SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Teaser Trailer

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Watch the #SpiderManFarFromHome teaser trailer now. 7.5.19
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Peter Parker returns in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the next chapter of the Spider-Man: Homecoming series! Our friendly neighborhood Super Hero decides to join his best friends Ned, MJ, and the rest of the gang on a European vacation. However, Peter’s plan to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, creating havoc across the continent!
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15-Yan, 2019

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XINON Gaming
XINON Gaming Soat oldin
1:45 Flying squirrel man? 🙄😁
Stacy Gonzalez
Stacy Gonzalez Soat oldin
So I keep hearing people talk about how aunt may put Peter's suit inside his suit case and a TSA agent opens it but I don't see that in this trailer
Grandpa Slendy
Grandpa Slendy Soat oldin
In 13 hours it's already at 11 million views
VoidTheGamer 909
VoidTheGamer 909 Soat oldin
Soo seeing that spider man is ok and Nick fury still is alive... ITS A PREQUEL! NO!
Yansai Soat oldin
Lol, thanks Tom for telling us about this.
Elias Jones
Elias Jones Soat oldin
Hopefully the Spider-Man curse doesn’t happen May this be a successful movie
R.I.P. Nick fury's EYE
immature kid
immature kid Soat oldin
When tf does this take place
Roken Ssj3
Roken Ssj3 Soat oldin
Yes mysterio he's my second favorite
Prajeet Jana
Prajeet Jana Soat oldin
But he was dead in infinity war so how he is alive
Sai Ram
Sai Ram Soat oldin
Who is that new super hero? Reply meeee.
M K Soat oldin
Waited this for so long
ROSS LOBO Soat oldin
Mr. Stark I dont feel so good 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Menouthis Soat oldin
Is that the Spider Pig song from "The Simpsons" movie when the title showed up? uzvid.com/video/video-714-Ioa4XQw.html?t=10
Science is fun
Science is fun Soat oldin
When she says, *"you look pretty too"* ... Omg, Innocence overloaded. 😂😂😂😎
Roken Ssj3
Roken Ssj3 Soat oldin
Sat crack my finger backwards
lmao gabby
lmao gabby Soat oldin
i genuinely thought tom was gonna spoil something for this movie-
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Soat oldin
Didn't perter die
8-bit Llama
8-bit Llama Soat oldin
I though spider man died?
The Last Potato
The Last Potato Soat oldin
Fury must have taken the new suit back before Peter got back to NY lol
PAPILOCCS Soat oldin
Plot Twist : It was only a dream while he was in the soul stone.
etal YT
etal YT Soat oldin
imagine faking an american accent in europe
Jackson Leinfelder
As a rare person who enjoys both Marvel and DC, this is gonna be a fun year.
Chi Soat oldin
stranger danger
stranger danger Soat oldin
Did I just see Jake Gyllenhaal in a Spiderman What a strange world we live in?
vlone assets
vlone assets Soat oldin
rift to go in his head
Harrison Irby
Harrison Irby Soat oldin
I dropped my phone in the toilet when Mysterio appeared no joke, thanks God these things are waterproof
Shadowgun Shadow X
2034? Anyone? No? Is it just me? Okay...
Osl ZiSZ
Osl ZiSZ Soat oldin
I have no words, I'm just recoiling and I think I will be untill I see Captain Marvel.
devvardhan the lion
Aunt may knows that peter is spider-man
0itsvic0 Soat oldin
Comes out 2 days before my 16th birthday this is gonna be great
Dosflamingos Soat oldin
Didn't he die in avengers?
Jerry Jerrz
Jerry Jerrz Soat oldin
Julian Echevarria
Ned got destroyed by Nicky boy
Akshay Kumar patel
Hmmmm looks impressive
Mr. Boomzz zz
Mr. Boomzz zz Soat oldin
Ankit X
Ankit X Soat oldin
I ship Peter and MJ. MJ is sarcastic though
Roken Ssj3
Roken Ssj3 Soat oldin
1 on trending
Prince Nirvana
Prince Nirvana Soat oldin
Prince of Persia and Spiderman crossover. Cool!
aatish anshuman
aatish anshuman Soat oldin
Where is his spider sense when Nick Fury showed up?
Daniel Lugli V.
Daniel Lugli V. Soat oldin
I have a good feeling about this. HAHAHA
Gundam Heavyarms
Gundam Heavyarms Soat oldin
Finally, Mysterio!!!
Luke Segura
Luke Segura Soat oldin
Who else watched this over and over again?? I can’t wait!!
Zero Maive
Zero Maive Soat oldin
1:38 who’s the girl on the left?
Johan Uriel
Johan Uriel Soat oldin
Wow incredible it's e eat pop corn At movie!!!!
xWarriorBy09 XD
xWarriorBy09 XD Soat oldin
Three Casual
Three Casual Soat oldin
Gyllenhaal!!!!! Omg!
Trojanl Soat oldin
- Chaser75 -
- Chaser75 - Soat oldin
I’m not feeling so good...
X O Soat oldin
Cath Minn
Cath Minn Soat oldin
Love it
Justin Reborn
Justin Reborn Soat oldin
Spider man died in Infinity War. What is he doing here?
Declan Peters
Declan Peters Soat oldin
Homecoming Far from home Up next: Moderately near home
💕Tobey Maguire ,we miss u💌
Mae Soat oldin
*Far from be good*
Omar Karim
Omar Karim Soat oldin
literally my only complaint is that... i really wish this was in New York... other than that.. Oh my god I freakin love this’
Hexagon Pentagon
Hexagon Pentagon Soat oldin
Sandman, Moltenman, AND Hydroman in a Spider-Man movie?
V Soat oldin
Can we talk about how the blonde girl with the headband is clearly Gwen Stacy
Amazing The MCU Never ceases to amaze me
Im Roo
Im Roo Soat oldin
Can't wait
i u r i
i u r i Soat oldin
The new suits look sick!
Edwin B89
Edwin B89 Soat oldin
Austin Harter
Austin Harter Soat oldin
When MJ dies I'm gonna cry all over again like I did the last times she died. It's always heartbreaking to see it happen
Kathleen Kim
Kathleen Kim Soat oldin
Wow flash you trash
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson Soat oldin
am in india right now and it's already trending on #5, still waiting for #1. What 'bout ya?
Ayush Kujur
Ayush Kujur Soat oldin
Amazing ...I liked this video 😎
Raven Robertson
Raven Robertson Soat oldin
BadKola Soat oldin
The real title is Tom Holland: Homecoming
PauSiahGames / PSG
When you're not feeling so good but then Spider-Man far from home trailer comes Mr.Stark, I feel good!
let me die
let me die Soat oldin
i stan a KING
Rodney Jean Baptiste
I didn't expect this until another year!
The Power Lord
The Power Lord Soat oldin
I guess Thanos will loose in End Game ?
Levi Reyes
Levi Reyes Soat oldin
Y porque esta la mierda de badabum en #1 de tencia y no esta bellesa de trailer
Pinkalicious Weirdo
my goal is to watch it 42 times today
Jyothi Bhupathi
Jyothi Bhupathi Soat oldin
Wait... IS IT AFTER A4???
SouljaPods ™
SouljaPods ™ Soat oldin
Peters mom > Zendaya
Rods Last Name
Rods Last Name Soat oldin
Remember when people thought Toby Maguire was gonna be Uncle Ben? Well he’s actually played by a briefcase!
Karthik Venkata
Karthik Venkata Soat oldin
Sweet, Tom Holland is back 💙💙💙💙💙
praful kamble
praful kamble Soat oldin
Ethan Greenhaw
Ethan Greenhaw Soat oldin
Sup *D I C K W A D*
Shield Stopper
Shield Stopper Soat oldin
Newscast translation at 2:22 (Possible Spoilers) "a creature made of water emerges from the big canal and threatens the whole city"
Makayla Takang
Makayla Takang Soat oldin
Jake Gyllenhaal?? I see you Marvel
BeegSoupRice Soat oldin
I’m starting to like Zendaya as MJ a lot, she was easily one of my favorites in Homecoming. I’m curious to see where they take her character.
Pat Danger
Pat Danger Soat oldin
Ruben Molinar
Ruben Molinar Soat oldin
Jake Gillenhal as Fartman
LMMSkits Soat oldin
I didn't realize this dropped now.
Nigel Adams
Nigel Adams Soat oldin
Sup dickwad
Rampid GT
Rampid GT Soat oldin
LMMSkits Soat oldin
I thought he died
Israel Smith Flores
Guys I have a spoiler He dies 😔😔
Razia Nurdinova
Razia Nurdinova Soat oldin
I’m not feeling so good
benblexbenblex Soat oldin
So sick of marvel.
Animesh Nath
Animesh Nath Soat oldin
My theory After Thanos snap the universe divides into two dimensions, one with dusted people on it and the other contains who weren't. This takes place exactly in the dusted dimension that's why the presence of Nick Fury makes sense cause he was also dusted.
My Vines
My Vines Soat oldin
Friend : lets go out and chill. Me : No, I will stay at home. Friend: : Why Me : I have some work to do. Me at home : 1:24
Jerty Morales
Jerty Morales Soat oldin
I’m just here for Jake Gyllenhaal. Still prefer tobey
Itz slobbering time
This looks awesome Edit:I think it's funny that the newest spiderman has allready been in more movies than Garfield and Maguire
Pedro Antonio
Pedro Antonio Soat oldin
Veo gente muerta xd
Руслан Пантелеев
Евротур Спайди!!!