Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse Post Credit Scene and Ending Explained

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15-Dek, 2018



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Emergency Awesome
Here's my *Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse* Post Credit Scene Easter Eggs. Lots of huge stuff teased. Post all your theories in the comments! I also included details they've confirmed about sequels and Actor Cameos in the future!
Lucian Starkiller
Where is your Easter Egg video for this movie?
Killer Gaming
Killer Gaming Oy oldin
O I miss spider man shattered dimension
Eliza Garcia
Eliza Garcia Oy oldin
Emergency Awesome 😎 I didn’t have a car 🚘 this year because we have the same thing on my hhjh
Franz Ibisate
Franz Ibisate 2 oy oldin
Emergency Awesome .
Rotimi Abiona
Rotimi Abiona 2 oy oldin
@Emergency Awesome, There is another Easter Egg that you missed in this video from the Post Credit Scene. Spider-Man 2099 is talking to his AI and mentioned that he was gone for about two hours, aka roughly the length of the movie. At first glance, this is kind of strange especially since his AI is telling him about what he missed in regard to the multiverse not getting destroyed. The explanation to both of these issues comes from the start of the movie when Miles gets bitten by the spider, because while it was near the reactor the placement was pretty strange and the spider seemed to come from nowhere, but after Miles gets bitten and goes back to find the spider, we see the spider glitch out just like all of the Spider-Men/Gwen do because The Spider that bit Miles wasn't from his universe. From that and Miguel mentioning that he had been gone for about two hours, it can be inferred that he crossed dimensions to give Miles his powers and set that course of events in motion.
Hypernikao Productions
Where’s the video of ALL Easter Eggs?
Kevin Dragontail
Kevin Dragontail 2 kun oldin
Literally just watched this, kinda disappointed that miles never really used his electric powers at all until AFTER the rest of the Spideys already left so no one saw him do it, but I’m glad they opened it up for sequels
Nam the messenger
Nam the messenger 5 kun oldin
Huh, Vietnamese subtitles...
2nd son playz
2nd son playz 5 kun oldin
6:40 oh my goodness
Heather Thommen
Heather Thommen 6 kun oldin
The sunflower song
better late than never
What Up Danger Scene
Yami 7 kun oldin
I loved that they added the Spider-man meme into the post credits
Knuckles 8 kun oldin
SpeedyGamer48 10 kun oldin
my favourite part is when miles gets his new suit
lucky dhiman
lucky dhiman 10 kun oldin
Would love to 2099 spider-man movie. Even the peni-parker one.
kaneki ken
kaneki ken 10 kun oldin
also anyone notice how king ping says "Like my new toy cost me a fortune too bad you can't bring it with you" could this have been a forshadowing to the next movie
Vinuli Gunaratne
Vinuli Gunaratne 11 kun oldin
Whats up danger is my fav scene
Larry Darnell Rembert III
I didn't know Spider-Man had so many outfits and a lair!!!! Does he call it The Web?
nijadipperxl fusion
nijadipperxl fusion 13 kun oldin
I want iron spider to be in the next movie
Playboyyrocky 14 kun oldin
They have to do there own spidermen from there movies as there own universe's that would make all the spider men movies before come together even though they wpuld be animated they already did the easter eggs on paat movies only fair for them to cpice there own versions
call of ghoul
call of ghoul 16 kun oldin
one of the best scenes was when the bad guy underestimates spider ham and he beats the shit outta him ! the stan lee cameo was also a great one and also not to forget the post credit scene
Angry Blue-Eyes
Angry Blue-Eyes 17 kun oldin
Analysing a meme.
Arda Elkia
Arda Elkia 17 kun oldin
I want to see toku Spider-Man with the giant robot🤣
charleybluewolf2009 // The real Spiderman
I am so hyped for this movie in 2099 😌 (also by the way I have Spiderman shattered dimensions)
Juan Velez
Juan Velez 18 kun oldin
Glad to see that we latinos are gonna get a superhero for us but im still waiting on Marvel to make a Black Panther type of character for us Latinos!
yevi Coulson
yevi Coulson 18 kun oldin
Your shoes are untied
Threat20 19 kun oldin
I want Ben Reilly featured
Braedyn Kiser
Braedyn Kiser 19 kun oldin
I need a 2099 movie.
Logi Art
Logi Art 19 kun oldin
i want them to be actual characters
DavidtheHedgie 20 kun oldin
I want Spider-Man 2099 and Iron Spider to be in the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel. If there will be even one. Edit: Iron Spider is Tom Holland. I know that guy is Spider-Man, but his alias became the Iron Spider when Tony gave Peter the Iron Man-ish Spider-Man suit.
kelnhide 20 kun oldin
I really want Tobey to voice HIS Spider-Man in the next Spider-Verse. Also, Man it would be pretty awesome if they also got Japanese Spider-Man (the one with Leopardon, not the manga one) to have a spot in the next movies, and speak in Japanese but the other Spider-People understand what he's saying through hovering subtitles above Japanese Spider-Man's head.
NJOROGE MOSES N 21 kun oldin
why doestnt Spider-man shoot his own webbing; as in Organic Webs as opposed to Inorganic webs ?
Lainey N.
Lainey N. 21 kun oldin
Andrew Garfield looks like the Starkids actor that played Ron Weasley
Marco Matos
Marco Matos 21 kun oldin
man, i am still waiting for your review
VoiD 22 kun oldin
And it has to have divorce. I am now wondering who ever made the plot surely added his personal life in it
Boris Goemans
Boris Goemans 23 kun oldin
i really liked it when all the spider people where in the room of miles and his roommate and that the room mate saw then and the rest you know.
Shawnie Boy
Shawnie Boy 23 kun oldin
i really love the post-credit scene where spider-man 2099 goes back in time to meet the original spider-man and they start accusing each other for pointing fingers.
rawhide Ramz
rawhide Ramz 23 kun oldin
Bro if they voice they're own characters!!!!damn
potato prime
potato prime 24 kun oldin
So I just watched the movie and wanted to know what happens in the post credit scene (not gonna bother and watch the credits) And I search it on youtube, click on this video and recognize the voice...I used to watch your videos back when Avatar the Legend of Korra was airing. I'm glad to see how much your channel have grown and that you're doing well, real glad. Have a good day
EnderTiger 101
EnderTiger 101 27 kun oldin
Pls nerf spider-ham
TheBrainWong 28 kun oldin
No brainer...best part was Stan Lee cameo from beyond the grave...
Raman 28 kun oldin
We need a Spiderman -Noir cross up with Rorschach.
bikebudha01 Oy oldin
I'm really glad there was not a quiz at the end of this video...
utsgeek Oy oldin
Did you do a Spiderman Into the Spiderverse Easter Eggs video? I can't find it!
Melissa's World
Being a Spiderman 2099 fan I would LOVE to see a 2099 spinoff page for page like Alchemax, Tyler Stone, ETC
Dean Hall
Dean Hall Oy oldin
HECK YESSS!!!! I want them to voice themselves and in I would love the movie. I want to see Tobey and Andrew as Spidey and it they basically are from different universes Tobey has the organic weds Andrew made his own web shooters, and them in animated form I would love to see that comeback. But cant wait for the Spider Woman's I love Spider Gwen/ Ghost Spider, Silk, Anna, and Anya, i'm going to enjoy 2019. Hope u all do two.
Tentō Oy oldin
Marvel bro, such good movies, but the worst comics.
I hope to God that the sequel will be Spider-Geddon
Vernon Smith
Vernon Smith Oy oldin
It’ll fit into your pocket...
Zayze 316
Zayze 316 Oy oldin
If they came back they definitely have to be their own Spider-Man
Kate Hawley
Kate Hawley Oy oldin
Lol I bet this is pretty obvious but I found the fact that the famous Spider-Man kiss was reversed in Miles' universe (with MJ upside down instead of Peter).
A.T Lesbian loli
tbh I would love to see Tom Holland voice spider UK
Danny Kriegbaum Laursen
Silk and Spider man 2099 is the 2 spider i want to get their own movies. Spider-Gwen and Noir also
Dominic Lombardi
Still waiting for that Easter egg video lol
Estevon Gonzalez
Still waiting on the Easter egg video
sorensic88 Oy oldin
I hope Miguel O'harra gets his own movie... let the next spider verse be his jumping off point.. but please Spider-Man 2099 should get a movie!
Leonardo Macedonio
Andrew Garfield should play spider punk.
dark mode is better On YouTube
I always leave once the credit starts so I didn’t see this I should’ve stayed
Yowatsapp 05
Yowatsapp 05 2 oy oldin
Oh no we were the last ppl in the theater but everyone including us missed the credit scene now well never see it 😭😭😭😭😭
Genevieve Harrison
It made me want to go rewatch all the old Spiderman movies
suadela87 2 oy oldin
I want jk Simmons yo voice a Spider-Man character. That would make me so happy.
LegoJOne 2 oy oldin
Both the Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield universes are registered as canon universes in the multiverse.
Gabe Animates
Gabe Animates 2 oy oldin
*A L L O F I T I L O V E D A L L E D O F I T*
Michele Speciale
Michele Speciale 2 oy oldin
Spiderman 2099 should have a solo movie
IcyUp 2 oy oldin
Not gonna lie chris pine sounded awesome as spiderman...
christian brown
christian brown 2 oy oldin
I loved the part when the real spider man died and when miles got his suit.
R4YY4N 2 oy oldin
You never did that easter eggs video
BrontoSmilodon1 2 oy oldin
I think Macguire and Garfield should be both of their seperate spiderman from their movies and voice a couple of any extra spider people in whatever movie they have
Maurice Tobiano
Maurice Tobiano 2 oy oldin
*puts hand on shoulder* hey 😏
Kevin Antonio
Kevin Antonio 2 oy oldin
Where’s the easter egg video?
sonicboom kj
sonicboom kj 2 oy oldin
Luv this so much, will be seeing it again.
IvyTruong 2 oy oldin
Are we going to see silk
Funnyrandomboy 2 oy oldin
I just watched it. So good
KuelMode Challenger
Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro
*Tobey could play uncle Ben if isn't on the movie already, and Andrew play his own version of Peter*
b g
b g 2 oy oldin
The whole movie as a whole is great, the funniest moment was the guy saying “ is that a Banksy.”
alwaysxnever 2 oy oldin
I want then to canonize all the Spider-Man films in the sequel. So ready to see Silk as well. Sony Animation did a great job with this one.
Caden Killgore
Caden Killgore 2 oy oldin
All I want is a Spider-Man noir movie
sirisknite 2 oy oldin
One of my favorite parts of the Spider-Verse comic was when they did mention both of the movie versions of Spider-Man.
Penguin_ Shard
Penguin_ Shard 2 oy oldin
Andrew And Toby should voice spider man because in miles universe the peter Parker is not Andrew or Toby even tho it might seem like it
Sebastian Maregatti
Andrew and Tobey HAVE to voice Spider-Men
Sean Stoops
Sean Stoops 2 oy oldin
I’d like to see a live action Spider-Man 2099.
Prince Robot XII
Prince Robot XII 2 oy oldin
My head is (web) spinning with all this information
Kingasasin 177
Kingasasin 177 2 oy oldin
When the Maguire Dance happened in my theatre this one was was laughing so loudly over everyone else and it was so awkward but he wouldn't stop even after like 10 minutes.
Cullen Aherin
Cullen Aherin 2 oy oldin
This was one of the best superhero movies I’ve seen yet. Forgot to watch this video right away but I’m looking forward to more stuff about this movie and it’s spinoffs
East Meets West Presents
I wonder... can you do video comparing the movie with that one storyline from Ultimate Spiderman called Web Warriors? In your opinion, which medium explored the Spiderverse better, TV or movie?
Hermine Turner
Hermine Turner 2 oy oldin
Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse just won a Golden Globe! Congrats to that team of filmmakers.
whitley isa
whitley isa 2 oy oldin
When is the easter egg video coming?
szalma94 2 oy oldin
The Spider-men pointing at each other end credits scene might just be the best end credits scene in any movie ever.
szalma94 2 oy oldin
Still waiting for that Easter Eggs video...
TheB0a 2 oy oldin
would love to see more cool animated marvel movies. yes to Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noir. Noir can be done in a Sin City type feel, if possible.
ZX Ahmed
ZX Ahmed 2 oy oldin
Is there any chance of getting done the sequel of the movie before 2021 🤕 cant wait for the sequel 😞 lol.. Awsome movie
MariNate 2 oy oldin
This movie was so fucking good man. Just saw it today
Yung Tarantino
Yung Tarantino 2 oy oldin
Spiders man is. Creepy as hell omg omg
D1sc0de 2 oy oldin
you forgot the actual post credit scene
Jesus Cardenas
Jesus Cardenas 2 oy oldin
Just saw the movie when miles finds out the villian who was chasing him was his uncle that was really sad
Olivia Diamond
Olivia Diamond 2 oy oldin
Petra parker please
Sigurjón Jóhansson
i want spider-man 2099 to have his own movie because he is my favorite spider-man and i want to see his character get the story and fleshing(be fleshed out) he deserves.
The Turner life forever
When Parker shows up
2barrelSlim 2 oy oldin
I need Silk
Food and Stuff
Food and Stuff 2 oy oldin
Spider-man ps4 is a sony product so 2099 could gat that spider-man.........u like
AydenLeonforte 2 oy oldin
The end
AnimatorGamer YT
AnimatorGamer YT 2 oy oldin
Ride  Or  Die Clash On
I swear to god if we have to wait till 2099 to see the next one imma hurt someone Ps love u Stan lee
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