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James Charles
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HI SISTERS! It's been a hot minute since my last Singing My Makeup Routine, and for today's video, I'm joined with someone very special, Zhavia! I challenged her to recreate one of my looks and we got glam while singing some of our favorite songs together. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up & subscribe!
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3-Apr, 2018

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James Charles
James Charles 9 oy oldin
WHO ELSE THINKS ZHAVIA KILLED HER GLAM!?!? She's insanely talented!! Don't forget to thumbs up and let us know what your favorite song was!
James Charles meeeeee
Bianca Hoke
Bianca Hoke Oy oldin
James Charles i LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCHHH ❤️❤️❤️
Crafty cat22
Crafty cat22 3 oy oldin
Bonjour amigos
shooby needs friends
Please make a song
Weird Randomgurl
Weird Randomgurl 5 oy oldin
James Charles you also EXTREMELY talented too!
lolgirlyo Lola
lolgirlyo Lola Soat oldin
She competed in the show when she was 16 and the video is 16:16 🤨 conspiracy theory Shane Dawson who
Michiah Walker
Michiah Walker 2 soat oldin
James where is your album we need one omg sooooooo good
Liliana Catalão
Liliana Catalão 3 soat oldin
You talk so fast James 😭
Lyss M
Lyss M 6 soat oldin
She looks gorgeous without makeup! Her makeup slayed but she looks stunning natural
Valerie Blankenship
Valerie Blankenship 7 soat oldin
Lil Witman
Lil Witman 8 soat oldin
Zhavia is the best
Miss Geburt
Miss Geburt 9 soat oldin
9:32 (just for me to skip to that part)
Gacha Starlight studio
So sister James I'm wondering why do hater hate even tho they subscribe and like the video ❤️😂
paris Robert
paris Robert 11 soat oldin
I never knew the James Charles could sing and it was flawless as well. Your both talented in music and makeup and I sister love you 😍 😘❤️
Aloke Achumi
Aloke Achumi 13 soat oldin
James is shemale 🤣
Dr. Fun
Dr. Fun 14 soat oldin
Love you James!
laya Storm
laya Storm 15 soat oldin
You need Tim Johnson jr
TheBubblyVictoria 16 soat oldin
Please do more videos like this. I love this
Elli Rivera
Elli Rivera 16 soat oldin
Okay so y’alls duet to Fire to the Rain WAS AWESOME!!
Unknown- Chan
Unknown- Chan 16 soat oldin
James you look Beautiful with makeup and you also beautiful without it love you sister
Elli Rivera
Elli Rivera 16 soat oldin
Silly side note I loved the little James with the sister apparel that popped up in the corner 😄 Anyway... Love music been singing for years and I did really like her on the four she was unique and had an amazing sound.
nalson Acevedo
nalson Acevedo 16 soat oldin
Zhavia sounds like jese rayes
Vanessa Cardoza
Vanessa Cardoza 16 soat oldin
Love you guys together!!
Jayda Mitchell
Jayda Mitchell 18 soat oldin
2019 any one 🤔
omar moreno
omar moreno 21 soat oldin
Who else thought something was going on in the corner then seeing sister James and smiled #makeuproutine
mya wright
mya wright 21 soat oldin
Im sorry to say this James but she can sing kinda alot better than you can like i said im so sorry
tynecia benson
tynecia benson Kun oldin
Omg she turned the song into magic yaaaaaassss gurl
tynecia benson
tynecia benson Kun oldin
Omg they both so pretty
Sofia Martinelli
Your both so beautiful
Katelyn Rodgers
Katelyn Rodgers Kun oldin
U need to quit makeup and SINGGGGG. I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Emma Vick
Emma Vick Kun oldin
This girl can sing I love her she needs to have a UZvid channel
Eirinn Reel
Eirinn Reel Kun oldin
I cringe sm when James sings , like if u agreex
Adele Bugg
Adele Bugg Kun oldin
Hey sister!!!!! could you do a collab with Billie Eilish please it would honestly make my life complete lol (accept meeting you, Billie Eilish and Shane Dawson) love you the most
Jay N.
Jay N. Kun oldin
Arayna saucedo
Arayna saucedo Kun oldin
You guys sing so good together !! #lovethat
Abby Moyer
Abby Moyer Kun oldin
i almost sister sobbed when you sang listen by beyoncé 😭🤩
Lililetus Cutillas
Jesus! I cannot believe you can sing like this! Argh! Talent galore.
Allie Trejo
Allie Trejo Kun oldin
You guys killed it please sing more
A And A
A And A Kun oldin
James I think your great at makeup but I think you should Focus in your makeup more than singing
Norleah Kadatuan
Is that a real hair zhavia?
Celestyne Works
Celestyne Works Kun oldin
This is real talent
Rommey Hazell
Rommey Hazell Kun oldin
OMG you are amazing at singing, you should make another career out of it and you should duo together
mariam alqubaisi
Can zhavia stop laughing
Mari Velasquez
Mari Velasquez Kun oldin
Zhavia is so adorable she reminds me of a little doll
Anabel Avila
Anabel Avila Kun oldin
James you should try the 4
Gaming with Kenn
?? She started makeup when she was in 2nd grade? Not to be rude or anything but her mother allowed that what happened to staying a child? Kids grow up to fast.
DDawg Savage
DDawg Savage Kun oldin
I’m sister SHOOK
Nona Manlosa
Nona Manlosa Kun oldin
Why is Zhavia so GORGEOUS!
esias fernandez
esias fernandez Kun oldin
Sofia you and James Charles so go on America's Got Talent each other girl singing good with each other
esias fernandez
esias fernandez Kun oldin
Oh my God she's on 4 girl you can sing like a star
esias fernandez
esias fernandez Kun oldin
Please like
andrea angeles-morales
Pause at 0:36 and who saw that epesode
TSM_ mhamad 2ski
TSM_ mhamad 2ski 2 kun oldin
GIRL WITH A COCK ! Miracle 😂
Krislyn Moss
Krislyn Moss 2 kun oldin
Who else thinks zhavia, Khalid, and Billie eilish needs to make a song together 😍😍😍😍😍 bc I’m pretty sure it would be fire 🤤🤤🤤🔥🔥🔥
M M 2 kun oldin
Sista!!!!!! That duet gave me goosebumps 😩❤️
Ruby Jacob
Ruby Jacob 2 kun oldin
I love your makeup 😍😯
Abigail Fair
Abigail Fair 2 kun oldin
omg i love him even more,❤ DEMI
Fatima Alkindi
Fatima Alkindi 2 kun oldin
She’s a better makeup artist than James
pia DeLeon
pia DeLeon 2 kun oldin
pia DeLeon
pia DeLeon 2 kun oldin
I want to be a sisiter!!
cover girl
cover girl 2 kun oldin
They both are jst insane 😍😍😍😍
Norsyaza Edmiza
Norsyaza Edmiza 2 kun oldin
My baby James, can sing I'm proud of you
Virginia Scabbiolo
Virginia Scabbiolo 2 kun oldin
OMG I love Zhavia. James you sing so good!
Snowyy 2 kun oldin
She is my favorite singer and she inspires me to continue my singing practice and makeup.
Madison Tabor
Madison Tabor 2 kun oldin
You crushed that song Adele is my favorite song I love you James
Nari Gacha
Nari Gacha 2 kun oldin
1:00 ur welcome
Kathy Watson
Kathy Watson 2 kun oldin
Holy shit James!!! I never even knew you could legit sing like that! Yasssss! Talent, Sister!!!!! Is there like, anything you can't do?!
Blair Kluckman
Blair Kluckman 2 kun oldin
you guys are the best at makeup and singing
Morataya Gabby
Morataya Gabby 3 kun oldin
Who’s else here for Zhavia 😩? She’s so good On makeup and sing
Brianna Manu
Brianna Manu 3 kun oldin
U guys r soooo good sing 🎶 more please
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny 3 kun oldin
I think sister James would be a good country singer lol.
Keziah and Griz The Queer Couple
I’m actually obsessed with you guys wow
Charis Bastien
Charis Bastien 3 kun oldin
Love your makeup and hers
yara al doush
yara al doush 3 kun oldin
9:37 ahhhhhhhhh
Giovanna Silva Carvalho
james freaked out when she mentioned Jessie J
BTS army
BTS army 3 kun oldin
So beatiffull 😰❤❤❤❤
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel 3 kun oldin
Ruel and Zavia?
Aniqa Muna Syarief
Aniqa Muna Syarief 3 kun oldin
Charlie James is a good singer I'm empress
mercedes padmore
mercedes padmore 3 kun oldin
Best way to start my morning blessings😍😍😍
Vonda Hall
Vonda Hall 3 kun oldin
I love zhavia she sings so good she belated elands and nicole
Lexy Few
Lexy Few 3 kun oldin
I love you Guys so freaking much
Itss Maryy
Itss Maryy 3 kun oldin
14:00 we need a cover !!!😭
Marina Nicholls
Marina Nicholls 3 kun oldin
shes so good at singing
Craig Cortez
Craig Cortez 3 kun oldin
Omg I can't believe that zhavia is there am go in to pass out 😂😂😂😂😁😁
abigail ruth
abigail ruth 3 kun oldin
uh love this
mėgãnnn 4 kun oldin
Paris Jones
Paris Jones 4 kun oldin
Listen 😘🥰🤩
Mckenna Murray
Mckenna Murray 4 kun oldin
I love you jamrs charels
Morghan Healy
Morghan Healy 4 kun oldin
OMG... James your such a good singer and I love your pallets.. 💞
O͙O͙F͙ G͙R͙A͙C͙I͙E͙
I live shiva
DaShipper 122
DaShipper 122 4 kun oldin
I want James Charles do sing with daddy Brendan Urie
Lia Cogs
Lia Cogs 4 kun oldin
Hahaha James sneakily trying to outside herrrr
Makayla Smith
Makayla Smith 4 kun oldin
James u can really sing you are so amazing never think that U can not do anything
Sumayyah Al-azawi
Sumayyah Al-azawi 4 kun oldin
4:10 warning earphone users😂😂
Madison Mitchell
Madison Mitchell 4 kun oldin
Ummm... quick question. Why is James not pursuing singing full time as well as make up? His sister signing literally just blessed my uncultured ears.
Danielle Kosaka
Danielle Kosaka 4 kun oldin
Good job James very talented
Stella Tomova
Stella Tomova 4 kun oldin
This is a good sister match
Lorraine Zola
Lorraine Zola 4 kun oldin
Who else replayed the video to hear them sing again
Ayushi Tilva
Ayushi Tilva 4 kun oldin
why dont sing dear!! you are even good at that !! this is second video i am seeing of yours... n love you!!
lia Grey book
lia Grey book 4 kun oldin
Oo James you sing very good, i love Zhavia! 😘😘
Robin Bartlett
Robin Bartlett 4 kun oldin
James is agood singer
basma ayad
basma ayad 4 kun oldin
I can’t stop watching this omg ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Shaker 74
Shaker 74 4 kun oldin
Saytya Mercer
Saytya Mercer 4 kun oldin
Why am I here from BionicPig
The living Ducks
The living Ducks 4 kun oldin
This is the best video I’ve ever seen. How their voices went together so well💕💕