Slapjack with Kevin Hart

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Kevin Hart compete in a high-stakes game of blackjack where the loser of each round gets smacked in the face with a giant rubber hand.
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Slapjack with Kevin Hart
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16-Yan, 2015



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Enjoi Wolfy
Enjoi Wolfy 13 soat oldin
I would’ve back hand slapped one of them just to add some flare
James T Kirk
James T Kirk 2 kun oldin
I wanna see Kevin get smacked full strength and go flying.
Олег Дурасов
Is somebody from 2019 here?
CherryCola Life
CherryCola Life 8 kun oldin
Omg....i was laughing the whole video!!!! I couldn’t stop!!😂😂😂😂😂
Sean Haggard
Sean Haggard 18 kun oldin
A black person's Palm isn't black. Kevin Hart knows this
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 19 kun oldin
Imagine jerking off with the black hand
Brie Marie Plays Roblox
2:33 he sounds evil XD
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler 23 kun oldin
must be black blackjack 🤔
SportsCarBoy 24 kun oldin
Somebody tell me where I can buy the giant hands!!
SportsCarBoy 24 kun oldin
bet im richer than all of you
SportsCarBoy 24 kun oldin
i got 1 lambo, 1 ferrari, 2 bentleys, and 1 aston martin
mgm7 Grande
mgm7 Grande Oy oldin
As soon as I saw the white hand, I knew Kevin would make a comment about it😂
cody stout
cody stout Oy oldin
Why didn't Kevin hit on his last hand a 19? He could still got an ace or 2
PsychoHoodie Oy oldin
And he Still can't play bj
qizar 6
qizar 6 Oy oldin
never gets old 😂
Brad Henderson
Interesting way to play blackjack
Boyvlogs 26109
Anything kevin hart i click
Christmas Ramsarran
5:35 when jake paul uploaded everyday bro
Hamza Mukhtar
Hamza Mukhtar Oy oldin
Hilarious 😂
killingcredit Oy oldin
Lemme tell you something bout that 13 tho lmao
Jennifer jo
Jennifer jo Oy oldin
Here AGAIN in 2019! And it's still funny AF!
Blaq Betty
Blaq Betty Oy oldin
The black hand joke wasnt funny our palms are not! black
Hey, Kevin! Here’s a joke: Why did the tomato blush? Because he saw the salad dressing.
Pooja Jagga
Pooja Jagga Oy oldin
which one ellen jimmy kimmel jimmy falon james cordon any other (comment) i like jimmy kimmel
Okamonu Oyoma
Okamonu Oyoma Oy oldin
Kevin went all Django in my man right there 2:15
Be Positive
Be Positive Oy oldin
Jimmy shoulda hit him harter 🤪
Simon Adventum
2 kings of diamonds on the first hand?
Jayaditya Suvarna
3:46 Kevin Hart the orignal Will Smith
Collosus Oy oldin
Getting a bit annoyed by jimmy’s fake laugh
Madara Sāga
Madara Sāga Oy oldin
How i can tekstet a mesege for the show in kidslethers
Paris Vidsgaming
Tomas Leinonen
Someone teach them to play BlackJack ...
Aspen Grady
Aspen Grady Oy oldin
*I'm just pissed off that I couldn't get a black hand* 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Turd ManJones
Turd ManJones 2 oy oldin
I dare jimmy to play this with jason momoa
Cold Water
Cold Water 2 oy oldin
5:31 he loves it :)
Calostin Pierre
Calostin Pierre 2 oy oldin
Mal pou gra atogang
Frida Lawrence
Frida Lawrence 2 oy oldin
That first slap from Kevin was payback, the laugh after has become a meme
Miguel McQueen
Miguel McQueen 2 oy oldin
2 king of diamonds in the same deck?
Oscar Tyminski
Oscar Tyminski 2 oy oldin
How tf u get king of diamonds twice bruh
Daniel Jordan
Daniel Jordan 2 oy oldin
In spanish please
Andrea Lipson
Andrea Lipson 2 oy oldin
Why do you choose these games?!
Amz Hansen
Amz Hansen 2 oy oldin
Why couldn't he get a black hand?....... that's racist!.. I think. Well. It was a good video though
Alex Durst
Alex Durst 2 oy oldin
You did not invent slapjack
Vladislav Zverev
Vladislav Zverev 2 oy oldin
Omg, someone teach them how to play blackjack....
Funny Bunny Karlsson
Did you just smack me/ jumanji : welcome to the jungle Kevin heart a movie of the 2017
pro danker
pro danker 2 oy oldin
Just watching Kevin's laugh makes me forget all my problems... ❤
Will Lewis
Will Lewis 2 oy oldin
Thats not a real deck of cards cuz there were two King of diamonds in at one time
Benito Ramos
Benito Ramos 2 oy oldin
I fucking love y’all
L1vyH 2 oy oldin
First thing I thought: *Why doesn't Kevin have a black hand??*
Kennedy Takhellambam
Celebrity : * sneezes * Fallon : ROFL
Annisa Aurelia
Annisa Aurelia 2 oy oldin
I love them!! Theyre so funny😂😂
Alexis Fettig
Alexis Fettig 2 oy oldin
How come there’s two king of diamonds?
Ouwen Huang
Ouwen Huang 2 oy oldin
start the show off with racism
corey evans
corey evans 2 oy oldin
They are best friends for real
wolfys _oof
wolfys _oof 2 oy oldin
Savanna Gleim
Savanna Gleim 2 oy oldin
Why do I feel like Jimmy was gonna cry after he got slapped? 😂
SnowbordrWRX 2 oy oldin
Seriously man. It's called black jack and you give a black man a giant white hand. That's doubly wrong... why not go for broke and wear a sheet with holes in your eyes! LOL... Kevin should've slapped Jimmy before even dealing lol
Christopher Maher
I love the slowmo's, Kevin's laugh and all the humor in this. Bless them!
Mantas Smailas
Mantas Smailas 2 oy oldin
omg guess what i just realised IM A GNOME AND YOU'VE BENN GNOMED!
Tyrone BlackTV
Tyrone BlackTV 2 oy oldin
Abzerz 3 oy oldin
Would you believe me if I told you there are quite a few people that heard that 17 is a mother in law joke and didn't get it 😂😂😂
DontGetIt Twisted
Wish Fallon would of said bitch were my money! As he slapped kev,,
Paige Frz
Paige Frz 3 oy oldin
The most awkward black jack rules I’ve ever seen
franklin crespo
franklin crespo 3 oy oldin
No mmñ@&”2?2?
Julie Jameson
Julie Jameson 3 oy oldin
Kevin u r so funny
lilleesummers 3 oy oldin
FOR JIMMY!!! MANNEQUIN HANDS!!!! 😄😀😀 uzvid.com/video/video-IUCVaU7wj-Y.html
lilleesummers 3 oy oldin
A FAN'S MANNEQUIN HANDS!!!!!! uzvid.com/video/video-ZurR3P5Hjxg.html
AmazingK.Music 3 oy oldin
Kevin's laugh is contagious😂😂😂😂
Julian Correa
Julian Correa 3 oy oldin
Kevin Hart is everywhere lol
Creedence Wieczorek
2:37 put 2 times speed.
Susan Chilumbu
Susan Chilumbu 3 oy oldin
Kevin Hart has the cutest smile and laugh.
Antra Skrupska
Antra Skrupska 3 oy oldin
Someone else looking at this in 2018
Alexander Willman
Antra Skrupska in 2019)
mustang 04
mustang 04 3 oy oldin
Kevin actually had 20 and jimmy had 20 so why did jimmy hit him
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 3 oy oldin
I saw slapjack and Kevin Hart in the same sentence I had to.
Elisia Dukett
Elisia Dukett 3 oy oldin
They playin it wrong
John M
John M 3 oy oldin
Love this, but why did nobody ever tell them how to properly play blackjack?
Kieran Petch
Kieran Petch 3 oy oldin
Anyone else realise that they both had the king of diamonds on the first round as their first card
Raorkon666 3 oy oldin
That's because in Blackjack the sled is loaded with 6 decks of cards.
Fittastic Shape
Fittastic Shape 3 oy oldin
Kevin's laugh is infectious
Cece Valid
Cece Valid 3 oy oldin
If I had those hands I'd walk around smacking ppl n tell them that I can't control my hands cus it's too heavy😂💀
WolfieLikesWolves 101
This is gold really funny
Nathan Sylvestre
Nathan Sylvestre 4 oy oldin
Why there two Kings of diamonds?
Emma Bullerpowell
New game for Hasbro drinking game
Joshua Martell
Joshua Martell 4 oy oldin
Anyone else notice the first draw has 2 king of diamonds
İskender Büyük
Why nigga's hand is white?
Patricia Madrigal
My birthday was in January 15
d a
d a 4 oy oldin
Ace is a 11 or 1 isn't it? ? So Kevin had 18
WM 4 oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-z4MuVObTXuQ.html Pls help me to reach 1000 subscribers i need your help guys
sunrocks 4 oy oldin
Jimmy reaction when he got slapped was the best...........omg!!!!!!!!I can’t stop laughing 😂...........
Rat Princess
Rat Princess 4 oy oldin
he is so annoying
Xxyx 4 oy oldin
Im offended hes using a white hand
jaylecia davila
jaylecia davila 4 oy oldin
I'm confused because in the last round Jimmy had two queens which equals 24. don't you loose if you go over 21???
Baby You So Wet
Baby You So Wet 4 oy oldin
I like the guy in the background who’s like “You won” lol
Alice Wonderland
Alice Wonderland 4 oy oldin
Kevin Hart is frickin hilarious
Jason Larson
Jason Larson 4 oy oldin
wait for all the "OMG a white man hitting another black man" comments start...lol
Jason Larson
Jason Larson 4 oy oldin
had to break it to you but slapjack is OLD and is played differently so YEAH
Adriana Sanchez
Adriana Sanchez 4 oy oldin
I just KNOW they bestfriends in real life
Unknown Tech Grounds
White man hitting black man,ummmmmm... that's racist 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣
Slappy Boi
Slappy Boi 5 oy oldin
Slapjack? Slap jack black xD jk don’t slap jack black
Mohammed Majed
Mohammed Majed 5 oy oldin
Why is the first thing I thought about was beating my meat with them hands , yeah my dick is big
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