Slay It, Don't Spray It with Gwyneth Paltrow

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Gwyneth Paltrow and Jimmy take turns randomly singing karaoke to pop songs, like Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry," getting sprayed in the face with water each time they mess up the lyrics.
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Slay It, Don't Spray It with Gwyneth Paltrow




10-Yan, 2019

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 1 323
MJade Soat oldin
P B 3 soat oldin
She was a good sport for doing that
Nusrat Supti
Nusrat Supti 13 soat oldin
So miss Potts survived infinity war!! 😂
Luis 14 soat oldin
These “actors” are nothing but AntiChrist Globalist Cabal Beastial Avatars.
Sophia V
Sophia V 14 soat oldin
I miss Shawn 🤔😂
Marie S.
Marie S. 16 soat oldin
Wie konnte sie ntltc nicht können ich liebe ariana
Wizard Suth
Wizard Suth 17 soat oldin
I've never heard of any of these songs. The only artist whose name I recognized was Ariana Grande, and I'm not familiar with anything she's written. Apparently neither Paltrow not Fallon knew the lyrics to any of these songs either. Perhaps they should have tried songs that people actually know. I saw Bohemian Rhapsody go by, but unfortunately it didn't come up.
juli ignacio
juli ignacio 18 soat oldin
oh okay, let's appreciate gwyneth for just a moment. she is absolutely stunning 💘
Tiffo ism
Tiffo ism 19 soat oldin
I wish their duet was Cruisin lol
suman rajesh
suman rajesh 19 soat oldin
Jimmy is always the one to say that he knew the lyrics and messes it up later😂
Maeve Melenius
Maeve Melenius 20 soat oldin
Nothing bringing her back when she has put peoples health at risk. Sorry. Used to love her but no.
K Na
K Na 20 soat oldin
Lol she’s so mad her makeups coming off.
Nicole Alexander
Nicole Alexander 20 soat oldin
Jacky Yip
Jacky Yip 21 soat oldin
Why is Jim such an awkward twitchy studdering little weasel, it makes me uncomfortable just to watch him, never again will i watch him in anything.
Alyah M.
Alyah M. 23 soat oldin
Soo I watched this with my ear buds on and started dieting out loud and everyone in the room was so confused (I’m known as the shy kid at school >_
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders 23 soat oldin
She can kinda sing...
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders 23 soat oldin
Damn that thing SPRAYS 💀
Eileen Brown
Eileen Brown Kun oldin
Gwen has a decent voice. Who knew? The dress is beautiful.
Sarcasm ._.
Sarcasm ._. Kun oldin
i got the shawn mendes one
Kiki Chan
Kiki Chan Kun oldin
Sorry Jim good night at least
Abr B
Abr B Kun oldin
4:02 oh my god her voice!!!!!!😭💜💜
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera Kun oldin
I was rolling on the floor laughing my ass off with the "LET ME FIGURE IT OUT" part 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Júnior
Daniel Júnior Kun oldin
Why didn't have slow motion for Jimmy?
Brianna P
Brianna P Kun oldin
I want to see this with Demi Lovato.
Oona Hiltunen
Oona Hiltunen Kun oldin
2:57 😂 manipulate masturbation
Maria Schoenecker
lol these games they come up with
Xx Emma xX
Xx Emma xX Kun oldin
Do this with Ariana Grande
Nachoo Arambo
Nachoo Arambo Kun oldin
These games are sooo fake! everybody can feel that teleprompter in front of them... and the yellow lyrics?
Pete Metts
Pete Metts Kun oldin
The tonight show with drew carey
Tayli Morgan
Tayli Morgan Kun oldin
I’m so disappointed in jimmy for not knowing the Shawn Mendes song
Kimberly S.D.
Kimberly S.D. Kun oldin
Why does Jimmy kinda look like Austin Powers with those glasses on??
I forgot my name
2:56 Did he just said "Manipulate masturbation"?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kathryn Townsend
She can sing, she was on Glee if anyone remembers :)
Summertime2118 2118
She probaly took like 2 hours to do her hair and makeup and clothes to go on the show and get wet😂
Summertime2118 2118
From first glance, I thought that was Heidi klum
kirstie b
kirstie b Kun oldin
i love her hair color
Carlita Bonita
Carlita Bonita Kun oldin
This was hilarious
Kevry Tan
Kevry Tan Kun oldin
Collab with Taylor swift, plz
Aniea Cody
Aniea Cody 2 kun oldin
People: I didn’t know she can 🎶 Me:But... Glee... it’s on Netflix
Sophia Estrella
Sophia Estrella 2 kun oldin
Wtf she sings awesome
Harmony Pollard
Harmony Pollard 2 kun oldin
Jimmy: Manipulate masterbation. 😂
M RUSCOE 2 kun oldin
I hate that they’re bad at this because I know like all the words so want to be on this show:/
Nelley Knight
Nelley Knight 2 kun oldin
No no why.. ☹
Shiraness 2 kun oldin
No tears left to cry? Where my arianators at?
Riley Nicole
Riley Nicole 2 kun oldin
Okay how did they manage to make a microphone shoot out water
ashlyn miller
ashlyn miller 2 kun oldin
Manipulate MaStUrBaTiOn
Calypso 2 kun oldin
HAHAHAHA Jimmy sang masturbation 😂😂😂
acousticfixation 2 kun oldin
I’ve fallen in love with her thousands of times 😍
Jully Miller
Jully Miller 2 kun oldin
Hey bro always that fake laughing...
Jwt2020 2 kun oldin
This needs to be its own show. Love it.
Pamela Parlapiano
Pamela Parlapiano 2 kun oldin
I love Gwyneth
avada 2 kun oldin
She got sprayed in the mouth. Just an everyday thing...
Peter Larsson
Peter Larsson 2 kun oldin
I want to see this with Ellen 😂
Florencia Hauresz
Florencia Hauresz 2 kun oldin
I was really expecting for a Coldplay song.
noorah nn
noorah nn 2 kun oldin
I got only the first two songs correct
citizen YouTube
citizen YouTube 2 kun oldin
Sahra 2 kun oldin
Shawn Mendes😍😍😍😍
dyolinlinlin 2 kun oldin
Not a triple threat is what you're saying.
Brooke Patricia
Brooke Patricia 2 kun oldin
More than Beauty
More than Beauty 2 kun oldin
Iben Kristensen
Iben Kristensen 2 kun oldin
How is it possible to sing a shawn mendes song wrong 🤔🤔
A tree
A tree 2 kun oldin
Tony is shaking
SpringDreams2 2 kun oldin
Her dress is everything.
tamara goedhuys
tamara goedhuys 2 kun oldin
do it with anna kendrick
Alison Sheehan
Alison Sheehan 2 kun oldin
Kezia Kristianti
Kezia Kristianti 2 kun oldin
Favorite game ever!!
daria florea
daria florea 2 kun oldin
Do they ever know the lyrics?
Nico Tak
Nico Tak 2 kun oldin
Austin powers presents the late show ??
Madhav Adutiya
Madhav Adutiya 2 kun oldin
Accept the truth no one ever slays it
I would have slayed no tears left to cry but that was funny😂
kristina4f 2 kun oldin
I love this game sooo much!!
Abby Naka
Abby Naka 2 kun oldin
At first when jimmy was singing the Shawn Mendez “there’s nothing holding me back” and he didn’t know it I was like “oh come on it’s so easy!!!” But then I remembered not everyone is a die hard Shawn Mendez fan! Lol
Olivia. S
Olivia. S 2 kun oldin
am I the only one who knows all the lyrics !!!
Adrian Ghandtchi
Adrian Ghandtchi 2 kun oldin
Sofia vergara you’re next
Jonathan P
Jonathan P 2 kun oldin
Love this new Challenge. Cheers from Peru
Jim Carey
Jim Carey 2 kun oldin
Wow Jimmy's hairline......idk
Jean Lubin
Jean Lubin 2 kun oldin
first of all, Jimmy cheated when stopped the band. secondly, he messed up with the duet.
Misael Cortes
Misael Cortes 3 kun oldin
Did he say masturbation? 😂
Chase N Courtney Dennis
The friggin best game ever! MORE PLEASE! 💦😄
Kinda Mehael
Kinda Mehael 3 kun oldin
Dead3ye Johnny
Dead3ye Johnny 3 kun oldin
Manipulate masturbation
moonlight bae
moonlight bae 3 kun oldin
Omg yay I got so excited when no tears left to cry was chosen ...something told me it was going to be an Ari song xoxo 💖 💖
Michael Edison
Michael Edison 3 kun oldin
Braydens Creations
Braydens Creations 3 kun oldin
When Gwenyth was singing Genie in a Bottle Jimmy was getting ready to be sprayed 😂😂
Demian Reith
Demian Reith 3 kun oldin
I think this one looks almost a fail 😶; I think I like first version better, but this one, not bad overall. 🙂
Payton Hudson
Payton Hudson 3 kun oldin
Did anyone else get exited when they saw Bohemian Rhapsody? Just me? Mkay.
Emma Crozier
Emma Crozier 3 kun oldin
I'm sorry but how did he not know the lyrics to there's nothing holding me back
Cosmina D
Cosmina D 3 kun oldin
manipulate masturbation😶
DearMakeUpDiary 3 kun oldin
We all need a cover for Genie in a Bottle by Gwyneth Paltrow 🎤 ASAP 🎙
Eve 3 kun oldin
oh god noooo
Mahi Kampanellou
Mahi Kampanellou 3 kun oldin
Gwyneth is killing it.. amazing voice
2026: Haeun Yun Kim
jimmy plz do this with arianna grande!
Cobe Bryant-Williams
Austin Powers
claluni _
claluni _ 3 kun oldin
Jimmy really loves this game
Quitel Cartwright
Quitel Cartwright 3 kun oldin
It isn't fair that Jimmy don't show his in slow motion only Gwyneth. I would love to see that. Who else?
Lucy Reilly
Lucy Reilly 3 kun oldin
What's she from?!
Luke Berg
Luke Berg 3 kun oldin
Gwyneth Paltrow invented yoga.
Ryan Nista
Ryan Nista 3 kun oldin
Jimmy looks like jack black
Albert Weijers
Albert Weijers 3 kun oldin
Fake vs. Fake (Goop vs. fake enthusiasm), Fake won.
Love this game.