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Shawn Mendes - Youth (Lyric Video) ft. Khalid

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Music video by Shawn Mendes performing Youth. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




3-May, 2018




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skylar 7 soat oldin
Tim Tim
Tim Tim 14 soat oldin
My survival song
Andrea Gutiérrez
I’m crying fuck... I don’t know if anyone is going to read this but I’ m going to tell you why this song got me so bad. When I was 13 and just started using public transport by my own(btw I live I a big city) the news for a week mostly just talked about 3 different girls who got rapped (“waking up to the headlines”) and didn’t make it home. That same week I had to go to the dentist by my own, all the news had made me panic, so my thought process was, if I put a foot outside I would be one of those girls (“as long as I wake up today you can’t take my youth away”) (“it’s hard to sleep at night knowing what’s outside feeling hopeless) , so told my mom that I was not leaving the house alone so she would have to figure something out or I would miss the appointment (please understand at that time outside alone it meant death, I was too scared to see anything else) *sorry if there are any mistakes English is not my first language
Conner J.
Conner J. Kun oldin
I love is song Shawn mendes
Sofia Box
Sofia Box 2 kun oldin
nmmsss hay imagenes de lugares de colombiiiiaa para ser exactos bogotaaaaa my goood
Ha dir
Ha dir 2 kun oldin
o allah, how i love this song thank you so much shawn
Oriana Rearte
Oriana Rearte 2 kun oldin
i love this song so much!!!!!!!......
Chris Evans
Chris Evans 2 kun oldin
I have sang with @khalid, he proper talented, I am a good singer but I'm still finding my own individual style/sound!!! Khalid drink next week mate?
Patrick Dan
Patrick Dan 2 kun oldin
*Khalid and Shawn can do much better than this* 😞
Izy 3 kun oldin
Samija Hurem
Samija Hurem 3 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Gabi Woźniak
Gabi Woźniak 4 kun oldin
Po prostu SUPER!!!!!!!
Furious God
Furious God 4 kun oldin
Found this song on Nickelodeon
Fabio Vinicius Gama
Daniel Chacon
Daniel Chacon 5 kun oldin
OMG Lots of pictures of Bogotá 😱
Guadedalupe Heredera
gaming arcade And vlogs
I love khalid
Emina bigham
Emina bigham 5 kun oldin
still waching in 2019 ?? give like 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Maria Isabel
Maria Isabel 5 kun oldin
Hello Brazil I really like your music, you beautiful.😚😚😚😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
最后の战役 5 kun oldin
Searched for Youth, I saw Shawn Mendes and Troye, I chose this. hahaha
habeba ahmed
habeba ahmed 6 kun oldin
the 13K who disliked this video you could rot in hell
Ruud Gerrit
Ruud Gerrit 6 kun oldin
Dominika Szigeti
Dominika Szigeti 6 kun oldin
Anel Delic
Anel Delic 6 kun oldin
Just realized this could be a perfect Naruto opening
Ladychat channel
Ladychat channel 6 kun oldin
Oscar Dario Jimenez
Oscar Dario Jimenez
Ufas ❤️
Cassandra Lundin
Cassandra Lundin 9 kun oldin
My big sister is inlove whit shawn
Jelly :3
Jelly :3 9 kun oldin
i love this so much i’m mad i knew about it and didn’t listen to it 😩
jenniffer sarango
jenniffer sarango 9 kun oldin
Andrew Norton
Andrew Norton 9 kun oldin
You can’t take this song away🎵 this soul of mine will never break
allthewaycra Rose
allthewaycra Rose 9 kun oldin
you can't take my discord away XD
Dudu Matuxaki
Dudu Matuxaki 9 kun oldin
Youth Shawn Mendes Here I am, stuck on this couch Scrolling through my notes Heart was broken, still not growing, nah Waking up to headlines Filled with devastation again My heart is broken But I keep going Pain, but I won't let it turn into hate No, I won't let it change me Never losing sight of the one I keep inside Now, I know it Yeah, I know it You can't take my youth away This soul of mine will never break As long as I wake up today You can't take my youth away You can't take my youth away This soul of mine will never break As long as I wake up today You can't take my youth away You can't take my youth away It's hard to sleep at night Knowing what's outside Feeling hopeless I need focus You hit me with words I never heard Come out your mouth To be honest I don't want it, no Pain,…
바달 10 kun oldin
Elizabeth Andrade
Elizabeth Andrade 10 kun oldin
Donde están los latinos? 💖 reportence 🎶
Elizabeth Andrade
Elizabeth Andrade 10 kun oldin
Elizabeth Andrade
Elizabeth Andrade 10 kun oldin
💞🎵You Can't Take My Youth Away🎶💖
Nithya Niranjani N
Nithya Niranjani N 11 kun oldin
This song should have more views!
BTC_ Salito
BTC_ Salito 11 kun oldin
Screaming you can’t take my youth away as we get older
Ancella Martin
Ancella Martin 11 kun oldin
So thankful that I listened to this song 😭
Hadeel 11 kun oldin
Hadeel 11 kun oldin
Well this is the best song ever! 🖤
Carlito miam's
Carlito miam's 11 kun oldin
Khalid ❤❤💯✔♨😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Heart 11 kun oldin
Marìa Aispuro Gracia
I loved this song
Atika Sharkar
Atika Sharkar 13 kun oldin
February 2019?
Romulo christovao vazzoller junior
Izzy Olioti Mendes Army? 😍💙😍💙😍💙😍💙😍
Yoongi Tho
Yoongi Tho 13 kun oldin
Perhaps I cried
אביעד יונה
אביעד יונה 14 kun oldin
shawn mendes ❤
אביעד יונה
אביעד יונה 14 kun oldin
idk 14 kun oldin
trisha kattoju
trisha kattoju 14 kun oldin
Jeniffer Costa
Jeniffer Costa 14 kun oldin
Braaaasil, 2019. ❤️
Emilia Cordeiro
Emilia Cordeiro 14 kun oldin
acho que essa é a melhor musica dele
TONY GEORGE 14 kun oldin
My favorite song Shawn 😘😘😘
Aaron Posadas
Aaron Posadas 15 kun oldin
Dont agree with what the song is for but the song in itself is awesome
Alex Edghill
Alex Edghill 15 kun oldin
"It's hard to sleep at night knowing what's outside" "You can't sleep now, monsters are near by"
Audrey Bales
Audrey Bales 15 kun oldin
This is a really beautiful song.
Abdurrehman demon
Abdurrehman demon 15 kun oldin
why people dont like this people of this gen have very bad taste songs like 7 rings are on top of billboard
Jimin has strawberry jams
“You can’t take my youth away, this soul of mine will never break, as long as I wake up today, you can’t take my youth away” I love these lyrics and the song itself is just so powerful. I’m still pretty young and this song teaches us so many things.
AppreciateAlexuwu 17 kun oldin
Atul Mishra
Atul Mishra 18 kun oldin
wish I could like it million time
It’s all edited
It’s all edited 18 kun oldin
abby butera
abby butera 18 kun oldin
Esto en verdad concuerda con todo lo que esta sucediendo en mexico o en general en todas partes, no puedo creer que este aumentando aun mas los secuestros y asaltos. Asco de sociedad. y con esta cancion con lo que dice "Es difícil dormir por la noche, sabiendo lo que hay afuera Sintiéndome sin esperanza, necesito enfocarme...No puedes quitarme mi juventud Esta alma mía nunca se romperá Mientras me despierte hoy No puedes quitarme mi juventud "
Susana Sudana
Susana Sudana 18 kun oldin
super song😄
Susana Sudana
Susana Sudana 18 kun oldin
follow lina❤
Amber IJsveld
Amber IJsveld 18 kun oldin
😍😍😍. Summer vibes .🌞🌻🌴
Anna Jones
Anna Jones 18 kun oldin
Anna Jones
Anna Jones 18 kun oldin
mom : that's enough give me that phone and go study me : *you can't take my phone away*
Anna Jones
Anna Jones 3 kun oldin
+Unknown User same bro...
Unknown User
Unknown User 4 kun oldin
Anna Jones if I said that to mah mom she wold have slapped meh ;-;
Anna Jones
Anna Jones 18 kun oldin
it's nice to know that people still care about stuff like this : )
lit squad/lit squad gameing litsquad
Oliwia Durczok
Oliwia Durczok 19 kun oldin
love,love LOVEE
Alycia Caroline
Alycia Caroline 19 kun oldin
C'mon more like for this song!!!
Zelal Özdemir
Zelal Özdemir 19 kun oldin
2020 JUNE 👌👌
Gizem Bal
Gizem Bal 20 kun oldin
사람 20 kun oldin
SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 너무좋네 ㅋㅋ
giVE mE a SeCoNd
giVE mE a SeCoNd 20 kun oldin
This is my anthem for youth. I love it, and i love my youth.
Milena Santos
Milena Santos 20 kun oldin
Sua voz é tão maravilhosa, Shawn!
Saddam S
Saddam S 21 kun oldin
Gracias Patricia 🎶🎵
Caro Villa
Caro Villa 21 kun oldin
why is this song SO FUCKING GOOOODDDDDD imdoada
mim quer uma coxinha
Simplesmente lindo...
Na sa
Na sa 21 kun oldin
♡You can't take my youth away ♡
Wrong Fandom?
Wrong Fandom? 21 kun oldin
Did anyone notice, that he‘s singing bout suicide? Just me? Sad! But I mean seriously „you can‘t take my youth away... as long as I wake up today“, doesn‘t sound good, in my eyes he sings bout being strong, even if there‘s somebody, who want, that you end up you‘re life... and that‘s just like ‚In my blood‘... I mean he sings about suicide... or what do you think?
tenorbuds 22 kun oldin
Shawn Mendes and Khalid voices fit so well together... I'm living this collab so much. Not to mention Shawn's new album is so lit.....with this song, Lost In Japan, In My Blood, and others, I'm left speechless. Thank you Shawn for giving the world your music. You continue to inspire me and make my day...we just covered "Youth" on my channel, hope you will watch it. I can't get the chorus out of my head.
SHD GAMER 22 kun oldin
LOREN Anderson
LOREN Anderson 22 kun oldin
"My heart is broken but I still keep going" Me: 😭😭😭😭😭❤️🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🤧🤧🤧🤧 I'm not crying😢 u are ....MOM WHY'D YOU CHOP ONIONS
dreamer 29
dreamer 29 22 kun oldin
january 2019?
Noelia Castilla Oliver
Two kings together
caro cabre
caro cabre 22 kun oldin
Las letras de Shawn son las mejores Las cosas que transmite son grandiosas
Sean Boyd
Sean Boyd 22 kun oldin
Shawn Mendes and Khalid should have a collab album.... sound good together !!!!
lukas channel
lukas channel 23 kun oldin
you can take my youth way
Quan Cao
Quan Cao 23 kun oldin
great song and wonder voice love all sing of shawn mendes
Seja Saravanan
Seja Saravanan 23 kun oldin
my youth was taken away but im not gonna let that stop me now
Vinny Sales
Vinny Sales 23 kun oldin
It's perfect
Char daav45467aca
Char daav45467aca 23 kun oldin
Shawn is sooo talented same with kalid
Erick clemente
Erick clemente 23 kun oldin
no one
no one 23 kun oldin
where is this filmed, i would love to go that place
Efti 23 kun oldin
Nis c hal
Nis c hal 23 kun oldin
You can't take my UZvid, wey :D
Angel Enow
Angel Enow 24 kun oldin
This reminds me when I wanted to hang myself but I couldn’t do it bc there are people out there that actually care about me..........
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