Smart Guest Had Enough Of Whoopi Goldberg's RACE-BAITING, SHUTS her DOWN Completely

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Whoopi goldberg goes all race baiting again gets owned by smart Conservative guest. Plus an interview with president Trump where he completely owned the entire panel.
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18-Dek, 2017

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Shukin Andjivin
Shukin Andjivin 22 daqiqa oldin
I couldn't FATHOM the out-cry if he had said "spoken like a true black woman". OH MY HOLY G-D! He'd be drummed out of the U.S. if he even IMPLIED it!
Ue Mackay
Ue Mackay Soat oldin
Racist left wing idiots. Obamas middle name is Muhammad.
Tracey Mcgowan
Tracey Mcgowan 2 soat oldin
Whoopì thinks she knows everything pile of shit
Dave scheid
Dave scheid 5 soat oldin
she is a total racists....every conversation of hers ends up about race...she is the problem in this country...and im sick and tired of her interrupting anyone who is talking or has an opposing view...get her off tv...no one cares what she has to say...she is a disgrace to the afro American race...by the way I am black!
iceman5815 14 soat oldin
Why is there a mop on the view??
Aaron Lapaul
Aaron Lapaul 14 soat oldin
If he'd have said "spoken like a true black woman" there would be a furore.
TheNew Beginning
TheNew Beginning 19 soat oldin
The view is legit as bunch of clucking, old dried up women screaming and ganging up against anyone that disagrees with them..
GRIFFIN 21 soat oldin
ended up blacks voted for Trump ...the viiew has to go
GRIFFIN 22 soat oldin
got woopi going woopie
Glenn Little
Glenn Little Kun oldin
The ironic thing is these racist Libshits on this show offend people they don't like EVERYDAY and that's OK. Here's my view of The View 🖕🖕
Brandon Fleming
Brandon Fleming Kun oldin
If someone put a bullet in whoopi goldbergs head Im pretty sure I would cry tears of joy.
David Jason Milligan
Whoopie is a racist bitch with hate agendas. I hate how the crowd cheer her . Whoopie is rude and clueless
Jayson Dibiase
Jayson Dibiase Kun oldin
The view is pure garbage
Jared Keller
Jared Keller Kun oldin
The liberal tactic is interrupting anytime someone makes a valid argument, so you can do your best to silence them. Liberals will also hold onto slavery as an argument, yet when a conservative brings up how the Republican party was the first party to have African Americans they are told they can't hold onto the past and have to get with the present time. Make sure you pay attention to these tactics by liberals. Don't be pulled in like the puppets they are.
whispers_hope 2 kun oldin
It's so pathetic that Whoopi has forgotten her "true colors." Oh, I want to stress that it is impossible for a white to understand being black and vise versa, but having compassion and being mature in speaking to these issues is an absolute necessary.
hellosaysme08 2 kun oldin
I'm Irish and that fucking moron doesn't speak for me, call me what you like
Generic Name
Generic Name 2 kun oldin
The irony is the only ones who care about the redskins thing are white SJWs lol
Dave Coyle
Dave Coyle 2 kun oldin
Who in their right mind would want to live in the kind of world espoused by whoopi Goldberg! It would be hell ,she is a first class libtard !
PIGGY WIGGY 2 kun oldin
Mr. DT
Mr. DT 2 kun oldin
Whoopi is such a waste of space. Don't talk about race if you're not black. If you say something she is offended by or if anyone is offended by even if you don't know your offending someone you cant talk. She is a Marxist, racist, and socialist. But, I could care less because the majority of this country knows what BS is. And know this is a constitutional republic.
IXth 2 kun oldin
Notice how Anne Coulter has facts and no one else there does?
IXth 2 kun oldin
So by Whoopie's logic anyone who says "you're a white *blank -supremicist, male, whatever" is a victim racism...
ejne2 2 kun oldin
i recently had a doctors appointment and this crap was on the tv in the crowed waiting room. i vehemently told the receptionist to get it off and just like the 2016 presidential election, the silent majority cheered me on. this show is pure trash! whoopi goldberg is a stupid racist and joy, whatever her name is, is a tool!
maxing must
maxing must 3 kun oldin
I don't think I've hated somebody so much as I do whoopi
Dan Dunning
Dan Dunning 3 kun oldin
Over paid pig! She is useless uneducated and flat out a racist pig!!!!
battleborn2002 3 kun oldin
Did they ever take Hillary to task for first questioning Obama's birthplace?
Raven Reyes PTZ
Raven Reyes PTZ 3 kun oldin
People are always afraid of the truth
Gary Hewitt
Gary Hewitt 3 kun oldin
Whoopi another loud mouth narcisstic overated overpaid idiot as soon as celebs open the mouth you just want to like.
Tung Kha
Tung Kha 4 kun oldin
the 'Predator' recently told me that he's offended by whoopi's appearance because people often mistaken him for whoopi
bozomonster 4 kun oldin
Whoopi is EVIL.
Len Kai
Len Kai 4 kun oldin
You can’t debate Will C. He will shut you down with facts.
Nelly98791 4 kun oldin
This is the first time I’m regretting to learn English. I WAS such a fun of Whoopi Goldberg when I was growing up. I had no idea she would hate me just because of my skin color.
foad 5981
foad 5981 4 kun oldin
The Left Is Really Trying To Start The Next Civil War! They are just Sore Losers because Billary Clinton LOST the Election! She Sucks As Much As The View
Dulmini Dharmapala
Dulmini Dharmapala 4 kun oldin
Gosh Whoopi is intentionally blind to FACTS! More like Whoops
Julie 4 kun oldin
Whoopi needs to shut the hell up. Racist POS
Edie LoBue
Edie LoBue 4 kun oldin
Abzorbo 4 kun oldin
Cannot listen to that fat black cunt !!!!
Patti Minutillo
Patti Minutillo 4 kun oldin
The view sucks
J Bastidas
J Bastidas 4 kun oldin
Whoopi cannot make a sentence by herself. Hollywood should stay out of politics... Especially old women.
Soibhan Reece
Soibhan Reece 4 kun oldin
I am amazed that this show is aloud to run. It seems to me the network would be humiliated by these imbeciles. If they are questioning why anyone seeking to be president would need to show their birth certificate they are not intelligent enough to hold discussions about anything. If a cop needs to see your driver's license when you are pulled over, or you need to show an ID when applying for a job, why in the hell would it not be MANDATORY for the person seeking the highest seat in the nation to show his or her credentials? ….and why in the hell would someone question that? These ladies are complete idiots!!!
Nikki Raw
Nikki Raw 4 kun oldin
Obama's brother said he was born in KENYA. OBAMA SAID IT TOO. YOU DUMB BITCH.
Nikki Raw
Nikki Raw 4 kun oldin
Poor Whoopi your feelings are hurt. How's this, YOU RACIST C-NT. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T LISTEN. BITCH.
yimmythegreek1 4 kun oldin
Every single woman on this panel and whoever was clapping in the crowd is IGNORANT. Trump was correct. To be president of the USA you have to be born in the USA and all Donald wanted was for Obama to show his birth certificate just like trump had to show his! What the hell is wrong with that? Whoopies ignorant ass said "are you kidding me we all know Obama was born in Hawaii". What?!?! Bitch how the hell do you know that because he "said so"???? She has no arguement yet she and the rest of these idiots on the panel are arguing! Without facts just st because he "said so"! If that's not ignorant then it's idiotic so take a pick dumbass! Wow how ignorant are these bitches?!?!
Tayler Dobson
Tayler Dobson 5 kun oldin
1:00 “Spoken like a true white guy, and I don’t mean it in a bad way”. So going by that logic why can’t we use the “blacks are always the victims lol or black women are so loud lol” (using that as an example Bc I’m black otherwise would’ve used the fighting Irish example). Now I don’t like either of those statements but it’s literally what Whoopi did White people fo have that “this is what they called me” experience btw. All of their achievements are credited to “white privilege”. White straight males are always homophobic, racist, pricks
PlasmaBurns 5 kun oldin
I remember years ago Whoopi saying she's had like 12 abortions. I was SHOCKED....(that any man would have slept with her)
COYOTE 5 kun oldin
Ann Coulter makes Whoopie look Illiterate
Dee Nguyen
Dee Nguyen 5 kun oldin
I used to like Whoopi because of the movie "Ghost", but now, I cannot stand her and her racist rant. It's ok for her to say the guest spoken "like a true white guy" but if he said that to her, man, he'd be in big doo doo. Such double standards! Cancel the damn show.
Marie Poole
Marie Poole 5 kun oldin
Wow.......racist much whoopie?
Mary Lee
Mary Lee 5 kun oldin
Spoken like a true white guy. But she doesn't mean it in a bad way. Fuck off Whoopi. But I don't mean that in a bad way.
james baker
james baker 5 kun oldin
Hang em... HANG EM ALL!!!
Susan2361 5 kun oldin
I have never considered myself a racist.. But I am starting to feel like one because I constantly have to defend myself and my race against people like Whoopie. I am tired of her constant harassment of whites and her whining about how black feel hurt all the time. Geez, you can't open your mouth anymore without hurting someone's feelings. We are an overly sensitive group of people. Everyone ahould just get over themselves already.
Buford Mundane
Buford Mundane 5 kun oldin
One rooster in a herd of chickens.
Buford Mundane
Buford Mundane 5 kun oldin
Whoopi is a waste of good air. Biggest racist on television. Or at least in the top ten.
George Moylan
George Moylan 5 kun oldin
Hey Whoopi!!! You can be racist towards whites as well as coloured people!!! Look up the meaning in any dictionary. Stop playing the victim card every time something doesn't go your way. By the way the rest of your mates on the view panel are a bunch of snivelling sicophants!!!!
Paka Lolo
Paka Lolo 5 kun oldin
It's Woody not Whoopi. It's a he not a she. It's a black Pat. Remember that movie? It thinks we should live and think like her. One word about it. STUPID!!!!
1979discodiva 5 kun oldin
Soros funded ONE SIDED VIEW
1979discodiva 5 kun oldin
Show us yr GD birth certificate!!! Lying CORRUPT MF!!! Vote President Trump 2020
Jonathan Bryant
Jonathan Bryant 5 kun oldin
The View is nothing but 5 harpies that need to quit squawking and get a real education and job.
Jon Michael Angus
Jon Michael Angus 5 kun oldin
whoopi and the view are a bunch of dumbasses they are talking off of hearsay and what they think instead of facts and research.
Live Wire
Live Wire 5 kun oldin
You can't get a friggin CDL driver license without showing a birth certificate and that fraud obama didn't have to show one. Liberals are the biggest bunch of clueless, lying sneaks ever to walk.
Amelia Rodriguez
Amelia Rodriguez 6 kun oldin
And to prove those women are liars Obama has since admitted that he was the first KENYAN born American president.. It has been proven m I chelle is a man named Michael Johnson...the daughters are borrowed from the doctor who delivered them from herself and her husband. Look at the social security birth I index.. There is no Obama family..Barry Sotero aka Obama and Michelle have fake social security numbers...The list goes on and on .The reason this Jerry Springer show is still on the air is bc they spread propaganda.. Her books are always in the top 10 you dingbats
Fred 1260
Fred 1260 6 kun oldin
Which one of these ladies have guts to go to FOX NEWS show alone and answer five people questions???
Kevin Cousineau
Kevin Cousineau 6 kun oldin
whoopi is a piece of fecal matter
mighty mouse
mighty mouse 6 kun oldin
Felix 6 kun oldin
Poor rich old Whoopie.. dress her a little different, put her in a 12 year old car and set her liberal fat *ss down on the street somewhere on the east side of Detroit.. she DOES NOT know anything about "Blackness".. She is a bully!!!
Gods Beloved
Gods Beloved 6 kun oldin
Women, blacks, whites, we have all been slaves, bullied, segregated. The whites who spoke with blacks at one time were treated just as bad and a lot of the black slaves have said they didn't want it abolished. It gave them jobs, families, and they were set free and had nowhere to go. Most slave owners were not cruel. A lot of maids were poor white women and so we cant keep playing the victim. God says if you are a servant be the best servant. It is true we all work for God and our reaction to a situation is what matters and changes things. When people act like Whoopi that causes hate and people to not stand a certain race. Now you got blacks taking over and demanding rights accusing innocent people when they weren't even alive back then. I'd read the book cause it's truth. People are tired of the blacks whining when the poor of any race are treated horribly. I'm a tiny white mother and have been beaten and harassed by police for doing nothing at all when there are murderers and rapists lose on our streets. Also if anyone deserves anything and our compassion and got completely screwed it was the Indians and you don't see them playing the victim and using it for anything other than to protect their families so our government can't take their kids anymore for living how they want when they founded the country.
Gods Beloved
Gods Beloved 6 kun oldin
Oh but blacks van call each other the N word and call whites crackers and people just need to get over it and not give anyone power over them. Let it go and see the best and Whoopi is just negative and a hypocrite. I mean they have gotten ridiculous.
Mrs Fox
Mrs Fox 6 kun oldin
Whoopie the racist
Jan Davis
Jan Davis 6 kun oldin
She is the biggest racist!!!
John Tilson
John Tilson 6 kun oldin
Why didn't that heifer get her ass out of the USA when Trump became president like she said she would?? Did she think the mindset she found offensive that existed before the election was somehow going to be different after, is that why she stayed? Nope. Did she think she had a snowball's chance in hell of changing that mindset, is that why she stayed? Nope. does she just like hearing her blather that only seems to resonate with leftist sycophants, is that why she stayed? Partially. Is it the fact this old windbag of a racebaiter is washed up in films and is only doing the PeeU, er I mean 'View' for the paycheck, is that why she stayed?? DING! DING! DING! Step right up and claim your prize!!!
Timothy Keiser
Timothy Keiser 6 kun oldin
I just laugh at all this stupid shit! Whoopi lives in the past! What is bet channel? What is the niggroe college fund Whoopi? How about if we had a white entertainment channel! And a white collage fund! That would be racism! Get your shit right you piece of shit! Oh I forgotten!!! You are a millionaire in the United States!
CKLG 6 kun oldin
Whoopi is one of the biggest racist, uneducated moron and should not be allowed her "opinion"-- as she always says "let me tell you". No Whoopi and Joy included your views are tainted by fogged glasses you do NOT see the world clearly, you see the world through a fogged prism. I lived next door to a black woman in LA (o'yeh was a hooker, need not name the married men she worked with) she told me that (I quote) "I'm black and know blacks are the most racist people out of all races". I believe it now, after living in the south of the USA. This program should be taken off the air - there's nothing of any value given from any of these women's fogged views of irrelevancy. There's one intelligent woman on this show who is no longer on it, out of 5 sitting on that bench. And, Joy well, that's just a total joke. Can the whole show!!!!!!!!!
Bratty Young
Bratty Young 6 kun oldin
Obimbo is and always will be the worst president in US history.
Bratty Young
Bratty Young 6 kun oldin
Oh shut up Whoopie.......Nothing but a low life gossip show.This show is an insult to the American public.
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 6 kun oldin
Whoopi is an idiot!
Robert Trujillo
Robert Trujillo 6 kun oldin
whoopi should humble herself sometimes, she thinks she's always right , she's nerve wracking
Maury Feinstein
Maury Feinstein 4 kun oldin
The View should be taken off the air all it does is intaginite people Goldberg is a total disgrace, a racist fraud, her day to rot in hell will come, will she call Jesus those names, what a total piece piece of garbarge.
Pete Koons
Pete Koons 6 kun oldin
I would love to see Jesse Lee Peterson vs Whoopi. Let's see how well her statements stand up then!
zeckham100 6 kun oldin
Blackies don't want to fit in, all they do is moan
Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli 6 kun oldin
Whoopi is cute. I want to marry her
mike atheist
mike atheist 6 kun oldin
This is why men don't watch this show, just a bunch of hags bickering, no one gets a turn to speak.
Tracy Woolems
Tracy Woolems 6 kun oldin
Whoopi goldberg you literally make me sick you fucking satanist cunt .... your ship is about to sink you pathetic racist parasite !!!!!!!
Eye in Eye
Eye in Eye 7 kun oldin
You sadden me Whoppi! You are clearly a true plantation, globalist promoting, paedophile defending, house negro!!! I could only assume you are scared that the pending jailing of the corrupt dirty demorats, and their associated media alphabet assassins may expose your house n******* - keep your people down, I empowered and in check approach. Stop now before you are made to remove the dread locks you falsely and I righteously carry!
Eye in Eye
Eye in Eye 7 kun oldin
And I am a true person of more myelinated colour than you can ever propose to be! In case you thought I was privileged white person. You should look at the SGT report before misguiding our people!!!
jack thelad
jack thelad 7 kun oldin
if it was not for white people they would still be picking cotton
jack thelad
jack thelad 7 kun oldin
poopie Goldberg
Anubis Smite
Anubis Smite 7 kun oldin
You know what bitch , it's called the first amendment !! Fuck you
American Patriot of Michigan
Do they have birth certificates in Kenya? Maybe the hospital he was born at can mail it to The View.
Toria Sheyi
Toria Sheyi 7 kun oldin
Lol love how all white folks always use "I have a black friend" they use that as an opportunity to insult how we look. This is our hair deal with it! Because your hair isn't any different!
Hunter Owe
Hunter Owe 7 kun oldin
news flash. there would be less race issues if you got rid of Whoopi and the view.
Hunter Owe
Hunter Owe 7 kun oldin
news flash. there would be less race issues if you got rid of Whoopi and the view.
Eric Paul
Eric Paul 7 kun oldin
My man Will Cain
Jutka Kadas
Jutka Kadas 7 kun oldin
Five barking women and Trump. What s wrong for asking for a paper! Whoopi how much you know about white? You are RACIST!!!!!!
Joseph 8 kun oldin
Whoopi . Not rape rape
Jay Vansickle
Jay Vansickle 8 kun oldin
I liked Whoopi way better on Star Trek TNG.
Danny Bandit
Danny Bandit 8 kun oldin
Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most uneducated black women in America. Hence why she has a lead role on this crappy show
Al Fred
Al Fred 8 kun oldin
Does anyone even watch the view? Fucking hell these woman are useless.
Lladnar Yar
Lladnar Yar 8 kun oldin
Where’s the “shutdown”? All you showed was Whoopi owning some goof ball and 45.
darren knight
darren knight 8 kun oldin
She didn't get to finish i Question, not one.
darren knight
darren knight 8 kun oldin
Vile goldberg, and the rest of the witches need sorting out.
Mike Sokolow
Mike Sokolow 8 kun oldin
A negro woman be a preachin.
John Ball
John Ball 8 kun oldin
Poor Ann, trying to explain basic logic to 5 girls whose combined IQ is lower than hers. You'll never convince idiots of their shortcomings.