Should You Buy Fake Designer Products?

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18-Iyn, 2018



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yun lin
yun lin 28 kun oldin
let's say if you buy a Gucci handbag made out of an ostrich, it is unethical either way
Ingrid Aguero
Ingrid Aguero Oy oldin
I buy my things for the cheap. the cheapest bag I have was actually a gift from my aunt who said it cost her 10 dollars. but that bag has been alive and going for years now. all of my bags cost less then 50 dollars so it doesn't matter what your money status is, buy things that'll last you years.
Hadriah Oy oldin
There is no ethical consumpiton under capitalism PERIOD.
Se A
Se A 2 oy oldin
I didn't buy any fake brand but I don't think it's that unethical cause unfortunately the high end brand owner turn out to be racists, sexists and fat-shamer
Se A
Se A 2 oy oldin
I have to disappoint them with the argument that they don't know with cheaper products, if the producers are paid enough. It rarely makes much difference, even the most expensive products don't like paying fair. You need to do a research.
Motivated 2 oy oldin
I believe that it's fine for cheaper brands to make things that are alike, but it's definitely not fine to literally copy the same shirt/phone with other brand's name. Doesn't matter how much it costs tho. People can sell for how much they want to, it's us who buy. So I don't really see the problem with overpriced products.
Wierd comic studios
I got a gucci bag that prbly fake but i dont have the money to buy the real item what do i do i just want to fit in....
Victoria P
Victoria P 3 oy oldin
To each its own. I have bought Luxury and I have bought replicas. When I bought a luxury item, I felt like "Wow, I can now afford this." I didnt have to save up for a year either. It felt nice. But now I am like "Just because I can afford this, do I really want to spend that much money when there are high end replicas that look just the same?" I can't take my bags with me to heaven. At the end of the day, we are all just walking around with nicely coated animal carcasses on our arm.
Fashion Hiphop
Fashion Hiphop 4 oy oldin
♕👍❤ 😊 wholesale.pub
Squarey 5 oy oldin
If you can’t afford it don’t wear it
Fancy vlog by Nicole
I hate fake designers is disgusting
Mateo Garza
Mateo Garza 6 oy oldin
If u thnk dat “stealing” is a valid argument, den u r wrong asl. R u gonna start saying that wrangler copied Levi’s? R u gonna say Ralph Lauren copied Lacoste? R u gonna say dat? No way, we all jus get da idea from another item.
Mario Delgado
Mario Delgado 6 oy oldin
Buzzfeed employees talking about stealing others peoples idea its immoral.........lmaooooo
chris pippin
chris pippin 7 oy oldin
No, the answer is no
Raneem 7 oy oldin
Noooo don’t buy fake designers!! If you really want it SAVE UP.
AmbyAvery 7 oy oldin
Designs of clothing and handbags are copied all over the fashion world. It seems like it becomes a bigger issue only when made in China. The while argument about who is making these items and their pay can also be made for iPhones and Jordans. I haven't found hard evidence linking copycat items to terrorism, I just keep hearing the same repeated narrative that it does. These items have completely changed from the stuff you could buy in some random alley.
MaggieOnline 7 oy oldin
I bet most people who buy fakes don't even know the real product/brand or think it's original since they've never even seen a designer good in person
Unedited Reviews by Jess
NEVER buy fakes. No offense, but if you can't afford them, don't buy them :/
I don't think it's right, because it IS stealing. But I do get why people would do it lol :)
Mon E
Mon E 7 oy oldin
I don't know why I'm watching this anyway. I don't care for brands real or fake. and I shop at thrift stores not just because I'm cheap but because I can stock up on my wardrobe in one day... Cheaply. And I always DIY everything I have anyway.
Areona Howard
Areona Howard 7 oy oldin
Where on Third st. Girl? I did not know that
Philicia Pierre
Philicia Pierre 7 oy oldin
I never get what the debate about this is. People talk about the people who make the items not being paid properly etc.... but we shop at Walmart, Walmart clothing is made in the same sweatshops. But it feels like the argument only stands when it’s designer goods.
Mileena McDonald
Mileena McDonald 7 oy oldin
They should do a "being styled by a middle schooler" video...
Erica Ann Fiori
Erica Ann Fiori 7 oy oldin
I wish Buzzfeed would do more “educational” videos like this!! Loved it! Thought provoking & interesting!
JYK 7 oy oldin
Buying fake stuff can lower the value of the real stuff then all the rich people get pissed. i think thats kinda iconic tbh
Jo 7 oy oldin
mostly everything you use whether it be clothes to electronics was probably made in a country that under pays their workers that are possibly underaged and overworked. This type of stuff just has more direct links to crimes that are tangible in the US, but I don’t find any worse than buying an iPhone. Also, I think there’s a difference between making something counterfeit like putting Gucci‘s name on a handbag even if you’re not Gucci and to just straight out stealing their design. If you put Gucci‘s name on it, whether or not it was actually made by Gucci the core design is at least known to be Guccis. completely stealing Their design and claiming it to be your own is when that becomes a problem.
Shennan McArdle
Shennan McArdle 7 oy oldin
Personally I think that you should buy what you can afford. If you can afford those high end designer clothing and handbags then buy one, if you can’t buy something else but it shouldn’t be a copy of someone else’s art. I do have more expensive bands them some of my friends (not most designer clothing) and my friends always ask me why because it is expensive. But if I wear my 100 dollar leggings at least once a week then the price shouldn’t matter. And it doesn’t have to be a fake Gucci or Prada to look expensive I have a small purse that I got from Forever 21 and a lot of people thought it was a few hundred dollars.
Phat Izumi
Phat Izumi 7 oy oldin
this video is interesting because buzzfeed is also known for stealing video ideas, so it’s interesting to hear them discuss ethics!
Esmeralda GamgeeTook
Supporting organised criminal groups is no less ethical than supporting fast fashion such as Forever 21. These companies are responsible for horrific human rights abuses and huge environmental destruction. They are as much criminals
Douglas De Fatima
Some high end fashion brands will just put their logos on low quality products and sell it for thousands of dollars, so as long as they don’t offer real quality and valuable materials for their price tags I will give counterfelt goods a pass.
Chem Is Cry
Chem Is Cry 7 oy oldin
Kind of bugs me how some people make comments as if they are entitled to brand name designs, even if they can't afford them. "I had to steal it, I can't afford it." It's not like food, or housing, you don't need it to live. If designs are similar, but obviously not the same, then that's fine. But copying a design and trying to pass it off as an original is wrong, and illegal in many places. These people are criminals. They're profiting off of other people's work. And they use questionable labour (sweat shop labour). If you go on eBay there are soooo many fakes. And they don't even mention they are fakes, so many people think they're real. People who are probably not aware that a $15 Supreme or Gucci t-shirt is going to be fake. Most people are not wearing it for the design itself, they're wearing it for the brand name. I think for shops like Forever 21, H&M, asos, etc. If they make a similar design then it shouldn't be a problem if it is different enough. People on Instagram or Etsy have their art stolen and used for others to profit off of. Or even have others claiming it is their art.
Alissa Lea
Alissa Lea 7 oy oldin
Answer to the video: if you want to, sure. Brands don't matter, they only resemble capitalism.
Addison 7 oy oldin
Luxurysalesrack.com has the best designer clothes for super good prices
GraceDcastle 7 oy oldin
Good video! I loved it and I hope it made some people think a bit more about what they're consuming
s0fa 7 oy oldin
Don't buy counterfeits. Also do your research, not all high-end brands are ethical and there's plenty of greenwashing.
Dafne Gutierrez
Dafne Gutierrez 8 oy oldin
I wonder why child labor wasnt mentioned, which is what a lot of fast fashion is associated with
Aj B
Aj B 8 oy oldin
I wouldn’t touch a fake. It’d make me feel bad, and I’m happy to spend thousands of pounds on a designer bag because it goes up in value and I can sell it at a later date. Hyperfakes are a few hundred dollars but you can’t ever resell it because it won’t ever pass an authenticity test.
Vianca Di Angelo
Vianca Di Angelo 8 oy oldin
Counterfeits are best in italy😂
kim mcdonald
kim mcdonald 8 oy oldin
Ok, people said people not get paid enough, how about everyone that works retail get paid peanuts pretty much. While the owners are making millions without thought of that cashier or cook. People don't veer away from eating out or shopping because of the employees not getting paid enough.
The Valerie Lorenzo
Also, why is Jaz’s photo on the thumbnail, but she doesn’t appear in the video?
The Valerie Lorenzo
I stopped buying fake isssh after I tuned 21. It doesn’t look cute and I. can always spot a fake purse, I didn’t want to be that girl.
amal zuhair
amal zuhair 8 oy oldin
Just buy cheaper brands that are local businesses which is great ethically and great for your pocket
Offensive Username
Displaying brand logos is for twats. I like clothes and accessories without logos and brandnames on them.
TwiLover628 8 oy oldin
This video is sooo 2006
Emilie Nantel
Emilie Nantel 8 oy oldin
Sara can talk about literally anything and I'll watch - and i learned something! thanks sara, keep up the good work
Sara Valadares
Sara Valadares 8 oy oldin
BunnyFett 8 oy oldin
Sarah has always been my favorite. :)
kyng davyd
kyng davyd 8 oy oldin
Kate 8 oy oldin
Ahh except many will tell you Gucci and other brands are getting made by cheap laborers in other countries or still made in China and shipped to Italy just to get the tag added. It's not all brands, but I think people should really look at the sourcing of luxury products and see where they come from. However, copying designs of designers isn't cool, but I'm just saying luxury doesn't always mean it's better.
jammi. via
jammi. via 8 oy oldin
I’d love to see more content like this. A series of episodes just learning about stuff.
Angelslove02 8 oy oldin
This video is very well done, giving me vox vibes and im not mad at it
Laur !
Laur ! 8 oy oldin
Professional Commenter
I have yet to find a designer piece that I just thought was gorgeous. I have found handmade, non designer items to be just stunning. I'm more concerned with whether I like that item and does it fit my needs. I don't care who makes it. The only thing I have that is a big label are my perscription coach sunglasses. That's it. I've had them for over 2 yrs and I love them. But it was because of the size and color. My regular glasses were under $100. So I'd rather buy what I love, then worry about brands.
savannah silbernagel
watching this with ioffer in another tab...
Madison Sinclair
Madison Sinclair 8 oy oldin
this video is amazing
If you've worked and saved up for a Rolex, a nice car, or Louis luggage, there's a sense of accomplishment when you're able to buy it. If you're just buying plastic junk out of someone's trunk, you're doing it because you want people to _think_ you can afford it.
Victoria P
Victoria P 3 oy oldin
What if you have done both? What category do you place them in?
Addie Musrep
Addie Musrep 7 oy oldin
Chem Is Cry
Chem Is Cry 7 oy oldin
A lot of people seem to have this entitlement that they deserve to have these things. Like one woman in this video who commented that she buys fakes because she can't afford the real items. I'm poor but I have saved up and bought brand items. Nothing high end, because imagine someone who is very obviously poor wearing one high end item. It wouldn't look right. I also don't buy ones with large logos or flash the brand name. Most people wouldn't even know, but it just feels better to know you are wearing something quality. Fits better, the fabric feels better. And you just feel good.
Aj B
Aj B 8 oy oldin
MITCHELL WIGGS totally agree! There’s no sense or feeling of accomplishment if you purchase a counterfeit. When I buy an expensive bag, I feel good about myself and how I was able to work hard to buy that piece of luxury.
shilpa Kannappa
shilpa Kannappa 8 oy oldin
Maybe if designer items were made affordable this problems won't exist 🙄 make them affordable for general people.
Rika Jane
Rika Jane 8 oy oldin
I only came here because Jazzmyne was on the thumbnail.
Jack Mechak
Jack Mechak 8 oy oldin
male or female? figured that out first😂
flerp 8 oy oldin
*g o o c h e e*
Dantes Miller
Dantes Miller 8 oy oldin
If you can’t afford full price you don’t deserve anything nice
Kristina insf
Kristina insf 8 oy oldin
I love anything Sara does!!!!!
Dexter 8 oy oldin
My question is why do we place so much value on designer crap? With that said I have no sympathy for Gucci and their ilk.
amanda513tkk 8 oy oldin
Not typing out the name of the company and then writing that you weren't gonna type it was so off putting to me. I was really enjoying the video before that, but it made you seem lazy and uninterested in the video you're making.
Rosa Dañiela
Rosa Dañiela 8 oy oldin
Designer items often come out of the same factory as the "knock off" stuff. I worked in retail for a while and the Jeans we sold were 25€ to be made and sold for 150.
Ava 8 oy oldin
at the end of the day it’s still illegal. it’s absurd the people who thought it was ok to buy replicas didn’t think it was ok to steal from small artists. stealing is stealing.
Bryl Layton Roche
did Sara do the voice over of this vid?
Madison Sierra
Madison Sierra 8 oy oldin
I personally prefer to spend my $ on the real thing. I love Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags and will always purchase from them. I mean I get it, you want to make people think you spend $3k on a bag. But if you can’t afford a real LV, just buy a real Forever 21 bag like they said in the video. There’s nothing wrong with that!!
dingis dongus
dingis dongus 8 oy oldin
Are yo uh talking about counterfeit or knock offs cuz they are different. Counterfeit is illegal and knock off are legal.
Selina Schmid
Selina Schmid 8 oy oldin
anything problem nor appeal pocket addition favorite appropriate handle breathe protest.
oh no sis.
oh no sis. 9 oy oldin
Tbh buying a fake designer bag because you can’t buy a real is quite stupid, if you can’t afford the real one but want one, save up.
First_Name Last_Name
Change it back to Boldly.
Gracesissy Hamster
How dare you insult my brain like that??! XD
Butterfly Eyes
Butterfly Eyes 9 oy oldin
Any name brand I have ever had was either a gift or from Goodwill. Jussaying those second hand stores work.
AuroraHanagami 9 oy oldin
Don't buy a $500 bag with nothing in it, buy a $50 bag with 450 in it dont go broke for looking rich Buuuuut also dont buy fake bags
Youkba 9 oy oldin
lol i thought the video will be so different from this type of "explanation" , dope keep going , more videos like this!
Day Tripper
Day Tripper 9 oy oldin
you’re missing the whole point by not including the problem of capitalism in your analysis
Michael Shonie
Michael Shonie 9 oy oldin
Native American culture is probably one of the most to suffer from design stealing in America
Paige Prevost
Paige Prevost 9 oy oldin
www.ted.com/talks/alastair_gray_how_fake_handbags_fund_terrorism_and_organized_crime here's the Ted Talk that they mentioned.
don’t relate
don’t relate 9 oy oldin
Corporations have brought out our vanity,greed and envy over each other's closets. It's pretty pathetic tbh
maxine chan
maxine chan 9 oy oldin
Just buy them from amazon
Elle 9 oy oldin
"art is art isn't it" buzzfeed out here defending the bourgeoisie
NoNiL3 9 oy oldin
i am buying fakes designer handbags. i am vegan and i will never buy a leather handbag and unfortunately almost all designer handbags are made from leather (of corse theres some houses that have some vegan opions) , this is my way to get a designer bag and not hurt animals.
Stephanie In the wild
If the bag has something different like label on inside showing signs its a fakie then no big deal. Even in food business they copy. McDonald's came out with chicken nuggets then burger king chicken tenders. Its competitive. With the prices of these designer bags its a rip off anyway so who's ripping who off? Ever watch fight BBB back with David Horowitz? Should have. The cost of making the bag was a fraction of price and a lot of these $4 to $5k bags are not worth that much. Rich or not its unsettling. I find it stupid. I also know by the time fake bags come out the original most likely made enough for it to be a popular bag. The ones who can afford originals will still buy the originals.
Leah Roozendaal
Leah Roozendaal 9 oy oldin
But why does Buzzfeed always shop at forever 21 in fashion videos? Sure, it's cheap but they have poor work standards in their factories and they steal designs from big and small brands alike, besides being bad quality.
ruzzell907 9 oy oldin
Just buy a inspired copy from another brand.
Connie Lo
Connie Lo 9 oy oldin
1:14 as opposed to you think the workers making the authentic original bags are paid enough?
Afton Jade
Afton Jade 9 oy oldin
the end point is a good one, but what about the moral irresponsibility of large designers selling their products for thousands of times more than they're worth as far as labor and materials? all in order to fund their lavish earth-draining lifestyles #eattherich
don’t relate
don’t relate 9 oy oldin
Afton Jade Corporations have brought out our vanity,greed and envy over each other's closets. It's pretty pathetic tbh
hunter 9 oy oldin
honestly having fake designer clothes arent so bad
Gabriela Carrasco
SAVERS THEIFT STORE PEOPLE!! REAL Designer bags for cheap.
Celeste Lewin
Celeste Lewin 9 oy oldin
Why does no one realize fashion is just a cycle of stealing? Not only from designers now but our past. No one is as original as they make themselves out to be.
WatermelonLover 9 oy oldin
Not what I expected, but in the best way.
Raquel Martinez
Raquel Martinez 9 oy oldin
I really like this app called Good on You that gives you info about companies and their effect of people, the environment and animals! I really like it!!
Katherine K
Katherine K 9 oy oldin
If I think the quality of a designer is good I'll buy it... From a resale shop years later for a fraction of the price, in a classic pattern that doesn't go out of style.
Becca George
Becca George 9 oy oldin
For the one woman who said to go to Forever 21 instead, don’t do that! They are a terrible company and have awful working conditions in their factories.
SatounoKumo 9 oy oldin
Another myth is that designer labels charge so much because they spend a lot on wages. 99% of designer labels work with the same companies in East Asia or Turkey or Mexico that labels like forever21 do. Some items are even assembled in the same factories.
AnnyLovesPink 9 oy oldin
I don't agree with buying fake things. It's tacky. Maybe the people around you will be fooled but you'll always know you didn't have the money for the real thing so you had to get the knock off. That would honestly depress me
Erik Behaeghel
Erik Behaeghel 9 oy oldin
why are the big brands so expesive they make milions of profit i can be lest they are just very greedy
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