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SiR - D'Evils

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Music video for D'Evils performed by SiR.
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4-May, 2018

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chadkarmadeli 2 kun oldin
1:16 spooky
Bullcity 919
Bullcity 919 4 kun oldin
THIS SHIT HERE BOI..... 🔥🌊🔥🌊🔥🔥🌊🔥🌊🔥
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 4 kun oldin
Sam Daniels
Sam Daniels 4 kun oldin
734 people are “D’Evils” for disliking this dopeness which is this song
Mr Wayne
Mr Wayne 4 kun oldin
Why does this come up under boogie. This is not fucking boogie woogie music.
Brian Banegas
Brian Banegas 5 kun oldin
I like Anderson paak , Ana wise, and now this guy
Brad LaBarbera
Brad LaBarbera 5 kun oldin
Best music to come out in a long time folks...
Choppa Demo
Choppa Demo 6 kun oldin
26 October 2018 SiR be coming to South Africa
Jordan Koonce
Jordan Koonce 7 kun oldin
da Vi
da Vi 7 kun oldin
I like TDE
jeli marr
jeli marr 7 kun oldin
OHHHHHHHH flavour like your baby mama cuppa tea!
Joe Moosman
Joe Moosman 7 kun oldin
Fucking dope....
Shaun Hearn
Shaun Hearn 8 kun oldin
thank you for this song man. Gets me throught the day hehehe
Luhximo 9 kun oldin
I love this
Big Stud Muffin
Big Stud Muffin 9 kun oldin
📻 " never had a problem that i couldn't solve ! " 🎶 😎🚬
JQ90 91
JQ90 91 10 kun oldin
727 Haters who dislike this song!! Suck My Dick
sadda 112
sadda 112 10 kun oldin
A type of song i wanna wake up 2
Bad Panda
Bad Panda 11 kun oldin
This man built like a NFL Linebacker but has a voice of an angel
Sallehudin 11 kun oldin
Skepta & Wizkid send me here, i need that weed now.
King Young
King Young 13 kun oldin
The beautiful parish of Portland Jamaica 😍
Infullbloom Time
Infullbloom Time 14 kun oldin
Derrick Stiggers
Derrick Stiggers 16 kun oldin
Mane this song bang cuz
Mr jones
Mr jones 16 kun oldin
Blessed, love you dude your song is blessed, guidance..xx
Amelia Kcaj
Amelia Kcaj 16 kun oldin
Why is it named Devils on a paradise looking place? I think I just answered my own q ..
Kitty Giavonni
Kitty Giavonni 17 kun oldin
Slow motion... 💨
loopin aqu
loopin aqu 17 kun oldin
日本人です wrepで知りました かっこいい!
Capz Kaitai
Capz Kaitai 19 kun oldin
New Guy
New Guy 20 kun oldin
“I been through enough to drive me crazy, I don’t think my mama’s gonna save me” as a grown man now that shit hit home
Victor H. L.H.
Victor H. L.H. 20 kun oldin
Smoother than a motha...
Karl Sylvain
Karl Sylvain 20 kun oldin
what a black queen!!
OschinoCOG617 20 kun oldin
Wut Soul Music suppose to feel lyke, TDE 4 Lyfe!!! One spliff a day...
New Guy
New Guy 21 kun oldin
I’m mad at myself for not finding this in may
New Guy
New Guy 21 kun oldin
702 people are full of D’evils and gone die young
Tramesa Walker
Tramesa Walker 21 kun oldin
Fiyah 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇯🇲
Introverted Chels
Introverted Chels 21 kun oldin
Definitely a vibe 🍃
Junior4mind 21 kun oldin
Westside 310
Westside 310 21 kun oldin
this shit is so dope, feeling blessed to be from LA. so many talented rappers putting on!!!
jrandomyo 21 kun oldin
Good lord this is flames
ndlovu money
ndlovu money 21 kun oldin
what is that white looking thing in the bushes at the edge of waters at 1:16 ;pause there u will see......and any answers people! tht thing looks creeepy
bartdude82 22 kun oldin
Sorry but I gotta say this... SiR is fine as fuck😳
Shayla Hawkins
Shayla Hawkins 23 kun oldin
J- Hickz
J- Hickz 23 kun oldin
Never Get tired of this Song.. no cap.
Michael G
Michael G 24 kun oldin
straight smoke.
Tajarie Taylor
Tajarie Taylor 24 kun oldin
This Is Funny Cuz I Literally know Everywhere In This Video #Portie
Gabriela Cardona
Gabriela Cardona 25 kun oldin
He's so handsome. I love his voice. Much success now and in the future SiR.❤
Thando Mtunzi
Thando Mtunzi 25 kun oldin
Perfect joint
vidal Lopez
vidal Lopez 27 kun oldin
Billy boyo sample? from a reggae fan this is dope
Cosmic Dreamers
Cosmic Dreamers 28 kun oldin
WHo produced this? Sample is fire!
Alma Martinez
Alma Martinez 28 kun oldin
Yasss!!! Dope 😁😍
KIMMYSHIMMY 29 kun oldin
This song is sooooo good ☺️
Cosmic Dreamers
Video and song so dope man... This right here made me a fan...
poppy skeez
poppy skeez Oy oldin
"1 spliff a day keep the evil away" 😇
STR8 FLOATER🌩🌩🌩🔥🔥🔥☝️💯🤙
kowthem94 Oy oldin
more music like this
Moses Jackson
Moses Jackson Oy oldin
Who the hell gave this a thumbs down...they somw garbage haters.
e•kae•te Oy oldin
whats that white creature climbing to the left @ 1:16 ???? 0_0
verne malone
verne malone Oy oldin
This shit is dope AF....
Patrik Karlsson
First heard it yesterday and it's been on repeat ever since
Patrik Karlsson
And that was before I saw this beautiful video 👌🏿👌🏿
TeeAbrafo Oy oldin
nice tune!
Ponita Laussen
on repeat!!!! #summerJAM
Sir SooS
Sir SooS Oy oldin
Jahmins Sajato
Bloodclat this maaaddddd 😎🖖🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇯🇲
Boss Teesh
Boss Teesh Oy oldin
I’m here for it!
Gio A
Gio A Oy oldin
This track really is dope
Sandiso Mchiza
man, this is beautiful music, gives off those Nice&Easy Peaceful Vibes. Salute, all the way from South Africa
Mario Johnson
Mario Johnson Oy oldin
Douglas Muhammad
Instant classic.
Aarion Quinn
Aarion Quinn Oy oldin
Damn! Is that intro a song too?
Mario Johnson
Mario Johnson Oy oldin
This is dope!!!!
Jeremy Seagull
Dam Bro U LIT
Sirgin Oy oldin
you gotta be a member of haters anonymous to put the thumbs down on this music video - I don't get it ? who gave it a thumbs down and what is the logical reason behind it?
Jim Shuez
Jim Shuez Oy oldin
660 fuckin doped out haters. This shit is very ethnic and artistic. Only white people disliked this video.
Sirgin Oy oldin
this song is a gem, there's no words to describe how amazing it is. just wait untill wind and oxygen spread those flames to the world. Yes it's hard to believe I'm not seeing this on everyone's social feeds right now. this song definitely deserves millions of shares wouldn't yall agree? here what imma do., hit share and hope this joint sparks and goes viral so we can hear it everywhere ! Nice work SiR and TDE. keep it coming!!
Sirgin 14 kun oldin
+dawnye C thanks!! im definitely checking those out! 🙏
dawnye C
dawnye C 15 kun oldin
SIRGIN-MUSIC him and Aaron Ray - Communication and Adrian Marcel-My Life, are gems as well.
you said comeback to korea. keep your word.
Jeremiah Vlogz
This song is so lovely and so is the video 😍😍
Finesse or Get Stretched
1spliff ah day ah keep dah evil away ⛽
Dalí Nelio
Dalí Nelio Oy oldin
Billy Boyo
Iván Ramos
Iván Ramos Oy oldin
camtolls26 Oy oldin
The world will know how truly talented and dope this man is
Christian Ramnath
Karwan Evans
Kuante  AnkhLife Khepera
Billy Boyo was obviously the inspiration behind this track
slim404 Oy oldin
How does the hook go? Anyone?
Come to Korea again!
Daniel Mejia
Daniel Mejia Oy oldin
A won spliff a day keep da evil away
Sexy song
slyyyyy torrez
Billy boyo still killin it
Roobxcube Oy oldin
this video and track once a day err dayy all day naa mean
기웅 Oy oldin
Great song and great performance bro! from korea
Macintosh Mechi
Love the message...stay humble...don't sale out SIR!!! Stay down so u can go to the top in the end...#$/0w Motion
TDE never disappoints
Whitney Collins
a classic bop. never disappointed with sir.
domenec valera
D'Artizt Oy oldin
man this beat is everything
Jaime Pittman
Jaime Pittman Oy oldin
very inspirational sermon
Mr. Lee
Mr. Lee Oy oldin
Headed to the airport, her and i, hand in hand. One airpod in my left one in her right... “ one spiff a day”... as we head to Anguilla 🇦🇮
Malek Clay
Malek Clay Oy oldin
This dope AF black is gold
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