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What makes you different is what makes you Spider-Man. Watch the new Spider-Man: Into The #SpiderVerse trailer now - in theaters this Christmas.
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Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the creative minds behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street, bring their unique talents to a fresh vision of a different Spider-Man Universe, with a groundbreaking visual style that’s the first of its kind. Spider-Man™: Into the Spider-Verse introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales, and the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where more than one can wear the mask.

Shameik Moore
Hailee Steinfeld
Mahershala Ali
Jake Johnson
Liev Schreiber
Brian Tyree Henry
Luna Lauren Velez
Lily Tomlin




6-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 46 013
Ariff 88
Ariff 88 3 soat oldin
what song is it ? in this trailer ? i cant find it
ani 4 soat oldin
omg what is that song at 1:36 i need to know!!!!
Anita Kalathia
Anita Kalathia 4 soat oldin
Oh !! There’s hailee too
自殺Chris 4 soat oldin
Bloody hell
useemee :/
useemee :/ 7 soat oldin
Mr Starks I don't feel so good
Jr Flores
Jr Flores 8 soat oldin
Hes wearing nikes
Raz Ori
Raz Ori 9 soat oldin
This would have been 1000x cooler if they had Tobey Maguire for Peter Parker.
jenny vanderwerff
jenny vanderwerff 12 soat oldin
Does anyone know what’re name of the song is in the trailer
King Vegeta
King Vegeta 16 soat oldin
WB/DC's reply to this movie would be "Batman: Trapped into the SnyderVerse. "
Megagnura 19 soat oldin
This is what comic book movies were meant to be
Ayah 78140
Ayah 78140 20 soat oldin
Hey king batch, ur dream came true
m2m11 20 soat oldin
Does anyone happen to know the song at 1:36 please?
Foreign humain
Foreign humain 21 soat oldin
What's the song from 1:36 to 1:40??
mini militia gamer
mini militia gamer 22 soat oldin
What is the song name ??
HarryJohnsonz 22 soat oldin
the best type of comic animation ive seen yet
Suyash Tamang
Suyash Tamang 22 soat oldin
Air Jordan 1 🔥
Doodleuke 23 soat oldin
Kayles Sparhawk
Kayles Sparhawk Kun oldin
Did miles turn invisible?
SolidCuerno Kun oldin
Great...another movie to make black people look like angels while in reality they commit over half the crimes in the US but make up about 15% of population and are the majority in incarceration....stop being brainwashed people
Sreeshti Roy
Sreeshti Roy Kun oldin
Please tell me they'll have spider-ham in this movie
FN Danmark
FN Danmark Kun oldin
Sreeshti Roy They will
TheActionDuck Kun oldin
Didnt peter die in infinity war
TheActionDuck Kun oldin
marvelousdcgeek 97 oh ok
marvelousdcgeek 97
This movie has nothing to do with Infinity War. This is made entirely by Sony, not alongside Marvel *Studios.*
E1iasR Kun oldin
c Kun oldin
Why 25fps? Ruins it, imo
Vegeta -Sama
Vegeta -Sama Kun oldin
Miles look like Tay-K 😂
IHOP Kun oldin
Of course they choose a new black Spider-Man (nothing wrong with black people it just makes it political)
baby blues
baby blues Kun oldin
this actually looks so good wtf
Tim my
Tim my Kun oldin
realTonyequals nexus
The only good thing to come from Sony this year
mimi fons
mimi fons Kun oldin
peter: “save it for comic-con” miles: “what’s comic-con?” basically me talking to friends
Banks Westside
Banks Westside Kun oldin
Spider pig - Homer Simpson
marvelousdcgeek 97
Spider-Ham is a real thing on Marvel Comics since 1983.
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez Kun oldin
Ash C
Ash C Kun oldin
What song is that
Angela Mulenga
Angela Mulenga Kun oldin
01:29 Epic moment right there
MasterOogway Kun oldin
When Miles is sad, I always say why the "long face!" Hahahaha, do you get it
Sam Kun oldin
When he jumps off the building and says "hey Brooklyn", what song is that that starts playing??
Krussher Kun oldin
Waseeq Butt
Waseeq Butt Kun oldin
"Too many spiders" - IGN
cespu Kun oldin
wtf is this
Ajay Tej
Ajay Tej Kun oldin
Dude doesn't know Comic Con?
Mateusz T
Mateusz T Kun oldin
black spiderman haha
JackOneDay Kun oldin
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Soundtrack - spotify:user:1130667940:playlist:4dz11Rx6XG2gUVrberXQJw Here's the online URL: open.spotify.com/user/1130667940/playlist/4dz11Rx6XG2gUVrberXQJw?si=hBaB2tzTT2aJyKDzjE5Z9w
Shady gamer
Shady gamer Kun oldin
I think Peter Parker is 99% Tobey Maguire
Retarded Garlic
Retarded Garlic Kun oldin
i love how they are bringing black superheroes in marvel, after way too many years, like black panther. that's amazing. But this bothers me. Spiderman has been white for a century and know you gonna make him black? don't mean this racist at all cause like i said there should be more like black panther but still
marvelousdcgeek 97
The Miles Morales character existed since 2011 on the comics.
OZZY Guilty
OZZY Guilty Kun oldin
Does it out or not yet cus i am going mad i need it i want to watch thiiiiis ahhhhhhhh
Meagan Wheeler
Meagan Wheeler Kun oldin
My boy Miles is finally getting on the big screens 👏👏👏
Patt Foad
Patt Foad 3 kun oldin
who remembers Viewtiful Joe?
SgtSpitfire01 3 kun oldin
I just want this movie to come out so I can hear Post Malone’s new song sunflower ❤️❤️
B-Y Bryce
B-Y Bryce 3 kun oldin
"In your universe, there's only one Spiderman." Lol theres like 4 right now in mine
Dustin Viers
Dustin Viers 3 kun oldin
Who's gonna be the main villan though ? Venom ? That would be SICK ! or do a few villans since there's four spidermen ?
Florentino Roman
Florentino Roman 4 kun oldin
Why did John Krasinski get taken out of the movie???
SeeUMusicKat 4 kun oldin
ive lost count of how many times ive watched this trailer
Dwaun Nash
Dwaun Nash 4 kun oldin
The Dad Looks Like That No-Skin Off Of Fortnite
Dinopower XD
Dinopower XD 4 kun oldin
Hype Level: 49764835753735648674573475646846848656586568249724673573734753753747535377533574364368466464346356335635635653773573753375754745745757537536383793725742742724724792479259752795279527527925795287528547924792587258257935972579529725792579258724792578528652686826282658625726255723775353775375373835357557567846876486463585735776647477555335533753755375737466744766486474867644867646486488468468468464864866446644648684684648684648648684684648684648686448646644664464646464646464664864648684860608608698608597464642642653125313626426425633757536474686484686486844688644684646464646864868468467764535476746746846745746468686464547754353535764864468864846468687959755798060680680862876337333356232338373632663636363446560660605574637542422435345455%
AM Productions
AM Productions 4 kun oldin
Are we just gonna ignore the fact Miles went invisible
jhonatan diaz
jhonatan diaz 4 kun oldin
Que clase de juego de telltale games es este
Palak Sheth
Palak Sheth 4 kun oldin
Is this the spidey from the venom after-credz?
Isaac Clarke
Isaac Clarke 5 kun oldin
Capped to 20 fps?
Seth Drouin
Seth Drouin 5 kun oldin
What’s the framerate on this? 15? Lmfao This looks like a really bad amateur FMV
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer 6 kun oldin
Well Miles Morales doesn't have spider sense.
Mihlali W. Sishi
Mihlali W. Sishi 6 kun oldin
This movie doesn't look that bad
Maverick Argueta
Maverick Argueta 6 kun oldin
WOW this is a cool trailer
SPIDER-BOY 2024 6 kun oldin
Peter sounds different 2:40
Hayden12thekid 6 kun oldin
Wait a minute is cloudy with a chance of meatballs 3 cancelled?
TheNutJobFan - Roblox & More
Sony: we apologize for the emoji movie here is a better movie
Nguyễn Thị Tuyết
i whan to have that music
Furkan TEKNE
Furkan TEKNE 7 kun oldin
toby please
Adwaith Krishnan
Adwaith Krishnan 7 kun oldin
I really want the full version of the song
.... .- -. .. ..-.
.... .- -. .. ..-. 7 kun oldin
25 fps?
KIDGAMERS21:) 7 kun oldin
this is my wallpaper 1:38
Ernesto 909
Ernesto 909 7 kun oldin
Shadman is going to have a lot of work.
Laura Tijerina
Laura Tijerina 7 kun oldin
at 1 28 was lit
MaybeI Might
MaybeI Might 7 kun oldin
Yukine Hellscythe
Yukine Hellscythe 7 kun oldin
I just want Peni Parker to have much screen time as Miles does
Kae Hud
Kae Hud 7 kun oldin
This Sony pictures animation flim is the best movie in the world
Patrick Rose
Patrick Rose 7 kun oldin
Dad, I love you
Patrick Rose
Patrick Rose 7 kun oldin
That's a copy
natalie martinkus
natalie martinkus 7 kun oldin
Lol so good is this gonna be a real movie?
Zoe Collins
Zoe Collins 7 kun oldin
�Love is what makes you smile when you�re tired.� *( Pdfdownload2015*com )* 3854
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 8 kun oldin
"...I love you dad." "That's a copy."
ChroniclesXII 8 kun oldin
Peter? Check. Miles? Check. Gwen? Check. Anyone else?
olaksdoo 546
olaksdoo 546 8 kun oldin
Smoke Some Shit
Smoke Some Shit 8 kun oldin
Where is Miguel ???
Arthur Hastings
Arthur Hastings 8 kun oldin
Where's Tom Holland?
Frank Fang
Frank Fang 8 kun oldin
shirley daniel
shirley daniel 8 kun oldin
Does the detective spider man become evil or something?
cody morris
cody morris 8 kun oldin
ah man this is gonna be awesome cuz jefferson davis isn't dead in this one.
OG Ethan the tall guy
But what is that song?
Mitch Fletcher
Mitch Fletcher 8 kun oldin
WHOA!!! Green Goblin looks like a Green Gargoyle! And I mean like the ones from that cartoon with Keith David!
Skintel N.Keychain
Skintel N.Keychain 8 kun oldin
Prays to the fucking gods that Gwen isnt Peter's live interest in thisbone, and that we don't have to see Uncle Ben bite the dust for the billionth time. Amnesiac made such a good Spider Man game, PLEASE let these guys make a Wonderful Spider Boy cartoon. p l e a s e
Skintel N.Keychain
Skintel N.Keychain 5 kun oldin
Thank fucking god. Finally, a girl that doesnt have to be anyone's love interest, thank u
ultimate bugidan
ultimate bugidan 7 kun oldin
peter here is like 40 while gwen is 16/17. no. she won't be his love interest cause that's creepy af.
7homes 8 kun oldin
1:11 the way he puts his finger in his mouth
Butter free
Butter free 8 kun oldin
Miles is like the game one
Frokyo 9 kun oldin
Nah, we have 3 but one of them are dead
TheLegendary 9 kun oldin
1:09 Thats Me Eating My Lunch...
NY Auto Traders Leasing
Miles morales the new spider man
JAYTHEDØN _ 9 kun oldin
Why the dad kinda look like a default
Mike31langello 9 kun oldin
What song plays in the trailer?
Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers !
Just got a geico commercial where everything sticks to a guy who touches everything before this just like spiderman, also after those three live action abominations it's safe to say spiderman should stayed animated.
CrazyGawd TV
CrazyGawd TV 9 kun oldin
If you go back to cloudy with a chance of meatballs you always see the cop telling his son he loves him and the son always reply’s “ yeah I know dad” Could this be him all grown up?🤔
Bonibel Marcy
Bonibel Marcy 9 kun oldin
Peter look so bad