Sorry, Apple.. "The Notch" is DEAD!

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Ever since the iPhone, we’ve wanted bigger screens and smaller bezels.. Now Xiaomi thinks they’ve got the final answer, but what do you have to give up?
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3-Yan, 2019



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Mwamba Kabanda
Mwamba Kabanda 2 kun oldin
could you see the processor through the phone chassis orrrrr...
Freddy Lee
Freddy Lee 5 kun oldin
Well apple still thinks they could pull off the trick using the same design for 4 years straight like they did with the iphone 6-8.
Stealthy ツ
Stealthy ツ 7 kun oldin
Is that a mi mix 3 in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?
WatrmelnGames 7 kun oldin
Still got an iPhone WITH A NOTCH
Jahaziel Gutierrez
Jahaziel Gutierrez 11 kun oldin
why can't you just review s10 already?
rafxar 17 kun oldin
I bought this phone cuz of this video :) thx Linus
pink Fungi
pink Fungi 9 kun oldin
+rafxar mix 3 launches may
Vasilis Tsonis
Vasilis Tsonis 11 kun oldin
+rafxar even though I'm one of the people who like MIUI, i still appreciate your reply, thanks for the information friend qB^)
rafxar 12 kun oldin
+Vasilis Tsonis it's really good but buy the international version :D. MIUI is a bit intrusive in terms of saving battery but you can get around that disabling and enabling some stuff. Should buy the Mix 3 with the 855 tho now that it's selling but you would have to wait till the international version is released.
Vasilis Tsonis
Vasilis Tsonis 12 kun oldin
oh really? i was thinking of doing the same thing actually xD how's the phone, is it as good as you'd expect after watching the video or is it disappointing maybe?
Free Gamer
Free Gamer 20 kun oldin
bixby ?! the way linus said about the extra button .......samsung should really think about the bixby button it's useless !!! completely !
Free Gamer
Free Gamer 20 kun oldin
looking forward for complete glass phones ! future is coming faster than before !!
maman mam
maman mam 21 kun oldin
Bye i phone
Gibbet Hoskins
Gibbet Hoskins 27 kun oldin
This phone makes so much more sense than the deplorable knotch, I would never buy a phone with a knotch, I'm too OCD for that shit. That letter from the CEO though 😬🤦‍♂️
Official GaleDoesMusic
Christopher Pi
Christopher Pi 28 kun oldin
Minecraft’s creator is not bad
Tha Real
Tha Real Oy oldin
Honor magic 2?
yih torng hea
yih torng hea Oy oldin
Mix Mi Up Again
Daniel Soriano
Motorola invented the Notch back in 2006!! remember the Motofone F3?
Hi Oy oldin
God damn phone cost 1000$
fuzz shiba
fuzz shiba Oy oldin
Ah, switching to a galaxy watch I see? Good choice linus.
Markjensen Coralde
i think it is always accidentally slide. Not good.
Chloei Luna
Chloei Luna Oy oldin
Is this phone much better than the honor magic 2?????
Mavrick Faust
Mavrick Faust Oy oldin
Who actually owns one of these I'm buying one
Seaya Oy oldin
i have it, really good phone
Pratyush Buch
Pratyush Buch Oy oldin
I hate u because you hate appple
lasarousi Oy oldin
Here's a novel idea. Don't take selfies. Boom, notch gone. I'd buy a decent phone if it didn't have a front camera in a whim.
Miguel Sanchez
This sliding phone is the equivalent of me using my snap key on the car
ianpark2121 Oy oldin
No notch just chunky ass borders
Michele Galvagno
Who's the genius who chose Schubert's Rosamunde as soundtrack?
Jim Collier
Jim Collier Oy oldin
The male-adolescent-oriented innuendo is getting old. Which is a shame, this is such an informative channel. Granted, I may not represent your base demographic. But part of my job is getting young women and girls into STEM, which studies and surveys show they are hesitant to do in large part due to the tired old pubescent-boy stuff that this channel regularly perpetuates. I'm also the father of two girls, but I'd like to think anyone/everyone would want to help tech be more inclusive, in part because the US is quickly losing its lead and supply of high-tech talent. So I'm unsubscribing. I'll check back every few months or so.
elhassan fagrouche
Thats why I watch mkbhd for tech advices. U just 🍋 af
Stephen Gallick
the moment when the vids turn to a unboxing video
lol lame video
You’re a lame
Seaya Oy oldin
your animoji is more lame
MrMonster1963 Oy oldin
Annoying voice! hahaha
the notch is still alive tho
Brandon Kaczor
Sucks that Apple is a good branding company, therefore the companies who have the superior product, have to limit their potential, because they follow TRENDS, rather than superior technology. Imglad i can move my icons around my screen.... Thank goodness google didnt copy that!
Brandon Kaczor
You want to see the way the phones should still look? LG G2... Just as small of bezels as an IPhone X. And a tone of useful hardware.... Like a headphone jack:). Oh and an IR blaster, which also seems to have near disappeared, yet was very handy. Apple never had an IR blaster. Apple has a wired in battery (batteries permanently drain over time, remeber when we could buy a new battery for a couple bucks and replace it?). Now all companys wire batteries on near every model.... Any desirable models at least. Then they send updates which ruin your battery. I mean what did some loose in that lawsuit? A bunch of people who wouldn't have replaced their phones anyways are offered a replacement for cheap? After the company who will gain all profits from repairs, are the company who caused the problem on purpose? That's not evem a loss, that's free advertising.... And to the most zombie like consumers (apple customers).
Brandon Kaczor
THE NOTCH IS JUST SHEEP BEING TOLD SOMETHING DUMB IS GOOD, CLEARLY A BITE OUTTA YOUR SCREEN IS STUPID! Cant wait for their computers and tablets have a notch. What would be the big deal with a small forhead for all the cameras, speaker, and fancy sensors. Seems clear. Just like most things in smartphones, peaked around 2014, minimal changes since then. Any awsome games, which would be the most processing people do..... Could have been done on a 2014 flagship. The companies should just focus on only battery life. Everything else is great. We found 12 to 14 mp is just right (as most flagships went past 13 , now settle at 12). You need 21 or 42mp 4k screens are dumb, 1080 looks just fine on phone size. Plus 1080 is a happy medium between visually appealing and battery sparing..... In fact good flagships allow you to turn it down to 1080....and some even come that way outta the box, even though they are 2k or 4k, lol. Not to mention you see something similar to 1080. So just leave everything hardware wise, except get rid of that STUPID NOTCH. Bring back the effin headphone jack, and bring the battery to week long use, that's the only tech left BATTERY LIFE! CONSUMERS SHOULD BOYCOTT ALL SMARTPHONES UNTIL THEY DUMP NOTCHES AND BRING BACK 3.5mm HEADPHONE JACK.
Samsung's finally making a slide phone which is cool
Stuart Morrow
Stuart Morrow Oy oldin
9:59 We Will Rock You
pindahunter Oy oldin
You forgot the priv :P
-? Oy oldin
im surprised nobody witnessed the "Thiccness" at 2:38
128 rbx ditonton
I just got my own mi mix 3 this morning :)
LiL Teddy
LiL Teddy Oy oldin
Xiaomi and Oneplus are the best cuz theyre community based manufacturer
Yeon Sha
Yeon Sha Oy oldin
He want samsung to change.. so do I..
Flykope Oy oldin
*Looks at side of phone* “No notch, nice”
EpicTech adetoro
And he looks ugly
AL1V3 Oy oldin
EpicTech adetoro
This guy sucks
AL1V3 Oy oldin
Toti Fanara
Toti Fanara Oy oldin
Don't know in Canada, but could not find a MiPhone that would work in US with Mint mobile (T-Mobile network). And I was looking for features that LGV20 has (yes including the microSD and removable battery! I am that "old school ;P)... none seems to be usable in US including those marked as "global" or "world phone"... and apparently also the warranty would not be honored if buying one from China through the usual banggood and similar oddly named online stores.
Mega Gardevoir
Psst Psssssssssssssst Hey samsung, remember how annoying was your bixby button on the S8 popping every SINGLE FUCKING TIME ?
AL1V3 Oy oldin
I turned her off and now i use it as a fidget button
alex medina
alex medina Oy oldin
Pretty soon it’s gonna be all about features in the phone cause nowadays all phones are starting to look the same whether it’s phones with a notch or Samsung’s new hole punch which I’m sure other companies are gonna start doing as well
Mr I know it all k
Samsung yay!
Anthony Mata
Anthony Mata Oy oldin
I love the slide approach to reducing bezels. That just might be the deciding factor for me over the one plus 6t. I hate notches with a passion, but it does have that near stock android os. Which should I get?
Brian Pratama
Brian Pratama Oy oldin
Do you remember Priv?
Logan Polley
Logan Polley Oy oldin
How does snapchat work with the slider
AL1V3 Oy oldin
Froeg Oy oldin
My galaxy s7 doesn't have a notch...
shadfurman Oy oldin
"A rear that's surprisingly easy to hold onto..." Heeello!
Lark Alfen
Lark Alfen Oy oldin
I would kill for that many phones
V Power
V Power Oy oldin
Apple is sh*t! (My opinion) No hate!
Guilherme Couto
Not dead until apple says so. No phones had it before apple decided to use it. Just like smartwatches, apple only said that they would do something and Samsun launched a lot of them
Cubic Ralsei
Cubic Ralsei Oy oldin
but you should get a nokia
Brainstorming Plus
Bye bye Apple! BYE BYE BYE!
Ashky Lee
Ashky Lee Oy oldin
MIUi is my Favorite!
Iguet MJ
Iguet MJ Oy oldin
I dont like it
Pan Grinch
Pan Grinch Oy oldin
Im still using a phone with moving keyboard ... and i dont want to change it
Jafar Sadeghi
Jafar Sadeghi Oy oldin
Pls speak slowly
Vishal Deo
Vishal Deo Oy oldin
So Linus is batting for Chinese company for couple of bucks..... ,💲💲
SlendyDie Gaming
i want either that as an option or no front camera in general i dont use it and most likely never will why dont companies give me an option i bet notchless display with no camera is cheaper than a one with a notch and a camera
MoLo Cha
MoLo Cha Oy oldin
"Why buy a chinese phone?"
raptorms773 Oy oldin
I like the volume control function
Ki Mu
Ki Mu Oy oldin
The only time the notch is dead is when Apple says so. Not you
daGriaschanth Oy oldin
sry android, the chin is dead
Tom Price
Tom Price Oy oldin
the notch isn't actually dead. IT'S ACTUALLY THE NEW THING EVERYONE IS COPYING
Chris Batchelor
Who gives a #$%^& about a notch??? What we want is a great camer/video and killer speakers facing front. How stupid are the phone makers??
Doeragynn Oy oldin
After spending 6 month with my Mi MIX 2,i won't touch a Xiaomi phone again .. for real though,the selfie camera is atrocious,the earpiece was a rumble machine,and more importantly,the software was pretty lackluster. Whenever you get a notification,even if you muted them,it *will* lower the volume of whatever you're listening for 10+ seconds. Full screen mode had its fair share of issues as well,and that speaker.. god,that speaker. The bluetooth chip didn't stop having disconnection issues with whatever i was listening with either. Until all these issues are fixed,I'm never buying anything from their brand again.
pink Fungi
pink Fungi Oy oldin
huh i never had any such issues with xiaomi even on their beta builds but yeah if you don't like their software you can put in some other rom/camera ports. but i gotta agree on notifications they were a hell. miui 10 fixed the notifications and getsures are the best on any brand ever. i guess xiaomi might not be perfect in phones but honestly phones are not one of their best products. they make a lot of other good quality stuff.
pink Fungi
pink Fungi Oy oldin
huh i never had any such issues with xiaomi even on their beta builds but yeah if you don't like their software you can put in some other rom/camera ports. but i gotta agree on notifications they were a hell. miui 10 fixed the notifications and getsures are the best on any brand ever. i guess xiaomi might not be perfect in phones but honestly phones are not one of their best products. they make a lot of other good quality stuff.
Bhadrinath Kolluru
I still prefer apple
Filthy Kata
Filthy Kata Oy oldin
Why don't people like the notch? I think it's cool
Omar Asfari
Omar Asfari Oy oldin
Ever thought you'd here the phrase "good, old-fashioned fingerprint sensing" used unironically? What an age we live in.
Kris K
Kris K Oy oldin
hey google.. notch is dead.. you can use this too freak..
Josh Oy oldin
why is the sponsored link retail? where's this discount at bro
David Denver Guy
But the chin is alive 😂
Caleb J
Caleb J Oy oldin
Samsung had the same button it was on the Galaxy S5 active it was a little blue button near the top of the device that could be used for any of the apps to open them (I agree they need to bring it back)
lirix x
lirix x Oy oldin
8:46 song name?
Sabbir Shuvo
Sabbir Shuvo Oy oldin
The fact is I don't get it why everyone hates MIUI this much...I was quite skeptical about MIUI when I bought my Mi5 2 years back...No app drawer was a big drawback for me but after using it for a couple of years, I feel like I can't switch to other Android skin since I'm quite used to it...I mean I love it & the customization fact in MIUI makes it more charming that now, It disgusts me whenever I use pure stock android on any device...I mean this is entirely personal to opt for stock android or oxygen os or even MIUI but don't spread hate, bruh! 🙄
SireSquish Oy oldin
Still waiting for replaceable batteries, removable SD, (IR) and hell why not 3D while we're at it but I'll take the first 4 in order of importance.
Skyler B
Skyler B 2 oy oldin
What amazes me is how the notch design took off. Manufacturers literally took a "feature" no one asked for. I like the Mix 3 slider design, if it were more available, had a 3.5mm jack and more supported in the US I would get one.
Sue g
Sue g 2 oy oldin
Just gonna say one thing, back door
宋怡方 2 oy oldin
That wireless charger is definitely not a 50$ value in our Chinese market 😄
pew pew laser beams
the downfall of the big smartphone players is near, when all phones are all screen and no bezels the only diference wil be price and specs
Piggus 2 oy oldin
And yet none of these so-called “innovative” Android phone manufacturers can figure out how to build a phone without a hideous chin at the bottom.
Eli Greenwood
Eli Greenwood 2 oy oldin
Find x looks gross. This looks cool but I would definitely get crap in between the slide. It would be cool to see a stress test looking at that.
DreeseTube 2
DreeseTube 2 2 oy oldin
Is it weird that I kinda like the bezel on phones?
AL1V3 Oy oldin
HAL 9000
HAL 9000 2 oy oldin
I'm using Xiaomi mi 8 and somehow i have the feeling of proud and regret at the same time.... 8:28 btw, that side by side photo between mix 3 and iPhone xs shows that iPhone cameras succ...
Alex 2 oy oldin
The HTC U12+hasnt buttons
Die notch die!!!
Jorge Anaya
Jorge Anaya 2 oy oldin
Malibu most wanted
Niranjan S.A
Niranjan S.A 2 oy oldin
I hate notches
Ronald H
Ronald H 2 oy oldin
Huawei p20 have pretty good camera
Christopher Ming-Wei Cheung
Does the white background on the chrome bother anyone?
Autotrope 2 oy oldin
Your style is becoming a bit more MKBHD-like
Brett Gastelum
Brett Gastelum 2 oy oldin
OnePlus as well as other Chinese brands need to start putting IR blasters in their phones. That little feature is useful as hell!
Sergio Lugo
Sergio Lugo 2 oy oldin
Lmao. Yeah, no.
Remi Pepelko
Remi Pepelko 2 oy oldin
*flip phones just float onto the screen*
Even Apple doesn't care about the iPhone Xs...
The Pixel 3 XL was buggy for me :(
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