Spider-Man vs Sandman First Fight | Spider-Man 3 (2007) Movie Clip

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Spider-Man vs Sandman First Fight Scene | Spider-Man 3 (2007)
Movie info: www.imdb.com/title/tt0413300/
Buy it on Blu-ray: www.amazon.com/Spider-Man-3-Mastered-4K-Blu-ray/dp/B00IGVJGYQ
Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, Bryce Dallas Howard, J. K. Simmons, Rosemary Harris, Elizabeth Banks, James Cromwell

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Spider-Man vs Sandman First Encounter 4K Ultra HD

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7-Iyl, 2017

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Scopian01 Yil oldin
Click here for Final Fight vs Venom: uzvid.com/video/video-yA2bjm1uvaE.html
андрей го 777
Timothy Tam
Timothy Tam 5 kun oldin
Real quick why does sandman need money
keiser Albarado
keiser Albarado 7 kun oldin
K html g
Dario Alexis Rojas Ramos
Nayamsay Khalkho
Nayamsay Khalkho 12 kun oldin
Scopian01 I
John R. Timmers
John R. Timmers 4 soat oldin
Spidey saved about $30,000 while causing $100,000 in damage. Give him the money spidey, it's insured for a reason.
Peko ಥ_ಥ
Peko ಥ_ಥ 6 soat oldin
3:00 I love Green screens
TjayRocks 2007
TjayRocks 2007 12 soat oldin
1 Like 1prayer for mj
xxlily kirwanxx
xxlily kirwanxx 13 soat oldin
"Oh they love me!" *Oh dont flatter yourself*
Leonice Fabrini
Leonice Fabrini 16 soat oldin
Homem-Aranha o Mestre do skate
mikey ninja turtle
mikey ninja turtle 17 soat oldin
Sand man or be like buttman hahahah am i right? No? Ok
Rhett Gedies
Rhett Gedies 23 soat oldin
The stakes always feel so much higher in the Raimi films. Ever punch feels so powerful and important. I never feel that in the MCU.
Rick Moon
Rick Moon Kun oldin
These movies had the best actions scecnes
Rick Moon
Rick Moon Kun oldin
0:25 why isn't he saving those balloons. #Balloonlivesmatter
Rick Moon
Rick Moon Kun oldin
I felt so happy for Peter when he was like "They love me!"
Pinto Pedro
Pinto Pedro Kun oldin
Rafael Neon
Rafael Neon Kun oldin
King of awesomeness
Sandman is what I define as an anti-villain, he's not being villainous for the villainity of it, he's doing it out of lack of choice. It makes the viewer feel sort of empathy towards the villain and makes the character better.
King of awesomeness
Remember; even Spider-man gets sand in his shoes
Oun Sa
Oun Sa Kun oldin
Spider Man The Spider Sufer
Abraham M. Leonard
Very good
Roblox Matthew
Roblox Matthew 2 kun oldin
When a girl says they are fine but actually they are not :/
андрей го 777
Rhemar Dela Cruz
Rhemar Dela Cruz 2 kun oldin
suna suna no mi .. you need armament haki my friend 😂
Fruxaq 3 kun oldin
Rachmat Hardi
Rachmat Hardi 3 kun oldin
aashiq mir
aashiq mir 4 kun oldin
0:36 did he say Shazam 😎
lenin pagalan
lenin pagalan 4 kun oldin
hes powers looks like lord voldemorts flight
Connor Baggett
Connor Baggett 4 kun oldin
Connor Baggett
squidy random
squidy random 4 kun oldin
This is your forecast here we have a big giant bloop of sand tornado storm thing incoming i repeat theirs a big giant bloop of sandstorm
Kanata60 5 kun oldin
Couldn't spiderman use hak... Oh wait wrong movie
artierx 5 kun oldin
Spiderman don't kiss her👎
Hola vean mi canal galaxxy
Jacob Extreme_XD
Jacob Extreme_XD 6 kun oldin
Spider gay spider gay
Govt Job 24
Govt Job 24 6 kun oldin
spiderman realy?
김수광 7 kun oldin
Timothy Leslie Templeton vs Verminator
*koolaid man*
*koolaid man* 8 kun oldin
How isn't spider mans bones broken yet after all of the torture he went through
Arte Comparte
Arte Comparte 8 kun oldin
0:34 SHAZAM!!... DC Comics reference.
Omar Ragheb
Omar Ragheb 8 kun oldin
Imagine if Spiderman told the president to pay for Flint Marco's daughter and have him work as a police officer.
IceCrusher18 enterprises, inc.
Spider-Man: Where do all these guys come from?
Jolie Mou
Jolie Mou 8 kun oldin
Prefer Tom Holland if you are watching this in 2018
Talha Bulut
Talha Bulut 8 kun oldin
Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun
*Mary Jane Triggered*
NethJr 9 kun oldin
Oksana Iadeikis
Oksana Iadeikis 10 kun oldin
spider man cool
Jose Zamarripa
Jose Zamarripa 10 kun oldin
ريحان الجنه
Rafi Muhammad
Rafi Muhammad 10 kun oldin
spiderman vs crocodile
Cyberdemon Mike
Cyberdemon Mike 10 kun oldin
Even the throwaway fights here are better than any action scene in homecoming smh...
narcis xd
narcis xd 10 kun oldin
Yes Spiderman man
its DeX
its DeX 11 kun oldin
3:10 lol 😂
WYJAFAK2 11 kun oldin
Thinking about it now. It was a bit stupid of Sandman to fly past the award ceremony for Spider-Man on his way to rob cops. That’s like me walking past a police station all kitted out with guns and shit on my way to rob a bank.
Legocat studio's
Legocat studio's 11 kun oldin
0:05 "fire men!!"
Silvanlı Ahmet Abiş
S bir gün daha bitti demeden bitmez bir bilsen içimi ısıtan bir bilsen içimi ısıtan ne yapiyor sende yap yap yap yap ozman insan ı
Carmen Winstead
Carmen Winstead 12 kun oldin
I Have Proof Spiderman Asssaulted a man 2:14
Julius 12 kun oldin
Wait, I thought Harry already knew who Spiderman was...why did he say " I hope Pete get a shot of this"...
Sebastian Sebastian
Sebastian Sebastian 12 kun oldin
I wonder how the kiss was in this scene for Tobey compared to the first movie. I didn't see any veins lol
papijuanii 666
papijuanii 666 12 kun oldin
1:02 is the most depressing thing to go through
ismet rg burak
ismet rg burak 12 kun oldin
Wade until they getta load of me
Be funny if he hit a guy's head by accident doing the high five thing
Wade until they getta load of me
All these are cringy comedies
WYJAFAK2 13 kun oldin
This scene confused me even as a kid. I’m guessing that it was just in the papers what time this ceremony took place and they just had to hope Spider-Man would come or that he wasn’t busy fighting crime. Heck, this ceremony may have been a signal for all criminals to start something.
Daniel Wood
Daniel Wood 13 kun oldin
I know MCU Spidey is experienced but he is still fast agile and super strong yet got completely rekt by a guy with a single tase gloves just cos he didn't have his webshooters Minus the sand THIS is how he should've taken Shocker down 2:38 that punch would've just downed him
kristian ph
kristian ph 14 kun oldin
Why Sandman steal money because he wants to more sands
Paul Tovar
Paul Tovar 14 kun oldin
"Where do all these guys come from?" *cue Sam Raimi crying into his hands*
Henry Farrell
Henry Farrell 14 kun oldin
These are and probably always will be my favourite Spider-man movies but why the hell is there a web sound effect when he puts on his mask
Keith Streams
Keith Streams 14 kun oldin
*Godamit Marvel, You Could Have Retconned This Spiderman Into The Mcu*
파이브tv 15 kun oldin
1:04 초
MarvelDC Fan
MarvelDC Fan 15 kun oldin
This movie has a way to bad reputation.
XxUrMomxX YT
XxUrMomxX YT 15 kun oldin
Darude sandstorm
Moon Elite
Moon Elite 16 kun oldin
0:33 Did i hear SHAZAM!??
TexteriaHD 16 kun oldin
If only he knew haki
Maria Guadalupe Perez Echevarria
yani nanreh
yani nanreh 16 kun oldin
Edit: Tobey Maguirre vs Tom Holland
Maria Miranda
Maria Miranda 17 kun oldin
Zayan Miah
Zayan Miah 17 kun oldin
I hate Mary Jane Even in the new spider man game she is so irritating
Justofar _
Justofar _ 17 kun oldin
The movie would've been better if they didn't force venom into the plot. The original story with Sandman and goblin harry would've been good.
Roberto Tumaliuan Jr
Zoan Vs. Logia One Piece Fan Here 😂👍
kücük JONITIN 18 kun oldin
Amıııına koyım
spider 2000
spider 2000 18 kun oldin
Is Tobey talking the crowd of spiderman fans when he go to give them a fives
D. R.T.
D. R.T. 18 kun oldin
0:33 Is he allowed to say that, legally?
Adi gamer
Adi gamer 18 kun oldin
0:34 Shazam hmmmm😑
pietro gamer
pietro gamer 18 kun oldin
In the moment 1:000:00 the sand man is did
Aztec Delarious
Aztec Delarious 18 kun oldin
Ehmoenee YouTube
Ehmoenee YouTube 19 kun oldin
The best him ever ❤️❤️❤️
THE JUICE 19 kun oldin
1:24 The Avengers!!!
абдула Магомедалиев
Ну всё всё найс
Aiza Mae
Aiza Mae 19 kun oldin
Crocodile wheres luffy?
Th 03
Th 03 20 kun oldin
0:34 Did someone say SHAZAM?
Người Rừng Vlogs
sub me thanks u
Scinecio GT
Scinecio GT 20 kun oldin
3:19 did he throw them out of car lolll
Scinecio GT
Scinecio GT 20 kun oldin
0:55 lol and 1:13
Ejhshsh Jjdjj
Ejhshsh Jjdjj 20 kun oldin
0:33 says shazam *turns into captain marvel*
Susan Ewedafe
Susan Ewedafe 21 kun oldin
Did he say shazam
Ohh LanLa
Ohh LanLa 22 kun oldin
It could've been better if Venom wasn't in this movie.
Imam Hasan
Imam Hasan 22 kun oldin
Of foggy the line duty AQ Eijkman🏸⚽🔥📽📸you for fermentation
Imam Hasan
Imam Hasan 22 kun oldin
RFD BBC by by fh
Imam Hasan
Imam Hasan 22 kun oldin
Gruff GRB synchronous 24689
Imam Hasan
Imam Hasan 22 kun oldin
Ami of FM due in social
Imam Hasan
Imam Hasan 22 kun oldin
DIAMOND YT 22 kun oldin
0:33 spider-man literally says “Shazam” ....*when did dc made a deal with marvel?*
Kiara Thornton
Kiara Thornton 23 kun oldin
Go SpiderMan!✌👍🔥😆
Evan Connors
Evan Connors 24 kun oldin
The real Spider-Man! Tom Holland cannot compare