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SiR - D'Evils

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Music video for D'Evils performed by SiR.
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4-May, 2018

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David G Kiragu
David G Kiragu 11 soat oldin
This is Like the perfect blend of reggaeton,rap and r&b.
La Resha Swiney
La Resha Swiney 15 soat oldin
I didn't finish song, but I am already in love
Hunter Sama
Hunter Sama 3 kun oldin
Life is so much better when live in slow motion
J P 4 kun oldin
The beat is nice
Wilson Gang
Wilson Gang 4 kun oldin
This slap bruh glad i clicked on it this the first I've heard of bruh. What's the name of the jamacan song in the begining?
Alexandria White
Alexandria White 4 kun oldin
❤️ why I can’t have this man someone take me away from America . 😫😩🥰
Grounded Human
Grounded Human 4 kun oldin
Ein Krümel ist genug,ein Krümel macht dich klug.Jedoch ein dicker Brösel macht dich dafür zum Esel. Ein Krümel ist genug...
Jose Aparicio
Jose Aparicio 4 kun oldin
I am in love with this song....im smoking pineapple orange og kush vibing out to this....one love yall.....💪
Daraja Stewart
Daraja Stewart 4 kun oldin
ayedhatyaygo 5 kun oldin
M Ace
M Ace 5 kun oldin
Who the girl? 😍😍 Jawn sexy
Jesse West
Jesse West 6 kun oldin
shit coldblooded
Instagram Models
Instagram Models 6 kun oldin
Here at 3.6m views late
Instagram Models
Instagram Models 6 kun oldin
Anybody else got recommended this video?
mo analyssa
mo analyssa 7 kun oldin
stick mud
stick mud 7 kun oldin
Very underrated
LIZARDMAN 8 kun oldin
Yes need more music from you SiR
gsup5 9 kun oldin
This shit KNOCKS!!!!!!!! W7s jumping in the trunk or
Daszrin Austin
Daszrin Austin 9 kun oldin
Him and leroyce on a track would be major.
breanna c
breanna c 9 kun oldin
He is sexy as hell man.
deez putts
deez putts 10 kun oldin
Almost forgot to listen to this today
Desmond Danielle Sims
#evolved. I like the song
DeAngela Williams
DeAngela Williams 11 kun oldin
This is so calming and so refreshing to see a bunch of beautiful dark brown people enjoying life
DeAngela Williams
DeAngela Williams 11 kun oldin
This is a very beautiful video and a very beautiful song I wish more songs were like this
CRATES IS HIGH 13 kun oldin
Every album is a new classic.
Oleg Mikhailov
Oleg Mikhailov 13 kun oldin
The higher the mountain the cooler the breeze 💯💯
Damn I needed this song today. Been on repeat for the last hour. So glad I stumbled across SiR.
AMYP6 13 kun oldin
Yes keep the Devils away.
Peter Filatov
Peter Filatov 14 kun oldin
Xavion Eubank
Xavion Eubank 14 kun oldin
This song is mf ridiculous 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Henderson Xavier
Henderson Xavier 14 kun oldin
Elia Cools
Elia Cools 14 kun oldin
I love this song
Mervyn Obiero
Mervyn Obiero 15 kun oldin
Billy Boyo🔥
Shaylah E
Shaylah E 15 kun oldin
Michael B Jordan brought me here some months ago and I LOVE IT! Where have I been!?
TheLilkurt1 15 kun oldin
That bass slaps
Master Lee
Master Lee 15 kun oldin
Is this jamaica?
Adrian Gomez
Adrian Gomez 16 kun oldin
Shoutout billy boyo
shaqreia Carlton
shaqreia Carlton 16 kun oldin
How can u not love this. Need a vid to never home
Raphir Merien
Raphir Merien 17 kun oldin
Jamaica 😍🇯🇲
JordanYear23 17 kun oldin
I love this remake! I always forget he’s apart of TDE
TYC Beats
TYC Beats 17 kun oldin
The beat is fuck'n amazing, especially the bassline and the sample.
No Filters With Shelly Love
awe hell yea
Chris Dirty
Chris Dirty 19 kun oldin
Este tipo tiene más talento que muchos EAU debería de tener la misma o más fama que los populares
jack nick
jack nick 19 kun oldin
that damn snare drum gave me brain damage
Lauris Bormanis
Lauris Bormanis 21 kun oldin
billy boyo!
Tanner Prock
Tanner Prock 22 kun oldin
Top dawgs best vocalist hands down
Rather Unique
Rather Unique 23 kun oldin
I would love to smack all 900+ Dislikers to get their minds right .... this song is phenomenal 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
roscoes wetsuit
roscoes wetsuit 23 kun oldin
Just found this guy I just know he’s gonna be good 😁
Rusty Grapes
Rusty Grapes 24 kun oldin
I saw sir live before the Kendrick Lamar concert in Melbourne, he really was amazing live!
Ariel Thomson
Ariel Thomson 24 kun oldin
Still love this song and video 💖💖
Peter James
Peter James 24 kun oldin
Printiss Marshall
Printiss Marshall 25 kun oldin
song is dope asf
Kabelo mutubi
Kabelo mutubi 27 kun oldin
A genuine "Video version" of the song
LaToya Glenn
LaToya Glenn 29 kun oldin
I love this song
james pickens
james pickens 29 kun oldin
Good Vibes
100__niki !
100__niki ! 29 kun oldin
Chill asf. N great message lol
Jamaar Johnson
One Year today 🔥 keep dropping 🔥🔥🔥
Lionbwoy Original
Name of the reggae sample song ?????
A G Oy oldin
Song of the decade 😍 wow
qonitebonti Rikihana
JM Boohoo to the whea to day understanding
qonitebonti Rikihana
to the whea to day understanding shea
MrBigT Oy oldin
SiR x Damien Marley I needs that😍😍😍😍
Kristen Pryor
Kristen Pryor Oy oldin
this my favorite song now ❤️
Mark Plunkett #JVLOGS
Nice video big up yourself Nastasia
Paul Cellier-Clarke
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Darling Love
Darling Love Oy oldin
Michael B. Jordan brought me here! This song is fiyah!
What a vaarb
Free Soul
Free Soul Oy oldin
I literally don't miss a day of listening to this song since discovered B.
mimisupreme6 Oy oldin
I love this song so much and I love the love and vibe of man and woman.
COCO butter
COCO butter Oy oldin
This track was made for a Devin the dude feature. Can picture him tearing it up with this beat.
I’m crying I’m in love
tee baby
tee baby Oy oldin
This go boom 100
from the 46
from the 46 Oy oldin
People really was sleepin on SiR. bumped this back when it dropped...MAWD
ALIYAH Oy oldin
Ja forever 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Fab Cordua
Fab Cordua Oy oldin
when do U sing SiR on npr tiny desk ?
Katelyn Goodnough
nicole kinda
nicole kinda Oy oldin
why havent y'all posted lyrics yet???
Dgnius Makileven
I LIVE this song. Literally 🙌🏾. Bless up from a real yaad man. 👍🏾
Imani Jo
Imani Jo Oy oldin
Def clean ya house on Saturday morning music
Jaikeydreo Cano
Released on my BDay, fuck yeah. Favorite smoking song
Angga Krisna
Angga Krisna Oy oldin
Siapa yg kesini gara" evos ?
eiffelstar enterprise
fire fire tune just like my spliffs well done bless up
Verona Patterson
What an epic beautiful soulful vibey song..the lyrics and the music and everything put together .video is enchanting too..I can't get enough of it and it's making me miss home💙💙
Peni #17
Peni #17 Oy oldin
I'm inlove with you Sir 😍
wahyu adzumardi
Siapa yg kesini karena video evoss di ig
Brandon Jaurigue
Lady Steezy
Lady Steezy Oy oldin
2019. This still slaps!!
trie septyan ardiyansyach
Gara gara liat evos????
Sany Rafli
Sany Rafli Oy oldin
Lisa Smart
Lisa Smart Oy oldin
This song. This video. Thanks for featuring our beautiful Island
tyrone pinas
tyrone pinas Oy oldin
He learnt me things, damn
Maxwell Khe
Maxwell Khe Oy oldin
Pipi lenyoni
Jasmine Payne1
this my song😍😏
Msmac Oy oldin
I Heard The Song On Monie Loves Instragram .Straight Fire. 😎😎😎😎🎙🎙🎙🎙🎹🎹🎹🎧🎧🎧🎤🎤🎤🕶
Are Gup
Are Gup Oy oldin
amber gowens
amber gowens 2 oy oldin
Wassup with her wig? Sis, they did you wrong...
Noelle Love
Noelle Love 2 oy oldin
You have beautiful. Singing 🎤 I love ❤️ it keep it up.
Queen ofHearts
Queen ofHearts 2 oy oldin
DAMN. Just discovered, thanks you tube. As a west indian, and hard core brooklynite I appreciate this mashup of cool hip hop sounds and old school reggae flow. Love this.
Dwayne Smith
Dwayne Smith 2 oy oldin
Vibes all over this
Keke Box
Keke Box 2 oy oldin
Do Everlasting Gobstoppers Really Last Forever?
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