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Spiderman (2002) | Bitten by a spider |
Director: Sam Raimi
Writers: Stan Lee (Marvel comic book), Steve Ditko (Marvel comic book), David Koepp (Screenplay)
Stars: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe
Motion Picture © 2004 Columbia Pictures Industries.
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27-Iyn, 2017



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võ nhã
võ nhã 11 daqiqa oldin
Ho ya i love spider man
Gloria Borger
Gloria Borger 2 soat oldin
lv 100 peter parker
金済希 9 soat oldin
Simple yet superb storytelling.
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 15 soat oldin
*the next person who talks will fail this course* *you were talking to that woman this entire presentation, let's go talk about how we listen*
juned shaikh
juned shaikh 15 soat oldin
still have no match with this trilogy now
Dragonfly Plants7
Dragonfly Plants7 15 soat oldin
See how superhero movies are education and that goes for other movies to
Jonas Belo
Jonas Belo 15 soat oldin
Malaio o os
HACKER one 18 soat oldin
A greet moment👈
Andrew Lio
Andrew Lio Kun oldin
It never comes the spider won’t bitten up we need to think a way that the spider can beat me
joshua ellery
joshua ellery Kun oldin
I got bit by a spider once, started throwing up.
Chekhani Sidi
Chekhani Sidi 2 kun oldin
Toxic Indo
Toxic Indo 2 kun oldin
The spider bites were EXACTLY on his vein
Damac Wanaag
Damac Wanaag 2 kun oldin
When the spider bitted the man he b came into Spider-Man And the mans name is Peter Parker
Damac Wanaag
Damac Wanaag 2 kun oldin
Halan King
Halan King 3 kun oldin
Hari Kumar
Hari Kumar 3 kun oldin
Best spidy series was this,
Stephen Rose
Stephen Rose 3 kun oldin
Gotcha just gotta go find a radioactive spider to get superpowers 👍
Nedrettirit Mehmed
Nedrettirit Mehmed 3 kun oldin
Hello Spider Spiderman Tatyana six seven eight night one two three four five six seven eight night ten Sevim
Mohamed Eltnahy
Mohamed Eltnahy 4 kun oldin
m.uzvid.com/video/video-PfI9DWw-AVU.html شوفو الفديو💗
pawardaud Pawar
pawardaud Pawar 4 kun oldin
sailen Borah
sailen Borah 4 kun oldin
What what this is what this is Spider-Man
sailen Borah
sailen Borah 4 kun oldin
John A
John A 5 kun oldin
This just exudes early 2000s.
Margarita Mendoza
Margarita Mendoza 5 kun oldin
Hola los amo a todos
Al-Amin Tutorial House
محمد محمد
محمد محمد 5 kun oldin
ياربي بلكي يكرصني عنكبوت اسبايدر مان
Ashwni Kumar
Ashwni Kumar 6 kun oldin
hindi me yaar
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell 6 kun oldin
The next person who talks with fail this course! I kid u not! Damn nice line man. What's his name?
Napoleon Borntoparty
why am I not a mosquito man yet
Kayaana Greenup
Kayaana Greenup 6 kun oldin
Tobey Maguire is still the best Spider-Man😌
Yasir Yasir
Yasir Yasir 6 kun oldin
When spider bites you become spiderman when spiderman bites then you will become spiderman man
gor9027 7 kun oldin
This version of the origin story is vastly superior to the 2012 film. Peter being able to see the code to get in from such a far distance and breaking into that lab was way too unrealistic even for a comic book movie.
João Luiz
João Luiz 7 kun oldin
hay america E.U.A love yous
Uriel Davalos
Uriel Davalos 8 kun oldin
Silk sería posible en este universo, porque la araña no muere
BDNeon 8 kun oldin
Spiders don't just bite like that. They only bite large creatures when they feel threatened, like if you start to accidentally apply pressure to one or something.
Sora Delon
Sora Delon 8 kun oldin
I could never look at 3:42 when I was little. Spider faces are not a pleasant sight I want in my brain.
Darth Famine
Darth Famine 9 kun oldin
If only that spider could bite me
NUUSKAMUIKKU 321 9 kun oldin
Khidqi Khoerul
Khidqi Khoerul 10 kun oldin
Elijah elaig
Urdu Poetry Diary
Urdu Poetry Diary 10 kun oldin
Thanks to Tony stark, now I don't need spider to bite me, only Amazing Spider
kuldeep kumar
kuldeep kumar 12 kun oldin
One thing which always confuse me...... What happened to that spider
Cam 12 kun oldin
I always remember thinking just how big and grown high schoolers looked when I was watching this as a little kid but now as a 20 year old I still don't look nor feel as old as these actors.
Cade Alexander
Cade Alexander 12 kun oldin
I’m not ganna go to hospital if I get bitten by one of these spiders...
Young Droppa
Young Droppa 12 kun oldin
Peep a miles morales Easter egg
johan klassen
johan klassen 13 kun oldin
Of all the people in the room that spider choose to bite peter parker why
D One
D One 5 kun oldin
Thats a dumb question. You can ask that if it bit anyone. "Of all the people in the room. Why did it choose to bite me?"
mike 21905
mike 21905 14 kun oldin
Pizza Time
Lucia Silva
Lucia Silva 14 kun oldin
wisline deris
wisline deris 15 kun oldin
I can't not wait to get bit spider some day
John Doe
John Doe 16 kun oldin
Imagine if that spider bit 2 or more people there would be tons of Spiderman 😂
Conorly 474
Conorly 474 17 kun oldin
When my hair tingles my neck or back I keep thinking It's a spider
Bao Lo
Bao Lo 18 kun oldin
Phim j ta
Caneshia wade
Caneshia wade 20 kun oldin
Ezra w🤑🤑🤑🤑💋💋😍🥰💋😍💋🥰
Aditya Bhavsar
Aditya Bhavsar 21 kun oldin
Give some applause to that spider
Hosam Btal
Hosam Btal 20 kun oldin
Pushpa Singh
Pushpa Singh 21 kun oldin
Shubham Singh
sahil guru
sahil guru 22 kun oldin
Plz bite me tooo.
Cristobal Moreno
Cristobal Moreno 22 kun oldin
Cristobal Moreno
Cristobal Moreno 22 kun oldin
learta Fazliu
learta Fazliu 22 kun oldin
Koo very good
Inky pool Rus
Inky pool Rus 23 kun oldin
OH MY GOSH IT MAKES NOISE This is amazing *make Awfull noise*
MubsYT 23 kun oldin
4:18 it says speed twice
Sumit Jha
Sumit Jha 24 kun oldin
Man after watching this when i was young I'd find any spider to bite me.
Dark 24 kun oldin
Mr stark,i dont feel so good 2:00
hanif Aja
hanif Aja 25 kun oldin
what if the spider bite the boobs?
Cheezeblade 25 kun oldin
in this version of spider man, according to the novel adaptation, theres an entire chapter about how the spider that was enhanced with all the combined genetics, was not only enhanced like the rest but that it was smaller and in some capacity less toxic than the others. so its size allowed it to escape undetected and also that it didnt kill peter. had it been a normal one of the otehr 14 it wouldnt have likely been able to escape. and if it had, probably would have killed peter. its jsut the writers way of saying no you cant just walk a hundred thousand soldiers into the lab and get thousands of spider men getting bitten.
Felipe de Souza Souza
Gamer TV
Gamer TV 25 kun oldin
Super heroes
Tricks By MH MH
Tricks By MH MH 27 kun oldin
Why is the voice so low??
YRN Myth
YRN Myth 27 kun oldin
Anyone here after the suit was added to the game?
Gladiator089 23 kun oldin
Random Youtuber
Random Youtuber 28 kun oldin
I guess the message is that you should always talk to your crush 😂
balakumar sachin
balakumar sachin 29 kun oldin
Ramy Khalaf
Ramy Khalaf 29 kun oldin
Because the spider that bit him was blue and red so he made a suit like the spider and thats what made him look like Spiderman
아조씨 29 kun oldin
God : I give you present, virgin breaker :)
Amosh Amosh
Amosh Amosh 29 kun oldin
Mohd Mahboob
Mohd Mahboob Oy oldin
hind me the specter mane move
Nadia Zaroual
Nadia Zaroual Oy oldin
Indra bikash chakma
اسلام مسعودب
.روعة هاذا الفيديو 😁
Tyrique Lett
Tyrique Lett Oy oldin
Justin Smith
Justin Smith Oy oldin
If you really think about it anyone could be Spider-Man all that spider has to do is bite someone else
Mariel Rodriguez
🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚺🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹 like if u spot the🚺
Kishan - FortnitePRO
Siddharth Khan
Zeynep Akarsu
Zeynep Akarsu Oy oldin
Sen gerçekten örümcek adam mısın
زيـاد بن مـهـدي.
لابأس فيبه
Marcel Maicanescu
Spiderman ecziști oare 🤔🤔😕
Marcel Maicanescu
Spiderman ecziști
حيدر Zuhairi
Hf olíutunnan hklqwazxcvbmznsjsnushsh8 http requests for from
cecilia reyes
cecilia reyes Oy oldin
Omg if I got bit by a spider I will scream and cry because those things are ugly 8 legs creatures
Elizabeth Villalobos
Three four five six seven eight nine ten
Bijaya Bralika
Amazing movie
mitaxo Oy oldin
The first 10 minutes of spiderman is a fucking horror to me
Ana Aguilera
Ana Aguilera Oy oldin
es mentira seguro una araña lo va picar y se convierte en el hombre araña
Eric Salinas
Eric Salinas Oy oldin
Wow harry osborn🤣
عبوود الحسين
أريد أن أصبح الرجل الحنكبوت أوسأزيل الأعجاب
Filip Hoset
Filip Hoset Oy oldin
Why do the teacher sound like batman?
VIZER Oy oldin
3:28 start of vid
Radheshyam marskole
KING Oy oldin
I used to have arachnophobia but I got over it but this still makes me go crazy
abdullahi aliyu
Best spiderman ever