Smartphone Gadgets you might not believe Existed...

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Top 10 Crazy Smartphone Gadgets! These Tech Accessories from Amazon all help to make your Android Smartphone / iPhone even cooler!
Smartphone Triggers:
US: amzn.to/2O8RQT5
UK: amzn.to/2O8SdwX
Worldwide (Close Alternative): bit.ly/2CKVbpv
US: amzn.to/2Sm6lWZ
UK: amzn.to/2RiCHjV
Worldwide (Close Alternative): bit.ly/2CKVdO9
Marshall Kilburn II
Worldwide: bit.ly/2PZA1aG
Rollable Keyboard:
US: amzn.to/2yA6kWX
UK: amzn.to/2Q4OaDO
US: amzn.to/2D809xA
UK: amzn.to/2EO1fQA
Worldwide: bit.ly/2RhVr2W
Waterproof bag
US (Close Alternative): amzn.to/2SmFmKN
UK: amzn.to/2O9SLm8
Worldwide (Close Alternative): bit.ly/2qfLDv4
QUAD Lens (Only works with iphone / phones where camera is on the edge:
UK: amzn.to/2O927i3
US (Close Alternative): amzn.to/2O8ETsx
Worldwide (Close Alternative): bit.ly/2OULrQv
Time-Lapse Stabiliser
UK: amzn.to/2AvuMu8
US: amzn.to/2SrFDwj
Wireless Charger:
UK: amzn.to/2z8mgzf
US: amzn.to/2DasTpt
NFC Tags:
UK: amzn.to/2Rir90c
US: amzn.to/2Sqkz97
Worldwide (Close Alternative): bit.ly/2Q1Utrp
Levitating Stand:
Worldwide: bit.ly/2RkW1x7
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My Filming Gear:
Thanks to Marshall for making this video possible, and sending out the Kilburn II for review - all opinions are my own.

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28-Okt, 2018



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Fikrlar 1 106
Madaar Gbondo
Madaar Gbondo Kun oldin
Nice Video, but man, your voice can only be challenged by Morgan Freeman's
timt1776 2 kun oldin
Thanks, great content and really good video! You have another subscriber!
Kram Dela Cruz KDC
Kram Dela Cruz KDC 2 kun oldin
Niggut 2 kun oldin
Got straight to the point, I wasn’t even ready lol
Pete Skyrunner
Pete Skyrunner 5 kun oldin
Thankfully no super loud dub step music and annoying graphics intro. Great informative video. Liked.
Mr.Everything Man
Mr.Everything Man 5 kun oldin
Thank you SO fucking much I absolutely HATE long intros You are the best
Happy Life English
Happy Life English 5 kun oldin
The rollable keyboard is just awesome, I love it. amzn.to/2IsbfA8
Ziggy Chicano
Ziggy Chicano 5 kun oldin
I like these.. What's the song playing
michael steven
michael steven 6 kun oldin
7:12 so basically i could buy the levitation Device to do lines of cocaine on while it's floating 😂 lol
Lev Shchedrovitskiy
5:02 there is someone in the house
1k subs with some videos challenge
Woah he has the infinity gadget
Cliff X
Cliff X 10 kun oldin
No one: 9 year olds: 5:22 omg that’s a FIDGET SPINNER
Rif malik
Rif malik 11 kun oldin
I'm waiting for the day when Mrwhosetheboss will hire me. 😊😊😊
Shinkajo 13 kun oldin
Why the hell would you want two people controlling the music at the same time?? Sounds like a nightmare.
Shinkajo 13 kun oldin
Who the fuck plays shooters on their GOD DAMN PHONE?! What is the world coming to...
Kamran Haider
Kamran Haider 13 kun oldin
See this new iphone coming in 2022 very hot news clk.ink/iCICrr
Laxman Bhatia
Laxman Bhatia 14 kun oldin
Boht Hard ✓
SearchingEnd 15 kun oldin
I think if You buy best phone most of it alreay have maximum features describe in it.
SearchingEnd 15 kun oldin
I think if You buy best phone most of it alreay have maximum features describe in it.
Ophiel666 15 kun oldin
hahahahaha i loved that Samsung Adaptor for a huawei phone.
Dellen Kurniawan
Dellen Kurniawan 17 kun oldin
Quad lens work with huawei mate 20 pro?
Jovial Jordan Marbz
Jovial Jordan Marbz 19 kun oldin
why you dint show how the lens attachment work or how it look while capture 😑😑😑😑
Dan Alicorn
Dan Alicorn 23 kun oldin
This guy is a higher class human. He managed to ignore the charger's resemblance to a spinner.
rajendra kale
rajendra kale 24 kun oldin
Skip 4:11
BitSmash Gaming
BitSmash Gaming 24 kun oldin
5:38 “ a little bit like something you -throw- spin”
Mr MiEy
Mr MiEy 26 kun oldin
Can you use the wireless keyboard for playing games
Steven hollis
Steven hollis 27 kun oldin
Nice man straight to the point
TimonX 29 kun oldin
The charger looks like a fidget spinner
gumshoesoul Oy oldin
Puffy BIG and ICE Cube.
Random Human
Random Human Oy oldin
Oh men😮
juan def
juan def Oy oldin
12 years ago i had a rollable keyboard
Divyaraj Singh Jadav
Can you say its price also
Josef Santos
Josef Santos Oy oldin
I am very annoyed at your fucking voice, the damn accent is shit
Alfonso Bajado
Well I thought it was a fidget spinner
Zodiac Sam
Zodiac Sam Oy oldin
Wow! Nothing I would buy or use even if it were free.
Tartaruga Veloce
What is NFC Tag X10 is doing ? 🤔🤔
Tartaruga Veloce
I sooooo want that keyboard !! Damn !!
MIDY SynthésMusics
poser un Smartphone sur une plateforme magnétique,il n'y a rien de plus mauvais...
Maxtilik Oy oldin
why you hide notch ?
Styromaniac ‍
You're a life saver. I need those triggers. God do I need real gaming back in my life.
PewDiePie W
PewDiePie W Oy oldin
1:14 but how do i use it?
jbingfaIII Oy oldin
Yeah marshall is nice
jbingfaIII Oy oldin
hey man the first gadget sounds like a mouse click...a notice...
Dandier Games
Dandier Games Oy oldin
everyone knows two people in control of a speaker starts a war...
Anton Jonsson
Anton Jonsson Oy oldin
1:50 Connecting to multiple devices or have multiple devices connected have nothing to do with Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth 5.0 is just stronger connection and in some cases longer distance. Connecting to multiple devices or having multiple devices connected is some thing the manufacturer puts in, but yes Bluetooth 5.0 probably allowed manufacturers to add that feature. So everything that has Bluetooth 5.0 doesn’t have the ability to connect to multiple devices or have multiple devices connected to it.
mwangi victor
mwangi victor Oy oldin
Damn the keyboard one is awesome
Dave Sheen
Dave Sheen Oy oldin
What's the song at the end ?
The Big D
The Big D Oy oldin
Them projectors are rubbish ive got one
Toby mak
Toby mak Oy oldin
Which game is it on the first one?
The Cult of Memes
Ok that charger thing is a fidget spinner.
What's the outro music?
carl apoxx
carl apoxx Oy oldin
M eh
M eh Oy oldin
Sadly with article 13 coming up in the EU his videos will be illegal to view in the EU due to the use of copyrighted materials...
shameel roshan
5:35 😂 boomerang
1hitpistol Oy oldin
the charging station looks a massive fidget spinner
Brian Wind Grøndahl
1:20 whay!!! that's just ridiculous, maby buy glasses instead 🤓😂🤣😂🤣
Arzhad Mam
Arzhad Mam Oy oldin
awesome vdo
Eugene Love
Eugene Love Oy oldin
Worth subscribing
Barlaan Jayson
Love to hear your voice everyday i watched your videos.. ☺ God bless. ☺ ♥
Luke Beauchamp
Those so-called gaming phones should have triggers built in
Anavon TG
Anavon TG Oy oldin
The Andoer is garbage. Try this one: www.amazon.com/camalapse-mobile-timelapse-accessory-smartphones/dp/B01K0PVHHY/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=360+Degrees+Rotating+Time+Lapse+Stabilizer&qid=1551708616&s=gateway&sr=8-8
ExPert nOOb
ExPert nOOb Oy oldin
When will be the giveaway held
james cole
james cole Oy oldin
Hi guys if you need help in hacking Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, twitter and any others hacking problem. Just contact @cyberhakks on Instagram he is a legit hacker
kloadit Oy oldin
Ight I just subbed
Misan Oy oldin
i came here after i saw the name of this channel and i was gonna say this and leave: "to answer you question, i'm the boss" but i got intrigued and watched ur vid
_ Vyperz
_ Vyperz Oy oldin
I initially thought that the charging station was a fidget spinner...
Dwayne Volcere
I though it was a massive fidget spinner
internet troll
What camera are you using?
Gaurav dixit status
How did me Buy
Gaurav dixit status
Buy kese kare
The Vaping advocate
Wheres the phone that lasts 50 days the fuck click bait
Iamfree Areyou
People typically do timelapse videos on one spot not pan around.
Iamfree Areyou
That keyboard would be great for Windows where you could prevent the keyboard from popping up on screen, but for Andriod it would just be more convenient and less of a power drain to just use the on screen keyboard which pops up and is in the way anyway.
Iamfree Areyou
IPX 2 water resistance, in other words it has zero water resistance, you could sneeze on the thing and kill it.
Iamfree Areyou
Meh. Back firing tweeters? Like you'd want most of the sound going away from you rather than towards you... Plus I can't tell but it looks like just an over sized mono bluetooth speaker that probably claims to be stereo even though all of the sound comes from just one speaker set or one channel, not saying that's what it is, but knowing Marshall amps, that's probably it. It really wouldn't be too much different from getting a crappy single speaker bluetooth speaker that claims to be stereo even though it's mono.
Lunchf00d Oy oldin
5:26 this is a freaking giant fidget spinner
Jon Reniel Norca
I really liked that keyboard my laptop's kwyboard is broken so I might buy that
Amazo Oy oldin
I LOVE IT, straight into it. Getting a sub for that
Matthew Zaw Bawk
i like mini projector and key board
Edgar H Castillo
Great video. Whats the song tittle that plays youryour outro
Christian De La Rosa
Name of the song at the end of the video??please.!!😁😁
Cory gray
Cory gray Oy oldin
Why cant all videos be like this. No bullshit, no intro where the guy is more focused on being a comedian. Straight to the goods. MPOW makes some good stuff too. They have the highest rated wireless earbuds on Amazon right now and they only cost 18.00
GFX Animations
take a listen to this "doesen't make a sound"
Månî Käntáñ
What is the phone brand at 4:35
Nidhogg Oy oldin
2:36 now, that s a failed design xD It should have had integrated bluetooth, like most wireless keyboard have for phones ... and not a fucking adapter ...
Munif A.
Munif A. Oy oldin
Nice. No shitty loud intros.
Timothy Warner
NFC is so much more useful than simply encoding triggers. Grab a hard tag, slap vcard data on it, and you have a digital business card. Stick one on a card, put wifi credentials on it and you have a way for friends to connect up without needing to ask for your login. That one is also pretty cool since they never see the password. Dead drops for text, product information, links to websites, or basically anything that can fit in the byte limit of the tag you're using. Up to around 512 bytes on an NTAG-216 iirc, and down to 144 on an NTAG-213. That's a tweet minus a couple characters for headers.
Ronnie Robinson
mavishill Oy oldin
Lighting all over the shop
lingo starr
lingo starr Oy oldin
Ipx2. What a joke
Om C
Om C 2 oy oldin
great stuff. underrated. :(
french toast774
french toast774 2 oy oldin
Woah a charging fidget spinner XL..
Nemtudodmeg :3
Nemtudodmeg :3 2 oy oldin
Flash Thomas
Flash Thomas 2 oy oldin
How is $5 flippin £9
Tony Lohi
Tony Lohi 2 oy oldin
Thanks I just ordered a magnifier!
SoulDesign 2 oy oldin
I got the pubgm triggers for 2 dollars
Camilo Nuñez
Camilo Nuñez 2 oy oldin
This video is so good, straight to the point, no intros, no innecesary music between the products, and the best of all, did not use iphone
C J 2 oy oldin
The waterproof bag: There is a difference between holding a phone under a tab versus submerging it.
Mahabub Saif
Mahabub Saif 2 oy oldin
7:43 song name please
Kiyoshi 2 oy oldin
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