Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9?

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Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9?
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The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is Samsung's latest flagship smartphone. I spent a few weeks using it as my ONLY smartphone. Turns out the Galaxy S9 is a formidable player in the smartphone market offering up one of the most diverse feature sets. Thanks for watching my Galaxy S9 review.
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12-May, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 8 oy oldin
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Brian Absolu
Brian Absolu 16 kun oldin
Gotta buy the s9+
Eddy L
Eddy L 26 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy why do all of you always label these videos s9/ the smaller variant of the phone but only show the bigger one
xLoD 2 oy oldin
What do I do if I'm in Europe?
Nick Ianno
Nick Ianno 2 oy oldin
How r u enjoying the legal lettuce??
EGHT1989 2 oy oldin
That why I text. Drive safe
CDX 2 soat oldin
The way he slams expensive phones on the table makes my heart skip a beat
jorge luis betancourt
Siri : I'm dying hahahahahahahah
Emiliano REYES
Emiliano REYES Kun oldin
Iphone Xs Max
Teen gamers
Teen gamers Kun oldin
mkbhd got more like than the uploader lewis.
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera 2 kun oldin
I got the regular S9. Should've got the plus. You can disable the left swipe though.
Muhammad Arslan
Muhammad Arslan 2 kun oldin
Living WithArt
Living WithArt 4 kun oldin
I'm using Xiaomi Note 4, Should I change it to S8+ at the mid of 2019??
JOKR 33 4 kun oldin
I’ve headphone jack, u dont 🤣😝 go and take a nap! one of ur best videos ever!!
Narrator Jack
Narrator Jack 6 kun oldin
D Λ N I Ξ L 6 kun oldin
WTF is not necesary chsnge the launcher to hidd bixby!!!!!
DJ CYANIGHT 7 kun oldin
What's the best launcher to download to mimick the Google look without being laggy?
forbidden pollo
forbidden pollo 7 kun oldin
If you already got a s8 dont get it, if you have anything lower then the s8 then yea you should get the s9
rayiscool32 8 kun oldin
Went from s6 to s9 😎
lhalls9116 8 kun oldin
Hayoo for wireless charging
walid shili
walid shili 8 kun oldin
Should i upgrade from a8 2018 to s9 plz help me guys
rayiscool32 2 kun oldin
Yeah it is.
walid shili
walid shili 2 kun oldin
I baught an s9 😊😍 it's amazing
rayiscool32 2 kun oldin
+walid shili yeah my bad
walid shili
walid shili 2 kun oldin
A8 not s8
rayiscool32 8 kun oldin
I wouldn't really recommend since it there isn't too much of a change from S8 and S9
HONEY CHAWLA 8 kun oldin
Mann thanku so much for helping me making decision for buying samsung s9. But hey! speak slowely.
Sebastian Rogers
Sebastian Rogers 10 kun oldin
Bixby installs google ads all over your device careful...
Sebastian Rogers
Sebastian Rogers 10 kun oldin
I have iphone 6 and 7 plus and samsung s9.. I like the s9 for browsing the internet its fast. However for audio programs the s9 android os sucks. It will never be ios... example go download djay app on your samsung s9 loop a section of your track you will hear clicks and pops from your device. Where as iPhone does not do this. The programming language is far superior than android. Also try downloading DRC on your s9 play with the sounds you will hear clicks and pops.
kelvin van zwam
kelvin van zwam 12 kun oldin
the Samsung s10 is coming soon will you want to try it?
KETO Uber 12 kun oldin
i have had an s7 since it came out.................. holy shit now its so so so so so slow.. loads slow... responds slow. apps go slow... damn,, so i just bought the s9 plus, yay maybe friday or monday delivery,,, hot damn
Trevor De La Rosa
Trevor De La Rosa 12 kun oldin
Watching this on my s9 wrapped in an otterbox pursuit clear case and I love this phone
randomgusta 14 kun oldin
u use drugs bro?
Debb stark
Debb stark 14 kun oldin
You are hilarious. I am sold on my new phone but can't stop watching your vids☺️
Team Pascal
Team Pascal 16 kun oldin
If u care about hardware go for s9. If u care about software go for pixel 2 or 3.
Brian Absolu
Brian Absolu 16 kun oldin
I love Samsung from day one
Skizerz the Almighty
The S9 is good because it's one of the only no-compromises phones on the market. Every other phone you have to make compromises of some sort, especially iphone. This thing has everything you'd want in a phone. best screen on the market, headphone jack, no notch, flagship best chipset available, expandable storage, insanely good waterproofing (can be totally submerged and be 100% fine), Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, great audio output on the 3.5mm jack, comes with fast charging brick and great headphones in the box... this thing has it all.
maS silugraM
maS silugraM 17 kun oldin
You can eliminate Bixby home by holding down the wallpaper and switching Bixby to off.
godofkings17 18 kun oldin
Idk I like Bixby on my s8 but for all the wrong reasons. Me and my friends just make fun of Bixby and how when we actually call forBixby, nothing happens but saying words that rhyme with it accidentally triggers it
random rider
random rider 18 kun oldin
i dont give a shit about anything other than a headphone jack.
Lane Welch
Lane Welch 18 kun oldin
Omg he went s9+
sahil s.
sahil s. 19 kun oldin
Pixel is ugly, but crazy good.
Bzkre ThTr
Bzkre ThTr 19 kun oldin
Lmao "i am dying"
tombell12 19 kun oldin
If you like batteries that can't be user replaced than yes, get the S9!
Yves Nyfeler Ph.D.
Yves Nyfeler Ph.D. 22 kun oldin
How on earth did this pathetic, lame would-be gangsta-nigga get to 13 fcuking million subscribers?! What's wrong with people? This has got to be the most unsympathetic person on YT I have ever come across, and that alone is saying alot....
Eddie Pedro
Eddie Pedro 22 kun oldin
you crazy hahaha. amazing video.
FC's The Meme
FC's The Meme 22 kun oldin
I have the S9 non-plus and I prefer it over the plus because it fits and feels better in my hand. And Tankified my phone protection wise
Reena Singh
Reena Singh 24 kun oldin
Missing of 3.5mm jack and big notch is still prime cons of 3xl phone, Except thay everuthong is fine
Zealous 25 kun oldin
Near Christmas im just binge watching these videos to see which phone I should get..SO DIFFICULT
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 25 kun oldin
6:06 , wtf bro???? Bixby is like a Nasa assistent 😂😂😂 u can do everything with it, google assistent is shit
Christopher Malerba
Christopher Malerba 26 kun oldin
Talk about the real time translating using Bixby vision please
Elieshi Stephen
Elieshi Stephen 27 kun oldin
this guy is so rich he can afford any new version of smartphone which few of us can't afford them
Victor 27 kun oldin
I didn't know you could disable the Bixby button, thank you!
Mocking the world World!!!
I have square fingers😂😂😂
Babita Nayak
Babita Nayak 29 kun oldin
I use nova launcher in my phone
Hein Coonen
Hein Coonen Oy oldin
Fast wireless charging is not nearly as fast as wired fast charging
David Martrano
I use the s9+, best phone I ever used. Design, display, camera, battery, ip68, wireless every premium feature. It does everything well!
B. St.F
B. St.F Oy oldin
The table shaking killed me!😂
Joe Parker
Joe Parker Oy oldin
Do you need a version with more than 64
MicroMicro Oy oldin
89$ for the underwear you know what my balls hold jsut fine in my dollar store ones
Neal Frost
Neal Frost Oy oldin
i rather use Google over Bixby anyway
Jay Lol
Jay Lol Oy oldin
Should I upgrade my IPhone SE to Samsung galaxy S9? My SE is getting slow and not large enough in my opinion
Ashutosh Date
Ashutosh Date Oy oldin
please share your screen setup sir🙏😍😍😍❤️🔥⚡
Chris Oy oldin
end of 2018 and the galaxy s9+ really does represent the best value of the android world...
James Corrigan
I get what you mean about Google assistant and stuff, but honestly that's not really a deal breaker. I don't think I've ever used Siri for a legit reason, only to get her to say weird stuff. Literally all I've used Siri for ever
Marijn Oy oldin
I can pick up the phone (S9+) for just 550$, should I buy it? I’m coming from the apple iphone 6+ so really any phone is a big upgrade. I def want an android phone...maybe huawei pro or oneplus 6t?
Ashley Carr
Ashley Carr Oy oldin
Oh wow, and LOVING that info on how to change the Bixby set up!!! LMAO so annyoying when it swipes left and I dont mean too, or i hit the button on accident....did not know you could disable it, thank you!!!
Ashley Carr
Ashley Carr Oy oldin
Just had to agree about the finger print stuff, mine doesnt even work, the google pixle option looks way easier to use and looks like it could recognize my finger print a lot better as well, as mine does not at all.
Selyman Ahmadzai
Samsung Galaxy is the king
Naren Jung Khatri
Apple user out of chat😂
Breanne Beyer
Breanne Beyer Oy oldin
I have screen burn in. OLED isn't worth it because of the screen burn in. Pisses me off.
tricia mozingo
Kylie Marie
Kylie Marie Oy oldin
I currently have an lg V20 and I CANT WAIT TO GET RID OF IT!!!! It has had 3 (once I got a virus just from opening google chrome... a black screen popped up, and next think you know I had my first virus) viruses and I’ve had to factory reset it. It has recently been deleting contacts (IT DELETED MY GRANDMA), it makes random group chats, spams my screen with random adds (on the home screen, in apps, anywhere else), and it’s extremely slow. XD can’t wait to get new one... oh and won’t forget to mention it costs more than my moms iPhone 8.
Jonah Oy oldin
Samsung phones always seem great. Just wait a year when you get one. You will wish for something else by then. They simply don't keep their performance longer than that. It has always been that way. Love the design though
Ali Imran
Ali Imran Oy oldin
it's a lot of bleeps and and boobs 7:53
Leolando Tan
Leolando Tan Oy oldin
Hi guys! I'm thinking of getting an S9 but don't know if it should be the S9 or S9 Plus. The S9 is $878 and the Plus version is at $1012. I need your help. I'm mainly for the camera that has great quality results and would last for about 3 years. Thanks!
Tahsin Rahman
Tahsin Rahman Oy oldin
i like samsung more bc of the headphone jack but i moved from samsung to 6s and i REGRET it I was just possessed by the emojis
Davi De jesus
Davi De jesus Oy oldin
Unbox therapy please please do this video again I’m trying let you know can watch you tube with a full screen on your galaxy s 9 plus without the black side during the video all you have to do is swipe both side of the phone when you have the video in full view. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do this video again
Mochimin Oy oldin
Each time you hit your phone on the table I scream
Nicholas Webb
Nicholas Webb Oy oldin
Shouldn't this video be named ' should you buy the S9 Plus'? It just says the S9?
spyder yeah
spyder yeah Oy oldin
Your finger is square
Karthik Tenneti
Anybody else watching on an S9 😂
Petrol Head
Petrol Head 3 kun oldin
Me 😆
forbidden pollo
forbidden pollo 5 kun oldin
+sahil s. you heard me
Aesthetics 11
Aesthetics 11 7 kun oldin
sahil s.
sahil s. 7 kun oldin
+forbidden pollo wtf???
Jared Champagne
6:04 what was that? 😂😂😂😂
CarbnXL Oy oldin
0:41 me too homie...
Daniel Wiles
Daniel Wiles Oy oldin
Terrance Shaw
Terrance Shaw 3 kun oldin
Daniel Wiles somehow it probably gives you cancer or something
Jackerlus1 6 kun oldin
+ClosetNinja504 when you want to take your phone anywhere other than your home or car and also charge it??
Timothy Harrison
Timothy Harrison 8 kun oldin
Daniel Wiles how many times have you grabbed your phone while it was still plugged in?? End up fucking up the phone input end or bending it!
ClosetNinja504 10 kun oldin
I do hope you're trolling cause why would you unplug the wireless charging pad once its plugged in?
Silva Panda
Silva Panda Oy oldin
How rich are you dude?
Kitty xoxo
Kitty xoxo Oy oldin
well that home button trick was good, but for those to accidentally press buttons on their phones, it seems very innevitable if incase you press it by accident but at least it wont come up every time u swipe left so im pleased with this temporary solution lol
Justin Mitchell
This dudes rich
Homie Sexual
Homie Sexual Oy oldin
Wireless charging is a bit useless
Luis Vicente - Ocumicho Michoacan
My Sumsung S9 plus has been great in everything, one of the best phones I have ever owned. My only compaint is that I can't connect when I go to mexico. I live in California and have international caling and roaming. I have two more lines in my account and those phones work perfect when I'm in Mexico. I have called my service provider and they say it's all good on their side. I believe them because my ather two phones work and also I can make calls to Mexico. I also have called Sumsung and they wanted me to send my phone. I have already tried everything to get connect when i'm in mexico with no success. Could this be an issue with my phone? Does anybody also have this problem?
Will Teich
Will Teich Oy oldin
Unbox Therapy i saw that orange cloud app. Plug yo soundcloud nigga
Shock Lover
Shock Lover Oy oldin
a9 unboxing plz
Paradox Oy oldin
huawei mate 10 pro vs samsung s9 please help
Wanda Walker
Wanda Walker Oy oldin
I got the Lilac Purple s9 plus. I'm 54 and my adult kids said I should have gotten a Jitterbug..LOL.. Jealous kids.. When they heard the ringtone I added "Beep! Beep! Who Got The Keys To My Jeep".. They were done.. Lol....I said I needed a ringtone to go with my new Jeep Wrangler coming soon...
MrWalker1000 Oy oldin
why you never review a sony phone?
Pradip Chitrakar
Bla bla bla crap review. I almost fell asleep
Jaime Loza
Jaime Loza Oy oldin
You can turn off Bixby home too... no nova launcher needed
Angel lopez
Angel lopez Oy oldin
Watching on my s9!!
Leighton Marshall
What if u have a case on s9 and try the charging dockstataion will it still work
cris Oy oldin
It depends on the case
Omega Gamer
Omega Gamer Oy oldin
Which is better for gaming tho? 😏
Cseh Balázs
Cseh Balázs Oy oldin
You can disable bixby page without launcher. And the assistant too.
CosAnime AU
CosAnime AU Oy oldin
s9 is way better than pixel phones
Silent Truth
Silent Truth Oy oldin
A nice launcher is the Microsoft launcher...
Javifer Guerrero
Jo Bro
Jo Bro Oy oldin
Help me out Samsung apple Huawei?? All I care about is speed and good camera
Abhinav Joshi
Abhinav Joshi Oy oldin
This video shd be of 4 minutes. No one likes listening to all u speak. No offence.
Magnorphieous The Great
I hate how you spoke on the s9's camera like it was bad. It's actually very very good.
MrParis22 Oy oldin
got a s9 as a contract phone and shes vert good last phone I brought not as a contract was a j5a
Abraham Chinye
Abraham Chinye 2 oy oldin
Why was your friend trying to unlock YOUR phone with his finger print...