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Shaq's Babysitting Gig Led to His Google Riches

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Muz muz
Muz muz 21 soat oldin
Is it just me or they're more touchy than any other time?
Andreas Stanley
Andreas Stanley Kun oldin
Did shaq get taller? If he gets any taller he might catch up to Kevin Hart height
William Klaassen
Look at his daughter's shirt 😎
NetralizerArema Kun oldin
Big bald dumbledore.
andes chevali
andes chevali Kun oldin
Come lord jesus save me intro in my heart no more sin sorry christ want be in the book of the live
ibsio Kun oldin
She stood on her sofa to hug him
Kate H
Kate H 2 kun oldin
He’s an awesome dad and a great person.
Ronny Mannheimer
Ronny Mannheimer 2 kun oldin
Ellen for President ❤️
Rise73 G
Rise73 G 2 kun oldin
The audience cheers are the same in all her episodes
Sumit Vijaykumar
Sumit Vijaykumar 3 kun oldin
The was ellen say "shaq" hahahahahahaha omg that totally sounded like a goose quack. @0:01
Anas Wahab
Anas Wahab 3 kun oldin
0:01 "SHHAQQQ" - Ellen 😂😂
GATTiX5 3 kun oldin
The way she says shaq beginning of the video had me dead
Team Majin
Team Majin 3 kun oldin
These comments got me dying man 😂😂
V1king 4 kun oldin
SHAQ BE MY LIKE 5th uncle!
Joshua Benton
Joshua Benton 4 kun oldin
Some one has to do video of shaq lending people a hand and they not noticed it
Pharoah M
Pharoah M 4 kun oldin
He is such a little guy
liam koloke
liam koloke 4 kun oldin
Wow.. love the first rule!!👍👍👍
sumit kumar
sumit kumar 4 kun oldin
Angel Paredes
Angel Paredes 6 kun oldin
Idk why but I imagined his cock the size of his arm..
Kudakwashe Mwashayenyi
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan 6 kun oldin
If shaq slap ellen then what will be the result????😂
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle 6 kun oldin
He said Reggie Miller twice but not Chris Webber
Pratyaksh Agarwal
Pratyaksh Agarwal 7 kun oldin
1:26 "Let me put a couple fingers in there."- Ellen every night.
eric sigersmith
eric sigersmith 7 kun oldin
Never dull moment with the big shamrock ,shactus , big Aristotle and many more lmao
SuperJakabaring 7 kun oldin
The moment when he put his hand on ellens hand is make elles hand looks so small
Prezzy Boss
Prezzy Boss 7 kun oldin
DrMario Pepper
DrMario Pepper 8 kun oldin
How can you not like Shaq!
Sa Sa
Sa Sa 8 kun oldin
i thought he meant actual dairy yellow cheddar cheese
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 9 kun oldin
Everbody loves shaq!! Except chareles Barkley
Dead poolz
Dead poolz 9 kun oldin
5:00 is great 😂
Orri 10 kun oldin
0:00 the way she voice cracked when she said the A in shaq xD
vortex TG
vortex TG 10 kun oldin
I wonder y I got a I phone add
Mohammed almehairbi
Mohammed almehairbi 10 kun oldin
kishan kashyap
kishan kashyap 10 kun oldin
She really earns a lot from UZvid
Sarah Cha
Sarah Cha 10 kun oldin
Wow such a great father!
Carrington Copes
Carrington Copes 10 kun oldin
Shaqzilla walked in and everybody went nuts damn shout to the living legend
Basavaraj Gowda
Basavaraj Gowda 10 kun oldin
Why do Ellen show have many women as audience?? Any particular reason???
Justin_ W7
Justin_ W7 11 kun oldin
The crowed got kinda annoying
liam burnett
liam burnett 11 kun oldin
legends say shaq is still running around his house flushing toilettes to this day.
Hauvkuab Yang
Hauvkuab Yang 12 kun oldin
But Shareef going to the league? So how he gonna get 2 degrees without wasting that potential?
JoHanz DP
JoHanz DP 12 kun oldin
I'm just glad he fits in the chair
William the jerk Bill the jerk
He thinks 15 bathrooms
Steven Neal
Steven Neal 12 kun oldin
Them white women love them some Shaquille O'Neal 😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
IN A FLASH 12 kun oldin
I just got a carnival Shaq advertisement before this!
insert cool name
insert cool name 13 kun oldin
I'm surprised the crowd didn't know the owner of Starbucks
Tom Barlow
Tom Barlow 13 kun oldin
Why are Americans so dramatic 😂😂😂😂😂
BloodyAssult963 13 kun oldin
Shaq you need a pedicure now lol
doubleCH 23
doubleCH 23 13 kun oldin
Damn Shaq white women love U!
Billy Bob Jones
Billy Bob Jones 13 kun oldin
Lmao he wanted that hand shake hahaha
SunTree 13 kun oldin
He is great father, i didn't know it
barry too
barry too 13 kun oldin
Ommmggg Shaq is big affect he's a real life giant 10x bigger then ellen
Kareem E.
Kareem E. 13 kun oldin
I like Ellen she seems genuine and never on no bullshit
JD Neathery
JD Neathery 13 kun oldin
Even Shaq takes shots a kazam but I loved kazam I thought it was a great move I thought steel was bad ass also
Mike Macck
Mike Macck 14 kun oldin
Anyone see that akward hand shaq was giving her 😭😂
SydneyFootball 14 kun oldin
Damn, he's HUGE!
ZetaWTF 14 kun oldin
This is the real big Shaq
Danilo Balaban
Danilo Balaban 14 kun oldin
0:18 cringeeeeeeee
Officially moztaza
Officially moztaza 14 kun oldin
They filmed uncle drew in my neighborhood which is like an hour or so away from Atlanta
Eca 14 kun oldin
76,000 square feet. How much of that do you use? 2 rooms. LOL!! I bet his room is the size of my house! A massive house for simple living of just eating and sleeping! LOL
KangaWangas !!!
KangaWangas !!! 14 kun oldin
Reminds me of Thanos LMAO
Omar Alonso
Omar Alonso 14 kun oldin
They all want to see your family jewels shaq😂😉”audience”
Mark Fee
Mark Fee 15 kun oldin
Ain't nothing like a big Rich black man
X NTK X 15 kun oldin
Omg..The way he says that, I will date his girls 😂🙏🏼
Kimba Chapman
Kimba Chapman 15 kun oldin
White woman going crazy
GAMINGWITH N8 15 kun oldin
I like how he does to touch any of my cheese you have to present me 2 degrees that’s awesome
MLG_Gamer1 15 kun oldin
Hold up where the black women at?
Yahya Naseem
Yahya Naseem 16 kun oldin
I like that rule. If you want any of my cheese you need 2 degrees.
Yahya Naseem
Yahya Naseem 16 kun oldin
She said your a big guy, you have a big ring, and a big....
Felix Mattstedt
Felix Mattstedt 17 kun oldin
Low-key looks like Thanos
JC Urcia
JC Urcia 17 kun oldin
big shaq oneal
Jacko Deep
Jacko Deep 18 kun oldin
Shaq gets the most respect
Manoj G
Manoj G 18 kun oldin
What is the intro song? I like it!
Mary Rumsey
Mary Rumsey 18 kun oldin
She is tiny compared to gim
Magical Things
Magical Things 18 kun oldin
Awkward handshake 0:18. Lol😂😂😂😂😂
Miguel Horna
Miguel Horna 18 kun oldin
White girls ready for BBC!!!🤣
notthegreatirons 19 kun oldin
0:20 Ellen left him hanging LOL
Jocelyn Torres
Jocelyn Torres 19 kun oldin
Aww ellen looked so tiny next to him😍
conatcha 19 kun oldin
Can't imagine 15 asses shitting simultaneously in one single house...
Victoria Steen
Victoria Steen 19 kun oldin
I smile every time i see Shaq...much love big dude
Zelo Seungri
Zelo Seungri 19 kun oldin
black thanos
fatima huq
fatima huq 19 kun oldin
Why dislike this video? Who can hate this big teddy bear??
iLie Official
iLie Official 20 kun oldin
You’re a big guy You have a big ring You have a big house and You have a big Bick
K Smith
K Smith 20 kun oldin
They ❤ seeing that BIG BODIED MAN!
DangBoi YouUgly
DangBoi YouUgly 20 kun oldin
Notice how Shaq held his hand out and Ellen just looks down like you thought
Dnaking R8mg
Dnaking R8mg 20 kun oldin
All dem white ladies dripping wet right now 😂😂
David Marquez
David Marquez 21 kun oldin
*That sofa is like a kids chair for shaq.*
Hamza Patel
Hamza Patel 21 kun oldin
Ellen: "Let me put a couple fingers in there"
R B 21 kun oldin
1:25 we all know what she does in her spare time😂
Ravi A
Ravi A 22 kun oldin
This is 8th video i watched. I like TheEllenShow videos.
Kerms One
Kerms One 22 kun oldin
Wait a minute Shaq has tattoos !?
thisisos 22 kun oldin
the BBC are her baby
Richard Weber
Richard Weber 22 kun oldin
Saurabh Shah
Saurabh Shah 23 kun oldin
All the crowd screaming like it's Bieber
Paul Ranalli
Paul Ranalli 23 kun oldin
When was this episode filmed? Shaq must have already known about the toilet issue, coz this house went up for sale mid May 2018
Aboutjohn747 23 kun oldin
He should have called his house keeper to check on toilet flushing!
Евгения Кузуб
She is cool! Her sense of humor is something incredible.I even like to hear jokes about russians, couse it;s funny, even fo rme.
Serena.Saint.James 23 kun oldin
That looks like a kids chair with Shaq sitting in it and teeny tiny Ellen using half her chair lol.
George Pearl
George Pearl 23 kun oldin
Perla B
Perla B 23 kun oldin
OMG she looks so tiny by his side 😱
Jack Rodriguez
Jack Rodriguez 24 kun oldin
Kitchen cause I like to eat- Shaquille O’Neal 2018