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Skip and Shannon react to Baker's performance in his 1st NFL start | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe talk NFL with DeAngelo Hall. Hear what they had to say about Cleveland Browns rookie QB Baker Mayfield after his first NFL start.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip and Shannon react to Baker's performance in his 1st NFL start | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




1-Okt, 2018

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
What did you think of Baker Mayfield’s first NFL start?
Browns Nation
Browns Nation 4 oy oldin
Like A Veteran
Francis Rose
Francis Rose 4 oy oldin
🔴🔴🔴 ► 28626.девки24.рф 🔴🔴🔴 ► 28626.девки24.рф 🔴🔴🔴 ► 28626.девки24.рф
Jacy 4 oy oldin
Wonder Brothers or maybe the Cleveland Browns special teams proved to be a complete failure and everyone has over looked at in the last two games of the beginning of the SEASON. There's a history with critics who criticize Donovan McNabb AND those who were demanding that Warren Moon change positions instead of being a quarterback. There's been a double standard and a FORCED higher standard amongst African American quarterbacks and that's a fact whether you like it or not. For your information racism is not a game. so there ain't no race card. RACISM is REAL and if you can't get rid of HATE, than racism ain't going nowhere.
Wonder Bretherens
Jacy Bunting oh gosh maybe it is because he is a captain and a veteran who is expected to play well. Pulling a race card cannot fix everything
Jacy 4 oy oldin
Plain and simple Baker Mayfield is doing like every other rookie quarterback going through his Growing Pains. Baker Mayfield is going to get better in the Cleveland Browns are on the rise. HOWEVER!! Lots of blame deserves to go around the Cleveland Browns because the team just did NOT get it done against the laughable Oakland Raiders. It is a fact that if Tyrod Taylor had two interceptions and two fumbles critics will be tearing Tyrod Taylor's head off. What a shame that double standards for African-American quarterbacks still exist and have NEVER left.
Noah Liles
Noah Liles 4 oy oldin
Tim Tebow Is BETTER than Tom Brady -Skip Bayless
Clint Whatley
Clint Whatley 4 oy oldin
No Rhodes Scholars at that table
Browns going to the playoffs.....😱
Tyrone Brown
Tyrone Brown 4 oy oldin
I think the browns need a new uniform maybe they’ll be better. Light brown and dark brown as there colors. Browns on helmet and there number on the opposite sides of the helmet.
Tyrone Brown
Tyrone Brown 4 oy oldin
Did I just hear him say that the Browns may have under estimate another team???
Elijah Dennis
Elijah Dennis 4 oy oldin
I just look at it like this. Last year a browns loss was already written in the books before the game started, now when they loose its the topic of the day.
marcus turner
marcus turner 4 oy oldin
DeAngelo hall looks like James harden
bryan joiner
bryan joiner 4 oy oldin
skip! he didn't score 42. ffs
Cleveland Brown
Cleveland Brown 4 oy oldin
Not to be confused with myself
Dova 4 oy oldin
私を食べて 見て、私はあなたに簡単に行くとあなたの感情を傷つけるつもりはなかった しかし、私はこれだけチャンスを得るつもりです 何かが間違っている、私はそれを感じることができます(6分、スリム日陰、あなたがいる) 何かが起こるような、ただの気持ちですが、何が起こるのかは分かりません それが意味することは、私がそれが意味すると思うことは、私たちは困っている、 あなたが言うように彼がバナナのようであれば、私はチャンスを取っていません 医者が注文したものだけだった 私はラップ神、ラップ・ゴッドのように感じ始めている 正面から背面へのすべての私の人々はうなずきます。 今、彼らの腕は箱を叩くのに十分な長さだと誰が思う? 彼らは私がロボットのようにラップしていると言ったので、私にラボット しかし、コンピュータのようなラップを私の遺伝子に入れなければならない 私はバックポケットにラップトップを持っています 私のペンは...
Voto Studios
Voto Studios 4 oy oldin
I LOVE when that fool says "Skeeyup". 😂
Corey Lauchner
Corey Lauchner 4 oy oldin
Shannon sharpe will cut down any white player. If a white analyst did that to black players he would be racist
Christian 4 oy oldin
lionchamp29 4 oy oldin
the Carr fumble?
Shane Brock
Shane Brock 4 oy oldin
Baker didn't score 42, two of those of those touchdowns came from Chubb by his self. 🤔 And he don't need to throw the ball 40 times, preserve his damn arm😐.
Degwin Sodo Zabi
Degwin Sodo Zabi 4 oy oldin
2 fumbles dude... the nfl doesn’t allow teams to play defense
Raider Ted
Raider Ted 4 oy oldin
Oakland has been great, just not for the 4th quarter. They finally finished a game vs cLeveland
truealchemy 4 oy oldin
how stupid to even mention baker. He had one mistake and it was normal. The fumble when his arm was blindsided.
Sparkle Queen
Sparkle Queen 4 oy oldin
Umm...hole in one? Sorry I watch anime.
Jacy 4 oy oldin
@8:56 Shannon Sharpe "YOU saw that skip" LOL😄😄😄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❗
benzman500sl 4 oy oldin
Whenever I need to lose weight ..I take a Skip Bayless. I just sit on the toilet and take a Skip. He's such an idiot. Mayfield have 4 turnovers and that was the difference in the game. Plain and simple. He GAVE the Raiders 14 points by fumbling TWICE in the 4th quarter close to their own goal line. Give me a Fracken break.
a5apJoshy 4 oy oldin
Baron Harden or James Davis?
Volt Bae
Volt Bae 4 oy oldin
"The game should have been over" Wow you could say the same thing about Game 1 of the NBA Finals this year. Skip and Shannon both being hypocrites on this one
Fittiong 4 oy oldin
𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙉𝙚𝙚𝙙 𝙏𝙤 𝘼𝙥𝙙𝙤𝙥𝙩ttt 𝙏𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙈𝙞𝙣𝙙𝙨𝙚𝙩𝙩 (𝘽𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙈𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡lll 𝙑𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙤 𝙀𝙫𝙚𝙧rrr) >>t.co/iwLrU6RZzP?33paspas22 7486
Money Mike Lowery
Shannon like my daughter. Always be yelling when they talking
Ben Wick
Ben Wick 4 oy oldin
Baker is a sooner and go cowboys
Cleide Santos666iii8888
Hunter Q Rose
Hunter Q Rose 4 oy oldin
So...Skip and Shannon are just going to ignore the fact that Hue Jackson deciding to go for 2pts twice instead of kicking the extra point wasn't a factor? Leaving easy points like that on the field contributed to the Browns losing. Coaching played a huge factor in the outcome of that game.
jahquan foster
jahquan foster 4 oy oldin
Shannon dogs Dak for being a game manager than always bring Tyrod like he is anything different. sure having 1 turnover is great but how many 3 and outs would he have had. your job is to gets points not jus hop the other team doesn't. come on man Tyrod is ok but a team trying to be better doesn't need an ok QB they need someone to be "The Guy" and for the Browns it is clearly Baker over Tyrod.
Ugly Nigga
Ugly Nigga 4 oy oldin
Ugly Nigga
Ugly Nigga 4 oy oldin
Shannon was right this time...Skip was reaching.
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall 4 oy oldin
Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm
pack13er1 4 oy oldin
so no one is gonna point out how fine that girl is. who is she???
Faisal Saleem
Faisal Saleem 4 oy oldin
Come on Skip, Bakerfield is overrated.
Taylor Beckett
Taylor Beckett 4 oy oldin
Lol I'm watching this remembering a skit I watched. They get into it, argue, yell, but all agree on the same thing.... that's the same thing that happened here xD.
YungHomie Renz
YungHomie Renz 4 oy oldin
Deangelo Hall is James Harden bald headed LOL
Jakob Elliott
Jakob Elliott 4 oy oldin
But he did allow 45 points he had 4 TURNOVERS. Man is not good
jason fury
jason fury 4 oy oldin
Wow, 4 turnovers, still came out with 42. If say he may end up GREAT, but I jinx qbs, when I say it.
bryan joiner
bryan joiner 4 oy oldin
chubb had 2 td's. baker didn't pit up 42.
Meat Man
Meat Man 4 oy oldin
You are my favorite Minecraft youtuber ever!
Guru SnapShot
Guru SnapShot 4 oy oldin
Point blank... The over turn 3rd down reversal call shouldnt of happened.. Game should have not went to over time. Browns should be 2-1-1 going into week 5 PERIOD
YB 4 oy oldin
terrance mitchell got injured
C.J. Hill
C.J. Hill 4 oy oldin
I'm not a Browns fan but they got robbed on sunday but there a team definitely headed in the right direction.
Jeremiah & Hannah Young
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Roadtrip Tv
Roadtrip Tv 4 oy oldin
The Refs are keeping games close On purpose but ....fans can't Handle the truth. Instead , they believe senseless calls ...even with replay. Eagles fans know what they tried to do to them. The new " roughing the passer " rule is also perfect to exaggerate when needed....as seen every Sunday
Sameer Nelson
Sameer Nelson 4 oy oldin
Stand up guy.
momoni90 4 oy oldin
Shannon needs to stop Baker practice with the first team only this week no preseason games and no training camp no reps what so ever with the first team..
jkreed12 4 oy oldin
If that was Tyrod they wouldnt hesitate blaming him. It's on Baker, cant turnover the ball
Ron Zee
Ron Zee 4 oy oldin
Can see the browns going 8 and 8
cire155 4 oy oldin
Defensive player? LMAO. I can't take Hall seriously.
WuKingdom1 4 oy oldin
6:18 Are you getting the shot you need, buddy??
Antonio Harris
Antonio Harris 4 oy oldin
What is this The Love Connection? Shannon is in love with LeBron & Skip wants to have Mayfield's baby WTF!!
Jordan Ellis
Jordan Ellis 4 oy oldin
Aye they shouting out my 757 😤 some savages down there 💪🏽🏈😈💯
Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn 4 oy oldin
Skip always give props to the white quarterbacks
Omar Hakeem
Omar Hakeem 4 oy oldin
I dont like you guys blaming baker mayfield for the loss.You just keep watching his career ,hes the next tom brady.
ARMAGEDDON 703 4 oy oldin
It's LeBron's fault
Arch Ninja
Arch Ninja 4 oy oldin
Shannon I can’t take you seriously when you are wearing glasses that are too small for your head. Read the # on the side, that’s the temple size. You are probably a 150-155... those glasses are like 140. Come on Mr Fashion. 😂🤣
morii 4 oy oldin
Skip and Shannon are the two biggest buffoons I've ever seen.
John Campbell
John Campbell 4 oy oldin
There are 60 minutes of football and 35+ players that take the field as a TEAM. At the end of the day, Oak TEAM won and Clev TEAM lost. In a game like that, any blown coverage, missed block, missed tackle, dropped ball, stumble, int, delayed reaction, ect, during that whole 60 min of regulation, could have been the difference in a W or an L or sending it to OT. Any one player who made the slightest mistake or the biggest mistake can take the blame. #theresnoiinteam
Castro Belize
Castro Belize 4 oy oldin
Todd Haley will be the head coach for the Cleveland Browns next year I don't think you Jackson will make it through the year
Alayna Howard
Alayna Howard 4 oy oldin
Liking this comment will give you absolutely nothing
Matthew Ronger
Matthew Ronger 4 oy oldin
Don't click on my channel please and thank you
47 Vibes
47 Vibes 4 oy oldin
🚨🔥💕YOOO CHECK THIS OUT 👿💔👀 bit.ly/2Ot1MLj
raider nation
raider nation 4 oy oldin
Raiders have not been good in the past ? Wtf
W1k3dL1zrd 4 oy oldin
Lol as soon as skip talks about the angle of the first down the angle on him got blocked by someone on set
Brandon Hamilton
Brandon Hamilton 4 oy oldin
I was hoping Baker would go to the Browns. I love an underdog. Go browns!
Zakhan Gaza
Zakhan Gaza 4 oy oldin
He had 4 turnovers and the offense still put up 42pts...that's still impressive for Cleveland...
Brian M
Brian M 4 oy oldin
Yes the Browns had costly turnovers, but the officials made calls that CLEARLY overturned the outcome of that game. Forget kneeling during the anthem - there needs to be major statements made against horrid officiating - something that truly damages the product and robs the fans. When that 1st down in the 4th gets overturned, Hue Jackson should have pulled his team off the field and headed to the locker room. THAT is the statement that needs to happen. And I just love how the audience at home does not get the angles the judges on the field get - like during the 2 pt. conversion where the Browns back stretches across the goal line, AND THE CAMERA VIEW COULDN'T BE PULLED BACK TO SHOW WHERE HIS KNEE VS. THE BALL WERE POSITIONED???? The ball couldn't be brought into the picture???? Browns ultimately got the points, but these TV crews do all they can to protect the officials and their rulings in the eyes of the public.... That game was clearly being officiated from a seedy backroom in a Vegas casino.
Patrick M
Patrick M 4 oy oldin
How many damn turnovers until the qb takes some blame?
King Swami
King Swami 4 oy oldin
I thought Baker would do what the QB's Skip compares him to, do .. what Brees would have done, and in that game, what D. Carr did. Lead the browns down the field at least into field goal range for the win. The Browns D made mistakes and so did Baker. Baker made plays throughout the game but in extra time, no. The Brown's D set it up for him. Baker did not make a mistake, he just did not get it done in the time that is called WINNING TIME. And the QB Skip says sucks, Carr? well he didn't wast an opportunity to make up for his bad play. So I'm going to hold off on anointing Baker just yet, maybe later.
What about the pick six
John Woodgate
John Woodgate 4 oy oldin
Wouldn't be suprised if you see a 3-1-7 defense out there with three "safety sized 4.5 LB's or DB'S whatever you call them. Reason why is an offense will not run the ball the majority of plays because they would have to keep signing and developing RB'S which is too expensive. You will as a defense give up rush yards but the opponents passing game will be less successful than normal.
Seth Medlong
Seth Medlong 4 oy oldin
That was definitely a 1st down... but they should have gone on 4th and inches. They win that game if they go for it. Whoever decided to punt is to blame.
John Woodgate
John Woodgate 4 oy oldin
NFL wants high scoring games. Football Drama. No more 13-10 games, not interesting. Romo less NFL was hurt in ratings last year. Romo was talked about every week. Romo this Romo that. Romo brought his team back in the 4th qtr. No Peyton. This is the evolution of the NFL for ratings and a teams stadium attendance. Hit policy on QB'S will change defenses. Teams will start using Dime coverages or develop "safety sized" LB's for coverage abilities. Jared Goff threw three TD'S to WR and RB'S covered by LB's. So you will have 4.5 speed 210 pound Safeties playing close to Line of scrimmage instead of 4.6, 235 pound LB's stopping the run and covering short passing game. Defense example: 4 down lineman, 1 regular run stopping heavy LB, 2 big "safety sized cover LB'S or DB'S (whatever you want to call them), and 4 DB's.
devillemarlowe 4 oy oldin
Sub then comment done and your sub number and I will sub back on alternate account (might not be right away)
Mol D. Bagels
Mol D. Bagels 4 oy oldin
4 turnovers is hard to overcome but agreed the defense can’t allow 45 points. It’s astonishing he even lead the offense to put up 42 points, CLEVELAND PUTTING UP 42?!?!
The Goat
The Goat 4 oy oldin
“Baker mayfield is going to be better and bigger in Cleveland than LeBron James”- Skip
SteveD 4 oy oldin
LOL @6:17
Get Brains
Get Brains 4 oy oldin
Deangelo hall is the truth
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m1lky 4 oy oldin
This show is insufferable
Logan 4 oy oldin
Jesus shannon...can you speak clearly please???
Bryan Boyle
Bryan Boyle 4 oy oldin
Rigged reffing in Oakland? Against a Cleveland team? No... ;)
HMS Setup
HMS Setup 4 oy oldin
That girl is doing a great job sitting there looking pretty
TriQ504 4 oy oldin
Can someone please gif Shannon’s cup sip @7:58
TriQ504 4 oy oldin
It’s too soon to call Baker Mayfield the truth or a bust. Putting up big yards against a weak Oakland defense isn’t saying much but as a rookie he has demonstrated that against a professional football team's defense he is not intimidated to make big plays. Cleveland’s D flopped hard, 45 points tho! 21 being in the fourth quarter alone?! Come on man
TriQ504 4 oy oldin
@Super Saiyan You've got a point but lets count it 3, that interception late in the fourth was a Hail Mary pretty much
Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 4 oy oldin
Well when the offense has 4 turnovers It doesn't help.
The Clever
The Clever 4 oy oldin
I am not a fan of either team but when any team puts up 42 points and loses there is no way I give the QB any blame regardless of how many turnovers he commits.
T Staur
T Staur 4 oy oldin
Can someone tell that mothafucking camera man he’s in the shot?
PrimeTime 4 oy oldin
Y'all got to do better not showing the camera man 🤦
ThreeThirtyTV 4 oy oldin
Who let Shannon have this job? Can barely understand him
Burak Akman
Burak Akman 4 oy oldin
america trends :/ seems boring
abdul smith
abdul smith 4 oy oldin
This other guy needs to leave he is a hypocrite . Blame goes on the quarterback is the leader, they blamed tyrod when he didn't when the game GTFOH. .........
Chin Chukwu
Chin Chukwu 4 oy oldin
tyrod has only 2 games in his career in which he turned the ball over more than once. great stat. now how many of those games did he win?
Chin Chukwu
Chin Chukwu 4 oy oldin
skip is right----the fumbled snap was on on the center. you can tell when a fumbled snap is a QBs fault (9 times out of 10) because they start to pull away from the center. baker was not pulling away from the center (he was scanning the line/defense)-----which means he had not yet called for the snap.
Koolkid K00lkid
Koolkid K00lkid 4 oy oldin
Browns are still the Browns ...
Carl J Martin
Carl J Martin 4 oy oldin
no one is talking about that fumble that was called dead.. smh... Shannon needs to chill he acts like he knows it all. he was good he wasnt that good though
Clutch Flutie
Clutch Flutie 4 oy oldin
I'd take Chubb over Caker Shortfield anyday.
Chris Breezy
Chris Breezy 4 oy oldin
Johnny Manziel will not just be good QB, he will be great, he will be a hall of famer in the NFL - Skip Bayless. I would not take anything Skip says seriously.
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