Sister Squad Best Moments of 2018

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31-Dek, 2018




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Sassy Germ
Sassy Germ 4 soat oldin
Ethan was STARING at Grayson when he was trying to talk
The only life to live
20:28 aww E is such a god bf
Ali Carroll
Ali Carroll Kun oldin
7:11 little did she Ethan would sweep her off her feet 🥴
Jayden Gilliland
4:02 james looks like flashback mary again
Emory Nicole
Emory Nicole Kun oldin
i will never not laugh at 15:53
ashleigh francis
ashleigh francis 2 kun oldin
Hearing Ethan saying to James we can twin right infront of Grayson
Mimi Sunshine
Mimi Sunshine 2 kun oldin
Grayson-kinda snatched actually 😂
Mimi Sunshine
Mimi Sunshine 2 kun oldin
rachel dahlke
rachel dahlke 3 kun oldin
at 15:08 it kinda sounds like he says humping people
MuxyMadix 4 kun oldin
9:20 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sophie Brennan
Sophie Brennan 5 kun oldin
what video is 8:15 from
Lexie Bates
Lexie Bates 5 kun oldin
I couldn’t help but re-playing when James tripped
Breyanna Harris
Breyanna Harris 6 kun oldin
Second hand embarrassment for James 😓
lilacangel 6 kun oldin
Ethan's face the whole time when Grayson was trying to talk about when he was little but kept getting cut off my emma 😂😂
Dont want a Name
Dont want a Name 6 kun oldin
Anyone get Emma’s commercial
The three Amigos
The three Amigos 7 kun oldin
Ooh Ethan got the attitude in this vid
Meredith Lol
Meredith Lol 8 kun oldin
15:53 Thank me later
Molly L.
Molly L. 8 kun oldin
10:11 is meeeeee my brother chews so freaking loud😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ortiz-Vega Charlize
Rose Shawver
Rose Shawver 8 kun oldin
4:02 James it having a little flashback
cherrycrush _74
cherrycrush _74 8 kun oldin
Holly..... Sister james you realy cant drive just stick to singing and makeup
Faizah Rahman
Faizah Rahman 8 kun oldin
Faizah Rahman
Faizah Rahman 8 kun oldin
Faizah Rahman
Faizah Rahman 8 kun oldin
Will Sam
Will Sam 9 kun oldin
What’s the intro song
Panic! With The Crybabys
The sister squad NEEDS to make merch
Average Walrus
Average Walrus 9 kun oldin
3:56 Flashback Mary is that you?
Bailey Woods
Bailey Woods 9 kun oldin
There best moments should be all of there vid
Ailish O'shea
Ailish O'shea 9 kun oldin
The sister squad should make there own channel together!!!!!!💗
Olivia B
Olivia B 9 kun oldin
I died at 15:51 when James fell!!!
Skylar Neely
Skylar Neely 10 kun oldin
Emma looks better as a brunette.
Sophie Salinas
Sophie Salinas 10 kun oldin
8:38 don’t eat my ass😂😂🙏
Ty Skog
Ty Skog 10 kun oldin
what about dressing up as each other? that's my favorite
DisTrakted 10 kun oldin
4:06 What is the original video title for this clip because I’ve been trying to find it.
DisTrakted 7 kun oldin
Nathaniel Montalvo thx
Nathaniel Montalvo
Nathaniel Montalvo 9 kun oldin
DisTrakted vegetarian tries meat for the first time, on Emma’s channel
Glamour Girl
Glamour Girl 11 kun oldin
ironically the curology commercial with emma came on
Orlaith Thornton
Orlaith Thornton 11 kun oldin
3:45 James looks so white compared to the rest of them
Mia Corcelli
Mia Corcelli 11 kun oldin
Sister Salty James, Sister silly Ethan, Sister Sarcastic Emma, Sister special Grayson. #ETHMA FOR LIFE :) LOVE YA SISTEERS
Nyla can sing
Nyla can sing 11 kun oldin
I saw the thumbnail and I was like "I remember that fall."
Sassy Jane
Sassy Jane 11 kun oldin
7:46 what video?
Bebe Almomani
Bebe Almomani 7 kun oldin
ihob mukbang on the Dolan twins channel
17Natalie Heasman
17Natalie Heasman 9 kun oldin
Sassy Jane ihop mukbang
{.wiztrix.} 11 kun oldin
I haves a question. Wtf is in and out burger.
{.wiztrix.} 10 kun oldin
Ohh thx😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Sarah Homisak
Sarah Homisak 11 kun oldin
A burger shop much like McDonald's
Winter Grace
Winter Grace 12 kun oldin
Shae Noble
Shae Noble 12 kun oldin
3:21 James saying “Grayyy” is like islajdkjwljsjs
Dakota Gillispie
Dakota Gillispie 12 kun oldin
emma and ethan are dating
Kiah Craft
Kiah Craft 12 kun oldin
They should just live together..... like get get a house together...... anyone else? No? K
# Str
# Str 12 kun oldin
*15:55** elf*
Alexandra Patrauta
Alexandra Patrauta 12 kun oldin
13:06 Omg. I'm dead.
sAb 12 kun oldin
gray is so fucking cute omf
Erin James
Erin James 12 kun oldin
Rosemary Hernandez
Rosemary Hernandez 12 kun oldin
its just a whole flashback mary video for james
Zoe Markham
Zoe Markham 12 kun oldin
Someone help me - what’s suss? And how do I spell it😂
don't trust a hoe
don't trust a hoe 13 kun oldin
these videos make me so happy
Ethma scene pack
23 kun oldin