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26-Yan, 2017

HAIR TUTORIALDESI PERKINSBEACH WAVESHOW TO HAIRouai dry shampoo foambombshell hairbombshell curlsbombshell wavesouai dry shampoo2 inch curling ironsoft bombshell waves



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myong2206 11 kun oldin
does anybody know how desi colors her hair lmao
mandy aste
mandy aste Oy oldin
she legit looks like J.Lo
Markella C
Markella C Oy oldin
The first half of my hair would be straight again by the time I finished the second half lol
Alisha Layman
Alisha Layman 2 oy oldin
I lift and spray the undercarriage..LOL You look gorg!
Katherine Maines
Katherine Maines 2 oy oldin
I need a tutorial on this HAIR COLOR!!
Monica Miranda
Monica Miranda 2 oy oldin
Do you think a ceramic hair tool is better than titanium? I’m looking for new tools and I need help
katherine56631 2 oy oldin
When I watch this type of video I am reminded of how lazy I am. Like I would never do this.
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 3 oy oldin
How do you decide what shade matches your balayage the best? Do they have tester strands you can order before purchasing a full set?
Claudia Okyere-Fosu
Kari Orozco
Kari Orozco 7 oy oldin
I love your hair color !
Hoeyaam Majiet
Hoeyaam Majiet 7 oy oldin
Beautiful Desi! Hi gaarrz!! any make up accounts that want a follow? ifb @hoeyaam_md
Esmeralda Felix
Esmeralda Felix 7 oy oldin
I have thick hair and it can be a struggle
Pinching lann masli9
Maseriol Rasgiol haserio 😊😊😊😊😍😍
feli V
feli V 10 oy oldin
What is that hair color on your hair?
Dawn W
Dawn W 11 oy oldin
My all time favourite hairstyle on you 🔥
Maggie's Mama
Maggie's Mama 11 oy oldin
Great tutorial! Love the beachy vibe.
MJ Rivera
MJ Rivera 11 oy oldin
this is sooooo JLO!!
Helene Dahlsveen
Helene Dahlsveen 11 oy oldin
I never curl my hair, bc when i do, my hair won’t hold the curl. 1,5 hours after i’ve curled it, it’s gone and you can’t see that is has ever been curled:/ but luckily, my hair is naturally a little wavy
GKT Alberta
GKT Alberta 2 oy oldin
Helene Dahlsveen I used to have this problem. Play with your heat setting, try raising it a little. MAKE SURE YOU USE AN APPROPRIATE AMOUNT OF HEAT PROTECTANT, too much weighs my hair down and knocks out curls. Shower at night, style in the morning. Then finally make sure you have a good hairspray, try using ‘bigsexyhair’. It comes in a red bottle. It’s really good, my hair doesn’t move.
Stephanie Cervantes
I love you desi!!! But does anyone’s hair extensions make their hair fall out?????
Queen B
Queen B Yil oldin
Am I the only one that looks at Desi and accidentally yells WHY YOU SO PRETTY GURL YAS QUEEN
If J-low and Kim K had a baby together it'd be you. So jealous of how gorgeous you are!
Kimberly L.
Kimberly L. Yil oldin
Desi I have a question for you: How do you avoid creasing/kinking in your hair with this technique? I can get the end result looking great but it takes a looong time because I constantly need to go back and fix the creasing.
Erika Bravo
Erika Bravo Yil oldin
wow on this video you look just like Jennifer Lopez!
Jordie Delgado
Jordie Delgado Yil oldin
You remind me of j-lo in this video 💛💛
Alieza Yil oldin
What lashes are these!?
Lotus Levy
Lotus Levy Yil oldin
desi is the jlo of youtube
Carmen Constantinescu
Hei Desi, u're sooo beautiful and soft.
Maria Hansen
Maria Hansen Yil oldin
if i wanted his color what colour/number is this? what do i tell my hairdresser? someone help haha
Alex Covington
Alex Covington Yil oldin
I just subscribed to your channel. You popped up in my recommended thing lol. Let me just say, you look like a cross between Lucy Liu and Jennifer Lopez. Stunning, really!
KeKe’s Kreations
U look sooo much like j-lo!!!
ana suarez
ana suarez Yil oldin
Omg I fell in loved with this tutorial my first time I see one of your videos and I fell in love with it. I enjoyed it from the start to the end like it went by fast and that's a plus as a subscriber your video is entertaining very explanatory. I love it I love your makeup everything thank you so much for this video and gorgeous hair.
Cat Heart
Cat Heart Yil oldin
How is it possible the anyone can be so gorgeous😀
Evony V
Evony V Yil oldin
Love your videos! Soo my hair parts how it wants to part throughout the day, just like yours. That always gives me trouble when I'm getting my haircut. What haircut do you typically get?? My hair stylist just cuts it as if I part in the middle, but then it looks crazy when I part it to the side.. like a huge chunk of hair is hanging on the side of my face. Help pleaseeee :(
Rachel Clark
Rachel Clark Yil oldin
You are stunning! How long do you leave the hair extensions in and how long do they last for reuse?
Aii Yil oldin
Jennifer Lopez?! Is that u?!?!?!
Chua Williams
Chua Williams Yil oldin
Damn...those extensions are soooo expensive! Over $350
Diana Z
Diana Z Yil oldin
amazing video omg
Lutz I
Lutz I Yil oldin
You know what? I've just found your channel and omg it's a blessing!! We are just so similar (obvs not in appearance lol poor me, you are stunning !) as in we like and dislike the same things, even down to "no hairspray please". I love natural looks, youthful effortless finish, light/no make-up and it's so hard to find someone who does it (and explain it) so well! And even in more dramatic looks I see you like to keep that elegant "actually not too much" approch that I love. So yeah! So HAPPY to have ALL of your channel to scroll through now!
Sarah Maley Farris
Since you use product on your extensions, do you wash them regularly? How often? I just got my 20 inch extensions cut much shorter and layered. I can’t wait to try this!!!
Sheena Kalies
Sheena Kalies Yil oldin
Beautiful! You look amazing! I just recently subscribed to you and looking forward to all of your videos!
Nives Zovko
Nives Zovko Yil oldin
You look like a younger Jennifer Lopez (she and you look amazing!)
Lau M
Lau M Yil oldin
Looking even gorgeous with messy hair girl!!!
Ayeza Tariq
Ayeza Tariq Yil oldin
why she gives me jLO vibes?
Erin McGuigan
Erin McGuigan Yil oldin
I cant stop binging your videos
Miss Crystal
Miss Crystal Yil oldin
B R E A Yil oldin
I did the same look but on shorter hair on my channel . Hope you guys check it out 😘
Cat Heart
Cat Heart Yil oldin
Love it, so gorgeous!
Becca Brooks
Becca Brooks Yil oldin
J-Lo?? beautiful
Kangana Bhalla
Kangana Bhalla Yil oldin
And you look like JLo here.
Lizette Ayala
Lizette Ayala Yil oldin
does anyone else think she could be jennifer lopez doppelganger? lol she is gorgeous though and her personality is just too loveable.
Oshianna Newberry
What if my hair doesn't hold a curl and I hate hairspray :(
Van Bradshaw
Van Bradshaw Yil oldin
New to your channel and been binge watching your videos! Love your style :)
Kaylie Leib
Kaylie Leib Yil oldin
Soo stunning, I can't wait to try this! I want more, and I'm a new follower! I've already watched this and the pony tail one and ordered the pony tail piece
kathyanne12 Yil oldin
I spy more creamer please? 🤔
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith Yil oldin
Desi you are Beautiful, naturally inside and out. You have an amazing way of connecting with viewers. Your hair & Make up tutorials are incredible, You make them so easy to follow and copy (ish, I try 😊). Thank you for the outstanding work you do. Great inspiration. X
Alicen Doll
Alicen Doll Yil oldin
Love the soft Waves Desi
Vanessa Trevino
Vanessa Trevino Yil oldin
What color is your hair I love it goes well with your skin tone 😍😍
vanessa gomez
vanessa gomez Yil oldin
Could u do this makeup look
Quen Rutr
Quen Rutr Yil oldin
Can I now what u hair color plz
Shambhawi Nepal
Shambhawi Nepal Yil oldin
Can you please tell me of the colour you used on your hair they are absolutely gorgeous. 😊😊
Annie Nguyen
Annie Nguyen Yil oldin
How big is your round brush? I'm looking for one and not sure what size to get 😭
PLUM THUM Yil oldin
how have i never seen any of her videos before? glad i found her. so nice to watch tutorials from someone who isn't an obnoxious teen and saying "like" every other word and openly honest about using cheap irons, lol. can't wait to try this!
Meruyert Donbayeva
Could you please list the make up products you are wearing in this video?
Desi Perkins
Desi Perkins Yil oldin
Meruyert Donbayeva They are in the description box. 💁🏽
I GOT THEM Yil oldin
She kinda looks like Jennifer Lopez
Ken Leung
Ken Leung Yil oldin
Those hair extensions length almost you didn't cut your hair before !
yamilette sosa
yamilette sosa Yil oldin
What color do you dye your hair? If you do dye it
Shae Vialpando
Shae Vialpando Yil oldin
where can I buy that top ?!?!?!
Trixie Beredo
Trixie Beredo Yil oldin
Daaaamn girl, how are you so flawless?!
Cassandra Lopez
Cassandra Lopez Yil oldin
B. D.
B. D. Yil oldin
In Malaysia we say "tak pernah tak cantik" (EN: never not pretty) which literally means "you always look pretty"
Ágnes Farkas
Ágnes Farkas Yil oldin
Hi Desi, Love your make up videos and always adored your hair color. I bleached and damaged my hair twice already, and still not finding the perfect color without going orange. Can you help me out what color do you or the hair salon use on you? What brand is it? Thank you so much, keep hitting us with great detailed videos.
Sabrina Whiterock
i have that same curling iron too
Nikki Gioffre
Nikki Gioffre Yil oldin
I would love to see how you touch it up, i can never make my hair last another day when i style it 😢
Clarissa Nunez
Clarissa Nunez Yil oldin
Someone please tell me if she gets BALAYAGE or HIGHLIGHTS done?! I haven't been able to find her talking about her process at a salon! This color and blending at her roots is perfect!
Kiara Yil oldin
You remind me so much of Jennifer Lopez. Just me?
J. Mendez
J. Mendez Yil oldin
She is so stunning!❤️ she could be a JLO body double
sara couture
sara couture Yil oldin
You should compare the Ouai dry shampoo foam VS the Drybar detox one! Please :) xxx
Beverly Lee
Beverly Lee Yil oldin
This is the best tutorial I've seen on this kind of wave, thank you!! Can you do the slick back (no part) straight hair look but without all the heavy gel/ wax?
Saru K
Saru K Yil oldin
Vanessa Jones
Vanessa Jones Yil oldin
Sorry Desi, (not Desk!)
Vanessa Jones
Vanessa Jones Yil oldin
Colour? Desk, What hair colours do you have in your actual hair? (Hairdressing colours-not extensions)
Michelle Young
Michelle Young Yil oldin
What heat setting do you recommend?
Kelly Urrego
Kelly Urrego Yil oldin
I absolutely love this look. You always make everything look so easy. Beautiful. I might have to give this a try. I've always wanted to try extensions so when you added that part in i got so excited. I know a grown woman all giddy over extensions lol lol oh well love this video girlllll xoxoxo
Jordan Peirsol
Jordan Peirsol Yil oldin
20,000th like.. yaaaas! Shoutout to Katy for linking this video in her latest Amazon vid!!! Y'all are my favs! xo
Lyah Scott
Lyah Scott Yil oldin
i have really long hair and I never know what to so with it. recently i have been plating my hair so i get a gentle wave but the top is dead straight with nooo volume sooo going to try this out. u look beautiful as always
Gwen Asayas
Gwen Asayas Yil oldin
I love when desi makes sound effects to describe what she's trying to say because I do the same lolol
Anissa Gonzalez
Anissa Gonzalez Yil oldin
Omg your hair looks so good like the blow dryer look I can't do that hair style as hard as I try my arm gets tired af and I have a lot of wavy hair
Vanessa Perez
Vanessa Perez Yil oldin
JLo's twin holy shit!!!!
LopezFlavia Yil oldin
too much nude colors in one video-- I can't breath
Julie Nguyen
Julie Nguyen Yil oldin
Nessa Meade
Nessa Meade Yil oldin
You should do more videos about your hair! Like how you deal with frizz, what you do right out of the shower, and all the products you use!!!
Suhely Piña
Suhely Piña Yil oldin
Hi! How do you make your hair stay that way with only that last spray? I have a lot of hair and it's kind of long so it gets very heavy, not even hair spray/setting spray make the curls last... :(
A Buckner
A Buckner Yil oldin
+Desi Perkins what round brush and blow dryer do you use?
yessak dandan
yessak dandan Yil oldin
You look like jennifer lopez😊
JennnySantana Yil oldin
Desi, what color is your hair? How do you ask for it at the salon?
WintersArcher 2 yil oldin
cisworld16 2 yil oldin
I love it! thank you!
SS HAIRR 2 yil oldin
I love you & love you even more when those chicken claws get to WORKKK.
Addy Lavallee
Addy Lavallee 2 yil oldin
Love it!!! You've now inspired me to bring the side bangs back hahah :)
Kendra Schnell
Kendra Schnell 2 yil oldin
do you take your extensions out at night and reapply the next day or leave them in there 3 days?
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