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Skyscraper - In Theaters July 13
Global icon Dwayne Johnson leads the cast of Legendary’s Skyscraper as former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran Will Ford, who now assesses security for skyscrapers. On assignment in China he finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly ablaze, and he’s been framed for it. A wanted man on the run, Will must find those responsible, clear his name and somehow rescue his family who is trapped inside the building...above the fire line.

Written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (Central Intelligence, We’re the Millers), the 3D action-thriller is produced by Beau Flynn (San Andreas, Baywatch), Johnson, Thurber and Hiram Garcia (San Andreas, Central Intelligence).
Skyscraper’s executive producers are Dany Garcia (Baywatch, Ballers), Wendy Jacobson (San Andreas), Eric Hedayat (The Great Wall, Real Steel) and Eric McLeod (Kong: Skull Island, Pirates of the Caribbean series). The film will be released by Universal Pictures.




2-Iyl, 2018

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Vicky Bollywoodbang
Vicky Bollywoodbang 3 soat oldin
THE ROCK is coming uzvid.com/video/video-L-EaMO-IdBU.html please click on link
iamz channel
iamz channel 20 soat oldin
So scary thing ever...damn it...
Snow Tracks
Snow Tracks Kun oldin
Quantum boring. Pyroteckie, really?
i saw this it was great
saikiran vadlamudi
saikiran vadlamudi 2 kun oldin
Awesome movie..watched today
Wilson Playz
Wilson Playz 2 kun oldin
Skyscraper is not for the weak hearted and acrophobes, viewers discretion is advised
Mary Ann Anos
Mary Ann Anos 2 kun oldin
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Heba Bakry
Heba Bakry 3 kun oldin
"Skyscraper" Full Movie Online (2018) (1080p OR 720p only) 1/ bit.ly/2JyIJc9 2/ bit.ly/2L4oXL3
Heba Ahmed
Heba Ahmed 3 kun oldin
Heba AbdelHafez
Heba AbdelHafez 3 kun oldin
I’m really grateful
Heba Ameen
Heba Ameen 3 kun oldin
Thanks a million
Heba Hasan
Heba Hasan 3 kun oldin
Heba Abdalltif
Heba Abdalltif 3 kun oldin
thank you very
Amir Imran
Amir Imran 3 kun oldin
Dwayne Johnson is way too overrated.
Crab Gaming
Crab Gaming 4 kun oldin
Take a shot everytime duct tape is used in this movie
BEAT! Network
BEAT! Network 4 kun oldin
See how peoole REALLY felt about Skyscraper! Check out our review! uzvid.com/video/video-kw0ZlTGWUKw.html
Haku no Ou
Haku no Ou 4 kun oldin
The rock looks like Kratos GoW 4, at least his beard XD
Clarisa Brooklyn
Clarisa Brooklyn 5 kun oldin
*WOW Amazing* SKYSCRAPER (2018) >>> : t.co/YMgMw02D88
Nasa Naz
Nasa Naz 5 kun oldin
Dont worry hero not died
vita charm
vita charm 5 kun oldin
Die Hardest...Dwyne version
Robert Evans
Robert Evans 6 kun oldin
Great film
A Cool boy gaming
A Cool boy gaming 7 kun oldin
I watched it today and what a great movie
jon williams
jon williams 6 kun oldin
A Cool boy gaming oh. You stayed home and watched Die Hard? Good for you.
Wolfen Buttels
Wolfen Buttels 7 kun oldin
Sehr vorhersehbar.. Fun Fakt: weil dwane durch die ganzen Muskelberge so langsam ist haben sie ihm im Film nen Prothesenbein verpasst.
Bubbles Smartiez
Bubbles Smartiez 7 kun oldin
This was a good film
yandria dharma
yandria dharma 7 kun oldin
Its good movie
AFRY 1998
AFRY 1998 7 kun oldin
Cool and amazing
Sean Gotts
Sean Gotts 8 kun oldin
its a massive stinker .. wait till its on TV do not pay to see this shit .. you will just get pissed .. did i mention its shit
jian658 8 kun oldin
just saw this movie . lets say : If you think 1+2x3= 9 , this movie is for you
Jeki Lew
Jeki Lew 5 kun oldin
jian658 i think it's 7, should i watch it?
The Meme King
The Meme King 8 kun oldin
Imagine if this Happened?
Sky Cat
Sky Cat 8 kun oldin
It’s an awesome movie but at the end it’s sad
Travis' Food Reviews!
The movie was generic summer garbage, check out my review bitches
Retro 1974522
Retro 1974522 8 kun oldin
In Honest Trailers voice : "Strap on your prosthetic leg, grab the fire extinguisher, and get ready to not be mezmorized by acting so campy and fake, it makes Vin Deisel cringe. Die Hard 6, The Towering Inferno."
s60416 8 kun oldin
Reminds me of Die Hard where John was on the roof top
Crazy Guys
Crazy Guys 8 kun oldin
This is the best movie
Vignesh Santhosh
Vignesh Santhosh 8 kun oldin
Future president #TheRock
Vignesh Santhosh
Vignesh Santhosh 8 kun oldin
I'm waiting for steve Jablonsky ost
Nihon Movies
Nihon Movies 9 kun oldin
can you subscribe to this Movies page help me please bit.ly/2meAwAr
Nihon Movies
Nihon Movies 9 kun oldin
hello friend this is new movie of Dwayne Johnson please enter And Watch or Download the movie From Different Servers bit.ly/2JjWVWk
this is movie danger very much
Jovie Rafaella
Jovie Rafaella 9 kun oldin
Same concept movie like "the tower" korean movie. But then they're both superb!!!!!
Johnny Hibner
Johnny Hibner 9 kun oldin
Damn looks like R6’s _Tower_ map is getting a redesign
relentless12345678 9 kun oldin
Film was good... But last half hour of it dragged on
Toma Chowdhury
Toma Chowdhury 9 kun oldin
What a clip......... !!! Unbelievable!
Midan Zha
Midan Zha 9 kun oldin
This film So amazing I love that guy and litlle family :)
Endangpuji Astuti
Endangpuji Astuti 9 kun oldin
Yes dwayne johnson
Pavan Kotian
Pavan Kotian 9 kun oldin
Trev Mac
Trev Mac 10 kun oldin
World record for the long jump was set away back in 1991 Mike Powell 8.95 m (29 ft 4​1⁄4 in) Can someone tell me how a guy with one leg can then jump over 100 feet from a building to a crane or something insulting like that?? i wouldn't even burn this movie for free.. The Rock plays the same character in every movie and they get lamer by the month
J Double B
J Double B 10 kun oldin
What a let down one of the Rock's worst films.... You question everything about this film while your sitting there watching it - it fails massively.
KRAZEEIZATION 10 kun oldin
It's a remake of the first Die Hard on steroids with a Saturn V rocket and a nuclear reactor for added throttle!!!
paulo cesar
paulo cesar 10 kun oldin
otimo filime
kenlau135 10 kun oldin
hong kong!!
Govind Tolambiya
Govind Tolambiya 10 kun oldin
Very very awesome
Kappamoo 11 kun oldin
I love this so much heights are my fear
Echi San
Echi San 11 kun oldin
What is this movie all about?
WAJAH JAKARTA 11 kun oldin
Love this movie.... ♥♥♥♥♥
primus197777 11 kun oldin
F**** this stupid generic rock movie. Again one no talent bullshit boring movie trying to be something that it's not. by not meaning being a good movie. I won't be wasting my money on this SHIT MOVIE!
keen14you 11 kun oldin
Such uninspired dreck... It SCREAMS "straight to video" lol I'd rather see the story of how he lost his leg!
CosmicCitiZen 11 kun oldin
Cliffhanger : The Apartment Edition 🤣🤣😂
Natedogg5413 11 kun oldin
“My family is trapped 88 floors in the air”
Steph 83
Steph 83 11 kun oldin
Is it worth it to watch it on 4Dx2D?
artzgfx. 2. acc
artzgfx. 2. acc 11 kun oldin
Already best movie in 2018
Jack Brazier
Jack Brazier 11 kun oldin
I can't wait to see how bad this is.
deno spyridon
deno spyridon 11 kun oldin
If I was that Rich and lived in a high scraper I would learn how to parachute down
Ruben Marques
Ruben Marques 11 kun oldin
rick b
rick b 12 kun oldin
Barrel scraper
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 12 kun oldin
Keep giving the rock your money for garbage movies...idiots
Crisitian Delacruz
Crisitian Delacruz 12 kun oldin
Yo why my man trynna copy nathan drake
the Comedy vines
the Comedy vines 12 kun oldin
Universal Legend studio
Divya Jazima
Divya Jazima 12 kun oldin
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Mona Sidwel
Mona Sidwel 13 kun oldin
Nice i like it Join now full movie : *SCYSCRAPER (2018)* Visit here : t.co/YMgMw02D88
Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3 Full Movie Download
Awsome movie hai yaar
Ben Massey
Ben Massey 13 kun oldin
this movie looks like its gonna be super tense and i love it
Reggie Tjahjadi
Reggie Tjahjadi 13 kun oldin
Dwayne johnson is in evèry movies damn
Anteiku Yagami
Anteiku Yagami 13 kun oldin
Nothing new
Kanevin Exp
Kanevin Exp 13 kun oldin
Nice Movie ! Please why did you sad *DWAYNE* At Movie
Dusk Dawg
Dusk Dawg 13 kun oldin
Let me guess, he beats the bad guys with his rippling muscles and saves his family, right? boring SHIAT
batista6242 13 kun oldin
The rock is the best 😎
machut awungshi
machut awungshi 13 kun oldin
It's gonna make around 500 millions worldwide...
Rian Bravo
Rian Bravo 14 kun oldin
i dont understand what this movie
Audrey Morrison
Audrey Morrison 14 kun oldin
Wow this looks so dam good to watch omg hecis brave i hate hights
Chris Dodt
Chris Dodt 14 kun oldin
Not sure which is worse, this or rampage - is the rock like bruce wills where he'll do any stupid action movie??
Margarita Martinez
Margarita Martinez 14 kun oldin
Amazing❤This information is from PCH!
vijay s
vijay s 11 kun oldin
Margarita Martinez why you didn't add me? 😒
Margarita Martinez
Margarita Martinez 11 kun oldin
vijay s
vijay s 11 kun oldin
Margarita Martinez not just amazing, he's super amazing! May Jesus bless you too; Add me as a friend on UZvid uzvid.com/u-addmeHeGC_eunQld3iy8MBEcd9dzFa2UL0Q
Margarita Martinez
Margarita Martinez 11 kun oldin
vijay s. Dwyne Johnson is Amazing Actor! One of My favorite Actor! God blessing Mr. Dwyne Johnson+ Family and you! Amen❤
vijay s
vijay s 11 kun oldin
Margarita Martinez not just amazing it's awesome only because of dwyne Johnson
MVS!C 14 kun oldin
Will the rock ever make a good movie? Apparently not
Ayahmu 14 kun oldin
its not a gore film right?
Terran Woods
Terran Woods 14 kun oldin
WTF rock😨😨
Mary Rose Montalbo
Mary Rose Montalbo 14 kun oldin
the rock is everywhere in Hollywood
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee 14 kun oldin
Movie on Friday the 13th?
roblex63 14 kun oldin
You just know there are going to be people out there that are going to say " Having a non-amputee playing an amputee, is like having a white person blacked up to play a black person" and there are idiot's that will agree....
Doug Gardner
Doug Gardner 15 kun oldin
I just wanted to take an opportunity to write another negative comment for this rip off of a movie that was done right the first time. Pay someone to write a new script you cheap bastards. Every time I am forced to watch a 15 second ad related to this movie, I'm doing it again.
Marcelo Rodriguez
Marcelo Rodriguez 15 kun oldin
A rip-off of Die hard .............
Harrison Fikes
Harrison Fikes 15 kun oldin
I can just imagine how many times he’s gonna slip and save himself
Apoorva Guptay
Apoorva Guptay 15 kun oldin
Cutta Tha Killer Klown
Hi much love and respect forever 100 I respect this video and channel forever it’s always tight
Blackflame 2020
Blackflame 2020 15 kun oldin
I don't care how dumb it looks, you can't deny it looks exciting as hell. Looks like a just a fun summer movie, and I'm fine with that. The Rock's on some uncharted Nathan Drake shit in this movie. HYPE AF!!
Abbes Krim
Abbes Krim 15 kun oldin
السلام عليكم من فضلكم اعطونا الرابط
Abhi Jeet
Abhi Jeet 15 kun oldin
roberto islas
roberto islas 15 kun oldin
Cuando estrenan Rápido y furioso 9
Pragnan Saha
Pragnan Saha 15 kun oldin
Dwayne Johnson ticked another option in his todo list before global domination & slaving humankind.
UM Movies
UM Movies 15 kun oldin
Report/case take back.it's my humble request
jeremyfinch 15 kun oldin
FUCK THIS! t After 3 steps up a latter, i'm fuckin done.....this movie would put me into cardiac arrest. fuck you, Rock, for tryin ter kill me asshole!
griffin weibel
griffin weibel 15 kun oldin
So another action movie starring the Rock, pretending to be the rock, in a very rocky situation.
Myrna Trevino
Myrna Trevino 16 kun oldin
Dwayne’s movies all look the freaking same, it’s getting boring and repetitive 💀 like take one still picture from most recent movies he’s been in and it looks like it’s all from the same movie
SaMi ,
SaMi , 16 kun oldin
I feel like the rock Can’t sleep without thinking about making another movie next month 😂 Very successful guy ..
#1 tricycle mechanic
can't be worse than the earthquake movie