Shootout with Ronaldinho at Nicky Jam World Cup Video Shoot

Will Smith
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Go behind the scenes of the music video shoot for “Live It Up,” the official song of the 2018 FIFA World Cup by Nicky Jam featuring Era Istrefi and Will Smith. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
Watch the music video:
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Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Mike Nussbaum, Sadao Turner
Editor: Mark C. Roe
Add’l Editing By: Jas Davis
Camera Operators: Jas Davis, Mark C. Roe
VFX: Chris Dallas-Feeney




9-Iyn, 2018

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Are You Asom¡¡¡¡
Иван Лузанов
Куда я попал?? Где русские ? Памагите
Music Time
Music Time 2 kun oldin
0:18 ooooo 😂😂😂
Franco Arana
Franco Arana 3 kun oldin
I love the 3:07 minute 😹❤️👋
Canal Dmarco
Canal Dmarco 5 kun oldin
Ronaldinho mano respeita
Hola will
Naz Ali
Naz Ali 5 kun oldin
Soccer is only for suckers (America)
Naz Ali
Naz Ali 5 kun oldin
I came here cause of living legend Ronalidino not cause of Will Smith that dont follow football but wants his image in sports when football fans dont care
R2 W
R2 W 7 kun oldin
We türkiye yok...
Vinícius Santos Sousa
Mais um rolê aleatório p bruxo kkjjkkk Dá like Brasil SAM
hello 7 kun oldin
Que bien
gênio bilionário playboy e filantrópo
Orgulho do Ronaldinho ser do brasil
Bate LOKO 10 kun oldin
Quem é feio tem mais like
Luiz carlos Portela
Luiz carlos Portela 11 kun oldin
O "bruxo"
Nael Mendes
Nael Mendes 12 kun oldin
Nael Mendes
Nael Mendes 5 kun oldin
+DEU zebra kkkkkkkk
DEU zebra
DEU zebra 5 kun oldin
Da currupção
Junior Huacho Guisado
the only normal man is that Nicky
Mohammed elbouaishy
Mohammed elbouaishy 13 kun oldin
When my favorite actor met my favorite football player 🔥🔥🔥
Ambar Pathak
Ambar Pathak 14 kun oldin
if only will smith were a footballer. hit like if you wish the same.
Mateus Faioli
Mateus Faioli 15 kun oldin
Quem aí é do Brasil curti
Leo MMs
Leo MMs 16 kun oldin
Brasil🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Ronaldinho is the best of all time.
Anderson Baldini
Anderson Baldini 16 kun oldin
Ronaldinho tá em todas haha
XY Super
XY Super 17 kun oldin
Will vos sos Latino, Latinoamérica te ha adoptado
Humberto Barbosa
Humberto Barbosa 18 kun oldin
Ronaldinho é muito foda eterno camisa 10
Aditya Waghmare
Aditya Waghmare 19 kun oldin
Most of the comments are Not even ronaldhino Fans they are just BarcaDogs
Aditya Waghmare
Aditya Waghmare 19 kun oldin
_Ronaldinho did not receive the Respect he deserved during his Last Season of his Football Career_
Matheus Azeredo
Matheus Azeredo 19 kun oldin
Nicky jam e Will Smith.... esses roles do Ronaldinho estão cada vez mais loucos
claudiojr 19 kun oldin
R10 e um lenda do futebol mundial
CraZy for JESUS channel
I love how Ronaldinho is so simple and humble and yet one of the best soccer players on earth.
Mini vídeos
Mini vídeos 20 kun oldin
O bruxo está aqui
Falcon Mw
Falcon Mw 24 kun oldin
GCGamer Oficial
GCGamer Oficial 24 kun oldin
Olha o bruxo :O
Davi-Moraes 25 kun oldin
Caralho Ronaldinho está em todos os lugares kkkk
Living Free
Living Free 28 kun oldin
My fav actor w8th my fav football player, cool video
Stefan Leggott
Stefan Leggott 28 kun oldin
Will Smith's Editor be getting $$$$$$$$ Lol
Juan Pepe
Juan Pepe Oy oldin
1:24 song pleaseeeeeeeee!
jim Long
jim Long Oy oldin
Your an amazing person Will Smith! A great human ambassador
Leandro Bello
Leandro Bello Oy oldin
Parabéns Will!! Ronaldinho transcendeu o esporte!! 👏🏿 Vlw gaúcho👊🏾
Roy HUN Oy oldin
João Paulo Da Dilva
O cara comprimentou o WM errado da pra ver q não é nunca
Pedro II
Pedro II Oy oldin
Ronaldinho e seus roles aleatórios
DJ,Eziél Huka
Ronaldinho top 👏😁
Braian Marques
Ronaldinho e seus roles aleatórios
Otávio Cunha
Otávio Cunha Oy oldin
Ronaldinho THE GREAT!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Victor sir-nga
smith and his son don't know how to kick the ball😂😂😂😂they knw only to dunk😂😂
Raizinho Lopes
O bruxo é foda
Jônatas Jesus da Silva
ronaldinho e seus role aleatorio kkkkk
Ghost Myt
Ghost Myt Oy oldin
Renato Gonçalves
Ronaldinho sinistro
Beth Smoyer
Beth Smoyer Oy oldin
Your amazing Will! I do have a question for you, do you know Jesus? You seem blessed that way and if you do, is it hard to believe and be in Hollywood were so many don't believe in Jesus? Thanks for all the joy you bring us! God bless you always, love ya! ✌💖🎶😘😁
Eulogia Gonzalez
Like si eres latino
iVladikMKX Gaming
Ronaldinho aint got the same skills as in 2007 ya know
Israel Fonseca
MUSIC 0:34????
Israel Fonseca
9.8 m/ s / s @willsmith
8Geid Oy oldin
9.8 m/s2 Now I Know , thanks WILL!
Rafael Rodrigues
3:22 Fuck Neymar!!!
brian calvillo
@TallGuyCarReviews sent us G squad the most legendary fan base we top of da mook.
brian calvillo
@tallguycarreviews is the most legendary and realest guy on UZvid
Foda Dms
Foda Dms Oy oldin
Janio Moura
Janio Moura Oy oldin
Aqui Brasil porra
Peter Jerome
Peter Jerome Oy oldin
Augusto Programmer
Ronaldinho e Will Smith no mesmo vídeo e só agora eu descubro. Que vergonha.
Louis Chamberland
Simply put... Motivation+visualization=REALISATION!!!
Kheio.[mov] Oy oldin
Wich Music is this at 0:35 ? Thanks Guys :)
Ademorsa Oy oldin
Will Smith tu e demais muito bom seu canal show parabéns. Deus abençoe
Felipe Rodrigues
Ainda bem que não deixaram o R10 cantar 😂😂😂
Sebz Oy oldin
0:34 - 0:57 . Delight by A P O L L O
Al Mosso
Al Mosso Oy oldin
Brasillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🌎🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Vishal Srivastav
Vishal Srivastav 2 oy oldin
will smith is down to earth good person all the best your new video
Ram Choudhary
Ram Choudhary 2 oy oldin
Love 😍 you sir ji 😊 🤗 🙏
Carlo Tavarez
Carlo Tavarez 2 oy oldin
Who edits your videos? :O
Lilyan Meander
Lilyan Meander 2 oy oldin
I came home for Ronaldinho
gemini Metallika
gemini Metallika 2 oy oldin
Will is the MAN broooo
Mack Daddy
Mack Daddy 2 oy oldin
Ronaldinho is by far the greatest player ever to kick a ball , he was Messi’s mentor maaad flare n skill...cat did da impossible with a smile...literally
Balta Bueno
Balta Bueno 2 oy oldin
2 of my all time favorite pros in 1 video :')
Mart Gregor Poom
Mart Gregor Poom 2 oy oldin
LIve it up
Vladimir Jebievdenko
4:41 POLSKA!
kmorr212 2 oy oldin
that behind the leg move though......
Adilson Carvalho
Adilson Carvalho 2 oy oldin
Will Smith on that youtube money like a modafucka #ledge 👌🏽
Mutasim Mannan
Mutasim Mannan 2 oy oldin
4:47 did Era kiss Nicky
Mutasim Mannan
Mutasim Mannan 2 oy oldin
He used balls alot
Stephen Pentagon
Stephen Pentagon 2 oy oldin
I Love You Will Man Warriors My Favorite Movies 😂
Hadi Saleh
Hadi Saleh 2 oy oldin
2 legends best at what they do
Loti Lupinus
Loti Lupinus 2 oy oldin
XxAronxX Gamer712
Me gusta el pene no :v ok
J G 2 oy oldin
Great great videos. Thanks for these.
Saulo Aleixo
Saulo Aleixo 2 oy oldin
o encontro do bruxo com a lenda, foda demais hahaha
Adam Wallace
Adam Wallace 2 oy oldin
This soccer thing will never catch on.
Suicide In My Mind
Um maluco no pedaço
Iara Raquel
Iara Raquel 2 oy oldin
Brasil né mores
Andromediens 2 oy oldin
The best fucking footballer ever, he's still my fav !
Emma Karamehic
Emma Karamehic 2 oy oldin
Imagine being the kid that like one day casually painted those things on the walls in some abandoned warehouse and all of a sudden Ronaldihno and Will Smith are playing football there.
Horváth Attila
Horváth Attila 2 oy oldin
Valahonnan ismerős a hely mintha már jártam volna arra😂😂
Brandonn Catabay
Brandonn Catabay 2 oy oldin
That Geo Metro tho
Henry Hall
Henry Hall 2 oy oldin
Your editor is on some other shit
No mundo da Lua
No mundo da Lua 2 oy oldin
Ronaldinho dono dos rôles mais aleatórios Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Phil Coulson
Phil Coulson 2 oy oldin
As a Brazilian, I fucking love Ronaldinho. And Will Smith? The man makes me kill my self laughing when I watch Fresh Prince and another works from him, I think he's the best actor ever! Two idols in one video'... OMG!
Angelique Umutesi
First off, it's football
T0BBi94 2 oy oldin
1:58 it is not actually m/s/s. That would be just 'm'. Its m/s^2 or m/s*1/s.
Kevin Spratt
Kevin Spratt 2 oy oldin
i'll never look at soccer the same again