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President Trump defends holes in a border wall prototype and holes in his financial plans for the Mexico-funded barrier.
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11-Yan, 2019

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Emmanuel Rivera
Emmanuel Rivera 34 daqiqa oldin
A WHEEL?!?! *Soulja Boy voice*
rockstar sakib
rockstar sakib Soat oldin
he should pray to got for protect them From the people
KozPop 2 soat oldin
The boy who cried caravan
Ed McGovern
Ed McGovern 3 soat oldin
By the way, 1995 was instigated by the GOP as well - under Newt Gingrich - a guy Trump considered for a cabinet position
Ed McGovern
Ed McGovern 3 soat oldin
All of America should come together and Restore the Nation from what this Mind Virus Corrupt Conman has done to appeal to our evil angels
twmill 4 soat oldin
Trevor Noah sucks not funny.
twmill 4 soat oldin
Trump doesn't sit on his ass like Obama,he gets it done and Dems cant handle it.
Raet Tawy
Raet Tawy 5 soat oldin
Trump 2019 Predictions click the link 👉🏾 uzvid.com/video/video-zTz5azUawao.html
Raet Tawy
Raet Tawy 5 soat oldin
Trump 2019 Predictions click the link 👉🏾 uzvid.com/video/video-zTz5azUawao.html
frank araujo
frank araujo 5 soat oldin
What a bunch of communist propaganda!
Glenn S.
Glenn S. 5 soat oldin
NOTHING will get Trump impeached. America is full of idiots.
Brian Lyons
Brian Lyons 6 soat oldin
I wanna move into Trevor Noah's safe space. I've jerked off enough to saw through 1000000000 walls, can I haz job Trevor Noah?
Michael Clouser
Michael Clouser 6 soat oldin
Look at the photos. That was a test wall. Not a deployed wall. Technicians more than likely sawed those holes to see how long it would take and what it would take to do so. The original reporter was lying.
Michael Moritz
Michael Moritz 8 soat oldin
Really a foreign born rich nationalized citizen gives his left wing twisted worthless opinion. Truly, the physical barrier would save lives of innocent Americans. The barrier would reduce illegal entry, drugs, and prevent criminals from continuous entry after deportation. Trevor, you have blood on your hands and you and your audience think it is funny?
Kenneth Gitau
Kenneth Gitau 8 soat oldin
Hahaha Wheels vs Walls 😂😂
Amber LaLa
Amber LaLa 10 soat oldin
So what's really going round here???
Jon Yoder
Jon Yoder 10 soat oldin
Keep 'em shut down. They weren't working anyway. Welcome to the Brave New World Order... uzvid.com/video/video-bSjskLaQvGQ.html&t=809s
nonye bizzn
nonye bizzn 11 soat oldin
The ending was the harsh reality! this is what trump is doing to this country.
Margo Whitney
Margo Whitney 12 soat oldin
Suhas Chintala
Suhas Chintala 12 soat oldin
Maybe if you did actual research, you would not come up with stupid numbers that the wheel came 6000 years before the wall, simple googling showed both the wheel and city wall concepts cam during 10th century BC, This guy is as stupid as his jokes and rebuttals. Maybe , just maybe, if he focussed on what the guy meant rather than tearing apart some random fact thrown by Trump.
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor 13 soat oldin
5:12 YOU, ESE! I was not prepared for that response. Trevor is a goldmine.
nonye bizzn
nonye bizzn 11 soat oldin
hispanic, that's what we call ourselves, we are americans who are hispanics our ancestors could of came from mexico or other areas
Ricardo Urrutia
Ricardo Urrutia 13 soat oldin
GOOOOOD trump is such an IDIOT!!!!! GOD almighty we're fucked!
Alex Hughes
Alex Hughes 13 soat oldin
Crowders going to pass you in subs this year
Joe Tolley
Joe Tolley 14 soat oldin
Spread the news I've got it from a confidential white house source that Trump will resign from the presidency today at 3:00 P.M
Alex Hughes
Alex Hughes 14 soat oldin
Crowders back you goldfish looking ass, MUGCLUB takeover 2019
Sara Burke
Sara Burke 16 soat oldin
uber won't work if people can't afford to pay for a ride in the first place! This is really going to mess with the US economy if it continues.
Sara Burke
Sara Burke 16 soat oldin
Trump shoul be forced to pay these people's paychecks on top of the money he has frivously spent on all his BS.
Dela  cruize
Dela cruize 17 soat oldin
Mayun he's cute 😀 #onlyinamerica
Jay Thornber
Jay Thornber 17 soat oldin
Boo trump u a dump
Eugenio Colussi filho
Eugenio Colussi filho 19 soat oldin
Nathaniel Mutemwa
Nathaniel Mutemwa 21 soat oldin
Missed a perfect moment to reference GOT right there.
LaProfetesse 21 soat oldin
The Chinese built a wall. Didn't work out, did it?
n4ch1t078 22 soat oldin
( U ese ) hahaha
Debra Mccrimon
Debra Mccrimon 22 soat oldin
Debra Mccrimon
Debra Mccrimon 22 soat oldin
Yep with his wheel and his wall he sound like he is drunk
Roff Coin
Roff Coin 22 soat oldin
Contact Mr Zhang Wei on his WhatsApp +13477098322 and thank me later... he helped me make a transfer of $38k directly to my account... he’s legit I’m so grateful to him... Especially in this hard times when our government are being shutdown, we continue to work and don’t get paid. You guys should hurry, he’s still making transfers to other people right now. Tell him Mike referred you
LaToya 22 soat oldin
Secret Service may be thinking about letting a bullet get through. A paycheck is a real motivator. Why would you want to piss of people who are supposed to catch a bullet for you???
9ner 23 soat oldin
Trevor Noah is terrible and most trump bashing is juvenile at best
David Ibanez
David Ibanez Kun oldin
1:00 WTF this guy sounds just like goku English dub ..holy shit.
Hanna Hands
Hanna Hands Kun oldin
Is he wearing glasses?
CuttleFisH Kun oldin
To be fair the TSA hasn't done shit since it started. There's statistics that say they have never stopped a terrorist attack.
Nope Kun oldin
Politics do not matter. That being said, that was drunken wisdom from ol Trump. Only good thing I can say about him. He's not dumb. Crooked? Yep. Stupid? Not even slighty.
Emma Ghasparian
Emma Ghasparian Kun oldin
What an ignorant man. What a disgrace to this country
Emma Ghasparian
Emma Ghasparian Kun oldin
This guy trump is an idiot
Yume Rini
Yume Rini Kun oldin
Let me get this straight... Trump said we need to build a wall because poor people from Mexico are coming over here and “stealing our jobs”, then to build the wall he used up all the government’s money so now there are tons of people who don’t get any pay BUT STILL have to continue working their jobs?
Barbea F
Barbea F Kun oldin
We seem to have a kinder for president, oh my gosh..
Asbjørn Okkenhaug
Just to mention. The Dems don't want an open border. Neither does the Gops. While Djt's wall talk is basicly a 'talking point'.
Asbjørn Okkenhaug
The so called wall' is just another Djt talking point, one of many. To DISTRACT from his "nightmare", his 2016 pres. campaign the Russian probe. It's just con scam.
Esau jr Rivera
Esau jr Rivera Kun oldin
perhaps people have rights to opinion but not unrespect agains president from where we live..have some respect
Esau jr Rivera
Esau jr Rivera Kun oldin
regales border is for the safety on nation.shame in Mexico that let all these people crossing is not just us responsible..president trump should close the border until the other side become more proactive.
CarleneJustMe Kun oldin
7:38 - : rip i died. that actually should be his job.. '' today we have rain, nah fake news. i will shut down the weather channel, and you all going to pay for it, from now on everyone needs to look outside... to tell what the weather is going to be like. see ya later...month.. year... idk... ''
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Kun oldin
CarleneJustMe Kun oldin
trump, one is smoking that weed, or he is plain ass stupid and the only thing in his head is hate and money.
adonisduque Kun oldin
Soamweica voted for trump to build a wall to keep immigrants out, but immigrants still come in??? And he wants America to flip the bill? EFF no.
Aldo Th
Aldo Th Kun oldin
Trump is such a retard...god help us FUCKKKKKKKKK
Mirriam Botha
Mirriam Botha Kun oldin
Trevor plz come back home America is a mess lmao
Steve Remarski
Steve Remarski Kun oldin
Its hard to think of the TSA as people when they're paid to treat you like cattle. Now they're unpaid and we are suppose to care about them being hungry? Ironic?
A Kun oldin
Bantu stole south Africa
Jordan Richards
Jordan Richards Kun oldin
Bnny Slpprs
Bnny Slpprs Kun oldin
real american
real american Kun oldin
If you are attempting to cut through the wall, then you get shot. How about not destroying our wall we are paying for with the money that was saved in the new U.S., Canadian, Mexico deal.💃 Tresspassoros DE LA Muertos. Ay-yi-yi
alucard hellsing
Good thing he don’t get his ass kick !
real american
real american Kun oldin
What's going on here? BREXIT!
manny bernard
manny bernard Kun oldin
If walls are old technology why all home's have them?
Malaika Angela
Malaika Angela Kun oldin
Wheel is older than the wall? Suddenly made me feel like when I was in my kindergarten class and threw a question and a boy answered a totally different answer.What do u want to be when u grow up? "The wheel is older than the wall". Dear God..fogive me for all my sins...give him a brain that fits his age so he can run the almighty country the way it should be.Amen
Our President is a fucking MORON, also a bloviating LIAR. SO AWESOME!!!!
TheClassic GK
TheClassic GK Kun oldin
This show is doo doo
Everest Inspections
It's true, I'm looking to leave the country even while being financially stable. Maybe start a chicken farm in a small island, hehe, if there was a time the US was vanerable it is now, was this the plan from The start?
Philly Girl
Philly Girl Kun oldin
*Geez, he is so fucking stupid!*
Derek Mills
Derek Mills Kun oldin
I, like a lot of Amercans stopped believing the "Big Press" years ago. They LIE and attempted to MANIPULATE public opinion. Case in point... shortly after President Trumps Suprising Win, the day following, the Socialist Media had not slept. Morning Joe and his wife Brzenski were in shock and bitter over Trumps win. BRZENSKI ACTUALLY COMPLAINED THAT THE VOTERS LISTENED TO TRUMP.. "... controlling what people think is our job..." - she said.. She said it, not the President. ALL YOU MSNBC FANS THINK THAT'S ALRIGHT BECAUSE THE LEFT BELIEVES IN FREE SPEECH AND PRESS, BUT NOT FOR CONSERVATIVES.. The Leftist Press put forth false polls showing Hillary by a land slide... A land slide the Press tried to manufacture.. I laugh every time I rerun the crying whining Socialist... And there's no "Morning After Pill" for this. They make me sick... "Oh! "OH!" "BREAKING NEWS!!! TRUMP SNEEZED... IMPEACH HIM... IMPEACH HIM NOW". Screw the lying Press.. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW..... BITCHES!!!
Sharon Tikalsky
Sharon Tikalsky Kun oldin
Trump is an idiot
Three Jewels
Three Jewels Kun oldin
I lived for those two women with Costa. Their comedic timing was impeccable.
Fernando Davillar
A 20 billions WALL is useless before a 20 bucks saw. Genius strategy.
Hitherto90 Kun oldin
Snake lady, snake lady gets the MVP award from me.
Pepperanne50 Kun oldin
Rome S.
Rome S. Kun oldin
Better hope that a colossal titan doesn't lay waste to the wall.uzvid.com/video/video-ibXItogzGJA.html
Niet meer Doen
Niet meer Doen Kun oldin
im not even from the US and i miss obama
Jaye Love
Jaye Love Kun oldin
myvevo Kun oldin
Lol what is dumb trump is saying this man is so stupid for an president 😂🤣😂🤣😂
critical Thinker
brainwashed liberals
critical Thinker
time to Pierce Morgan this piece SHIT. why don't you interview Alex Jones so he can rip you a new ass and throw you out of the country!
Christian Norman
People who don’t like trump don’t even know what he’s trying to do If they did then they would support the wall
Stan Stan
Stan Stan Kun oldin
TiT Titty female Utter .... For , TAt, That...a racist word!!! Meaning you are wanting to trade Black woman's body ( Tit )for something of value "tat" (that) slick of bread!!! You Damn Racist Democrats!!! till trying to keep people of color, black,brown,, Latino,Mexicano,etc, under your control.... Abe Linclon,( WHITE REPUBLICAN, MALE) signed the proclamation to free all slaves....let that soak in a few minutes. The Natives to this nation have still not gotten restitution for their Injustices We own the indigenous people of this land much more respect! Man Up Black,Brown,Yellow,Orange, Tattoed or whatever your are.! Make the Native Americans Whole!!!! Fix the original Sins of your Fathers!
Soli Mary
Soli Mary Kun oldin
So it okay to be racist to Hispanics now wow
Peter cmi
Peter cmi Kun oldin
We can just drill the wall
Oozberg Moize
Oozberg Moize Kun oldin
The shreks are raping me!
Abbot david-west
Come to Nigeria the government doesn't pay u when they do it's little to nothing. My dad was a government employee he was paid little money some time's not at all. We depended on savings. That's why I'm self employed.
Melissa Heggs
Melissa Heggs Kun oldin
The things Trump says reminds me of one of my psych patients when he is cycling through the extreme of his illness.
Tracee Johnson
Tracee Johnson Kun oldin
Give Trump the 5.5 Billion for the wall, America has spent far more Billions and Trillions on other countries and on other crap that in no way helps Americans.
amnesh Kun oldin
You can't make this shit up.
William Bryant
William Bryant Kun oldin
People are being distracted by this man. What's really going on???
Dextaa 2 kun oldin
They used the wrong football player picture. Thats a picture of a player right after injury
Jaavia Carter
Jaavia Carter 2 kun oldin
Please run for president
Jake Knight
Jake Knight 2 kun oldin
"If you ever really looked at those people." -Trump I checked with my food pantry and found some gov workers and they HATE this guy.
Prosanto Mukerji
Prosanto Mukerji 2 kun oldin
Trevor; please use as you wish there are about 200 countries in the World, Only two walls in history. 1) great (??)wall of China and Berlin wall demolished at Ronald Reagan's request to Gorbachev. Indian immigrant
J C 2 kun oldin
“Here’s the story...” trump beginning to tell a lie and and pull some bullshit out of his ass It blows my mind that people believe this shit
J C 2 kun oldin
“And the secret service vehicles are expensive” Weird flex but okay
J C 2 kun oldin
2:15 trump out here looking like a 5 year old waving to the helicopter
Anthony Wayne
Anthony Wayne 2 kun oldin
I know that we're taking the information given to us here in jest, but that many people not being paid is not fuckin funny!