Snowpiercer = Willy Wonka Sequel? (Rhino Stew followup)

Nomadic Kong
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Snowpiercer is a sequel to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!
A follow-up to the Rhino Stew video. SUBSCRIBE!
New comparison of the two films, with MORE CONNECTIONS between the two!
BONUS MATERIAL available at: uzvid.com/video/video-EmzQt1W_pgk.html
The original Rhino Stew video completely blew my mind when I first saw it, so this one is inspired by their idea. Watch the original here: uzvid.com/video/video-jEX52h1TvuA.html

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6-Noy, 2018



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Xeno Shift
Xeno Shift 14 daqiqa oldin
So, I have a question, in Charlie, he was CHOSEN to be the heir, and the other kids were there to humble them I suppose. So was the same happening in Snowpiercer?
Aidan Hobbing
Aidan Hobbing 12 soat oldin
4:30 Hes litterly saying du ba du ba like the oompa loompa
ordinary person
ordinary person Kun oldin
Don't Ask me
Don't Ask me 3 kun oldin
Fuck me that was awesome tho maybe somethings are a bit far fetched but again I don’t see how this wouldn’t be true if it did link up also to all the people who are bitching about the audio or the fact that he added to this 1 get a fucking life and stop bitching like for real the audio wasn’t that bad to be all bitchy about it and 2 listen and read first before posting maybe you will see that he is not stealing or drawing at straws it’s just a theory......A GAME THE.....no no wait wrong channel but you know what I mena have fun on the internet don’t be a twat
Black Lamount
Black Lamount 7 kun oldin
Uptown EasyE
Uptown EasyE 8 kun oldin
7 continets
yellowbeans01 9 kun oldin
Your audio sucks, bro
TurtleEclipse 14 kun oldin
God damn I've been looking for this for 3 months
bleach kun
bleach kun 17 kun oldin
Oompa Loompa doopity Doo I have another theory for you Oompa Loompa doopity dee if you are wise you'll listen to me what do you get when you get 2 movies a theory That is great for thee
Jessie Fernandez
Jessie Fernandez 20 kun oldin
The part where your comparing mike tv to the monochrome room. The room looks like film. Polaroid film.
clowntown brown
clowntown brown 20 kun oldin
sorry dude, the original video was cool but it feels like youre grasping at straws here :-/
Real Atzia
Real Atzia 21 kun oldin
Can you not record your goddamn voice from across the house like holy fuck how did you edit this shit and decide yeah this shit is good enough like bitch turn your voice up and take the mf tampon out
Adam Olson
Adam Olson 11 kun oldin
How about shut the fuck up, he puts his time into these videos, you don't. If you don't like how it's done move along
bleach kun
bleach kun 17 kun oldin
Owchy wowchy somebody's crouchy
Breeze Easy
Breeze Easy 20 kun oldin
Bad day?
D.K 21 kun oldin
Imagine if it was called Willy-Piercer. I’d be scared as fuck...
Mark  Almendarez
Mark Almendarez 21 kun oldin
Pure imagination song stuck in my head
Gaj Kosi
Gaj Kosi 21 kun oldin
dewy 22 kun oldin
This video reminds me of "Illuminati Confirmed" vids from old youtube. This is the definition of a fucking stretch, my guy.
Blackadder5 22 kun oldin
Something I recalled that is also interesting was that in the Tim Burton remake Wonka mentions that the Oompa Loompas can't stand the cold. So them going extinct due to the climate could be a possibility.
christian mccauley
christian mccauley 25 kun oldin
A lot of these claims felt kinda forced, like you watched one and then the other with a theory in mind and connected coincidences. That being said the connection with the music was fucking genius. Music cues are very important in movies and if these two were connected it would make a shit ton of sense for that to play at the end.
Donut 25 kun oldin
you stole this
Muzaffard36 14 kun oldin
+Donut Stop being an idiot! He literally wrote "Rhino Stew followup" both in the description and in the title, he also made a link to the original video and he gave the credit to Rhino Stew in the few seconds of the beginning of the video.
christian mccauley
christian mccauley 18 kun oldin
Donut fuck, just look at the description! The link is RIGHT THERE!
RocketDakota 19 kun oldin
I assume you just read the name and not watched the video. Because the original is credited alot.
christian mccauley
christian mccauley 19 kun oldin
Donut he literally said that this was expanding on someone else’s theory and linked it, wth is your deal?
Jeffrey Samuels
Jeffrey Samuels 21 kun oldin
Donut he credits the source responsible for paying the foundation of this idea for him multiple times throughout the video, including a direct link to the original idea in the video. This clearly counts as something transformative by nature.
Josef Kún
Josef Kún 25 kun oldin
Honestly most of these like the bucket thing just seem to me too forced, like giving things meaning when there isnt one. But the end, explaining Timmy is the main hero here is mindblowing. Nice video and I hope someone from the movie adresses this.
Josef Kún
Josef Kún 18 kun oldin
+Alhazred01 I am talking about this video not about whole theory. Ive seen the original video.
Alhazred01 23 kun oldin
Josef Kún no it's not. Watch the real video by rhino stew.
Mitch Gibson
Mitch Gibson 25 kun oldin
Dying Meme
Dying Meme 26 kun oldin
*_But hey! That’s just a theory... a film theory! Thanks for watching_*
Anton Stanley
Anton Stanley 27 kun oldin
This is amazingly convincing and I've never seen Snowpiercer :/ gonna watch it tonight!
Sean Neville
Sean Neville 28 kun oldin
I loved this
Thestuffgang 28 kun oldin
Xpand theory
DirtiestHaRRy 29 kun oldin
Okay now this has reached ridiculously analyzed level of Kubrick's the shining. Now all we have to wait is someone to argue bong joon ho faked south korea/north korea summit and hid clues in the film.
Nice Meme
Nice Meme Oy oldin
Most likely it's meant to be a "modern interpretation"
Youtube Monetization
I think that it might be connected but he is saying "oh he's wearing a hat it's connected oh and he's short theory proved"
wesley ross
wesley ross Oy oldin
I love how the movie feels inspired by charlie and the chocolate factory but instead of being like a direct spin off, it completely turns the vibe around and makes it dark.
Artificer Oy oldin
Nice work, thanks.
wsdpii Oy oldin
My theory on CW7 is that Wilfred/Charlie was experimenting with an ice cream that wouldn't melt, then a government found out and tried to use it to reverse global warming
Sp00kyizt_ _
Sp00kyizt_ _ 22 kun oldin
wsdpii hmm
Senshi_Tf Oy oldin
I dont think the bear would have killed them since i imagine he grown up with out humans
Der Maddin
Der Maddin Oy oldin
Uff it is interesting but really hard to listen to. Volume! Also, it's all about that bass no treple. Good follow up. I believe it.
Der Maddin
Der Maddin Oy oldin
+Senshi_Tf neither do I. That's why I said Volume. The bass part is about his Voice. I used to do construction work so my hearing is slightly damaged.
Senshi_Tf Oy oldin
I font have a Problem with the sound
Zachary Snyder
The part that got me was the Wonka song notes at the end. That can't be coincidence.
NationOne44 Oy oldin
H O L Y S H I T x2
RichRelease27 Oy oldin
WonkaPiecer sounds better than SnowWilly
FB I 20 kun oldin
RichRelease27 snowwilly sounds like a lumberjack prono
DankTheGank Oy oldin
Your mom Wonkas my Willy.
rehtaeh77 Oy oldin
I love these theory videos. You can’t watch them and not believe the connections
Mens Elf
Mens Elf Oy oldin
Isn’t the chocolate factory considered a ‘bad’ food factory, because it makes all sorts or food that isn’t great for you. Couldn’t you also look the same at a frozen world. Because the normal world could be called a food factory because we grow food on it, but a frozen world would be a bad place to grow food: a bad food factory. At the end of both movies, the kid gets a bad food factory. I thought that was kind of cool.
sol walker
sol walker Oy oldin
I feel like this is a bite the onion moment
Critical Thinking always
Whats fucked is in 2019 the govt has announced there going to try something similar to combat global warming 😂 anyone have an armored train shits gonna go sideways quik
Yeet tbh
Yeet tbh Oy oldin
Critical Thinking always yea I have one my name is Charles wildfire
Lord Demonoss
Lord Demonoss Oy oldin
Thanks but I'm already convinced. Hope you also have your ticket ready.
Donald Dump
Donald Dump Oy oldin
Seen that vid by stew and it blew my mind. Great follow up vid. Yeah I'm convinced as well
Jordash W
Jordash W Oy oldin
Charlie wanted to experiment with candy so he accidentally made cw7 and the government picked it up to combat global warming as in the movie
david o
david o Oy oldin
They want you mind soul and you body...
david o
david o Oy oldin
+Mike Mike Asewe namaste!!!!!
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Oy oldin
david o riPRODIGY.
T S Oy oldin
CW7 has nothing on ICE 9
John Ford
John Ford Oy oldin
They Only Reason Most People Disagree Is Because They're White And Hate The Stunning Fact That He Spoke On When He Said Curtis Was Originally Supposed To Be Black! C'mon Man It's Too Many Connection's With Both Movies! FACT 💯
Gang Gang Nibba
Gang Gang Nibba 21 kun oldin
Why Do You Type With All Caps
The Best Classical Music
That is a tad racist
President Garrison
John Ford Charlie not Curtis
Johannes Vollmer
Are you irony
Brother Joey
Brother Joey Oy oldin
so far fetched
Seven Nine
Seven Nine Oy oldin
+ahmet said alkur I'm usually skeptical myself but the music used is identical. Out of infinite melodies Joon-ho Bong decided to use the theme from willy wonka specifically...?
ahmet said alkur
nah its just nitpicking, you can find these kind of similarities between any 2 movies if you analyse this much
Oh yeah yeah
Why tf are u stealing vids
Kyle Blackmore
Kyle Blackmore 21 kun oldin
Diogo please die
kulitmed 25 kun oldin
It's fair use. He's doing a commentary on a commentary of a movie. It's perfectly fine. It's Commentaception.
мιкαн Oy oldin
chill, it said its a followup to rhino's video.
Hoodini 0915
Hoodini 0915 Oy oldin
DiogoSantosROLF it literally says rhino stew follow up on the title and he’s pretty much giving him credit for his work so calm ur tits
Andy Oy oldin
benas stasiukaitis
mind blown
Hyperion Spy
Hyperion Spy Oy oldin
A bit of a stretch imo
Luykis Wamhoff
I personally think it makes more sence to say that Snowpiercer is just the events of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory taking place in an alternate reality.
Seven Nine
Seven Nine Oy oldin
I'd agree, the movie is a plagiarism of Willy Wonka. Sending messages in food (golden ticket) the adventure through the train (factory) the crowds obsession for kronole (candy) and Gilliam/Mason/Masked warriors play identical roles to Slugworth/Veruca/Oompas just in different contexts.
Anonymous vlogs Private
please someone make the wonkapearcer 2.0 film with the two strandet kids
Lee M
Lee M Oy oldin
I think you should seek professional psychological help.
Fresh Mangos
Fresh Mangos 27 kun oldin
I mean the connections were there and they seem rational and logical so calm your tits down damn, youre not having a great day huh?
Skitzophrenic Oy oldin
I CLICKED SKIP AHEAD AND IT JUST PAUSED THE VIDEO! HE'S A PHONY! and the video in the classroom says he started liking trains as a young BOY! HE'S A BIG PHONY!
Skitzophrenic 20 kun oldin
+Kyle Blackmore 9/11
Kyle Blackmore
Kyle Blackmore 21 kun oldin
Are you high?
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Oy oldin
What about the actual sequel? Charlie and the chocolate factory?
Luykis Wamhoff
That was a remake.
Kobrag90 Oy oldin
Great quality video. :D
Burgunbeerd Oy oldin
lost me after you tried to connect him to a bucket appearing when his name is said
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong Oy oldin
Saying that - I later realised that it happens twice in the same shot - with bucket only appearing both times exactly when 'Curtis' is spoken - I showed it more clearly in the latest video: uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html So check that see what you think!
Chill Cosby
Chill Cosby Oy oldin
ur taking some leaps here
Zelda Casablancas
No, I don’t think so...
Kyle Blackmore
Kyle Blackmore 20 kun oldin
+Zelda Casablancas thank you
Zelda Casablancas
Zelda Casablancas 20 kun oldin
Kyle Blackmore and while the original theory was well thought out and put together everything this person had to add to it was complete bullshit.
Zelda Casablancas
Zelda Casablancas 20 kun oldin
It doesn’t make sense and it’s reaching for way too much🤷🏻‍♀️
Kyle Blackmore
Kyle Blackmore 21 kun oldin
Nice argument, a lot of good counterpoints on your part....
Shotana Studios
Really stretching bud. Original theory was conclusive enough, this is just cherry picking.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong Oy oldin
There is more to it! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html Made another video with a few more connections..
PhantomXIX Oy oldin
I think some of these points are absolutely stretching it and dont have much of any correlation. But i agree with the original theory and about the music. That is really convincing
Josef Oy oldin
​+PhantomXIX I doubt you never heard that particular arrangement of three consecutive notes. The "just like me" in Close To You is the first example that came to mind (/watch?v=iFx-5PGLgb4#t=22) . Besides, Nomadic Kong even says they changed the last note of the three-note theme to "sound more dramatic" 6:26. If you change one note in a three-note theme, you now have just two notes. Nobody is going to argue that a two-note segment defines a whole movie. What's more, the stress of the tune is, too, different. Willy Wonka's "walk with [me]" phrase only stresses the third note, the "walk with" being the song's anacrusis. Whereas Snowpiercer's "[walk] with [me]" as shown in this video stresses the first and the third note. Thinking these two musical pieces are related in any way, at least based on the information presented in this video, is an utter stretch.
PhantomXIX Oy oldin
+Josef Also that it becomes less likely of a coincidence since they were the same specific notes that play in the same order as thr orignal song, ive never heard another song start with those same three notes
PhantomXIX Oy oldin
+Josef Three specific notes in 88 keys on a piano and it is repeated in the snowpiercer im pretty sure and also, it's the iconic song from the movie and most people would count it as the theme of the chocolate factory. And im pretty sure the piano in the original from the chocolate factory(not the vocal notes) are also, i think, in the same octave as the snowpiercer put it in when it was on key, pretty sure it was the same octave.
Josef Oy oldin
the music is actually one of the least convincing parts of this video. Three notes does not a theme make. Especially since those three notes don't repeat as they do in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
DJ Kento
DJ Kento Oy oldin
this looks for too many connections, many that likely aren't there, ruining the magic of the first video. Good job. You've ruined this theory for me.
Seven Nine
Seven Nine Oy oldin
You ruined it for yourself with your shitty outlook. People that aren't open minded or reasonable are a dime a dozen. Stay in your box.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong Oy oldin
But there are more connections to be found - uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html - Made another video, some are stretches sure, but some are very specific...!
Zach Standen
Zach Standen Oy oldin
DJ Kento damn ur bitter bruh
King Heart
King Heart Oy oldin
Great now I want a movie about the little boy now
Natedog223 Oy oldin
Whats wrong with the captions?
Natedog223 Oy oldin
Yes it is fixed
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong Oy oldin
Hopefully that's all fixed now! :D
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong Oy oldin
Erm dunno, choose the ones that just say 'English' and that should be the ones I typed myself to sync up properly?
help Oy oldin
Fun fact: Cockroach protein bar was based on japanese candy Yokan(Sweet jelly of red beans)
Matthew Chant
Matthew Chant Oy oldin
BuardChannel Oy oldin
The narrative parallels really got me lol
Brandon Phillips
What about the fucking top hat on top of the scarf lmao
Marie Winter
Marie Winter Oy oldin
Ahh the proper place to be at 4am
Mariano Elorza
Marie Winter same
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor Oy oldin
I also commented this on the other video, but the machines in both movies are equally showboaty, over-engineered to portray extravagance on top of their efficiency. We can't JUST make chocolate, we need to have it flow past as a river. We can't JUST raise fish, we need to have a walk-in aquarium car complete with inedible Manta Rays.
fatima diallo
fatima diallo Oy oldin
I still can’t get over that other video now there’s this one too lol. I ain’t even mad though cuz this is amazing
TheRealTrolololol XD
basically stole another persons shit
Dee Dee Joseph
Dee Dee Joseph 2 oy oldin
It's 2:15AM this theory is really getting to me. It's a very bizarre and fun theory. With so many connections linking to the stories it's hard to think that it's not so far of a stretch
Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr Oy oldin
You can do they with a lot of unrelated films though.
Jake Condemn
Jake Condemn 2 oy oldin
I want snowpiercer 2
Pablo Aguilar
Pablo Aguilar 2 oy oldin
This is a fun theory! I'd love a confirmation by now from both parties.
Maria Pattison
Maria Pattison 2 oy oldin
i can't say for sure whether i fully believe this theory... but your video brings up interesting points! even if it is all coincidence, props to you for finding so much evidence and creating a fun fascinating video with it! i like to imagine that even if it's not a direct sequel, snowpiercer is somewhat of a spiritual sequel to willy wonka. thanks for sharing it w us!
EBBCO REPAIRS 2 oy oldin
After a lot of research, Snowpiercer is definitely a child of someone who really liked Willy Wonka and what it could have become. But not a sequel. Probably going to catch a copy write case.
Snappa 2 oy oldin
I feel snowpiercer was probably inspired by Willy wonka but I don’t believe both are related.
Prism Volt
Prism Volt 2 oy oldin
Yeah, I view more as a dark, violent homage.
Wigoo W
Wigoo W 2 oy oldin
This whole Wonkapiercer theory and especially your video are prime examples of confirmation bias. It's all pure coincidence. If you want to find links between any two things, you will find them. It is true that both movies share some similar themes, but so do a dozen others. Hiding various objects or messages in food items for example is a pretty common theme. Think of fortune cookies, files in cakes or messages on a gum wrapper. The latter even fits the candy criterium. Same for the music: So many soundtracks feature similar notes and chord progressions. The only rather interesting argument is Oompa Loompas powering the perpetuum mobile.
Zarkyun Oy oldin
You say confirmation bias, I say cognitive dissonance. There is simply to many parallels here to just set it aside as pure coincidence. I mean does it have to be spelled out for you? Do you really think they could get away with it legally if they just slapped it down like "HEY THIS IS A WILLY WONKA SEQUEL!" But I just love how many people go "confirmation bias! confirmation bias!" to every theory they don't believe in. Yeah there are some things that could be called stretching it here but somehow the best you can come up with is "hiding stuff in food is normal" ffs. You aren't even trying.
Salt Miner
Salt Miner 2 oy oldin
1k channel, 100k content.
trolling life
trolling life 2 oy oldin
Ill say this man machinery doesnt go extinct child sized orange men do...
X RandomXCity X
X RandomXCity X 2 oy oldin
Oompa loompas cannot survive in cold weather
Flux_Time 2 oy oldin
+Bolek Lolek oompa loompas
Bolek Lolek
Bolek Lolek 2 oy oldin
was that a trump joke? 😂
You Don't Want To Know Me
It could have been willy piercer or snow willy
Ben Shapiro’s Greasy Cock
The whole scarf thing is a stretch, especially considering that there’s literally a top hat literally on top of it.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 2 oy oldin
The latest video I released has the scarf done with more detail (and it shows off the top hat too) - check it out if you like! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html :D
trolling life
trolling life 2 oy oldin
But whos top hat 'xfiles music
Jacqui G
Jacqui G 2 oy oldin
Admittedly i haven't watched Snowpiercer yet, but I liked the original theory. But this just blows the other one away. The music for sure and I like where you went with the ending.
Mr Dmc
Mr Dmc Oy oldin
Snowpiercer is worth the watch
Emjoria 2 oy oldin
The motif with the music is very convincing.
Pyknus 2 oy oldin
You spelled of wrong at 7:40. It's spelled as oof.
James TV Gaming
James TV Gaming 2 oy oldin
This makes me realise that Boon is a genius
Greg Robinette
Greg Robinette 2 oy oldin
I also just noticed the pregnant teachers dress in snowpiercer is nearly identical to the pattern of the flavored wallpaper in Charlie and the chocolate factory
Greg Robinette
Greg Robinette 2 oy oldin
8:43 is the best look
Greg Robinette
Greg Robinette 2 oy oldin
+Nomadic Kong its a standard floral print but it has all the same colors, and a downward cascading pattern, maybe not identical but damn close at a glance
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 2 oy oldin
Ha, excellent observation! I'll check that out - thanks! :D
Min Yoonji
Min Yoonji 2 oy oldin
and oompa loompas die in cold temperatures
Janski 14
Janski 14 2 oy oldin
this video be like "hey i see a brown object in the dark, it must be the _BRIGHT RED SCARF_ "
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 2 oy oldin
Yeah, I addressed that in the latest video - made it a little clearer what I was going on about.. Check it out! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html :D
GARUGAMESH 2 oy oldin
You'll hurt yourself reaching this hard. At this point you're just seeing what you want to see. That's obviously not a scarf, dumbass, your imagination put it there. You're watering down the original theory which was pretty solid and well researched with this made up bullshit.
GARUGAMESH 2 oy oldin
It's not just the scarf, everything you mentioned here is far fetched, I'm not going to watch any more of your videos obviously
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 2 oy oldin
See the comment above - addressed the scarf thing a bit more in the latest vid.. Check it out! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html :P
Min Yoonji
Min Yoonji 2 oy oldin
well it was a good try now stop
Taylor E
Taylor E 2 oy oldin
need a hug?
Nik Muhammad Asyraf
there are flaws in this theory...all your elements only shows that snowpiercer just take the element from Willy Wonka bcus u told that Charlie equal to Curtis.If it is the sequel,it should be Charlie equal to William and the bucket should be shown up whenever Willian name come up not Curtis.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 2 oy oldin
Wilford is meant to be Charlie grown up, but I think that Curtis and Timmy are Charlie Bucket analogues (they go through a similar plot progression from poverty to (potential) food factory ownership over the course of both movies. Did a bit more about the bucket thing in he latest vid - check it out! uzvid.com/video/video-IY2Y_SvwNb0.html
James Younger
James Younger 2 oy oldin
Lol cocaines a helluva drug!
radseven89 2 oy oldin
So in this theory why does Mike TV go from Right-handed to Left-handed?
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 2 oy oldin
+radseven89 Since I put this video out, I've found it so fascinating how different people respond to it - I've learnt a lot from different people noticing details I completely overlooked (like this gun thing!). You're right that it seems a very deliberate casting choice... It may just be because Chris Evans is right-handed, and they wanted to have someone opposite. In the scene where they are shooting at each other through the windows, there is lots of mirroring. One shoots, the other shoots, one reloads, the other reloads etc... One of the themes in the movie is keeping things in balance. So visually it becomes more dynamic and varied if they are firing/and reloading with opposite hands (that mirror-image idea). That scene is a weird sort of fulcrum at the middle of the movie, where these two forces (Curtis/Franco) are opposing each other, one wanting change, one wanting stasis. It may be one of those things where they wanted to prioritise the visuals, and the Wonka thing was less important. There's also a video I found very interesting by 'Every Frame A Painting' where they discus the symbolisms of left vs. right in Snowpiercer - uzvid.com/video/video-X05TDsoSg2Y.html - you should check it out! :)
radseven89 2 oy oldin
​+Nomadic Kong Guns are my hobby so I always pay attention to gun related things in movies and this movie I have to say is pretty accurate with the way they handle the guns. It just seemed like a deliberate casting choice to choose a left handed person for the role of guy who is really good at shooting when they only make up 10% of the population. I do believe your theory about him being reassembled wrong is interesting though. Perhaps he was assembled backwards and that in some way affected his mental state as well.
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 2 oy oldin
Great spot though! I didn't notice that, and the thing about him firing a left-handed gun (to avoid the cartridges going in his face) is very interesting! :D
Nomadic Kong
Nomadic Kong 2 oy oldin
+radseven89 Just checked the movies - while you only see Mike shoot right-handed, he does always wear a gun holster on each hip - so presumably he was able to shoot with both hands? Also you see Franco the Elder pick up things with the right hand (scissors/knife) so you could argue that he is ambidextrous? I think it could just be for cinematic (or maybe just casting) reasons - Curtis is right handed, so it makes their show-downs a bit more epic in terms of the framing of the shots when they are shooting at each other. There's also that centuries old thing of heroes entering from the right of the theatre stage, and villains from the left (sinister means left-handed in Latin, dextrous means right-handed), so it highlights the whole hero/villain thing a bit more maybe. Also Vlad Ivanov (who played Franco) is nearly 20 years younger than Ed Harris - so the theory definitely has some places where it doesn't hang together exactly - but also, as I think it was probably an entirely unofficial sequel/remake, there's a lot of creative license taken in places (it's more in the spirit/story of the previous movie than an exact sync-up). Maybe he's meant to actually be the son of Mike? :D
radseven89 2 oy oldin
+Nomadic Kong It seems like a pretty glaring piece of evidence against that specific part of the theory. Also when he and curtis are trying to shoot each other during the trains turn scene, Mike TV fires (and carries) his rifle left handed. Now there would be no good reason to be firing a right handed rifle, left handed at that point, the empty cartridges would be flying into your face.
Liquidated 2 oy oldin
Not a far stretch to have a director/screenwriter being a big fan of a classic book/film.
Madison 2 oy oldin
*Film Theory wants to know your location*
pianist150 2 oy oldin
I'll never forgive you 2 for actually convincing me of this
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