SIGH, New Morphe Foundation + Concealer Review

Alissa Ashley
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Hey guys! In today's video I review the new complexion products morphe is releasing which include foundation, concealers & a finishing powder. I hope you guys enjoy this video!

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7-Yan, 2019

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Alissa Ashley
Alissa Ashley 7 kun oldin
Follow me on the grammmmm - Alissa.Ashley (I’m close to 1 million sooooo lol)
Storm Ray
Storm Ray 7 kun oldin
Bay Area represent! ❤️
Cheryl Suganaqueb
Cheryl Suganaqueb 7 kun oldin
All the way from 🇨🇦🇨🇦
Discount_ Trashhh
Discount_ Trashhh 7 kun oldin
We really appreciate you and your struggle to give us honest reviews luv you so much 💝
Berenice Marquez
Berenice Marquez 7 kun oldin
From San Francisco!! Love your videos. ❤️❤️❤️
NoGood_Rush 7 kun oldin
Miami Florida!!!!
cosmicsoul_wav 7 kun oldin
union city cali babyyyy
Cyra Riley
Cyra Riley 7 kun oldin
patrice starr
patrice starr 7 kun oldin
Los Angeles, CA
zoojyby93 7 kun oldin
Boston, MA 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾
Janieya Harris
Janieya Harris 7 kun oldin
FL ☀️ // 😍😍😍😍 she's so beautiful.
Zohra Bhati
Zohra Bhati 7 kun oldin
sorry to say but she looks really tired and seems like she is very demotivated and it seems like she doesn't wants to make videos now All I mean is that SHE IS LOOKING TIRED
Alissa Ashley
Alissa Ashley 7 kun oldin
sweetie, I spent an entire day trying to film the video and had to wake up early TODAY to refilm, in total I tried 6 times. I WAS tired lmao
tessa mayon
tessa mayon 7 kun oldin
From LA....as in Louisiana, the boring LA. I love that I can always come to your videos for an honest review regardless of the brand/affiliation. Love you Alissa♥️
Official Khan
Official Khan 7 kun oldin
Cape Town, SA 🎉🎉
shey martinez
shey martinez 7 kun oldin
Mannys review looked very fishy 🤨 appreciate the honesty
Haley Durrett
Haley Durrett 7 kun oldin
i’ve watched so many other UZvidrs review this new launch & yours is the only one that seems to be GENUINE. I really appreciate your honesty & how you look out for the consumers. Everything i’ve tried that has been off of your recommendation, i’ve LOVED. If you say this is a no go, it’s a NO GO. i’m from Texas btw ❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Burress
Jessica Burress 7 kun oldin
Coming at u from Fort Wayne, Indiana!! Adore your honesty
joshualynn stovall
joshualynn stovall 7 kun oldin
Im from Milwaukee, WI 🤦🏽‍♀️ and im disappointed
Andre & Fam
Andre & Fam 7 kun oldin
I have LOVED your videos lately!!
mango lover
mango lover 7 kun oldin
Hello Nome Alaska
tater19981976 7 kun oldin
Durham, North Carolina!
Lorde Fan
Lorde Fan 7 kun oldin
Hiiii I'm from SSF in California representing 🎉🎉
Mally Flower
Mally Flower 7 kun oldin
Representing Arizona. WEST COAST fam!!!
Lorxnzv Flores
Lorxnzv Flores 7 kun oldin
i’m from texas , houston love you girl !
Sakina Donaldson
Sakina Donaldson 7 kun oldin
East Orange NJ 🍊
Jennifer Do
Jennifer Do 7 kun oldin
Jewelie 7 kun oldin
Reppin' Vancouver, Canada, nice to see your lovely face as usual ♥ appreciate the honest review!
Alondra Sanchez
Alondra Sanchez 7 kun oldin
I’m from Stockton, CA #209
Katrina 7 kun oldin
I get so excited when you mention Oakland 😂 I’m from San Lorenzo! 🙌🏼
LifewithAshamii 7 kun oldin
in full screen, this foundation is very greenish and off colored, before powder it was a good match. BTW I love you lol
Selena Isela
Selena Isela 7 kun oldin
Im from San Diego California!!!!!!!
Sarahi Alejandre
Sarahi Alejandre 7 kun oldin
Omg you’re from Oakland !!! I’m from Richmond !! Love your videos
NfamousKaye Games
NfamousKaye Games 7 kun oldin
I feel like morphe solely relies on beauty youtubers to promote their products. They’re too expensive to be getting the bad reviews they get. I hear it breaks out your skin so I don’t use it cause my skin is sensitive. Lol. But I love your honesty. That and your skin tone being so close to mine and both having hooded eyes is why I’ve followed you for years.
KayyCharles TV
KayyCharles TV 7 kun oldin
I’m from Brooklyn NY 👑
rae 7 kun oldin
OMG YOU'RE FROM OAKLAND??? wooooow im from vallejo!!!!
Violeta Velazquez
Violeta Velazquez 7 kun oldin
Thanks babe for being honest. Not even curious to try it out.
Victoria Sunderman
Victoria Sunderman 7 kun oldin
I’m from Houston, Texas!!
EC DC 7 kun oldin
You're like my sister's complexion so I usually go 3 sometimes 4 shades deeper than whatever you or her are wearing. Thanks for the review.
Ashley Peepz
Ashley Peepz 7 kun oldin
I’m from Long Beach, CA 😊 I’ve never been to the Bay Area but I’d love to check it out! I’m currently stationed in Jacksonville, FL. I’m in the Navy, 3 years strong so far! 💪🏾 Love your channel , you are truly an inspiration ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
reikun86 7 kun oldin
I'm Bay Area born and raised 😊
Camila Cabrera
Camila Cabrera 7 kun oldin
Thank you for the honesty! lots of love from Argentina♥
ihussein06 7 kun oldin
60 colours they said
Bec Gamble
Bec Gamble 7 kun oldin
Im from Alaska and it’s so cold
Jzane Dudley
Jzane Dudley 7 kun oldin
I’m from Chicago and Cali.... long story lol....... love ya
morning bennett
morning bennett 7 kun oldin
I’m from Louisiana! The less interesting LA lol
Your honesty is appreciated🎆
Emily Perry
Emily Perry 7 kun oldin
All the way from Ohio ♥️
Vanessarae Rios
Vanessarae Rios 7 kun oldin
bay area represent bitchhh😝
Samantha Rumberger
Samantha Rumberger 7 kun oldin
Bayyyy Areaaaa !! 510, San Pablo ❤
Ms Jones
Ms Jones 7 kun oldin
Montebello California!!
Ms Jones
Ms Jones 7 kun oldin
Montebello California!!
Mignon Gray
Mignon Gray 7 kun oldin
Hey Boo! Yes ma’am I’m from the town too! Seminary and Bancroft! Love your real ness and honesty! :)
Jesseca Crawford
Jesseca Crawford 7 kun oldin
I’m from fuck ass Ohio. Full of corn and gentrification 🤠
garmtpug 7 kun oldin
I do like Morphe eye products and have a ton of their palettes, which I love! I may pickup the foundation, but right now I've got plenty of them. The foundation looked super on you by the way. I'm not a huge fan of concealers and don't use them all the time and setting powders are kind of hit and miss. I've got a number of each and go back to the same ones all the time. Maybelline concealers and RCMA translucent setting powder are pretty much my go-to. It's too bad you had such a hard time with the Morphe stuff, but it seems that all manufacturers have some stinkers now and then. And, HI! My name is Alyssa and I'm from Waukesha, Wisconsin (it's just west of Milwaukee).
Riley Elaine Beagle
I'm from southern Oregon, but my dad was born in Oakland, CA ☺️
cantara 7 kun oldin
I’m from South Africa!! Love your videos 🥰
Lenysa Rodriguez
Lenysa Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
The electric ⚡️ chair 💀💀💀😂😂😂
Heath Meizer
Heath Meizer 7 kun oldin
Watching you from Gunnedah NSW Australia love your channel 🌸🌻🎉💐🌷
KarinaSM96 7 kun oldin
Bay Area
Natalia Roberts
Natalia Roberts 7 kun oldin
Im from East Oakland girl too!! AYYY lol
SartorialGirl 7 kun oldin
what's your color in TF Born this way foundation?
Kesus 7 kun oldin
Girl I live in whole ass Wisconsin
Nicole Sommers
Nicole Sommers 7 kun oldin
Morphe the number one makeup morticians trust.
Jazmine Hall
Jazmine Hall 7 kun oldin
I'm from Rincon, GA. No one really knows about that but I'm low key blowed about this review. I'm glad you shared your thoughts. Guess I will not be purchasing. I really wanna splurge on some Fenty thoooo. 💙💋
JC Promotions
JC Promotions 7 kun oldin
Sacramento CA
Shea Tenise
Shea Tenise 7 kun oldin
I think this color makes you look gray.... It looks really smoothe though.
Cristine Gonzalez
Cristine Gonzalez 7 kun oldin
Sacramento, CA supporter 😘😘
Jennifer Clay
Jennifer Clay 7 kun oldin
so crosswire
so crosswire 7 kun oldin
khia & madison 😂😂😂😂 ELECTRIC ⚡️ CHAIR
Hadasa Rodriguez
Hadasa Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
Loyal in watching ur vids but I never will buy from Morphe
Erin Trevigne
Erin Trevigne 7 kun oldin
I’m from Oakland! Love your channel ❤️
Valencia Arabome
Valencia Arabome 7 kun oldin
Long Beach, California 😜
Kaydin Wolaridge
Kaydin Wolaridge 7 kun oldin
Fresno, ca dad is from Oakland
Sammie whoever
Sammie whoever 7 kun oldin
What is this gloss?
Toi Williams
Toi Williams 7 kun oldin
Thank you for being real with us.
Kassandraa Garciaa
Kassandraa Garciaa 7 kun oldin
Hey from Salinas, Ca🌼🌼🎈🎈
Maxine Phoenix
Maxine Phoenix 7 kun oldin
I’m from South Africa ❤️
Vanessa Chavez
Vanessa Chavez 7 kun oldin
Bay Area in the house 🌉🙌🏻 Omg wow... thank you for saving me my coin
lauren virginia
lauren virginia 7 kun oldin
i’m from san jose californiaaaa
Ursula Juarez
Ursula Juarez 7 kun oldin
I love your honestly ! This is why I'm subscribed❤❤
Denille M
Denille M 7 kun oldin
That foundation color melted in her skin wow. Where my perfect match at?
Kaujepua Joyce Kandjiriomuini
From Gobabis Namibia
Sharonda Sade'
Sharonda Sade' 7 kun oldin
Can u PLEAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE do a review on the new "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" products!!! Gotta know your honest opinion before purchasing, because I LOVE the foundation. PRETTY PLEASE!!!!🤞🏼💖💖💖💖💖
Nive 7 kun oldin
I was soooo excited. But now honestly I think I’ll pass
Amy Louwho
Amy Louwho 7 kun oldin
Born and raised in Orange County CA but escaped several years ago, thankfully. 😁
NeickhaSuPRA 7 kun oldin
Before I even watch the video. I know this is gonna be good. And you always keep it 💯
Moisturized Mami
Moisturized Mami 7 kun oldin
I’m from Phillyyyyyyyy. Come visit! 🧡
Romy Victoriano
Romy Victoriano 7 kun oldin
The most honest review, Thank you very much .
Sydney Noel
Sydney Noel 7 kun oldin
I'm from DC! Also, I'm perched to watch this video because this release looks like a HOT mess.
Taylor Rose
Taylor Rose 7 kun oldin
When I saw initial reviews of the products, with influencers loving it, I really was about to purchase it because of course at that price point you can’t go wrong. And when an influencer you trust raves about it, it seems like a good idea. But this 110% changed my mind. For me I don’t want to spend any money if it’s an iffy product. Thank you for the honesty here, I really appreciate it and I’m sure other girls and guys out there do as well!
The Vargas Family
The Vargas Family 7 kun oldin
not really a fan of morphe there a mess and have too much drama surrounding them😴
Jessica Funk
Jessica Funk 7 kun oldin
Had no idea you were from Oakland! I’m from Santa Rosa 💁🏻‍♀️
Alison Byam
Alison Byam 7 kun oldin
Alison from Brooklyn,NY
Daniella Kitty cat
Daniella Kitty cat 7 kun oldin
I’m from Australia
DyaleS 7 kun oldin
Thank you for your candor.😂
soraya mckinney
soraya mckinney 7 kun oldin
Not sure if it's just me but this foundation doesn't look like a perfect match. It gives you a gray cast. It doesn't look how all your other foundations make you look. This foundation just looks off.
Lovenmeee 7 kun oldin
Oh hell yeeeah... Yay Area!! San Jose gurrrl :) Thank you for always being honest hun!
Terri Shemeka
Terri Shemeka 7 kun oldin
Jolique Taylor
Jolique Taylor 7 kun oldin
I’m from Immokalee,Florida. Honestly, I wouldn’t have gotten the concealers or powders because Morphe’s face products usually miss the mark for me. I like SOME of their shadows but the face items are a no go for me 🤷🏽‍♀️
Vicente Salazar López
I'm from Santiago de Chile 🇨🇱