SIDEMEN FC VS YOUTUBE ALLSTARS 2018 (Goals & Highlights)

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Welcome to the FINAL Sidemen FC vs UZvid Allstars match highlights and goals from The Valley, Charlton.
Today we are raising money for the following charities:
YoungMinds: youngminds.org.uk/
Charlton Athletic Community Trust: www.cact.org.uk/
Any donation's you make will be greatly appreciated and will be going to a great cause! Hope you enjoy the match.




2-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 21 264
Jake 88
Jake 88 18 soat oldin
“I don’t hate Logan Paul” 1:08 Yeah.... ok then I don’t support Logan btw
Logan Chandler
Logan Chandler Kun oldin
Ricegum.... that little piece of “ali a music”
Lil Purpp
Lil Purpp 2 kun oldin
This is more entertaining than normal football in my opinion 😂
Mateo Ascic
Mateo Ascic 2 kun oldin
Does ytas goal ceeper have eyes??? What was that first 2 goals. He was just standing there. WTF
Hector MARSHALL 2 kun oldin
how come freezy is on allstars and ricegum is on sidemen
Florence Smith
Florence Smith 2 kun oldin
Imogen Pugh
Imogen Pugh 3 kun oldin
The biggest risk is not taking any risk� In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risk. 2086
Anirudh J
Anirudh J 3 kun oldin
9:58 did she just...
Zein Obeid
Zein Obeid 3 kun oldin
all starts really need a new goal keeper
james smith
james smith 4 kun oldin
worst golkeeper ever
Monster_playz 123
Monster_playz 123 4 kun oldin
And why is faze adapt here
Tobestar 9
Tobestar 9 4 kun oldin
9:56 God no
I cAnT ThInK oF a UseRNaMe!1!!
Sdmn are better but ytas have better people example: will, Stephen, joe (sugg), stop spoiling me UZvid all stars and ricecum is on their team lmfaoooo
Mirza4687 5 kun oldin
Mom dabbed
Bill Oddy
Bill Oddy 5 kun oldin
Fam, the commentary was atrocious!
Josh The Squash
Josh The Squash 5 kun oldin
why tf is rice gum here?
Josh The Squash
Josh The Squash 5 kun oldin
i think that miniminter is the best soccer player out of all the sidemen
Josh The Squash
Josh The Squash 5 kun oldin
correction he is the best soccer player in the sidemen
RobertZ Gaming-Z
RobertZ Gaming-Z 5 kun oldin
even tgfbro??
Me Love Banana :D
Me Love Banana :D 5 kun oldin
That yellow Goalkeeper is worst then woman goalkeeper
Ethan Melvin
Ethan Melvin 5 kun oldin
Ricegum he’s as offside as Logan Paul when he when to the forest
Jonathan Sunil
Jonathan Sunil 6 kun oldin
Was that king bach
TabsterGamez 6 kun oldin
This commentators are so cringe doh
Charlie Rae
Charlie Rae 6 kun oldin
UZvid allstars goalkeeper just couldn’t be arsed
NERF SQUAD 7 kun oldin
Marie-Ann Biersay
Marie-Ann Biersay 7 kun oldin
ChrisMD is kinda full of himself tho
Kaleb Hughes
Kaleb Hughes 7 kun oldin
55 seconds in look how offside rice gum is
Devon Dornan
Devon Dornan 7 kun oldin
Screw ksi
Cobs. 7 kun oldin
Lmao when I scrolled through the comments all I saw is ricegum
TheMuffinCatz 7 kun oldin
Sidemen is too good for football
Voltrex 7 kun oldin
Vikk scored my life is complete BTW that has got to be the worst goalkeeper he was just just standing there he didn't even move a little bit
lol tps
lol tps 7 kun oldin
Callum Chuk
Callum Chuk 7 kun oldin
ksi is a beast now. Can't wait to see him in manny's new team playing CDM CM OR CAM. miniminter tobi and manny have always been good but ksi has improved so much
JaCoB XXXFoReVEr 7 kun oldin
Miniminter The MVP
king moSalah 11
king moSalah 11 7 kun oldin
Jacob Barrett
Jacob Barrett 7 kun oldin
1:15 I don't think ricegum knows the offside rule
lolykebrtwv 8 kun oldin
God Hugh is garbage
Ezekiel Bender
Ezekiel Bender 8 kun oldin
Rice Gum is in the Sidemen?
Thomas XD
Thomas XD 8 kun oldin
11:00 song plz?
The sick Chip
The sick Chip 8 kun oldin
I feel sorry for vik
Savage Nightwalker
Savage Nightwalker 8 kun oldin
Does ricegum even know what he's doing?
BLUE Demo 8 kun oldin
wtF ricegum
Isn't this Brazil vs Germany 😂😂😂 jk... Vikstar man of the match
Dark Sly
Dark Sly 9 kun oldin
Miniminister got a hat trick
MrSbib 9 kun oldin
This is only 2 months ago?
A U 9 kun oldin
And people say Americans are bad at something soccer
Marjina Riaz
Marjina Riaz 9 kun oldin
Amazing VIDEO AND MATCH !!!!!!!!!!,
Team B
Team B 9 kun oldin
Crap creeper
ScorbZ Cl4yM
ScorbZ Cl4yM 9 kun oldin
Wanna hear a joke? HUGH
HY K 4 kun oldin
ScorbZ Cl4yM lol
Pepe Oliveira
Pepe Oliveira 9 kun oldin
Brazil vs Germany 2.0
Pepe Oliveira
Pepe Oliveira 9 kun oldin
Vengo por DJMariio :v
dibivoulohg Gaming
dibivoulohg Gaming 9 kun oldin
NEYMER JUNIOR 9 kun oldin
Where's w2s?
NEYMER JUNIOR 9 kun oldin
Where is w2s
or nir
or nir 10 kun oldin
The goalkeeper of YTAS not moving.
Caleb Garcia
Caleb Garcia 10 kun oldin
Is Weller playing on all stars?
Caleb Garcia
Caleb Garcia 10 kun oldin
Why is manny on the sidemen but cal is on Allstars
Taysean Shivrattan
Taysean Shivrattan 10 kun oldin
The goaly sucked
Brandon Fragoso
Brandon Fragoso 10 kun oldin
Lol the YTAS just let them win
Mohamed Sudheer
Mohamed Sudheer 10 kun oldin
bruh rice just standing offside
Addisoniscool 10 kun oldin
UZvid all-stars goalie didn’t even try
xColdxFlamex 10 kun oldin
It was a close match...
Elias Castro Trinidad
wtf is wrong with the YTAS goalie
eleanor.mh 10 kun oldin
Some of them are actually so good wish I'd been there
paw quinones
paw quinones 11 kun oldin
The UZvid All-Stars had a terrible goalie so that wasn't really fair
Kxng Melio
Kxng Melio 11 kun oldin
Tobi is my favourite sidemen🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dragon ball Z Gohan
Dragon ball Z Gohan 11 kun oldin
0:55 I expected the keeper to save that or at least try to dive or save it. Poor keeping letting in another goal 2:02 Seriously keeper? I know that wasn’t a goal but he didn’t even catch it. 6:01 🤭 smh so silly
rei melasi
rei melasi 11 kun oldin
jeff_killer_ 21_2
jeff_killer_ 21_2 12 kun oldin
Where was willines slide tackle
triple M
triple M 12 kun oldin
W2S didn't play???
super z dog
super z dog 12 kun oldin
England VS Panamar!
Xx KYLE xX 13 kun oldin
Who to hit simons head and left that bruise? I'm just kidding
TheGamingAlle N
TheGamingAlle N 13 kun oldin
Why was rice in it
Ben Grierson
Ben Grierson 13 kun oldin
Hugh was terrible that game worst player ever
The plane dude4
The plane dude4 13 kun oldin
Why is RiceCum there
Max Nordenskiöld Frid
9:59 omegalul that mon tho
Irke Riasanty
Irke Riasanty 14 kun oldin
so sad that chrismd is not your team😂
DawidOFF 15 kun oldin
Best goalkeeper....
Valkabie 15 kun oldin
I swear they payed ytas goal keeper to stand still the whole game
Leaf Cutter
Leaf Cutter 15 kun oldin
Brazil Vs Germany
Keelan Coburn
Keelan Coburn 16 kun oldin
Sidemen team shouldn’t of had rice and jme instead of them 2 they should’ve had cal freeze and callux
Roblox NinjaGamer
Roblox NinjaGamer 16 kun oldin
Seriously rice gum is playing?
Supin Paeprakon
Supin Paeprakon 16 kun oldin
how the f did u get 7 to 1😱
Daniel Holmes-clough
I loved JJs first goal but all off them were amazing
MikeSG87 17 kun oldin
0:47 Ricegum is around 15 yards offside and is probably still wondering why he hasn’t been passed the ball 😂
Tiмa 17 kun oldin
I feel bad just for Chris because he and Miniminter and TOBI are the best!
Clutch Nate
Clutch Nate 17 kun oldin
The UZvid teams goalie didn't even try
iAmDrippy 17 kun oldin
Mandy Hartman
Mandy Hartman 17 kun oldin
What was the goalie doing
Max Lundy
Max Lundy 18 kun oldin
Did the sidemen pay the goalkeeper? Or what?
kiara edwards
kiara edwards 18 kun oldin
I just love how everyone cheered Vik on when he scored
Khoa Ngoc Hong Nguyen (Bill)
Wait it that rice gum
Khoa Ngoc Hong Nguyen (Bill)
Did harry win?
Oh I see how it is For president
Rice gum looks like a chink
vivian rajan
vivian rajan 19 kun oldin
0:40 unsubscribing from Mo vlogs
Stone Collector
Stone Collector 19 kun oldin
Fake goalkeeper or He's a retarded
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez 20 kun oldin
Why did this have to be the last charity game 😭😭😭
its me NELSON!
its me NELSON! 20 kun oldin
This is making me have the desire to play football so bad
Friendly Neighborhood Spidey
It was nice seeing Germany destroy Brazil again
MDLF 2005HD 20 kun oldin
The commentators are so bad
MarkPlayz 21 kun oldin
The youtube all stars goalie was just standing still
2 yil oldin
2 yil oldin
28 kun oldin