like Barry Bonds...stop feeding that boii
Mihail Kleckaroski
7:14 accidentally touched his bbc
j dawg
j dawg Oy oldin
Shaq had no problem dating girls in there early 20s lol
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Oy oldin
but like... who remembers it being call shazaam 🤔
Jessica LT
Jessica LT Oy oldin
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