Spending the Night in a Haunted Ship... | Queen Mary Ghost Hunting

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Today we explore the haunted Queen Mary ship.
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29-Iyn, 2018

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terbison jaquez
terbison jaquez 4 soat oldin
In the ace family Catherine said she believe in spirit
Marleny Bencosme
Marleny Bencosme 4 soat oldin
Jonathan Orozco
Jonathan Orozco 5 soat oldin
How do u look younger than last year
Xiarah Hernández
Xiarah Hernández 5 soat oldin
I was there am getting the heg aot of there coes I'm not scared it's just the hunted Titanic.
Tamatchi Pines
Tamatchi Pines 6 soat oldin
My nana went on the Queen Mary and we have her old old old crate things she took on there.
Wolfie and Puggy Playz
Did anyone see that the teddy bear was on
Wolfie and Puggy Playz
Did people leave a 👎🏻bc it’s scary
Wolfie and Puggy Playz
I’m scared 😱
Poppy Mackay
Poppy Mackay 8 soat oldin
Kendra Dietrich
Kendra Dietrich 8 soat oldin
10.7 in the video it said do u know what time it is
Malek Alsunbehi
Malek Alsunbehi 9 soat oldin
I’m not going It’s scary do’t go Noooo
Nimra Maira
Nimra Maira 10 soat oldin
I still love your videos but i put a thumbs down because it was scary I'm sorry!!
rayaa bts
rayaa bts 10 soat oldin
I am so scared 😱 it is night time so I can not sleep to night
Emily George
Emily George 10 soat oldin
Omg I heard a girl laughing in the beginning but it could of been one of them
Sara Lol098
Sara Lol098 11 soat oldin
Gosh that is super crepy
Emma Ramabottom
Emma Ramabottom 12 soat oldin
That looks like the titanic that’s scary
Isabelle Gibbs
Isabelle Gibbs 12 soat oldin
I think the ghosts like you
M҈Ö҉ñ҈é҉ƴ҈ Ď҉Ā҈Ĉ҉Ŗ҈ó҉ϡ
-i hate ghost so bad-
MHBA He 13 soat oldin
My grandma was born when word war 2 was happening so she mite have known that ship but I don't know cause she died 😢
MHBA He 13 soat oldin
But that was 100 years
MHBA He 13 soat oldin
It looks like the titanic ship
Eimear Gribben
Eimear Gribben 16 soat oldin
I loved when zach said “marry me please”
myles canavan
myles canavan 18 soat oldin
That is so creepy!!!
Larry Herrera
Larry Herrera 19 soat oldin
Alex I Love u
Kaylee Knutson
Kaylee Knutson Kun oldin
The orbs are good ghost👻
Shosh Kaiser
Shosh Kaiser Kun oldin
At 10:06 the bear said something and 10:11 about a heard a thump
Shosh Kaiser
Shosh Kaiser Kun oldin
It's pusheen
Super M's
Super M's Kun oldin
shes soooooooooo girly i hate her
Super M's
Super M's Kun oldin
shes soooooooooo girly i hate her
Super M's
Super M's Kun oldin
shes soooooooooo girly i hate her
jacko villareal
jacko villareal Kun oldin
10:06 The bear said, Do you know what time it is?
Totally Sienna
Totally Sienna Kun oldin
The music scared me the most ESPIASCALLY the laughing and the new in the background like if you agree
Brooke Harvey
Brooke Harvey Kun oldin
First to comment
The Amazer
The Amazer Kun oldin
Hi guys s
Kayley 1
Kayley 1 Kun oldin
V Oh my God
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher Kun oldin
Hahahah ur so funny Alex🤣🤣🤣😅😂🤗
Panda Squad
Panda Squad Kun oldin
Queen Mary is Bloody Mary
Chalk the wolf
Chalk the wolf Kun oldin
A girl was laughing
Kamile Aleksejunaite
Ghosts are not real duh
The Suetin's
The Suetin's Kun oldin
So when InquisitorMaster said that "do you guys like ghost hunting?" but in the mirror the plushie had a shadow
The Suetin's
The Suetin's Kun oldin
and it wasent its shadow
Laonoz cailyn
Laonoz cailyn Kun oldin
I watched this at night and im in full regret
craig hagan
craig hagan Kun oldin
dead on there are not
Eilidh Young
Eilidh Young Kun oldin
Was that a real spider at the start
galaxyhamster Ethan
If u think ghosts are creepy like if u Agree
Lacie Lynch
Lacie Lynch Kun oldin
G Gh Gho Ghos Ghost Ghos Gho Gh G
Lacie Lynch
Lacie Lynch Kun oldin
G Gh Gho Ghos Ghost
Shadow ilse
Shadow ilse Kun oldin
Can u do a pt 3 or more vids like it what if u met casper (the friendly ghost)
Adiena G
Adiena G 2 kun oldin
I have been watching for 6 minutes and 46 seconds and I got the chills love your videos
vellosco vellosco
vellosco vellosco 2 kun oldin
I sow the Bere moved aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Tyffani Beal
Tyffani Beal 2 kun oldin
that sentence "were going on a trip"reminded me this.... were going on a trip on our favrite rocket ship zooming threw the skys XD
vellosco vellosco
vellosco vellosco 2 kun oldin
Esmerald Delosantos
There was a laugh wile the camera was taking pictures hope you agree
Kahlyn Riddle
Kahlyn Riddle 2 kun oldin
They most definitely watch shane
Phyllis Mangumyfvdxc
Do not go on it!!!!!!!!!!!!
gloria posada
gloria posada 2 kun oldin
Omg ghosts i am so scared
WOLFLOVER98736 2 kun oldin
Kayleigh McDonough
Kayleigh McDonough 2 kun oldin
Dana is a little girl who was murdered by her dad when queen mary opened
Kayleigh McDonough
Kayleigh McDonough 2 kun oldin
7:15 Dana grabbed ur leg
Angelito Magana
Angelito Magana 2 kun oldin
If you are scared leave a like to not be scared
Bri 2 kun oldin
is the ship like a aparment :o btw who almost peed there pants when alex said the most HAUNTED room
X x P i c k l e k i t t y s x X
im ded im going to sleep with my mum tonight
arb11582 2 kun oldin
Sounded like a doll was laughing
NatalieRandom._. xox
Roses are red Violets are blue If you didn't see a ghost Momo is near you
Stormy_gamer 29
Stormy_gamer 29 2 kun oldin
Who else heard a faint noise saying what time is it when they were looking at the second photo I was terrified
ash mermaid
ash mermaid 2 kun oldin
Those white orbs you saw that Zach took are nice spirits white/yellow = nice spirits/angels red/purple and maybe black = bad/evil/DEMONS. So you were safe. I know this because I have a book called '' Haunted America '' I literaly read it so fast so I could get to the queen mary and there are more than 150 ghosts actually over 500. And it is the most haunted place on the globe besides savanah Georgia wich ive been there and saw the pink house it was awsome
ash mermaid
ash mermaid 2 kun oldin
OH AAAAAAAND if you are not sure the place your at is haunted go up to the nearest mirrior and put the tip of your finger on it, If there is no gap, no ghosts if there is a gap, there are ghosts if there is gap you may see the orbs mostly the white or yellow ones but if you get the red purple and maybe black orbs.... YOU NEED HELP!!! THIS IS SERIOUSLY NOT A PRANK RELPY IF YOU DID AND IT WORKED
ash mermaid
ash mermaid 2 kun oldin
you can also see the security cameras of the pink house because its blocked off. you just search up '' Savannah Georgia pink house security cameras '' like if you enjoy my comments
Juliet Brown
Juliet Brown 2 kun oldin
That cat you are sleeping on is known as "Pusheen"
Allisha Kenny
Allisha Kenny 2 kun oldin
Where is the queen Mary???
Ervie Bonifacio
Ervie Bonifacio 2 kun oldin
i mean i was shaking if u agree with me leave a like :)
Kylie playz
Kylie playz 2 kun oldin
It looks like the Titanic
Miriam Morales
Miriam Morales 2 kun oldin
I ❤😍 you inquisitiormaster
Stereo Dog
Stereo Dog 2 kun oldin
Cristal Gamer
Cristal Gamer 3 kun oldin
I like you i'm your fan #1
Grace Roblox
Grace Roblox 3 kun oldin
I was watching at night
antonio campos
antonio campos 3 kun oldin
😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😰😥😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😦😦😦😯😯😲😲I am Scared
Ariannaly Jimenez
Ariannaly Jimenez 3 kun oldin
Be safe alex
Charlene Hiemstra
Charlene Hiemstra 3 kun oldin
I saw a little girl in the closet
Jurassic World fan BIUE
Do more of these videos please!!!!
Charlene Hiemstra
Charlene Hiemstra 3 kun oldin
I would sleep in that closet
Sabina Mammadova
Sabina Mammadova 3 kun oldin
Legend says that Queen Mary is a boat.😲
Shantelle Walker
Shantelle Walker 3 kun oldin
Its so scary 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🤡🤡
Cheylynn Steward
Cheylynn Steward 3 kun oldin
Are you Shane Dawson???
Yvette Peterson
Yvette Peterson 3 kun oldin
" Welcome to the Panic Room."
Arlene M.
Arlene M. 3 kun oldin
Will u marry meh? XD
Arlene M.
Arlene M. 3 kun oldin
Wait a min... wait!!! Ghosts are real!?
dianabel maldonado
dianabel maldonado 3 kun oldin
Do y'all have kids
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown 3 kun oldin
Omg this is so scary 🤭😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Carrie Wilson
Carrie Wilson 3 kun oldin
I barely looked at video I was that scared I only basically looked at the comments
Ella Daniels
Ella Daniels 3 kun oldin
You give me the creeps which the creepy vids JUST SToP BUT ITS SO EDACADIANL
Sam Shah
Sam Shah 3 kun oldin
This isn't a great idea
the ninja
the ninja 3 kun oldin
imelda rodriguez
imelda rodriguez 3 kun oldin
If you are scared please let me know and never go on that ship 😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😵😵
Anna-Lena Kinnell
Anna-Lena Kinnell 3 kun oldin
It's all imagination
Amber Lachinette
Amber Lachinette 3 kun oldin
Do a 3 am video dose someone argee😄
Daria Calcan
Daria Calcan 3 kun oldin
i like gost huning
Elissa Ashlyn
Elissa Ashlyn 3 kun oldin
We're u guys really scared if that were me I would run out of there
GodF3lloW 3 kun oldin
da roms gost
GodF3lloW 3 kun oldin
you kent do dat a gen plis alex
fariha Ahmed
fariha Ahmed 3 kun oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue The gosts are coming after u
jamie gracey
jamie gracey 3 kun oldin
Is it the most haunted room on the boat because my sister said
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