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Shaq's Babysitting Gig Led to His Google Riches

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Lady ARH
Lady ARH 53 daqiqa oldin
Shaq..... Since you're not using most of your house. I'm a single mom with two boys looking for a 3 bedroom. Just saying!!
John Smith
John Smith Soat oldin
His pinky is the size of my wrist
John Smith
John Smith Soat oldin
0:18 - 0:21 Ellen left him hangin
Dat Pham
Dat Pham 2 soat oldin
Winston Mcgee
Winston Mcgee 2 soat oldin
so many girls wanted shaq's bbc
Charlie Martinez
Charlie Martinez 4 soat oldin
Damn he's a really good dad in order to touch his money they need to stay in school and stuff
Jade Perrin
Jade Perrin 8 soat oldin
I need shaq kinda money. Hell I can't present any damn degrees if I can't afford to get them 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Fake hip hop
Fake hip hop 9 soat oldin
Can’t hate shaq PERIOD
Nick Burrus
Nick Burrus 9 soat oldin
6:05 is the Google talk
Mirsad Durakovic
Mirsad Durakovic 13 soat oldin
0:17 the painnnnn
Emebet Setegn
Emebet Setegn 14 soat oldin
I love 💖 him and her 💗
Orch muna
Orch muna 16 soat oldin
lol they all screaming for his big d
RoYaL Thunder
RoYaL Thunder 16 soat oldin
Elen i l.o.v.e you girllll -kisses Elen
Paul Steed
Paul Steed 17 soat oldin
His daughter doesn't like our President, so I don't like her
Heraldo Medrano
Heraldo Medrano 18 soat oldin
How big are he's feet?
Rasmus Jensen
Rasmus Jensen 19 soat oldin
I love Shaq, but the 2 degrees for cheese rule seems weird. People can be successful and have a good life without having degrees. In my country we have a problem with too many people going for degrees, and less people choose craftsmanship. Kids choose degrees because their parents tell them its the only way, but more and more are unhappy when they finally get a job in their field. Also some educations are so popular like law, medical or finance, which leads to no available jobs for the new graduates. Not saying its wrong for Shaq to want the best for his children, but listening to them is important. Trying to push kids instead of letting them find their own interests can lead to unhappiness and kids trying to live up to harsh ideals. Again i love you Shaq and i think your kids are happy with you as a father.
Taip Vat
Taip Vat 19 soat oldin
First impression, that americans are very dumb...
RA 24
RA 24 23 soat oldin
Love shaq. He the goat
Andre Walker
Andre Walker Kun oldin
Nobody caught he missed out on C Web name. He said Reggie Miller twice. Lls
saint r
saint r Kun oldin
he was and is a cool neighbor to have !!! i lived in windermere years agooooo i had 2 jobs when living there.. one was actually delivering the wall street journal in shacks isle worth gated community :)
LegionSlaughter Kun oldin
So she wants to get those maids in trouble.
yungskittlez Kun oldin
Torture isn't a bad trade off if you think about it.
Sleepy Idiot
Sleepy Idiot Kun oldin
I would love to see him try to get a Pringle out of the can
Stingray Kun oldin
0:24 Like she knows who Shaq is...
Wos Ap
Wos Ap Kun oldin
Imagine how big his dick must be lol he would break any white girl lmao
Joji Shino
Joji Shino Kun oldin
He should play hulk
Notorious Thing
Notorious Thing Kun oldin
You are a big guy.. you have a big house.. you have a big d...
Kymberly Courage
I love his famous rule 👏👏👏 That's what's up!!
Karen Thomas
Karen Thomas Kun oldin
Awesome talk!! Love me some Ellen and Shaq!! ❤️
Bruno k
Bruno k Kun oldin
All the white women love him
Teresa Ostrander
Ellen looks like a polly pocket next to him.
Sam Where
Sam Where Kun oldin
Shaq for president
Grant Marshall
Grant Marshall 2 kun oldin
I really like Shaq. Super funny guy with intelligence and drive that are out of this world. I think he is underestimated because of how he acts silly. I hope to see continued success from him in entertainment.
Nii Armah Hammond
Nii Armah Hammond 2 kun oldin
Great dad!!
Tony Flamingo
Tony Flamingo 2 kun oldin
Yo I’m j saying how’s shareef gonna get that money if he goes to the nba?
John John
John John 2 kun oldin
The most humble of them all! Legend!
IshaPls 2 kun oldin
Did the writers write the cheering for the audience too
hawi hawi
hawi hawi 2 kun oldin
Ellen looks like a midget next to him
Sareb S
Sareb S 2 kun oldin
OMG I watched this I didnt know he was Kazam ..it was my childhood movie ♥♥ I loved hot chocolate because of it lol
Tempo Deadeye
Tempo Deadeye 2 kun oldin
Michael Machupa
Michael Machupa 2 kun oldin
I loved kazaam but then again I was like 7 when it came out.
Anthony Schneider
Anthony Schneider 2 kun oldin
Shaq is like MC Hammer, throwing his money away
Anthony Schneider
Anthony Schneider 2 kun oldin
All those thirsty white women hoping Shaq will give them some attention
Anthony Schneider
Anthony Schneider 2 kun oldin
Has Ellen ever not worn men’s clothing? Her audience is so annoying and white as snow
plantec smiths
plantec smiths 2 kun oldin
6:10 he didn't first get to la in 93 94, if he means playing for la lakers--he got there 96
Citizen Journalists United
The sports video where Shaquille O'Neal just sits there for over 5 minutes not saying a thing as still as a statue like he is some kind of MKUltra mind controlled victim is a must see. Search MKUltra Shaq.
akram4179 2 kun oldin
He made an investment in Google in 1993??? He probably made more money from that Google investment than his whole basketball career!
Gar 2 kun oldin
Real shit?
kari s.
kari s. 2 kun oldin
love Shaq!
Hakeem Hakim
Hakeem Hakim 2 kun oldin
Dr. O'Neal
Hacker House San Jose
Ellen is the devil and anyone who supports her is going to hell.
ryan vo
ryan vo 2 kun oldin
How's shaq still relevent?
A Blessed Woman
A Blessed Woman 2 kun oldin
Such a huge fan.... ❤️ Shaq!
grace kirimi
grace kirimi 2 kun oldin
Smart move ellen 😂😂
Jack K
Jack K 2 kun oldin
raaghul kannan
raaghul kannan 2 kun oldin
Could anybody can tell what song was playing in the background???I loved it
DeeChannel 2 kun oldin
Was he trying to shake her hand in the beginning? Haha
PAUL SHADY 2 kun oldin
Big Shaq looks different after " mans not hot "
Greta Samoylova
Greta Samoylova 2 kun oldin
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A D 2 kun oldin
A lot of white people
Kratos Gaming
Kratos Gaming 2 kun oldin
Poor Shaq got rejected at 0:19
It’s ya Boy
It’s ya Boy 2 kun oldin
The way she left him hanging at the beginning 🧐
leila katayama
leila katayama 2 kun oldin
Wow 😲 so big told omg 😲 so very happy 😃 all the audience good evening 🌇 light 💡 of the world 🌍 Ellen 👩‍❤️‍👩Portia mamabetty 👵🏼 theellenshow crew staff UZvid channel subscribe new staff kalenallen good evening 🌇 11:19pm🇯🇵time June 15,2018 mwah 💋 🤞🏻☝️🍀 📺 👀 🌍✨
gusdahlehhater 2 kun oldin
He's got a big ring, and a big house, but she forgot the most important part. He has a HUGE heart. He may always be joking around, but he does so much for the community and he truly cares about his family and fans. He is truly a great man.
MrRedolive 2 kun oldin
Shaq looks like he eats normal sized people for breakfast, his enormity never seizes to surprise me like.woah
nakedshadows 2 kun oldin
Half brother of Thanos
Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron 2 kun oldin
1:25 you do you, ellen
Murielle Pierre
Murielle Pierre 2 kun oldin
Omg Ellen is so small 😂
Pascual Fernández Ripoll
i don't know how old his daughters are but...
Gameplayz 3 kun oldin
These middle aged white suburban moms have no idea about his bball legacy, they just wonder about the other mamba
LikeMikeSIKE 3 kun oldin
"2 degrees to get my cheese" Yet if they have 2 degrees they'll probably be making their own cheese...?
Amir Abdullah
Amir Abdullah 3 kun oldin
She has a crush on him.
First Last
First Last 3 kun oldin
i fucked his daughter
Tiffany is a Robot
Tiffany is a Robot 3 kun oldin
Do two bachelors degrees count? Lol! #adoptmeformymasters For real.... what a stand up father. Knowing he’s a boss for 5 lifetimes over and could give his kids millions and still live until cyborgs are a thing, I’m appreciative of the “earning it” type method. WTG!
Tiffany is a Robot
Tiffany is a Robot 3 kun oldin
In the Phoenix area, you have to run water in all the drains minimum twice a week in the summer to avoid sewer roaches (they’re looking for water). It’s not like one has a dirty home, but it’s gotta be like 200 in those pipes when it’s an average high of over 100 Fahrenheit for damn near 4 months in a row.... I’d be thirsty too! 😨🤓
T Wik
T Wik 3 kun oldin
Ellen will burn in Hell!
Se7en Sinzz
Se7en Sinzz 3 kun oldin
0:18 watch shaq's hand lmao
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold 3 kun oldin
Duck this shirt
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold 3 kun oldin
0 ducks given.
HigherPlanes 3 kun oldin
eLLEN'S AUDIENCE never seen a black man upclose
Zuninja754 3 kun oldin
AkuraZQ 3 kun oldin
6:58 Ellen’s watch shines lol
Changchang Chia
Changchang Chia 3 kun oldin
Soft range visual attack offering ought baseball bathroom answer conservative.
Lucky 3 kun oldin
I bet all those middle aged white women cheering didn’t even know shaq played basketball
Animation Cow
Animation Cow 3 kun oldin
The 7ft giant
sedan styles
sedan styles 3 kun oldin
Missed out on star bucks. But still in it with google god damn. I wish. see you need to know people. Seems like such a great person
Joel Cortez
Joel Cortez 3 kun oldin
Shaq: I clean my own house Audience: *new found respect* Shaq: Naw. I'm just kidding Audience: *slows claps until a complete stop*
Wolf 3 kun oldin
Kitchen cause I like to eat and a bedroom cause I like to sleep
Hami Ngatai
Hami Ngatai 3 kun oldin
Look at all those white women thirsty for that bbc
Mel Mel
Mel Mel 3 kun oldin
He is so soft spoken....
Jacquez Baxter
Jacquez Baxter 3 kun oldin
Why ellen blushing
Kogo 3 kun oldin
Shaq ma nigga homeboy
Kyler Bailey
Kyler Bailey 3 kun oldin
3:30 Filthy Rich problems 🤣💲💲
Jack Dowdall
Jack Dowdall 3 kun oldin
Jesus how tall is he?
Marlaina Robles
Marlaina Robles 3 kun oldin
Shaq is the new K-pop!
aniyah dickson
aniyah dickson 3 kun oldin
My brother met him when he was little he look even bigger now
hashirama 3 kun oldin
Ellen on the couch
WolfBro Gamers
WolfBro Gamers 3 kun oldin
“The one and only shaq” wattabout big shaq 😤
Lol 2 kun oldin
WolfBro Gamers a
Thewarf321 3 kun oldin
Shaq would you be willing to succ ur MoM
Polarbear 72
Polarbear 72 3 kun oldin
This is so funny