Snowpiercer = Willy Wonka Sequel? (Rhino Stew followup)

Nomadic Kong
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Snowpiercer is a sequel to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!
A follow-up to the Rhino Stew video. SUBSCRIBE!
New comparison of the two films, with MORE CONNECTIONS between the two!
BONUS MATERIAL available at: uzvid.com/video/video-EmzQt1W_pgk.html
The original Rhino Stew video completely blew my mind when I first saw it, so this one is inspired by their idea. Watch the original here: uzvid.com/video/video-jEX52h1TvuA.html

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6-Noy, 2018

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Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong Soat oldin
Hi world, getting closer to finishing a NEW VIDEO!!! Should be with all you fine folks in about a week. Going to take 2 other very different movies and attempt to splice them in a trailer format.. I'm having a lot of fun with it - hopefully you'll enjoy it! Hit SUBSCRIBE to get the notification... Cheers, Nomadic Kong :D
Dee Dee Joseph
Dee Dee Joseph 3 soat oldin
It's 2:15AM this theory is really getting to me. It's a very bizarre and fun theory. With so many connections linking to the stories it's hard to think that it's not so far of a stretch
Jake Condemn
Jake Condemn 6 soat oldin
I want snowpiercer 2
Pablo Aguilar
Pablo Aguilar 6 soat oldin
This is a fun theory! I'd love a confirmation by now from both parties.
Maria Pattison
Maria Pattison 6 soat oldin
i can't say for sure whether i fully believe this theory... but your video brings up interesting points! even if it is all coincidence, props to you for finding so much evidence and creating a fun fascinating video with it! i like to imagine that even if it's not a direct sequel, snowpiercer is somewhat of a spiritual sequel to willy wonka. thanks for sharing it w us!
EBBCO REPAIRS 14 soat oldin
After a lot of research, Snowpiercer is definitely a child of someone who really liked Willy Wonka and what it could have become. But not a sequel. Probably going to catch a copy write case.
Snappa 17 soat oldin
I feel snowpiercer was probably inspired by Willy wonka but I don’t believe both are related.
Prism Volt
Prism Volt 16 soat oldin
Yeah, I view more as a dark, violent homage.
Wigoo W
Wigoo W Kun oldin
This whole Wonkapiercer theory and especially your video are prime examples of confirmation bias. It's all pure coincidence. If you want to find links between any two things, you will find them. It is true that both movies share some similar themes, but so do a dozen others. Hiding various objects or messages in food items for example is a pretty common theme. Think of fortune cookies, files in cakes or messages on a gum wrapper. The latter even fits the candy criterium. Same for the music: So many soundtracks feature similar notes and chord progressions. The only rather interesting argument is Oompa Loompas powering the perpetuum mobile.
Salt Miner
Salt Miner Kun oldin
1k channel, 100k content.
trolling life
trolling life 2 kun oldin
Ill say this man machinery doesnt go extinct child sized orange men do...
AJ Clark
AJ Clark Soat oldin
Oompa loompas cannot survive in cold weather
Flux_Time Kun oldin
+Bolek Lolek oompa loompas
Bolek Lolek
Bolek Lolek Kun oldin
was that a trump joke? 😂
You Don't Want To Know Me
It could have been willy piercer or snow willy
Ben Shapiro’s Greasy Cock
The whole scarf thing is a stretch, especially considering that there’s literally a top hat literally on top of it.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong Kun oldin
The latest video I released has the scarf done with more detail (and it shows off the top hat too) - check it out if you like! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html :D
trolling life
trolling life 2 kun oldin
But whos top hat 'xfiles music
Jacqui G
Jacqui G 2 kun oldin
Admittedly i haven't watched Snowpiercer yet, but I liked the original theory. But this just blows the other one away. The music for sure and I like where you went with the ending.
Emjoria 2 kun oldin
The motif with the music is very convincing.
MrBeast 2 kun oldin
You spelled of wrong at 7:40. It's spelled as oof.
James TV Gaming
James TV Gaming 2 kun oldin
This makes me realise that Boon is a genius
Greg Robinette
Greg Robinette 2 kun oldin
I also just noticed the pregnant teachers dress in snowpiercer is nearly identical to the pattern of the flavored wallpaper in Charlie and the chocolate factory
Greg Robinette
Greg Robinette 2 kun oldin
8:43 is the best look
Greg Robinette
Greg Robinette 2 kun oldin
+Nomadic Kong its a standard floral print but it has all the same colors, and a downward cascading pattern, maybe not identical but damn close at a glance
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 2 kun oldin
Ha, excellent observation! I'll check that out - thanks! :D
Min Yoonji
Min Yoonji 3 kun oldin
and oompa loompas die in cold temperatures
Janski 14
Janski 14 3 kun oldin
this video be like "hey i see a brown object in the dark, it must be the _BRIGHT RED SCARF_ "
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 3 kun oldin
Yeah, I addressed that in the latest video - made it a little clearer what I was going on about.. Check it out! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html :D
GARUGAMESH 3 kun oldin
You'll hurt yourself reaching this hard. At this point you're just seeing what you want to see. That's obviously not a scarf, dumbass, your imagination put it there. You're watering down the original theory which was pretty solid and well researched with this made up bullshit.
GARUGAMESH 2 kun oldin
It's not just the scarf, everything you mentioned here is far fetched, I'm not going to watch any more of your videos obviously
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 3 kun oldin
See the comment above - addressed the scarf thing a bit more in the latest vid.. Check it out! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html :P
Min Yoonji
Min Yoonji 3 kun oldin
well it was a good try now stop
Taylor E
Taylor E 3 kun oldin
need a hug?
Nick 3 kun oldin
there are flaws in this theory...all your elements only shows that snowpiercer just take the element from Willy Wonka bcus u told that Charlie equal to Curtis.If it is the sequel,it should be Charlie equal to William and the bucket should be shown up whenever Willian name come up not Curtis.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 3 kun oldin
Wilford is meant to be Charlie grown up, but I think that Curtis and Timmy are Charlie Bucket analogues (they go through a similar plot progression from poverty to (potential) food factory ownership over the course of both movies. Did a bit more about the bucket thing in he latest vid - check it out! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html
James Younger
James Younger 3 kun oldin
Lol cocaines a helluva drug!
radseven89 3 kun oldin
So in this theory why does Mike TV go from Right-handed to Left-handed?
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 3 kun oldin
+radseven89 Since I put this video out, I've found it so fascinating how different people respond to it - I've learnt a lot from different people noticing details I completely overlooked (like this gun thing!). You're right that it seems a very deliberate casting choice... It may just be because Chris Evans is right-handed, and they wanted to have someone opposite. In the scene where they are shooting at each other through the windows, there is lots of mirroring. One shoots, the other shoots, one reloads, the other reloads etc... One of the themes in the movie is keeping things in balance. So visually it becomes more dynamic and varied if they are firing/and reloading with opposite hands (that mirror-image idea). That scene is a weird sort of fulcrum at the middle of the movie, where these two forces (Curtis/Franco) are opposing each other, one wanting change, one wanting stasis. It may be one of those things where they wanted to prioritise the visuals, and the Wonka thing was less important. There's also a video I found very interesting by 'Every Frame A Painting' where they discus the symbolisms of left vs. right in Snowpiercer - uzvid.com/video/video-X05TDsoSg2Y.html - you should check it out! :)
radseven89 3 kun oldin
​+Nomadic Kong Guns are my hobby so I always pay attention to gun related things in movies and this movie I have to say is pretty accurate with the way they handle the guns. It just seemed like a deliberate casting choice to choose a left handed person for the role of guy who is really good at shooting when they only make up 10% of the population. I do believe your theory about him being reassembled wrong is interesting though. Perhaps he was assembled backwards and that in some way affected his mental state as well.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 3 kun oldin
Great spot though! I didn't notice that, and the thing about him firing a left-handed gun (to avoid the cartridges going in his face) is very interesting! :D
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 3 kun oldin
+radseven89 Just checked the movies - while you only see Mike shoot right-handed, he does always wear a gun holster on each hip - so presumably he was able to shoot with both hands? Also you see Franco the Elder pick up things with the right hand (scissors/knife) so you could argue that he is ambidextrous? I think it could just be for cinematic (or maybe just casting) reasons - Curtis is right handed, so it makes their show-downs a bit more epic in terms of the framing of the shots when they are shooting at each other. There's also that centuries old thing of heroes entering from the right of the theatre stage, and villains from the left (sinister means left-handed in Latin, dextrous means right-handed), so it highlights the whole hero/villain thing a bit more maybe. Also Vlad Ivanov (who played Franco) is nearly 20 years younger than Ed Harris - so the theory definitely has some places where it doesn't hang together exactly - but also, as I think it was probably an entirely unofficial sequel/remake, there's a lot of creative license taken in places (it's more in the spirit/story of the previous movie than an exact sync-up). Maybe he's meant to actually be the son of Mike? :D
radseven89 3 kun oldin
+Nomadic Kong It seems like a pretty glaring piece of evidence against that specific part of the theory. Also when he and curtis are trying to shoot each other during the trains turn scene, Mike TV fires (and carries) his rifle left handed. Now there would be no good reason to be firing a right handed rifle, left handed at that point, the empty cartridges would be flying into your face.
Liquidated 3 kun oldin
Not a far stretch to have a director/screenwriter being a big fan of a classic book/film.
Madison 4 kun oldin
*Film Theory wants to know your location*
pianist150 4 kun oldin
I'll never forgive you 2 for actually convincing me of this
Communism Blyat
Communism Blyat 4 kun oldin
Willy willy wanker
pixel ·
pixel · 4 kun oldin
This is high quality content man🥰👍
fantasia243645 5 kun oldin
Wow, what a great analysis of the film. Ain't that something though one person makes a difference. The author's publisher (one person) postponed a positive image of Black childhood which is such a shame. This director is something else though. I will have to look at his previous films. Thank you for the insight Kong.
Ray Hoo
Ray Hoo 5 kun oldin
Sequel? it's more like just a copycat. Enough said!
Brad Regan
Brad Regan 5 kun oldin
this is stupid lol way too much of a strech... oOoooooo look theres a coat that looks nothing like wonkers coat but its a coaaat!!! woooahh.. lol comon
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 3 kun oldin
Lol - but also saying that, check out the new video I've just released if you haven't already: uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html There's actually a shot of Wonka cooking what looks like exactly the same coat.. I think if this theory is true, then the designer's of Snowpiercer may have given that shot as a reference for Curtis' coat, but see what you think! :D
Will Edwards
Will Edwards 4 kun oldin
This is part two, picking out semantics, and that's only one
Random Taco
Random Taco 5 kun oldin
uhm... i thought it was a joke.. WAS THIS NOT A JOKE!!?!?!?!
Mark D
Mark D 5 kun oldin
Random Taco Definitely not a joke
Mr Odin
Mr Odin 5 kun oldin
when i saw rhinos first video title i thought it was a joke, then he got me seriously doubting myself, and now your video has filled in the blanks and convinced me fully :D well done you two are great detectives ! but maybe the writer of Snowpiercer didnt make it a sequal, but more made the movie into a homage to willy wonka
Chad 5 kun oldin
Hey, there's a rabbit hole here. Maybe I'll just take a quick look...
Rheo Milvus
Rheo Milvus 5 kun oldin
I'm glad UZvid recommendations are working properly for once. Got recommended Rhino stews' video and this back-to-back and I'm completely sold on the theory
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 5 kun oldin
Ah that's good to hear! Put out a new video a few days ago with a few more connections if you are interested! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html :D
Frank James
Frank James 5 kun oldin
We can't have everyone saying this until Matpat says it's correct
Ahh Ah animates
Ahh Ah animates 4 kun oldin
Frank James He’s too busy playing Undertale and FNAF on his shitty streaming channel where he plays bad games.
James Chung
James Chung 6 kun oldin
LOL this is as postmodern as it gets.
CrudeConduct666 6 kun oldin
You guys are doing what I call, stretttttcchhhhingggg
Muthana Hussain
Muthana Hussain 6 kun oldin
Literally anyone who believes in this is just. Grasping at straws
Muthana Hussain
Muthana Hussain Kun oldin
+E W i did
E W Kun oldin
Muthana Hussain watch the first video and you will be convinced too
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle 6 kun oldin
nail in the coffin!
Backstage Bum
Backstage Bum 7 kun oldin
William Healy
William Healy 7 kun oldin
Ok but what about when it shows young Wilfred on the TV in a rather rich looking house,just saying
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 7 kun oldin
My take on it is that it is propaganda. The line is edited a bit jerkily (as if it were taken out of a larger context). The video looks staged and awkward. The whole classroom scene feels a bit brain-washy (i think they've watched that video many times before). I think they are trying to inculcate the kids in that section to want to 'Live on the Train Forever' and never rebel - and it's not an accurate picture of Wilford's youth. But I could be wrong! :D
A.J. Lombardi
A.J. Lombardi 7 kun oldin
7:30 beginning OOF snowpiercer
Saulo Leão
Saulo Leão 7 kun oldin
the amount of people that like me, just found out about this on reddit and is now watching every video about it. literally mind blown.
nachos 7 kun oldin
this is a completely different theory. this is saying that its a retelling / nod to the original story. the original theory says it is literally a sequel.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 7 kun oldin
I don't see why it can't be both! A sequel that catches up with the characters 50 years on from when the film is set, AND a retelling of the same story that explores the more horrific consequences of the movie (bizarre food production, human mutilation, the effects of greed on a society etc), with some alternatives presented to the happy ending of the young boy inheriting the factory. I think it is exploring the original movie on many different levels... ;D
Derek Lewis
Derek Lewis 7 kun oldin
This is legit. Good on the director
BunnyBrains 7 kun oldin
3:25 If I'm remembering the video correctly, according to Rhino Stew's original theory, *Wilford* is Charlie - not Curtis. Great theory all around though! :)
BunnyBrains 7 kun oldin
Yeah, that makes sense, I can see that.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 7 kun oldin
Yes spot on, the Rhino Stew video says that Charlie grows up to become Wilford, but I think Curtis is also a Charlie Bucket analogue - he goes through the same narrative journey from poverty to food factory ownership - his story and progression through the train parallels Charlie's...
Quick Gamer
Quick Gamer 7 kun oldin
I watched that video also
Sydney Renee
Sydney Renee 8 kun oldin
Just added my own theory 'bout Violet in the comments of the other vid when I noticed this. Mind blown again.
Yusri Zohri
Yusri Zohri 8 kun oldin
Annndddd remember! It just a theory!!! A film theory!! Thanks
Quick Gamer
Quick Gamer 7 kun oldin
No just just no
Yusri Zohri
Yusri Zohri 8 kun oldin
If u read it with mattpat voice.. that mean u need a therapy..
Mckenzie Boyle
Mckenzie Boyle 8 kun oldin
This is honestly the only film theory that matters to me in the entire world
Alaskan Bullworm
Alaskan Bullworm 8 kun oldin
As you can see there is metal used for wonkas gate to his factory... THE TRAIN IS MADE OF METAL!1!1!1!1!1! SNOW PIERCER CONFIRMED!!!! 1!1!1 Oof i think this theory is a little to farfetched
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 7 kun oldin
+Alaskan Bullworm Lol :D
Alaskan Bullworm
Alaskan Bullworm 7 kun oldin
+Nomadic Kong I have, thats how i got here.
Randy Orton's Dick Bulge
I buy because it would be badass
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 8 kun oldin
Haha - watch the new video and see if that sways you any further! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html
Argail Ruiz Cámara
5:06 and i could swear there is also a hat like wonka's right there with the scarf
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 8 kun oldin
Check out the new video I made about these movies! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html&t=156s A few other people also pointed out the top hat (which I genuinely didn't notice when I was making this one) - but in the new video I've coloured it in a bit more, so it's clearer to see! :D
Dat Boi JRock
Dat Boi JRock 8 kun oldin
Snowpiercer is a complete garbage fire of a movie
Ahh Ah animates
Ahh Ah animates 4 kun oldin
jwo7777777 *please don’t feel the troll
VelaToNorma7 7 kun oldin
Snowpiercer really was bad though. Like, it was objectively bad.
jwo7777777 7 kun oldin
Please don't feed the troll. ( ... and the phrase you were looking for is "dumpster fire". You're welcome... "Dat Boi". What is that name, by the way, Vietnamese? )
jose 8 kun oldin
I liked the movie 👍
AdvancePlays 8 kun oldin
Since when? As far as I'm aware it's always been subject to praise.
Filip Wessman
Filip Wessman 9 kun oldin
They say there are only 7 stories. This is two variations of one of them? But then, the creators know alot of culture so it picked up stuff from the first movie.
karma justice
karma justice 9 kun oldin
Oh no....... Its " The Number 23" all over again !!!!!!!! 😌
Barrymarti #
Barrymarti # 9 kun oldin
I thought Claude was Violet daughter cause she ate her blood cause there’re “violet” in it Yay two likes
Joel Jaxson
Joel Jaxson 9 kun oldin
I'm very entertained by this
Mgtow Brony
Mgtow Brony 9 kun oldin
That scene in STORKS when the CEO says "BOOOOOOOSSSSSS!"...Cool cool cool very cool very cool :-)
Stephanie Jones
Stephanie Jones 9 kun oldin
I love this and i love you. Beautiful end!
Mesanin3 9 kun oldin
Joseph kush
Joseph kush 9 kun oldin
Danm the future sure sucks
Timothy Collins
Timothy Collins 9 kun oldin
Coincidence? I think not.
The Artist
The Artist 9 kun oldin
brilliant! thanks for the added fuel lol
TheAsianInTheCorner 10 kun oldin
*We've Cracked the case, Chief!*
Zach Michaelis
Zach Michaelis 10 kun oldin
no black kid will change anything except the cinder block under an escalade when he steals the rims
Kylum 4 kun oldin
Don't feed the trolls guys.
Coyote Prophet
Coyote Prophet 7 kun oldin
+Zach Michaelis showing your true degenerate colors. You need to go the route of Emmett Till.
Deez Mollusks
Deez Mollusks 9 kun oldin
+Iced he's just mad cause his sister don't put out anymore.
Iced 9 kun oldin
awh look at this dude trying to be edgy
Joe Morales
Joe Morales 9 kun oldin
Zach Michaelis haha you’re a pussy
Harry Ruffin
Harry Ruffin 10 kun oldin
This is it chief
Matthew Peters-Nahnee
I Am convinced.
Jeremy S
Jeremy S 10 kun oldin
As any gambler knows, occasionally you get several good hands in a row. Something that's mathematically unlikely, but it does happen. Do I think the director of snowpircer inspired by WW? Probably. But you can draw parallels in just about anything. I'd give it a 3 out of 10 possibility rating.
Nicholas Bonasoro
Nicholas Bonasoro 9 kun oldin
I agree that the vast majority of the evidence provided can be a coincidence but the song is definitive proof. You dont accidentally include a willy Wonka song in a movie not intended to relate to willy Wonka.
10 Minute Physics
10 Minute Physics 10 kun oldin
It does happen. But the more things that happen in a row cause the likelihood of such an event being directly correlated to another to rise.
Alpha Wolf3475
Alpha Wolf3475 10 kun oldin
Wonkapiercer the sequel
Comrade Artyom
Comrade Artyom 10 kun oldin
My god. Holy crap. It’s real
Brig's Comics
Brig's Comics 10 kun oldin
Was that a top hat I saw!!!
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 8 kun oldin
Check out the new video: uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html&t=156s I've coloured the top hat in a bit so it's easier to see! :D
Chuck testa
Chuck testa 10 kun oldin
fuck my life is a lie
William Healy
William Healy 10 kun oldin
wouldn't it be willy piercer
karma justice
karma justice 9 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂😂 ur 👽
The Green Mage
The Green Mage 9 kun oldin
Mr Agent Chicken Thank you :)
Don Gorham
Don Gorham 10 kun oldin
that brings a different painful imagery
RAPH FELIX 10 kun oldin
its not a sequel. at least not directly. it is a fine example of history repeating. it happens.
prince everlove
prince everlove 10 kun oldin
I cherish Willy Wonka...Thank You...I am a child again...and Wonka is smiling down on me..."Good Boy"🍭🍭🍭🍬🍬🍬🍦🍦🍦🍨🍨🍨🍚🍚🍚🍥🍥🍥
Retro Vader
Retro Vader 10 kun oldin
Beautiful presentation.Nicely done.👏👏👏👏
Jeff Shoemaker
Jeff Shoemaker 10 kun oldin
I mean wow! Watching both videos was like an undergrad lit class. You UZvid folks and your vids are changing the game by revealing how easy it is to educate the self outside of institutions.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 10 kun oldin
Thanks - glad you enjoyed it! New video about the two movies is at uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html if you want to take the extended class! :P
Artorias 10 kun oldin
But you know that the film snowpiercer is based on comics from french authors?
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 10 kun oldin
Yes of course, but only in a very superficial way apparently! It took the main idea then added a new story to it...
Gateaux Q
Gateaux Q 11 kun oldin
Well done! A good appendix to the original video which is totally canon because Chris Evans retweeted it 😁
Hex 11 kun oldin
at the end... great missed opportunity was missed... willypiercer.
GanonGhidorah 11 kun oldin
This is a really fun theory...and even if it isn't true, I THINK there could be an argument to be made that the plot-structure and progression was intentionally used as a frame-work for Snowpiercer - sort of a really twisted reference to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's almost like a dark retelling of what is essentially the same events, almost like its meant to be a dark parody - they just didn't want to go through the pain of getting copyright permission. But it really does feel like that's what this movie is; you ask me what the plot feels like and I say, "It's a Messed-Up version of Willy Wonka." But what got me thinking this whole thing was intentional is the fact that Willy could be a nickname for Wilford.
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 11 kun oldin
Film Theory wants to know your location.
BeastTronic 10 kun oldin
Bob Ross bro wtf that’s some shit right there
Nathaniel Sonneveld
Nathaniel Sonneveld 11 kun oldin
Yo, did you also notice Wonkas TOP HAT NEXT TO THE SCARF ON POINT #5!?
DerpyTurtle1993 10 kun oldin
yeah I thought that was what he was pointing out
SL0TH B0MBER 10 kun oldin
anthonyprieto09 11 kun oldin
Fuck you holy shit
Drake Silas
Drake Silas 11 kun oldin
So this is a joke right
SwordTune 10 kun oldin
+Drake Silas I don't know what other stuff this channel does, I just though he made bad theories.
Drake Silas
Drake Silas 10 kun oldin
+SwordTune Yeah that was my thought exactly. The points made in this video are so inconsequential that I thought it was mocking the tone and narrative of the original video
SwordTune 10 kun oldin
Some of the evidence in this video is surface, inconsequential, or just plain coincidence. The original video already covers the major points, and makes a strong argument that snowpiercer is the spiritual successor, of not intended to be the actual sequel.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 11 kun oldin
Well I found it amusing - but also I think there is something to it..
Jayden 209914
Jayden 209914 11 kun oldin
Ok after watching this vid........I was like WTF AND WTH AND WTF WTF WTF WTF??????????????????????????????????????,????,??,??!??!?!?!!?!?!!?!!??!!!?!?¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 11 kun oldin
Hey everyone, New video just released!! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html More Snowpiercer vs. Willy Wonka connections, from the silly to the specific! Check it out and Happy New Year!!! :D
Jan Kåre Sunby
Jan Kåre Sunby 11 kun oldin
good video, but some of the arguments you make are simply coincidences, good work
Iby Hamdy
Iby Hamdy 12 kun oldin
wait no the theory states that Wilford is charlie bucket not Curtis
Brettersson 12 kun oldin
The theory states Wilford is Charlie literally and Curtis is Charlie in the role he plays.
Waldemar Perez Jr
Waldemar Perez Jr 12 kun oldin
Snowpiercer was cool, BUT come ON! It had a totally depressing nihilistic ending. All those people dead and that Bear about to eat them.
Leah 8 kun oldin
They were following the bear to see if they could eat what the bear was eating. They were going to survive.
DKJagz 9 kun oldin
I think the bear symbolizes that life had not gone extinct outside of the train and that it is possible to live without the train.
TvTrollByIvy 12 kun oldin
The theory is awesome, but everybody keeps ignoring that Snowpiercer is a comic book adaptation. You would have to find links there too, since you are also using the chocolate factory book for evidence;
James Topping
James Topping 11 kun oldin
It could be a comic book adaptation that he wanted to bring to Wonka and the chocolate factory. There's no reason why it being an adaptation stops them from adding weird twists and themes as its put into picture, there is so many visual clues you could give in connection that would never be in the source material. Not trying to shoot you down, just a point that the correlation is not concrete, its just hard to pinpoint on a weird topic like this in the first place.
ElKaotik 12 kun oldin
There are too many coincidences for this theory to be completely false.
Blue G
Blue G 10 kun oldin
You're right. And that includes the score and the shot of the train track around the town as seen from high above.
Jake Woods
Jake Woods 12 kun oldin
Maybe a bit of conformation bias, but on the whole there’s a considerable amount of evidence.
johnnym87100 10 kun oldin
6r dr ee dr, x v6
Eddie Holmes
Eddie Holmes 12 kun oldin
Yep just looked it up, Charlie was originally a Black kid until the publisher made him change it. The ooompa loompa were originally African people but the NAACP demanded that they change it. Again.... Great video Sir.
Albert Alu
Albert Alu 10 kun oldin
+Space_Race I like how you refuse to answer my questions and resort to cherry picking single lines and countering it with strawman arguments You have lost And I have proof
Albert Alu
Albert Alu 10 kun oldin
+Space_Race Bro he is actually not talking about the argument at all he's just saying you need some help that's all and he's right
Albert Alu
Albert Alu 10 kun oldin
+Space_Race Narcissism at it's finest so did you find proof for me yet?
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 10 kun oldin
+Space_Race Well, she also makes no references to there being a character called 'Tommy Troutbeck' - it's not a comprehensive summary, but yes I probably should have looked at the actual first-hand source for myself before publicizing the idea. It seemed legitimate at the time, based on the best available evidence I had to hand.. :P My theory is that Bong was looking for an interesting story to use within the framework of a society contained within a moving train in a post-apocalyptic waste, that he took from the Snowpiercer comics. He came up with the idea of reworking the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory story. I reckon as he was writing his screenplay, the biography of Dahl by Sturrock was released, which he read, as it was relevant to this film he was writing. So the salient question for me, is if he was trying to tell the story of Charlie Bucket, and discovered in this book that he was black (and presumably believed it to be true), did that then influence his own creative process in the creation of Timmy? :D
PDot Iso
PDot Iso 10 kun oldin
+Space_Race ok
xXMikey2808Xx 12 kun oldin
Honestly, I would consider myself a cinephile, but I hate both of these movies. Yet, this theory is so fun and interesting that it makes me kind of enjoy them.
Space_Race 12 kun oldin
Many films follow a similar arc.
CapnTates 12 kun oldin
How can you hate these movies?
xXMikey2808Xx 12 kun oldin
Honestly, I would consider myself a cinephile, but I hate both of these movies. Yet, this theory is so fun and interesting that it makes me kind of enjoy them.
ikilltrees666 9 kun oldin
xXMikey2808Xx You hate both? That’s heavy man, what do you like?
Tom Griffiths
Tom Griffiths 12 kun oldin
Coincidences happen all the time.. I don't trust coincidence, I don't believe in coincidences. Spot on👍
John Bowers
John Bowers 12 kun oldin
Gold Star. You dis your homework.
Eddie Holmes
Eddie Holmes 12 kun oldin
The things you discover when you go deeper. Very great video!