SNAPPER HOOKED...Turtle Rescue Mission!

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In this episode of On Location, Coyote attempts to help a snapping turtle with a fishing hook in its mouth…which is to say the least, NO EASY TASK!
Get ready for a risky turtle rescue mission!

HUGE THANKS to the Holden’s Arboretum for hosting the crew at this location!
Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!
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Fikrlar 2 096
Kristy Mejia
Kristy Mejia 6 soat oldin
I love ypur vids
Evan Stern
Evan Stern 8 soat oldin
Coyote you are awesome I subscribed🧐🤓👌👍
The galaxy quad
The galaxy quad 9 soat oldin
Is there gonna be another golden ticket adventure thing?
Tab Burt
Tab Burt 12 soat oldin
Noemi Morales
Noemi Morales 2 kun oldin
Now noesless is hookless
Fernando Mendez pintado
OMG poor turtle 😭😰
Vyctorya Gomez
Vyctorya Gomez 2 kun oldin
He is crazy
Godfrey Sarte
Godfrey Sarte 3 kun oldin
This is on the news
Asal Aghaei
Asal Aghaei 3 kun oldin
Why had you blurred out only one persons face and everybody else’s face wasn’t?
Aray UvSunshyne
Aray UvSunshyne 3 kun oldin
Super Sad Summer
Super Sad Summer 3 kun oldin
This is why i love animals sm. They have to go through stuff like this, i remember when i was like 6 i watched an animal saving type of show and the sort of injuries that baby kittens and small turtles have. Its just horrible. ❤️😭☺️
nathan kup
nathan kup 3 kun oldin
coyote your pretty full of yourself, there are thousands of people in the world that could remove that hook
daffney garon
daffney garon 3 kun oldin
I saw a blak wido with my friends today we all tallked about teh vid you did with a blak wido
Dolly Andrade
Dolly Andrade 3 kun oldin
Hey Coyote ur the best I love wildlife too but I’m to scared to touch anything like snails yuck! Lol
FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!
A derpy turtle great! Very cute
Drew Deck
Drew Deck 4 kun oldin
Why is Pup's face blurred out?
Alesa Washington
Alesa Washington 4 kun oldin
I feel like I'm watching Nat Geo wild
Who is that girl with the blurred face at 3:06
Zantagiro7 4 kun oldin
such a great engineering!
Emma Read
Emma Read 4 kun oldin
:( oh no 🤦‍♀️ Poor animals
AaronTheSuperFox 4 kun oldin
I cought a snapping turtle by it tail
Fulton-Punch McSnake
The turtles face after he pulled out the hook is so sad...
Christopher Gamboa
Christopher Gamboa 4 kun oldin
This is one of my favourtie youtubers
Tekkerz Trident
Tekkerz Trident 4 kun oldin
How does he carry on afte getting wet, if it were me I would be sulking about it until I change
Nick Widmer
Nick Widmer 4 kun oldin
i would wager that removing a hook from someone eye probably qualifies as more dangerous
slicktrips 4 kun oldin
please i hooked a snapper double that size steel leader 65 pound braid brought it on to shore and did the same thing snappers are harmless when handled correctly stop instilling fear and just teach people
Jaime Andrade
Jaime Andrade 4 kun oldin
Coyote you are a hero, great job Mario, kid that gave coyote stick good job .Mark cool shots.
RobloxDogeRoleplay Roblox
How come only one person has his or hers face blurred
Lori Kay S.
Lori Kay S. 5 kun oldin
Awesome job coyote
Rocco De Falco
Rocco De Falco 5 kun oldin
I am 10 yrs old and there was a hook in a snapping turtle i already took the hook out without a person from the centre
Tính Phạm
Tính Phạm 5 kun oldin
Nishant Ashish
Nishant Ashish 5 kun oldin
Lovely work bro ..
The Ultimate Player
Why is pup's face blurred? The girl is pup right?
Daniel Peñate
Daniel Peñate 5 kun oldin
Que bueno que hay gente asi
Theres a snapper at my cottage that must look like he's in a punk band with all the hooks he must have in its mouth. Can't even fish off the dock anymore cuz it always manages to find our hooks!
Hydrogeddon 6 kun oldin
So as someone who projects himself as a person who cares about wildlife he saw some people fishing where they weren't supposed to and didn't say anything so he could get attention and get praised for getting a hook out of it's mouth
HasHasDre 6 kun oldin
these kids (probably) think this turtle is a normal turtle (cause they get really close to it) but this dude can bite off your darn finger
48.95,21.91SVK 6 kun oldin
I like turtles.
some stingy on the internet
Jenial S
Jenial S 6 kun oldin
Why the face of little girl behind is blurred.. ??
Eyed Bolty
Eyed Bolty 6 kun oldin
The videos are so crisp and clear
KEITH CHALMERS 6 kun oldin
Thanks but you are a super duchebag
Thunder Strike Warrior
I want to see you myself I have been watching your channel for 2 3 weeks
Animal Adventure
Animal Adventure 6 kun oldin
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Animal Adventure Hookless now :P
Ur boy Haykal
Ur boy Haykal 6 kun oldin
Looks like the tiab kcilc
Ariadne 6 kun oldin
god im so lost
Ariadne 6 kun oldin
Why is it that the turtle actually looked grateful for coyote ripping that hook out? I mean, I can assume that after the cameras were off that he wasn't very well behaved, but for that brief moment, he seemed happy, and thankful... Is it just me?
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Ariadne Some animals have been known to show a bit of gratitude after being saved, however snappers are quite aggressive :P
leaderofthepack39 6 kun oldin
I like this guy no homo
Doodlekat Animations
I wanna be there so bad 😭
OTHON SB 6 kun oldin
I am very your fan would like to see you testing the strength of clamp crab guaiamum
Random Uploads.
Random Uploads. 6 kun oldin
More like Hookless
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Random Uploads. Snappers are awesome!!
ISO-King -
ISO-King - 6 kun oldin
Kyrie yay he is back 😁
Bo Jangles
Bo Jangles 6 kun oldin
Fishing hooks are designed to rust away in a very short time. There is no need to remove them.
Bo Jangles
Bo Jangles 6 kun oldin
yep. looks like it came out just fine.
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Bo Jangles True but if he can remove it he might as well :P
Yvonne Shi
Yvonne Shi 7 kun oldin
The poor thing one of the kids say : and one said aww
Yvonne Shi
Yvonne Shi 7 kun oldin
Yvonne Shi
Yvonne Shi 7 kun oldin
I am a fN
Yvonne Shi
Yvonne Shi 7 kun oldin
That poor snapping Turtle
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Yvonne Shi He'll live another day!
Kim 7 kun oldin
Good job!
Drew F
Drew F 7 kun oldin
Noseless is now hookless
The Official Bruce Woo Woo
Oh no I have 3 pet turtles and this make me sad 😔😔😔😔🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
The Official Bruce Woo Woo I've got a few turtles as well and it sucks to see them hurt :/
Kawy Thowy
Kawy Thowy 7 kun oldin
I love the respect you gave this animal. Awesome. And teaching the kids to do the same. Priceless! Thank you!!
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Kawy Thowy I feel like education is super important with wildlife for kids. I'm trying to do the same kind of thing
LukeBendo 7 kun oldin
One about that big walked into my yard but luckily we got it into the swampy area near my house
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
LukeBendo Snappers are known to wander long distances and stay completely out of water for vast periods of time. They're beasts!
Estin Frankenhoff
Estin Frankenhoff 7 kun oldin
You're supposed to release a hook and a snapping turtle's mouth because it is way too dangerous to get them out that's how you do it and eventually the hook grows and a snapping turtle's mouth that's how you do it for real
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Estin Frankenhoff Well the way he did it was pretty safe and controlled so I'd trust em
most complicated man
why is the thumbnail so funny ?
Soul Les
Soul Les 7 kun oldin
Evan Tatusko
Evan Tatusko 7 kun oldin
Turt L.
Evan Tatusko
Evan Tatusko 6 kun oldin
Find me in the rest of trending.
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Evan Tatusko Turtles often take far L's
Rogelio Morales
Rogelio Morales 7 kun oldin
So nice seen kids enjoy nature and appreciate it ...instead of sitting on their computers ..wish more youth would just turn them off and go outside and enjoy gods creation ...but thats just wishful thinking on my part
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Rogelio Morales I'd agree, too much beautiful stuff out there to see!
Alvin Sandstrom
Alvin Sandstrom 7 kun oldin
Pursuit post civilian ogvunw aid option amendment forehead college maybe walk across.
Jiwen Wang
Jiwen Wang 7 kun oldin
Omg why is pup’s face blurred
Brice wheeler
Brice wheeler 7 kun oldin
so cool
Lps Black kitty
Lps Black kitty 7 kun oldin
Whats his name? 😹😹😹😹😹 What did coyote say? Dungston? LOL
TheTrolling Fox
TheTrolling Fox 7 kun oldin
I used to love the golden arboretum
scull crusher 454
scull crusher 454 7 kun oldin
Get the leg less lizard up close on camera
Kira's toy world for girls and boys
You're so nice you said snapping turtle turtles I love you thank you 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘٩(๑❛▽❛๑)۶٩(๑❛▽❛๑)۶≥﹏≤≥﹏≤
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Snappers are awesome! They're just a hair aggressive though :)
Michael Benjamin
Michael Benjamin 7 kun oldin
This actually happens to me fishing the other day the snapper took the bait and got stuck thank god I had metal hook removers and saved the guy
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Michael Benjamin That's awesome!! Thanks for saving the little one :)
admin9009 7 kun oldin
Can you do a jumping spider episode?
SU JIKAN 7 kun oldin
3:06 i wonder why that girl in the black shirt get blur out
Kenneth Wells
Kenneth Wells 7 kun oldin
Why is one girl's face blurred out
James Sullivan
James Sullivan 7 kun oldin
Think about how bad that hook has been hurting him
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
James Sullivan Turtles are tough as nails but it does still really irritate them :/ Theyll live with it in and itll fall out however that doesn't mean it feels good for them
DarkSagan 7 kun oldin
I Like Turtles!
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
DarkSagan Turtles are the best! 🐢🐢🐢
DerekM 7 kun oldin
I didn't know people saved snapping turtles. When I was growing up they were killed if caught. They would kill all the fish in lakes and not even eat them.
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
DerekM Snappers are a valuable part of the ecosystem and shouldn't be killed unless necessary or for food.
Nicolas Martin
Nicolas Martin 7 kun oldin
Sin pale order puzzdp winner nearly speed shout continued approach.
Ryan Bartley
Ryan Bartley 7 kun oldin
I like turtles 🐢
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Ryan Bartley 🐢🐢🐢🐢
The Hokage
The Hokage 7 kun oldin
Bro when are you going to get stung again ?
THeSummoneD 7 kun oldin
What’s to rescue? That turtle had the hook in its mouth for a long time with no problems.
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
THeSummoneD It's still uncomfortable for the turtle and has the possibility of causing some complications
Bilbo baggins
Bilbo baggins 7 kun oldin
LOL where in from we eat the turtle if we catch one and they are very good
Genesis y Vanessa Risas
Maltrato Animal
the beast
the beast 7 kun oldin
Me and my freind found one of those stuck on his back we flipped him over and put him back
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
the beast That's awesome!!!
david rosenberg
david rosenberg 8 kun oldin
Your viewership decline just as fast as your popularity... from million viewership to not even half a million
Mr Theorys
Mr Theorys 8 kun oldin
He’s seems so serious towards the kids😂
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Not all are like that though! My 3 turtles are sweet as can be :D
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Mr Theorys
Mr Theorys 6 kun oldin
DanTheGuppyMan ya especially with an evil turtle that’s craving for human flesh😂😂😂
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Mr Theorys You kind of have to be for their own safety
Lady D
Lady D 8 kun oldin
Turtle: Dude! I paid 99 bugs for that!!!
Keana Astalos
Keana Astalos 8 kun oldin
This is so cute wtf
Micah Edgin
Micah Edgin 8 kun oldin
Garbage Jeff Goldblum
Vidal Zaragoza
Vidal Zaragoza 8 kun oldin
Snapping Turtle: You're my hero
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Vidal Zaragoza Turtles show no gratitude, such a thankless job!!! Sometimes I help out my turtles if they're in a situation and boy do they not care 😂
Victor Monaco
Victor Monaco 8 kun oldin
That's one PO'd turtle.
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Victor Monaco Snappers are what I like to call hyper aggressive.
Master Chrome
Master Chrome 8 kun oldin
Hahahhaa, Blur face LOL
Kate Henry
Kate Henry 8 kun oldin
That poor thing with that fishing hook who knows how long that’s been there
Kate Henry
Kate Henry 5 kun oldin
DanTheGuppyMan ok that’s good
DanTheGuppyMan 6 kun oldin
Kate Henry the hook wasn't rusted at all so I'd say not too long luckily
emboltic 8 kun oldin
Mike 8 kun oldin
should've just eaten it
Em S
Em S 8 kun oldin
Always the damn fishing nets and fishing hooks
Em S
Em S 5 kun oldin
Alex Robbins nope, I don't think so. Fishing hooks can stay embedded in a sea creature's mouth for life
Alex Robbins
Alex Robbins 5 kun oldin
That hook would be no problem for that turtle he would be healthy otherwise that hook would rust out in a matter of weeks and in the right body of water would rot off in a matter of days