SNAPPER HOOKED...Turtle Rescue Mission!

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In this episode of On Location, Coyote attempts to help a snapping turtle with a fishing hook in its mouth…which is to say the least, NO EASY TASK!
Get ready for a risky turtle rescue mission!

HUGE THANKS to the Holden’s Arboretum for hosting the crew at this location!
Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!
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Daisy Cole
Daisy Cole Kun oldin
Noseless should be called lord voldermort
Kittiwat Poonsapol
Kittiwat Poonsapol 4 kun oldin
AishaVonFossen 5 kun oldin
I'm sure Noseless would have been fine, but it was still very sweet to see a bunch of people caring for him like that, and very nice and brave to remove that hook for him. And done so quickly and smoothly, very impressive. :)
Depressed Cricket
Depressed Cricket 13 kun oldin
Nosless: girl dat my dinner! Fisherman:...... u ain’t fish GIT TEH HEK OUT OF HERE
Kyle Vedder
Kyle Vedder 20 kun oldin
can you do a adventer in Hutchinson Kansas
E. Trano
E. Trano 25 kun oldin
" what's his naaame"? ..uhhhhh Noseless"
Defender Of Jah Most High
I hope this guy stays on UZvid cause I dont trust these mainstream media.
little joe
little joe Oy oldin
Ryan Kempf
Ryan Kempf Oy oldin
That was nice i an working at my school to save the snapping turtles and help them. I always am oit looking for snapping turtles. I love snapping turtles and have a pet one. Murray he is a Alligator snapping turtle i have seen a minimal 100 pound snapping turtle in my pond i am trying to catch him and photograph him
The Weird MEME Guy
Is this like Charlie and the chocolate factory with the tickets
Owen's Reviews & More!
Why they blur his daughters face?
OMG Cat 2 oy oldin
3:39 got dem double chin yo that turtle is like NNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHH also why is noseless more popular then me
Olivia Meyers
Olivia Meyers 2 oy oldin
That turtle is snappy because they got dumped by there bf/gf.
Olivia Meyers
Olivia Meyers 2 oy oldin
I noticed and loved that Coyote was twining with a little kid that had the same hat as him.
Cam Valadez
Cam Valadez 2 oy oldin
All of those kids were tiny and I don’t like them.
Joel BoardgameRpger
Beautiful !! :)
Auston Reyes
Auston Reyes 2 oy oldin
you shoed have a tv show
Ádám Zsolt Molnár
You my hero my favourite animal is the turtle
Iced Thai Tea Boba
Coyote:**Takes out hook** Noseless: **Shrinks back in** WTF did u do?
Iced Thai Tea Boba
Poor Snapping Turtle
Van Hamilton
Van Hamilton 3 oy oldin
That kid dressed as cayote
Leslie soto
Leslie soto 3 oy oldin
0:41 derby face
Fade Exx
Fade Exx 3 oy oldin
i like dancing turtles ,they cute when they bust hooker moves
aingaeltummers 3 oy oldin
Bear Trapped
Bear Trapped 4 oy oldin
use a SPLINTER OUT SCHOOL NURSE KIT to get rid of the hook
Gary Falzon
Gary Falzon 4 oy oldin
you are the coolest person in the world.
:MC: Kenna
:MC: Kenna 4 oy oldin
Coyote is the worlds best youtuber like if u agree
Mia Vaughn
Mia Vaughn 4 oy oldin
You know what they say, happy turtle, you get to keep all your fingers! 🐢
The obartmant skull
wow respect
VGames 1
VGames 1 4 oy oldin
I wouldn't leave a snapping turtle with a hook in its flesh behind. There should be training, or a service which you could call.
Naiara Patil
Naiara Patil 4 oy oldin
I wish fishermen would not use hooks.
Yuna Videos
Yuna Videos 5 oy oldin
Boom boom boom
RedZano 5 oy oldin
I’ve removed too many fishing hooks from all kinds of turtles to count. I’ve been bitten once but he’s right don’t try to remove fishing hooks from snapping turtles their bites hurt
sloppy pizza man
sloppy pizza man 5 oy oldin
Snapping turtle eats coyote Make you k
Valerie Annetta
Valerie Annetta 5 oy oldin
Amirul Hafiz
Amirul Hafiz 5 oy oldin
To Coyote Peterson, I really like how kind of you helping Noseless by removing the fishing hook off its beak. That is one of many reasons why I love watching your amazing and educational adventures!! When you said it's okay to leave turtle with hooks alone, does that mean the fishing hook will eventually rust, dissolve and fall off the turtle's mouth while causing absolutely no pain at all to the turtle itself. Keep up the awesome works!! :)
JS Fishing
JS Fishing 5 oy oldin
Hooks rust out in at most 5 days
Deal Breaker Studios
ho dat be
Looven z
Looven z 5 oy oldin
Bye noseless! Hahahahahahaha
KING ghost rider XD!!
If u want you can subscribe the time you came for is 2:55
Polkapup Star
Polkapup Star 6 oy oldin
Poor noseless! Thank god they can’t feel it! Coyote is amazing!
ashlovee 6 oy oldin
you should go to camp galailee upci district in the city's MN in cottage grove . we have a snaping turtle named jaws . hes rlly big but there are lots and lots of turtles in our pond !!! you should go in july during family camp .....all be there !!!!
canarin noiado
canarin noiado 6 oy oldin
Hahaahah suck turttle
anime indonesia
anime indonesia 6 oy oldin
Turtle vedeo
Benja Freeman
Benja Freeman 6 oy oldin
How did it loose it's nose? Turtle fight?
The Electron Creeper
Sometims you have to save others that bite you in this world.
Chancellor Palpatine
ive unhooked a snapping turtle that i in fact hooked myself. Believe me i did try to find a number for a professional but I wasnt successful in that so i tried to do it as carefully as possible. Little guy was in pain for sure as it was inside the top of his mouth and he kept trying to hide his head. Hopefully i did it right but at the end of the day, no hook in his mouth and he swam away without any signs that he was done for.
SHarpyHaMMeR 6 oy oldin
Felt like coyote was quite pissed when he talked about how you are not supposed to fish in that area.
Rouge-eastskier 6 oy oldin
If he didn’t remove the hook then in a couple of weeks the hook would have rusted away and the turtle would be fine don’t attempt to remove the hook just cut the line. Btw the only thing worse then hooking a turtle is to hook a bird if you hook a bird then your screwed
Song Lyrics
Song Lyrics 6 oy oldin
Coyote: hello my name is Coyote Peterson and today I will be entering the water zone by drowning. *coyote is in the water for an hour* *mark goes underwater* Mark: you ok? [DISCLAIMER] I do NOT mean any hate to this channel I absolutely adore him and everyone around him, I was just saying something that a lot of people put in the comments and something that was funny.
Natasha 6 oy oldin
You really are a reincarnation of Steve irwin .
Lps Magic moon
Lps Magic moon 6 oy oldin
Rip fish
Ahmad Youssef
Ahmad Youssef 6 oy oldin
*Coyote falls off cliff* Mark: you okay?
Ezor 6 oy oldin
I'm just sitting at home watching brave wilderness and suddenly I see a lot of young children and it makes me wonder, am I the only person watching that's above 10?
Happy chocolate
Happy chocolate 6 oy oldin
I hate these kids 😒
Juan Rios
Juan Rios 6 oy oldin
Poor turtle
The_Last_Ninja 4
The_Last_Ninja 4 6 oy oldin
Bro the kids are so cuuute!!😋😝😜
Raven Williams
Raven Williams 6 oy oldin
Nice tan cayote
woktie 6 oy oldin
Why is there just 1 person with a blur on their face?
matthewbruno vlogs
Snowy 6 oy oldin
2:40 the turtle's face 😂😂😂
Black Rose-Chan
Black Rose-Chan 7 oy oldin
Those kids where adorable
Just a normal guy
You know I live in Sweden 🇸🇪 and it’s a long way to your country
Horse lovers nh
Horse lovers nh 7 oy oldin
My brother accidentally caught a turtle with the hook by the foot before and he is able to safely get the hook out and he’s OK
mohamed khaled
mohamed khaled 7 oy oldin
Who got big shaq ad
tammygurl64 7 oy oldin
That was awesome of you to help this guy out! 👍
tammygurl64 7 oy oldin
Big snappers are dangerous! 😖 Years ago while fishing in a pond, a teeny-tiny (qtr to half dollar sized) baby turtle latched onto my worm (but not the hook). I reeled him in and he just kept hanging on to the worm as if to say, "You're not getting my dinner!". LOL! Cutest thing ever! 🐢
Evan Man76
Evan Man76 7 oy oldin
Lucky that it was in the corner
squidward 3000
squidward 3000 7 oy oldin
Why the girl on the lift with the blured out face looks like the 12 year old girl from despicable me
TheLoveThief 7 oy oldin
I'm so happy Charlie Day decided to pursue a wilderness show.
Slammaland 7 oy oldin
I caught a few snappers last week with hooks and bait.. Now there in my tummy
Gabriel Godoy
Gabriel Godoy 7 oy oldin
Kristy Mejia
Kristy Mejia 7 oy oldin
I love ypur vids
CozmicVenom011 7 oy oldin
Coyote you are awesome I subscribed🧐🤓👌👍
Nya&Friends! 7 oy oldin
Is there gonna be another golden ticket adventure thing?
Tab Burt
Tab Burt 7 oy oldin
sophie palms
sophie palms 7 oy oldin
Now noesless is hookless
Fernando Mendez pintado
OMG poor turtle 😭😰
Vyctorya Gomez
Vyctorya Gomez 7 oy oldin
He is crazy
silly Adventures
silly Adventures 7 oy oldin
This is on the news
Asal Aghaei
Asal Aghaei 7 oy oldin
Why had you blurred out only one persons face and everybody else’s face wasn’t?
Aray UvSunshyne
Aray UvSunshyne 7 oy oldin
Super Sad Summer
Super Sad Summer 7 oy oldin
This is why i love animals sm. They have to go through stuff like this, i remember when i was like 6 i watched an animal saving type of show and the sort of injuries that baby kittens and small turtles have. Its just horrible. ❤️😭☺️
daffney garon
daffney garon 7 oy oldin
I saw a blak wido with my friends today we all tallked about teh vid you did with a blak wido
Ęllįę Mįntę Ærtįst
Hey Coyote ur the best I love wildlife too but I’m to scared to touch anything like snails yuck! Lol
Pug Lover5902
Pug Lover5902 7 oy oldin
A derpy turtle great! Very cute
Drew Deck
Drew Deck 7 oy oldin
Why is Pup's face blurred out?
Alesa Washington
Alesa Washington 7 oy oldin
I feel like I'm watching Nat Geo wild
H2O Nemeziz
H2O Nemeziz 7 oy oldin
Who is that girl with the blurred face at 3:06
Zantagiro7 7 oy oldin
such a great engineering!
Emma Read
Emma Read 7 oy oldin
:( oh no 🤦‍♀️ Poor animals
AaronTheSuperFox 7 oy oldin
I cought a snapping turtle by it tail
Fulton-Punch McSnake
The turtles face after he pulled out the hook is so sad...
Christopher Gamboa
This is one of my favourtie youtubers
Tekkerz Trident
Tekkerz Trident 7 oy oldin
How does he carry on afte getting wet, if it were me I would be sulking about it until I change
Nick Widmer
Nick Widmer 7 oy oldin
i would wager that removing a hook from someone eye probably qualifies as more dangerous
slicktrips 7 oy oldin
please i hooked a snapper double that size steel leader 65 pound braid brought it on to shore and did the same thing snappers are harmless when handled correctly stop instilling fear and just teach people
Jaime Andrade
Jaime Andrade 7 oy oldin
Coyote you are a hero, great job Mario, kid that gave coyote stick good job .Mark cool shots.
RobloxDogeRoleplay Roblox
How come only one person has his or hers face blurred
Rocco De Falco
Rocco De Falco 7 oy oldin
I am 10 yrs old and there was a hook in a snapping turtle i already took the hook out without a person from the centre
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