Shurima: Rise of the Ascended | Cinematic - League of Legends

League of Legends
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Violendro Valentino
No matter how much time i watched this,i kept fetting goosebumps
Quinn VanCanneyt
Quinn VanCanneyt 8 kun oldin
every time azir dies: " BIRD PERSON, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
Pietro Roh
Pietro Roh 17 kun oldin
This is the story how azir will be a virgin for the rest of his life
Jesse Yancey
Jesse Yancey 20 kun oldin
coolest champion ever released period. Shurima, your emperor has returned!
Jan Ailo Bårdseng Wik
Casper Christensen
Is it me or does he say a word right before the wings flash behind him?
Casper Christensen
The actual ascension bit is so rad. Also, looks like sand is streaming towards him when he he does. Could it be that his armor is sand, not gold?
Soirema Oy oldin
I wish I could serve Azir in Shurima...
BulletProof Kat Too
When you notice it was actually Gnar, not Nasus narrating
gg time mike
gg time mike Oy oldin
Tyrene Chiegy
Tyrene Chiegy Oy oldin
We need *M-O-V-I-E* from League of legends *_ASAP_*
Kayra Oy oldin
Congratulations! Your emperor of Shurima has evolved to *AZIR!*
Marcos Franco
Marcos Franco 2 oy oldin
xMari MSP
xMari MSP 2 oy oldin
Everybody wants a movie, I want a show with this sort of animation! It would get so popular from how many people play League, the people who all want a movie/s, and plus the random people who can just watch the show and find out about the game like that.
IaMmEsSiNgBoY 303
Yey drumsticks
The Real Azir
The Real Azir 2 oy oldin
Ah yes.
charles tedios
charles tedios 2 oy oldin
this a new champion??
Cedric Aringo
Cedric Aringo 2 oy oldin
If in the lore, azir can have infinite soldiers to command at his will, he can defeat the whole noxus empire by his own, imagine that
Cedric Aringo
Cedric Aringo 2 oy oldin
Imagine that azir has no mana😮😮😕😏
Bitchesbelike 3 oy oldin
*Let me smash*
That gay Shit
That gay Shit 4 oy oldin
*_A S C E N D E D_*
Lukas Juliano
Lukas Juliano 4 oy oldin
That's a big turret
Shelby Patterson
Shelby Patterson 5 oy oldin
Azir: Shurima your Emperor has returned. DUN DUN DUUUUNNN
Tristania Wolf
Tristania Wolf 5 oy oldin
Interesting :O
Sora Shiro
Sora Shiro 5 oy oldin
Poapiaham 16
Poapiaham 16 5 oy oldin
And now we wait for azirs passive to reset
MrButternuss 5 oy oldin
I dont want a Lol Movie. I want a 10 Season Series of it :O
Patsyy Bañaga
Patsyy Bañaga 5 oy oldin
Azir is a girl
Sivir is my favorite champion.
Medobolt 6 oy oldin
And thus the most bugged champion was released XD
john li
john li 6 oy oldin
for people complaining that the game wont make sense now that they removed summoners is overwatch ruined because reaper and tracer can be on the same team?
Zindred Kindred
Zindred Kindred 6 oy oldin
Blake Dean
Blake Dean 7 oy oldin
DAnte Baliza
DAnte Baliza 7 oy oldin
O faraó saiu sa tumba
thecsslife 7 oy oldin
New ryze rework?
AllyKat1236 8 oy oldin
David Castaño
David Castaño 8 oy oldin
Azir human form
No Real Name
No Real Name 8 oy oldin
I love Azir's lore, so nice
Grey Oxxx
Grey Oxxx 8 oy oldin
Does the blood magic thingy has to do something with the Darkins? I mean Varus did go to Shurima and said "Where are you, sister" *What* *do* *you* *guys* *think?*
Raul Oneill
Raul Oneill 8 oy oldin
I don't know why but whenever I see her green hair and face I can't help but think about Polaris from Marvel
kdramalien 8 oy oldin
Sivir looks like Wonder Woman o
The Flying Mojo
The Flying Mojo 9 oy oldin
is shurima back
Smol Purrzxlla
Smol Purrzxlla 9 oy oldin
Nasoos's vooiiiceee
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus 9 oy oldin
almost 4 years has passed, still getting chills while watching.
RL Hamon
RL Hamon 9 oy oldin
basi djndura
sister snatched
sister snatched 9 oy oldin
Tamikaze 9 oy oldin
Sivir got some thicc thighs
inFamous Phantom
inFamous Phantom 10 oy oldin
2 Egyptian gods Shurima:Egypt Nasus:Anubis Azir:Ra
PlaGhost YT
PlaGhost YT 10 oy oldin
Wait.. Azir is A girl?
João Caeiro
João Caeiro 10 oy oldin
bring lol mmorpg
Cynane 10 oy oldin
Destiny 3?
Illusionist718 10 oy oldin
This was so freakin awesome. Love the lore and Shurima
The last Jhin
The last Jhin 10 oy oldin
Peter Thompson
Peter Thompson 11 oy oldin
Did anyone else notice that they spelled sivir wrong in the discription? It’s spelled siver
Malik 11 oy oldin
Pre-ascension azir skin!
Emperor of the sands
Here I come
Ash M.
Ash M. 11 oy oldin
klarenz cobie
klarenz cobie 11 oy oldin
If i have a dollar everytime he said shurima
Andrew Hanna
Andrew Hanna 11 oy oldin
So if they made this into a movie Gal Gadot should play sivir...hands down.
Daven Mapson
Daven Mapson 11 oy oldin
"Siver" Rito can't even spell their own champion's name.
Lynx 11 oy oldin
Voice of Arcann from SWTOR ,love him!
Yousef Talaat
Yousef Talaat 11 oy oldin
do riven next
Asokumaraan Selokumar
riot unofficial propaganda to mention that azir is lol's OP champion?
Fahed kchaou
Fahed kchaou 11 oy oldin
wtf where is the rest of the story
WaffleDragon Yil oldin
I always love seeing "mild suggestive themes" in the rating then thinking of the eve rework and thinking "Ah yes, MILD"
G3RM4IN3 GNXR Yil oldin
This is too beautiful for words.
Taarma Prakhaash
Brand's cinematic please
YTFlaze - Mobile Legends Gameplay and Builds
Is Azir a woman? Azir sound like a man but in the cinematic Azir has long hair eyes look like a woman.
Gina Yil oldin
This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen
Alex Luthor Uchiha
Vcs sao muito lols
Denver Cabundocan
azir in game is cool specialy passive
Autolock Feed
Autolock Feed Yil oldin
made a new account purely for maining nasus renekton and azir, by sheer fluke managed to pull sun disk ward out of my free chest XD
Moose Droppings
Moose Droppings Yil oldin
Oasis of the dong?
Stanislav Ivanov
Elias Chise
Elias Chise Yil oldin
i love Shurima
Mirelurking Yil oldin
Arise Chicken ARISE!
Kyrus Vinter
Kyrus Vinter Yil oldin
This makes me so happy I've spent $100+ on skins. I love Riot. Keep up the stunning work.
Some Nobody
Some Nobody Yil oldin
2:30 No. I Am Your Father.
Octillion Yil oldin
Finally azir reconnected -.-
Octillion Yil oldin
Noxus be like finally we have took over the world but our army is low Scout sir a giant city with millions of sand men carried by a bird man has appeared Noxus... FUUUUU
Octillion Yil oldin
Or Noxus ye we are gonna win this Azir reconnected Darius Fk this shit i'm out
Big Herc
Big Herc Yil oldin
azir can save them all so we fucking nerf him
Stefan ArTistu
Stefan ArTistu Yil oldin
Azir is a fucking RASTA egiptian GOD? WTF RITO! This is so stupid!
Alexander -
Alexander - Yil oldin
*sivir you fuckheads
Desiignner Yil oldin
who is sharima?
Stefan ArTistu
Stefan ArTistu Yil oldin
Shurima moron!
In the description it says Siver but isn't it Sivir?
MCool Gaming
MCool Gaming Yil oldin
Azir look like illaoi when he haven ascended XD
The Hentai Shogun
This champion is trash
Luis Alberto Barbosa
Me gustaría que este campeón se usara de dos formas que su R sea la transformación Rise of the ascended y se jugara con su piel normal con otras habilidades quedaría super
Ԁʏṅѧṃɨċ Ԁ.ʊ.օ
"Do you have a moment?"
Die Rito Gc Rito
Cancer game and manager
Hablar en español
2:12 sivir or syndra ??
Kianovitch Yil oldin
Why does he sound like a mix of Batman and Samuel L Jackson?
A Silly Kawaii Scrub
When the soundtrack started in the beginning,Sasori soundtrack blowed up in my mind.
Brofessosor Yil oldin
*Azir can save them all*
Suq Madiq
Suq Madiq Yil oldin
Somoko Kamaijo
Somoko Kamaijo Yil oldin
2:36 looks like a PS4 game.
Mel Jenkins
Mel Jenkins Yil oldin
thanks helped me with history...
radio blitz heys
The bird has risen!!!
ChxrisLeague Yil oldin
If you make a league movie, I will cosplay as every champion at once and enter the cinema. Then, when yasuo appears I will scream "report jungled no help"
maleky Yil oldin
you guys spelled sivir wrong pls give me rp hehexd