Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse Post Credit Scene and Ending Explained

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15-Dek, 2018

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Emergency Awesome
Here's my *Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse* Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs. Lots of huge stuff teased. Post all your theories in the comments! I also included details they've confirmed about sequels and Actor Cameos in the future!
Franz Ibisate
Franz Ibisate 11 kun oldin
Emergency Awesome .
Rotimi Abiona
Rotimi Abiona 16 kun oldin
@Emergency Awesome, There is another Easter Egg that you missed in this video from the Post Credit Scene. Spider-Man 2099 is talking to his AI and mentioned that he was gone for about two hours, aka roughly the length of the movie. At first glance, this is kind of strange especially since his AI is telling him about what he missed in regard to the multiverse not getting destroyed. The explanation to both of these issues comes from the start of the movie when Miles gets bitten by the spider, because while it was near the reactor the placement was pretty strange and the spider seemed to come from nowhere, but after Miles gets bitten and goes back to find the spider, we see the spider glitch out just like all of the Spider-Men/Gwen do because The Spider that bit Miles wasn't from his universe. From that and Miguel mentioning that he had been gone for about two hours, it can be inferred that he crossed dimensions to give Miles his powers and set that course of events in motion.
da fork nut buttle royale Stien
Its twenty ninety nine not two thousand and ninety nine
Melvin Robinson III
Melvin Robinson III 26 kun oldin
Into to spiderverse
suadela87 2 kun oldin
I want jk Simmons yo voice a Spider-Man character. That would make me so happy.
LegoJOne 2 kun oldin
Both the Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield universes are registered as canon universes in the multiverse.
Gabe Animates
Gabe Animates 3 kun oldin
*A L L O F I T I L O V E D A L L E D O F I T*
Michele Speciale
Michele Speciale 3 kun oldin
Spiderman 2099 should have a solo movie
IcyUp 3 kun oldin
Not gonna lie chris pine sounded awesome as spiderman...
christian brown
christian brown 4 kun oldin
I loved the part when the real spider man died and when miles got his suit.
R4YY4N 5 kun oldin
You never did that easter eggs video
BrontoSmilodon1 5 kun oldin
I think Macguire and Garfield should be both of their seperate spiderman from their movies and voice a couple of any extra spider people in whatever movie they have
Maurice Tobiano
Maurice Tobiano 5 kun oldin
*puts hand on shoulder* hey 😏
Kevin Antonio
Kevin Antonio 5 kun oldin
Where’s the easter egg video?
sonicboom kj
sonicboom kj 5 kun oldin
Luv this so much, will be seeing it again.
IvyTruong 5 kun oldin
Are we going to see silk
Funnyrandomboy 5 kun oldin
I just watched it. So good
KuelMode Challenger
Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro
*Tobey could play uncle Ben if isn't on the movie already, and Andrew play his own version of Peter*
b g
b g 6 kun oldin
The whole movie as a whole is great, the funniest moment was the guy saying “ is that a Banksy.”
alwaysxnever 7 kun oldin
I want then to canonize all the Spider-Man films in the sequel. So ready to see Silk as well. Sony Animation did a great job with this one.
Caden Killgore
Caden Killgore 8 kun oldin
All I want is a Spider-Man noir movie
sirisknite 8 kun oldin
One of my favorite parts of the Spider-Verse comic was when they did mention both of the movie versions of Spider-Man.
Penguin_ Shard
Penguin_ Shard 8 kun oldin
Andrew And Toby should voice spider man because in miles universe the peter Parker is not Andrew or Toby even tho it might seem like it
Sebastian Maregatti
Sebastian Maregatti 10 kun oldin
Andrew and Tobey HAVE to voice Spider-Men
Sean Stoops
Sean Stoops 10 kun oldin
I’d like to see a live action Spider-Man 2099.
Prince Robot XII
Prince Robot XII 11 kun oldin
My head is (web) spinning with all this information
Kingasasin 177
Kingasasin 177 11 kun oldin
When the Maguire Dance happened in my theatre this one was was laughing so loudly over everyone else and it was so awkward but he wouldn't stop even after like 10 minutes.
Cullen Aherin
Cullen Aherin 11 kun oldin
This was one of the best superhero movies I’ve seen yet. Forgot to watch this video right away but I’m looking forward to more stuff about this movie and it’s spinoffs
East Meets West Presents
I wonder... can you do video comparing the movie with that one storyline from Ultimate Spiderman called Web Warriors? In your opinion, which medium explored the Spiderverse better, TV or movie?
Hermine Turner
Hermine Turner 12 kun oldin
Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse just won a Golden Globe! Congrats to that team of filmmakers.
whitley isa
whitley isa 12 kun oldin
When is the easter egg video coming?
szalma94 12 kun oldin
The Spider-men pointing at each other end credits scene might just be the best end credits scene in any movie ever.
szalma94 12 kun oldin
Still waiting for that Easter Eggs video...
TheB0a 12 kun oldin
would love to see more cool animated marvel movies. yes to Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noir. Noir can be done in a Sin City type feel, if possible.
ZX Ahmed
ZX Ahmed 12 kun oldin
Is there any chance of getting done the sequel of the movie before 2021 🤕 cant wait for the sequel 😞 lol.. Awsome movie
MariNate 12 kun oldin
This movie was so fucking good man. Just saw it today
Yung Tarantino
Yung Tarantino 13 kun oldin
Spiders man is. Creepy as hell omg omg
Dat_Epic_Stuff 13 kun oldin
you forgot the actual post credit scene
Jesus Cardenas
Jesus Cardenas 14 kun oldin
Just saw the movie when miles finds out the villian who was chasing him was his uncle that was really sad
Olivia Diamond
Olivia Diamond 14 kun oldin
Petra parker please
Sigurjón Jóhansson
i want spider-man 2099 to have his own movie because he is my favorite spider-man and i want to see his character get the story and fleshing(be fleshed out) he deserves.
Jeremy Turner
Jeremy Turner 15 kun oldin
When Parker shows up
2barrelSlim 15 kun oldin
I need Silk
mrereviews andrecipes
Spider-man ps4 is a sony product so 2099 could gat that spider-man.........u like
AydenLeonforte 15 kun oldin
The end
Miguel Refareal
Miguel Refareal 15 kun oldin
Ride  Or  Die Clash On
I swear to god if we have to wait till 2099 to see the next one imma hurt someone Ps love u Stan lee
Arth 17
Arth 17 15 kun oldin
Post credit scene 😂😂😂😂
Jamie Sorge
Jamie Sorge 15 kun oldin
Just saw the movie yesterday. Found it the most revolutionary thing I’ve seen since the first Matrix film. I’d want A. Garfield and T. Maguire to play Spider-Man versions from their original movies and get into debates over the decisions they made in their respective lives. I’d also love to see various Avengers cross over into the animated Spiderverse films and get into it. Like, how cool would it be to see Thor engage with Aunt Mae, and have the old JJ Jameson try to keep Rocket Raccoon on at the newspaper?
Jackson Krieger
Jackson Krieger 15 kun oldin
I love spider man 2099. I'm so glad they used him.
A. W.
A. W. 16 kun oldin
I hope they have cameos from all the live action movies using those watches to quickly dimension hop. Like have miles swing by and say hi to Tobey’s Spider-Man in an iconic seen, then quickly disappear on some kind of montage.
itsmenckgonzalez 16 kun oldin
This movie was amazing. Perfect execution! Sony better lock down this team and pay them all the money.
GameplayXL 16 kun oldin
Dude cant wait for the sequel I really ship Miles and Gwen
Craziest_Chris 16 kun oldin
Silks the best spider woman
nerd warp
nerd warp 16 kun oldin
Spiderman 2099 and spiderman 1602 fighting side by side for a whole movie with spider monkey spiderman noir and Ben parker spiderman.
Zachary Lee 1995
Zachary Lee 1995 16 kun oldin
I Watched this movie at movie theater 2 times and I thought this is the best Spider-Man movie I've ever seen in my opinion, I Highly Recommend it I can't wait for the Sequel
nico the cat
nico the cat 16 kun oldin
How dare you point at me
moonking192020 16 kun oldin
Web Wear watch was the smart phone Peter made not the multiverse jumper watch
MLGDohnuts 16 kun oldin
Never been more excited for a sequel
Hugo Noriega
Hugo Noriega 16 kun oldin
Well, the Peter from Miles' universe seemed like he was Raimi's Spiderman but the scenes weren't a complete copy of the movie counterparts so, probably Tobey would play another version. Andrew Garfield's Spiderman has a potential story if he was to join. Seeing Gwen again. She mentioned she's had to deal with seeing other Peters so, she would have to help Garfield's Spiderman to move on
Jaden - Summerbiker 2019
Wait!!!!!!! Hold the phone, Kingpin is an Villain , He Dose't have a Family, i Didn't know that for Real , that's a First, Big bad KINGPIN is got bit of a soft Spot, You see!!, What i Really want to understand is , is Why Kingpin hates spider man , wants Revenge and Destroy of Dimensions of Spider mens , his wife & Son i saw him of what he's Coming an Villain to Destroy Spider man, That's SHOCKING SCENE!!
War on trolls
War on trolls 17 kun oldin
It is a alsome movie love it!
FBI 17 kun oldin
They should just have Andrew Garfield as Andrew Garfield Spider-Man and Toby Maguire as Toby Maguire Spider-Man except animated
King Of The Monsters
I'd like them to play as their spidermen
midnightjester36 18 kun oldin
Yessss!!!!!! Silk !!! I’m so excited to see her !! One of my favorite comic book characters
D silva
D silva 18 kun oldin
8:16 Andrew Garfield: BEN RILEY!! and it'd be interesting to hear Toby play Assassin Spider or something.
Lol Bro
Lol Bro 18 kun oldin
Toby Maguire must voice a Spiderman who was abducted mid pizza delivery and just says pizza time? Confused when he arrives
BritishCPA 18 kun oldin
I also did this 🕺🏻 but we don’t talk about that 😂
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Buen video
Masamune Noir
Masamune Noir 18 kun oldin
I was think either Maguire or Garfield as Takuya ( Toei ) and maybe Holland as Billy Braddock aka Spider-UK
It's Factor
It's Factor 18 kun oldin
Spider Man Return To The Spider Verse??? 🤔
K Switch Glitch
K Switch Glitch 18 kun oldin
When when miles roommate sees the people and then spider ham says do pigs talk in this dimension then miles roommate fate
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 18 kun oldin
Yay! More Peni Parker!
Roa Mobile
Roa Mobile 19 kun oldin
Well, Ant-Men entered that thing idk how do you call it. When they saved Miles universe, does that mean Ant-Men is back in his "normal" / "our" universe!? (Avengers - Endgame part)
Rey Vasquez
Rey Vasquez 19 kun oldin
babby 19 kun oldin
did anyone else notice the spider that bit miles was glitching, as if it were from another universe? what does that mean? it got caught in one of the portals, does that mean that there could be a universe missing a spider person?
John Smith
John Smith 18 kun oldin
babby , I’m guessing a protagonist. He was a hero in the comic. I’m guessing he’s acting as sort of a guardian. If he’s from Mile’s dimension, just from the future, he may be trying to insure there is a spider-man in the present to insure his reality continues to exist. Still just guessing though.
babby 18 kun oldin
+John Smith ok this is keeping me up at night for whatever reason: would 2099 be a protagonist or an antagonist in the sequel then? or an anti-hero? is he planning something? or is he just bored and experimenting?
babby 19 kun oldin
+John Smith that's an interesting theory. i'm so excited for a spider-man 2099 sequel
John Smith
John Smith 19 kun oldin
I suspect spider-man 2099 sent it back. It had alchemax printed on it, and he was the head scientist of alchemax in 2099. The end credit scene seemed to imply he and Lyla were monitoring and possibly intervening in the situation. I could be mistaken though.
Wanda White
Wanda White 20 kun oldin
2099 Spiderman movie now
Fernando Laitano
Fernando Laitano 20 kun oldin
I enjoyed the movie but the last fight scene could’ve been better I felt like it was everywhere and it was hard to understand what was going on but so far it’s good it has a good story can’t wait for the sequel
Z con Films
Z con Films 20 kun oldin
That was the most villains I’ve ever seen in just one movie! Sam rami’s spider man 3 had 3, this one doubles that number.
The J-Man
The J-Man 20 kun oldin
All that stuff with 2099 was never implied...
Oscar Rosales
Oscar Rosales 21 kun oldin
Just bring them back as alternate versions of peter Parker and also if they could get drake bell to voice his version of Spider-Man and keep his animation style looking exactly like the tv shows style that would be epic
adwait mhatre
adwait mhatre 21 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that gwen spidergirl from the alternate universe appears in the movie universe before the collider stuff happens..so basically she was already present in miles' dimension even before the collider was activated...so now how is that possible?...isn't that odd?...first I thought that she is from an alternate dimension ad well as an alternate timeline...then I thought the collider must have been activated before too which was not shown...I thought this would be addressed later in the movie but it wasnt...however it was an awesome movie...wanna know what you think about it
Elizabeth 20 kun oldin
Gwen said in the movie that the collider sent her a week back than the other spideys.
TSM_ 0riSe
TSM_ 0riSe 22 kun oldin
I wanna watched spiderverse again Spidergeddon movie?
Axden _
Axden _ 22 kun oldin
Spider man 2099:Stop pointing at me Spider man:No you stop pointing at me Venom:I will eat you both Miles Morales:”Humming and singing” Peter Parker:I miss being Peter parker and not being spider man Daily Bugle:Spider man and Spider man 2099 have taken down venom!! Newspaper gets published:Tobey Maguire Spider man 3 dance
NoNo Gaming
NoNo Gaming 22 kun oldin
Does that mean that MCU Spider-Man could meet the other Spider-Men?
NoNo Gaming
NoNo Gaming 22 kun oldin
This literally opens up spider verse vs the group of vampires that are hunting the Spider-Man
Da Erico
Da Erico 22 kun oldin
I wish i was in that theater that charlie was in when they laughed where spider-man was doing the dance cause i felt like i was the only one who noticed and laughed at that scene
Arvid Olson
Arvid Olson 22 kun oldin
I wanna know how many times "42" was in the background.
Aaron Spielman
Aaron Spielman 22 kun oldin
I'd love to see Spiderman 2099 as a cameo in Avengers:Endgame...
Marvel legends And more
Brian Achim
Brian Achim 22 kun oldin
An all female Spiderman movie? Uh no thanks.
Rafael Cantu
Rafael Cantu 22 kun oldin
where’s the easter egg video
Aditya Nath
Aditya Nath 22 kun oldin
True enough, the Tobey Maguire Dance was my most favourite and hilarious moment too. That was when I knew that this movie was already better than the entire filmography of SONY combined.
Matthew Quigley
Matthew Quigley 22 kun oldin
Can anyone tell me how long the sequel would take to film
minhduy nguyen
minhduy nguyen 23 kun oldin
Ebachov 23 kun oldin
Thank you Charlie! I just saw the movie today and the first thing I did when I got home was to look for your videos about it. Keep up the good work!
Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome 23 kun oldin
Brad Redmond
Brad Redmond 23 kun oldin
Have you done your easter egg video? I cant seem to find it
King Of The Creed
King Of The Creed 23 kun oldin
They should do a live action spider verse movie.
my Custom Heroes
my Custom Heroes 23 kun oldin
I'm all for 2099 to have he's movie but they have to make a sequal of Miles Movie that focused more on him since this was the best Spiderman movie of all time
Josh boy
Josh boy 23 kun oldin
No more Andrew Garfield
Josh boy
Josh boy 23 kun oldin
Want more Gwyn Stacy
TimHu6001 24 kun oldin
Easter egg video?