Shields vs. Hammer: Highlights | SHOWTIME Boxing: Special Edition

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Check out the best highlights from the middleweight champion battle between Claressa Shields vs. Christina Hammer from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City!
#SHOSports #ShieldsHammer
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14-Apr, 2019



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Kenneth Rodgers
Kenneth Rodgers 3 kun oldin
Congratulations Shields....History achievement...Wake up Flint
Sam Young
Sam Young 4 kun oldin
Wow, about 95% of the commenters have the English Skills of a 2 year old. Truly Pathetic LoL !!!
Lawrence Fishberg
Lawrence Fishberg 5 kun oldin
I can accept women n MMA, but women in boxing bother me.....
Teresa Taylor
Teresa Taylor 5 kun oldin
Now take the money and get your teeth fixed
William Hall
William Hall 5 kun oldin
Shields....... melanin magic 🌟🌟🌟🌟💕😘💕😘💕😘💕
DocG07 6 kun oldin
Shields vs. Nunes boxing; not mma. Make it happen😎
Sojourn RnR
Sojourn RnR 7 kun oldin
Credit Hammer for giving Shields the biggest elation of her career so far 😦. Slow clap for hammer to pull that accomplishment off 😲.
mike G
mike G 7 kun oldin
Daniel Dlowery
Daniel Dlowery 7 kun oldin
Different ref ref shields would have lost calling holding and shields kept pushing in on hammers throat ref wouldn't call that be this day forced to give it away to the loser I say rematch outside of the US.
MJ Crump
MJ Crump 7 kun oldin
Wow! This fight looked easier than the other title fights she’s had in the past.
Sojourn RnR
Sojourn RnR 7 kun oldin
Shields take home the victory, spoils, & belts while hammer takes home a moral victory, & a lump. Hammer played herself.
Random 7 kun oldin
Frank Frank
Frank Frank 7 kun oldin
on sided commentator, don't support
keath gordon
keath gordon 7 kun oldin
Transgender shields bam why they do that SMH anyway both of em probably men
Dekiah Brown
Dekiah Brown 8 kun oldin
Congratulations Champ
Dekiah Brown
Dekiah Brown 8 kun oldin
I just want her to get invisalign #nocap
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 8 kun oldin
Hammer thought it was sweet, Shields BEAT THAT ASS
Sir Miles
Sir Miles 8 kun oldin
Another Hype job soundly disposed of
Chucky Justice
Chucky Justice 8 kun oldin
The WBO is not a legitimate title.
Robert Lulek
Robert Lulek 8 kun oldin
I just saw part 2 yes I saw that Shields won . My mistake.but in the early rounds it look pretty even up until the end
Robert Lulek
Robert Lulek 8 kun oldin
I didn't see the whole fight but what happened with shields I watch part 1 I just sort kind of a draw I don't follow women's boxing why is everybody raving how great claressa Shields? And actually look like a pretty even fight to me maybe I didn't see part 2??
QuillsWay ASMR
QuillsWay ASMR 8 kun oldin
So awesome 😍😍😍😍
Dan Customer
Dan Customer 8 kun oldin
Miss Shields let me give you a little advice you should have learned from Muhammad Ali if you're surrounded by a bunch of African American men in bow ties . . . They're going to steal all your money be careful !
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 8 kun oldin
Xx SavAGe xX
Xx SavAGe xX 8 kun oldin
Shields need some braces bad. Got damn
Rick J.
Rick J. 8 kun oldin
It's time for invisaline Clarissa... you got money now.
Oscar Black
Oscar Black 8 kun oldin
Click bate
Michael Spikes
Michael Spikes 8 kun oldin
Marry me Charissa shields move up and challenge the undisputed light heavy weight champion
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones 8 kun oldin
Them male fighters look like out of shape average joes.
J. Nettles
J. Nettles 8 kun oldin
Saturday Shields and Sunday Tiger. Great weekend
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 8 kun oldin
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canna bliss
canna bliss 8 kun oldin
those teeth
I Only Speak Facts.
Good job Shields, but baby get your grill fixed you got potential.
Vanilla Cafe
Vanilla Cafe 8 kun oldin
Shields just need to learn how to uppercut and know when to throw it, Hammer was the perfect Nail, for practice
0 MuRillO
0 MuRillO 8 kun oldin
Man are we sure this lady is not really a tranny? She/he looks like a man.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 8 kun oldin
#30 on trending street
Tony_Rollins932 8 kun oldin
Wow they still have female boxers??
AHigherPrimate 8 kun oldin
Big fan of Claressa as a person but we all witnessed last night why interest in female boxing ad a whole is low. Two of the best female boxers on the planet faced each other following great promotion and it was poor to say the least.
MEAN COMBAT 8 kun oldin
If she said it wasn't the biggest fight then it wasnt
KuttyJoe 8 kun oldin
I thought Hammer was really going to give her some serious competition.
EAustin 8 kun oldin
Good job Shields
Cathal O' Riordan
Cathal O' Riordan 8 kun oldin
Shields and Taylor are taking women boxing to the next level
David Osland
David Osland 8 kun oldin
The highlights tell us that we saved ourselves a few hours of boredom....
HeftyLefty24 8 kun oldin
I bet 80% of y’all hated on Shields before the fight. I can scroll down the comments all day and none of you lames are in sight lol I was assuming y’all don’t have shit to say, but nah? Y’all just jumped on the band wagon! #FakeFans smh Team Shields for life! GWOAT
Robert Marston
Robert Marston 8 kun oldin
Can Katie Taylor or Nicola Adams get to middleweight? To take on this woman? OR each other? They would be great fights! Anyone else agree??
Le Z
Le Z 9 kun oldin
john john
john john 9 kun oldin
Go baby. Those African genes shining strong.
ASTIGBOY1 WONDER 9 kun oldin
We are champions
Twsuf1 9 kun oldin
Sheilds on Stetoids, the white man has black athletes on Steroids, raising the like race horses to win them profits, no different from slave times
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 9 kun oldin
Looked like a tough man competition to me. Greatest woman’s boxer of all time doesn’t say much. They all suck. Katie Taylor would whoop Shields manly ass though.
Random Commentator
Random Commentator 9 kun oldin
Is this really Boardwalk Hall? cause the arena looks pretty small
kang jahla
kang jahla 9 kun oldin
Gurl get your toothifusses fixed nugga!
Auto Kronicles
Auto Kronicles 8 kun oldin
kang jahla no it’s sexy!!! I love it!!
Paul Rains
Paul Rains 9 kun oldin
Hammer got exposed after fighting shields , just shows hammer hasn’t fought nobody
Nichelle Nunya
Nichelle Nunya 6 kun oldin
Paul Rains she was getting tagged by Sophie Mathis and had to get out of There!
MR Goode
MR Goode 9 kun oldin
The beautiful claressa Shields 👑
timothy legier
timothy legier 9 kun oldin
Sheilds should try MMA .
KANO 9 kun oldin
Hammer should have worked on her inside game and body work during camp. It was clear shields was not gonna go for that 1,2
Al G
Al G 9 kun oldin
Black girl magic 🔥🔥
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley 9 kun oldin
Pound for Pound Claressa is the best boxer in the World. She is maturing. John is a good trainer for her. Big brother/ father figure.
shashaneka 9 kun oldin
Kendall Hicks
Kendall Hicks 9 kun oldin
No it’s wasn’t easy work! Judah 👊🏽💪🏿
Chris Batson
Chris Batson 9 kun oldin
Sheilds can beat vasyl Loma any day.
Corrupted Vegas
Corrupted Vegas 9 kun oldin
Over 90% of the time, when a white man vs a black man, the white man almost always lose. Same for women. Shields HAMMERED the Hammer.
Corrupted Vegas
Corrupted Vegas 9 kun oldin
Pacquiao (with one hand) vs baby girl Shields? This would sell millions. Go PBC!
Two.38z 9 kun oldin
All these olympians coming out turnin pro puttin in that work 👌🏽
Mike Michaels
Mike Michaels 9 kun oldin
What's a hammer with no nails ? Rubber ! 😂😂😂😂
Damonion&Rhea Jones
It wasn't her biggest fight as far competition is concerned! It was her biggest fight on paperwork! Hammer was easy money! Claressa beat her already in training for this fight! Hammer was a made up hype show! And every time these people in position protect and hype up a fighter this will always happen every time!
Sam Poo2
Sam Poo2 9 kun oldin
Jalin Lucas
Jalin Lucas 9 kun oldin
Wish I was able to catch it😔
God bless her!!!!!!
nukeman444 9 kun oldin
Take that Hammer back to Home Depot and get a replacement, lol
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali 9 kun oldin
Has the definition of "highlights" changed?
Rius Smith
Rius Smith 9 kun oldin
That grill tho mane....lmao great fight tho
Kevin D
Kevin D 9 kun oldin
I knew it!!
Anthony Helm
Anthony Helm 9 kun oldin
Katie Taylor is the best woman fighter I've ever seen .makes shields look like nothing more than a slugger.. classy outside and inside as well .
Chris Acosta
Chris Acosta 9 kun oldin
I'll admit that I had this as a 50 - 50 fight going in but Shields really improved. Her versality made a capable boxer look very average. Congrats, champ.
Stephanie Howington
yes shield I knew u was gonna WINN💪💪CONGRATS
Tracy Lowe
Tracy Lowe 9 kun oldin
Already knew shields was going to win black girl magic💫💫❤🤛🏾🤛🏾
BONES MVLONE 9 kun oldin
Lord forgive me for saying this but I hope she gets her teeth fixed now.. She’s taken many hits to the mouth and it shows 😞.... I’m happy as fuck to see her win tho
Maoli2013 9 kun oldin
Maybe now Shields can afford to get those teeth fixed.
Steel Castle
Steel Castle 9 kun oldin
There are Dentists looking for Claressa Shields!
Steel Castle
Steel Castle 9 kun oldin
+I'm about Africa LOL...I love Africa too!
I'm about Africa
I'm about Africa 9 kun oldin
Steel Castle 😂🤣😂
bronzy williams
bronzy williams 9 kun oldin
Click bate!
jerry hill jr
jerry hill jr 9 kun oldin
Wow, like 10 secs of highlights they do the girls dirty
Dark VadeR
Dark VadeR 9 kun oldin
Salute to Clarissa!!!
Dan Lettuce
Dan Lettuce 9 kun oldin
women boxers....just plane dumb!
charlie parker
charlie parker 9 kun oldin
Those heavyweights definitely aren't what i would call hungry fighters, and sloppy, fat physique shows that.
J - CUTTA 9 kun oldin
Clarissa is a beast in the ring!! Congrats on your Victory.
Maurice L
Maurice L 9 kun oldin
Clarissa need to see a dentist asap!
Eric Brooks
Eric Brooks 9 kun oldin
Christina Hammer should quit boxing and become a super model. Stop letting these women ruin your face..
Steve Mack
Steve Mack 9 kun oldin
Stupid highlights
Crysis 9 kun oldin
What kind of highlights are these
tarasko 9 kun oldin
Wow, great highlights
Random American
Random American 9 kun oldin
Highlights means highlights- not 10 s of commentary. I miss HBO
Sha'iere Smirnoff
Sha'iere Smirnoff 9 kun oldin
Damn with the spoiler thumbnail sheeet
King Kong
King Kong 9 kun oldin
Hammer didn't do shit!!!
Alphonzo Williams
Alphonzo Williams 9 kun oldin
Shied need to fix that teeth’s 😂
Thapelo Afrika
Thapelo Afrika 9 kun oldin
So as soon as Shields gets into her groove the round is over....this 2 minute round thing is nonsense, Shields can easily do 3 minutes.....women in the UFC are more successful because they aren't hamstrung by fewer rounds and fewer minutes than men....nor are they using pillows for gloves
Wayne Miles
Wayne Miles 9 kun oldin
What a boring card. Showtime please do not show women’s boxing anymore. That fight was a joke.
live big
live big 9 kun oldin
Women boxing is so boring 💩
Get This Smoke
Get This Smoke 9 kun oldin
Shields reminded me of Aaron Pryor last night, great job
Get This Smoke
Get This Smoke 8 kun oldin
Sweet p too
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