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I HAVE A WORKSHOP! What an upgrade. No more working from home, I'm a grownup now. So what's the going rate for indoor bouncy castles?
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Jane Wiseman
Jane Wiseman 10 daqiqa oldin
Love that apron. Any chance someone can tell me the brand or what to call that style with the leg split? Could really use them at work... TY!
yorinov2001 2 soat oldin
“Simone’s Wonder Emporium - Where We put the Y in Giertz”😜
Antonio 2 soat oldin
Sanctum Simonum
Twixtor 5 soat oldin
Get a fire pole. Linus needs to be taught a lesson.
Jens L.
Jens L. 5 soat oldin
The hairstyle you have in the new workshop looks great.
Sly Sly
Sly Sly 6 soat oldin
Build the ultimate outhouse...4 camping???
Whisperingwillow 6 soat oldin
I heard your channel from nerdEcrafter and I wanted to check you out!
chrislee671 8 soat oldin
I laughed goofily at the deer
Stefano Rizzotti
Stefano Rizzotti 8 soat oldin
It's great to see that you recovered well. Congratulations to your new workshop, can't wait to see you again at work. I wish you the best luck
Austin Jaynes
Austin Jaynes 11 soat oldin
Sliding down the pole hurt your Jiji
William Kirton
William Kirton 11 soat oldin
Try getting some huge parcans (type of theatre/film set lantern) and some funky gels to create some fun lighting stuff!
am motivated
am motivated 12 soat oldin
Gabe Wohlers
Gabe Wohlers 14 soat oldin
Hang a real airplane from the super tall ceiling.
Ed Green
Ed Green 14 soat oldin
You should build a drone big enough to lift a person, and use that instead of the (clearly terrifying) stairs.
Sharkwizard92 16 soat oldin
FIREMAN'S (firepersons's?) POLE!!!!
Nanachi :3
Nanachi :3 22 soat oldin
omg she's so badass holy damm
Le Goober
Le Goober 23 soat oldin
Passenger Pigeon sounds like a great name for a texting app
ryan s
ryan s Kun oldin
Hydraulic lift work table and an overhead crane. But of course you need a slushy machine and a really good sound system
Vladimir Popik
Vladimir Popik Kun oldin
What kind of workshop is that? I’ve been trying to get myself one (like the one in this video is perfect size, and it needs a car garage door)
Martin C.
Martin C. Kun oldin
The SweetDen
Rylei Castro
Rylei Castro Kun oldin
Build a shitty robot that pushes you on a swing
Murray Halbert
Murray Halbert Kun oldin
Ohhh Booooy If I had that upper space. I can guarantee that you will fill the square footage so looking forward look into cubic footage. I would put an open mezzanine with railing of course and access from the upper floor or move the stairs back and put a landing to give access to it. I would say 1/4 floor area on that side with future expansion in mind, fire pole, slide or any levitation device. I don't know the layout dimension, your budget or future business ventures. "Major point" If you are tester of fuses and seeing how much smoke components actually have in them, an exhaust fan, air inlet and fire extinguishers are a must!
Timo Bauer
Timo Bauer Kun oldin
There is a hammock missing...
MegaDan Kun oldin
A small alarm you can hit if you have an idea or just for fun, yea pretty much for fun.
Andrehh89 Kun oldin
you shuld put " istappar under the stairs.
Ray Brandt
Ray Brandt Kun oldin
The scar is hot
Shade x Oblivion
That's what I call a major upgrade
Jonah Nelson
Jonah Nelson Kun oldin
3D Printer
Tim Be
Tim Be Kun oldin
Oh no what happened to the stairs D:
ERIK WOO Kun oldin
Forstår du norsk?
ragnarocking Kun oldin
"Pigeons 'n Things"
Abdallah Hegab
Abdallah Hegab Kun oldin
actually i'm happy to see you again on UZvid
Hibashira Sakai
Hibashira Sakai Kun oldin
Simone’s Landing
Corbyn Blake
Corbyn Blake Kun oldin
girth garage
Irina Wilson
Irina Wilson Kun oldin
I´m so happy to see u again!!!! awesome workshop!
didi32333 Kun oldin
Great to have you back!!! Love your new haircut. A slide sounds great...
Alexis Quental
Alexis Quental Kun oldin
Porta party
Alexis Quental
Alexis Quental Kun oldin
Savvas Papasavva
Savvas Papasavva 2 kun oldin
I'm thinking The Simonetorium for the name.
Malcolm Forbes
Malcolm Forbes 2 kun oldin
You need a quadcopter with a video camera now. With all that height you can do pans and hovers from above. Maybe put in a entrance hole and landing pad for it upstairs as well? Its your Simone Zone, after all.
Leonardo Da Silva
Leonardo Da Silva 2 kun oldin
Build an auto-pushing swing! Sure, it might be unpredictable and extremely dangerous, but it's FUN!
Barış Yiğit Avcı
Be well soon And your scar is very cool
10wuebc 2 kun oldin
build a mechanical cat!
Martina Prochazkova
I think you should install a giant grumpy robot head on the ceiling to watch you and silently judge all the silly robots. By the way I'm looking forward to whatever you do, I'm always having a blast! Thanks.
Ben Pack
Ben Pack 2 kun oldin
yatch patch... writtin in phonetics on the wall, will help sell your brand... ;) looking forward to more!
Ben Pack
Ben Pack 2 kun oldin
with a speed reducer, a "slide" seat for the stair railing... and you look cool with your hail like that.
Ojsh _
Ojsh _ 2 kun oldin
this is the best
正常 2 kun oldin
You should get a mural done for that giant blank wall : D
Roanin Fisher
Roanin Fisher 2 kun oldin
Amanda Ziegler
Amanda Ziegler 2 kun oldin
With that high ceiling you need some aerial fixtures! Pole/hoop/silks/trapeze would be awesome in that space! (just make sure you use a mat and are safe) Congratulations on the new space! 🎉
John Manderson
John Manderson 2 kun oldin
I am so happy for you Simone 👍🏻✅☺️ Seeing you smile and laugh is a delight 😊 can’t wait to see your next invention 😉 Cheers !
Gary Brown Forging On
This is what I want to put in my shop so I will suggest it for your shop. :) French Cleat Shelving system. Here are some pics. I first saw these on another youtube channel "Wranglerstar" several months ago. lumberjocks.com/projects/89950
Xknot Alpha
Xknot Alpha 2 kun oldin
aweeee SIMONE your scar looks super cute! I love your new space. congrats on your workshop what an amazing accomplishment. Congts to you and your awesome team! god damn 3:48 FUCKING GREAT HAHAHA! Okay so, I'm returning tomorrow to my community college to finish up my comp. engineering trans. cred. degree. I got 3 jobs (i tutor comp sci for two classes and work as a driver from a company.) ANNNND I'm finally moving out of my moms house eeeeee! I'm stoked Tots becoming a minimalists which is great because my place looks to be the same size as your place. OHH and your outfit is fucking cute for both tour and the audible commercial. What boots are those??? k back to meal prepping for the week I love you lots Simone
Audaxviator 2 kun oldin
You should put foam up on the ceiling to help eat the echo's.
Lude Nend
Lude Nend 3 kun oldin
who, i mean WHO would dislike this video? so many morons in this world... hope the best simone! glad that your so cheerful :) love it!
BlackPearl 3 kun oldin
Call it the Badass Survivor's Cave
Antonin Pourroy
Antonin Pourroy 3 kun oldin
You say Baguette Magique really perfectly! 😯 I know cause I'm French 😂👌
Benjamin Persson
Benjamin Persson 3 kun oldin
You should really make a wall-painting robot and make it paint one of the walls. Giving the workshop the right atmosphere, or something.
Gary Brown Forging On
Simone's artistic robot creation and support machinery (SARCASM for the acronym) :) Couldn't resist.
Alien Bacon
Alien Bacon 3 kun oldin
wait, it's not the savage cave???
Alien Bacon
Alien Bacon 3 kun oldin
those stairs need a slide. also you gotta have a soda machine!!!
MrBoyhuman 3 kun oldin
you need a robot butler
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 3 kun oldin
my owl is on the way😉
Caja Petersen
Caja Petersen 3 kun oldin
Nebraska Because
Nebraska Because 3 kun oldin
you should make a Brain Tumor extractor robot... :)
Someone Kun oldin
Thats not funny
Karthig1987 3 kun oldin
Simones cave is not a good idea because cue sex jokes
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström 3 kun oldin
The adult room with the ball sack lamp... Yeah right ;)
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström 3 kun oldin
And it has a "baguett magiqe" as well... ;)
ROVER25X 3 kun oldin
It doesn't matter what its called as no doubt they will all be a euphemism for Simone's Vagina.
Roman de Giorgi
Roman de Giorgi 3 kun oldin
I know I appear a little late, but I just want to say how glad I am to see you doing so well after your surgery and that everything turned out fine for you! Happily looking forward to see your new videos and enjoy the fun and dedication that is so characteristic for you :-) Keep up the good work!
Meg Hamilton
Meg Hamilton 3 kun oldin
Upgrade Idea: Remove the roof so you can start launching shitty spacecrafts
Elegtrosmok Music
Elegtrosmok Music 3 kun oldin
Sim1 Giert-ZONE SIM1-Z1 SIM1Z1 = simizi :D !! Mone Zone SG's BotShop and so on.... ;-)
D. Nik Andjam
D. Nik Andjam 3 kun oldin
William Sherman
William Sherman 3 kun oldin
Giant flip board paper used for a non digital teleprompter!
Karinne Hiyama
Karinne Hiyama 3 kun oldin
Congrats on signing that lease!! I can't wait for new videos :)
adi medina
adi medina 3 kun oldin
Code Name
Code Name 3 kun oldin
Did you keep Brian? He would be an interesting curio jar. Visitor: Hi Simone! Love the new place! Tinsel staircase, swings and wait what’s in that lamp? Simone: Oh it was dark so I put Brian in alcohol sealed the jar and made him a lamp. Visitor: Brian? Simone: my brain tumor, Brian, he was an asshole so I made him into a shitty lamp.
Steve Michaels
Steve Michaels 3 kun oldin
Congrats on new space !! missed you and your videos !!
Pizzav144 3 kun oldin
Love it, and hope your doing better
mom2mmpt 3 kun oldin
Probably sound deadeners would be a good place to start to eliminate your sound problems. And then indoor swings. Definitely those.
mom2mmpt 3 kun oldin
Excellent advice for people with insomnia ;)
mom2mmpt 3 kun oldin
I just enjoy your videos so much. I think the brain tumor has really enhanced your videos, lol! JK, you are doing fine without Brian.
BOF007 4 kun oldin
adding a boyfriend would be an insane upgrade to the content :P
hasaheadachenow 4 kun oldin
You made me laugh today! Laughter is always always good. Can’t wait to see what you build next!
Clare Gordon
Clare Gordon 4 kun oldin
Your youtube logo on the wall and splatter paint the rest because why not we are adults??? but seriously, build a shitty robot that splatters the paint on the wall, much like your soup robot
HASSANI Mohamed 4 kun oldin
can i just say that scar looks BADASS
salman Ali
salman Ali 4 kun oldin
You complete your brain tumor
Ignacio Serrano Zabaleta
"El Mundo", one of the biggest Spanish newspapers, has published an article about Simone in his online edition: amp.elmundo.es/f5/comparte/2018/08/10/5b671294468aebd92b8b45ca.html
David Sjölund
David Sjölund 4 kun oldin
Heja Simone! Grattis till nya verkstaden :)
Jason Anthony Lopez
Rock climbing wall on one side of the brick wall.
Potato 4 kun oldin
You should get a bird or pigeon you should have a ball pit and a well I don’t know so byeee oh wait you should get a poster with Glenn coco on it
Emmeline Warren
Emmeline Warren 4 kun oldin
What about a bookshelf in the form of a book?
hi there
hi there 4 kun oldin
Brian's Cage
lucas 4 kun oldin
maybe try to make a railcart delivery system from the adault section to the work shop (one or two way)
Julien Béclin
Julien Béclin 4 kun oldin
Jack Witchalls
Jack Witchalls 4 kun oldin
Cargo net hammock or hacksmith style sleep pod.
SEIYAJIN 4 kun oldin
Kyle Taylor
Kyle Taylor 4 kun oldin
Chris Macier
Chris Macier 5 kun oldin
You know how to make me laugh awkwardly any place I am... This time an airplane
Alexander Trumbull-Lee
Is this real life?
David Bertsch
David Bertsch 5 kun oldin
A fan under the stairs to keep the glitter strands moving and sparkly all the time.
Sarah Rozman
Sarah Rozman 5 kun oldin
ball pit!
25 kun oldin