Sorry, Apple.. "The Notch" is DEAD!

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Ever since the iPhone, we’ve wanted bigger screens and smaller bezels.. Now Xiaomi thinks they’ve got the final answer, but what do you have to give up?
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3-Yan, 2019

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Donald Trumps Fake News
2019 flagships from all companies are still behind the 2017 iPhones.
Supreeth NS
Supreeth NS 10 soat oldin
The two times he trolled Samsung was epic😂
Raol Xhumari
Raol Xhumari 12 soat oldin
It's a shit phone with shitty battery life and no jack.No thank you Linux.Not gonna get my money...
Bob 13 soat oldin
Suddenly Lei Jun has a British accent...😂
ArwinVD 17 soat oldin
I would say I like this, but experience tells me that mechanical slides are always prone to early wear and failure.
madjedi22 Kun oldin
960fps slowmo? Dang... when I upgrade I really need to leave apple.. I hate to say it but they just seem behind at sometimes double the price
madjedi22 Kun oldin
Can’t wait for in screen sensors so we don’t need notches or slides
P3 T3R
P3 T3R Kun oldin
‘Thiccness’ lol
MKB 144p
MKB 144p Kun oldin
yeah well but these phones come with a pretty big chin so it is kind of pointless to eliminate the notch and keep the chin......
KingExvius Kun oldin
Watching in my Mix 3 👍
Dimitri Trotsiuk
Do you remember how many troubles we had with a slider phones??? Drop it ones and slider is gooooooone
Zephy Kun oldin
nice satori
Pedro Vieira
Pedro Vieira Kun oldin
When people rag on the iPhone but every phone to come out literally looks like an iPhone lol
Tutoring Western
UZvid already gives your video ads. Why include ads in the actual video itself?
Rifath Chowdhury
Rifath Chowdhury 2 kun oldin
Watching this on my new Mi Mix 3 ^_^
Robin Nagels
Robin Nagels 2 kun oldin
I am going to buy this. Why? It has an slide satisfyiiiing
Max Payne
Max Payne 2 kun oldin
No jack. Still sucks
Der echte Elch
Der echte Elch 2 kun oldin
Galaxy S9+ **cough** **cough**
2spoopy4u 2 kun oldin
The notch was never alive.
Arvin Pascual Genido
LOL sliders get jammed
Arvin Pascual Genido
Who the hell told people to copy the notch style
Blas Bla1 :P
Blas Bla1 :P 2 kun oldin
I thought it was notch minecraft
Enzo 2 kun oldin
0:30 AI Cemara?
Mohammed Malkawi
Mohammed Malkawi 2 kun oldin
I feel that Apple is no longer interested in its customers Well I've been carrying iPhone since iPhone 4 but I'm not satisfied with the advancement of technology
MassDynamic 3 kun oldin
someone is gonna get a kick out of sliding the phone 24/7
Isaac Poarch
Isaac Poarch 3 kun oldin
8:53 song?
Gankel Land
Gankel Land 3 kun oldin
Are you OK?(`・ω・´)
Liam Hebden
Liam Hebden 3 kun oldin
the sound I think is the lease important thing apart from ringing.... no phone sounds good.... head phones or wireless Bluetooth speaker.... the sound of a phone only has to be annoying enough to be heard and answer as soon as possible
XantheFIN 3 kun oldin
i was thinking when they bring Nintendo 3ds effect into phones just for lols.
David Wu
David Wu 3 kun oldin
But have a chine 😆
林子倫 3 kun oldin
No one noticed Linus can see through phones to check out its processor?
Gold Winger
Gold Winger 3 kun oldin
Stereo speakers? Really with a separation of three inches. Ooooo, that will give you a good stereo experience. I have never heard any phone speaker that didn't sound like crap.
retafuy 3 kun oldin
As always, no notch but a chin.
Yiyu Gong
Yiyu Gong 3 kun oldin
Linus. Can you make a video about the new Sony XZ3 phone?
Venkat P
Venkat P 3 kun oldin
0:03 theres probably a note 9 in your pocket
Shahid Shafqat
Shahid Shafqat 3 kun oldin
Where are light and other infrared sensors?
SUPREME LOVER 3 kun oldin
What if you get a whatsapp video call!
Mar Van de Sande
Then you swipe the lens up. Simple enough?
Rubbish Dog
Rubbish Dog 3 kun oldin
Just don't buy anything from Sina they are spying on you, just don't buy.
Minz 4 kun oldin
I can pick any phone but not Samsung for sure
Dennis Jungbauer
Dennis Jungbauer 4 kun oldin
Why do you dislike MIUI? I actually like the MIUI (7*) on my Mi 5 - it has a modified, iOS influenced UI, but doesn't really have Bloatware; it's kinda stock in that regard with the addition of actually useful apps, like QR Scanner, Voice Recorder and Mi Drop for sharing files with the PC. :) The only negative thing I dealt with, is the RAM management, I guess - it sometimes just kills apps you don't want to be killed, like Spotify. But there's a fix for that and it may have got fixed already in newer versions. * yeah, already old version, but I got some modified ROM unfortunately for which I would need to unlock the bootloader for updating, which I didn't care about then
Gomam0n 4 kun oldin
>no jack output sorry but no.
Oddreign Odd
Oddreign Odd 4 kun oldin
The word "bloody" with an American accent sounds wrong.
yang xiao
yang xiao 4 kun oldin
i say xiaomi you say yes!
Nathan 4 kun oldin
Your're like the only youtuber who uploads in 18:9
57 Pixels
57 Pixels Kun oldin
+Matthieu Lucas 2:1=18:9
Matthieu Lucas
Matthieu Lucas Kun oldin
+57 Pixels MKBHD uploads in 2:1 though
57 Pixels
57 Pixels Kun oldin
I bet you never heard of MKBHD
Toboggan 4 kun oldin
jsyk Linus, in Mandarin Chinese the "X" is pronounced as an "sh" sound (there's 2 distinct "sh" sounds, x is done with your tongue more forward in the mouth, sh is towards the back (same with j vs zh, and q vs ch), so it's pronounced more like "shao-mi"
Shubham Anime
Shubham Anime 4 kun oldin
Linus stop molesting that Poor phone!!!
Bryan Turner
Bryan Turner 4 kun oldin
Great notch free solution. The only downfall is that it would make having a case on the phone next to impossible.
Bryan Turner
Bryan Turner 2 kun oldin
+Shawn Thomas that's good to hear.
Shawn Thomas
Shawn Thomas 2 kun oldin
Not true,it comes with a case and different cases are available.
Gale chow
Gale chow 4 kun oldin
Please try huawei mate20 pro which has the best camera and under-screen fingerprint. It has a special back shell process and stunning colors, a large capacity battery and excellent battery management. I really hope that Liuns can try it.
Nicholas Rauer
Nicholas Rauer 4 kun oldin
Guys check out this video review of LTT Coffee!?! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!! uzvid.com/video/video-jd2nxcNV_5k.html
Nicholas Rauer
Nicholas Rauer 4 kun oldin
Guys check out this video review of LTT Coffee!?! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!! uzvid.com/video/video-jd2nxcNV_5k.html
Nicholas Rauer
Nicholas Rauer 4 kun oldin
Guys check out this video review of LTT Coffee!?! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!! uzvid.com/video/video-jd2nxcNV_5k.html
BIG MUSIC 4 kun oldin
There is a problem using the slide phone is you can't use back cover...
Shawn Thomas
Shawn Thomas 2 kun oldin
Ramon De Vos
Ramon De Vos 4 kun oldin
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, all screen (except CHIN), no notch BUT CHIN! Still ugly, sorry, keep looking...
X Beasty Gaming
X Beasty Gaming 4 kun oldin
samsung should wait till other companies launches ther phones and take notes of those and add those and release than
Don Lajot
Don Lajot 4 kun oldin
Is this Water Resistant?
simi spolter
simi spolter 4 kun oldin
You can install the Google camera on the phone and get the same pictures like the pixel 3
Chong 4 kun oldin
Wait? Is pewdiepie a tech review channel now???
Jahangir Akand
Jahangir Akand 4 kun oldin
Shami me mix. ,🤔
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 4 kun oldin
To bad it's from Xiaomi , their phones are crap.
gameflux 4 kun oldin
No thank you !
Eduardo Carrasco
Eduardo Carrasco 4 kun oldin
"Everything runs smooth" speeds the footage so it doesn't looks laggy. WTF people you need to realize that this phone is trash.
LePapillon 5 kun oldin
7:47 AI Cemara
TheRedneckAtheist 5 kun oldin
I never use the front facing camera, I would like a phone that just does away with it.
Homing Lam
Homing Lam 5 kun oldin
You mispronounced the CEO 's name. It's "Lei Jun" ,just like "late june".
Ayub Comp
Ayub Comp 5 kun oldin
Marius x
Marius x 5 kun oldin
That letter had more bullshit than bull shit itself.
Jeezy Freezy
Jeezy Freezy 5 kun oldin
How can u put the case when it is a slider?
bob sherwood
bob sherwood 5 kun oldin
Dude looking like hes stuck in 2008
Falcon Gaming
Falcon Gaming 5 kun oldin
Will the phone work with ATT in the USA?
Riccardo Zardi
Riccardo Zardi 5 kun oldin
Yaniv Zilberman
Yaniv Zilberman 5 kun oldin
7:56 Is the camera is that shitty? I'm really considering buying that phone.
Mandragoras 5 kun oldin
One moment it's Ziaomi, then it's SHiaomi. Pick one.
manaquri 5 kun oldin
I'd like a slider phone with a damn keyboard, I'm willing to sacrifice 2mm for that.
Vladx35 5 kun oldin
Let's see how that sliding mechanism holds up after a few drops and how will it slide in a case? Cheap Android garbage with a wannabe Apple design. Google and Samsung are where it's at for Android. Otherwise, nothing touches iOS.
Claudia Bailey
Claudia Bailey 5 kun oldin
Is Oxygen OS is miles ahead of anything? its smooth and fluid and stock like with a little twist on top. It offers not alot and not much extra and that's it. Never buy the Chinese version of a Xiaomi phone it comes with bloat. I love the extras you get but it's Android so there's the beauty choice
Sylvia Foster
Sylvia Foster 5 kun oldin
I'm only here to laugh at Linus's bad acting. It's so bad it's good 😂😂😂
DopestDope 5 kun oldin
the slide will break, my hands will find a way.
I hated the notch idea.
Puss 5 kun oldin
8:45 i love this cat. hes crack up! that little smirk
Fala Ai
Fala Ai 2 kun oldin
Puss ---- He's a pussy.
YUXCAT 5 kun oldin
James Debbarma
James Debbarma 5 kun oldin
9:59 never have i seen such a smooth transition
Shahnawaz Ansari
Shahnawaz Ansari 5 kun oldin
AI everything
Rp 5 kun oldin
The only reason I don`t buy android phones anymore is that I don`t want to have nameless piece of plastic that nobody cares about 1 month after it`s release and it goes on heavy discounts because those things are just sitting on shelves forever. I got Iphone X 8 months ago and I have never been happier using phone and also while looking at its current value ( which is like 90% of retail price). If you really start focusing on big picture - you can see that android phones are just flooding the market, interest to them is lost like 1-2 months after release and then nobody cares. Who cares about previous samsung galaxy? And what is 2nd hand maket price on that? It doesn`t matter that much what the start price is if it is preserved, much worse if something was "good value" at the time of purchase but then becomes worthless.
Alfonso Garcia Pappaterra
Now I agreed with the adaptation oh 18:9 aspect ratio thanks to support this linus 👍
Ben Hakim
Ben Hakim 5 kun oldin
That fake Chinese garbage phone is trash, it fucking slides wtf?? Looks like a toy made in china. The phone performance is garbage and s9 material feels authentic, and feels like expensive phone, this garbage phone is not it's another fake phone plastic cancer ass
Jeevan Singh Mehta
Jeevan Singh Mehta 5 kun oldin
Cartoon with cartoon phone
kaihtheloner 5 kun oldin
1:52 - Goddamn!! That thick bottom bezel completely ruined the illusion of it being a fully bezel-less smartphone. Why couldn't they just make the bezels even on all sides to give the illusion of the screen being all display.
LegitCharge 5 kun oldin
It was never alive tbh.
Anty855 5 kun oldin
I like Samsung.
g0dh1t 01
g0dh1t 01 5 kun oldin
This phone is the best.
the tech news
the tech news 5 kun oldin
Xiaomi very very best device company...I love xiaomi..
Scientific knowledge ASSAM
It's Samsung AI
Nitin Tomar
Nitin Tomar 6 kun oldin
Hemant Khatri
Hemant Khatri 6 kun oldin
how much you get for this review from Xiaomi
Daimond Londerick
Daimond Londerick 6 kun oldin
I like you ~
Sai Srikar
Sai Srikar 6 kun oldin
10:02 That moment when you try to make a smooth transition into an advertisement but can't think of anything.
TopherPSU3 6 kun oldin
Ok Linus - check out the Huawei Honor 8 phone and compare it! I have never been happier with a phone in my entire life!!
Shivkumar Kumbar
Shivkumar Kumbar 6 kun oldin
Ditch the notch. I would never like to buy a smartphone with a pathetic looking notch.
giorgi oselodkin
giorgi oselodkin 6 kun oldin
So Slide it up to your ASS - Clickbaiting people using people who hate Apple, to get views. I have 4 iPhones they work perfectly fine, one of them is 7 years old. No Android can Last that long.
HollywoodShono 6 kun oldin