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Shaq's Babysitting Gig Led to His Google Riches

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Asian WithAttitude
Asian WithAttitude 11 soat oldin
All the Wams went crazy
Jasiel Moya
Jasiel Moya 13 soat oldin
Real life Thanos LOL
Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner Kun oldin
Is it just me? Or did Shaq forget to mention Chris Webber😂
Texas LSUSAINT Kun oldin
The way she said Shaq though
The flying Dutchman
Please welcome the one and only SHAQ!!!
lily happy
lily happy 2 kun oldin
Shacc lookin thicc
David say
David say 3 kun oldin
Lol I barely see any boys all girls
Jerome Bledsoe
Jerome Bledsoe 3 kun oldin
MyCrayonezzz 3 kun oldin
Samuel Holbrook
Samuel Holbrook 4 kun oldin
You should get ninja on the show
Kennard Robinson
Kennard Robinson 4 kun oldin
Shaqs the man for sure!
Christopher Quihano
Suprise no one made a joke about 1:25
Max F225
Max F225 6 kun oldin
He definitely gives great hugs
So pro
So pro 6 kun oldin
I always forget he has tatoos.
jus7ine 6 kun oldin
dem bltches wants his bbc
Ya boi Scepii
Ya boi Scepii 6 kun oldin
The real BIG SHAQ
prikljucak 6 kun oldin
this bi*ch must be jaolus on Shaqs kids.... Promoting lesbians and satanise our world! Shaq u are good guy!
mirad sultan
mirad sultan 7 kun oldin
The handshake though.......
pavandeep chima
pavandeep chima 8 kun oldin
Y he look like thanos
Ricky Cheng
Ricky Cheng 9 kun oldin
So we’re just gonna ignore that Ellen left shaq hanging 0:20
The Devils Advocate
The white girls swooning for the big black center.
clau labis
clau labis 10 kun oldin
I like his ways as a father. Discipline
Nëëkø Nëëks
Nëëkø Nëëks 11 kun oldin
#NBA #ShaquilOniel Shaaaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeeeeezeeeeeeeee Shaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeeeeeeeezeeeeeee
No One
No One 11 kun oldin
Imagine him holding a ps4 controller or a Nintendo switch
S C A R S 11 kun oldin
0:20 ellen rejected the handshake😂😂
Stimac 23
Stimac 23 12 kun oldin
I got here from a Lyft video????? How
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 13 kun oldin
Nose look like garden hose
Yeran Gamage
Yeran Gamage 13 kun oldin
Bruh Shaw dresses as he has no money
giorgi Metonidze
giorgi Metonidze 13 kun oldin
I expected comments to be disabled for this video 😂😂🍆🍆
Fertari Netsuziy
Fertari Netsuziy 13 kun oldin
A wasted interview. Shaqs way pass this empty show
collin sullivan skylands adventure
She doxed him
ינון זילבר
ינון זילבר 15 kun oldin
ellen is the size of a dump shaq might take after a brunch
Barry Love
Barry Love 15 kun oldin
I loved kazaam
Red Hood Red Hood5567
Ellen can u do an interview with big shaq I clicked on this video cause I thought it was big shaq (I am dumb lol).
T O K Y O 16 kun oldin
She left him hanging
Daylight 16 kun oldin
Look how RICH is this guy D@mn check the outfit its down to earth! this is why MANY people love him so much VERY HUMBLE!!
sikaerkki666 16 kun oldin
maybe best ever was that lipsync,,, when shaq took pitbull in his lap..,anyway.. best of all time,. shaq with redneck,when redneck put that horn in his tank...
sikaerkki666 16 kun oldin
i still cant not see when tanked got with shaq,ring doorbell,man wit great hight, shout,damn kids...
sikaerkki666 16 kun oldin
is that same house wher tanked did their diesel tank,that when no one have ever made redneck smile,,, but afterwards,redneck put that airhorn in shaqs tank..
Connor Kleiderer
Connor Kleiderer 16 kun oldin
the way ellen said "shaq" at the beginning lmao
ZM / EXO 16 kun oldin
His ring is bigger than Ellen's watch
SA AK 16 kun oldin
His had is bigger than her face...?
Milian Misund
Milian Misund 17 kun oldin
0:19 rip ma dude
Marie Jan
Marie Jan 18 kun oldin
He is gigantic and he seems shy!
ABgrades 19 kun oldin
Real life dinosaur
cihan gul
cihan gul 19 kun oldin
haha damn i didnt realize so many white women loved shaq
Ethan Evers
Ethan Evers 19 kun oldin
Sharif is so lucky
GAME TIME 19 kun oldin
In the beginning,how Ellen said shaq was so CRINGEY. SHE PRONOUNCED IT LIKE (sshhaaccckkkk).
Darryl .C
Darryl .C 19 kun oldin
He didn't tell the real story behind Starbucks, after he turned it down. It was Magic Johnson, who took the deal.. Google Harvey Levin interview with Magic Johnson. Great interview!
Albert Sarmiento
Albert Sarmiento 20 kun oldin
Shaq looks like Thanos
Gemini 20 kun oldin
Why a masters degree..? Pretty stupid rule.
zombie coder 1 1
zombie coder 1 1 20 kun oldin
How much percent does He own
Crossguy Gaming
Crossguy Gaming 20 kun oldin
I hate Ellen's audience they're so annoying
nodyarg 20 kun oldin
wtf was the 7 minutes of cheering for shaq
PeaceByPovetkins 21 kun oldin
Damn, those ladies going crazy over a big black man lol
DK Notice
DK Notice 21 kun oldin
xXEl_CosmoXx 21 kun oldin
Lmao all the white girls were like "Omg he's huge!"
Sir N
Sir N 21 kun oldin
Love Shaq. He is the best and so humble
Cheryl Ametewee
Cheryl Ametewee 21 kun oldin
it looks like Gulliver's Travels up on that stage.
Emily Charby
Emily Charby 21 kun oldin
It’s kinda weird
They all want some
Youtube Subscriber
Youtube Subscriber 22 kun oldin
damn. white folks love shaq
John Davies
John Davies 22 kun oldin
i would love to be american
deleon soto
deleon soto 22 kun oldin
all them white ladies ready to throw they panties lol
lunx BaSick
lunx BaSick 23 kun oldin
6 KIDS!! Poor mom
Joeseph Marasigan
Joeseph Marasigan 11 kun oldin
lunx BaSick she loves it!!
Hishaam Ahmed
Hishaam Ahmed 23 kun oldin
0:20 I feel shaq's pain
Marcus Baller
Marcus Baller 23 kun oldin
We all know why they were cheering so much😏
Jampa 23 kun oldin
LMAO the way Ellen says "SHAQ" hits me hard
Junaid Ali
Junaid Ali 24 kun oldin
15 toilets? He alone have more toilets than whole of India
IGotPrecision 24 kun oldin
Two degrees for some cheese 🙏🔥
Sean Nutshell
Sean Nutshell 25 kun oldin
Shaq offered her his hand for getting down..at 0:20...no Shaq ,no ,she is lesbian Shaq,LOL...LOL...
lelorenzo 25 kun oldin
Nice T shirt at 4:42 on his daughter !
sallyjosie 25 kun oldin
He'll have to hire someone just to flush the toilets and run all the taps. lol
Frostbite Fury
Frostbite Fury 26 kun oldin
Don't curse and don't say God,s name in vain
Zackary Wooldridge
Zackary Wooldridge 26 kun oldin
Shaq coming to my school in 1 month at crayton middle school
TheTripleTKA 26 kun oldin
"You're a big guy, you have a big ring, you have a big house..." a couple of filthy moms in the audience giggle as they thought of what else is big that he might possess.
Sheila Mccullough
Sheila Mccullough 26 kun oldin
he is a big guy I saw him on Celebrity , Family Fued he is big
Brian Lee
Brian Lee 26 kun oldin
0:23 cant be more white girl than that. OMG!!
YOUR GRANDPA 26 kun oldin
I never knew he invested in Google he is one rich ass man
Kushal Chaudhary
Kushal Chaudhary 26 kun oldin
they can make him thanos
Sandra Jennings
Sandra Jennings 27 kun oldin
I need to be adopted
Cardinal 27 kun oldin
Lol the way she said his name is quick and funny
Send it Crew
Send it Crew 28 kun oldin
All the girls when he came out were like “oooh me first”
apiny Moreen
apiny Moreen 28 kun oldin
He is a good Daf
Tampatec 28 kun oldin
3:45 there are 4 degrees in college. 2 degrees is associate's degree and a bachelor's degree. A Master degree would be the 3rd.
hello 11 kun oldin
There are 4 degrees in college but only 3 of them (bachelor's, master's & doctorate) are significant accomplishments upon completion.
Jerry V
Jerry V 29 kun oldin
Jraken Jamito
Jraken Jamito 29 kun oldin
awesome guy
Jraken Jamito
Jraken Jamito 29 kun oldin
wow shaqs oniel.he is nice guy
m718o 29 kun oldin
Meaningful degree rule should be added
Ta Ran
Ta Ran 29 kun oldin
Ellen looks like a thumbelina doll 😮😂😂
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Oy oldin
Can anyone imagine getting in a fight with shaq lmfao all u can do is turn the other way and run
Ahmetto Mohani
How she said his name 😂😂
ÅPØLLŌ • Oy oldin
6:58 look at Ellen's watch 🤑
Henry Zhang
Henry Zhang Oy oldin
two degree is easy
Doug Rv
Doug Rv Oy oldin
A man with a big smile,,,,big heart,,,,and enjoying life,,,
Supur Gogetuh
Supur Gogetuh Oy oldin
The crowd wants to get Blacked.
Florence G. Munyeneh
She is really funny.....ELLEN!
Garden & Hoes Productions
6:50 wow that didn't come out right
Mason Hawj
Mason Hawj Oy oldin
Left my man Shaq hanging🤣🤣🤣 0:19
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Oy oldin
squadron of housekeepers