Spider Man Uses The Elevator Spider Man 2 2004 Movie Clip Blu ray 4K

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30-Sen, 2016



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XOXO GachaGeek
XOXO GachaGeek Kun oldin
The guy in the elevator. He looks like someone familiar
Rosa Nolasco
Rosa Nolasco Kun oldin
Who else noticed that when spider Man was in the elevator the guy next to him is Hal Sparks from lab rats
Modaser Soliman
Modaser Soliman Kun oldin
Ar Vivo
Ar Vivo 2 kun oldin
my heart...
WILSON NOVA 3 kun oldin
Mary Jane is a fucking thot
Sunny Baig
Sunny Baig 3 kun oldin
Crazy to think that Bruce Campbell was gonna play as mysterio
kellan merritt
kellan merritt 3 kun oldin
When did Ash from evil dead become a theater staff
jons farar
jons farar 4 kun oldin
0:35 MYSTERIO hint please someone make this into something i know its too late but hope
brocoly n'aime pas les cacarot
Avec mon commentaire sa fait 1000 commentaire
Sms Syed
Sms Syed 6 kun oldin
Venom: pussy! Spiderman
Decks BeCoolin
Decks BeCoolin 6 kun oldin
My dumbass thought that was Mark Ruffalo
Average Joe
Average Joe 7 kun oldin
Hes the best spiderman to me.
Neomafia lord
Neomafia lord 7 kun oldin
I love this spider suit so much! It made spiderman look so good. The amazing spiderman suit was also good. I don't like the Marvel spiderman suit.
امير انيق
امير انيق 8 kun oldin
Isaiah Gilbert
Isaiah Gilbert 8 kun oldin
Cool video
Slim Shady95
Slim Shady95 8 kun oldin
When the love of your life is with another person and you start losing your confidence
soul reaper
soul reaper 9 kun oldin
who else noticed the guy not letting in peter was the guy from burn notice
Louis Salads
Louis Salads 10 kun oldin
Peter fighting crime and love interests so good
3:18 you just now realized you're scared of heights leads to awkward elevator ride
Vaughn R
Vaughn R 10 kun oldin
I still don’t understand the losing powers thing I hate that about this movie
Mark Blakeley
Mark Blakeley 11 kun oldin
720p? This ain’t 4K mofo
Pilgrim Here
Pilgrim Here 11 kun oldin
Stupid super heroe ja ja. There is the girl and he is out of power, ja ja , In allmust every movie the super heroe gets the pretty girl and amazed her with his super powers, but spider man and super man are extremenly super stupid too.😂
Street Workout
Street Workout 11 kun oldin
Khemra Official
Khemra Official 12 kun oldin
Help subscibed me Please Help subscibed m
Emma Susan
Emma Susan 12 kun oldin
imo, toby's spiderman costume is the best from all the 3 spiderman
N Naveen
N Naveen 12 kun oldin
حسين علي
حسين علي 12 kun oldin
مرحبا بكم في موقع هلقناتلحلوةحسؤن علي هل قناتاجورية
حسين علي
حسين علي 12 kun oldin
لنمل غب
Fikri Fadillah
Fikri Fadillah 12 kun oldin
2:26 i feel bad for him when he start to swing in sadness or anger?
Ranbo 13 kun oldin
2019 Wya!!
Anton Charles
Anton Charles 12 kun oldin
BMT115 14 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thinks Toby’s scream is the only one that fits Spider-Man???
Sean mel Cuñado
Sean mel Cuñado 15 kun oldin
How he retrieve his clothes? Did he uses his web to keep it safe? I think thats the reason why was out of web.
Mike McNaught
Mike McNaught 15 kun oldin
Why is almost every New Yorker he interacts with such a dick?! ... Wait never mind I think I just answered my own question.
slaywee 15 kun oldin
0:13 Ash
Sumiyya Belcher
Sumiyya Belcher 15 kun oldin
Omg ash😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
afarensis 17 kun oldin
MJ is a hoe
RAPHAEL YESHAYA 17 kun oldin
I miss Tobey =(
General Grievous
General Grievous 17 kun oldin
Tobey has the best voice for Spider-Man
KingdomHearts135 21 kun oldin
I would’ve liked it, but I wish you didn’t add the part where he got cheated on
Rachel Schenck
Rachel Schenck 23 kun oldin
Hal sparks
Rachel Schenck
Rachel Schenck 23 kun oldin
Is that ha l sparks?
Goh An
Goh An 24 kun oldin
Story of Tobey is very Sad, we love Tobey,
The Nickel
The Nickel 24 kun oldin
luis jocruz
luis jocruz 25 kun oldin
Anybody here after release of spiderman raimi suit in spiderman ps4
Meeko Letto
Meeko Letto 25 kun oldin
At 16 second mark. Am I high or is that really Bruce Campbell?
Clorox Peach
Clorox Peach 26 kun oldin
Ewebtile dysfunction
Kauê Turra de Araujo
Ligina Salim
Ligina Salim 28 kun oldin
Muhammad Alfajrin
Muhammad Alfajrin 29 kun oldin
B Gaming
B Gaming Oy oldin
Is he ok😂😂
Distracted Globe Productions
The only thing that might have improved this scene is if he'd said "I swear this has never happened to me before" when his silk glands stopped working.
Triple Xps3
Triple Xps3 6 kun oldin
Wait why
sarip pulloh
sarip pulloh Oy oldin
i like it
Jose Agripino
Jose Agripino Oy oldin
Devrim Öztürk
Sylvie Alouwoe
J'aime spider man
Musai Gujjar
Musai Gujjar Oy oldin
I like so so so so much
Iker Peralta
Iker Peralta Oy oldin
Me when i trying trying to impress girls at school 1:02-1:13
Iker Peralta
Iker Peralta Oy oldin
1:02-1:13 new meme
gurinder Sran
gurinder Sran Oy oldin
love th
左吉。 Oy oldin
Trinity Martoncik
At 2:10 when she looks back makes me mad and sad like she felt him there, but didn't do anything about it
Paravin Shaikh
David Owusu Ansah
I have a feeling Kevin Feige wrote down the funny parts of the movie. Since he was a guest producer or so.
Jen Rosenberg
Jen Rosenberg Oy oldin
😎 😎 😎 COOL!
a google app a google apl
02:46 Epic Scream Ever !
Super Sentai Digimon Power Pokemon Rangers
Mary Jane Waston Cheating on Peter Parker
Pierre Moise
Pierre Moise Oy oldin
Brandon Sifuentes
Mamm I
Mamm I Oy oldin
Neths Ki
Neths Ki Oy oldin
1:16 the signage reminds me of American Horror Story
اكرم اكرم
احلى فلم شفت بحياتي
Pedro Meza
Pedro Meza Oy oldin
Hola 2018
Gear Master
Gear Master Oy oldin
4:08 Did not understand as a kid 🤣🤣🤣
mosa kasem
mosa kasem Oy oldin
ياريت انا سبايدرمان هههههههه
Keshav Sawant
Keshav Sawant Oy oldin
hindi me aplod kijiye
tgguitarguy Oy oldin
Why would anyone want to be Mary Jane's bf, she's literally the worst girlfriend ever.
Allyson Clark
Allyson Clark Oy oldin
tgguitarguy but she’s so fucking sexy
Blackout4500x Oy oldin
2:46 when your falling for a girl in your gym.
danthosh Ac
danthosh Ac Oy oldin
i love you
JJoh4040 2 oy oldin
1:09 WHERE did they find that lady 🤣 she knows she cant sing but is having fun anyway God bless her soul
mayank shukla Garg ji
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Vendel Ex
Vendel Ex 2 oy oldin
2:46 when you about to get your ass whoopin
Niyaz Səmədov
Niyaz Səmədov 2 oy oldin
Divyanshu Shakya
Divyanshu Shakya 2 oy oldin
اسير الزمان
Ahmad Ahmad
Ahmad Ahmad 2 oy oldin
Good luck 🎲
Abo Mhmd
Abo Mhmd 2 oy oldin
Bike Radical haha
Muito legal
Mustafa moe Mooze
Cool. Video spider Man. Hhhhhhh.
Mahesh Meena
Mahesh Meena 2 oy oldin
hüseyin ozboyaci
Jahhg içeri kiraladığı içtik kurabiye köşkü kurusun krank kek kim öğün
selenay Erat
selenay Erat 2 oy oldin
Kavivdu Kaveesha
Kavivdu Kaveesha 2 oy oldin
ssppiiddeerr.- spider
Giancarlo Díaz Rincón
Hadyan Muhammad
Hadyan Muhammad 2 oy oldin
I don't get why he lost his power?
Jerry Surya Kusuma
Venom: PU.......
MineWit 2 oy oldin
this is hilarious when the spiderman looks at the man in elevator and then stops but the man looks at him when spider-man doesn't
XXX MALTY 2 oy oldin
The reason you should never trust organic webbing... try making web fluid
In my opinion, Spiderman Homecoming felt like An: Iron Man 4