She Found Russell’s Pocket Knife 😢

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Eve always has to learn the hard way...
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We are a LARGE family simply LIVING THE DREAM. Mom and Dad have SIX wonderful children. Shari 15, Chad 13, Abby 11, Julie 9, Russell 7, Eve 5.

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8-Yan, 2019

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Emily Murphy
Emily Murphy 22 soat oldin
chad really shouldnt be running around trying to jump over things when there are cars driving around...heaven forbid he trips and falls and lands straight into oncoming cars. You guys are seriously a mess. control your children! and learn how to discipline them!!!
emma sansom
emma sansom Kun oldin
Omg Eve reminds me so much of Matilda :-)
Where I live you can recline in the cinemas
Kayla Macartney
Kayla Macartney Kun oldin
You should have a day with just the older kids with out the little ones.
Ashley Lewis
Ashley Lewis Kun oldin
Hello 123
Hello 123 Kun oldin
I am where u guys were
Paigelandia Life
Paigelandia Life 2 kun oldin
she probably just told Russell to not leave his knife there.
Paigelandia Life
Paigelandia Life 2 kun oldin
lps mlp
lps mlp 3 kun oldin
please dont give a child a pocket knife only give someone a pocket knife when they are about mabey 12 to 17
lps mlp
lps mlp 2 kun oldin
+Kaitlyn Wilhelm you do you okay
Kaitlyn Wilhelm
Kaitlyn Wilhelm 3 kun oldin
Bro I'm 11 and I have been around pocket knifes since I was younger than eve
vlog district
vlog district 3 kun oldin
I'm from England and we are not allowed pencils scissors cans or plastic in school because it is classed as a murder weapon
Kaitlyn Wilhelm
Kaitlyn Wilhelm 3 kun oldin
Then how do you write
Katelyn Leach
Katelyn Leach 3 kun oldin
Hope you had a good trip! 💓💓
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 4 kun oldin
Eve is 5 and needs NEEDS to get in trouble she knew what she was doing and has been getting i trouble a lot more lately because you allow it. It makes me want to jump through the screen and spank that child.
SammIsRAW 4 kun oldin
I think it's called an outlet park.
Maria Carrion
Maria Carrion 4 kun oldin
My brother and I are best friends
Robert Brady
Robert Brady 5 kun oldin
Eve:he splattered in my room I am laughing so hard!
Jordyn Rector
Jordyn Rector 5 kun oldin
Abigail Conner
Abigail Conner 5 kun oldin
My name is Abby and I am also 11! Eve is so cute hope she heals fast
Paigelandia Life
Abigail Conner I saw ur name ur profile
Abigail Conner
Abigail Conner 2 kun oldin
Paigelandia Life but I go by Abby
Paigelandia Life
Paigelandia Life 2 kun oldin
I think ur name is Abigail.
humaira h
humaira h 5 kun oldin
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 5 kun oldin
Eve needs to be disciplined. She knew better and did it anyways.
Amy Okonkwo
Amy Okonkwo 5 kun oldin
Eve.... I don't know if I am just salty because I am Nigerian and in my culture, they discipline you from such a young age (like literally two years old), but why? Like, just because you live in an American society where kids don't get in trouble for anything does not mean that your child does not get in trouble for stealing. None of us care if you discipline her by spanking, shouting, or grounding but you should at least do something! I was spanked, slapped... you don't even know. Do little thing wrong my parents are coming after you. But as a person I know that it has made me a better person and even when I go to my PRIVATE CATHOLIC SCHOOOL and I see people cussing and do things that will get them in trouble, I know that through all the slapping, whipping, and the literal hell that my parents gave me when I was a kid has made me better. Some of my friends see me out there looking like a well-behaved princess and they honestly get mad at their parents for not taking their initiative to do that.
Emma Maguire
Emma Maguire 5 kun oldin
I'm like Chad I like books that are based on a true story
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
I got a real gun and a pocket knife
ZaDdYlOnGlEgS ._.
ZaDdYlOnGlEgS ._. 6 kun oldin
Thanks for the movie tickets *waves* 😂
Samuel DG
Samuel DG 6 kun oldin
I’ve done that before it really hurts. I think that your uploads are really cool, and You have good vlogs. Keep up the fantastic and amazing content.
Danielle Grace
Danielle Grace 6 kun oldin
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” Eve is not learning lessons in life. Children learn by making mistakes and learning from them to not repeat it again. I’m not going to speak on ones lack of parenting, but when a child repeatedly makes the same “mistakes” it means they are not given consequences for them to learn from. This is a far stretch example, but it a person robs a place and never gets caught and/or punished. They will continually do so, because there is not consequence to their action. Also, to go ahead and put it out there for those who will follow up with the “beat a dead horse” comment, not punishing on camera is one thing, talking about the consequences and punishments to a behavior is a total other. Neither are being done.
Capri Sanzari
Capri Sanzari 6 kun oldin
“A kitchen knife which is 100x more dangerous than a pocket knife”. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Really? Either way your child could have been seriously harmed (or another child) and the fact you said that with your child present, it’s excusing how dangerous the situation is and the child is like “Yeah” and doesn’t seem to grasp the severity of the situation.
Gracie Sylvester
Gracie Sylvester 6 kun oldin
I am not been funny but eve only get her own way because she is only little and Russel should get told off because he left the pocket knife in her room . She is only small and the only way she is going to learn is to investigate things and everyone makes mastics , you learn from your mastics . She now know not to touch them . By the way I love your channel and I love all of 8 passengers xx
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 6 kun oldin
Chad : yes queen hahahaha
Maddy Grace
Maddy Grace 6 kun oldin
8:54 was adorable😂❤️
Jaqueline Valdivia
Jaqueline Valdivia 6 kun oldin
Who did they ger pocket knifes
Horselover 6 kun oldin
Eve gets away with too much. You might say she is to young for a real punishment, but this is the time to teach her. I think for her to learn she have to be punished to realize that if you do that you will get punished. I don’t think Russel should get punished because let’s say that one of the older kids was cutting an apple then they left it out so someone else could cut their apple. And Eve happens to walk by and grab it think it is funny and really hurt herself or even one of her siblings. Chad did not run into Eve she ran right into him. She could clearly see that chad was coming. All you are teaching her from these little “talks” is how to lie better and get away with what ever she does. And when you told Sheri to meet her down over there isn’t that your job your the parent. You need to step up and be a parent.
Megan Short
Megan Short 6 kun oldin
Is it just an American thing to let children have pocket knives? In the UK you’d get expelled for bringing a knife into school and no one really has them apart from adults that actually need them. Just seems like the USA has an obsession with weapons
amazingstyles 04
amazingstyles 04 6 kun oldin
Claudia Butler
Claudia Butler 6 kun oldin
I agree with all of yall about disciplining Eve but how does you know she doesn’t do it off camera..... watch the second ruby gets a little hard on Eve people will be like. OMG. RUUUBY. DONT BE SO HARD ON HERRRRR. what ever she does clearly won’t be good enough for half of the audience so just watch and enjoy and let ruby raise her children
Sara Lampshire
Sara Lampshire 6 kun oldin
The mall is called Ala Moana center
Liv Wolstenholme
Liv Wolstenholme 6 kun oldin
The Largest Shopping Mall that you went to was called Ala Moana Center, I love you guys💚💙💜
Jennifer Lea
Jennifer Lea 7 kun oldin
U know your a mom when the movies is a great nap time😁
Follow Mei
Follow Mei 7 kun oldin
My favorite Japanese singer is in the movie Unbroken! His name is Miyavi.
Erica Z
Erica Z 7 kun oldin
I understand Shari's and Chad's relationship because I am best friends with both of my siblings. I have a twin sister and an older brother that is 5 years older than me. He is such a good brother though like most people would think he just picks on me, but no. I love both of my siblings very much!!
maris fun videos
maris fun videos 7 kun oldin
Why do u give him a pocket knife he is too young
Alishba Hussain
Alishba Hussain 7 kun oldin
😂 hehehehh lmao 9:30
Rita Tran
Rita Tran 7 kun oldin
reminds me a little of caillou..
Haylie Haylie
Haylie Haylie 7 kun oldin
Guys she only talked to russel to tell him not to have his pocket knife where Eve can get it so she doesn’t get hurt
Maddie Bailey
Maddie Bailey 7 kun oldin
Eve is seriously getting on my nerves
Kung Pao Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken 7 kun oldin
So Rus got in trouble for Eve going through his things even know she's old enough and smart enough to not go through others things, yet she keeps doing it, and getting away with it?
Soph’s Life
Soph’s Life 7 kun oldin
Oof oh no
Lili Martinez
Lili Martinez 7 kun oldin
You should read “The Boy in Striped Pajamas”
Danielle Nester
Danielle Nester 8 kun oldin
Some other books that Chad might like are Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and American Sniper by Chris Kyle. Their both by Navy SEALs and they talk about some of their missions. Both are also movies.
Isabel B
Isabel B 8 kun oldin
Chad should read a book called the edge
Mo Jo
Mo Jo 8 kun oldin
Stop hating on them!
Anna Root
Anna Root 8 kun oldin
Tell Chad to read fearless it a good book I read it it is based on a true story I love it
Maya Varma-Wilson
Maya Varma-Wilson 8 kun oldin
Ruby: Omigosh Chad! You're going to hurt yourself! Chad: **continues to do it anyway** Ruby: *well if he's going to do it i might as well film it for some quality content**
Maya Varma-Wilson
Maya Varma-Wilson 8 kun oldin
It's one thing if Russell leaves his pocket knife in a dangerous, unsafe or obvious place where Eve who might not know better finds it. But it's another if Eve goes looking for it. I think Ruby handled the situation pretty well.
Safa Parveen
Safa Parveen 8 kun oldin
DovesWorld06 8 kun oldin
What movie did you watch ?
Nicole Rodrigue
Nicole Rodrigue 8 kun oldin
I can’t wait for Ruby to ignore all of these constructive criticisms about Eve, and post another video about Eve getting into stuff 🙃 it’s becoming a broken record.
Hollie Rebecca
Hollie Rebecca 8 kun oldin
Whyyyy the heck does Russel have a pocket knife??
katreena marie espirilal
The mall is called the alamoana mall I go there a lot
Brooke Pollock
Brooke Pollock 8 kun oldin
The same thing happened to my sister about 5 years ago now, I had a small pocket knife and was letting my sister cut cardboard with it. She cut herself between her thumb and pointer finger and I haven't touched a pocket knife since. Tbh I havent ever had the need to use it so I'm not really sure why your kids wanted them so much😅
katie 8 kun oldin
look - i’m not a parent, nor am i trying to tell ruby how to raise her kids.. but, first of all, why does a seven year old -NEED- a pocket knife? not only can he hurt himself, but he can hurt others around him. second, Eve really needs to learn what’s hers and what’s not. she gets into presents, steals from her siblings, breaks her siblings things, USES her siblings things.. and WHY is ruby ALWAYS on russels case?? on christmas, eve wasn’t wearing her necklace, Ruby didn’t care. Russel wasn’t wearing his necklace, Ruby scolded him. i get that Eve is the youngest and still learning, but she needs to learn disclipine or else she WILL NOT be liked in school if she takes and breaks others things. it’s kind of obvious there are favorites here
katie 8 kun oldin
idk why there’s a line between need lol
M R 8 kun oldin
Another video of eve getting into other people’s things and the blame going to the other kids wow smh
Whip Five
Whip Five 8 kun oldin
My son and daughter were always best friends too. She’s twenty month older then him. Yes they fought, but they also confided in each other. Their relationship was much like Chad and Shari. Now that they are both adults they still have an awesome relationship and confide in each other. My daughter lives in Florida now so she’s not home often but when we are all together I love the banter and silliness that happens when they are together. And I love that they chew each other out if ones acting like a jerk but in the next instance they are wrestling and goofing around. I wish I had that kind of relationship with my sisters. I was just always so timid so I kinda stood back and just watched. I always wished I’d had a brother! I also have another son but he’s younger and was a micro twin premie. He was so sick till about the age of seven so the other two never really formed as close of a bond with him. They love him dearly and would protect him no matter what. But their relationship is definitely different. He’s now very happily married and 100% dedicated to his wife and her family. We don’t see him as often but it’s ok because I can tell he’s extremely happy. There is definitely nothing wrong with a close brother sister relationship. Sadly though so many crazy things go on these days so people tend to think bad things. I think Chad and Shari have an awesome relationship!
ChrysBliss 8 kun oldin
Ah Shari you and Chad aren’t creepy! Love when siblings are friends too. Love the sibling relationship that Katie, Brennen and Ryan have over on Its The Donnelly’s. Their sibling relationship reminds me so much of the relationship you have with Chad❤️
novalie zaz
novalie zaz 8 kun oldin
And I left an hour before u guys I left at 8
novalie zaz
novalie zaz 8 kun oldin
Lol I left from Mexico sinloa that same day haha I left from my vacation too 😂😂
JKbelle1 8 kun oldin
Ruby you have a lot of patience to stand the amount of comments telling you to discipline Eve more. No one has the right to judge you. I know you don’t need to hear this since you know who you are, but from one mother to another, these comments are silly and wrong. We can not control our children. We can only guide them respectfully and adjust their environment to help them succeed. Getting angry at kids is not a necessary part of their learning. Also being perfect is not. You inspire me every day as a new young mom without many good role models. Thank you 😊
Reese Price
Reese Price 8 kun oldin
she learned that same lesson again
Kate Mathewson
Kate Mathewson 8 kun oldin
I have been to that mall?
Kate Mathewson
Kate Mathewson 8 kun oldin
I have been to that mall.
AwesomeGirl312 :-P
AwesomeGirl312 :-P 8 kun oldin
ruby i love how you had your hair in this video its really cure and also your hair made shari look so much like you
Emily Weaver
Emily Weaver 8 kun oldin
I am 13 I love pocket knives. I have two pocket knives 2 balisongs and a small key chain balisong knife. I love knives they are so much phone and when eve gets a little older she might love them she just needs to learn how to use them safely. Bye.
Evie-Esmee 9 kun oldin
The hard way is not hard for Eve
Gaming Postman
Gaming Postman 9 kun oldin
Wow! they really know how to hurt each other! autch!😣
Savpatdab Pat dog
Savpatdab Pat dog 9 kun oldin
I am best friends with my siblings and that is not weird at all
Lucina Hernandez
Lucina Hernandez 9 kun oldin
It's my birthday
Haley 9 kun oldin
Me and my brother are best friends were twins so its a little more common but its not weird at all we act the same way we would act with are school friends or whatever
Maddie Paddie
Maddie Paddie 9 kun oldin
OMGosh Unbroken is such a good book!!! I loved it so much!!! YESSS!!!! Read it. i also saw the movie. i was so sad when they ate the bird.😂😂😂
College_Work 9 kun oldin
It’s eves fault not Russell’s
Mikaela Lennberg
Mikaela Lennberg 9 kun oldin
Tell Chad to read Beneath a Scarlet Sky! It’s based on a true story of an Italian teenage boy who is a spy during WWII. It’s super good and I bet he’d like it since it’s true. It may be hard for him now but keep it in mind!
Nicole Lane
Nicole Lane 9 kun oldin
Chads like me. I love non-fiction the most
Wictor Lisowski
Wictor Lisowski 9 kun oldin
Why did they get pocket knifes
Courtney Paige
Courtney Paige 9 kun oldin
I love you, Ruby! You've got the Best parenting advice for me and my little!! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us!
Audrey Hayhurst
Audrey Hayhurst 9 kun oldin
Um how old is Russel because I think he is too young to have a pocket knife
Grace Porter
Grace Porter 9 kun oldin
Eve shouldn’t get away with things so lightly. You shouldn’t have told Russel of for that. It was Eves fault for cutting cardboard and catching herself not Russels I love your family!
Kira 1234
Kira 1234 9 kun oldin
Eve is going to grow up thinking she can take things and do things that she is not suppose to and get away with it idk it's just my opinion but I would not give the other kids in to trouble for eves messes eve should learn and get in to trouble so this doesn't happen again because it is beginning to become a habit
AwsomeScents4You 9 kun oldin
I cut my finger on my older brothers pocket knife when I was about Eve’s age. And I learned my lesson lol I opened it and was trying to close it but pushed on the side of the blade ouch.
Karen 9 kun oldin
It’s not weird that chad and sherry are best friends they are brother and sister. It’s not strange for them to touch each other. I would rather see 5hem be friends than see them fighting all the time.
Skit Girls
Skit Girls 9 kun oldin
I have a good book that I am reading in class it is called the boys in the boat. It is about a rowing team going through a lot of stuff durring the Great Depression
Me Shell
Me Shell 9 kun oldin
I’ve been there from Nz and it’s Ala Moana Mall
Me Shell
Me Shell 9 kun oldin
I’ve been there from Nz and it’s Ala Moana Mall
Brittany Rae Stengel
Last time she found Chad’s
Me Shell
Me Shell 9 kun oldin
Just wondering,why do they have knifes Ruby?☺️I don’t understand it lol
Alberto Larabee
Alberto Larabee 9 kun oldin
They have to cut away from themselves when widdling a cutting board
Poppy Farrell
Poppy Farrell 9 kun oldin
Eve is so understanding and my cosines would never say that are little.
Maddison Slattery
Maddison Slattery 9 kun oldin
Ruby sounds different in this video
The Aaron's
The Aaron's 9 kun oldin
Eve is quite the naughty character! Lol ❤
laura handy
laura handy 9 kun oldin
Eve should defo get her one channel like if she should ❤️❤️😜also 2019 anyone loveeeeeee uuuuuuu eve💓💝💖💗💘❤️♥️
Allyssa Smith
Allyssa Smith 9 kun oldin
I’m bestfriends with my brother too:)
Fun with R & M
Fun with R & M 9 kun oldin
Rushshell should have pocket knifes he's to young 4 team
Serena 9 kun oldin
Ala Moana Mall 💙💙
hello hello
hello hello 9 kun oldin
Like I said in a few past vlogs,,, the child needs to go to a behavior specialist. She isn't getting it Ruby!!!! Hopefully Kevin has his gun put up ?? Stop making excuses for something she may not be able to control. She is older enough to understand knives cutt. If you don't want people to comment don't post these kinds of videos.
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My Sick Routine
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