SIDEMEN FC VS YOUTUBE ALLSTARS 2018 (Goals & Highlights)

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Welcome to the FINAL Sidemen FC vs UZvid Allstars match highlights and goals from The Valley, Charlton.
Today we are raising money for the following charities:
YoungMinds: youngminds.org.uk/
Charlton Athletic Community Trust: www.cact.org.uk/
Any donation's you make will be greatly appreciated and will be going to a great cause! Hope you enjoy the match.




2-Iyn, 2018

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William Peytz
William Peytz 2 soat oldin
Germany Brazil 2018
IN 22656
IN 22656 6 soat oldin
someone is playing in rice gum body HAHA
TheGøldenDragøn 9 soat oldin
Why is ricecunt there
Luis Carranza
Luis Carranza 11 soat oldin
Bro look KSI Jake Paul & Logan Paul are going to win
subhrath rajpoot
subhrath rajpoot 16 soat oldin
Where is mo ???
AthleticGamer6 21 soat oldin
Logan Paul gonna beat a**
MARIO fernandes
MARIO fernandes 23 soat oldin
the sidemen show????
Vladimír Havran
Yo,Jay played pretty good.
aung thurein min aung thurein min
Wtf deji.. wearing hat and glass .🤣
A Q T A II Kun oldin
Worst goalkeeper EVER!
jackyninja99 Kun oldin
When vikk score I sat on the roof for 24 hours
Aozotra Kun oldin
man the sidemen show looks pretty hype
Aozotra Kun oldin
man that last goal was dirty
Aozotra Kun oldin
what is the YTAS goalie doing
tyberi on
tyberi on Kun oldin
rip Like for SIDEMEN FC.
This is a YT Acct
This is a YT Acct 2 kun oldin
That roast tho @ 1:08 😂😂👌🏻
Jay Skilton
Jay Skilton 2 kun oldin
Sidemen need to sign me up lol ;)
Spencer Rojas
Spencer Rojas 2 kun oldin
Globetrotters vs Generals
Forest Dweller
Forest Dweller 2 kun oldin
Congratulations on the win!!
APLeezy 2 kun oldin
Follow me on insta!!!😮@aidanpecor
Samina Javed
Samina Javed 3 kun oldin
Ytallstars got destroyed
DnaD 3 kun oldin
Who else only knows KSI I DO 😂😂😂
Satelit Pigo
Satelit Pigo 3 kun oldin
Altaaf Sacoor
Altaaf Sacoor 3 kun oldin
Germany vs Brazil
Alex Orellana
Alex Orellana 4 kun oldin
Who’s the Asian guy from the sidemen? Never have I seen him in any of their videos
Amory l عموري
Amory l عموري 4 kun oldin
YTAS Really not taking the game seriously and the gk can't be asked lol
Coder 9192
Coder 9192 4 kun oldin
It is always fun to watch these games. If anyone wants to see a highlight reel for all of the charity matches, I made one here. uzvid.com/video/video-LHqQPNiWlWU.html
ALL Media
ALL Media 4 kun oldin
Hi everyone All media is my new channel follw me please with your subscribe i can move forward Thnx
Broly 4 kun oldin
is this Karius?
Ricky travelsTV
Ricky travelsTV 4 kun oldin
The Goly was so bad
Sebas V
Sebas V 4 kun oldin
Why was rice gum in the match
gonsoxxiii 4 kun oldin
I leave UZvid for a few weeks and come back to this...
ismail Mustafa
ismail Mustafa 4 kun oldin
Again when KSI brags at 1:06
Alejandro Hetfield
Alejandro Hetfield 5 kun oldin
ABI B 5 kun oldin
The red team's keeper is bad af
Hafiz Alfaroz
Hafiz Alfaroz 5 kun oldin
what vikk scored GG
young N
young N 5 kun oldin
6:50 wtf!!!
Mazhar Ali
Mazhar Ali 5 kun oldin
The goalkeeper it’s just standing there
Gamer Lincoln
Gamer Lincoln 5 kun oldin
The avengers😎
ZuL IrFaN MZ Lyrics
Brazil vs Germany
Alexander.A 5 kun oldin
What a joke 😂
Arihant Jain
Arihant Jain 5 kun oldin
This is like watching pros vs amateur players.
Kadin Napier
Kadin Napier 5 kun oldin
9.57 the woman dabben :)
ADAM clash gamer
ADAM clash gamer 6 kun oldin
Miniminter iS the bestt
Xetoi 6 kun oldin
Vaya cojos
Thedudeman055 6 kun oldin
Why is no one talking about Alfie dayes shot from the half way line like if that went in 😊😊😊
Driz ayna Chan
Driz ayna Chan 6 kun oldin
Ricegum is a sideman?
Rifat 6 kun oldin
This GK Karius?:v
Pablo CS10
Pablo CS10 6 kun oldin
Where is W2S?
Pablo CS10
Pablo CS10 6 kun oldin
3:18 DjCojo :v
Eh Balko
Eh Balko 6 kun oldin
bust3 m3
MrAwsome0man 6 kun oldin
simons touch at 6:00, jesus
Chris FH
Chris FH 6 kun oldin
pero mete a DJ hijo e puta
King ith Clash of clans
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King ith Clash of clans
That was awesome I loved it
The Truth
The Truth 7 kun oldin
KSI hiding that forehead
Jonathan Majette
Jonathan Majette 7 kun oldin
P3nguin33 7 kun oldin
Legendary commentators :)
Adam Ryba
Adam Ryba 7 kun oldin
Hugh Wizzy is the worst keeper i have ever seen
Fheb Marian Fernandez
Mo Vlogs 🙌
Capvis 10
Capvis 10 7 kun oldin
Wtf is doing the goalkeeper outside? Ridiculous
Tp ProPad
Tp ProPad 7 kun oldin
Brazil vs Germany??
DRightOne1 7 kun oldin
5:25 VIKK SCORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 7 kun oldin
Pause at 8:11 look at ricegum face
manuel guerra
manuel guerra 7 kun oldin
UZvid stars are nothing with out the f2 frestylers
Samuel Joseph
Samuel Joseph 7 kun oldin
The UZvid star's goalie just suck
ROCKY FU 7 kun oldin
The YTAS goalkeeper is so trash
Ethan Blaize
Ethan Blaize 7 kun oldin
yt allstars keeper could of atleast made an effort
Xavier Alonso
Xavier Alonso 7 kun oldin
Acaso vi a Alemania vs Brasil? Jaja 7 vs 1
Octavio Oseña
Octavio Oseña 7 kun oldin
#Thowback Germany 7-1 Brazil
Alejo Canob
Alejo Canob 7 kun oldin
Dj pecho frio
Nogger Fogger logger 11
Wtf is this shit?🤣
Leonardo Diax
Leonardo Diax 7 kun oldin
Wtf is this ?
Octavio Oseña
Octavio Oseña 7 kun oldin
its soccer
PjRaMos03 7 kun oldin
The UZvid Star's goalkeeper is so bad
jacob jr
jacob jr 7 kun oldin
Number 123 interesting number on the shirt
jacob jr
jacob jr 7 kun oldin
I can destroy all to them
jacob jr
jacob jr 7 kun oldin
I saw ricegum
Seila González
Seila González 7 kun oldin
Miniminter is for goals
Funny taco Party
Funny taco Party 7 kun oldin
Trash I can do it better Then that
littlcfangs 7 kun oldin
the goalie is trash
Devon Vu
Devon Vu 7 kun oldin
Ricegums first game and he's a legend
Amber Tatum
Amber Tatum 7 kun oldin
Not RiceGum... 😑
Gabriel Reyes
Gabriel Reyes 7 kun oldin
The GOALIE sucked for YTAS
Gabrieloncio 7 kun oldin
Mario sube el camino :v
_ YoloDubs
_ YoloDubs 7 kun oldin
they played like some womens club
LEGODBR propboy
LEGODBR propboy 7 kun oldin
Do a sidemen car meet up
Ernie Gang
Ernie Gang 8 kun oldin
I know rice gum is a wanna be gangster but dang is he good at kicking
Blitz 8 kun oldin
Honestly the most pathetic low effort goal keeping I’ve ever seen
A Weeb
A Weeb 8 kun oldin
Is this football or soccer?
Octavio Oseña
Octavio Oseña 7 kun oldin
A Weeb both
Ruel Saunders
Ruel Saunders 8 kun oldin
U tube boii dem can't play ball, one man alone can play ball pan di team lol
Blake Daniels
Blake Daniels 8 kun oldin
Best part 12:18
Thunder Dino
Thunder Dino 8 kun oldin
Why was RiceGum on the sidemen team, he can’t do anything right
Fly-Ry Gaming
Fly-Ry Gaming 8 kun oldin
Tf is ricegum doing in the side men he should stick to basketball what a loser
DAWNS13 8 kun oldin
When did ricegum joined Sidemen?
Jisiah White
Jisiah White 8 kun oldin
Where's f2
SON OF DAD 8 kun oldin
What a great goal keeper.
[Banned User]
[Banned User] 8 kun oldin
Thanks for helping me get to 8 subscribers
Tigzirou 8 kun oldin
this is straight up the cringiest football match ever
Primal Earth7
Primal Earth7 8 kun oldin
sidemen vs Iron maiden
16 kun oldin