Sisters Give Each Other A Date Makeover

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"I look 89 years old"
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Josh Mayo
Becky Zak



29-Yan, 2018

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Samantha Brown
They have a hilarious dynamic 😂
Carly Julie
Carly Julie Oy oldin
The makeup Becky did on Chloe looks like a 6 year old got into her mom’s makeup bag.... and those shoes do not go with that bag at all 😭 Chloe did Becky’s makeup pretty well and the outfit she put her in is everything I love it so much.
imani lee
imani lee 3 oy oldin
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Chandler Sun
Chandler Sun 3 oy oldin
They are both gorgeous, funny and British... how are they single xD
I died!! Oh god this was hilarious. These two are amazingly entertaining!!
MissyB 3 oy oldin
They both have pur British accents
Audrey Raj
Audrey Raj 3 oy oldin
Both of your accents are wonderful. I’m jealous.
Ifsa Hussain
Ifsa Hussain 4 oy oldin
chloe is so pretty
Sophie Hunt
Sophie Hunt 4 oy oldin
Anyone else watching this now that Chloe has a steady boyfriend??
XxStealth xX
XxStealth xX 4 oy oldin
"Was your granny a pharaoh?"😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😅
Bhavya Murgai
Bhavya Murgai 4 oy oldin
Blonde one did that purposely.
Drink Tae
Drink Tae 4 oy oldin
i thought they were going to buy clothes
Surp Flurp
Surp Flurp 4 oy oldin
"I look 89 years old"
Charlie Macleod
Charlie Macleod 5 oy oldin
Chloe actually did the makeup well
Marc O'C.
Marc O'C. 5 oy oldin
"Was your granny a pharaoh?" This is my next pick-up line xD
Donna C
Donna C 5 oy oldin
They chose similar outfits for each other.
Alexa Metro
Alexa Metro 5 oy oldin
"I haven't wore this sweater once and I bought it like two years ago" "I'll have it!" If that is not the most sister thing ever I don't know what is lmaoo
emily 5 oy oldin
The outfit Chloe picked is so something she would where
Ana Ilieva
Ana Ilieva 5 oy oldin
Both of you don't look bad without makeup😂😂😂
yasina08 5 oy oldin
Weirdo McWeird
Weirdo McWeird 5 oy oldin
You guys are so naturally beautiful!!!
MrsPhantasy 5 oy oldin
It's funny how they essentially chose the "same" items for each other. Like both with a crop-ish top and a slightly longer high waisted skirt. Also I think Chloe had some stains on her shirt but oh well. They both looked nice even tho Chloe's makeup was a bit harsh ^^
Aleksi Koskinen
Aleksi Koskinen 5 oy oldin
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Imane Tahir
Imane Tahir 6 oy oldin
Beckys outfit choice is better 🔥🔥 while Chloe's makeup is on point 😍❤
Kiara Warren
Kiara Warren 6 oy oldin
Literally me and my older sister
Laura Leão da Terra Pinheiro
Both of these humans are genius
Kathleen Terry
Kathleen Terry 6 oy oldin
No offense but I hate the oufit The blond picked out
Kathleen Terry
Kathleen Terry 6 oy oldin
Who's older?
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 6 oy oldin
My sister and I are often told we look alike, but.... she’s a tall, curvy, curly fantastic girl with dog shirts and bombshell skirts, while I wear baggie jeans, super hero shirts and docks to hide my petite, slightly toned boy body. We’d never dress each other; I’d dress her in super femme style (she is femme), while she’d likely dress me in tight clothes and would probably put makeup on and brush my hair... :(
Roblox Videos
Roblox Videos 6 oy oldin
I want a sister around my age. These people give me life
irgendein mädel
irgendein mädel 6 oy oldin
6:28 make that into a thumbnail buzzfeed 😂🙈✌
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 6 oy oldin
These two remind me of me and my sister. I’m her older brother.
go.notyap 6 oy oldin
‘I don’t know if I need silver and red’ ‘That’s not true’ 😂 I’m weak.
The 20th Pilot
The 20th Pilot 7 oy oldin
The first dude is so laid back like he's about to slide into your DMs, and the 2nd guy is like a freaking nerd
AeVision 7 oy oldin
lol they both did the SAME BAD eye looks on each other!
Rashelle Dawkins
Rashelle Dawkins 7 oy oldin
They both do this kind of British cartoony voice. Like when Mr.Bean speaks
Deeva Nextdoor
Deeva Nextdoor 7 oy oldin
the blonde really messed her sisters look
Navy Rosie
Navy Rosie 7 oy oldin
I love their voices 😍❤️
Mardiyah Ikhlaq
Mardiyah Ikhlaq 7 oy oldin
I love chleo's style and her makeup was better
Amaish HAMID
Amaish HAMID 8 oy oldin
I feel like the makeup the girl with the black hair did is awesome
Karryn MacDonald
Karryn MacDonald 8 oy oldin
"Was your grandma a pharoah?" 😂
Sammysam 101
Sammysam 101 8 oy oldin
6:23 devil red eyes
Pink.Roses 8 oy oldin
"was your Granny a pharoh" Dead 💀😂😂
Anisha Saxena
Anisha Saxena 8 oy oldin
Uhh the red eyes Eck
CS 8 oy oldin
can anyone tell me what country is their accent? lol
maximcute33 8 oy oldin
chloe is doing a better job than becky
Rylee Montague
Rylee Montague 8 oy oldin
"I don't think boys find it very attractive but I don't really care" Quote of the year
Ace 4 life
Ace 4 life 8 oy oldin
Chloe and Becky are honestly sooooo hilarious Like their UZvid videos OMG I CANT 😂
Call my granny a pharaoh and date's over mothafucka 😂
Nette A
Nette A 8 oy oldin
Lol...these sisters are so funny XD Also, that guy with Chloe was such a sweetheart
Rhea Gupta
Rhea Gupta 8 oy oldin
Chloe is such a stunner
Kate Noelle
Kate Noelle 8 oy oldin
"I haven't worn this sweater once" "I'll have it!" *Sisterhood at it's finest..*
DnA909 Huynh
DnA909 Huynh 9 oy oldin
I thought Becky was bottomless in the thumbnail........
misscubic 9 oy oldin
how can two siblings be equally gorgeous not fair lol
Louise C-M
Louise C-M 9 oy oldin
The outfits were cute, and then they got onto makeup... 😂
Bri .Netzel66
Bri .Netzel66 9 oy oldin
Next on buzzfeed: sisters switch hair colors!
Mars Isn't Cool
Mars Isn't Cool 9 oy oldin
omg they look so cute
SBRules 9 oy oldin
Sisters: Were both single My Brother: Wait...... Me: You have a girlfriend
Clara Chester
Clara Chester 9 oy oldin
I love your outfits.
savageprincess 9 oy oldin
They are Stunning❤️😩👌🏻
єммα кєllу
Hannah Croze
Hannah Croze 9 oy oldin
They are hilarious I need more
Kim Curtis
Kim Curtis 9 oy oldin
Chloe looked like Billie from Offspring
Bri .Netzel66
Bri .Netzel66 9 oy oldin
Its funny, theyre outfits turned out so similar
chloe reed
chloe reed 9 oy oldin
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b t
b t 9 oy oldin
i feel like the blond girl kinda hate her sister
Molly Angus
Molly Angus 9 oy oldin
Fan girls are like :I HAVE THAT SKIRT MEEEEEEE normal girls like :cool my sis has that
Manasa Deepak
Manasa Deepak 9 oy oldin
Who is the elder one?
Mya Tolliver
Mya Tolliver 9 oy oldin
am i the only one who cat get over how pretty they are?
Monta Grosberga
Monta Grosberga 9 oy oldin
Chloe is so pretty i would love to be her friend xD
Heyboobear 9 oy oldin
Who is older Chloe or Becky?
Rachael Lim
Rachael Lim 9 oy oldin
You guys are the best sisters man
kayla crimmins
kayla crimmins 9 oy oldin
Chloe looks like Monica and Becky is rachel
kuroneko1813 9 oy oldin
I only have brothers. An older brother and a younger brother. The closest I get to styling my older brother is when he asks my opinion if his outfit looks "too gay" (he's actually gay tho). Or when we go shopping with my mom and I see a shirt he might like (that I also like) and silently get his attention and point at the shirt. He tried to style me once (he ended up giving me one of his shirts that he couldn't wear becaus its too small) and I actually kind of like it.
Wothi 9 oy oldin
Chloe looks so beautiful 😍
Artsy Chick
Artsy Chick 9 oy oldin
The blonde sister has a Carrie Bradshaw vibe in her new makeup both sisters are really pretty.
thymios zanos
thymios zanos 9 oy oldin
the outfits are nice but god damn those shoes..... NO , GURLLL NAH....
Maddie Larkin
Maddie Larkin 9 oy oldin
Are you both naturally blonde and brunette? Just asking bc my sister and I have the same hair colour so I'm curious if you two have naturally different hair
Angel Face
Angel Face 9 oy oldin
Blonde girl is so rude..and her makeup looks better than what she did.
Sweet Coffee
Sweet Coffee 9 oy oldin
The blonde's makeup on her sister is a disaster :)
Sarah Jeffers
Sarah Jeffers 9 oy oldin
"I can't wait to take my makeup off and put sweatpants on." SAME, GIRL. SAME.
Natasha Romanova
Natasha Romanova 10 oy oldin
"It's my granny's" Geez girls who is your granny and how does she have such good taste in jewelry?
milotic 10 oy oldin
the accent and their voices are so annoying, I cant stand it
Leah Stone
Leah Stone 10 oy oldin
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Kaleen Zak
Kaleen Zak 10 oy oldin
This is such a funny video!!!!!!!!! LOL guys, good job!!!!!!!
Kaleen Zak
Kaleen Zak 10 oy oldin
Yes, we have the same last name, no we are not related.
Sophie Lunny
Sophie Lunny 10 oy oldin
"I look 89"
RUBICON Monks 10 oy oldin
Chloes makeup is terrible
Jana Grace
Jana Grace 10 oy oldin
this is so me and my sis
Mariana Jimenez Gomez
Snazzy and blimey are making me happy 😂
Deniz 10 oy oldin
0:29 :D
BigFanOfManyThings 10 oy oldin
"Lady bug"?? You're english, we english say Lady BIRD :P
Jadira aj
Jadira aj 10 oy oldin
I can ѕee мe and мy ѕιѕтer doιng тнιѕ😐😐
Poor Chloe that makeup is painful. She needs to bloody blend
Solinel Gonzalez
Solinel Gonzalez 10 oy oldin
Everything was great but the makeup.
Tegan Parish
Tegan Parish 10 oy oldin
I have a twin brother, but my step sister is 9 and my half sister is 10- and if any of them dressed me I would look like a disaster
Brianna Leee
Brianna Leee 10 oy oldin
Chloe's date: but it brings out your beautiful eyes Beccys date: was your grandmother a pharaoh? Lol 😆
Brianna Leee
Brianna Leee 10 oy oldin
Omg Chloe's closet had so many animals I love it but it looks like a zoo (in a good way 😊)
tinymouse 10 oy oldin
They’re both gorgeous with and without makeup.
Julia Son
Julia Son 10 oy oldin
I think Chloe did a lot better
A.P Miranda
A.P Miranda 10 oy oldin
Am I the only one getting massive Alex Vause from Oitnb vibe from Chloe?